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VOLUME THIRTEEN, ISSUE THREE                        February 14, 2005 

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

                            The Editor's Note
                       LegendMUD Calender of Events

                             RECENT UPDATES
                          New Area - Dartmoor!
                        Character Purges Return
                              Area Updates
                              Code Updates

                         Valentines Day Wishes
                           A Tourist's Diary
             San Francisco Hometown: What people really think

___                                                               ___
\  |-------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                      The Editor's Note                      |__\

  Today is LegendMUD's 12th birthday! We have all sorts of exciting
events occuring today and all week and I encourage you all to partake.
A new area, some new toys, some games and of course the Expies
ceremony all are happening this week.

- Huma
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/__|                LegendMUD Calendar of Events                 |__\

                              February 2006
                           Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
                                     1  2  3  4
                            5  6  7  8  9 10 11
                           12 13 14 15 16 17 18
                           19 20 21 22 23 24 25
                           26 27 28

Wednesday,   February 1st,  7:30 pm    Q&A in the OOC Auditorium
Sunday,      February 5th,             Clanwars begins!
Wednesday,   February 8th,  7:30 pm    Q&A in the OOC Auditorium
The LegendMUD Birthday Celebration week begins!
Sunday,      February 12th, 6:00 pm    CTS with Chaykin
Monday,      February 13th, All Day    Valentine's/Birthday Elf game
Tuesday,     February 14th, All Day    LegendMUD's 12th Birthday!
                                        Valentine's Day
                             7:00 pm    The Expies Ceremony
Wednesday,   February 15th, 3:00 pm    Name that Tune with Nestor
                             7:30 pm    Q&A in the OOC Auditorium
Thursday,    February 16th, 7:00 pm    Werewolf game with Lenore
Friday,      February 17th, 7:30 pm    Trivia with Somar
Sunday,      February 19th, 2:00 pm    Clanwars begins!
Wednesday,   February 22nd, 7:30 pm    Q&A in the OOC Auditorium

___                                                               ___
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/__|                       Recent Updates                        |__\

                     New Area - Dartmoor Installed!

A Big Congratulations goes out to Nestor for getting this new Area
into the game. His post about the area follows,

Dartmoor is an area based in the industrial era, designed for 
between the levels of 30 and 50.

Dartmoor is a wild and gloomy area located in England, and a source of
many strange stories and mysteries. It has also inspired Sir A. Conan
Doyle in his Sherlock Holmes novel "The Hound of the Baskervilles".

While this area does not completely follow the plot and side-stories of
the novel, you will find some characters and quests based loosely on 
adventures of Holmes and Watson.

Dartmoor also has many other mysteries to reveal, from bogs to witches,
to scary giants!

Are you brave enough to visit Dartmoor?

                      Character Purges Returning!

The purge script was run on the 1st of the month, but as previously
posted, only generated a file and did not purge anyone.
You can see the list of which characters would have been purged had
we let the script run normally at:

Remember! On March 1, the script will be returned to normal, and
will purge inactive characters.


                              Area Updates

Dartmoor is currently in testing.
Testing on Silk Road will begin in the next few days.

Alaska: Stenka quest should work now.

Crusades: double engravings and free tf should now be blocked

Small fixes and tweaks went in to: Aztecs, Crusades, Generic Animals,
Tara, Klein, Generic Foods, Malta, OOC, Boston, Romania, Viceroyal Lima

In progress areas showing work this week: Tombstone

                               Code Updates
o MAIL indictator in prompt now has a trailing space
   (like AFK).

   (@!My Prompt)> will look like:

        (My Prompt)>


        (MAIL My Prompt)>

o New option to the 'configure' command:

   config ? 

   This will search for the configuations that match 
   and display them

o The 'redeem' command will no longer ruin aim.

o If your have adequate aim on a target and they walk a direction,
   you now have a chance to see which way they walked. This chance
   is affected by perception and a few other factors, but is never
   100%. It is also affected by disorient.

o If an aim fails when you have not successfully aimed once, it
   gives a more appropriate message.

o If a mob wanders away from being shootable while being aimed at,
   the aim will be ruined (ex: if they're move 2 rooms away, etc)

o Some cleanup with the shoot messages.

o When you level, any remaining experience will be added to your
   total experience after you level (Ex: if you need 10 xp to level,
   and you gain 20 xp, you will no longer lose 10 xp). You cannot,
   however, level more than once off of one experience message. You
   will gain the level + 1 point less than the experience to attain
   the next level.

o DT's should no longer eat notes, they will be pulled from bags
   and left in your inventory. We're not 100% sure we've got all
   of this code perfect yet, so report any anomalies -- please note
   that any notes lost if this code fails are not recoverable.

o Restring: Some keywords were being lost when items were restrung.
   This should no longer happen.

o It should be harder to be spammed offline now due to excessive
   text (this will work for most clients, TinyFugue seems to
   still have a few issues).
o Small fixes to mail messages that were incorrect
o Owned items should no longer be ignited when they shouldn't be.
o One choke message changed slightly.
o Headstand social fixed.
o Pale Red aura is now color 9 instead of 13.
o Changed message on 'rent set' to be a little less out of character
o AREAINFO searches are now case insensitive
o You should now be able to junk 2. 3. etc again

___                                                               ___
\  |-------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|  LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World  |__\

               Flinx has reached 100 million experience!
             Pitchfork has reached 100 million experience!
            AlgorMortis has reached 100 million experience!
              Neptune has reached 100 million experience!
             Dogbunny has reached 100 million experience!

___                                                               ___
\  |-------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                     Valentines Day Wishes!                  |__\

In this huge and hostile world, you've been the light guiding my
Protecting me from dangers, helping me find my way through darkness,
You've opened my eyes to many unsuspected wonders...
You're everything I wish I was, my one and only exemple and mentor.
Without you I would be nothing.
Without you the whole world looks empty.
Will I someday, as I grow up, be worthy enough?

Ewan Winterlight


Friends are?

F un to hang with
R ather than to level alone or to
I mitate daily routines. They give
E ndless help and support
N o matter what the problem is!
D eath Traps, Jail, Lost, Quests, dying or
S acrificied, I always have a friend at my side.

          I dedicate this poem to: Abhorsen, Ahmad, Asterix, Flinx, 
Rune, Restu, Meffrid, Reaver, Sensha, Varik, Blackmojo and last but not
least Bigfredzilla.... You all have wonderful hearts and great
personalities .. I wish you guys the greatest Valentine's Day ever....

Sincerely: (unknown)


Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Somar went streaking
And Nadia did too!

  - Anonymous

              /                       \
         o O | Wonder what folks are   |
   `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
    (o o)  \_______________________/ 

                       A Tourist's Diary (II)
                       by Ewan Winterlight

Dear Mum,

The world is crazy!!! Since I have learned how to travel in time, I've
met the weirdest people, and seen the strangest things! I know, I 
written in a while and you must be worried. But my travels have been 
busy... (Besides, I couldn't find a goose and ink anywhere! It took me 
while to understand what these strange "pens" they have were for!).

When I arrived in the "future", the first place I visited was called
Sherwood. People are rather nice here (apart from their unexplained
hatred for rabbits... Maybe they carry diseases here?) and it's not too
different from home. Their forest is lovely, with lots of nice hidden
caves and bushes. Really, it's a lot like home! And their castle, mum, 
wish you could see their castle! Our Dun is so small compared to it! 
But I
haven't stayed too long there. Even if the townsfolks are friendly in a
simple and direct way (some of them just greet each other by playfully
bonking them on the head! Odd but warm!), the upper classes are all
entangled in complex politics and I haven't liked it much. The Sheriff 
normans are fighting saxons, while near there the Queen is planning
complicated plots involving spies and traitors... Brrrrr, scary! And 
keep being taxed for just walking on the road... Muscular guys ask you
money, or to prove your strength, or whatever...So I decided to leave
after a chat with the local smithy, a good guy.

And this is where it got even weirder! I fell in a hole, and suddenly
found myself further in the future! I was still in a city called
London, but it had nothing in common with what I had seen before! 
houses, boats, weapons, everything is different here! It took me days 
to get used to the food, I was dreaming of a simple good old bowl of
Tika's stew! But there is so much to discover here!

Yesterday I was in a wonderful place they call "carnival". It's full of
games and shows! Very entertaining! (Just one thing, if you come here 
see a "do not disturb" plaque on some stairs... Well, DO NOT DISTURB!). 
spent the whole day testing my strenght with a heavy mallet, throwing
pies at a funny clown, sparring with the local boxers, listening to 
music, watching fleas shows, magic shows, looking at elephants... Great
day, really!

After all this fun I was quite excited when I came back to town! So I
decided to go out for the evening, and I started playing cards in a 
quiet pub. I was hoping to become rich! And you know, I'm sure I could
have! Dad would have been so proud! But the owner of the pub wasn't
playing fair, as soon as I started winning he accused me of cheating 
throw me away with empty pockets! I suppose that's what I deserved for
going in such bad places. I'm going to do my best to avoid troubles 
now on, and live a better and quieter life. To begin with, tomorrow
morning I will seek redemption by visiting the local church. People 
seem very religious here (the church looks all abandonned and empty) 
I'm sure I will find a friendly priest to confess my sins.

I hope everything in Tara is going all right (Has the disease caused by
water finally stopped? And our beloved princesses, have they stopped
fighting at last?). I send with this letter presents from the future: a
nice teapot for you, a stuffed elephant for little Flora, a modern
embroidered gown for Aunt Margaret and a pair of bright red boots for 
Oh, and what they call a "umbrella" for Tika, too, I know she's always
liked looking elegant. I hope you'll all like them!

Kisses to all the family,
Your Ewan

         San Francisco Hometown: what people really think!
                       by Ewan Winterlight

You've all heard about it: San Francisco will probably soon become a 

A lot has been said, many ideas and argument have been given. But noone
has asked the really imortant question: what do inhabitants of San
francisco think about it?

Listening only to his courage, a reporter of the Legendary Times went
there, and through careful investigation came out with interesting 

Here is a summary of what he collected.


When entering the city the first thing I noticed was how busy it is! 
or night, people from all origins wander the streets, shops and bars 
always full... As interviewing all these people appeared to be a
challenge, I decided to organise my work.

And of course, to begin with, I went to talk with both candidates in 
coming-soon Mayor's elections. I have to say that both welcomed me very
well, and both seem very enthusiastic about an eventual expansion of 
francisco. Mr Casey, the actual Mayor, declared "I've spent all my life
working hard for this city. More locale inhabitants means more life, 
trade, more tax.... Eeerrr, don't write it please!", while his opponent 
Coleman was even more happy: "How should i stand for the picture? My 
is right? Oh the newcomers... Well they will be of course very welcome
here! (You're sure it's my best profile?) I'll make sure they all get 
right to vote... And vote for me! (Will I be on first page?)". The
political class of San francisco is, as you can see, all in favour of 

Another category of people is more than happy at the idea of having 
people intown: all kind of tradesmen and businessmen see the opening of
the city as more commercial opportunities. Haircut, laundry, general
store, saloon, ferry, press, theater: all owners answered our questions
with a speech about probably having to extend their shops (except the
girls in the saloon who were just giggling, but it was obviously happy
giggling). Even the mortician let himself go with a half-smile. The 
slightly different voice came from the innkeeper, Mrs O'Leary, who
declared "I do hope these youngsters will know how to behave! New 
around is fine with me, but I sure won't let them make a mess of my

More anonymous people I met were in majority looking forward the 
the stableboy hopes he will get help in his job ("You wouldn't believe
how many foreigners pass by and don't even try to help me! I'm sure it
will be different with people born here."). The kids in school were all
excited at the idea. A gambler declared "I will just have to teach 
newcomers how to play poker. There are fun nights ahead!". Even the
numerous sailors wandering San Francisco seemed rather happy, although
sadly I couldn't manage to really interview one, for lack of finding
one able to speak clearly...

So after this investigation we can say that San Francisco is ready for 
arrival of a lot of new inhabitants. But not everyone is that happy... 
few voices are still against it, and in a concern of objectivity I have
to name them too...

First, the famous and respected Sheriff Scannell: "Pfff, newcomers... I
tell ya, more people will mean more troubles! And who will have to deal
with it? Me of course!

  If only the mayor would give me more men! But no! I'm supposed to do
everything alone! With what? A single prison cell! Bah! Mark my words,
we're gonna have some dark times around here!"

And above all, the more annoyed were the gold prospectors. All the ones 
met were worried: "There's not a single hole left unexplored in these
hills! And all these young ones will want their share I'm sure! But the
gold is mine! Mine!". Only a successful one, Coram, was less worried: 
know, I single-handedly found this huge mine down the hills... It was 
and honest work. Now I've officialised my property, I don't fear any

But let's not worry too much about these pessimistic voices. A large
majority is still in favor of the new hometown, and most of the
prospectors are not even native from San Francisco!

In conclusion, I'd like to say LONG LIVE SAN FRANCISCO HOMETOWN! And 
I'm going for a well-deserved rest, these investigations are

Yes Miss, room number 2 will be just fine... For about two hours 
Come on Kate, let's go...

   The Legendary Times is published by the immortals of LegendMUD.
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