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  .../________________/ running on 9999 
VOLUME THIRTEEN, ISSUE FOUR                             March 1, 2005 

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

                            The Editor's Note

                       New Hometown - San Francisco

                             RECENT UPDATES

                              Area Updates

                 Crazy Massive Game-changing Code Updates


                           Expie Award Results

___                                                               ___
\  |-------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                      The Editor's Note                      |__\

   Hey folks, thanks to all that have submitted articles in the past
week or two.  I made an executive decision not to include them in this
particular edition because of how much 'stuff' was already in here.
With new areas, the Expies, and game altering code changes, that takes
up a lot of space and I want to make sure that the literary works
of my reporters are not ignored. The mid-march edition of the LT
will be Player-content heavy I promise you that.

   Speaking of which, have you guys seen the new changes going into
the game over the birthday weekend?  New Areas, a new hometown, and
new coded features sure to amaze and delight. This is a very exciting
time and I invite all of you to start a new San Franciscan, visit
the eerie land of Dartmoor all while you investigate the new Era Exp

   Finally, with all the new content addition we want to get the word
out there about Legend but we need your help! Log onto:

   While you are there check out all the cool threads regarding
everything from famous movies, the recent alien invasion on Legend
and upcoming code/area updates. Most of all though, click on the
gold button in the middle of the screen and vote for LegendMUD at
the various MUD related websites.  Not just once either, vote
everyday! If we can get our numbers up, we get more players and
more players is a good thing.


___                                                               ___
\  |-------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                New Hometown - San Francisco                 |__\

As of this week's area update, San Francisco will be a hometown!

New skills and teachers have been added to support this, and a
walking path connects the area to Pittsburgh. Please give us your
feedback -- more things will be added in the future!

If you see Sandra, please be sure to give her a cheer for shepherding
the area into hometown status, and to Snapper for working with her on
the skills!

___                                                               ___
\  |-------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                       Recent Updates                        |__\

                             Area Updates

The building department is kicking off a couple of mud-wide equipment 
revisions. With very few exceptions, these revisions should make items
better, cheaper, or both. These will phase in over time, and we will 
areas that have been updated as it happens, as well as give notice when
all the changes are finished. As you can see, we're just getting 
with this package of item changes.

* Guns & Bows. There was no spec at all before, now there is. We made 
most popular guns/bows the same price or cheaper, but a few of the
less-used ones will inevitably become more expensive because there was 
formula to go by before and prices were all over the map. Please give 
your feedback on this change, particularly once we've finished going
through all of the guns & bows.

Gun and bow changes went in to: Alaska, Crusades, Klein, Lima, Paris

* Lights. An alignment restriction or something equivalent is no longer
required on permanent lights.

* Permanent affects. This is items that make you have certain traits:
past, they all had the same cost, even though some of them are less 
than others. They now have a cost based on how useful they are.

Light changes went in to: Alaska/FI War

Generic Animals: Parrots have learned a new trick.

Expie winners are now credited in each area as appropriate. In 
all 'maintainer' entries in areainfo should now be up to date.

1802 Alaska: It should now be possible to build a rentable room 
of where you build a house. The Kala quest should behave itself better.

Carnival: Irish Joe had a risk/reward tweak.

Carthage: tattoo slot fixed. You can now restring in the baths.

Crusades: Danger levels have gone up a bit! The mountain cat won't stay
down so long, and the traps will fire a bit more often.

Dreamtime: a cryptic quest clue is now less cryptic (how's that for

Klein: the weimaraners have learned several new tricks -- check them 
they might be able to help you sniff out elusive quarry

Malta: Improvement to the Semitic runes. Dying corsair quest is no 
so lucrative. Knights should be a bit slower to 'leap to defend'. 
house should deal with charmies better. Strip of silk quest now allows 
a choice of colors.

Nazca: Streamlines a time travel quest.

Small fixes and typo repair were done in: 1802 Alaska, Ancient Seas
(Tyre), Aztecs,  Roman Britain, Carnival, Carthage, Casablanca, 
French & Indian War, London, Malta, Boston, Sherwood

The following in-progress areas saw committed work this week: Black 
Forest, Mongols

Due to the installation of Dartmoor, a few changes went in midweek:

Dartmoor: The hound should only hunt within his territory. The witches
should stay where they belong and not mess up other places with their
acts. Black dogs had their keywords fixed. Ticket seller is now immort.
Disguise section typos fixed.

London: Now connects to Dartmoor. Big Jim had a risk/reward tweak.

Tartarus: adds a NO_SHOOT flag to an exit.

Testing continues in: Silk Road

                           Crazy Massive Code Updates
* Era Experience is now in! Read the forums! Read the help files:

* Aliases are in! You may now make Legend-stored aliases for
   commands and series' of commands as well as character and object
   aliases. This complex system, courtesy of Lorenzo, is detailed
   in the helpfiles:

* Highlighting is in. Simply type:

      highlight  ... 

   And the words will be highlighted whenever they come across
   your screen. Don't forget to set your highlight color (it defaults
   to the normal color -- it's color 38)


* The new group code is in! The only major change is that in order
   to leave a group, you must use the DEPART command.

   You may now follow yourself or others while remaining grouped.

   You may set who will become the leader if you (the leader) dies
   using the PROMOTE command.

   Many new features using the PTELL command (more information soon)

   Helpfiles forthcoming.

* Two-Gun
* Pistolwhip

* Stats in score are now visible at level 7.

* Innate Defense will now show a message when it succeeds.


o You will now be able to PKOK enable your character at the main menu
   (the 'enter the game' menu). Under certain circumstances, you may
   still be required to talk to an Admin imm. PKE still requires 
   by an immortal.

o You can now empty containers in your inventory!

   EMPTY                -- this will spill the contents of 
                                      container on the ground

   EMPTY   -- this will attempt to move all the
                                      items from container 1 to 
                                      2. Note however that if 
                                      becomes full, you will end up 
                                      the remainder of the items from
                                      container 1 in your inventory and
                                      may not be able to move because 


o You no longer need to rest first before meditating or rooting: typing
   MEDITATE or ROOT will attempt to make you rest first

___                                                               ___
\  |-------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|  LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World  |__\

              Meffrid has reached 100 million experience!

            LaughingEyes has reached 200 million experience!


          Lords Of Justice Clan disbanded on February 20th. 2006.
                     The Clan was disbanned by the GM.

                     Housing and Clan Update -- READ!
        On Friday, March 3, we will be turning the clan and
      housing updates back on. This means that you will have to
      once again pay your housing costs, and that inactivity in
      clans will matter.

        So all you clanned pkillers, be sure you get into your
      fights. And all you home owners, be sure you have enough
      money to cover your rent. Clans and houses that aren't
      cared for will dissolve and disappear!

              /                       \
         o O | Wonder what folks are   |
   `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
    (o o)  \_______________________/

                    The Expies Results are in!
                       And the winners are:


                        Player Categories

Best Mud Citizen (Male)
Winner - Asterix
Runner-up - Many

Best Mud Citizen (Female)
Winner - Autumn
Runner-up - Retsu

Most Sportsmanlike in Pkill
Winner - Krista
Runner-up - Ransom

Most Likely to Help at DT or Overrent Victim
Winner - Many
Runner-up - Autumn

Most Helpful to New Player on Legend
Winner - Autumn
Runner-up - Meffrid

Slander Memorial - Newbie Difficulties
Winner - Dino
Runner-up - SuperTasha

Best Explorer
Winner - Ewan
Runner-Up - AlgorMortis

Best Hack & Slasher
Winner - Many
Runner-Up - Kastina

Best Roleplayer (Male)
Winner - Rowane
Runner-up - Fry

Best Roleplayer (Female)
Winner - Autumn
Runner-up - Starbright

Best RP Melodrama
Winner - Tal's trying to marry everyone
Runner-Up - Knights Vs. Grendels

Best Supporting Roleplayer in a Melodrama
Winner - Dak
Runner-up - Ransom

Most Memorable Wedding
Winner - Nadia and Lethe
Runner-up - Terrance and Zqviimia

Best House
Winner - Asterix
Runners-up - Nephiel & Autumn

Best Death
Winner - Dogbunny, dying to Medusa, comments on superiority
to a lawn gnome
Runner-Up - AlgorMortis, drowning incident

Best Strung Item
Winner - Sandman
Short: your unpaid debts
Long: A contract lays here, waiting to be collected by Sandman.

Runner-up - Fry
Short: Mustard, the second pillar of McDonalds
Long: You feel your stomach rumble at the sight of the towering
Golden Arches.
Short: Cholesterol, the fourth pillar of McDonalds
Long: You clutch your chest as you walk through here.
Short: Ketchup, the first pillar of McDonalds
Long: You feel your stomach rumble at the sight of the towering
Golden Arches.
Short: Grease, the third pillar of McDonalds
Long: You feel your arteries harden as you walk through here.

Best Equipment Theme
Winner - Autumn, Autumn theme
Runner-up - Trousers, Pantsman theme

Best Warcry
Winner - Many
You have been assimilated - You are now (Manys Bitch) in official cult 

Runner-Up - Shorty "dont worry it's not that bad! ...I've died once. 
all a part of the circle of life.. i kill you, you revive and i kill 
again so to make it easier on me will you stay still!!!"

Best Description
Winner - Lust
Runner-up - Dogbunny

Best Illusion
Winner - [Info]: Blackmojo has drowned

Runners-Up -
the one about Underworlders sitting round a fire toasting Jesus &
The Flying Turtle (In Med, normally around Sherwood.)

Best Clan
Winner - NPH
Runner-up - Underworld

Best Guildmster
Winner - Meffried - NPH
Runner-up - Krista - Underworld

Most Likely to Succeed
Winner - Many
Runner-up - Ewan

Immortal Category

Immortal You Are Most Likely to Ask For Help
Winner - LadyAce
Runner-up - Haley

Best Poof
Winner - Somar
Runner-up - Rufus

Snazziest Dresser
Winner - Lenore
Runner-up - Haley

Coolest head in a crisis
Winner - LadyAce
Runner-up - Rufus

Best Builder
Winner - Nestor
Runner-up - Rufus

Best Admin
Winner - Haley
Runners-up - Chaykin and Mertjai

The Sadist Award: Best Coder
Winner - Rufus
Runners-up - Snapper & Somar

Best PR Liason
Winner - Chaykin
Runner-up - LadyAce

Best Mediator
Winner - Sandra
Runner-up - Rufus

Best GamesMaster
Winner - Chaykin
Runner-up - LadyAce

                                   Just For Fun

Best Area to Shop
Winner - Paris
Runner-up - Tara

Best Healer
Winner - Fancy
Runner-up - Kathryn

Best AFK Message
Winner - Munkie
Runner-up - Eden

Best use of a Mundane Coupon or Game or Prize String
Winner - Tah
a corpse of a prostitute(as a bag)

Runner-up - Diamanda
a snowstorm / a slowly-melting snowman bag/chalice combo

Best line from a mob
Winner - Nymph in Carthage
"I remember the taste of your olives"

Runners-up -
Mime in Carnival - death acts
Lotus-Eater in Ancient Greece-
'Alas, I do not have enough to share.' when you ask him toke.

Best PK Quote Winner - Lust Outside Blackmojo's house, Lust yells, 'Hey 
blackmojo, are these your
bags outside?' and then he comes out to check and gets jumped.

Runner-up - Lethe
Lethe to Blackmojo - I'm sorry, I don't speak crazybitch

Most Likely to Drown
Winner - AlgorMortis
Runner-up - SuperTasha

Most Notable Couple
Winner - Blackmojo & Krista
Runner-up - Terrance and Zqviimia

Best Mortal-Run Game
Winner - Chaykin - CTS (Pre-Imm)
Runner-up - Mertjais - Vocabulary game (Pre-Imm)

Most Flirtatious
Winner - Nadia
Runner-up - Quagmire

Biggest Packrat
Winner - Alejandro
Runner-up - Marauder

Best Questmeister
Winner - Autumn
Runner-up - AlgorMortis

Most in Need of a Door
Winner - Marauder
Runner-up - Alejandro

Best IC Request for Help
Winner - Sassafrass

Most Tolerant Wife
Winner - Krista
Runner-up - SuperTasha

Winner - BlackTiger
Runner-up - AlgorMortis

Best Run Leader
Winner - Many
Runner-up - Asterix

Best Imm-Run Game
Winner - Lenore & Chaykin's Halloween Game

Best New Player
Winner - Ewan

                             Area Categories

Best Room
Winner - Nestor - Tartarus - Thanatos Room
Runner-up - Nestor - Tartarus - The Sulphurous Maze

The Vampy for Best Mob
Winner - Nestor - Tartarus - Titan Coeus
Runner-up - RUfus - SL2 - SL Queen

The Golden Squirrel Trophy - Deadliest Mob
Winner - SL2 (as a whole)
Runner-up - Orkney Fisherman

The Lampy for Best Quest
Winner - Rufus - SL - Protected by Midir
Runner-up - Nestor - Tartarus - Pool of Lethe

Best DT
Winner - Incinerated in a Smoldering Hypocaust

Best Special Effect
Winners - Rufus - SL2 - Portal to SL2 &
Nestor - Carthage - Carthage Baths

Best Item
Winner - PR - OOC - Photo Booth
Runner-up - Nestor - Tartarus - heavy adamantine manacles

                              Code Categories

Best Code Improvement
Winner - Rufus - Removeaffect command
Runner-up - Rufus - Failed Save changes

Best New Code Feature
Winner - Rufus - Innate chance of gaining levels when casting spells
Runner-up - Somar - Regeneration Spells/Items

Best Bug
Winner - Huginn - Backstab wear-off message difficulties

Runner-up - Somar - Regen spells would give the use infinite mana if 
didn't have the required material component

   The Legendary Times is published by the immortals of LegendMUD.
Please send replies, additions, or corrections to for
inclusion in the next issue. All subscription options are handled at: and submissions at: For RP submissions,
copyright ownership remains with the author. We do reserve the right
to moderate the forum and edit or reject any submission.

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