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VOLUME THIRTEEN, ISSUE FIVE                            March 17, 2005 

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

                            The Editor's Note
                       LegendMUD Calendar of Events

                             RECENT UPDATES

                           New Area: Silk Road!
                            Imm App: Deadline

                          Cucina di Milano Part V
                       Merry Moments and Dark Corners
              Knights of Legend- Instilling fear in our youth?
                              An Interview
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/__|                      The Editor's Note                      |__\

   Hey folks, so many new things have been going on in the game 
recently so
many new code changes and new areas added that I have been forced to 
the stories of our fine playerbase off the page.  No longer I say!  So
with a couple minor exceptions, I present to you the fine works of our
playerbase. Enjoy! -Huma

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/__|                LegendMUD Calendar of Events                 |__\

                               March 2006
                          Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
                                    1  2  3  4
                           5  6  7  8  9 10 11
                          12 13 14 15 16 17 18
                          19 20 21 22 23 24 25
                          26 27 28 29 30 31

Wednesday, March 22nd,  7:30 pm     Q&A in the OOC Auditorium
Saturday,  March 25th,  1:00 pm     PK Tourney(Traditional 1 on 1)
Wednesday, March 29th,  7:30 pm     Q&A in the OOC Auditorium

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/__|                       Recent Updates                        |__\

(Editors Note: The traditional Area and Code updates have been omitted
from this edition of the Legendary Times to make more room for the 
of the people.  You can always check it out on the welcome board. These
two items seemed hard to ignore however.)

                          New Area: Silk Road
Sandra and LadyAce have worked hard to present to you a new area: the 
Road.  Many others on the imm staff have helped us with testing --
Chaykin, Lenore, and Nestor served on our formal testing board, and we 
lots of additional playthrough and readthrough testing from Huma, 
Lorenzo,and Somar.  Thanks to everyone!

Today, you are all invited to take the first steps on a long journey --
following along the Great Wall, on the Silk Road. Here you will find 
danger and safety, riches and poverty. The area itself is safe for 
with opportunities to explore and advance your characters, but the 
and run zones are pitched at higher-level characters.

A few notes about this area's development process, which make it a 
unusual. It's a co-developed area, so it won't play like a Sandra area,
and it won't play like a LadyAce area. It's something in between! This
installation is one in a series of 4 (or so) areas -- but the only sane
way to install 400+ rooms is in smaller chunks. Since this is a work in
progress, your feedback is appreciated!

                           Imm App: Deadline

The deadline for Immortal applications this round is April 1. If you 
interested in immorting, please speak with the appropriate Department

You can get to the applications online through our website. Look under
the 'websites' command for more info.

Thanks and good luck!

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/__|  LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World  |__\

             AmeriKa has reached 100 million experience!
            Colquhoun has reached 100 million experience!
               Val has reached 100 million experience!


           The Syndicate Clan disbanded on March 17, 2006

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         o O | Wonder what folks are   |
   `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
    (o o)  \_______________________/ 

                        Cucina di Milano Part V

[I knew I was in for a REAL treat when the offer to fly to Paris landed
on my desk. I had a desk. It was covered in papers that listed the 
sales. We weren't doin' so hot this month. Nobody wants a cannoli.
Rosetti Spaghetti suggested we expand to cold cuts like panchetta, 
perscuitto and..]

"Bologni, Tony Bologni. Open the door!"


[Tony was a long-time friend of the kitchen. When supplies were low, 
was there with the stuff. You need chocolate chips? BAM! Tony. You need
Ricotta? Badda BOOM! Tony was ya cheeseman. But I had all my supplies. 
had no idea what he wanted.]

"Look, Straussy, I know you don't have no order dis time, butta, I need 
talk.. to talk to you, Straussy!"

[I opened the door.]

"Hey, open the door."

[Tony looked like hell. Somebody got to 'em and did 'em ugly. He was 
to begin, and this didn't help none.]

"They took everyting I had, Straussy! Dose bastads took eveything!"

"Straussy I NEED next monts payment. I gots some guys sayin bad tings..
bad tings. They're gonna do me in if I don't pay 'em, Straussy!"

"Business is tight, you know that"

"Cut the crap, Straussy! I know you have the money--"

"BOLOGNI!--get yourself together!"

"If I don't do sometin soon, I'm finished."

"Tony, I'll see what I can do for yas."

[Tony left. I gathered the fellas round the table in da back room. 
were going to change, either we found a new supplyman or Tony will be
payin with interest.]

"I'm goin ta Paris, boys. Just got word Johnny DeCantiniellioniasosi'o 
there on a Creme Brulee retreat. He's puttin a touch a France in his
"traditional Italian" pastries, fellas. We take out
DeCantiniellioniasosi'o, we have less competition, more business, and
Tony Bologni will have his money. I smell a profit, boys."

"Yea, da'thats sssounds GOOD boss! Ehhuh."

"Who are you?"

[I was off to Paris and to off some competition. And like they say in
France, "Vous avez de la ciboulette sur votre dent" No, wait..]

And the neon sign outside the Milano's flickered as the rain came down.

                      Merry Moments and Dark Corners
                              by Terrance

While at Oxford as a young man, myself and several peers banded
together a few hours each weekend at a local pub near the university.
Curse me if I remember the name of the place. There, over pints of
finely-brewed ale (Me! Drinking ale! What a laugh!) we would have
drinking song "sing-offs," if you will, with fellow students and
neighbourhood folk.

I am reminded of a particularly ill-mannered man, the sort that
blackens even the merriest of moments. He was elderly, perhaps over
fifty -- that was ancient to me as a young man. I noticed him enter,
and thought nothing of it when he ordered a pint and seated himself in
the corner. Three pints later, face reddened and bumbling, he came
over to our table. Martin had just finished an Irish-sounding tune
about blunders with women and month-old bread -- it sounds trite, but
it was wonderful, I assure you!

And then the ancient beast bellowed:

I take yer girl
And take her hand
Graciously kissing 'er arm---
'Cuz yer a daft young lad
With the face of a cad
And a flop in the way of song!

Don't look so glum
Ye loathesome fool
Why do you glare at me still?---
I have a knife right here
Which I've sharpened most dear
For you, whom I have come to kill.

Pleased with himself, the man pulled back his jacket, and sure enough, 
saw the glint of a blade. With a smirk he resumed his seat in the 
and glared at us until we left shortly thereafter.

Needless to say, with one resentful song -- and making quite an
awkward scene -- he completely killed our merry moment. We young
students enjoying week's end over pints of ale, singing and laughing
and making merry. We did not think to dissuade him from participating
-- who would have? Who should not be merry?

I remember wanting to retaliate. I had whispered to my other friend,
William, "Let us sing a song against him!" But he stilled my
adolescent anger with these words: "One such as he is not deserving of
our company. May he rot in solitude until the end of his days."

Strong words from such a mild-mannered young man, but potent even to
this day. Even in the brightest rooms, there are dark corners. I, for
one, elected not to take part in his destructive ways by crafting a
retaliatory song. He resumed his bitter position, and we left. Yes, he
drove us from the pub, but Martin, William, and I came and went as a
group of friends.

I suppose my point is that confounders like the bitter man in my story
deserve only to be ignored, since they are not constructive. For other
young men, this man could have had a much different impact. However, I
could never profit from engaging in such foolishness, so I refrained.

And that has made all the difference.

              Knights of Legend- Instilling fear in our youth?

One night, I'm minding my own business, talking with my (incredibly 
Guild Master, when suddenly the perky Knights of Legend start saluting 
another. Yes, yes, I know, "They do this all the time, Nadia, what's 

Well... friends (foes, lovers, etc), the reason for this salute-fest 
for a new minion- erm, member. Ryad, who had been sponsored by 'Sir' 
(the "Assistant GM" for the Knights), is the newest Knight of Legend. 
wait one happy-go-gummy-lucky minute. Wasn't Kayin clanned just over a
month ago? (All right, maybe two... or three...) And Terrance, the ever
flamboyant one? He's semi-sorta-maybe-not really-new as well, isn't he?
Hmm... oh, let's not forget Jashobeam, the Clan's newest it-child. 
Whatever. The difference from the last one- Jashobeam is being 
by Terrance.

So why are so many people suddenly entering the ranks of the Knights of
Legend? Fun? Excitement? Passion and romance?! I think not, considering
that the Knights know none of those... (However, in the Seven Circles,
every day we're creating chaos and plotting to overtake the world- 
you're up for that much fun? Come join 7C then, just contact Joel, our
positively evil Guild Master) I honestly believe that the Knights of
Legend are gaining so many recruits by brainwashing people. Yes, I
suggested that they brainwash.

Lets pretend you're the person in this situation: You're on your first 
run, and your group consists of 'nature lovers' (I love you, 420, 
you're a
bunch of fun people. Especially you, Xuvenia. Rawr.) a couple random
healers, a green-eyed lass, and that mage that's absolutely breath 
(Thank you, thank you. You're all too kind.) You need one hitter and 
group can leave, and you can score some major experience. (Something 
can't-...never mind.) Suddenly, a fanfare comes from only God knows 
and Ta-Da! 'A something or other warrior that.s doing this or that'
appears to be a meat shield for your group! Yes, yes, I'm talking about 
Knight. Now, remember, in this situation, you're still an 
"young" mind. Maybe. If that's the way you're rolling, that is. Anyway,
he's all like 'an unbeatably strong warrior tells the group, "We.ll 
down these evil assassins. For the King!"' (Or whatever it is they 
for. I doubt it's the Queen.) So, like, everyone is of course going to
agree with this poor soul that doesn't know what he's 'fighting for'
because, well, we just want the experience. We could care less about 
King because either:

A) "We belong to the 'Mother Nature's Best' clan, so we don't need no
stinkin' King."


B) "He [the King] is a pig that is going to be overthrown by the people
because of his oppressive ways, and I think that those kind of men just

But the poor impressionable mind that you're pretending to be just 
notice to how everyone agrees with the ever usable bashing-machine, and
suddenly they think "Hey! I want people to agree with me too!" Talk 
using the extremely high influential level of the poor lowbie to your
advantage! -Situation ends-

Situation number two! The nifty salute thing. Well, yeah, it's not 
nifty, but still. It's conformity at it's best. (At least in the 
we have Ftoomsh who shinkicks, and I bite people. We have *some* 
All they do is salute this, or salute that, or salute each other.) Some
poor, unfortunate, uninformed person watches as they do that damnable
thing over our fantastic 'gossip' channel, and they decide right then 
they want to be able to do that some day. (Not salute, necessarily, but
more like... do something and have a boat load of people respond to 
Come on now, that's... subliminal messaging or something? "Oooh, watch 
as we salute one another, showing, not only that we have no creativity
what so ever, but that we are all one and the same and we like to 'set
trends' and stuff like that.


Ok, maybe not, but still, the salute thing draws people in. It has to.
Even I want to salute something when they start. It's like someone 
the punch at a party...

Finally, to the Knights, EVERYTHING is evil. "Oh, Nadia, you poor
misguided girl! Why would you chose Hell?" or "Silly Grendels, you're 
evil. And you smell bad" ..... First off, they LINGER like a bad smell.
They don't all smell bad. At least that one in Panama City didn't. But
yeah! That's one way to not only brainwash (Remember: "Join the Knights 
Legend. Not only do we serve and protect, we offer...we...erm...we have 
code of conduct!") but frighten! They make everything seem absolutely
horrible. "Watch out for that butterfly, it's harboring evil ways and 
fighting against you. Join the Knights, we can help make the world 
And stuff." Hell, I was basically RAISED by a Knight, and yeah, I was
scared to travel across the land because of what he said to me. (I 
am. No telling what Death Trap I might fall into, or what scary foe I
might come across while traveling the lands. One that might try to kill 
because I refuse to join it's "evil" ways. Gasp! *eyeroll*)

Hrm, well, I suppose that all I was really trying to say is that the
Knights of Legend frighten and brainwash people. So you should all 
watch yourself. Do we want to support/join this cult? There's no 
when they're going to try to take over Legend. The first thing they'll 
rid of? All the mobs. Permanently. Why? They're evil and dangerous and 
against 'The Code.' Especially those damnable butterflies.

                           An Interview by Tojek Anselm

I am Tojek Anselm of the New Player Helpers. This is the first of
several interviews with players from around the realms. Lieutenant
Henslin was kind enough to accept my invitation for an interview, which
was conducted at an undisclosed location near Acres. Below is the
transcript of the interview.

TOJEK: 'Greetings, Lieutenant! And thanks for taking part in this

Lt. HENSLIN: (Nods) 'Thank you.'

T: 'What is your first memory?'

LtH: 'My first memory of arriving here?'

T: (Nods)

LtH: (Ponders a moment) 'I arrived here by way of a strange
trans-dimensional worm hole, don't know how I got stuck in it, but I 
wandering Medieval London until I met a Huntress named Krista. She gave
me the ropes on how to survive here.' (Nods to himself)

T: 'Krista? You are referring to none other than The Mysterious 

LtH: (Nods) 'The very same one.' (Grins)

T: 'Tell us how Krista introduced you to the realms.'

LtH: 'She showed me around the Medieval world, and killed some 
that had attacked me on the way. I lost my weapons when I passed 
the wormhole. Needless to say, I had the most exercise I've had for
years.' (Chuckles)

T: (Snickers) 'When was this?'

LtH: (Ponders a moment) 'That was 10 years ago...'

T: 'Wow! It must have been quite a shock for you, traversing the
wormhole. What life did you leave behind when you came here?'

LtH: 'It's the same life, being a Marine. Just a month or so ago my
unit, the First Reconnaissance Battalion, was deployed here to Acres,
otherwise known as "Crusades." The 1st Marine Division has been busy
keeping the peace between the Muslims and the Christians. But when a 
of our patrols were attacked by assassins, we retaliated and wiped out
everyone at their base. Luckily we suffered few casualties in the
process.' (Nods)

T: (Sighs in relief) 'What do you enjoy doing while off duty?'

LtH: 'Off duty, I like to go to the inns and talk to various
people. Otherwise I visit Krista and her husband Blackmojo. But you
never know when you'll be called to go for an operation.'

T: (Nods) 'Tell us about your tattoo -- the one of an angry looking
bulldog with a red collar.'

LtH: 'Oh, that is the Devil Dog. Our Corps gained that nickname when
fighting the Germans... in the... ah... future. Year 1918.' (Chuckles)

T: (Snickers) 'A remnant of a life left behind?'

LtH: (Nods hesitantly) 'I wouldn't say it's been left behind, really.'

T: 'How so?'

LtH: 'Just been transported to this dimension. Our guys keep pouring in
through those strange wormholes. We keep linking up with them, and 
doing all sorts of missions all over these realms. Peacekeeping, war
fighting, being a police force, etc.' (Nods)

T: 'Tell us about these wormholes?'

LtH: 'Can't really describe them. They are like... blue vortexes that
just swirl around.'

T: 'Could you tell us about your encounter with them? What made
you... touch it or whatever?'

LtH: 'It moves around and pops in at certain times. For me, I was
unlucky and got sucked into one... it's kinda like a black hole in that
respect. But when you are inside, you are flying at speed faster than
light, then its like a roller coaster, and when you reach the light at
the end of the tunnel, you pop into this dimension, throw up a little,
and get on your merry way.' (Nods)

(We both chuckle as Lieutenant Henslin imitates someone vomiting and
then getting up as though nothing happened.)

T: 'What advice do you have for people new to the realms, Lieutenant?'

LtH: 'I would suggest going in the inns and simply asking for help. It
seems some of residents here are very friendly and have dealt with
dimension/time travelers before, and they can show you around. It is
safer to travel in groups as well, rather than going in alone, because
there are death traps out there...'

(We both chuckle, and then the Lieutenant nods solemnly.)

T: 'Thanks for taking time out to talk to me, Lieutenant Henslin.'

LtH: (Nods) 'My pleasure.'

(The Lieutenant then takes my hand and gives me a firm shake. I had to
bite my lip to keep from yelping -- his grip was that of a vice.)

Tojek Anselm is a special correspondent for the New Player Helpers. If
you wish to contact Mr Anselm, feel free to send him a mudmail.

   The Legendary Times is published by the immortals of LegendMUD.
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