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VOLUME THIRTEEN, ISSUE SEVEN                             May 12, 2005

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS


                       LegendMUD Calendar of Events

                             RECENT UPDATES
                              Area Updates
                              Code Updates
                  New Feature: Web Forum Browsing in Game!

                           OTS Poetry Contest
___                                                               ___
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/__|                           Downtime!                         |__\

As many of you know, Legend experienced some downtime on 5/8/06 and
5/9/06 due to hardware malfunction. A quick power supply later and we 
back up and running. Don't worry about losing your progress either, our
new backup procedures worked wonderfully. So come on back and enjoy all
the new areas and code changes we've implemented in the past couple



p.s. dont forget to vote for legend!

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/__|                LegendMUD Calendar of Events                 |__\

                                  May 2006
                            Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
                                1  2  3  4  5  6
                             7  8  9 10 11 12 13
                            14 15 16 17 18 19 20
                            21 22 23 24 25 26 27
                            28 29 30 31

Thursday,  May 11th,    7:00 pm     Q&A in the OOC Auditorium
Sunday,    May 14th,    7:00 pm     Complete the Sentence with Chaykin
Thursday,  May 18th,    7:00 pm     Q&A in the OOC Auditorium
Thursday,  May 25th,    7:00 pm     Q&A in the OOC Auditorium
Sunday,    May 28th,    7:00 pm     Complete the Sentence with Chaykin

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/__|                       Recent Updates                        |__\

                             Area Updates
Carthage -- Temple of Moloch Revision - Part 2 of 2
- Old shield now heals for less when fighting Astarte
- Black robes are more of a challenge to obtain
- Reward tweaked on the widow quest
- Underground river should transfer people more smoothly.
- Pendant acquisition will be slower

The following areas saw minor tweaks and bug fixes: 1802 Alaska, 
Carthage, Crusades, PD, Dartmoor, SL, Silk Road, Tartarus

The following in-progress areas saw commits this week:
Medieval Japan, Ming China

                             Code Updates

-- Era Experience

o Fury now executes an extra round of weapon attacks on a single target
   rather than a single attack on all targets in a room. This only 
   wielded weapons (hooks and such are excluded).

o Vicious backstab message fixed.

o Standing regen will now allow iron will-based healing to go off (and
   courage, and valor). Please note that this is in for a test and may
   be altered in the future.

o Innate aim message will now have a carriage return at the end.

o HP and Mana for constitution and mind above 100 will now calcuate at 
   points per point of stat instead of 2.5 points.

-- Spells and Skills

o The calm spell will now work as advertised on the help file.

o You can meditate with sustained breath again.

-- General Bug Fixes

o Capitalization in  now appears to be empty fixed.

o When unable to dash a direction that is a valid direction you can 
   (or otherwise travel) through, you get a more logically correct 

o Bug where about 1% of the time random stat objects would load with no
   stats is fixed.

o You can no longer assist people who aren't in your group.

o More 'free mana' bugs fixed.

o Two Gun will no longer initiate combat when both guns are empty.

o AC won't show numbers in prompt until you can see it in score.

o Starting a fight with your charmies will ungroup them.

o Random occurances of 'innate defense' messages when not fighting 
anything should no longer occur.

                  New Feature: Web Forum Browsing in Game!

This is very kludgy code and we'll write a better interface for it, but
right now you can type the following:

help forum_latest

And it will list the 10 latest topics from the forums.

You can read each of those 10 while online with the command:

help forum_x

(like help forum_5)

No, you can't post from in-game =)


              /                       \
         o O | Wonder what folks are   |
   `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
    (o o)     \_______________________/

                       OTS Poetry Contest

Recently, the OTS had a poetry contest pitting player against player in 
brutal prose battle. Over the next two editions (maybe three) I will be
posting all the entrants works. Congratulations to all who participated
and a special thanks to Autumn who helped to get this in the LT. Here 
your first batch of poems:


Remember the French Beach? When feeling alive meant
working on your tan before slipping into an icy wave.

Now when the crowd turns its head, I unlace my doc's
and slip a foot out of leather, toes wiggle in anticipation
of sand. But it's cold, and wet. Just gritty grey silica.

The crowd looks to me, then to my naked sandy foot,
then to the boot in my hand, and back to me again.
They look ready to go, impatient.

I relearn that boots belong on feet and that fighting pirates
with sandy feet is what gets the blood pumping these days

---by Rowane

The golden oil
the sizzling and popping
of the crispy fries

---by Fry

Mind boggling stench
Silent like a deadly sin
Rufus cut the cheese

---by Fancy

A Special Love

In your eyes I see compassion and love
An angelic beauty sent to me from above
My love for you outshines the sun
I thank God that our walk together on this earth has just begun
You are the moon, the day, the night my sun
In you I find sweet rest
To hear our hearts beating as one with in your chest
You comfort me in my times of need
We are not bound by hatred, envy, and greed
Looking across that expanse of my mind
No greater beauty than you could I find
Eternity and much longer with you I'd want to be
Faithful, grateful, loving just you as you will see
By my side be my queen forever more
Walking hand in hand through Heaven's door
I thank the lord up above for loaning me your love
The beauty, the deepness, the peace of a dove.
For you I will always be true
Just let me start by saying
I love you...

---by O'Reiley


The plump pious pretender piqued plenty of potentially pissed of 
her pillaging parents
Courageous creativity came up with a careful and cunning cunnondrum.
The reputible radiatingly ravishing Ramona would rule religously that 
and robbery, ritual or rebelliously would reform the replusive rebels 
were repriemended.
Though tied to this travisty the trustworthy daughter showed tenacity 
turning traitor to terrible ties which were her family

---by Amara


At the age of one, life has just bugun
Seeking to be heard, trying to find a word.

At the age of two, my how you grew
What a monster one could be, and oh, the skinning of another knee.
At the age of ten, off to school your parents did send
Learning through school, and in the Summer enjoying the pool.

At the age of sixteen, being the cheerleader and the Drama Queen
First blushes are mixed with instant crushes.
At the age of nineteen, transcended by grades passed with A's
A future so bright with the passing of graduation night.
At the age of twenty-six, with worldy views and brand new dues, oh and 
wedding too
Where University opened our eyes and learned of Politician's lies, 
was thrown and houses we are trying to own
At the age of fourty, now a Mother too.
Her eyes so baby blue, as a parent so many things to do.

At the age of sixty, retired as one can be.
Children gone away and worries for them do stay.

Trips to Foreign Lands and in the garden we get our tans.

At the age of ninety, I lay in my home be in which I am fortunate 
My daughter with her eyes so blue guides me with things to do.

As my head hits the bed, for my final day to you these words I say, "I 
good time with my life."

---by Amara

The Unreal

One day I stopped listening to reality
And I did the undoable

One day I opened my eyes and saw you
And I viewed the unattainable

One day I shut out my conscience
And I did the unthinkable

One day you spoke to me
And I experienced the unimaginable

One day I looked into your eyes
And I saw the undescribable

One day you kissed me
And I felt all that is unexplainable

One day you told me you loved me
And I heard the unbelievable
One day I ignored all doubts
And I achieved the unachievable

One day I closed my eyes
And I leapt for the unreachable

One day I will stand next to you
And I will have you, everything else is unimportant

The undoable, the unattainable, the unthinkable, the unimaginable, the
indescribable, the unexplainable, the unbelievable, the unachievable, 

When you are beside me
These concepts fade from existence

---by Dermick

A Fading Dream

The last light slowly fades behind the horizon
The last light I will ever see

Watching the light slowly retreat
Knowing it never to return

The unbearable moments pass too quickly
I grasp onto the image of the last ray

Now all that is left is the memory of the radiance
The memory of what made me complete

The warmth that kept my heart alive
A heart that shall now surely freeze

All that is left is to turn around and wait
Hoping that light will shine on me once again

I sit with my head on my knees
Prepared to remain forever

I would rather wait until death claims me
Than live a life in darkness

As times goes by reality fades
The darkness now completing its control

To me nothing left matters
Only what remains when I close my eyes

The feeling of the light on my face
The feeling of its warm embrace

I live my life in a dream, in a fantasy
A fantasy that sunlight will again shine upon me

I hope for a day that may never come
A day that that light will shine over the horizon

An unforgotten light
To bring back warmth to my frozen heart

How long until that light brings me from darkness

---by Dermick

Of Demons and Dreams:
Over the river, and through the woods,
with a little demon trailing after.
Her mind was set, her heart unchanged,
this was something not even he could alter.

"Oh heavenly God above,
and you, wicked Lucifer below,
hear me now, my prayer so deep,
help me learn all there is to know.
All about love, all about hate,
all about this heaven,
and it's lovely white gate.
And the brimstone and flame,
things of my fate."

This was her plea,
her cry so long unheard,
the little demon shook,
and shivered, un-nerved.

The sky darkened and thunder cracked,
and she fell to the ground,
asleep yet awake, this dream was to haunt her,
with its melodious sound.

The little one fled right back to his master,
his mistress's love, he'd want to know.
He'd begged her to change her mind,
to just tell the angel 'no'.

Her dream flashed red,
dark and then bright,
she tossed and she turned,
then screamed from the light.

She saw it again,
with it's eyes so blue,
this was the angel from her dream,
she now knew it was true.

Everything she'd heard,
everything she'd read,
all the things her lover told her,
all the things that her friends have said.

Then the darkness surrounded,
pure and deep and void,
she awoke completely now,
all ignorance within her destroyed.

--by Nadia

Not a Fruit

With deliberate tasting
They claim me to be sour
Calling me a fruit
Turns my mood dour

With a gentle spin
They believe me to be delicious
Add me to their drinks
But I'm still not a citrus!

--by Lime

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