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............./      /            THE LEGENDARY TIMES
............/      /
.........../      /.....______.._____.....______.._____.......____
........../      /...../     /./     \.../     /./     \...../    \
........./      /...../  ___/./  ____/../  ___/./  __.  \.../  /\  \
......../      /...../  /_.../  /....../  /_.../  /..\   >./  /./  /
......./      /...../  __/../  /____../  __/../  /.../  /./  /./  /
....../      /_____/__/__../  \_\  /./  /__../  /.../  /./  /_/  /
...../                / /./       /./     /./  /.../  /./       /
..../                /_/..\______/./_____/./__/.../__/./_______/ MUD
.../________________/     running on 9999
VOLUME TWO, ISSUE ONE                                    Jan. 2nd, 1995
THE LONG AWAITED CODE UPDATE IS IN! See below for details. But first...
Once upon a time there was an adventurer we'll call Bill. Bill had 
recently hit a deathtrap and had lost all of his equipment. But when 
Bill logged on on New Year's Eve, he found that he had been completely 
outfitted in new equipment which he had never seen before, all 
personalized and customized. A lot of it seemed to be better than any 
equipment he could have ever gotten before.
So Bill went on a little spree, and gained a lot of levels really fast. 
To his delight he found that he was also able to make use of 3rd circle 
magic spells which he wasn't able to before, and that he was virtually 
flying through the levels. He figured, "Ah, some kind immortal must want 
me to level fast and join them in immortality, so they gave me this 
stuff." He didn't know who his benefactor was, but figured he'd give 
them a hug next time he saw them.
Then one cold day in early January, a few Implementors on high noticed 
that Bill had odd stats. They checked up on the file and found that Bill 
had enjoyed altered stats since mid-November, and that he'd been re-
equipped with items after his DT death with items that cannot exist 
within the guidelines of the game. Bill's password was changed, and an 
investigation began. The immorts sat down and waited for him to log on.
However, someone deleted Bill and the evidence in his file before the 
investigation was complete. When Bill came on, he was bewildered and no 
doubt feeling a little persecuted. After it was explained to him that 
the person who did him the "favor" actually got his whole character 
wiped along with his skills, the levels he'd known the spells for, and 
all the rest, he decided that a hug was probably not what he'd give the 
person if he ever found out who it was.
Bill was restored to the levels he had gained, and his stats were set 
somewhere in the realm of mortality. As far as his spell levels, well,
they're history. The immorts who investigated talked to him and to 
others and concluded that he didn't know who did this to him, but also 
that he had been more than a little negligent in not telling someone 
that he was getting "favors."
So what's the moral of the tale?
Well... the password to the account the mud runs on (and where the 
playerfiles are kept) has been changed, and is remaining in the hands of 
only specific immorts. This will not present a problem with people 
saving as we have not had that problem since we moved from tramp.
A program has been written which scans playerfiles for evidence of 
tampering. Only a few minor cases were found, and said cases are being 
dealt with.
Whoever hacked Bill's playerfile is due to get deleted, regardless of 
And a restatement of policies is in order. First, here's HELP CHEAT as a 
general reminder.
"LegendMUD does NOT allow multiplaying.
"You can have more than one character, but _only one may be online at a 
time_. Trading equipment between characters is cheating. Quitting 
several newbies merely to acquire gold and/or equipment is also 
considered cheating. As is trading equipment between your own 
characters, by dropping equipment from one and picking it up with the 
"Giving away excessive amounts of equipment to characters who cannot 
rent what they are holding is also considered a violation. It's more a 
violation of the unsuspecting character who is put at risk of losing any 
equipment, experience or gold that they may have earned on their own 
before they were 'helped out.' In the event of a crash where ALL of 
their equipment will vanish and no successful saves will have been made 
for them in the meantime.
"We also would appreciate it if only one player plays a given character. 
They may be permanently given away, but sharing a single character 
between two or more players is also considered cheating.
"Asking gods to fix, tell, or change your stats or even skills is 
considered cheating, as is getting them to load items or mobs for you.
"Any players caught cheating will be dealt with on a individual basis. 
But the basic violations listed above are all call for character 
"Punitive actions can include any and all of the following:
removal of equipment, alteration of stats, denied access to mud 
commands, denied access for a character, deletion of character, demotion 
of level status, banning of a site if repeated violations occur with 
multiple characters."
Some additional info for all to ponder:
* Immortals aren't allowed to alter their own character's stats either.
* Or give away items to players.
* Or use spells or skills on players.
* Or otherwise do anything that would help or hinder the player in their 
playing of the game.
* And players are considered to be multiplaying even if they drop link 
on one of the characters while they play the other.
You see, while it may seem like a victimless crime to 'nudge' another 
character along to help them out, what it does is reduce the overall 
difficulty of the game. Bill is nudged, he groups with Susan, she gains 
a little faster, and soon everyone is doing better than usual. And soon 
after, they all start complaining the mud is too boring, and leave. Or, 
the mud gets made a bit harder to match Bill and Susan's abilities, and 
everyone who starts a character after them is screwed.
Directly, of course, it screwed over Bill, who may have regained his 
levels once we ascertained he was not at fault, but who is certainly 
going to have to get used to having a character who is not only not as 
powerful as he used to be, but not even as powerful as he would have 
been had he played up without assistance.
It also of course screws over the person who 'nudged' Bill who is now in 
very hot water with the immortals. 
Here's a New Year's Resolution from the immorts: to both refrain from 
the above and to keep a closer eye out for the above. And here's one for 
players, if the choose to take it up: if you notice anything that seems 
inconsistent with normal game practice, something unusual that doesn't 
happen elsewhere on the mud, something that may be a bug or a case of 
supernatural assistance (or harm), report it.
And Bill's resolution? Well, when he was getting reimbursed, he asked if 
he could have a new weapon... a pike with the head of his 'helper' on 
* Arkenstone's Vikings area is open to the public. You can find it off
  the eastern coast of Medieval England. This is the first section of
  a larger planned area. Please report all bugs, problems, suggestions,
  and so on to Arkenstone via mudmail, or post on the local board. The
  sugegsted level range for the area is mid-twenties, but there are lower
  and higher level mobs as well. There is a place to rent in the area--
  look for the Gestahaus.
* You may find Medieval England to be rather unfamiliar when you walk 
  around it! This is because of extensive revamping. For one, Nottingham    
  and Lincoln are now in their correct geographical locations (switched 
  from where they were). Also, there is now a sizable addition to the  
  castle in Nottingham, including a few new little puzzles for players.
* The auction house is a thing of the past. See the "New commands" section
  for information on the new auctioning system.
* Shopkeepers in London and Bengal now eat their inventory like those in
  other areas. However, we fixed the problem with their also eating their
* Groupboats now have holds in them. You may treat them like containers
  that cannot be opened or closed.
* Drowning is now possible. Boats and groupboats may begin to take on 
  water and proceed to sink over the course of a few ticks (groupboats
  tend to last longer). Flying or water walk affects prevent you from 
  drowning when you are stuck in the water without a boat. Swim skill also 
  keeps you from drowning. Different boats have different chances of 
* You can no longer rent or get an offer while fighting.
* The root and meditate skills can no longer both affect you at once.
* The bug with buying from multiple shopkeepers when they are closed has
  been fixed. They now stay closed as they are supposed to.
* You are now told who it is that has reconnected from link-death in your
  room. "Someone has reconnected" is a thing of the past!
* Murky rooms will now tell you that you cannot see the items in them even
  when you are in brief.
* You now get a message when someone tries to give you something and your
  hands are full. This should help solve problems people have had with 
  doing quests and not getting the reward.
* The wary/agg system is now in. When you enter the game you will have a
  wary/agg setting of 'normal'--which is to say, exactly as things always
  used to be. However, for each notch below normal that you set your wary
  at, your opponent suffers a -1 to hit, and you suffer a -1 to hit. For
  each point you are aggressive, your opponent gains a +1 to hit on you--
  but you also gain a +1 to hit on them. Certain actions, such as 
  sleeping, set your wary/agg back to normal. So does renting. See the New 
  Commands section for info on how to change the setting. You can also see 
  your wary/agg in score.
* Player description registration is now in. To get your character a 
  unique description, ask an immortal. You will need to specify a long 
  description and a short description, and we are asking that said 
  descriptions not be misleading, but rather fit well with the character 
  and with the historical background, particularly of your hometown. Once 
  you have your description, you will look that way to others who see you. 
  You can turn the description on and off with the NAME command--see New 
  Commands. Note that whatever you pick, you're pretty much stuck with, it 
  is the way the character LOOKS and we will not alter it unless the event 
  that caused the change is noteworthy enough to appear in the social
  column of this newsletter. You can however ask an immortal to remove 
  descriptions from you altogether and return you to just having a name.
* New command: WARY
  Syntax: WARY
  This sets your wariness up a notch, or reduces your aggressivity in 
* New command: AGGRESSIVE
  This increases your aggressivity during combat, or reduces your wariness
  a notch.
* New command: QUERY
  Syntax: query 
  This will give a quick one-sentence summary of whether you know, can
  learn, or can use, a given skill.
* New command: CONSIGN
  Syntax: consign  or consign  
  This command puts an item up for auction. You can only auction one item
  at a time in the whole mud; therefore auctions have a time limit set on
  them. You may not auction NO_SELL items, NO_AUCTION items, or containers
  with something in them (empty ones are fine). This includes groupboats
  (see general changes). The minimum bid is assumed to be the rent value
  of the item unless specified; it cannot go lower than 1/2 the rent value
  of the item. Consignments will be announced over the Auction channel.
* New command: RECLAIM
  Syntax: reclaim 
  This only works if you are the auction owner. It removes a consigned 
  item from open auction and announces this fact on the Auction channel.
* New command: BID
  Syntax: bid 
  This command announces a bid on the Auction channel if the bid is higher
  than the current bid and you have enough money in hand AND/OR in the 
  bank to cover the bid, and can rent the item. If you get the item, then 
  your bank account and money in hand will automatically be deducted for 
  the amount, money in hand first.
* New command: CANCEL
  Syntax: cancel
  This withdraws your current bid from the auction if it is the current
  highest bid. The auction continues without you.
* New command: ACCEPT
  Syntax: accept
  If you are the person auctioning off an item, this accepts whatever the
  current highest bid is. The money is automatically transferred to your
  bank account. The item magically vanishes from your inventory and 
  appears in the inventory of the highest bidder. If the person is no 
  longer able to pay for the item, you keep the item and the auction 
  continues. You may not accept a bid for a full tick to allow for open 
* New command: NAME
  Syntax: name
  This toggles the setting for your registered short and long 
  descriptions. A long description is the one that says "So and so is 
  standing here." A short desc is the one that appears when you do
  something, like "So and so bounces around." If you do not have a 
  description or if you turn them off with this command, your character's 
  name will be used there. If you leave it on, then others will not see 
  your name, but just the registered descriptions. Note that immortals can 
  see through descriptions.
* Altered command: SKILLS
  Syntax: SKILLS
  Skills marked with a minus sign (-) to the left of the skill name (in
  other words, as it should be, not like it was in the test code) are
  skills which you have learned but cannot currently use because you do
  not qualify for them.
* Altered command: ALLSKILLS
  Skills marked with a plus sign (+) to the left of the skill name are
  skills which you have already learned. Allskills shows every skill that
  you qualify to learn and use.
* Altered command: WORDS
  Syntax: WORDS
  Words marked with a minus sign to the left of the word are ones that
  you do not currently qualify to use in constructing a spell.
* Altered command: WIMPY
  Syntax: WIMPY 
  You can no longer alter your wimpy level to higher than your current hp.
* Some of the spells that weren't working should work now.
* The magic repair spell is in. It's called TRUE FORM. It works just like
  the repair skill, but only on magic items. Including scrapping items on
* PRESERVE no longer preserves items past ten mud days (480 ticks). Also, 
  you can't accidentally destroy perm items by preserving them. Decaying    
  them does still work however. :)
* BACKSTAB now has a higher chance of hitting, and also has a chance of
  paralyzing your victim.
* FENCING is now in. It currently gives a +1 to hit and a +1 to damage
  if you are using a piercing or stabbing weapon. It does not apply during
* SWORDSMANSHIP is now in. It gives +1 +1 when using slashing and related
* ARMS TRAINING is in. It also gies +1 +1, when using bludgeoning and
  crushing weapons like staves and maces.
* ENTRANCE now has a chance of failure, and no longer works on deafened
  people. Fleeing from the room where the music is will free you from the
* PICK LOCK allows you now to lock doors even if you do not have the key.
* JUDGE has had various cosmetic problems with the messages fixed.
We're working on adding teachers for these new skills all over the mud, 
but it may take a while.
  Syntax: poison 
  Poisons a weapon with a slow-acting poison. Poisons food or drink with
  an instantly fatal one. Requires a poisonous herb or drug.
  Syntax: ASSESS 
  Describes their current physical state: strength, dexterity,  
  constitution, hit points.
  Syntax: AID 
  Administers basic first aid to a patient. Requires a bandage and the 
  bandage skill.
  Syntax: RX 
  Looks up a drug in the helpfiles. Note that currently there are no drugs 
  and therefore no database for them.
  Syntax: OPERATE 
  Offers major healing to a patient. Requires a scalpel and knowledge of 
  first aid and dress wounds (unimplemented skill).
            /                         \
        o O | Wonder what folks are    |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMud? |
   (o o)     \________________________/
                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/
It happened in the wee hours of the morning of the 17th of December.
It is my sad duty to notify Legend of the end of Taro. By his wish,
I assisted my fellow Knight in passing on into the next plane of
existance by pkilling Taro to the point of permadeath. He extends
his greetings to all who knew him, and says that he will be on, from
time to time, to say hi and socialize with his friends and acquaintences.
With finals over, and looking towards finishing his thesis and getting
a job, Taro decided that he just didn't have the time to spare to keep
to the pace of Legend, with all the changes.
It was a moment of extreme emotion. I am not ashamed to say that I spent
quite some time actually crying, and am still worked up about it as I 
write this obituary notice.
Yours in mourning,
Dominic Elhalyn Hastur, Recruiter for the Knights of Legend
                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/
Also gone from Legend: Gronf, who extends greetings to all his friends and 
reports that he no longer has the time to play muds.
                          \|/ \\||//  \|/   \!/
On the other hand, welcome to a lot of newbies who have found us recently. 
Apparently we popped up again on one of the mudlists and we've had a lot 
of visitors. Some were old friends--say hi to Ohara, who was here when we 
first opened, if you see him. 
                          \|/  \|/   \!/ \\||//
The following showed up delivered anonymously to the Legendary Times
on old, cracked brown paper. The handwriting was exotic and it took us
a month to find someone who could translate the odd old language... It
was interesting enough that we thought we'd pass it on. Unfortunately,
the person who delivered it was found dead in an alley yesterday.
               A Story from Hakiem, the Tale-spinner
His family was different. Skin whiter than ours, hair of golden
sunlight and surrounded by a warm glow of kindness which one does not
see too often. He was just a boy then, going by the name Emrys.
Often he would come and listen to me talk, his ebony eyes sparkling
with excitement and curiousity. Ah yes, he was exceptional, always
the leader of the other children and getting them into mischief.
However, as with all good things, this came to an end quite abruptly.
His father, the governor of our town, was accused of treason. He was
publicly executed in front of his family including young Emrys.
They were all taken away then, possibly to be sold into slavery. I
remember I felt a certain kind of bleakness on that day. I remember
shivering not from the cold wind that howled through the valley, but
from the thought of what faced Emrys and his family.
When I next saw him, 10 years had passed. He had changed and I would
not have recognized him if not for his eyes. It happened while I was
at the bazaar, sitting in my usual spot while spinning a tale for the
children, when a shadow fell over me. I looked up and found myself
staring into a pair of familiar dark eyes. They shone with the same
intensity as when he was a boy, but now, they did not shine with
innocence and kindness, but with hatred and pain. I opened my mouth
to speak, a thousand questions tripping over my tongue. But he merely
tossed a few coins my way and strode away.
I can only guess at what must have happened in those 10 years. In
future years as I travelled from one city to another, I always
made it a point to find out what I could about Emrys.
From little bits of stories that I pieced together, I learnt that
Emrys was sold as a slave to a powerful magician, named Darlok.
I will not describe in detail what was said about Darlok, but suffice
it to say that young Emrys must have found himself in hell. It was
later said that Emrys secretly studied the arts of magic and one
night when Darlok slept, cast a death spell on him. Others murmur
that Emrys had made a pact with the devil himself and it was the
devil that cast Darlok down to the bowels of hell. But whatever
happened, Emrys was free and was next seen in Tara.
He had made a fortune for himself and was decked in fine jewelry.
It was said that he fell hopelessly in love with a princess of the dun
and was going to marry her. However, on the day of the wedding, it
was discovered that Emrys' father was a traitor and thus the people
stoned Emrys and ran him out of Tara into the nearby forest to
be eaten by wild animals. Out of shame, the Ard-righ of the
dun killed his own daughter, the princess. The fishermen in the
village nearby attest that they will never forget the howl of sorrow
that they heard echoing through the forest on that day.
I do not know what happened thereafter but after our encounter
at the bazaar I heard quiet murmurings about the black eyed
devil. It seems that he is now called Revenant, a name given
to him because of the harsh and brutal way with which he exacts
revenge from the people who cross him. Many people fear him and
keep far away from his path. There are others however who look upon
him with respect, awe and admiration.
                          \\||//  \|/  \!/  \|/    
 Legendary Times is put out by the gods of LegendMUD. Please send all
 replies/additions to [email protected] for inclusion in the next  
 edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate this discussion,
and may object to some submissions. If you feel we have wrongly omitted 
 one of your messages, please talk to either Kaige or Ptah online or 
 through EMail and see if we did indeed receive it in the first place.
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