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VOLUME TWO, ISSUE TEN                                    Feb. 8th, 1995

                       ...:/:[ CONTENTS ]:\:...

                              BUGS ET AL
                         - pesky auction bug -
                         -  cooking classes  -
                         - all this linkloss -

                             AREA UPDATE
                          - Ireland updated -

                          COMING ATTRACTIONS
                      - coming soon: new areas! -
                      -  roster coming finally  -
                      - ballot count... upsets? -

                            SOCIAL EVENTS
                       - Hermetics recruiting -
                       - wedding announcement -
                       -     bridal shower    -
                       -     uh oh, Dusty     -
                       -    Warbird departs   -

                           PESKY AUCTION BUG
Several crashes recently can be traced to what appears to be a bug with
the auction code. We have not yet pinpointed it, but can say that it has
to do with people's inventories getting duplicated after auctions. It
always seems to have involved containers such as DERT bags.

If you notice that after an auction you have a bag containing equipment
you have never seen before, junk it immediately. This probably the only
way to avert a crash until we find the bug and fix it. The bug is stable
until one party or the other starts manipulating the duplicated items.
So junk the bag entire, don't get the stuff out of it. If you lose items
to this bug, you will be reimbursed.

                            COOKING CLASSES

...Can now be had once again in Arabia and Lima. There were two small bugs
which were reported by numerous people in that in Arabia asking for cooking
was likely to get you taught flavor... and in Lima, asking for cooking got
you nothing at all. Both bugs are fixed now, so you can cook filets to
your heart's content. :)

                           ALL THIS LINKLOSS

A lot of people have commented on the frequency of severe lag, or of dopey
being unreachable becauwe of a lack of route to host, timed out connections,
or other net-problems. The problem specifically is SprintNet, which owns and
operates a large chunk of the Internet in the Texas area (and elsewhere).
They've been having rather severe troubles lately, and this has led to a
lack of access to the UT machines from varying geographical locations. For
example, the other day, Houston was able to reach Legend, and Alabama was
able to reach Houston; but Alabama could not reach Legend. In fact, neither
could anybody else... the Houston player reported that it looked like the
Twilight Zone had come to the mud, as they were the only person on...

Well, there isn't much we can do about this, as I doubt that mighty Sprint
would care about a lowly mud. But we do have some plans that may help out
after all, and we'll see what happens come next week. :)

                             IRELAND UPDATED

Ireland got a small facelift recently as a new name was put on the-mob-
formerly-known-as-Hrothgar. The name can now be revealed: Donnegal, like
the county in Ireland. Also, bards might find something of interest in the
general vicinity.

                       .'                       '.
                     .:          FEATURE          :.
                      '.        ARTICLES!        .'
                        '                       '

                           COMING ATTRACTIONS!

As many of you know, February 14th will mark the first full year that
LegendMUD has been open to the general Internet public. Legend actually
opened to limited players in November of 1993, but it was on Valentine's
Day the following year that we opened with a splash of publicity, even
controversy, and not much later, a boycott effort directed against us. :)

Well, many things are going on to mark the first real birthday of Legend.
So here's a list of coming attractions, some of which happen to just fall
now by sheer luck.

                                NEW AREAS

An expansion to VIKING SCANDINAVIA will be going in sometime between now
and the birthday. This expansion, Lindisfarne, will feature, if complete,
Viking raids on other neighboring areas, and the presence of the Catholic
Church. :) Be warned, all ye Rittern! Ritters of Germany were during this
time period, deadly enemies of the Vikings. As of NOW, Ritters are in
danger in the Scandinavian region if their identity as German knights is

An expansion to ANCIENT EGYPT will hopefully also go in sometime after this
weekend. Look for shops and temples, and in general a place where commerce
and civilization gather along the banks of the Nile. There are future plans
to expand to include a pyramid full of deadly challenges for the sneakily
inclined. With any luck, you may also want to keep an eye out for a new
magic word going in the area.

The addition of Parrilyn's FRENCH-INDIAN WAR area is also planned to coincide
roughly with the mud's birthday. This area, based in part upon James Fenimore
Cooper's "Leatherstocking Tales" (_Last of the Mohicans_, etc) will give
us our first view of the eastern side of the Americas on the mud. A St.
Lawrence river, trading post, and of course, virgin forest full of Hurons,
are all planned.

An addition to GOLD RUSH SAN FRANCISCO is also planned for. Kaige is working
on adding special effects to the area a la London, for atmosphere, as well
as another 15 to 20 or so different types of mob. Eventually, Frisco will
be expanded both to provide an ocean route across the Pacific to connect
to the South Seas/Macao vicinity, and also to the east via stagecoach.

                              CLAN ROSTERS

You've asked for it for quite some time now, and hopefully we'll have it
in soon. The ability for clan members to see who is a member of their clan.
This also means that we will finally be able to keep track of clan balance
and try to keep things on an even keel, something we've wanted to do for
a long time and never had a fair way to do (Secretives with long memories
may recall Ptah's last botched attempt at this *sigh*).

So the question ends up being, how do we measure the prominence of a clan?
Sum of members' levels? Or just a member count? The clan which lands at
the top of the rankings would then not be allowed to clan further members
until they are overtaken, permitting clans to grow evenly and providing
for increased competition and incentive to recruit among the other clans.
Comments and suggestions in the level sum vs. member count issue are welcome
on the Legend Discussion List (LDL -- email [email protected] to join).


And of course, the First Annual Expies Awards will be given out at a
ceremony to celebrate the first birthday of Legend. Voting is still 
ongoing, with around 36 votes received already. Early eyeball tallies
indicate many upsets!

The date for the ceremony is not yet set.


            /                         \
        o O | Wonder what folks are    |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMud? |
   (o o)     \________________________/

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

It's been a busy time. First off, let's get some invitations out of the way!

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

The Hermetic Order and Clan Connaught are pleased to announce the
upcoming marriage of Rusalka, GuildMistress of the Hermetic Order to
Bart, Justiciar of Clan Counnaught and a Knight Protector of the
Hermetic Order. The wedding will take place on February 11, at 8 PM
(system time) at the Stone Monolith south of the crossroads in Ireland.
We invite you to witness their vows and share our joy in this union.
Parrilyn, the Hermetic Patron, will be perfoming the ceremony and the
Bards will be providing entertainment. Directions and/or escort to the
Stone Monolith will be provided to all who need them.

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

Announcing a bridal shower held for the blushing bride-to-be, Rusalka!

Time: Friday Evening February 10th 8-? PST
Place: Lady Judith's Bedroom in Nottingham Castle

You are cordially invited to attend a bridal shower to be held in honor
of Rusalka's imminent betrothal to Bart.

Come one, come all, to wish Rusalka good luck, to give the blushing
bride-to-be your personal congratulations, to warn her about the ups and
downs of marriage and men, to hear other women's tales about love -
true and false, and to see the long-awaited wedding dress!

Females only!! None of you men pretending to be women ;)

Questions - rsvp Katya

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

We also have ad for you this time around--looks like a clan has decided to
recruit! Hmm... given the recent troubles (see below) perhaps something is

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

          The Hermetic Order is looking for some recruits.
          Yep, that's right.  If you are a mage, want to be
          a mage, or like to hang out with mages, the
          Hermetics are the way to go.  We offer fun,
          friendship, knowlege, and the occasional melodrama.
          Join the Hermetic Order, we're the laid back clan.
          Just talk to Rusalka, Obmig or any other Hermetic
          for more information.  Find out why all the kewl
          people joined.
          The Hermetic Order, we do it magically.

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

As far as the troubles referred to above... well... Dusty's back. *sigh*
I'll do my best to recap the events, but I don't know if I can do it justice.

It seems to have started when Dusty accepted Greyscot as a suitor. This
job is apparently distinct from "champion" which she already has in the
form of Byron. All three are members of the Order of the Scroll.

Well, apparently at some point this week, Greyscot and Sylia were about to
fight a duel, to some extent over Dusty. The reasons for the duel seem to
be vague, arbitrary, and widely disputed. Near as I can tell, Greyscot
was willing to fight, Sylia was willing to fight, and Dusty was hysterical
over the prospect. Sylia is a member of the Hermetic Order. It is believed
that at this point she acted on her own, though.

Sylia did at the very least blind Greyscot one and attack him once; Greyscot
apparently managed to make her flee the scene, which she did, threatening
that she would be back. During all of this Dusty called for help on the
public channels, summoning bards, knights, and who have you to defend her
suitor. There was some weird plot going on involving Orlando, but I am not
sure that anybody understood what was going on there.

At some point Zair, a fellow bard, responded to her calls, and made Greyscot
invisible in order to prevent the fight. But Greyscot insisted on combat
to prove his love. Kiera, Dusty's sister, also showed up, and began to sell
refreshments. She also gave everyone the ability to see invis.

Magda showed up and sided with Sylia, and somewhere around here it all 
became a clan issue. Bremmar also took sides with Sylia. Others were heard
to say they would not let Greyscot be killed. Dusty started crying and
running from the room.

When Rusalka showed up to mediate, Dusty accused everyone of cruelty and
childishness; she didn't seem all that pleased with her suitor, and she
ran off crying and left the game. Whereupon the immediate crisis seemed to
dissolve; only now there seem to be some nasty grudges floating around.
several Hermetics siding with Sylia are after Zair for having tried to
prevent the fight, and Bremmar's future role is uncertain. Rumors were
flying about disciplinary action within the Bards as well.

A few interesting remarks from witnesses and participants:

RUSALKA: I like Dusty, but every time I see her I get a headache.
SYLIA: Greyscot had sold his soul to the succubi.
ZAIR (interview): 
"Well Dusty and Greyscot were doing there usual thing

Greyscot said he would die for Dusty...
and Sylia wanted to see if this was true...
so she said she was going to kill him

I asked Greyscot if he needed any help (I have to come to the aid of my
fellow bard) and he told me to come to london... which i did

All i wanted to do was stop the fight ... no need to start any silly clan
wars over this foolishness

So all I did was fade Greyscot and I told him 'do not do anything' ...
then i left because Sylia was mad at me and she has already attacked me twice
(i rented out so i dont know what happened after this)"

BIRDY (interview):
"The whole thing is rather stupid in my opinion.  There is absolutely no
rational reason for Sylia to attack Greyscot.  Indeed, there is no honor in
what she did  -- attacking, much less fleeing.  I only wish that I was able
to do more to assist him this time, and in the future I will do anything I
can to prevent a senseless death to come of his present devotion to Dusty.
Personally, I find the way in which most women have been treating Greyscot
to be quite reprehensible.  I think it is a true measure of Greyscot's
character that he is willing to suffer such torture in his pursuits."

Phew! What a tangle. One can only wonder whether this couple is destined to
last long! They certainly have had their share of public melodramas...

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

LegendMUD has suffered the loss of another player of long standing. Warbird,
guildmaster of the Secretives, has left the mud for greener pastures. The
night of his departure was also one of high emotions. Warbird is an immortal
on The Land, whose address I do not have handy but can be found on mudlists;
stop by and visit him sometime.

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/


It was 5 years ago today that Kaige and I started going out; two years
later we got married. And Kaige doesn't know I told you all! So be sure
to bug her about it. --Ptah :)

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

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