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VOLUME TWO, ISSUE SIXTEEN                                Mar. 5th, 1995

                        SPECIAL SOCIAL ISSUE!

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                         FUND DRIVE STATUS
                   - also, a note on t shirts -

                           SOCIAL EVENTS

             -        Birdy defends Greyscot       -
             - Sylia and Bremmar vs Khelleck & Co. -
             -           Rusalka resigns           -
             -    Crimestoppers need your help!    -
             -     Assassins make a statement      -
             -    Eva and Dec'lan trade words      -

There aren't any code updates or area updates to report in this issue,
but nonetheless it is a long issue. This is because of the petition which
I have sent under separate cover. If you're not interested in the
subject matter of the petition, I apologize for taking up the space in
your email queue and suggest you delete the email message entitled
"Legendary Times: Exon Bill Petition."

The petition is regarding a bill that is coming to the U.S. Congress soon
regarding free speech on the Internet. A few players asked me to distribute
it to everyone who gets the LT, and as I feel it is an important issue,
I have. Apologies to those players not from the U.S. who probably cannot
do too much with what they see, although it would likely affect them in
terms of Net access to resources here in the U.S.

The rest of the LT is largely a social issue--lots of happenings! Enjoy!
-Ptah, Editor till someone else asks for the job *hint hint*


                            FUND DRIVE STATUS
We've got 16mb of RAM on the way, and cheap RAM was likely the hardest
part of putting the site together. But the RAM cost Sadist $400 out of
his own pocket, and the donations we have received thus far don't even
cover that cost. Please keep the money coming, as RAM and a hard drive
are the only things we have, and that leaves us with a ways to go yet.

TOTAL DONORS:           3
TOTAL PLEDGES:          12

Letters will be going out in the mail tomorrow, but you don't need to
wait for them if you don't want to. They are just legal stuff that repeats
exactly what the original request for donations said, but with our 
signatures on it. :)

We suggest that those who have the money burning a hole in their pocket
go ahead and send the checks directly to the following address and we will
get the letters out to them as soon as we can, perhaps even crossing in
the mail. This is the address to send donations to:

           (make checks payable to Raphael and Kristen Koster)
                     Raph and Kristen Koster
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If you are an overseas donor who cannot write a check in US Dollars, please
email us at the LT address given at the end of this newsletter.
                            T-SHIRT UPDATE

We only got 15 orders for shirts, from around 8 people. With so few orders
we cannot do the shirts as originally planned. However, if we supply the
shirts, we could do the run much cheaper, and the limited quantity would
not affect price very much. If you sent a white shirt plus around $8 to
$10, we could do them that way.

Please email and let us know if you are interested in this; otherwise, we'll
just drop the idea for now, until people are rich and can blow stuff on
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Too much happened this week! I couldn't keep up with it all. Here are
some of the more notable events that took place...

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

A letter arrived from Birdy of the Knights of Legend, in response to the
catcalls of 'coward' directed at her champion Greyscot by the Dirty Pair
and others:

"I seriously doubt that any ill reputation that Greyscot has is deserved of
him in the least.  At grave peril to his own well being and for the safety
of all of the citizens of the realm, he did lure the vampire out of the inn
in London, and then into the post office.  If you are not familiar with the
post office, it has but one exit and this put Greyscot in a very untenable
position.  Fortunately, he did manage to escape in tact, and the vampire
was left lurking in a corner of the post office until he was appropriately
dealt with."

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

Indeed, Birdy and Greyscot seem much in each other's company these days...
enough so that Sylia has been heard to accuse Greyscot of hiding in the
Knight clan hall to avoid attack... but all such matters do of course come
to a head some day, and indeed they did with a bang... here's a drastically
edited recounting of the day when the Dirty Pair died!

Now, earlier Gwystel and Sylia had agreed to a duel, face to face and one on
one. Sylia had demanded that no Knights assist in the single combat and
Sir Gwystel had agreed.

[Chat] Khelleck: Sylia, here is dishonor for you.  Run, or you will die.  We
       are coming for you.
[Chat] Sylia: khelleck, I accepted gwystel's challenge, but you ruined that
[Chat] Khelleck: you may duel him anytime you like
[Chat] Sylia: now I 'll forgo my last bit of honor, and I 'll do all kind of
       nasty things on any of the knights
[Chat] Khelleck: and when he is on, the rest of us will leave you alone
[Chat] Khelleck: but when he is gone, you will die.
[Chat] Sylia: *laugh* that's the so called honor of the knights, hear it
[Chat] Sylia: that's what they consider being a knight and being honorable,
what a nice name. a wolf under the sheep skin?
[Chat] Sylia: how do you define honor of the knights? khelleck
[Chat] Sylia: do your kind of honor any different from mercenary?
[Chat] Sylia: I feel pity about you, you can't live up to that standard but you
       claim to be
[Chat] Khelleck: Sylia there isnt even any point discussing honor with you.
[Chat] Tegid: Sylia I really do not think you are in a position to give a
lecture on honor.

Barbs were traded on the subject of honor, and during all this talk, the
other half of the Dirty Pair, Bremmar, arrived on the scene and heard the
discussion going on over chat.

[Chat] Sylia: I thought you misunderstand the word cowardise and stupid
[Chat] Tegid: lemme look it up... oh yeah... Sylia is a coward... it says it
       right here in websters.
[Chat] Kiera: Look up thief and see if I'm in yet

Bremmar walked up to the scene of the dispute and attacked Khelleck, Tegid,
and Byron directly. Rachael was also present, but only as a noncombatant.
After an impressive battle in which Khelleck was indeed gravely wounded,
Bremmar was slain!

[Chat] Bremmar: good fight :)
[Chat] Rachael: awesome fight
[Chat] Lark: BREMMAR ;)
[Chat] Magda: :)
[Chat] Khelleck: indeed
[Chat] Rachael: 3 vs Bremmar and Brem almost got Khelleck
[Chat] Khelleck: almost
[Chat] Lark: wow fair fight
[Chat] Khelleck: you are most powerful fey warrior
[Chat] Lark: 

It was then that the most disputed deed of the day took place. As Bremmar
returned to collect his equipment, Greyscot attacked him and slew him while
he was still only at one hit point! Controversy erupted.

[Chat] Bremmar: oh, well done, greyscot
Rachael growls at Greyscot. Better leave before the fighting starts!
[Chat] Greyscot: You should ASK if you can get your stuff
Rachael says to Greyscot, 'THAT is NOT ON!!!!!!!'
[Info] Dec'lan: that awas lame
[Chat] Khelleck: you are safe from the Kights, Bremmar
[Chat] Dec'lan: no he should not!
Byron says, 'They have not disturbed ours'

At this moment Sylia arrived on the scene, accompanied by a pair of magically
enchanted long-handled daggers that obeyed her commands. She promptly ordered
them to attack Greyscot! It was then that Byron leaped into the affray as
well, assisting Greyscot in his battle against Sylia and the enchanted
daggers. Khelleck too joined the fight, on Greyscot's side. While the battle
raged, however, a different battle, one of words, went on over the heads of
the combatants!

Chat] Magda: bad form Greyscot
[Chat] Lark: why it is his stuff
[Chat] Bremmar: that took a great amount of courage, greyscot
[Chat] Rusalka: tis the custom so far..
[Chat] Rachael: *nod* Bremmar
[Chat] Lark: talk about cowardice
[Chat] Bremmar: attacking me while i had 1 hp
[Chat] Rusalka: tigger violated it and got in big trouble...
[Chat] Magda: thinks that was a poor showing of knightly manners on Greyscot's

It was Byron who finally got in the killing blow against Sylia. A little
noticed fact is that he then took money from her corpse, and does not seem
to have returned it...

[Chat] Kiera: But a good showing of bardly manners?
[Chat] Sylia: so you have satisfied? khelleck
[Chat] Magda: what ever he is....POOR FORM
[Chat] Bremmar: of all the people i killed, i *NEVER* looted their corpses, and
       did not even prevent them from getting their things
[Chat] Bremmar: 
[Chat] Sylia: all you want is to kill us ina  big group
[Chat] Greyscot: Ask first.. You ambushed us. You don't deserve the benefit of
       the doubt.
[Chat] Lark: AND THEY talk about honor
[Chat] Sylia: we never attack smaller party
[Chat] Byron: Yes, you have

At this point Greyscot dropped the items he had taken from Bremmar's corpse.
However, it may have been too late, for the tide of public opinion, ever
fickle, had turned against him and his actions at this point. Even the
Knights began to back away from their association with him.

[Chat] Rachael: yeah right greyscot..... he had JUST died and had NO eq
[Chat] Magda: *growl* to Greyscot....
[Chat] Sylia: and that's your form of honor, to kill a single person ina  big
[Chat] Tegid: *nod* Bremmar it was not a knight who kiled you a second time
[Chat] Byron: You both attacked me after I left a scene
[Chat] Bremmar: Ambush?  I just walked into the room fully visible and attacked
       a group of three, and you call that ambush?
[Chat] Sylia: and greyscot show his honor by attacking a naked person
[Chat] Lark: Ambush would have been if he were hiding or invis
[Chat] Magda: big man there.....*can't wait to tell Eva*
[Chat] Sylia: I am coming back and you can kill me again if you wish

At the scene, surrounded by the corpses, the party of Knights and Greyscot
began to disperse.

[Chat] Magda: if this is the kind of behavior the bards display....
[Chat] Tegid: sylia you surely are a mentally ill person if you think the
       knights have dishonor.
[Chat] Lark: good way for bards to stay NEUTRAL
[Chat] Greyscot: We stay neutral until we're attacked
[Info] Lark: <-- thinks all who kill someone with 1hp is a coward
[Chat] Greyscot: And a hostile fighter must ASK to get his things back
[Chat] Magda: *eyeroll*
[Chat] Lark: *GROAN*

Sylia returned to the scene, and then the whole thing took yet another
twist, with Sylia accusing the Knights themselves of acting dishonorably,
focusing on them rather than on Greyscot:

Khelleck says, 'you are safe from the Knights, Sylia'
Sylia giggles.
Khelleck says, 'until you retreat'
Sylia shakes her head.
Khelleck says, 'so take your things'
Khelleck says, 'and go'
Sylia says, 'I don't need that kind of words'
Byron says, 'I will not attack again, either'
Sylia says to Khelleck, 'you ruined my image of knights already'
Sylia says, 'even mercenary won't loot corpse'
Khelleck says to Sylia, 'I dont care what you think.'
Tegid spits in Sylia's face - better stand back!
Khelleck says to Sylia, 'no Knight looted anything, you fool!'

Sylia recovered her equipment, but Sylia would not let the matter go,
stating that Greyscot has the use of the Knights' clan hall as a refuge
and safe haven.

Sylia says, 'well so it's greysct right?'
Sylia says, 'the one who rest in knight's hall'
Sylia says, 'and associate with knights'
Khelleck says, 'the Knights took nothing, and did not attack Bremmar again'
Greyscot says, 'You attack me on sight anyway'
Sylia says, 'and you claim you're innoncent?'
Tegid thinks sylia should leave while she can
Sylia says to Greyscot, 'you killed my partner'
Sylia says to Greyscot, 'when he's naked'
Greyscot says, 'Good thing you waited until level 50 to start pkilling, isn't
Rachael says, 'sheer cowardice from Greyscot'
Rachael comforts Sylia.
Greyscot throws his head back and cackles with insane glee!
Sylia says to Greyscot, 'that's really cowardise, greyscot'

And so even Rachael, who was grouped with Khelleck, turns against the Bard
who has already seen so much trouble here in this world. Sylia departed,
but not before some parting words were given by Greyscot, who at that moment
seemed to stand quite alone in the world:

Greyscot doesn't care what you think
Greyscot wants to remove a threat to the general populace

Scattered comments heard here and there after the whole matter had seemed
to quiet down:

Rachael says, 'a great fight spoiled by the actions of yet another Bard'
Rachael grumbles.
Bremmar says, 'it's not exactly illegal what he did'
[Chat] Greyscot: I apologize for killing Bremmar as sometimes overpowers my
[Chat] Greyscot: *sigh* Let me say that again. I apologize for killing Bremmar
       a second time.
[Chat] Sylia: *giggle* let me kill you once, I am sure I 'll apologize for that
[Chat] Magda: I think something eloquent and published would be nice...seeing
       as you're a bard
[Chat] Sylia: well do you wanna repay it by suiciding? if not, shut up
[Chat] Greyscot: And I will not attack him. I consider my vendetta against he
       and Sylia closed. I will not attack them unless they attack me, a bard,
       or a knight.
[Chat] Sylia: don't worry , we'll gonna find a way to apologize to you
[Chat] Lark: well considering knights are at war with them you may have to eat
       those words
[Chat] Bremmar: how clever greyscot is...  now when we next attack him, he can
       say it is us that are the aggressors, as he always likes to claim

And now it was that Sir Gwystel returned, having missed the duel that
usurped his... only to land in the midst of the final controversy. The
issue of whether the Knights tacitly support Greyscot's actions by letting
him recuperate in their private clan hall. Or perhaps a lovestruck Birdy
gave him access? Suddenly the Knights were backtracking and trying to
defend their honor!

[Chat] Mei: How low have the Knights fallen? Honor? Hah!
[Chat] Gwystel: What the hell is going on here.
[Chat] Mei: But that they would have such for a champion...
[Chat] Magda: everyone thinks greyscot is a knight *eyeroll* I owe an apology
       to my brother for thinking that
[Chat] Sylia: yea true, greyscot is not a knight, bbut he rests in the knight's
       clan hall
[Chat] Sylia: and he does everything in presence of the knights
[Chat] Sylia: he associate with them
[Chat] Kiera: Hey, how'd he get there?
[Chat] Sylia: and the knights claim they are totally innocent?
[Chat] Bremmar: is this true, khelleck?  do you harbor greyscot?
[Chat] Sylia: my locate person spell show me that, don't lie, khelleck
[Chat] Magda: *gasp*
[Chat] Sylia: or else you'll lose your last virtue of honesty
[Chat] Kiera: Kick him out Khelleck
[Chat] Rachael: get him out Khelleck
[Chat] Tegid: Greyscot is not in out clan hall
[Chat] Khelleck: Greyscot is not with us!!!!!!!!
[Chat] Gwystel: On my personal word of Honor, greyscot is NOT in the Hall of
       the Knights.
[Chat] Sylia: he was in before right? you only mean not now

And so time passed... but it was not long before even more debate erupted.
This time, it was when Greyscot announced his departure.

[Chat] Magda: what??? the pressure gets to hot and the hotshot bard has to
       leave?? *boggle*
[Chat] Lirra: Talk about cowardice
[Chat] Tegid: boy one rogue hermetic gets killed and all the hermetics have a
       fit... Just think how the bards felt...
[Chat] Magda: huh???? whassup Tegid??
[Chat] Rusalka: *peer* Tegid we're upset that bremm was attacked for getting
       his gear, not about sy's death
[Chat] Magda: what rogue Hermetic?
[Chat] Rusalka: we feel that the right to one's gear is sorta a legend custom

With a statement like that from the Guildmistress of the Hermetics, it
would seem that Greyscot is indeed in the doghouse. :) That's about as
severe as Russie ever gets!

[Chat] Bremmar: I have this to say:  I fully intend to destroy Greyscot, and
any who stands between he and I will likewise feel my wrath.
[Chat] Sylia: bremmar's word is my word
[Chat] Magda: and you as a KNIGHT approve of this Tegid??
[Chat] Kiera: well, then Bremmar, what are ya complaining abouit? :)
[Chat] Magda: Khelleck, brother?? do YOU approve of Greyscot's actions???
[Chat] Lirra: I was not upset by Sy's death I am upset at Bremmar's
       dishororable death... and he is not a rogue hermetic
[Chat] Bremmar: Eh, complaining?
[Chat] Khelleck: Bremmar, I will be the first to acknowledge that you are the
       most powerful warrior I have ever known.
[Chat] Kiera: I was kidding, you seemed to be favored at 3-1
[Chat] Khelleck: I in no way wish to slight your prowess.
[Chat] Sylia: trying to avoid the question
[Chat] Rusalka: I am upset that Tigger was prtacitcally forced to leave the
       Knights for the same thing.
Statements like these between the formerly tightly allied Hermetics and
Knights seem to point towards a drastic realignment of the powers on the
mud... and sure enough, not much later, an announcement was made... but
more on that later. :) In the meantime, Tegid struggled with his impromptu
role as spokesman for the beleaguered Knights.

[Chat] Magda: what is your problem with he Hermetics saying it is wrong then
[Chat] Tegid: but you do not see what drove the bards to do this?
[Chat] Kiera: Tired of being called pansies?
[Chat] Rusalka: maybe you should explain it to use then ;)
[Chat] Tegid: push anyone too far and see what you will get.
[Chat] Magda: said it's wrong and we are saying it's
       WHAT is your problem?
[Chat] Lirra: I will stick up for my friends let that be known.  This is a
       personal issue for me
[Chat] Rachael: many deaths have occurred in the course of this ongoing
       war..... however to my mind Greyscot's actions are TOTALLY inexcusable!!
[Chat] Kiera: Lynch mob, Lynch mob
[Chat] Tegid: THey were rachael but I refuse to let sylia look like the victim
       here.  she has harassed the bards for months and now they have struck
       back and she wants to cry?
[Chat] Bremmar: As I informed your guildmaster, I do not look at clans, I look
       at individuals.  This was a personal matter between Greyscot and me. 
       If other bards chose to defend him on the occasions I attacked Greyscot,
       it was merely coincidental.
[Chat] Rachael: I witnessed a great battle between a group and bremmar, an
       honourable battle..... however the event is tainted by Greyscot's
[Chat] Dec'lan: I seriously doubt sylia is crying
[Chat] Sylia: did I cry? what did I complain? tegid
[Chat] Magda: it necessary that a BARD must have you make excuses
for him?
[Chat] Tegid: you have been down on the honor of the knights ever since.
[Chat] Sylia: I have no trouble of my death, I am wondering what greyscot is
       doing and how khelleck can say he's innocent
[Chat] Rusalka: WHO says sylia is victim??
[Chat] Rusalka: she's never seemed like one to me ;)
[Chat] Tegid: when in reality the knights did nothing dishonorable
[Chat] Dec'lan: well in all honesty you should have defended the corpse of a
fallen foe

Finally Khelleck himself intervened in the debate.

[Chat] Khelleck: I never said Greyscot was innocent today.
[Chat] Magda: then speak Khelleck and not have your knights speak your position
[Chat] Sylia: and you? khelleck? you host him and he did whatever he wants ,
       you said it's without your approve right?
[Chat] Bremmar: Well, on Khelleck's behalf, I have to say it was impossible to
       prevent Greyscot from attacking me.  With 1 hp, there's not much time to
       rescue. =P
[Chat] Sylia: and you still claim him as a friend? while you dispel tigger for
       the same reason?
[Chat] Khelleck: I have been Greyscot's friend.  Today he acted most
       dishonorably.  I do not defend his actions.
And so it was out. How will this affect the growing romance between Lady Birdy,
a true Knight, and Greyscot the Bard? Will the opprobrium of the Knights
dampen the ardor?
[Chat] Khelleck: And I do not value your opinion of honor, though you are right
       that Greyscot acted horribly
[Chat] Khelleck: I never complaind, just declared war and acted.
[Chat] Sylia: did you attacked before declare war? don't lie, khelleck
[Chat] Khelleck: Well, I presented myself to you, asked for an expalantion
[Chat] Khelleck: You shrugged and began chanting.
[Chat] Khelleck: Maybe I should come sleep in front of you?
[Chat] Tegid: sylia even if he didn't declare war it is foolish to assume you
       can kill a knight and not be at war.
[Chat] Sylia: was that an aggressive spell? I was always chanting
[Chat] Kiera: Aww, she was just making an orb... :)
[Chat] Khelleck: Plus, this was after you had killed Birdy.
[Chat] Sylia: well I don't have trouble about he attacking, but he lies a lot
       these days
[Chat] Kiera: Who is the Knight GM?
[Chat] Khelleck: I am.
[Chat] Kiera: Sorry, Khelleck, I thought Tegid might be.
[Chat] Sylia: first he said he didn't host greyscot, then he said he declared
       war first
[Chat] Khelleck: Oh, I see SYlia, I should have stayed to find out whether it
       was a failed aggressive spell.  How reasonble of you.

Bremmar at this point spoke directly to Khelleck and both mighty warriors
arrived at an understanding, but Sylia persisted in her attack upon the

[Chat] Khelleck: I reject the notion of honor that says I must be a fool and
       bow my neck to an enemy beofre I attack.  I care not one whit for your
       concept of honor, Sylia.
[Chat] Sylia: well I don't need you to say about honor, but you lie, khelleck
[Chat] Sylia: that shows what knight's virtue is
[Chat] Khelleck: Sylia seems to think that attacking her, ever is dishonorable,
       I do not respect her as I do you Bremmar.
[Chat] Sylia: I don't need you to respect me, khelleck and I won't respect a
       dishonest person such as you, you lie and you don't even dare to admit
[Chat] Khelleck: We understand one another Bremmar, and I look forward to
       meeting you again.
[Chat] Khelleck: I tire of this foolishness
[Chat] Sylia: and you, trying here to justify all your lies with sweet words
[Chat] Khelleck: Sylia, you may rave as you wish, there is no point in further
[Chat] Sylia: so shut up
[Chat] Gwystel: Agreed.
[Chat] Gwystel: *salute* Khelleck
[Chat] Khelleck: farewell legend, my conscience is clear and my honor intact.

Whew! But of course, it did not end there! For a few days later, Sylia found
a weakened and blinded Greyscot and slew him twice in quick succession, thus
replicating the deed Greyscot had done to Bremmar. Executioner, who was
serving as the lookout, was sadly distracted when the attacks took place, and
was unable to warn the Bard before he was dead twice over. The cycle of
deaths appears likely to continue...

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

Meanwhile, in the backdrop to all this... we mentioned that rumors had flown
of secret conclaves among the Hermetics, who seem exceptionally belligerent
these days. Indeed, in recent days, they seem to have set up shop, selling
magical and other assistance to those who meet their fee. Have the Hermetics
become instead the Pragmatics? Perhaps this letter will explain all!

"I, Rusalka Connaught, have resigned from my position as GuildMistress of
the Hermetic Order. I do not make this decision lightly -- serving as a
GM for the past six months (and receiving an expie to boot *faint*) has
meant a great deal to me. However, having done all that I want to do with
the position, I feel that it's time for me to switch my focus to other
areas of my mudlife. I will still be an active member in the Hermetic Order.

I have chosen Dec'lan as my successor. Dec'lan was one of the earliest
members of the Hermetic Guild and I have great faith in his ability to lead
my folk. I shall defend my choice of Dec'lan, if need be, and will
support the clan policies that he decides on.

I am very grateful for having had the chance to serve as a GuildMistress
to the Hermetics -- it's been both an honor and an adventure ;)

 --Rusalka Connaught"

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

*gasp* What a bombshell! Nobody knows yet what new policies the Hermetics
will have in the wake of this orderly transfer of leadership. For those
who wonder from whence came Dec'lan, this powerful mage and warrior who
seemed to srping up out of nowhere--well, in fact he is a longtime member
of the Hermetics who just recently returned from long voyages elsewhere.
He was greeted joyfully by his longtime friend Magda, who swore a vow
years ago to aid him and assist him in any way he needed. So now this
prodigal Hermetic has returned, and become powerful, and takes over the

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

...but before it could be made public, everyone was startled to hear the
news! Rusalka, Guildmistress of the Hermetic Order, had been MURDERED!
And in the process the unknown assassin has stolen away with one of her
most prized possessions...

"Greetings, fellow Legend dwellers. We, Bart and Rusalka Connaught, fear
that we must share some disquieting, though perhaps ultimately profitable
news with you all. On Friday, March 3, a hired assassin killed Rusalka
and seized an item from her body. This item was "whispered sweet nothings
from Bart," an extremely personal possession treasured by Rusalka above
all others. Since Rusalka hasn't received any death threats in some time,
we believe that the murder was committed only to gain the nothings.

Feeling that NOBODY but Rusalka has the right to hear Bart's whispers, we
are actively seeking the return of this item and the apprehension of its
possessor. Thus, we are offering a 200K REWARD for information leading to
the return of this item and/or the apprehension of the person who is
responsible for its loss.

--Bart and Rusalka Connaught"

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

The identity of the killer is still unknown, as is the identity of the
person who hired the assassin. But rumors flew fast and far, and word spread
that the commission had been undertaken because there was, somewhere out
there, someone who harbored some sort of pining, distant love for the pale
lady of the Hermetics. Suddenly in the scrutiny of the public eye, the
Assassins issued a statement through their mouthpiece, Snitch...

   "Due to the recent activities of the guild and questions that have
arisen from the events, the Assassins Guild wishes to make known
some rules that may or may not have been unknown to the public.

   1)  Contracts for PKILLS cannot be made by UNCLANNED players.  All
         others are valid and legit.  This is backed by the Gods of

   2)  Because we honor the anonymnity of our clients, contracts WILL NOT
         be taken on the client except in which cases the identity of the
         client is known.

   3)  Failure to pay for a completed contract will result in either
         death, or left to the discretion of the hired individual(s).
         A grace period may be given.

   4)  We reserve the right to change the stipulations of any contract
         given new and changing circumstances.  However, the contract,
         once taken, will not be broken unless by item 3 or by the
         clients request.

   5)  Payment in full is expected if a contract is broken by the

   These are rules that you, the client, can expect to encounter when
taking contracts up with us.  Likely that some of these rules will never
have to be used.  If there are any questions, they can be directed
through our contact.

   Joe, Assassin GM"

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

And so that matter at least remains unsettled and uncertain, and Dec'lan
begins his tenure with a major crime to be resolved, and a direct insult
against a former leader of his clan.

But that is not the only controversy he must deal with! Apparently some
members of the Hermetic Order feel passed over or slighted by the rapid
rise of Dec'lan, and also dislike the mere fact that Dec'lan "isn't

In particular, it was not too long ago that it was heard that Eva and
Dec'lan have been trading words, taunts, and in general heading directly
towards a battle of more than words... Eva has been apparently unhappy
in her role as Hermetic for some time now, and this could be the catalyst
for a schism. And we may be able to predict as well what will happen in
that case, with both potential factions not lacking in supporters or
strength. Certainly Magda will side with her boon companion Dec'lan--
what of people such as Lirra or the ever-sarcastic Zandy?

And another burning question... what of the former co-GM Obmig, who was
passed over for the position that he held when Rusalka was absent? Surely
a political focal point...

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

And so the world remains much unsettled, as rumors of war roam the land,
old enmities surface, and new ones are created. One thing can certainly
be said for this life... it's never dull...

"May you live in interesting times" -- ancient Chinese curse

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

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