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............./      /            THE LEGENDARY TIMES
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           anonymous ftp:, /pub/users/legend
VOLUME TWO, ISSUE TWENTY                                April 6th, 1995
                       ...:/:[ CONTENTS ]:\:...


                   -      ftp site changes name    -
                   -        entrance bug fixed     -
                   -         Ireland updated       -
                   - miscellaneous fixes to spells -
                   -  new combat spells installed  -


                  - seeking lecture series speakers -
                  -        immort proposals         -

                          FUND DRIVE STATUS
                            SOCIAL EVENTS
                 -    Ecstasy and Tempus to marry   -
                 - Antipaladins and Knights sniping -
                 -       Zandy says thank you!      -
                 -   The Hermetics avenge Rusalka   -

                     LEGEND FTP SITE CHANGES NAME
The anonymous ftp site for LegendMUD is moving to a new location. For a
short while domain forwarding will be in effect, so you can still use the
old name, but be aware that it will stop working soon. Please start using
the new address now--it is already functional.

The new address is:


and the Legend archives are where they have always been. Log in with
anonymous ftp, and then

                          cd pub/users/legend

In that directory you will find a subdirectory called /lt that has in it all
past issues of the Legendary Times, going back months and months. The /lt
directory is divided into volumes one and two, and also broken by sets of
ten issues, for convenience in seeking specific issues.

If anyone would care to make an index of items in the LT, I am sure that
such a file would be greatly welcomed by those who make use of the ftp site.

We welcome suggestions as to what should go on this ftp site asides from LTs.
We expect to add transcripts of the two Lecture Series events thus far in
the near future.

                            ENTRANCE BUG FIXED
Until yesterday, the entrance skill was not permitting the entranced to
fight back in any way. No wonder One was cruising through rhinos! :) In any
case, the skill was working improperly because of a bug related to the new
fight system. Said bug has now been fixed. So expect mobs to be able to hit
you again while using entrance!

Just in case, here is a description of what the entrance skill does:

- entranced victims may not use any skills or special attacks
- entranced victims may not do anything which requires a position better
  than stunned
- entranced victims take extra damage commensurate with resting or sitting
- entrance lasts until the next tick (which means, be careful when you start
  the entrance!)
- entrance ends when the victim leaves the room and gets way from the music

                             IRELAND UPDATED

We were finally able to install the update to Ireland. It contained the
following changes:

- a loophole in a quest has been fixed
- three new items are available--keep an eye out for them
- mobs' fight skills and special attacks now have proper waits on them
- a few miscellaneous bugs here and there were fixed

                              SPELLS FIXES

A whole set of spell bugs were fixed in the reboot today. Here's a list:

- the Instant Death spell should report the name of the victim properly now.
  It had been giving blanks for the name.
- the Identify Person spell now gives reports on the victim's mind stat as
  well as on strength, dexterity, armor class, hit points, current condition,
  age, alignment, level, and gender.
- the Doppelganger spell should finally have the proper name, short
  description, and long descriptions on the created doppels. Plus, the message
  when your spiritual identity is stretched too thin had a typo fixed. :)
- the Cudgel of Light spell should now give the proper message when you
  create said item. (It had been making cudgels but the message still said
  sword of light.
- the following spells had all assumed the caster to be the victim if there
  was no victim specified when the spell was chanted. These spells no longer
  assume the victim to be the caster. Also, when cast in combat, no victim
  is necessary, as they will assume that the victim is whoever the mage is
  fighting at the time.
         wither               beam of pain       etheric void
         evil thoughts        harm
- the following spells did not permit targeting without a specified target.
  They now default to whoever the caster is fighting as a victim. 
         drown                gust of wind       lightning bolt
         earthquake           whirlpool          immolate
         watery death
- the Armor spell should now have the correct messages when the caster
  applies it to himself. Also, this spell was for some reason defaulting to
  the opponent as victim when you were in combat. If you cast it during
  combat, you'd armor your enemy :(. But this is now fixed.
                         ATTACK SPELLS UPDATED

The attack spells update described in the last issue has now been installed.
Attack spells now charge a flat mana fee that is fairly small when cast, and
then charge mana based on how much damage is inflicted.

The amount of damage is directly correlated to the caster's mind stat. The
damage ranges are also now fairly reliable.

Note two important matters! Spells associated with weapons obviously do not
HAVE a mind stat, and hence will do less damage than the same spell cast by
a mage in person. Also, if you use an offensive spell with an area effect,
like say firestorm, it will damage everyone attackable in the room, and
charge mana for that damage too; if you run out of mana, then there will be
people left undamaged.

When one of these spells fails, the mana loss is only 1/2 of the small flat

                       .'                       '.
                     .:          FEATURE          :.
                      '.        ARTICLES!        .'
                        '                       '

                        LegendMUD Lecture Series

Some of our newer players may be unaware that we occasionally have sponsored
lecture events in the Auditorium of the Wild Boar Tavern. We'd like to get
these going again, and hence are requesting that those who are interested or
perhaps have contacts with interesting people that might wish to come give a
little talk please send email to the Legendary Times address given at the
end of this newsletter.

Past events have included a lecture by a military man on "Blood and Duty:
Life in the Military" and a night of scary stories told around a campfire
for Halloween. To see a sample of the first Lecture Series event, check out
the file LLS1-Blood-and-Duty.txt on the ftp site.

What sort of thing are we looking for? Well, almost anything. How about
getting a troupe of mud actors together and putting on a play? If you know
someone with an interesting profession or hobby, or if you yourself have
one, please consider talking to us about it. We've had grasshopper experts,
opera singers, geneticists, and lawyers on here--surely someone can give an
interesting talk. :) Also, please send ideas for talks that perhaps the
immorts could give. Some of us would be quite willing to.

Why a Lecture Series? Well, at one point in its history, LegendMUD was
actually sponsored officially by a college. We've always had an interest in
maintaining the educational and intellectual aspect of the mud; our areas are
researched, etc etc. So we'd like to make available these things for those
who are interested. Please help us out.


The imps at Legend will be accepting area proposals from level 50 characters
starting on Friday, April 14th. Only proposals from lvl 50 characters will
be looked at. If we get acceptable proposals, we will be immorting two new
immortals a month or so later.

Before writing your proposal, please look at proposing.txt on the ftp site.
It has a detailed guide as to what you should do and what to expect in the
proposing and immorting process.

The proposing.txt file has in it a list of areas we'd like to see, by the
way, if you are stuck for what to propose.


                            FUND DRIVE STATUS

We've heard nary a peep from anyone regarding donations in around two weeks
now. Please do donate if you want to see Legend stay alive. We are still
expecting to lose our current site in early to mid-May, and although we may
be able to find a temporary residence when that happens, we should not count
on it.


We suggest that those who have the money burning a hole in their pocket
go ahead and send the checks directly to the following address and we will
get the letters out to them as soon as we can, perhaps even crossing in
the mail. This is the address to send donations to:

           (make checks payable to Raphael and Kristen Koster)
                     Raph and Kristen Koster
                     University Station
                     PO Box 1114
                     Tuscaloosa AL 35486-1114

If you are an overseas donor who cannot write a check in US Dollars, please
email us at the LT address given at the end of this newsletter.


            /                         \
        o O | Wonder what folks are    |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMud? |
   (o o)     \________________________/

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

They're tying the knot! After much heartbreak, many scenes, and countless
incidents, Tempus and Ecstasy are getting married. Tempus asked Dec'lan,
Esctasy's guildmaster, for permission to marry her today, and though no date
has been set, it looks like wedding bells will chime. This is the same
Tempus who once went and drowned himself when Ecstasy was mad at him, just
to get her to talk to him... ah, true love.

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

All is not love and sweetness though. An awful lot of sniping going on
between No the Antipaladin and various Knights. No helped Crowe level then
proclaime loudly on chat, "Another Knight level thanks to the Antipaladins."
The bad blood seems to have persisted, with namecalling and insults in
public... who knows what will develop...

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/
Others are more grateful for help given. Zandy would like to send out a
special thank you to all those who have helped him re-equip twice in the
last two weeks. Zandy's been a quite unfortunate fellow lately, but wants to
let you all know he deeply appreciates the help in getting back on his feet.

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

The Hermetics report that they cornered the Assassin responsible for the 
death of Rusalka in an incident earlier this year. Caesar, Magda, and
Dec'lan slew him in battle, but not before he made the claim that the sweet
nothings stolen from Rusalka will appear on auction sometime in the next 
week for the sum of 200,000 pieces of gold! In related news, Jacob claimed
responsibility for hiring the Assassin, and killed himself, but rumor has it
that he was not indeed the person responsible. Keep an eye out for further
developments--and remember, there is a reward for those nothings!

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

 Legendary Times is put out by the gods of LegendMUD. Please send all
 replies/additions to [email protected] for inclusion in the next  
 edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate this discussion,
and may object to some submissions. If you feel we have wrongly omitted 
 one of your messages, please talk to either Kaige or Ptah online or 
 through EMail and see if we did indeed receive it in the first place.
 The LegendMUD anonymous ftp site has all back issues of the Legendary
 Times available for anonymous ftp. Its address is given in the banner
  at the top of this message. Once connected, cd pub/users/legend/lt,
  and you will find directories containing volumes one and two, broken
 in sets of ten issues. The anonymous ftp site also houses other files
      that may be of interest to you. Visit our Web page too!
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