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VOLUME TWO, ISSUE TWENTY-THREE                            May 1st, 1995
                       ...:/:[ CONTENTS ]:\:...
                           MUD DEVELOPMENTS
             -              new immortals                -
             -       mud moves and comes back again      -
             - Beowulf opens to the public, bugs and all -
             -              Abbey updates                -


                     - Rusalka: on roleplaying -
                     - a few policy statements -
                     -    a treasure hunt!     -

                          FUND DRIVE STATUS

                            SOCIAL EVENTS

             -  Tempus and Ecstasy begin married life  -
             -       Caesar speaks of The Mess         -
             -        Kiera speaks of The Mess         -
             -        Crowe speaks of The Mess         -
             -    Dagney comments on other matters     -
             - the Order of the Scroll goes recruiting -

                            NEW IMMORTALS

Two new individuals, familiar to most of you, have joined the ranks of
the immortals at LegendMUD.

Rusalka, former guildmistress of Clan Connaught, will be working on an
expansion to the current Medieval England, namely Tudor London. The full
area is expected to include Chepeside and the Globe Theater.

Bart, of Clan Connaught and Rusalka's devoted husband, will be working on
a Paris Opera House area, specifically designed around the original tale
of the Phantom of the Opera.

                        MUD MOVES AND RETURNS

LegendMUD moved twice in the last week, in an effort to escape the severe
lag that has been afflicting the UTexas systems. We resided on bashful until
today, when we returned to sylvester. The current address is the one given
in the header of this issue--same as it was last issue, in fact. :)

The reason for the moves is quite simple; people are running amok on the
UT machines, and processes are left unmonitored to take over the computer.
When this happens, the out-of-control process  eats up more and more
resources until eventually either the system crashes, or a sysadmin notices
and kills the process.

Neither of these eventualities particularly help Legend during the days that
the situation worsens and lags the mud beyond all playability. Therefore,
we've moved the mud when the situation becomes insupportable. We'll keep
you posted by regular channels of any moves, of course.

                    BEOWULF OPENS TO THE PUBLIC

The area based on the Anglo-Saxon epic poem "Beowulf" is now open to the
public. It can be found in the Ancient era by looking for a Saxon incursion
on the eastern side of Roman Britain, or by sailing north from the English

The version of the area that is now open for play offers all quests hopefully
operational, as well as all mobs and items. As yet lacking are teachers for
skills and any clan hall transfers. Ptah has been fixing bugs as they get
reported--those of you who were present when the area first opened will be
glad to know that the following bug fixes have already been implemented and
are in the area as currently loads in the mud:

- the various shapeshifting items no longer blind you, and should properly
  give wings or fur now
- the bad exits in both the barrow and the cave have been fixed
- bad responses on the scop have been fixed
- the dragon will load properly at the right moment now
- it is now possible to get into the barrow proper
- Wiglaf will no longer lead you away accidentally
- it is possible to complete the Saxon Raider quest
- the horses are mountable

Features that players should probably be aware of:

- if you ask the scop about the various unusual words in use in the area, he
  will likely be able to offer an explanation.
- the horses are not only mountable, but will also follow you after you have
  ridden them once. They will join you on your boats and may thus be taken
  by sea to other areas (sorry, they still won't time-travel). To get them to
  stop following you, just ask them to stay. They also come in an attractive
  array of designer colors. :)
- there are MANY quests in the area--enough so that you may assume that a mob
  has a quest function of some sort. You will find that they tend not to
  respond to language spoken in front of them, but may very well respond if
  you ask them things.
- you may rent at Hygelac; he will offer the hospitality of his hall.
- there is a shop at the smith that sells armor and weapons.
- food, according to the rules of Gothic hospitality, is free for the taking
  at the various kitchens and halls. In accord with these self-same rules,
  don't be a hog and deprive others of it.
- quests may very well require the obtaining of items from other locations in
  the mud--these being new items that did not exist prior to the creation of

A few other details that may be useful to the adventurer:

The area is not based only on the poem "Beowulf" but also on various details
and earlier stories mentioned in passing. In particular, the depiction of the
dragon and the barrow owe much to a story mentioned in the poem but that is
part of a much older mythological sequence: the Volsunga Saga, or as it is
said in German, the Nibelungenlied. This is most familiar to people in its
most famous incarnation, as Richard Wagner's opera sequence _Das Ring des
Nibelungen_, or _The Ring Cycle_, a retelling of a significant portion of
Norse myth.

In practice, as with all other literarily derived areas in the mud, knowledge
of these materials will prove helpful mostly in that people will not feel a
need to acclimate themselves to the feel of the area. In other words, just as
in the Seoni Jungle and in Sherwood and in the French-Indian War, reading
the book isn't very likely to help you solve the quests. However, we do of
course encourage you to go read them anyway. :)

The blend of these two myths/stories results in characters conflated and their
roles altered. It also leads to one of the themes of the area, and indeed the
motive force behind the major quest, being the issue of conflict between the
Christian allegory inherent in Beowulf versus the Norse myth that underpins
the story of the Nibelungs. We'll just hope nobody gets offended at the way
that Christianity OR Norse myth is portrayed. :P

One last note regarding recommended levels: much of the wilderness past the
Geatish and Scyld villages is dangerous, not because of aggressive baddies
(though that can happen) but also because of treacherous terrain. Watch out
for things that may require balance or climb, as slipping can be deadly. Also
read descriptions carefully--we realize that many of them are ominous, but
they are pretty clear when you are about to get yourself killed. There is
only one true deathtrap in the area, but many rooms may kill you if you do
not approach them correctly.

                              ABBEY UPDATED

- Indulgences were made non-preservable.
- the major indulgence had its stat boost halved
  that doesn't mean there isn't still a nice +10 item hanging out there,
  one that most players seem not to know about--try poking about.
                       .'                       '.
                     .:          FEATURE          :.
                      '.        ARTICLES!        .'
                        '                       '

                Some Notes on Playerkilling and Roleplay

                               by Rusalka

Once again, we seem to be in cycle of PK on Legend. In response to the
various discussions on it (and the actual events themselves), I'd like to
offer the following:

1. First of all, the Clans really were made FOR PK, and not primarily for
RP. They were intended to help keep PK within RP -- in other words, they
were to give players RP reasons to go after each other's characters. PK
without RP is, frankly, about as violently stupid and boring as the
latest Sylvester Stallone flick. However, PK with RP can have all sort of
interesting dramatic twists; in other words, it contributes to the overall
environment of Legend. Consider, for example, Dusty's death at Edith's
backstab -- that event created all sorts of interesting RP ripples. Yes,
it's true, as you might now be saying, that Legend is slanted toward RP
-- that's just who we are.

2. Be VERY careful with those clan tokens. Yes they are useful as a
communications channel (though hardly anyone seems to use them for that
:p), but they are also potentially very dangerous. Once someone gets one
of your tokens, they can keep coming back for more (and they don't have
ot be clanned to do so). Those of you who like to store gear in your hall
should especially keep that in mind. And while I'm at it, it's not a
great idea to have your most valued and intimate possessions in your
inventory...hold onto'em -- you never can tell who you'll run into!

3. Yes, it's too late for most of you, but DON'T clan your primary
"levelling" character! This is probably the single most important piece
of advice that I can give. Those of you who hope to apply to immorthood
should especially take note -- PK will upset you a lot less if it's not
hhappening to the character on whom you've placed the majority of your
Legendary ambitions. In addition, note that you can have a lot of fun
playing a clanned character who isn't trying to get to 50 -- some of the
best clanned rp'ers that I've seen deliberately decided not to level. At
the very least, make other characters to play on days when you can't face
your clanned character's exp deficit and/or enemies....which brings us to
the next tip:

4. DON'T play across characters. Renting out your clanned character to
escape a fight and then coming back as another character to taunt your
enemies is astonishingly tacky (at least take your clanned character to
the OOC and make threats from there!). It also mushes your characters
together. Keep the boundaries between your characters -- otherwise,
Legend really will be "the same twenty people." Many of us (including me)
tend to have "primary," or "starter," characters who are fairly close to
ourselves. That's OK (and probably hard to avoid anyway), but make your
other characters DIFFERENT from yourself. For instance, if you are a die
hard agnostic, make a deeply devout medieval Christian. Giving your
characters distinct personalities will make it a lot less tempting
to play across the lines. Also, PK will be easier to manage if your
clanned character is one of those "secondary" characters.

5. Figure out your PK stance -- are you an aggressor? a defender? Do you
lead fights or assist those that do? Do you flee at moment's notice or
stay and stand your ground no matter what the cost? Who would you die
for? Do you demand revenge, or are you willing to compromise? The answers
to these questions will probably depend both on the RP persona that
you've developed and the particular "game" talents and strengths of your
character. Figuring out these things beforehand will make it easier to
decide what to do when PK crises hit.

6. Be careful what you say and WHO you annoy, unless you are willing to
take the consequences. Several PK attacks have been provoked by words and
deeds rather than by "direct" PK threats. For instance, Dusty's
admittedly amusing comments about the Dark Lord's alleged fish-like
qualities got her a stab in the back. Words really do count!

7. If your clan does get attacked (for whatever reason), band together
to repulse the enemy (the quicker, the better!). That's what clans are
for -- to put up an united front. Once you've shown a bit of muscle, then
you can bring in the diplomats.

7. Remember, THIS IS JUST A GAME!! Make this your mantra; repeat it to
yourself ten times daily if necessary. Yes, we've had some pretty wild PK
storms; yes, they do tend to die down given time. And though PK is can
certainly be painful (not to mention embarrassing), you will survive (I
got PK'ed twice, and in the end, it really didn't make much of a
difference). And if you are going to PK (for whatever reason), put some
gusto into it -- it really can be fun (especially if you have the force
of moral authority :p), odd though that may sound.

I admit that I myself haven't always followed the above suggestions (yes,
Rusalka was my primary levelling character, yes she was clanned), but I'd
be the first to admit that knowing about them beforehand would have made
my own PK experience more enjoyable (or at least less nerve wracking).

For more tips on PK and RP, check out:

Ptah's "Living with Playerkilling" (LT, V.2, #14)

"Roleplaying Roundtable -- in which Mercenary, Revenant, Mingus, and
Dusty share their Tips and Secrets" (LT, V.1, #6)

                       A BRIEF POLICY STATEMENT

Recently the playerkilling issue has caused a lot of division, but the
immort staff does want to make a few things very clear:

1) having your unclanned character act like a clanned character may very well
   result in being forcibly clanned, with all consequences this may imply
   in terms of deleting any other clanned character you may have
   examples recently include unclanned characters actively working to
   imprison or kill or restrain clanned characters
2) this is for fun, never take it personally

3) STOP walling up the inns, as we will dispel such walls as we come to them.
   We do this not to take sides but simply because it has become a real
   inconvenience for newbies and for the unclanned
We make these statements of policy so that those who choose to play within the
realm of the pkill-enabled may do so without bothering those who choose not
to--and vice-versa as well.


                             TREASURE HUNT!!

A team treasure hunt will be offered at 8pm Central US Time (8 system time)!
on Tuesday May 2nd.

It will be 2 real-time hours in duration, and all members of the
winning team will get a coupon for a strung item as their reward. All
players, whether they win or not, will be reimbursed the file value of any
items they have to buy for the sake of the quest.

Teams are limited to 4 players each. Players with 10-15k in their bank
accounts, players with the identify spell, and players who can kill big
mobs will all be valuable team members, but newbies will be too! The only
goal is to collect as many of the items you're told to collect as you
can possibly get in the 2 hrs, so everyone, even newbies, will be useful if
your team splits up to cover more ground. Each team will have a bag held by
a god, so items you collect will be held for you, without endangering your
rent limit.

This quest will be a good chance for you to work with players of different
levels and skills, and for those of you with poor links thanks to SprintNet,
ticks should matter less than if you were trying to hack-n-slash. We hope
lots of you will participate!

All items handed over as part of the quest will NOT be returned, though
items purchased from shops will be reimbed the gold value.


                            FUND DRIVE STATUS
A player at Legend who desires to see the mud continue has made a very
generous offer. In order to spur donations, this player has offered to MATCH
ANY DONATIONS from now on, up to the sum of $200. The only exception is to
be donations made by immortals, as the donor wishes to encourage players to
feel that it is they who have made the effort to keep the mud alive by
providing a home for it.

So remember, any donations made from now on will be ANONYMOUSLY matched by
another citizen of Legend! There will be weekly updates on the progress of
this renewed effort in the fund drive. If you can send a dollar, it will
count as $2! If you can only send $25, it'll count as $50! Please make this
generous person's gift worthwhile by doubling our chances of getting a new
site for LegendMUD.

Current status:
TOTAL CASH IN HAND:    $885			up $110
TOTAL DONORS:           12			up by 3
TOTAL PLEDGES:          21			up by 1

$60                    $60                  $50

This means we brought in $110 this past week, thanks to the matching of the
first $50 by our anonymous donor. Please keep it up!

Items donated: a 200mb hard drive
               a monitor
               a keyboard

We suggest that those who have the money burning a hole in their pocket
go ahead and send the checks directly to the following address and we will
get the letters out to them as soon as we can, perhaps even crossing in
the mail. This is the address to send donations to:

           (make checks payable to Raphael and Kristen Koster)
                     Raph and Kristen Koster
                     University Station
                     PO Box 1114
                     Tuscaloosa AL 35486-1114

If you are an overseas donor who cannot write a check in US Dollars, please
email us at the LT address given at the end of this newsletter.


            /                         \
        o O | Wonder what folks are    |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMud? |
   (o o)     \________________________/

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/
Tempus and Ecstasy celebrated their marriage in Ireland a week or so ago,
with the attendance of nearly everyone on the mud. It was a nice ceremony
marred by a perhaps overly talkative crowd, some testiness on the part of
some people, and the unexplained and shocking disappearance of Ecstasy
midway through the vows! She did not return until some days later, which
prompted immediate speculation that the relationship was on the rocks. At
the ceremony, many eyes turned to Silk, who has often been seen in the
company of Tempus, when she offered to step into the bride's place.

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/
In fact, the relationship must have stayed rocky, because it was not much
later that Tempus drowned himself, declaring that he only vowed till death
did them part...

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/
And we have what I call The Mess developing, an all-out war between the
devastating Kiera and the combined might of the Knights of Legend and the
Order of the Scroll. Recently, events have been tangled, so I went to some
of the sources to have them describe what's going on... with no further
ado, here are Kiera, Caesar, and Crowe...

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

Kiera says:

        Well, we are now several days into the infamous OTS/Knight vs.
Kiera war and I feel it is time I at least present my side of this issue
in a forum which is conducive to comprehension (as opposed to the chat
channel :)

        I am a thief.  I steal from people.  Unfortunately, steal is
broken (*nudge ptah*) so I am not as good as I should be.  I have entered
the bard hall and stolen from bards.  In fact, I got to like entereing
the bard hall, so I have visited it many times.  In my visits, I
encountered Pathfinder once, who understandably was upset and attacked me
without warning.  I applaud his defense of his clan hall.

        A few days later, I came across Pathfinder in the abbey area.  I
noticed a rather heavy box of Llama treats on him which appeared to be in
need of stealing.  I attempted the theft and, of course (*nudge ptah*),
failed.  He immediately attacked me, again understandably.  At this point
we fought for some time (it was laggy) and i eventually fled, I believe,
but started the hit and run tactics everyone loves me for.  Pathfinder,
herein referred to as PF, fled to the bard hall.  I followed, entered and
attacked him there.  He managed to flee and rent.

        I wasn't on then for several days, but came back on eventually
after abouyt 4 or 5 days.  I was immediately warned by a few friends that
the bards and knights and (depending on who was telling me) damn near
everyone else on the mud was looking to kill me.  Apparently in response
to the events discussed in the paragraph above.

        Tempus, along with Dagney and Morwynn, (tempus followed me upon
finding me) began following me around.  He said sorry, but it's what i
have to do.  Dagney or Morwynn mentioned something about the bards
declaring war because I had attacked PF.  I began to worry at thaqt point,
and asked dagney if she was clanned.  She said she wasn't.  i tried to steal
from her to test this, and was able to attempt the steal (thus discovering she
was clanned after all) but failed miserably (*nudge ptah*).  Morwynn, I
believe, admitted to being clanned.  Anyway, though tempus was out of range,
the other two weren't, so I fled out to sea from London docks.

        One of the two (Dagney or Morwynn) attacked me and I fled.  When
they arrived and tried again (I think tempus had stopped following me at
this point) I stole dagney's boat and fled.  She drowned.  I then stole
Morwynn's boat with similar results.  You notice that this caused them no
xp loss.  At this point I admit to being angry.  I had apparently been
declared perona non grata by the bards without so much as a chance to
explain, apologise or do anything else.

        I removed an earring from each corpse and auctioned them.  Dagney
bought hers back, I don't believe Morwynn did.  I probably shouldn't have
done that, but I did.  I asked Eretz before doing this whether he really
wanted war or wanted to settle the matter as I felt he should have done
in the first place.  He didn't respond to me until after i auctioned the
two earrings.  He then demanded I return everything I had ever stolen
from the bard hall and the two earrings (which I had already sold) or we
would be at war.  Not being in a position to do this, I said it ewas not

        The battle of Kiera vs. OTS began in earnest at that point.  I
wish I could recall all the fights, but some are now lost.  Anyway, the
knights, at OTS request (an email from Eretz to Khelleck) joined the
fray, being the bard's allies.  I think they joined in after a few bards
had died.  Dagney again, etc.

        Since the knights have joined in, Crowe has died numerous times,
as has Tempus.  I have pretty much attacked knights or bards on sight,
and hunted a few here and there.  Once, while I was grouping with Caesar,
I was attacked by Tempus and/or Crowe.  Caesar took offense at someone
attacking his group, and aided in some way.  Thus Caesar became involved.

        Since that point, I have fought with Tempus and Crowe, and some
bards, who have become increasingly hard to find logged in and not in the
OOC.  I have fought knights who were aided by Dom, and had Groups of
people wait in ambush for me in walled inns, etc etc.

        It is my understanding that Caesar has joined the fray because he
doesn't feel it proper for the entire knights clan to help the bards wage
war against one thief.  My clan is not involved in this, and has no plans
to help me out with it.  Caesar and I both feel that clan alliances are
for clan wars, not killing one thief.  This the bards should well enough
be able to do on their own.

        Anyway, the score grew and grew until it stands now at Kiera 11
OTS/Knights 2.  The bards have offered to drop the matter on the
condition that I never enter their hall.  I chose not to accept those
conditions.  I offered to end the matter on the condition that the
knight/ots alliance pay me 3 million in cash, given that I had the upper
hand.  They refused.  Caesar has offered to withdraw from the matter, if
the knights withdraw their aid from the OTS, given that the OTS is only
trying to kill one person, and is not at war with an entire clan.  The
knights have refused.  The standing orders are for me to be killed on
        I dunno where things are gonna go from here.  All I do know is
that Tempus, Dagney, and Crowe (in descending order, but all being the
representatives that are on the most) spend an amazing amount of time in
OOC.  This war has been started by the OTS and joined by the Knights.  I
am winning this war, and will continue it until my demands are met.

        So, on a side note, I have excluded one OTS player from the
attacks, because that player felt it would be necessary to leave legend
permanantly if I were to attack him.  I don't like this stand, but it is
above all a game, and the point of this is not to ruin someone's fun.
Magdalen has claimed to have left Legend permanantly because I would not
drop the war started by the bards.  I have one response to all of this:
It is a game, and my understanding of the clan system was that it was put
it to allow pkilling.  War has been declared upon me by both the OTS and
Knights.  I view it as war, and have attacked all OTS members and Knights
within range at any opporunity I could.  It has nothing to do with the
friendships I have with some of each clan.  Business is Business as they
say.  This is my approach to this conflict.  if you are a knight or a
member of OTS (I hope One appreciates my painstaking attempt not to use
the general term "bard" in this) within 10 levels of me, expect to be
attacked if I am on.  I don't care who ya are (with the one exception
noted above) friend otherwise or not, your clan has seen fit to declare
war upon me, so war it shall be.  If you do not like my actions, prevail
upon your clan leadershoip to change their stance and meet my demands.


                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

Caesar writes:
    First of all, I want to say that this is a personal issue and not
a hermetic one for me.  I have a major problem with a Police force on
the mud telling people what they can and can't do.  The knights seem
to think that might makes right....well I'll play their game then.
I have said that if the knights stop fighting Kiera than I will pull
out...the knights have no reason to attack her...the bards on the other
hand have a legit grievance against her.  If this does not happen then
I will kill knights randomly until it does.  I do not want to fight
my friends but I will.  There will not be a police state if I have
anything to say about it.  Anyway, Ptah asked me to give my version of
what happened and here it is:

   I had previously said that while I was grouped with Kiera that
I would fight anyone who attacked her.  I feel that if you are grouped
with someone it is your obligation to do your best to keep them safe.
Anyway, as Kiera and I returned from the ooc in order to rent out in
the inn in sherwood...Tempus is standing there and he headbutts her
....I, as promised, assisted her.  Tempus fled east and transed to the
ooc.  Then dominic passed me...came back and headbutted me.  Tempus
returned from the ooc and attacked me too.  Kiera attacked tempus and
then crowe arrived and attacked me also. I blinded both crowe and
dominic...tempus who was already hurt from the earlier fight was killed
by kiera, and crowe was also eventually killed by her.  Tempus, as
usual went to far and said something derogatory about kiera on chat...
he came back spammed the fight which was already difficult due to
tremendous lag...and kiera told him to leave...he refused and was
backstabbed.  Crowe was then killed by kiera and dominic fled...I hunted
dominic and killed him.  At that time, Peleg blinded me and stunned me
Kiera woke me and I fled and recalled and rented out...came back as
augustus in order to chat about it without dying.  I also would like
some sort of apology from dominic for calling me a coward while I was
fighting 3 knights at once.  I don't know what the knights definition
of cowardly is...but I tend to think those who attack 4 on 2 are more
on the cowardly side.  So that is my story...I did it because I do not
think two clans should join together and fight one character...again if
the knights see that it is necessary to fight the bards battles then I
will not leave kiera to fend for herself...and knights will be subject
to my attack...not bards...unless of course I am attacked by one.  So
I am not going to be here this weekend so let me know when I get back..


                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

Crowe says:

as the knights are allies of the bards, they have given their word to assist
the bards in their war with kiera...this implies that we will act against her
whenever she attacks and/or kills a member of the order of the scroll...when i
informed kiera of this fact she took it as an open declaration of war against
her by the knights.

this being the case, and kiera being someone who would sooner gouge out her
eyes than fight fairly, she decided to attack me while i was resting at the
silver branch inn in tara yesterday afternoon...i was resting and had half of
my hp, and was thus killed quickly...kiera rented out right away.

later, when she returned, she grouped with caesar and became invisible...i
followed caesar around for awhile, waiting for her to reappear...instead
caesar led me to zanzibar, where he blinded me and healed kiera while she
killed me once more.

later on, tempus decided to take revenge upon kiera for this, and for her
theft of his bag out of which she sold several items...they fought but caesar,
who somehow figured that tempus had some kind of advantage, jumped in...tempus
fled, and dominic came along...he engaged caesar in a long, very close battle,
which i joined in after hearing what was going on...caesar blinded me, and
then dominic fled...i was still fighting caesar, but then kiera rescued him
and killed me yet again...she then killed tempus, who had only 10 hp left, and
dominic was finally killed by caesar.

after this a long battle of verbal jabs ensued between the knights involved
and kiera and caesar...a lot of accusations and such...i told kiera she owed
her recent success to caesar, and apparently the truth hurts because she
attacked me again...this time i escaped to my clanhall...and before anything
was settled the mud crashed.

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

Yeesh! Given all that, how about some levity, courtesy of Dagney?

There once was a girl named Moira
Who'd do just about anything for ya--
She'd get drunk and recite
Long ballads all night
And really she never would bore ya

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/


     The ancient and exalted Order of the Scroll would like to
accomodate all who wish to join its honored ranks. Current rules,
however, greatly restrict our recruiting and force us to be
extremely selective. We are thus conducting a search for candidates
to fill the next available slot.

     Are you:
     * A serious LegendMUD player?
     * Between the levels of 10 and 35 [Levels 8 and 9 can apply if
       they will reach 10 in a reasonably short time]?
     * Unclanned or a "clanned" player not belonging to any clan?
     * Of good character, regardless of alignment?
     * Do you like helping people?
     * Are you proficient in music, poetry, punmaking or other arts?
     The Order of the Scroll may have a place for you. We do not
discriminate as to hometown origin or specialization but we are looking
for someone with skills to complement our existing membership.

     Benefits include: Access to information; assistance;
comraderie; neat uniforms; tastfully decorated clubhouse; excellent
retirement program.

     If interested, send a resume to:
     Order of the Scroll Recruiting Office, c/o : [email protected]
     Include the following information:
     EMail Address:
     Name of player:
     Clan Status:
     Main current skills:
     Life goals:
     Name two or three people who can give you references (mobiles
       are not accepted as references):
     Complete the following brief essay in 100 words or less: I'd
       like to be a Bard because:

     Interviews will be held as needed.
     Non-immorts preferred

     By order of Eretz, GM, Order of the Scroll

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