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VOLUME TWO, ISSUE THIRTY                                 August 1, 1995


                       ...:/:[ CONTENTS ]:\:...

                            *CODE UPDATE*

                       -Upcoming Skill Changes-

                            *SOCIAL EVENTS*

                  -A Announcement from the Secretives!-

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                      UPCOMING SKILL CHANGES

We'll be installing a new skills system after the move--there's been much
uncertainty about what exactly will be done. Well, here's the scoop, in
as much detail as I can give right now.

- we're going to double the amount of available skills. The new ones will
    include new skills in familiar skill sets, such as woodscraft and
    lullaby; and also new skill sets entirely, such as stage magic. Also
    in this will be the long-awaited upgrade to guns, giving them new
    proficiencies equivalent to those for melee weapons.
- skills will be 'treed,' meaning that all skills will use skill prereqs
    like the  bardic skills currently do. The SKILLS and ALLSKILLS commands
    have been revised to take this into account, so there should be less
    confusion on that front. Many of your current skills land at the top
    or middle of trees, so expect to have to fill in trees below them.
- all the stat prerequisites for skills will have been refigured to be
    more consistent
- skills will track usage now. This replaces the levels known system that
    was under discussion some months ago. Basically, the more often you
    use a skill successfully, the better you'll be at it. It is likely that
    this will not apply to selected skills. The exact method by which this
    will be done is still under playtesting, but note that you CAN lose
    ground in skills you do not use regularly.
- the QUERY command will give messages based on how in-practice you are on
    the queried skill.
- the ONLY effect this has on magic is that chant may be affected. Words and
    spells aren't touched at all in any way.
- Because all this implies a change to the playerfiles, not to mention
    likely renders your current skills unusable because of new skill
    prereqs you won't have,there will have to be a skills wipe to install
    it. You will be reimbursed for the pracs you have spent on SKILLS (not
    words). Don't worry about losing levels known--skills have never
    tracked them, so you won't be worse off in the new system because of it.
- we won't be giving more pracs for these new skills. Sorry, but the intent
    is to promote variety, not simply extend the menu and let everyone
    order everything off the menu for half price. :)
All of this is undergoing quite a lot of playtesting--we realize this is
going to be as unsettling a change as the installation of the weapons system
was, and want to make sure we have it functioning as well as possible
before we toss it open. Expect a few days with pkill disabled when it first
goes in so that the early birds aren't able to slaughter everyone. :)

Discussion of this topic is welcome on the Legend Discussion List. Email to join, or use the menu option to subscribe.


                            FUND DRIVE UPDATE

As I write, the IMM's have bought the new system! It will, however, take a
few weeks for the new system and site to be set up. In the mean time, we
still owe Sadist $ keep the pledges and donations coming in :)
Also, do remember that the IMM's are running a "name-the-new-site" contest.

As we've mentioned before,  an anonymous player has pledged to match ANY
donations made by players (non IMMs) up to the sum of $200. Thus, your
donation will essentially be DOUBLED. If you can send a dollar, it will
count as $2! If you can only send $25, it'll count as $50! Please make
this generous person's gift worthwhile by doubling our efforts to get a
new site for LegendMUD.

We suggest that those who have the money burning a hole in their pocket
go ahead and send the checks directly to the following address and we
will get the letters out to them as soon as we can, perhaps even crossing in
the mail. This is the address to send donations to:

           (make checks payable to Raphael and Kristen Koster)

                     Raph and Kristen Koster
                     University Station
                     PO Box 1114

If you are an overseas donor who cannot write a check in US Dollars,
please email us at

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  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMud? |
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                            CLAN NEWS

Without a doubt, the hottest clan story has to be a certain announcement
that Bay_El-Lor, GuildMaster of the Secretives, made on Bastille
Day (a week or so ago). It went something like this:

In recent weeks, I've been meeting with the other GMs to discuss an interclan
government, some way to organize the clans more carefully and put a check
on pkill. While everyone I've talked to has been more or less supportive,
we seem to have gotten stuck in a morass of "talk to whoever and get back to
me." This snail's pace has gone on long enough. So we're just going to begin.

Now, as of 9:00 tonight, the Secretives declare the continent of Africa
in the Industrial Age to be a pkill-free zone under our protection.
Henceforth, regular pkill will be permitted in Africa only if approved by
a majority vote of the GMs of the pkill-enabled clans--The Council.

I invite the Rogues and the Anti-Paladins who have no GMs to send a
representative to participate in this. Since the Secretives will, at
least initially, be performing the bulk of the work of protecting the
continent, we'll be asking for a contribution of 500gp from every clanned
character when they enter Africa when they enjoy the benefits of our

We will, of course, make exceptions for weddings and wedding receptions.
Who knows, maybe we'll have blue-light, 2-for-1 specials.

Clanned characters not complying will be denied assistance by the
Secretives--no more true-forms, mend and repair, equipment help, etc.
Clanned characters not complying will risk, ultimately, war and pkill and
the confiscation of their equipment. Clanned players who -- even
worse -- violate the pkill free zone, risk repeated pkill.

We hope this initial move, rather than antagonizing people, will encourage
greater organization among all the clans, and we'll be able to extend the
area soon.

Long live the revolution!

Editor's note: After some discussion with the characters who came to hear
his announcement, Bay_El-Lor decided to delay the implementation of the
pk zone ban until after LT publication of the announcement.


Mercenary announces that he has now won duels against all the major
pkillers on Legend. Mercenary continues his standing challenge to all comers
to duel for wagers (he will also consider team battles).


Lark recently gave birth to twins, Wren and Jayson. The delivery was was
apparently a smooth one. However, complications did set in when the
recently-permanently-deceased-but-now-reincarnated former Sir Kendrick
showed up to share in the parental joy. Lark promptly and publicly refused
to have anything to do with him and vowed to raise the children alone.


More strife arose when Violetta killed Pathfinder the other day. When asked
why, she replied that it was "because he was a boy." Other male characters
on Legend may wish to be wary...


                       THE TALE OF ISOBEL

Isobel, one of our newest LegendMUD characters, now shares her story
in an LT exclusive :)

Isobel MacDuff, Lady of Erecout, is the eldest daughter of Jacqueline des
Armoises of France and Randolf, Earl of Murry (in Eire).

When Isobel was very young, her father's castle was besieged by the minions
of evil. Randolf, not able to hold his castle against these invading forces,
fought desperately, but was over-whelmed and killed. Suddenly a valiant knight
appeared amongst those aiding the forces of the Castle of Erecourt. The
child Isobel watched in awe as the knight almost single-handedly drove off the
invading forces.

Sir Crowe, the knight who had aided them, retired to the castle to tend to his
wounds. The fascinated Isobel plied him with questions regarding the Knights
of Legend during the short time he stayed at her home. Beset with grief,
the ladies of the castle attempted to go on. As there was no male heir, Isobel
knew she and her sisters would have to defend their castle and lands alone.
Impressed with Sir Crowe, she set out to study military arts and all the
knightly virtues. Her mother, Jacqueline, had learned somewhat of swordplay
during her childhood when she fought alongside the men to save the city of
Beauvais from invading forces. Jacqueline knew many men would consider a
castle held by women easy pickings and expected her four daughters to learn
to defend themselves and lead the castle forces. She died some years later,
confident that her offspring could find their own way in the world.

As Eire is a busy place, Erecourt often received visitors from many parts
of Legend. Hearing rumors of the on-going battle of the Knights and the
Dark Lord, Isobel concluded no one on Legend would truly be safe as long as
the minions of evil continued to perpetuate their crimes against the knights.
As she and her family are indebted to Sir Crowe, and as she feels all
land-owners must fight to keep what is theirs by right, Isobel determined
to seek out the knights and join them as a representative of her family,
leaving her warrior sister to defend the family lands. Family friends,
who had spent pleasant time at Erecourt agreed to let her travel with
them and aided her in learning more about other parts of Legend, and
helped teach her skills that would be of use in her determination to
fight evil.

After some time, and much training, Isobel parted with her friends in
order to search out Sir Crowe and attempt to join the Knights of Legend...

In an OOC note, the editor adds that Isobel's player was just chosen to
have her RL biography put in the national dean's list as national best
student in her major! Be sure to congratulate her!


Ptah, Kendrick, Jafar, Rufus and assorted spectators (including Rid) held a
jam session in the OOC auditorium a couple weeks ago. Highlights included
Kendrick playing drums till he exploded and a collaboration by Ptah,
Jafar, and Rufus. However, Rufus fumbled some of his chords because
Nighthawk was sitting on his lap and apparently distracting him.
Moreover, she was sporting a big, flashy diamond.......

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