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VOLUME TWO, ISSUE THIRTY-SIX                          November 6, 1995


                       ...:/:[ CONTENTS ]:\:...

                            *CODE UPDATES*

                         *French-Indian Update*

                       *Notes And Boards Are Back*


                            -Suicide Policy-

                        -Hall of Legends Update-

                          -Fund Drive Update-

                            *SOCIAL EVENTS*

                           -All Hallow's Eve-

                            -Miss Demeanor-

                         -Harkon and Lyssa Wed-

                          -Legendary Limericks-

Please send your responses to articles to the Legendary Times address
at [email protected] Letters to the editor are welcomed.

                        FRENCH INDIAN WAR

Parrilyn has installed an update to her French Indian Wars area. This
update expands the French Settlement on the St. Lawrence River (as well
as placing it on the correct side of the the river). There are many new
mobs as a well (including a new innkeeper!), so it's well worth exploring!
Players should also note that FI has been moved to the Medieval time
period. It's in the same place geographically, so just sail west of the
English Channel.


                      ARKENSTONE RETURNS

Arkenstone has rejoined the immortal staff at Legend (having finished his
thesis, he has more time for Legend these days). As well as answering
newbie imm questions, Arkenstone recently finished the code for the new
notes/board system (see below). Players should note that the "Arkenstone"
in the Hall of Legends is now named "Kordan Arkenstone" (address all your
tells to "Kordan" if you are trying to talk to the mob).

Thanks to Arkenstone's work on the code, we now have notes and boards
again!!! Players who were with us when we had the old note/board system
should note that several changes have been made. All notes now weigh 1
kilogram, and players may have up to 20 in their inventories.
Mailboxes have a limit of 10 notes (if you try to send a note to a
player who already has ten in their mailbox, you'll get the note back
with an explanation). Most inns either sell or give notes, and in the
case of those that don't, there is generally a note box nearby. You can
also buy cards, llamas, and other special occasion items from Ringo in
the OOC. For note writing syntax, use write (note/llama, what have you).
You can also append them. To mail a note, go to a mailbox and type mail
note (person). Do note that you can mail notes to multiple persons. To
receive mail, go to a mailbox and type "rec." Mailboxes are located in
most hometowns, as well as in the OOC.

To see what messages are on a board, type "look board." To read a
particular message, type "read board (message #)." Board posts may also
be appended, although only their authors or an imm can erase them from a
board. There are local boards in each area; most also have the overall
Legend Welcome Board. In addition, do note that we now have a brand new
"war board" in the new OOC War Room. You can use this board to advertise
for your pk clan, demand redress from your enemies, and so forth.


                      SUICIDE ANNOUNCEMENT

It is illegal to repeat-suicide at the hands of other players when you
have decided to retire/delete/stop playing a character. If you have made
it public that you are giving up the character and are then observed
dying repeatedly, you will be player deleted. If there is some question
about whether you intend to suicide or are otherwise intentionally
giving away experience, you and your attacker(s) will likely be glued
to prevent further attacks until your intentions can be determined.

We have stated repeatedly that xp-giveaways of this sort are not
allowed. There is no reason for you to be surprised when action is taken
to prevent it. Going out in a spectacular scroll of spams is not your
right, nor will it inspire more sympathy or admiration for you or your
character than a more dignified exit that is more respectful of other
players. If you wish to permadie at the hands of a mob, or a mob that
has been strung to a more impressive and unique description, or even
to another player, ask a god to set your experience down so that you
can accomplish this goal with only one kill.


                     HALL OF LEGENDS UPDATE

The Hall of Legends is changing procedures for players wishing to have a
replica made of themselves. First of all I want to welcome the new judge,
Parrilyn, who will be co-voting as to who goes into the HOL. Secondly all
applications will be reviewed at the end of every month and one person
(if anybody) will be accepted. The cutoff is the 30/31st for applications
and applications can carry over months. Judges' decisions are final :)
For more info contact Flagg or Parrilyn.



                        PROPOSALS UPDATE

The Legendary Implementors note that they will not be requesting area
proposals from players until two more new areas are put into the game
(these two areas don't include Wraith's WW I area, which is done except
for the new vehicle code that it needs).


                       FUND DRIVE UPDATE

It turns out that RAM prices were more expensive than we expected them to
be. Between that and the site fees for the first six months, plus what we
already owed Sadist, we still lack about $325. Yes, we are now open on the
new site, but we do still need pledges and donations :) (Many thanks to
the players who have already made a sizable dent in our "debt"!!!)

We suggest that those who have the money burning a hole in their pocket
go ahead and send the checks directly to the following address and we
will get the letters out to them as soon as we can, perhaps even crossing
in the mail.

This is the address to send donations to:

           (make checks payable to Raphael and Kristen Koster)

                     Raph and Kristen Koster
                     12603 Rhea Ct.
                     Austin, TX 78727

If you are an overseas donor who cannot write a check in US Dollars,
please email them at [email protected]

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        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMud?|
   (o o)    \________________________/

                      ALL HALLOW'S EVE

All Hallow's Eve on Legend began with a deceptive calm. After some days
absence, Dominic, the Knightly Master of Legend appeared, asking after
Mercenary. It seemed that Dominic was now ready for that decisive, duel
to the death with that dastardly Mercenary. Across Legend, players
eagerly awaited this duel of the decade, which was sure to be an
exciting one since Mercenary had been hunting Dominic for weeks. They
waited, and there was no answer to Dominic's query. The silence was
deafening. "Hmmm," they said to themselves, "Maybe the great Mercenary
isn't so eager to fight after all!"

Meanwhile, Ptah was calling to order the Second Annual Scary-Tales-Around-
the-Campfire-Event in the OOC. Despite the length of time it took
to get the group assembled (for instance, Mitra insisted on first killing
several innocent African mammals), the campfire was soon crackling, s'mores
were made, and all were readying themselves to hear scary stories. Dominic
went first, telling a truly chilling tale of love united in death.

Shivering delightfully in the aftermath of Dominic's story, campfire
attendees were shocked to hear on chat that Malikeila had succeeded in
permanently offing herself. What could this mean? Was life imitating art?
Then later, in the middle of Kale's creepy story of the unspeakable
horror that he found in his family's home one midnight, it came again.
Prasetya, wife of Killer and mother of Joule, was slain by the devouring
teeth of a huge slimy purple monster from the netherhells, tentacled and
toothed, slimy and scummy, ready to tear flesh from bone in its
insatiable hunger!

Wails of grief and horror went around Legend, and the campfire group
wondered whether they should continue onward. However, after turning the
Auditorium lights on for a few minutes, the group decided that it was
"really nothing," and that these deaths were merely a "coincidance." So,
turning off the lights and poking at the fire a bit, they settled in to hear
the last tale of the evening, a tale of ghostly melancholy from Ptah. And
perhaps their rationalizations were correct, for nothing further happened to
interrupt the tale telling save Ptah's dying modem.

The campfire having ended, Dominic continued to Wait for Mercenary, and
the rest of the group dispersed to take care of business both on the game
and off. Malakai showed up, and hearing of his beloved Malikeila's
demise, died of grief. Several mourners left offerings for the couple and
for Praseyta at the now traditional place on London's Harbor Row. Finally,
near the end of the Eve, Mercenary, that hidden Knightly foe reluctantly
emerged to duel with Dominic. After battling across the Ancient Lands,
they were forced to call it off on account of Dominic falling into the
hands of the fearsome Angry Sidhe.....

A few hours before dawn, a loose page, torn from a journal, was found
in the muddy waters of London:

Friday, March 11, 1841 AD

Dear Journal,

Thoughts of death have been roaming in my mind for the past few days.  The
work has been getting hard and seeing all those deaths and injuries on the
battle field isn't helping much at all.  I haven't seen much of my family
lately due to this trip to serve the wounded.

I have been dreaming of terrible deaths lately.  Last night was the worse.
There was a huge, slimy purple monster that had terrible teeth and really
bad breath after me.  I just kept running around this beautiful garden
trying to get away.  Oh, there was also a slight shadow of a fair lass, but
I couldn't quite make out who she was standing there...reassuring me that
all will be all right.  Does this even make any sense? Then I saw flickers of
a wolf shape...perhaps a saint, or a god...I cannot be sure.  He also
reassured me but said that it will all be over soon...and something about
taking it to the ooc.  Not quite sure what that meant.  But the TERROR! It
was all too real and I woke up sweating and shivering.  One of the nurses
had to come and calm me down.

Tomorrow I will go with the troops to an unknown part of the world.  Rumors
that there are strange and beastly monsters there.  I just hope that this
will not be the last of my entry.  Wish me well.

Prasetya Starseed. MD


It seems that there was an error in the last LT's coverage of clan
events. We received the following correction from the Hermetics:

To LT readers,

In the last LT issue, there was a story regarding Mercenary, Magda, and Kretch.
The story was based on the premise that Magda was defending a fellow Hermetic,
Kretch.  This is not true.  Magda was involved in that incident because
Kretch is her friend.  I wish to set the record straight in saying that
Kretch is not, and has never been, a Hermetic Order member.  Thank you.

Satsu - Guildmaster of the Hermetic Order


                   LEGENDARY COLUMN DEBUT

     Hello, gentle readers.  Please allow me to introduce myself.
I am Miss Demeanor, Legend's new Netiquette advisor.  In this, and
the following issues of this fine electronic publication, I will
attempt to aid or answer those in need of advice about their life
on Legend.  It seems that the editors collected no small amount of
correspondence before giving me a call, so let us address those
troubled readers right away.

Dear Miss Demeanor,

     I really like this guy, but he keeps killing all my friends!
Should I continue to see him, realizing his habit simply indicates
a lack of willingness to share me, or should I stop seeing him and
return the wormy he went to so much trouble to get me?

                              - Troubled in Sherwood

Dear Troubled,

     Part of any happy relationship involves learning to cope with
the significant other's friends and family.  It sounds as if Mr.
Wrong is being a little selfish in his approach to the whole
situation.  I think the proper thing to do is to break it off
immediately, and return the dagger.  How you chose to do so, of
course, is up to you.  I recommend placing it in his back next time
he attacks a friend of yours in his presence.

Dear Miss Demeanor,

     Everyone makes fun of me cause I am a create mage.  I try to
be available for helping newbies out with orbs, shields, and armor,
and otherwise try to set a good example, but people generally try
to use me for an orb and then group with a cause mage.  It hurts to
have people use me so.  What can I do?

                              - Useful but used in Macao

Dear Useless,

     Some people can only measure worth in terms of value in a
player-kill, or pkill, situation.  While it is a shame that others
in society chose to blatantly limit their vision in this way, it is
a fact of life which you should learn to get over.  Miss Demeanor
suggests learning blinding flash.

Dear Miss Demeanor,

     People, for some unknown reason, call me obnoxious.  I try to
gift them with my witty words, talented troubadoring, and veritably
vivacious verse, but I simply don't seem to get any respect from
anyone.  What can I do to convince them of how cool I am?

                              - Lambasting in London

Dear Dusty,

     Growing up is a thing each of us does in our own way.  I
suggest levelling once or twice this year to add a sense of wisdom
to your otherwise captivating creations and petulant prose.

(Gentle Readers who have questions for Miss Demeanor are advised to send
 them to the Legendary Times address at [email protected])


Last week, Penthus chose to retire permanently from Legend. May he find
peace in the Great Beyond.


Nic and Kadiya were married earlier this week! Be sure to congratulate them!


Mercenary recently announced that he will be undertaking a journey to he
far off home land. His enemies are warned that he will come back, however.


                         HARKON AND LYSSA WED

On Sunday, October 29th, at around 19:00 (Atlantic time), Harkon and Lyssa
were married at the church in Lindisfarn. The ceremony was performed by
Cleo, and several players were in attendance, including Monty Python,
Satsu, Mitra, Candide, Redwing, Lancorn, and Gollum. After the service, a
reception was held Klein's Der Phoenix, and gifts and well wishes were given
to the newlyweds. The following is an account of the ceremony.


CLeo took a deep breath and hummed.. in order to get the spirit of joy in
the room. Several people smiled, and Cleo embraced the world.
Harkon beams at Lyssa delightedly.

"Dear friends of Legend," Cleo began, "we are gathered here tonight, to
celebrate the wedding of Harkon and Lyssa.' Sagely, he added, "Spirit of
Legend mud... you who lives in each of our hearts... please  bring
happyness in all of our hearts." He hummed gently.

"Who gives this woman away?" asked CLeo.
After a nudge from Harkon, Gollum answered "I do !"

"Like the 3 roses I hold in my hand.." Cleo solemnly invoked, "they will
have to go through love and passion." He shook a red rose
vigorously. Shaking in turn a black rose, he continued "...hurt and pain.."
He shook a white rose and finished "...Life, new and better."

Wisely, Cleo intoned "They will go through many things together. But, they
will have to grow stronger... (and they will)." "Share, love," he said
joyfully, "And learn together."

CLeo gave a glass of white wine to Harkon, who drank from it. Cleo then
passed the glass to Lyssa, who also partook.

CLeo put his hands on their heads...
"May they live happy for ever..." CLeo said, thinking hard and sagely.

CLeo looked up towards the sky and praised the Goddess of Love.

CLeo turned to Lyssa and smiled at her.
"Do you give your soul to Harkon, promise to love him, cherish him, be there
for him until permadeath do you apart?" he asked Lyssa.
Lyssa answered, "I do."
CLeo turned to Harkon.
CLeo asked Harkon, "Do you give your soul to Lyssa, promise to
love her, cherish her, be there for her until permadeath do you apart?"
"I do!"answered Harkon.

CLeo took the rings and raised his hands in the air.

CLeo intoned sagely, "Oh Goddess of loves... please bring peace into their
heart..Protect them from the evil. Let them love each other in peace."
CLeo lowered his hands down and started to chant....  Suddenly, all saw
some of his own aura of love separate into pieces which went into each of
the rings... He smiled happily.
Harkon smiles happily.

Giving Harkon a Claddagh Ring, CLeo told Harkon "Repeat after me..
With this ring, I thee wed......"
Harkon did so and gave the ring to Lyssa.
Cleo gave another ring to Harkon and asked to repeat the same to the
smiling Harkon.

CLeo praised the Goddess of Love one last time and then announced the
following on chat:
"By the power invested in me, by the Goddess of love, I pronounce that
Harkon and Lyssa are husband and wife... may love protect them where ever
they go!"

Smiling happily, CLeo told Harkon, "You may kiss the bride." While the
newlyweds kissed, the audience cheered wildly.

"You are now husband and wife," CLeo gaily pronounced.

MontyPython jumped in the air and slams a thunderous high-5 with Harkon,
while various audience members gave their gifts to Harkon and Lyssa.

Trying not to be her typical cynical self, Mitra wished Lyssa "Best of luck
with it," little knowing that she herself was to catch the bride's
bouquet in the next hour. Satsu insisted on taking the bride and groom
away to a more secluded nook to give them his "wedding speech."

Gifts given to the happy couple included a wormtooth dagger for Harkon, a
black lace veil for Lyssa, several cookies, brandy, and Egyptian perfume.
The party at Klein was lively, even after Muirne got annoyed with Erich,
the host, and killed him.


The night that Dusty composed her ode to Kiera's memory, she and other poets
exchanged several limericks.

       There once was a Sceptre from Crete
       Who made of Minos' enemies red meat
       When the Minotaur was uncaged
       The sceptre it raged
       And the monster beat a hasty retreat.

       - Baca

       This fellow named Baca wrote verse
       Which caused many hearing to hurt
       But it was still a relief
       Since they were rather brief
       And Lord knows Merc's woulda been worse


      There once was a gal named Dusty
      Who never could be known as 'busty'
      She shouted her insults
      But garnered no results
      Save proof that her verse had gone rusty.


      There once was a poet named Dusty
      Whose versemaking had become rusty
      But when she was good and tight
      Her verse was all right
      But a poor substitute for lusty.


      Baca thought he was a pretty good poet
      But he wasn't, and didn't even know it
      Until the entire crowd
      In a voice rather loud
      Rose up and told him to stow it.


 Legendary Times is put out by the gods of LegendMUD. Please send all
 replies/additions to to our address at [email protected] for
inclusion in the next edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate
this discussion, and may object to some submissions. If you feel we have
wrongly omitted one of your messages, please talk to Rusalka online or
 through EMail and see if she did indeed receive it in the first place.
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