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VOLUME TWO, ISSUE THIRTY-SEVEN                        November 21, 1995


                       ...:/:[ CONTENTS ]:\:...

                            *CODE UPDATES*


                             -Player Purge-

                            -Recall Tag Down-

                           -Fund Drive Update-

                            *SOCIAL EVENTS*

                          -Clan Pug Speaks!-

                       -The LT Guide to Acronyms-

                         -Limerick's Challenge-

Please send your responses to articles to the Legendary Times address
at [email protected] Letters to the editor are welcomed.

                           CODE UPDATES

* Arkenstone and Ptah are currently working on the vehicle code. Watch
  for tanks, planes, and other assorted fun in the next few weeks.

* Any problems with the note system (such as notes arriving blank),
  should be reported to Arkenstone.


                          RECALL-TAG DOWN

Recall-tag will not be offered for the next few weeks as a warning to those
who have cheated while playing it (ie, using client triggers and other
such things). While these folks are a minority among the players, there is
no acceptable way to prevent cheating. If we can't be assured of the
integrity of the games, they may follow other useful and fun elements of
the game which have had to be removed to prevent abuse, such as Auction.


                           PLAYER PURGE

We recently had a player purge, since our playerfiles were getting pretty
huge. What this means is that any characters that have not been played
since October 1 have been wiped. By having purges like this, we
free up both computer memory and names. Players who have lost a character in
the purge and would like to request a reinstatement have until December 15 to
do so. Files will be reinstated from a backup, to ensure that any characters
who were inadvertently lost will be returned exactly as you had last
played them.


                     LEGEND CHOSEN AGAIN

Another honor for LegendMUD -- it was chosen as one of only four muds to
be listed as a recommended mud in the distribution files for Pueblo, a
new mud client for Windows '95. you can try Pueblo out if you can run it
by getting it from this address:
ftp to, cd pub/pueblo, and binary get the file pblo32.exe.
It is a self-extracting archive.

- Ptah


                       DESCRIPTION UPDATES

The player of Daerwynn has retired that character, and its short description,
"a mysterious man with bright blue eyes,"
has been re-used on his new character Daer. The long desc on the two chars
are/were not the same, but we don't want to get anyone confused by the
same short desc on a different face.

Anyone who ceases to play a character that they had a registered desc for
should consider deleting or retiring their character, as some styles of
desc are very popular, and an inactive character may prevent another
player from registering the desc that they want.

In addition, Tad, having taken over the thaneship of his clan the death
of his father Kendrick, now has the following long desc:
"A lad giggles as he pushes his too-big circlet up from in front of his

Mitra's description was recently changed due to grammatical errors that
annoyed her chosen diety. Her short description is now
"a lissome young girl" and her long description is
"A girl with exotic features gazes on you with a knowing smile."


    Dear Legend people,

    I am going be holding a French workshop on Saturday, December 9th,
    in the Out Of Character lounge (OOC), at the auditorium.

    I will tell you how to greet people in french and I will try to
    translate things you would like to know, as best as I can. If you
    are interested, be there at 14:00 (AST).  It will be my pleasure
    to help you out.



                       FUND DRIVE UPDATE
It turns out that RAM prices were more expensive than we expected them to
be. Between that and the site fees for the first six months, plus what we
already owed Sadist, we still lack about $325. Yes, we are now open on the
new site, but we do still need pledges and donations :) (Many thanks to
the players who have already made a sizable dent in our "debt"!!!)

We suggest that those who have the money burning a hole in their pocket
go ahead and send the checks directly to the following address and we
will get the letters out to them as soon as we can, perhaps even crossing
in the mail.

This is the address to send donations to:

           (make checks payable to Raphael and Kristen Koster)

                     Raph and Kristen Koster
                     12603 Rhea Ct.
                     Austin, TX 78727

If you are an overseas donor who cannot write a check in US Dollars,
please email them at [email protected]

            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMud?|
   (o o)    \________________________/

                    Legendary Rumors......

With Mercenary absent, Tempus claimed Klein for his own, defending his
stake from several challengers...Sharpe could be a potential adversary to
Tempus -- the rumors are flying that he's already defeated Mael and
Augustus, in latter case, after being attacked while fighting the Angry
Sidhe to boot...Byron took over as the new GuildMaster of the Order of
the Scroll...Mitra announced her engagement to Gerry and promptly got
attacked by a hysterical Yukio who killed her and seized the engagement
ring, though some say she gave it back.....Mitra later succeeded in
revenging herself on Yukio, after yelling at her friends for helpfully
"intruding" in the fight...Dusty returned (again) and questioned the LT
editorial policy (seems she got credit for something she didn't
write)..Percy was seen acting real friendly-like with Silent right after a
bit of carnage between them...Peleg and MontyPython retired...and Shelby
and Zair reached 50th level with experience from the very same mob!


Regardless of the reported integrity of the mail carriers, occasionally
one finds one's mail as very public knowledge... Apparently the
messengers for some of the nobility in Spain are not as honest as all may
have thought, as the following was recently found in the hands of one of
the more vocal sages on Legend...

Dearest Mother,

I write now, in my none-so-elegant hand of an even which this family has
not seen since oh, a good seventeen years ago or so.  It would seem that
in my travels and explorations I've come across the most wonderful
soul.  She's a London born lady, a knight even (oh mother, you'd be
proud), by the name of Gail Atkins.  Our wedding is soon, very soon and I
will send notice to the whole family of course.




Vasco and Gail are not the only ones getting married addition to
the before-mentioned Gerry/Mitra match, we also have Cleo and Terror, who
plan to tie the knot sometime around the 24th. Be sure to congratulate
these couples if you see them!


Still more mail arrived at the LT office (this time legitimately!)

Greetings from Clan Pug!!

        A couple issues ago, there was a statement made in the Legendary
Times which has caused us of Clan Pug great distress.  The statement was
that Pug {Grand Wazoo of Clan Pug} was the *only* member of Clan Pug!!
Nothing could be further from the truth!

        We assembled shortly thereafter in the top secret headquarters of
Clan Pug (the stable loft in Tara) for a secret meeting.  We discussed
this error and insult to our sacred and mighty Clan and decided to just
let it go, that eventually with the Mighty and Glorious Pug's slight
title modification, that our fame and righteous glory would be known
throughout the land.

        Well, we guess this wasn't the case.  In the last few weeks
several people have paged the Grandiose and Flatulent One and told him,
"But the Legendary Times sez yer the only one!!" Fah!!!

        So, to set the record straight, we of the Glorious and Redolent
Clan Pug are setting to paper the members of the Clan.

        We expect that in the future, a little more respect will be given
to the Mighty One and his band of Loyal Followers.


Pug, Grand Wazoo of Clan Pug
Emily the Fury, Backstabbing Druid B**ch of Clan Pug
Bomber the Dark Bard, Concierge of Clan Pug
Dementia the Mad, Seer of Clan Pug

and several Junior Pugglings who aren't quite studdly enough yet to wear
the Pug title.





Miss Demeanor regrets that she is unable to write her column this issue
owing to holiday preparations. However, she'll be back soon
(and hopefully up to defending herself from charges of forgery from the
outraged Dusty who swears that she did _not_ write the letter featured in
last issue's column). Readers may send letters to the LT address at
[email protected] (or ask the editor on-line). Please note that
Rusalka is _not_ Miss Demeanor in any way, shape or character :p


              The Legendary Times Guide to Acronyms

Confused as to what all those letters in people's titles mean? Never
fear! The Legendary Guide us here to clear up all those annoying

      SMILE = Sugar Mixed In Legend's Engine
              (a roleplay group founded by Baca and Sabella)

      DERT  = Druid Emergency Response Team
              (a roleplay group for druids founded by Ganelon)

      WRMA = Wandering Rescue Mage Alliance
             (a roleplay group for mages founded by Lirra)

       NMC = Naked Mage Club
             (a society for mages who can cast all their spells without
              any gear; founded by Mitra)

    LM-EMS = Legend Mud Emergency Squad
             (a roleplay group for those with medical skills)

        BG = Bard Guard
             (another name for members of the Order of the Scroll, a pk clan)

       LSC = Legend Suicide Club

       DPC = Danish Pastry Club

       AFK = Away From Keyboard

       AAA = Another Annoying Acronym

Please send all Acronym Updates to the LT address at
[email protected]


                            AN EULOGY

        MontyPython.. The British satirist that was rather
        funny. Monty was a brave, noble warrior who took pride
        in his work and didn't always take credit for his
        random acts of kindness.  Monty was one of my
        best Legend friends... as he was to many..
        Auf Weidersehen he would say as he was to leave
        Legend for the day.. Well one last time..
        Auf Weidersehen Monty... I know in my heart he will
        be remembered by me and never forgotten by Legend....

        -Lynche Kramer... Fond friend of MontyPython


                          A POEM

     Is it true you've gone, that you are no longer here;
     Tell me why hast this happened, to my beloved dear;
     My mind is in a panic, my heart is full of fear;
     For I no longer have you, to hold close and near;
     Though you have moved on, and we did have to part;
     You shall never be far, For you live on inside my heart;
     So until we meet again, when I take my place in Legends;
     Be patient dear, and wait for me, the the eternal heavens.

     - Killer

                         UGH!! RETURNS!

Some of you folks may recall a character named Ugh!!, who played here
last fall. The player was going to school in Australia and returned home
to Malta last December. Just recently, he's gotten net access in Malta,
and is back, hoping to renew old friendships and make new ones here at
Legend. If you should see him online, you might want to welcome him back!


                      LIMERICK'S CHALLENGE

In the last issue of the Legendary Times, I was flattered to see that
several brave warriors had chosen to imitate my life's great art.
However, I must admit that I was dismayed by the poor quality of the
verse laid before me (except for Darby's line telling Baca to stow it.
That was pretty funny).  Perhaps, you aspiring limericists would care to
have a duel of poetry?  We would all submit two poems and have the
fearless players of legend cast their votes and declare one of us the
victor?  What do you say to that, eh?

Allow me to leave you all with this:

There once was a poet named Dusty
Whose wit was as sharp as a trusty,
But my satire attacked,
And she was so whacked
That her undies got so very krusty.

And Baca, you insolent fool.
To usurp my poetic's tool,
I know how you drool
At the verse of my school.
For you left in Bengal, a pool.

Ahh, yes, the now AWOL Merc.
I know it must have been work
For you to write rhyme
When you spend all that time
Stealing our money, you jerk!

And Darby, I dare you to join
In the land of Limerick's coin.
But be wary my friend
You might meet foul ends
And wind up holding your loins.

 Legendary Times is put out by the gods of LegendMUD. Please send all
 replies/additions to to our address at [email protected] for
inclusion in the next edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate
this discussion, and may object to some submissions. If you feel we have
wrongly omitted one of your messages, please talk to Rusalka online or
 through EMail and see if she did indeed receive it in the first place.
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