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VOLUME TWO, ISSUE FOUR                                  Jan. 13th, 1995

                    AGH, FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!!!

                      ...:/:[ CONTENTS ]:\:...
                             MUD BACK UP
                    - sometime in the next hour -

                          MUDGATE'S REVIEW
               - for those who haven't seen it yet -
                            SOCIAL EVENTS
             -       Upheavals in Clan Connaught       -
             -  Tigger's rebuttal -- and resignation!  -
             -         A farewell from Rucht           -

                           LEGEND IS BACK UP
About 20 minutes ago as I write this the machines at UTexas came back up.
We're in the process of putting LegendMUD back into operation, unchanged
pretty much from how it was when we went down. We do hope to get in some
new changes over the long weekend, however.

If you are unable to connect to Legend when you get this, try again in a
little while. Due to changes in the directory structure on bashful, it
may take us a little while to get it running again.


                           MUDGATE'S REVIEW
Many of you asked that I publish MudGate's review of Legend here in the
LT. So here it is. MudGate is a service of the Electronic Newsstand,
providing direct telnet access to a variety of muds including Legend.
We're under "Flavor of their Own" if you want to go looking for us. Here's
the review written by one of their staffers:


LegendMUD is a must-see for anyone looking to get away from the
mindnumbingly boring prose and quests of the traditional MUD.  A combination
of great areas, mature players and caring administrators help to make
LegendMUD a truly intriguing world to explore.

The MUD's areas are based on historical, literary and mythical places.  The
areas are rich with detail, and the customized mob system allows for complex
quests and intricate NPC interaction.

If you are going to explore one MUD today, check out LegendMUD!

Reviewer: Operandi"

The Electronic Newsstand and MudGate can be reached by gophering to


            /                         \
        o O | Wonder what folks are    |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMud? |
   (o o)     \________________________/

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

Oddly enough, the mud downtime resulted in a flood of mail in the LT
mailboxes. Here are three of the most interesting bits to cross the virtual
desk lately...

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

"To my Lord, Ptah,

     "Slightly over one month ago the clan leader of Clan Connaught,
Donnal O'Connor, publically charged the ruler of Ireland, Cian, with
incompetence and labeled him a failure as a ruler. Specifically he pointed
to the many dangers that constantly beseiged travellers on there way to
the coast of Ireland from the city of Tara. Cian rejected this and after
a public exchange of insults and retorts, Cian and Donnal went off to battle.

     "It is my sad duty to inform you that my father and clan leader,
Donnal, was slain by Cian in a mighty battle that was witnessed by a God
(Breton). This event has no doubt shaken the clan somewhat. My sister,
Moira, whose relations with Donnal were cold at best, failed to adequately
make up with Donnal before his death, and my elder brother, Jove, was
unprepared to handle the leadership of the clan.

      "It was left to the elder statesman of the clan, Donnal's brother
(my uncle :) ) Bart, to suggest that I assume temporary leadership of the
clan until Jove is ready to assume is rightful place as clan leader. This
decision was reached in Jove's absence after some debate between Bart,
myself, Moira and my apprentice, Belnos. Jove has since agreed to this
decision and to help him prepare has joined the Knights of Legend.

      "All of Clan Connaught now seeks revenge on Cian and his family for
the terrible acts that they have committed against our clan and the
people of Ireland. We will be actively campaigning against him in the
weeks to come. Furthermore, a public funeral will be held for Donnal in
the near future. Very information will be advised.

"As always,
Rory O'Connor - The Sorcerer.
Clan Connaught."

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

Seems we are now the verbal sparring grounds for the war between Tigger,
Mercenary, Revenant, et al. Late breaking news, just hours before we
went down, was that a last-minute truce fell through. Rumors were flying
about internal strife within the Knights of Legend over the issue, with
speculation rampant about a splinter group separating from the Knights,
to be led by one of the current prominent members!

Can it be true? Well, a letter arrived from Tigger which may clarify the

"Ah, brave Mercenary, do not delude yourself. Blinding a party and attacking a
single member is a simple thing, as none of the others can attack you. All
who know me know that I would never knowingly disturb one's rapture with the
gods. And, to claim that you brokered a truce is exaggeration to the highest
end! You came to the Knights demanding a ridiculous sum for conduct that you
deemed dishonorable for a Knight. 'Tis folly to expect payment for a breach
of rules which you do not yourself follow. And the dear sweet Knights, all
honor and goodness and saluting, are so much more concerned with proper
conduct than with ridding the land of the likes of you and Revenant. I am a
woman of action, and took such on that Glorious Day, distributing your
equipment to those who would use it for good and not profiting of it myself.
If this is seen as a breach of honor, so be it. I will make my own way in
this world, free of the burden of the Knightly Clan, answerable only to
myself and the great Goddess for my honor and conduct. So if it is a fight
you wish, I urge you to look me up first and not attack those clan members
with their own concerns. I will give you a better fight.


                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/
On a less controversial note, it's my sad duty to announce that Bronach
and Vesica have left us permanently, and that Rucht, member of the Order
of the Scroll, is departing on an extended vacation from LegendMUD and
indeed virtual reality. A message from the departed:

"Hi.  Um, having just gone and purchased my books for spring semester and
having realized just how much I'm going to have to do this term... I
think I'm going to have to say a regretful goodbye to LegendMUD.  I did
spend quite a few enjoyable hours there, and I liked the helpful
people/immorts (not that immorts aren't people too ), and I
especially appreciated the historical settings (and boy does it hurt not
to see the new Viking area I read about).  Thanks for all the work
everyone put in.

Thanks very much.


Rucht says that he may be back from time to time and will stay in touch by
reading the Legendary Times. Let's all hope that he visits often, and
has a great semester!

 Legendary Times is put out by the gods of LegendMUD. Please send all
 replies/additions to [email protected] for inclusion in the next  
 edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate this discussion,
and may object to some submissions. If you feel we have wrongly omitted 
 one of your messages, please talk to either Kaige or Ptah online or 
 through EMail and see if we did indeed receive it in the first place.
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