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VOLUME TWO, ISSUE FIVE                                  Jan. 15th, 1995

                      ...:/:[ CONTENTS ]:\:...

                       BUG FIXES AND UPDATES
                -   wary/agg range reduced to 3    -
                -      doppelgangers altered       -
                -        tells made simpler        -
                -    half cost mana for fails      -
                - advance warning on fading spells -
                -  agg spells increased in power   -
                -       hard numbers go poof       -
                -    fix in the OOC auditorium     -
                           SOCIAL EVENTS

                -          Bart returns!           -
                -   a letter delivered by Snitch   -

Many of you have noticed how overpowered wary/agg is even despite the
recent changes to fix the bugs in it. We think that the root cause of
the problem lies not so much in wary/agg itself as in the preponderance
of, and overdependence on, +hit in the game.

So wary/agg is getting seriously re-evaluated. The result of this hard
look at how our hit tables work may result in major changes, but for now
all we've done is reduce the range of wary and agg from 5 to 3. This
means that there are now only 3 notches of agg and three of wary... for
a max of +3 or minimum of -3.

Also note that right now score still shows the range as being 5... it
will change to three at next code update.

Another major wary/agg bug was found and fixed. Aggressive settings were
not only giving +hit but also +dam, making it far too overpowered. This
is probably another reason why it has been so useful for all of you. Many
thanks to Sylia for pointing out this oversight. This should be fixed
within the next few hours.

                       DOPPELGANGERS ALTERED
The doppelganger spell has been considerably altered in order to restore
it to its intended defensive purpose.

Doppels now have stats based on the caster's UNMODIFIED stats. They match
your axioms as well. They are you naked, in other words.

You are now limited to one doppelganger. The rationale is that you split
your image in two, and it requires concentration and astral energy. If
you try to do it more, you'd split your identity and destroy yourself.
If you have an old doppelganger laying about, *be it still charmed to you
or not*, you have to get rid of it before you can make another. Dispel
illusion works to get rid of them; so does old-fashioned muscle.

                         TELLS MADE SIMPLER
In a related development, the TELL command now defaults to players. So
telling to a mage with a doppelganger will get the mage first. In the
case of poor Emily, people will be able to reach her without having to
talk past the mob Emily. This should make life a lot simpler for some. :)


From now on, failure when chanting a spell will only cost half the full
mana cost of the spell. Note that some spells may still cost the full
amount because of their peculiar nature. Most however will give you
the discount for messing up.

However, in recompiling some old mana costs were restored--in particular
all spells that create charms are now back to old mana costs. They will
go back down again when we next recompile, but perhaps not to the
previous levels, as we plan to do an overhaul of all mana costs.


You should now get a warning a tick or few in advance of the collapse
of timed spells such as strength, fly, etc. This should prevent people
from drowning in the middle of the ocean without warning. Note that we
haven't tested this fully but believe it will work. If you find timed
spells that don't give warning, let us know and we'll add a message for


Many aggressive, direct damage spells were upgraded, and they should now
all be more based on the caster's ability. They are mostly based off of
mind now; mages with higher mind will tend to do more damage. Cast level
still counts, especially in success and duration of timed spells. Damage
is largely based off of mind plus another stat which varies from spell to

Players should find the poison spell much more effective; gust of wind
and all the other elemental-based attack spells are now this way as well;
and the various offensive spells added in the last batch a month ago
were also changed to match.

Special note: the blindness spell now results in a stumbling, random
attack on the part of the victim, unless they have wonderful percept.
This means that everyone in the room is in danger of getting attacked
(Everyone attackable--unclanned players are immune from attacks from
blinded clanned pc's).

                      HARD NUMBERS GO POOF

In a continuing effort to make the mud both less Dikuish and more
realistic, most of the identification spells and skills that deal with
item and player stats have been altered to use messages rather than
plain numbers. Numbers still remain in many spells however, particularly
those assessing weapon damage. But precise dice have been removed in
favor of average damage values.


You should notice a new mob wandering around in the OOC Auditorium. The
janitor, Mr. Maynard, will make sure that you don't litter the place.
That you don't stick your bubble gum under the chairs. He also disapproves
of graffiti. You can use Mr. Maynard to return to the rest of mud just
as you can use any of the other mobs in the OOC Lounge.

            /                         \
        o O | Wonder what folks are    |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMud? |
   (o o)     \________________________/

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/
Everyone has been following the romantic saga of Rusalka and Bart quite
closely; well, Bart has returned from his long voyage in search of the
origins of his beloved, and left this manuscript in the LT offices...

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

        I have not the gift of words as others do, however this is an
account of my travels to lands far distant in a search for the ancestors
of my beloved Rusalka, and an attempt to explain how it was she came to
grace the shores of Tara those years ago.
        My travels commenced in tara and eventually to Gaul before
leading me through many strange and distant lands. My search for a
starting point to this search ended when i happened to mention my search
to a wise man in Roman Britain which led me to the far land known as
        Stories of a dark stranger are whispered in the back corners of
Uzbekistan and are told around the fires late at night to frighten young
children. The identity of this stranger I was never to discover, however
this identity is irrelevant to the story.... suffice to say that he
existed and his deeds are those of myth today, deeds that would lead
directly to the expulsion from the land of the Lady Rusalka.
        The stranger had travelled the lands for many years and his
departure from an area left ruin and sorrow in its wake, families torn
apart and friends remaining enemies following his disappearance. The
arrival of the stranger in Uzbekistan was met with the armies of the
house Tartar, a noble house of the Khazar clan. the stranger was then
taken before the heads of this house and asked to answer for his actions.
        All questions asked of the stranger were met with riddles and
subterfuge , angering the elders and sending them into a rage. the actual
details of the following remain a mystery covered in legend, only the
vaguest outline of which I was able to decipher despite much cajolery or
bribery. Eventually I discovered that the stranger was threatened with
some terrible action unless his identity was revealed and his actions
explained. A dark shadow passed over the stranger's face and the land
quaked in terror (or so the people tell it). The stranger lifted his head
and laughed insanely, calling upon his dark gods to curse the leaders of
this noble house of Tartar, and before a muscle was twitched the stranger
        The details of the aftermath are shrouded in shame, however I
discovered that after two days had passed the noble house of Tartar had
fallen, it's leaders slain mercilessly, and their infant child had
disappeared, some said smuggled away by loyal servants of the house.
        I tracked down some of the surviving servants and did indeed
manage to trace the path of the child (after some exchange of tokens) to
a slave trader outside of Zanzibar. This trader, once learning of my
quest, did ambush me and manage to steal my equipment while I did rest
from my journey, though I at least did manage to `obtain' some
information after this attack, which led me back to Gaul.
        An old wife in Gaul remembered the passing of a band of slavers
some years before and remembered a terrible battle that broke out between
the slavers and some of the slaves. Through information from the trader
and the old wife I traced the trail back into Rome, it seems that someone
took pity on the infant and smuggled her into the city proper during the
        It is here I regret to have lost the trail of the infant child. I
know not if this child is indeed my beloved Rusalka nor how, if it was
Rusalka, the child came to be found in Tara. Despite these doubts my
heart tells me my trail was true, and i mourned desperately for the fate
of the child's family.
        My quest ends with many questions to be answered, and hopefully
these answers will be found in time and perhaps, if I am allowed, both
Rusalka and myself may pursue these answers together.....

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/
Another manuscript, not nearly as well presented, was also given to us
by a suspicious looking fellow. To our surprise this crook's crummy note
concealed another missive inside the folds... So here are both the remarks
made by the crook and also the concealed letter he brought...

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

   Some o' you may 'ave seen me on, yea, I'm 'round.  Name's Snitch.  Got
a low ear an' a silver tongue.  You got a way to grease me palm, I'll
tell ya stories yer grandpappy ain't told ya!  But 'nough 'bout me.  I'm
here on behalf of a customer.  Sent me o paper I'sa supposed to gi' to
ya.  .  Be seein' ya 'round.

   Letter reads:

   To the citizens of Legend:

   I have been watching the growing conflicts between certain groups
within the world and know that a time of reckoning approaches.  Wars will
be fought, and many lives will be lost.  Many have asked questions
regarding those of us that are for hire.  I will try to clarify my stand
and the stand of those that I employ.
   First of all, we do not take sides.  However, do not think that we
will take any contract.  I am very careful in choosing who our clients
are and the methods in which we deal with them.  We are not mercenaries
to be bought for any price to do anything.  We are a dedicated group that
lends our talents to the specific needs of our clients.  Murder, yes.
Stealing, yes.  But our services do not stop there.
   Second of all, we do not hold personal grudges against the "victims"
we contract against.  I demand total professionalism from my employees,
and will deal with any that I deem have gone beyond these bounds.
   Thirdly, there will be no set method or rate of payment.  Payment on
each contract will vary depending on who does the contract, the
complexity of the job, and expenses along the way.  Half estimated
payment will be due at the start of the contract, and the final balance
due before delivery or end of contract.
   Fourthly, I guarantee the anonymnity of members within my group,
people interested in being employed by me may chose the extent of
involvment with the other employees.  Information will not be given about
members in my employment, and anyone caught doing so will be severely
   Last of all, I wish to mention that for now, contact with me or
members in my employment may be done through Snitch.

   "Anyone who has no fear of dying can harm them."  -- Machiavelli


   Joe, Guild Leader of the Assassins
                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

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