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VOLUME TWO, ISSUE SIX                                   Jan. 17th, 1995

                      ...:/:[ CONTENTS ]:\:...
                       A LOSS AND THREE GAINS

                   -      Ganelon resigns       -
                   -     some new immortals!    -
                   - Legend gets a WWW homepage -

                             BUG FIXES
                    -  fencing teacher in Lima  -
                    - blinding flash (finally!) -

                      SOMETHING ODD IS GOING ON!

               - Are mobs tougher than they used to be? -
                   -  tactics for the warriors  -
                   -  Secretives hold tourney   -
                            SOCIAL EVENTS
                      -  All about Sephrenia  -
                      - ST: Voyager tape tree -
                          GANELON RESIGNS
Ganelon, builder of Gold Rush San Francisco, has resigned from immorthood
at LegendMUD effective Jan. 15th. Other immortals will take over the
maintenance of his area. The reason for the departure was differences
with other immortals over procedures for multiple coders. We're sorry to
have him go, and wish him the best of luck!

                      MATRIX AND WRAITH IMMORT

Sir Matrix, of the Knights of Legend, and Wraith, past guildmaster of
the Order of the Scroll, are both joining the immortal team at Legend.

Matrix will be working on Ancient Rome, AD 70, a time when Nero was
Emperor, the Jewish Revolt was beginning, and the decadence of the Roman
Empire was in full flower.

Wraith will be working on World War I Europe, on the front where English
and German trenches crisscrossed the wartorn French and Belgian lands,
and No Man's Land was the deadliest bit of real estate on the Continent.
There are plans for an aerial portion to this, complete with dogfights.

Some of you may have noticed that Wraith was not level 50 yet; his other
character Morrin was, however, and we immorted Morrin. Everyone liked the
name Wraith better, though, so the lower level character was deleted and
the new immort was called Wraith. :)

Wish both of these new immorts the best of luck with their building!

Arkenstone has set up a WWW home page for LegendMUD. This site now has
back issues of the Legendary Times, other info on the mud, and also
Sylia's Tips and Tricks for Players, a portion of which is reprinted
below. To access this home page, fire up your WWW browser (mosaic,
netscape, lynx, what have you) and point towards:

If you have suggestions for things you'd like to see there, please let
us know! We have limited space, but will try to accomodate good ideas. Note
that graphics such as pictures of players are sort of out of the question
given the space they take up. :)

                               BUG FIXES

- BLINDING FLASH no longer blinds the caster!

- the teacher for FENCING in Lima is fixed and now responds to the right

The answer is, maybe yes. Several upper level players have reported that
mobs that they've been killing for ten levels are suddenly an even match
for them. Oddly enough, this makes a lvl 46 mob a match for a lvl 46 player.
In other words, things seem to now be as they should have been all along.
At least, this is what is reported.

The immorts at Legend have not changed any of these mobs; nor have we
made any changes to the code that could account for this, that we know
of. It is possible that the fix to wary/agg also solved some long-standing
bug. It is also possible a new bug was introduced somehow that gives
desirable (well, to immorts anyway) results.

In the end: if you have any idea whether the increased difficulty of the
mobs seems to be in their increased ability to hit or their increased
ability to do damage, please let us know. We have no idea why these mobs
are finally behaving as they were designed to, and are investigating...
but nor are we particularly upset that it is so.

If the change, whatever it seems, seems to have made mobs under lvl 50
TOO difficult, please let us know. Keep in mind that conning a mob as
'Perfect Match' ought to mean a touch and go situation.

We estimate that over lvl 50 mobs (vampire, octopus, abbot, Herne, Lugh,
the lion, etc) are probably extraordinarily difficult now and should be
approached only with extreme caution.

Again, we don't know why, we didn't plan to make the mobs tougher overnight
nor did we alter anything purposely, but this is what players have reported.
Sorry if you have been caught without warning--so were we. If we had planned
to revise things we would have warned you.

                       .'                       '.
                     .:          FEATURE          :.
                      '.        ARTICLES!        .'
                        '                       '

                     SYLIA'S TIPS FOR SUCCESS, part one
                          (THE FIGHTER TACTICS)   
                                by Sylia   
1, If you are a God in Legend, STOP reading.
2, If you wanna role-play, STOP reading and die in style.
3, If you think you are not a newbie, STOP reading.

        I assume that all of you are familiar with the heavily modified
system ran in Legend. And I assume that you all know what the skills and
ideas below are. These are only fragments of my thoughts and will be subject
to change especially after god intervention. So don't be surprised if it
doesn't work well for you after a while. But I will probably issue some other
tricks until the gods outwit me *giggle*.

        Notice here if you are a supercharacter, you don't need my guide.
This is for normal character only ( weak comparing with other powerful
characters ). And these are only fragments of my thoughts and by no way far
>From complete. I 'll welcome any suggestion or modification. Please contact
me in Mud or post on LT. Remember if you somehow died because of listening to
my advice, I bear no responsibilty to that *grin*

Headbutt and Stun :
Headbutt is a very powerful skill since it will stun your opponent and allow
an auto-hit no matter what your hitroll is. It works fine for any level. Your
Dex comparing to opponent's dex determines the chance of success and your con
( I wonder if str counts too, but I suspect it wdoesn't ) determines are you
able to stun the mob longer or stun yourself too. So a high Dex is
alwaysdesired in Legend. Actually I call it the most important stat in
Legend. The only problem is you only get a slight chance to hit if your
opponent has very high dex. In this case, mobs like Vampire, those Poets,
almost all 49-50 level mobs are difficult to headbutt down. And remember you
have a 3 rounds delay after you used headbutt and the mob can hit you a lot
harder while you are sitting. You may found headbutt being hazardous to your
health. My suggestion is unless you know your headbutt can hit the mob over
90% ( actually I 'll sugggest 100% ) , yyou shouldn't use it at all. Since if
you failed and is sitting down and unable to flee. You may lose half xp
*Headbutt Trick* : people always try to get a higher con to avoid being
stunned themselves too. How about try to reduce your con and willingly stun
yourself? All you need is a good friend to wake you up. Then you can doing
whatever you like on the stunned opponent. ( backstab, kick, normal attack...
etc ) Remember you can score double damage on a stunned mob.
*Warning* Be aware that one day when you are using headbutt, you'll stun
yourself only without stunning the opponent.

Wimpy and Fleeing:
        the max wimpy level you can set is at max hps. Which means you'll
flee automatically if someone attacks you. Fleeing will make yyou lose xp but
sometimes you may want to voluntary flee instead of stay there figghting when
your opponent has 3-9 attacks each round. ( have you ever face the
demonkeeper, or herne, or octopus ? ) Also, it let you get out of combat
automatically and probably you can go back in to fight. This is a normal
tactic call "HIT and RUN" It allows you to be able to kill someone harder
than you. But it has lots of setback. First of all you'll lose all prestige,
and a lot of xp according to what the level is. And for a successful fleeing,
you may need a very good dex ( 100 prefered ) and more than one exit. or else
you'll have a chance to be unable to flee and face the consequence. Your
chance decreses as your dex decreases and the number of exits decreases. Also
the mob will be aggressive to you when you fled. So sneak back is a good way
to make your second attack, or merely type fast will probably enable you to
attack first.
*Warning* Don't try this when lots of aggressive mobs are around you, you may
need up fleeing between aggressive mobs and die before you can do any other
things else. Also Notice that you can't set wimpy higher than your hps and
are unable to change wimpy during combat.
*Tip on HIT and RUN* You can utilize your attack with other skills, such as
Backstab and run, Headbutt and run, Bash and run, Kick and run, Chanting and
run... etc

Healing and Regenerating:
Healing here means using extraordinary method to regain hps, either by drugs,
herbs, or magic. regenerating means normal gain during ticks. Since most mob
is able to regenerate faster than you do. The only way to outshine it is to
either heal quick or forbid it to regenerate. Posion or fever spell from the
create school does well to forbid tick gain of mobs. And there are places
where you can get free heal... ( well most people know actually ). But drug
abuse will make you overdose. Sometimes yyou don't need to finish the mob
right away. You can always come back to him.

        I know it can be more than confusing now, but these are very simple
stuffs. Your confusion is probably caused by my poor English and I apologize
for that. Theer are many other precautions before using some of the above
tactis. Which I won't include here since it varies from mob to mob. But the
main point here is to stay alive. you can always get xp later. If you have
specific question you can send me a mail or put it up to discuss.

        Next time I 'll talk about spells and probably elaborate a bit on my
points here depends on the enlightenment of you readers. You have to know
that this is not the only way to play and by far not the best way to play.
But hope this may give you some insight about how to burrow through the
                                Shieldmaiden of the Hermetic Order

P.S. Join our order :) you won't regret it.


                             by Warbird

        Thanks to Sadist, I am proud and pleased to announce the first, of
what I hope to be many, Pkill tournaments. For all you quivering in your
boots, here is a welcome bit o' news: there will be no xp loss for the
tournament. The Tourney is to be held on Superbowl Sunday (January 29th)
at 10 pm edt.
        Seeing as there will be no loss of xp for the tournament, there
will be a fee to play of 5000 coins per player, per event. There will be
a singles and team competition. The singles competition will be divided
into 3 divisions of Levels 10-20, Levels 21-34 and Level 35 and up. The
team competition will have no level restrictions and will be formed of
teams of five or less. The payout for the tournament will be
approximately 80 percent of the money taken in and there will be a nice
bonus for those who emerge victorious: The winners will be allowed to
pick one item that I will obtain for them. Although choice of items is
restricted to those that I am able to get (ie no Septres or Swords Burning
with Sidhe Fire.) I ask that if you are intersted in participating in
this event that you email me at the address below. The deadline for
entries is Friday, January 27th. This is so I can get with Sadist and set
up the tournament. This event will most likely be held in the Hall of
Legends and is open to all CLANNED characters.

        A Few Rules For the Tourney:

1) Anything goes: you can use spells, skills and any weapons and or armor
that it are within the 1000 over rule.

2) The 10 level rule will be lifted for this event (ie anyone can kill

3) You can participate in any divisions as you feel you can handle.
If you feel your level 20 char can hang with the big boys (or girls), go
for it :)

4) Teams are to be made up of up to 5 clanned chars. There is only one
team division so the lower levels should look to join up with more
powerful chars to truly have a chance at victory, but that is up to you.

5) The idea here is to have fun and to win bragging rights, as well as
win a neat item. No grudges should be held for deaths occuring here and
post-tourney whining will NOT be tolerated!! After all, no one is losing
xp for the deaths occuring here :p

6) Payment of entry fees can be made starting 2 hours prior to the start
of the tournament in the Inn in Sherwood. Please give your cash to
Secretive, as the Secretives are the proud sponsors of this tournament.

          Address for entries: [email protected]


            /                         \
        o O | Wonder what folks are    |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMud? |
   (o o)     \________________________/

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

The following arrived at the LT after taking a roundabout route via the
Legend Discussion List. It appears to be the biography--or dream?--of
one recent arrival to LegendMUD...

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

I am Sephrenia, once priestess of Aphreal in a land far away, or was I?
Perhaps that was the dream, I am not sure.  But here is my story, as I can
recall it, make of it what you will.

I remember vividly my days as Aphreal's faithful servant, watching over
Anakha and making sure he met his destiny.  I had great magic at my disposal
and the respect of those with whom I served.  Less clearly do I remember
Anakha's death and the visit from the gods, telling me that my task was
complete and my time on that world had come to an end.  I argued bitterly,
and raged, for I was not done with living.  At the end Aphreal put her small
hand on my forehead and whispered "Sleep, dear one" to me and I fell into a
deep dream.

I dreamt that I was in a strange place called Klein, Germany.  All I had on
me was a few gold coins and a map of the town.  As I tried to make sense of
the world around me, I called to my goddess, Aphreal, but she did not answer
my prayers.  My magic was useless.  My fighting skills poor.  I asked all
that I met where I was and what I should do and met with some answers, but
no one knew how I could return to my home.

Days went on, and I learned some of the ways of this world.  I have explored
Klein, and Sherwood.  Travelled through strange magic back to the Ancient
times of Eire and Agrabah.  At night I still dream about my own home, and my
goddess, but now I wonder which was the dream?  I have sought out magicians
and mages, warriors and healers and asked them to teach me what they know,
and my knowledge gradually grows.  I desire to learn the laws of magic in my
new home, and to discover what my destiny is here.  The dreams fade slowly,
and in time, I am sure, I'll not remember them at all.  This is my home now,
intriguing, and beautiful, frightening and serene.  I am a stranger in a
strange land, but will not be so for long.


                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/
In a totally Out Of Character aside -- many of our players are not in a
region of the United States that recieves the new United Paramount
Network. This is the only network that is carrying the new Star Trek:
Voyager show.

Tigger has kindly agreed to provide the master copy for a tape tree of
the premiere of this show for those who were unable to watch it because
it is not shown in their region. Please email the LT address if you are
interested in this, with your full RL address and your email address.

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

 Legendary Times is put out by the gods of LegendMUD. Please send all
 replies/additions to [email protected] for inclusion in the next  
 edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate this discussion,
and may object to some submissions. If you feel we have wrongly omitted 
 one of your messages, please talk to either Kaige or Ptah online or 
 through EMail and see if we did indeed receive it in the first place.
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