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VOLUME TWO, ISSUE SEVEN                                 Jan. 27th, 1995

                   !!!SPECIAL ALL-RUSALKA ISSUE!!!

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                    ARE THERE CHANGES 'ROUND HERE?
                    - LegendMUD moves next door -
                    - Legend's newest immortal! -
          - Sylia's Tips and Tricks Part II: the cause mage -
                            SOCIAL EVENTS
                 -   A zillion poems for Rusalka   -
                 -   ...and an item about Byron    -
                 - and the Rename Hrothgar winner! -

                          LEGEND MUD MOVES

The lag on finally got to everyone. The mud's new
site is now: 9999 9999

We'll notify mudlists and so on; in the meantime, a message program is
running on bashful as a forwarding address. This does NOT solve our long-
term site problems as we still have the same lack of space as always. But
the load on sylvester is lower and we should be able to run faster there.
                           MINGUS IMMORTS

Congratulations to Mingus, head of the roleplaying Clan Gunn. Mingus will
be working on building a Gypsy camp that sets up next to many different
areas in the mud at different times. Everyone wish him the best of luck in
his building!
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                     SYLIA'S TIPS FOR SUCCESS, part two
                         (THE CAUSE MAGE AND LIFE)
                                by Sylia
This issue will mainly discuss the spells of a Cause mage.
There are two kinds of cause mage. namely the Irish one or Arabian one. The
Irish mages can only learn 1st or 2nd circle words while Arabian one have
full access of magic. Cause magic includes 4 parts : vid, guh, ( these two
part's spells are basically the same with create type ), and their special
Vina and Meue.
First of all, information spells are important to all mages, since knowledge
is power. "identify person" will tells you about the mob. "detect hidden" let
you able to see hiiden mobs or player. "identify" or "identify object" will
give info on item. "phase door" will allow you to pass through locked doors.
"forage" may save your life when you are hungry. "water walk" saves you the
weight of a boat and chance to get drown. "transperancy" will hide an item
for those who can see invis only. ( Kiki , now deceased, used to wear a bunch
of invis items, and imagine giving invis items to those you don't like can be
very irritating! ) "infravision" will help if your light runs out. "judge"
and "assess protection" will help you to understand the mob more. "report"
will show exactly how much hps the mob still have. "sustained breath" save
your practice to learn that skill ( unfortunately it doesn't seem to work
well ). and spells like "youth" sure can hide your old age to make you feel
better. there are some other Vid spells but generally not being used.
Secondly, about concealment spells: It provides "hide" and "sneak" ability if
you don't have the skill. Also it has higher form of hidden all spell
"comfloumge" and "fade person" . Notice not many mobs can see invis. turn a
person into invisible can allow you to bring a player into aggresive zone
without being afraid of them getting hurt. But certain mobs can detect invis
and maybe dangerous. Also "true form" allows you to fix magical items, a very
valuable spell, "remove curse" will help you handle cursed item. 'calm" can
stop fihgting in zone which may save your life. But these three spells
require 3rd circle words and thus are limited to Arabian mage only.
The above spells from the word vid and guh is availabe to all mages, no
matter you are cause or create. But the following spells of cause is mostly
Healing spell: cause provide a lower form of healing "cure light" although it
doesn't heal much but little is always better than nothing.
Damage -based attack spells: "evil thoughts", "contagious cough" "wither"
"cause light wounds" "beam of pain" "harm" "lava flow" "immolation" "watery
death"  generally speaking these are saved as last resort. And chanting a
spell in combat may need a few rounds delay so it's not very handy. And some
spells require you to have high stats in mind and spirit, while dressing like
that , it's almost impossible to fight well with hand-held weapon. It is
upgraded but since I haven't tested them out. I have no suggestion on that
except "immolation" --This spell has a slight chance to consume the mob in
fire and leave his equip behind for you. "instand death" is better but you
need to have a high mind to overcome the mob's resistance.
Combat-related spell: "bless" 'strength" these two spells has the same result
as the druidic skill. "idiocy" "clumsiness" "weaken armor" will make the mob
easier to hit. Note that "clumsiness" will lower the mob's dex and make your
martial arts more likely to success and "idiocy" will lower the mob's mind
and make other attack spells easier to have effect including the dreadful
"stun" spell. "armor" and "barksin" will rasie a person's ac by 30 which is
very nice to have. "sloth" has 2 uses. It will make a mob rest so he stops
wandering around or you make it sit so your next attack score more damage on
him. Note that this section of combat related spells, no 3rd circle spell is
involved and requires not very high stats. It is possible that even a warrior
and somehow manage to be able to chant them.
Misc. Spells: "reccall" gets you out of trouble or simply save your walking
time. It can be chanted on others. It is very handy and the recall costs for
a non-cause mage is 5k gold and 5k rent at least to rent a reccall potion or
scroll. "fly" will makes you lose less movement and allow to fly over sea.
"refresh" can help newbies or yourself to gain back some movement.
Special spell: "fear" will make one mob flee randomly. note that the mob has
the same chance to flee as a player,so low dex mob may not be able to flee.
And this spell will draw the mob to attack you, so you have to be ready to
fight or flee yourself. But it is very handy to seperate a mob from his
friends or simply get the vampire out to roam in london. "blindness" it will
blind a mob and lowers it's ac by 40 and tohitroll by 4. It is VERY powerful
but also it makes the mob to be aggresive to you and attack immediately.
"dancing sword" : this spell will turn a weapon into a follower and fight on
your side. It has average stats according to the size and type of weapon. It
can't carry item but it will obey your command to attack. Since you won't be
able to get dancing sword spell until level 25, the chanting level will
determines the weapon's power and duration. And since it includes a 3rd
circle word, it's only availabe to Arabian mage.
Chanting level and stats:
chanting level starts from the first time you chanted a spell. a spell at
first level has a roughly 50% chance to succeed. It goes up when you gain in
level and thus raise your chanting level. Since it is impossible to get all
words at low level, so a careful plan of which word you prefer to be known
earlier is important. Also chanting level determines the duration and power
of the spell most of the time. So it's always better to learn a spell at
lower level. And you may need to have a chanting level of roughly 25 to
provide a close to 100% chance to chant a spell without losing concentration.
But it varies from spell to spell.  sometimes stats will affect the result of
spells especially damaged based attack spell or spells such as "instand
death" or "stun". But generally you don't need a very high mind or spirit if
you use those spells which doesn't require a stats check.
Arabian mage vs irish mage :
irish mage can function almost as good as Arabian mage in cause school since
most useful spellsdon't require a 3rd circle word. But Arabian mage still has
the advantage of having spells like "true form" "calm" "dancing sword" and
some more others.
Notes on "dancing sword" : it is a spell with good potential if you can
manage to enchant a lots of weapon. It's restricted is: it now costs 74 mana
each. Even if a person used up all mana will only be able to make 3-4 or
maybe 5. Also it will explode once it's duration's ended . Hence it's almost
useless at low chanting level. And at low chanting level , the weapon's
hitroll and hps are too low to be able to act as buffer for a while.
"turn undead" I wonder why this spell is here if the spell 'fear" can just
work as fine.
"weakness" will reduce the ob's strength and thus damroll... it should be
included in combat-related spell.
many other spells are not installed and some spells not mentioned above. It's
because my mind is a little bid fading after thinking about all these spells.
I 'll provide more info when I have first hand information on them.
Tips: for cause mage, besides the basic vid, guh, vina, annd meue, pick man

and movement and power since these provide most spells being used. pick vya
if you want to have attack spell. drva will ggives a few hhealth related
spells and healing. mrti allows a few potential powerful spells. mostly
elemental words are used as misc. rather than attack. matter allows the use
of "dancing sword" and probably "true form". From a practical point of view.
only those wordsof man, movement,power, will allow you to be a good cause
mage. 3rd circle words are added if necessary but generally not required. And
this school helps to prepare before a fighgt. Until you can rely on damaged
based spell, You still need to draw your sword and attack. So better be able
to do some exercise too.

                The introduction of cause magic should end here.if I am
missing anthing, please remind me. And I 'll put more thoughts on my next
issue if anything comes into my mind.

                Shieldmaiden of the Hermetic Order

P.S. there's nothing you can't magick up

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        o O | Wonder what folks are    |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMud? |
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Greyscot was the winner of the "Rename Hrothgar" Contest. The winning
name will appear on the mob-formerly-known-as-Hrothgar soon! Greyscot's
winning name earned him a bag of Fionn's cookies and a strung item.

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

Yet another autobiography seems to have made its way to the LT offices;
this one from a well-known bard who seeks to tell us a little about who he is
and where he's from...
                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/
I was born in London in the early 1800's.  I don't remember much about my
parents, for they both died when I was very young.  Having no other family, I
would have soon been on the streets or in an orphanage if it had not been for
the kindness of the owner of the Curio Shop.  He had been a friend to my
father, and he allowed me to stay in the small back room of the shop.  I used
to help him around the store when I got a bit older, and I remember watching
the rich merchants come in to sell the exotic items the had found in their
travels.  I think it was then I began to dream of traveling the globe and
exploring strange new frontiers.

To those ends, I began to study everything I could.  History, geography, the
classics of literature, I read it all in an effort to educate myself.  I also
spent time with others in that communtity; the outfitter, the owner of the
local Inn, the sailors on the docks, I even went to the notorious criminal Big
Jim Southland so I could be ready for what the world might throw at me!

Upon reaching my seventeenth birthday, I deemed myself ready to set forth into
the world.  I quickly realized how wrong I was!  If it were not for the
assistance of two strangers I would have quickly perished.  I later found out
that the stranges had been the members of a group know as the Order of the
Scroll, a group dedicated to the gathering of knowledge and the assistance of
others.  I promised myself that one day I would become a member of that
worthy group and carry on their work.

It was a few years later when I would realize that dream.  I was approached by
a charismatic figure who asked me if I would like to join the Order.  I accepted
immediately, and in due time was inducted into that august body.  Since then I
have spent my life exploring, finding my way to new areas and even new eras,
and trying to aid those who had just set out in the world.

                                        Byron Neisson
                                        Member: The Order of the Scroll
                                        Dusty's Champion
                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

Well, I think it's safe to say that a new chapter needs to be made in all the
lit textbooks, for 'Rusalka poems.' Here's a collection of the poems to
arrive at the LT offices lately, ranging from the polished to the rather
irreverent... Authors include Greyscot the Bard; Hunter_Rose; Hayden of
the Order of the Scroll; Orlando, who seems to have no particular connection
to any of this but wrote a poem anyway; and limericist Jafar, another Bard.
Without further ado, here come the verses...

Born to a world bound in chains,
Too small and weak
To work in the fields.
But on a midnight
Came swords dressed with shields
To free her from her captivity.
Given to the keeper of the rains,
Listened to the lessons
Given by the Master,
And grew upright
To become druid and caster
Wise in the ways of earth and sea.
Raised with the forest as a home,
Questioned herself,
Her values, her worth,
And left on a quest
To find the place of her birth
Hoping to find her lost family.
Worry not for your heart all alone,
One day soon
A champion will come
To win your heart
But the battle must be won
And when the tasks
You set are all done
Love will be yours for an eternity!

--  Hunter_Rose

Rusalka, a sprightly young tart,
was met by a fellow named Bart.
As they passed by a wagon,
Bart decided to drag in
Rusalka, and they loved a la cart.


He waits for you on a horse of smoke
That paces the valley green and wide
Two rings rest upon his tassled cloak
      I have seen him there,
There has never once been a patient groom.
Just as there has never been a homely bride
The hour has struck dear lady. Arise!


To that most Excellent gentleman Bart, Knight Protector of the Hermetic
Circle and Suitor to the fair Rusalka:

You make think me brash to send this letter, when I have not had the
honor of meeting you. However, having heard of your noble exploits
and trials in the pursuit of this grave Lady, it seems to me as though
there exists a kindred bond between us. For I have met your lady, and was
so struck with her grave beauty, her courtly grace (alas, those auburn
tresses, those cheeks so wan), that I was moved to compose this tribute to
her. I beg you to consider that I have only the most honorable
intentions, and shall not impede your pursuit of her person. For she is too
far above me that I can hope for naught but a fleeting glance from her
heavenly eyes. I only ask that you give these crude verses to her.

To that Rare and most Excellent Rusalka:

Oh Fair and Beauteous Lady,
More fair than pen can tell.
Your voice is melodious ringing,
As the chiming of a silver Bell.

Your eyes like lustrous pearls,
Sunk deep within their well.
Your mouth a puckered Rose,
>From which soft words oft fell.

Your intellect bright gleaming,
A pity you cannot spell.
And yet within your presence rare,
My heart can only quell.

-- Orlando, a student of Poesy

The Ballad of Bart and Rusalka


"This poem has deep hidden meanings and
 subtle shadings.    No ... really"


In far-off Agrabah, one eve,
Scheherezade did about her gather
the children of the townspeople,
including Jerry Mathers.(tm)

"Tell us a tale", they yelled,
"A new Arabian Night."
"Very well," said she.
Replied they, "Outasite."

"From the Age of Legends, I'll weave
a tale of love and desire.
And any interruptions will yield
consequences dire."

"Rusalka was GuildMistress
of the Hermetics Clan.
Dedicated to plumbing mysteries
yet unknown to man."

"Isn't the repetitive?" a timid boy asked.
And Scheherezade's teeth did gnash.
And she did floor him then,
with a powerful bash.

"None know quite fully from whence
Rusalka did arise.
But there is some painful beginning,
you can see it in her eyes."

"They say, as a child, she was from
dear family bereft.
Through some awful tragedy,
only she was left."

"She took up magic as a girl,
for purposes dual.
To suppress her emotional agony
and for vengeance cruel."

"That doesn't rhyme,"
an apprentice beggar objected.
"Die, you scum," said she,
"May you never be resurrected".

Wiping her blade, Scheherezade
then continued, "Some
say the name Rusalka's adopted,
to reflect what she'd become."

"She was much like the Vulcan Spock,"
Scheherezade chuckled.
But the children were quite confused,
being Next Generation suckled.

"She may be old as the hills,
no-one knows for sure.
Deep mysteries surround her,
VID ex Rusalka, a closed door."

"Now, there was one beneath her,
by the name of Bart.
Patriarch of the Connaught clan,
A miserable old f...  um... sweetheart."

"Brother of Donnal, he who died
fighting powerful Cian.
Uncle to Rory and heir apparent Jove,
and Moira who ain't cryin'."

"Doesn't Bart vant POWER?",
quipped a sweet smiling little one.
"Eat lead," said Scheherezade,
and shot her with a gun.

"It came to pass, a recall tag
game did old Bart win.
And was presented with a strung-item coupon
and a half-bottle of Beefeater's gin."

"The coupon, he respectfully
to Rusalka presented.
And was rewarded with a nod and smile,
'A thaw,' thought he, 'she's relented.'"

"Whether it was indeed a crack
in Rusalka's armored shell.
Or an old bachelor's fancy,
who can really tell."

"May I go to the bathroom?" a voice squeaked out,
I really have to ... ack!"
Scheherezade cleaned the blood from
her wicked sword of black.

"He pursued her then, to her
continued confusion.
Love was still to her,
a perplexing illusion."

"To forestall Bart's attentions,
to divert his pressing need,
she did assign him several quests.
never dreaming he'd succeed."

"And," Scheherezade smiled,
"A strange link in a strange chain.
This story I'm relating is
part of what Bart must gain."

"With Bart's successes,
another portent did unfold.
Rusalka's dark shroud was lost,
Brrr. Now she's also cold."

"Is the shroud then," a small child piped,
"A Literary Device?"
"Very observant," was the reply,
along with a fatal slice.

"Consider Co-Guildmaster Obmig,
always true beside her.
If she marries, what of him,
would he be an outsider?"

"Does Obmig also love her?"
an enraptured girl then queried.
She was consumed in flame as
Scheherezade's sword arm was wearied.

"And Hunter_Rose, a Knight of Legend,
Rusalka's self-appointed protector.
If she married Connaught Bart,
would he still respect her?"

"So, honor-bound, she is trapped,
in promises of her own making.
But even if wedlock, would she her
protection be forsaking?"

"What happened next?"
an enthralled child then spoke.
"You're lucky it's nothing," was the reply,
"Damn Decara's crystal broke."

"This poem's cadence's all messed up,"
Scheherezade said to the author,
"I know," he sighed, "but it's late
so I didn't bother."


                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

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