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VOLUME TWO, ISSUE NINE                                  Jan. 27th, 1995


                       ...:/:[ CONTENTS ]:\:...

                        A FEW FIXES AND STUFF

                      -  That pesky ol' nurse -
                      -   several sneak bugs  -
                      -  stealing from shops  -
                      -  fade person and self -
                      - stealing from clanned -
                      -     stun and pkill    -


              - The current nominees for the Expies! -
              -   Sylia's last installment of tips   - 


                    - Bart and Rusalka to wed!! -
                    - The Pkill Tourney results -
                    -   an odd ending to a war  -
                            VARIOUS BUG FIXES              

- Hopefully, the nurse in London will no longer be stunned all the time.
  It was a pretty darn obscure bug, but we'll see if she stays awake. If
  not, at least she now lets the gods know when she passes out. :)
- Several sneak bugs were fixed. High percept enables you to see sneaking
  people. That trans in Sherwood should work consistently now.

- Stealing from shops is now working properly.

- Fade person now works correctly again.

- Stealing between clanned individuals works properly now.

- Stunning other pc's works correctly now--it had not been having any effect
  in pkill combat.

                       .'                       '.
                     .:          FEATURE          :.
                      '.        ARTICLES!        .'
                        '                       '


Here is a tabulation of the current nominees for the Expies. Keep in mind
that only a fraction of the ballots have been received! As the deadline
approaches it is expected that many more will arrive, making the competition
more intense.

The nominees listed below are not listed in any particular order. The current
front-runner in each category is marked with an asterisk. Multiple asterisks
mean a tie for first place; no asterisk mean no leader in the category.

NOTE!!! There are nominees, even leaders in the category, listed below which
DO NOT QUALIFY for the award. I've left most of them in for now, but odds
are pretty good that we will respect the rules fully.

Nominations ballots are due by midnight CST on Friday! Send them in!!!

                   Elessar Memorial Award (best history)
    *AZTECS by Kaige                VIKING SCANDINAVIA by Arkenstone
     AFRICAN SAVANNA by Llew        ST. DENIS ABBEY by Charity
     THE ALHAMBRA by Kaige          ARABIAN MURALS by Kaige
     IRELAND by Fionn               SAN FRANCISCO by Ganelon

H. G. Wells Medal (place you'd most like to visit if you could time travel)

    *AZTECS by Kaige                     DANTE'S HELL by Flagg
     IRELAND by Fionn                    SAVANNA by Arkenstone
     NOTTINGHAM CASTLE by Kaige          ARABIA by Kaige
     VIKING SCANDINAVIA by Arkenstone    SEONI JUNGLE by Ptah

                                  Best Room
           THE BASTOFA in Viking Scandinavia, by Arkenstone
           LAKE VICTORIA (flamingoes) in Savanna, by Llew
           THE STEPS OF THE IPAC TLAMANCALI in Aztecs, by Kaige
           THE WILD BOAR TAVERN in the OOC Lounge, by Ptah
           A SMALL FLOWER SHOP in the OOC Lounge, by Ptah
           THE WELL OF MOONLIGHT in Ireland, by Fionn

                                  Best Item
            *DERT BAG, by Fionn, in Ireland
             RAT TURD by Charity, in St. Denis Abbey
             SNOW CONE by Kaige, in Aztecs
             STUFFED TEDDY BEAR by Ptah, in the OOC Lounge
             GOLD RING (MURDERER'S) by Ptah, in Viceroyal Lima
             BLACK QUARTZ STAFF by Flagg, in Hell
             WOODEN BRACELET, by Ptah, in South Seas/Macao
             BELLY DANCER ANKLETS/CYMBALS/BANGLES, by Kaige, in Arabia
             FOX TAIL by Ptah, in the Orkneys
             SCEPTRE OF MINOS by Flagg, in Hell

                       The Vampy for Best Mob
*INDIANA JONES, by Ptah                 GAN in Ireland, by Fionn
 PYTHON in the Savanna, by Llew         BEES in the Seoni Jungle, by Ptah
 GEESE in Vikings, by Arkenstone        KATO in San Francisco, by Ganelon
 BOOTBLACK in London, by Ptah           SCHEHEREZADE in Arabia, by Kaige
 POETS in Hell, by Flagg                ABBOT SUGER in Abbey, by Charity

                       The Lampy for Best Quest
           *OODEYPORE QUEST by Ptah, in the Seoni Jungle
           *CAT PRINCESS QUEST by Kaige, in the Alhambra
            WORD OF POWER QUEST by Kaige, in Arabian Nights
            LAMP QUEST by Kaige, in Arabian Nights
            AMULET QUEST in Orkneys, by Ptah
                          Best Special Effect
                        THE OOC LOUNGE by Ptah
 SCYLLA AND CHARYBDIS CRASHING ROCKS by Charity, in the Ancient Mediterranean
                FOG IN THE MOORS by Fionn, in Ireland
                  THE WILD HUNT by Fionn, in Ireland

                            Best Deathtrap
      SPITTED ON A STONE OUTCROPPING, St. Denis Abbey, by Charity
              WRECKED ON A REEF by Ptah, South Seas
              SMASHED ON THE ROCKS by Kaige, Tortuga

                        Golden Squirrel Trophy
             *UNSEELIE SIDHE in Ireland, by Fionn
             *SPRIGGAN in Ireland, by Fionn
              BLACK SNAKES on the Irish moors, by Fionn
              HERNE THE HUNTER in Ireland, by Fionn
              DOGS in Ireland, by Fionn
              VAMPIRE in London, by Ptah
              MANEATER in the Savanna, by Llew
              FLYING BUTTRESSES on the Abbey rooftop, by Charity

                              Best Area
                    *SEONI JUNGLE by Ptah
                    *AFRICAN SAVANNA by Llew
                     VIKING SCANDINAVIA by Arkenstone
                     IRELAND (excluding Dun and Tara) by Fionn
                     SOUTH SEAS/MACAO by Ptah
                     AZTECS by Kaige
                     KLEINSTADT by Mania and Kaige
                     NOTTINGHAM CASTLE by Kaige

                               Best Bug
        STUFF REMOVABLE FROM HELL, joint blame between Sadist and Flagg
                VORPAL DUCKS IN AZTECS, Kaige's fault
           BUYING FROM SHOPKEEPERS ANYTIME, Sadist's fault
               THE WHOLE MUD IS A GROUP!, Ptah's fault
                100 STAT DOPPELGANGERS, Kaige's fault
                     WARY/AGGRESSIVE, Ptah's fault
            THE TYPO THAT CAUSED +46 DAMAGE, Ptah's fault

               Best Reason For Turning Down A Reimb Request
        *"because you failed the save even if you swear you didn't"
                  *"we can't reimb old style equipment."
     CHARITY TO GWYSTEL: "if netlag caused link-death and autorenting,
                          it's not our fault"
        PTAH TO HUNTER_ROSE: "If we didn't put in scavenger mobs,
               we'd have too much junk littering the mud."

             Immortal You Are Most Likely To Ask For Help
                *PTAH           SADIST         PARRILYN
                *KAIGE          FLAGG          MATRIX

        Immortal You Are Most Likely To Ask To Cook For You
                        *FIONN         KAIGE
                        *SADIST        BRETON

                              Best Poofs
                    *KAIGE: the gerbils
                    *BRETON: confused mage
                     GANELON: gnomes assembling him out of Legos
                     SADIST: collecting the scythe
                     FLAGG: crackle of lightning
                     FIONN: socks on fire
                     PARRILYN: prism shattering

                         Snazziest Dresser
                  FLAGG   LLEW   PARRILYN  FIONN

                            Best Builder
                       *PTAH           KAIGE
                        ARKENSTONE     FIONN

                             Best Admin
                       *PTAH    KAIGE   SADIST

                             Best Coder

                            Most Helpful

                 *DOMINIC      RUSALKA      KHELLECK
                 *ERETZ        GREYSCOT     MYSTRA

                             Best Clan

             *HERMETIC ORDER             KNIGHTS OF LEGEND
              THE ASSASSINS              CLAN GUNN

                          Best Guildmaster
                  *RUSALKA of the Hermetic Order
                 KHELLECK of the Knights of Legend
                  ARAGORN of the Knights of Legend
                 WRAITH of the Order of the Scroll
                  ERETZ of the Order of the Scroll
            LIRRA of the Wandering Rescue Mage Alliance

                    Best Roleplaying Melodrama
                     *BART'S QUEST FOR RUSALKA
                        DAGDA BECOMES A NUN

            Best Supporting Roleplayer in a Melodrama

                  HUNTER_ROSE    TOBY THE TURTLE

                      Best Roleplayer (male)
                     MERCENARY      PSYCHOTIC
                     GREYSCOT       KHELLECK
                     SNITCH         GWYSTEL

                     Best Roleplayer (female)


                      Best Hack 'n' Slasher

                      Best Mud Citizen (male)
                      *DOMINIC        GWYSTEL
                      *KHELLECK       ERETZ
                       HUNTER_ROSE    BART

                     Best Mud Citizen (female)

                      *RUSALKA       PARRILYN
                       KATYA         BIRDY
                       RACHAEL       MAGDALEN
                             Best Death
                    ANYONE WHO DIED TO A TENDRIL
                     TIGGER TO THE VAMPIRE TWICE
                         CAESAR TO A REKHYT
                        OBMIG'S CLOSED DOOR
                      LIRRA KILLED BY REVENANT

                           Best Strung Item

                     MORRIN: leaky ol' tub (a boat)
                   GREYSCOT: Breath of War (a weapon)
                        WARRL: fur (all over)
                   K'MALA: quick wit (a weapon)
          LIRRA: Official WRMA equipment (sceptre, bag, and cudgel)

                             Best Warcry

          CHARITY: "God for Harry, England, and St. George!"
                            PTAH: "SQUAWK!"
                    KAIGE: "MS-DOS, JUST SAY NO!"
          CONRAD: "Look out behind you, giant mutant ants!!!"

                           Best Description
                     *HAYDEN (blue-eyed Bedouin)
                     *SYLIA (slim Oriental girl)
                      PSYCHOTIC (insane Goth)
                      SPALD (plaid suit)
                      KHELLECK (Arabian Knight)
                      MERCENARY (the Mercenary)		
                      GREYSCOT (a black-haired Scotsman)
                      RUSALKA (pale wistful woman)

                        Most Likely to Succeed
                      *SYLIA        HUNTER_ROSE
                       KIERA        CHRYSANIA
                       MATRIX       LIRRA

                               by Sylia

[This is the last installment of Sylia's Tips and Tricks. The full document,
all six parts, can be read at the Legend home page, the URL for which is
given in the banner at the top of this newsletter. - Ed.]

First of all thanks for reading my poor english which I didn't try
to do any correction since my puny mm doesn't allow me to do so ( perhaps I
don't know how, I am a computer dumb), Also I got a few feedbacks and I
thanks for your support. Also special thanks to Arkenstone who acts as my
editor and put my work into the homepage of Legend. Ask Arkenstone for
anything *grin*

How to get out of stuck situation:
        There will be times when you are trapped in a corner with aggressive
mobs guarding your only way out. Or even worse your wounds are still bleeding
and you ran out of all bandages. All you want to do is to reach a safe placec
immediately and take a breath. You may simply try to walk back and if you
type fast enough , you have a chance to walk pass the mob. or you may want to
sneak pass. Sneak grants a very good chance to go through unnoticed. Dash a
another method but this is strongly disencouraged since you have a roughly
50% chance of failure and end up sitting in the room you wanna get pass and
probably got killed before you can react. "fade person" spell is a nice
method but you need to have a mage friend with you to chant it on you. Or
perhaps you go into hidden either by spell or skill and if you are following
someone, He can bring you out noticed. Note that some monsters can detect
hidden or invis as will some players. Soo teher's still a chance that you'll
get caughgt. You have to be aware which mob has such ability. recall is
possibly the best way. But a potion or scroll costs 5k rent space. Probably
no one will like to spend that amount in this. recall spell is better but you
need to know someone who can chant and be with you. if you wanna take a break
before you decide what to do next, the best way is to type "tell ooc trans
me" and have a drink there, but you have to note that when you ask them to
trans you back, you go back to the same location and still have to find a way
back. The best method is probably simply type " quit y" and leave game first.
But this will drop all your equipments on the ground. Luckily you can always
go back for them. remember once you leave game by renting out, all mobs that
are hostile to you will be set to normal and you can walk back to them
without any fear. calm skill or spell or item effects also make the creature
cease combat and let you pass. note that these methods can apply to other
situation such as blinded, clumsy or most spell effect although a few effect
won't dispaear even if you rent out ( eg. the poison needle of the opium
seller ). if a pkiller is on yyour track, the best way is to tell ooc trans
me . They 'll lose your track if they are hunting you, and also you can have
a break. But remember you can't go to ooc in hell, so better have a kind of
recall on hand. Ultimaely you can always quit except when you are fighting.

Don't ever fight in a mob's lair:
        Most high level mobs are in a room with only one exit which reduces
your chance of fleeing. Some of them are in a room with hidden exit which
means you can't flee at all unless your perception is really high. Some wwill
close the door aftter you go in. So a way to lure the mob out or drive the
mob out is prefered. throw skill or shooting by civilized people can always
make a mob come after you. Fear or Scatter spell will drive a mob out of the
room he is in. An effect of warcry also set the mob to flee. You will get
more chances facing the mob or at least you can always flee the place if you
get him out. Some mobs have gguards or friends that assist, so getting the
mob out can also forbid them from assisting. Some mobs will call his guards
instead of let those around them assist. In this case a closed door will
block them out ( somehow they don't like to open the door ) Sometimes a
'sloth" spell on those who can asist will make them unable to move to their
leige. Some exceptions are the helpers come out of nowhere, in this case
there's nothing to do with it. Sometimes the mob shout for guards right after
you attack, but if you keep stunning the mob may forbid them to shout or use
any method to call a guard. Most of the time bashing them down can forbid
them to use certain special ability or chant spells. note that many mobs like
to go back to where they used to be in and luring them out may not work too
well as expected.

A few tips on grouping:
        timing is the best way for grouping. mutiple headbutt in the same
rounds don't achieve anything. But if the members use headbutt in different
rounds will be able to pin the mob down. Also a kick after a headbutt does a
great amounnt of damage too. All you need to do is timing. Also headbutt may
cause the mob to retarget, so better beware if the mob changged to attack
you. And if wary and aggr is working correctly, the mob will go for the most
aggressive, so you may wanna make the tanker be the most aggressive instead
of wary. The next thing must have noted in a group is when someone used
headbutt and knocked himself down too, then you'll have a hard time fighting
alone and has to wake up the person stunned. It may ruin all your strategy,
so the tanker shouldn't use headbutt most of the time. Also fighting a
reallyy high dex mob headbutt may not work well and may even make you end up
sitting and let the mob hit you harder. Bash has a higher chance to success
than headbutt if the opponent's dex is very high. Usually kick will be
prefered if you are afraid to use either headbutt or bash. With the updated
aggressive spells, a mage that chant aggressive spell will probably have a
place in a party too. Notice that you can apply poultice or augmented
poultice on fighting players provided you are not engaged in combat. Well
chanting spells doesn't matter if you are in combat or not.

Quest xp and exploration xp:
        You get xp for finishing some quests and go into certain places. The
amount you get is according to your level. And with the interstingxp curve we
used in Legend. It maybe better for you to do most quests after level 40 so
you can get the moost out of it. You won't get more than several k xp for the
first 30-40 level for finishing a quest or reaching some points, but you'll
get 100k+ for being high level. It may destroy some fun if you are xp minded
since you may wanna save some quests for later use. But the game's purpose is
to have fun, if you have more fun getting xp, there's an alternative way
presented here.

                Shieldmaiden of the Hermetic order
P.S. talk to me in legend about what you want to know :)

            /                         \
        o O | Wonder what folks are    |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMud? |
   (o o)     \________________________/

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

Here it is, the long-awaited finish to the Bart and Rusalka story of love
and questing...

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

Bart:        Hello Rusalka..... I have finished the quests you set me *beam*
Rusalka:     *gasp* truly?
Hunter_Rose: Grats!
Bart:        does this surprise you ??
Rusalka:     I.....I thought they were very difficult
Silk:        perhaps she didn't WANT you to finish them...
Bart:        and they have been..... hence the past months I have spent away
             from here
Rusalka:     indeed...I had noticed
Bart:        *nod* Silk.... perhaps you are correct sir
Silk:        SIR??  
Bart:        If that is so Silk then perhaps I am placing too much pressure on
             the wonderful Lady Rusalka
Rusalka:     you climed the mountain
Rusalka:     you got the Knight;s tokens
Bart:        My apologies Silk
Rusalka:     I am bound by may maidenly honor
Rusalka:     you have finished the quests....
Rusalka:     you got _7_ pomes
Silk:        apples?
Silk:        or potatoes? pome de terres?
Bart:        truly an indictment of your loveliness
Bart:        i did
Rusalka: embarrasment of riches
Bart:        the people have been most generous
Rusalka:     and thus I do yield to you
Rusalka:     I shall do as you desire
Rusalka:     poems and fruit are rather similar, silk ;)
Bart:        No dear lady.... you MUST do as YOU desire..... my feelings are
             well known, but I shall not ask you to sacrifice yourself if you
             do not feel
Silk:        oh he gave you poems to get your fruit?
Rusalka:     *gasp*
Silk:        neat barter system.
Bart:        Let it be known that Rusalka is freed of any obligation to me
Bart:        and I shall never presume to hold the Lady Rusalka to any of
             these obligations ever
Rusalka:     *peer* but why?
Rusalka:     those quests were long and tedious
Bart:        I am merely trying to preserve the honor of you, and to allow you
             an escape from my advances
Hunter_Rose: Lady Rusalka, consider not your obligations or honor, but
             of the manner in which Bart has proved his love to you.  Can
             you but give up that gift on the basis of principalities?
Bart:        I may have acted too rashly in my pursuit of you..... and been
             unfeeling in my haste
Rusalka:     My lord Hunter...of what principalities do you speak?
Rusalka:     *peer* Hunter Rose
Rusalka:     truly Bart, you did seem hasty
Bart:        if so then I apologise with all my heart... I was simply overcome
Hunter_Rose: Those regarding the customs of courtship.
Rusalka:     I do not know what to say, Bart.
Silk:        just say yes
Rusalka:     Your willingness to free me impresse sme far more than those
Bart:        say what you feel dear.... not what you presume honorbound to say
Bart:        ??
Rusalka:     *sniff*
Bart:        *beam*
Rusalka:     my heart is overwrought
Bart:        well, you know how I feel of you.... may I ask how you feel ?
Silk         is tempted to chat sick?
Bart:        *gulp*
Bart:        and if these feelings are strong enough..... will you marry me ?
Rusalka:     Yes
Rusalka:     Not for the quests
Arkenstone:  *cheer*
Bart:        GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Silk:        for his money??
Rusalka:     But for freeing me.
Blah:        CHEER
Bart:        I am overcome dear....
Hunter_Rose: *cheer*
Ozy:         was confused, but is less so now
Rusalka:     since I have no family that is yet alive, I myself betroth
             myself to you.
Bart:        I shall endeavour to give you safety that you have missed
             throughout your life
Rusalka:     Do not fail me , though bart
Bart:        i shall not..... this I swear!!
Rusalka:     For if you do.....the rusalka legend shall continue.
Dominic:     Greetings, Lady Tigger..
Bart:        hello tigger
Tigger:      bart! Lovelorn one!
Bart:        yes.... but my love has been returned!!!!!!!!
Rusalka:     *blush*
Bart:        I have asked Rusalka to marry me and she has just now accepted

The wedding of the happy(?) couple has been set for Saturday the 11th, to
take place Before a Stone Monolith. Additional information regarding the whole
drama: After Bart lost the ring (he also lost the poems a few times, to
deathtraps) it was Forrest who went all the way to Agrabah to obtain a new
one. To the LT's knowledge, a time has not yet been set.

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

The SuperBowl Pkill Tourney was a great success, outdrawing the regular mud
by about two to one. Here's the organizer's official summary of the events...

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

        For any of you who missed it: The Superbowl of Pkill was held
last night on a different site. The competition was fierce, as one would
expect, but a good time was had by all. Before announcing results, I
would like to take this opportunity to thank all those without whose help
this would not have been possible:

Sadist, A big thank you to Sadist who set up the site for us and backed up
the player files to avoid xp loss. Without his efforts this would not
have been possible :)

Charity and Ptah who provided referee skills and restored combatants
between bouts as well as providing a running commentary on the bouts
taking place for those of us who were waiting in the wings.

Matrix and Kaige who assisted in the team event as team referees.

Finally, all the players who participated and made this event a real
success. I was very impressed by the level of maturity displayed by both
winners and losers. Everyone got along much better than I had ever
thought possible.

        The results of the tourney were as follows:

        In the Lightweight Division (levels 10-20):
In the opening round, Kiera dispatched Doc and Bay_El-Lor overcame Tegid
in a series of fierce battles. This set up a final match between Kiera
and Bay_El-Lor from which Kiera emerged victorious. The winner in the
lightweight division wins: 18,000 gp, an item of their choice (that must
be within my powers to appropriate) and a 20 point prestige boost.

        In the Middleweight Division (levels 21-34):
In the opening round Magda drew a bye and Birdy and Jove battled with
Jove emerging victorious. In the other opening bout Byron dispatched Silk
with in a hard fought match. In the second round it was Byron who drew
the bye while Jove defeated Magda in a close match setting up a final
between Jove and Byron. In a hard fought match, Byron overcame Jove to
emerge as the Champion of the Middleweight Division. The winner in the
Middleweight division receives: 22,500 gp, an item of thier choice (see
above for restrictions) and a 20 point prestige boost.

        In the Big Dog Division (levels 35-50)
In the opening round, Greyscot defeated Sigil, Deathstalker beat Warbird,
Mercenary overcame Rusalka, Eva dispatched Sansaria, Tigger eliminated
Lirra and Hunter_Rose drew a bye. These were all honorably fought
exciting matches. In the second round, Hunter_Rose defeated Greyscot,
Deathstalker dispatched Mercenary and Eva overcame Tigger as the
competition heated up. In the semi-finals, Eva drew a bye and Hunter_Rose
was defeated by Deathstalker in a well-fought battle setting up a final
match between Eva and Deathstalker. This was the only battle in which
some controversy occured as Eva was fighting Ptah for a few rounds. She
pointed out the difficulty of trying to hit an invisible imortal while
hiding from Deathstalker. As the match still proved to be exciting with
Deathstalker emerging victorious by a narrow margin. The winner of the
Big Dog Division receives: 49,500 gp, the item of their choice (see
restrictions above) and a 20 point prestige boost as well as the claim
that they are indeed the Baddest Character in the game (for now anyway.)

        The Team Competition:
The team competition used a different format than the singles competition
being basically a free-for-all. The four teams were Deathstalker and his
Minions, Warbird's Warriors, A Bard Squad and the Knights of Legend. The
four teams were placed in seperate areas of the jungle and allowed a
short time to prepare themselves for battle. With a shout from Ptah the
competition began with the Knights maiking themselves invisible as well
as Warbird's Warriors. WArbird's Warriors sought out Deathstalker and his
Minions finding and dispatching them just as the Bard Squad arrived on
the scene. In a hard fought battle, Warbird's Warriors defeated the Bard
Squad trapping them in an exit-free room. This proved to be somewhat
annoying to Warbird's Warriors as they were unable to leave the room
after combat concluded with the Bards. This did provide valuable healing
time though as many of Warbird's Warriors were gravely injured. After a
time, Warbird's warriors were transed from the room and the hunt for the
Knights began. This proved to them the value of marigold as invisible
people are impossible to hunt. A strategy was devised and in their search
for the invisible Knights, Warbird's Warriors found themselves back in
the exit-free room...DOH!! After considerable goading and with time
running out, the Knights mounted their charge and were subsequently
defeated in a well-fought battle. The winners of the team competition are
Eva, Sigil, Obmig, Magda and Warbird. They receive: 16,200 gp each, an
item of their choice (see above restrictions) and a 10 point prestige boost.

        Again I would like to thank all those that made this first Pkill
Tournament possible. Prizes may be collected from me any time that you
find me on-line, and the prestige boost must be collected from an Imp. I
hope to be able to run these tournaments again from time to time and I
encourage all the clanned chars to join us as it is GREAT fun. Just a
quick note to those who still owe me entry fees, please pay sometime in
the near future or you may not be eligble for the next tourney. This has
been a Secretive sponsored event...ssssshhhhhh ;)

                               --Warbird, Guildmaster of the Secretives

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

Earlier this week rumors were flying about wars between clans, mysterious
murders, and all the rest. But a note was slipped under this editor's door
a few days ago. Scrawled on the back was a request not to write up the rumors,
and the following public message.

                                I'm sorry,
Darn, just when we were all ready for World War III...

                          \|/  \|/  \\||//  \!/

 Legendary Times is put out by the gods of LegendMUD. Please send all
 replies/additions to for inclusion in the next  
 edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate this discussion,
and may object to some submissions. If you feel we have wrongly omitted 
 one of your messages, please talk to either Kaige or Ptah online or 
 through EMail and see if we did indeed receive it in the first place.
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