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VOLUME THREE, ISSUE ONE                               January 8th, 1996


                       ...:/:[ CONTENTS ]:\:...

                             NEW ADDITIONS

                        - miscellaneous stuff -
                        -  World War I opens  -

                       -     Legend survey     -
                       -  About player purges  -
                       - Trivia conect update  -
                       -     Anonymous FTP     -

                           FUND DRIVE UPDATE

                             SOCIAL EVENTS
               -    weddings, engagements, births     -
               -         Dragonseye departs           -
               -          Mercenary active            -
               -    The collected Gail grafitti       -
               -     MacLaren heirlooms stolen!       -
               -        a letter from Lynche          -
               -     is the limerick battle over?     -
               - Invitation to playtest Ultima Online -

Please send your responses to articles to the Legendary Times address
at Letters to the editor are welcomed. Note
that this particular issue of the LT was guest-edited by Ptah, so don't
blame poor Russie for the malfeasance and misuse of her office you see!
(or typos, she gave me the Hermetic Typing Virus for Christmas anyway.)

                       MISCELLANEOUS BUG FIXES

- Since Ark is working on the new code, expect many small typos and bugs
  to be fixed--there are too many to list, though some may affect game
- Vehicles are now abundant in World War I, so you should try them out.
  We think we have the bugs out of them, but please report any that
  remain. We've already noticed that you have to drop the vehicle, not
  just stand, to get out of it.
- The timers on objects are now working again! This means that lamps will
  be going out, etc etc.
- Macao teacher of bandage no longer teaches it to you if you already know
- Beowulf quest has had some slight changes to it to try to fix bugs. We
  hope the final rewards now appear without immortal intervention.
- There is now a HELP DAMROLL. Alternate keywords for this help file
  include +HIT, +DAM, and HITROLL.
- Rent was fixed on the trusty dagger in Arabia. Thanks to a conscientious
  player wo noticed this.
- A whole host of bugs was found in the amulets made by make amulet. You
  should find that they are doing their proper affects once again.
- Magically made items are now NO_TAKE as they were supposed to be, even
  if you quit out to drop them.
- Some typos that were keeping a pair of mobs from working properly in
  Ireland were fixed. That means backstab won't work on these two anymore!
  Be warned...
- Bunches of other small bug fixes to areas.

                   WORLD WAR ONE: THE SOMME, FRANCE

Congratulations to Wraith, whose area is now open to the public. Be warned
that it is intended for levels 30 to 50. You'll probably want to check out
the cool aerial section, all the new guns, and the vehicles. The area is
open in industrial Europe--turn east when you go by the coast. Here's some
historical info:

Triggered by the assassination of the Austria-Hungarian heir, World War I
saw the end of a generation of men who lost their lives in futile charges
against fortified positions manned by machinegunners. The fighting started
using what were fairly standard tactics and strategy. However, due to the
increased firepower from machineguns and repeating rifles combined with
increased accuracy and sheer numbers, all combatants began to entrench
their forces. This was done on the eastern front as well as the western,
but it was never carried out so extensively. The Germans had the best
trench system. Often, the Germans had running water and electricity in
bunkers up to (down to?) 60 under the surface. These bunkers were
extremely resistant to artillery attacks, but it was still possible to
suffer from shell-shock. Once the barrage ended, the Germans rushed up and
manned there machine guns to repel the inevitable charge of British or
French. On the other side, British commanders wanted their men to keep an
offensive spirit and weren't allowed to dig in quite so much, in addition,
they had to send out patrols into the No Man's Land between the trenches.
Scouting was also carried out with planes. Planes soon began carrying out
other missions including shooting down other aircraft, strafing, and
bombing. World War I also revived the use of grenades. However, instead of
having units of grenadiers, men known as bombers were trained in the
throwing of grenades throughout each unit. Among the other weapons used on
a large scale for the first time were the submarine, poison gas and tanks.

                            LEGENDMUD SURVEY

This is the first issue of the Legendary Times in the new year! Welcome
to Volume III! We'd like to kick off this year with a survey much like
the one that appeared in the very first issue of the Legendary Times so
long ago. That survey helped a great deal in determining what the players
felt was best and worst about the mud, and gave the immortals a road map
for further improvements.

If you'd like to see the mud get better, respond to this survey. And don't
forget to use the usual channels of communication and ideas: the BUG and
IDEA commands, letters and articles in this very newsletter, and of course
the Legendary Discussion List, where all concerned can discuss design,
and social and building issues. You can subscribe at the menu or send
email direct to in order to get on the mailing list.

With no further ado, here is the survey. We'll be publishing results from
this in a future issue. Please email your responses to

Forgive the goofiness of the questions, but hey, it's a new year, and I
don't want to feel depressed until after I see the results. *grin*

(Check all that apply in the following questions, and feel free to expand
upon your responses with written in answers).

1. How did you find out about LegendMUD?
		__ post in the mud newsgroups
		__ found it on the World Wide Web
		__ a friend told me about it
		__ got it from a mud list
		__ don't remember
		__ I thought it found me?
2. How long have you been playing at Legend?
		__ less than a month
		__ under six months
		__ under a year
		__ under two years
		__ "since it was on the Mac"
		__ since the beginning (Feb 14th, 1994)
		__ since before the beginning
3. How do you find the overall atmosphere?
		__ what the heck does this mean? The people suck, the areas are
		   lame, and the imms are weenies
		__ it's decent, but all I want to do is kill
		__ it's good but could be better
		__ it's rich and detailed and wonderful
4. Rate how friendly the players are to newbies:
		__ openly hostile, makes me wish I hadn't logged on
		__ not very welcoming, rather neutral
		__ friendly
		__ wonderful, the players go out of their way to help
5. What about immortal help for newbies?
		__ they treat me like slime
		__ the immortals help newbies? I've never seen one
		__ they have been helpful
		__ wonderful, they offer every support they can
6. How would you rate the behavior of immortals? (Not building ability,
   but rather, how they deal with players and the mud.)
   		__ abysmal--they should be put to death
		__ poor--these guys ought not to speak to people
		__ medium--what can ya say? they're just immorts.
		__ good--they do a good job
		__ excellent--a model of good administration
7. Tell us about playerkilling and clanning:
		__ I don't have a clanned character at all
		__ I don't have a clanned char but I am in an RP group
		__ I am clanned but not in an RP group
		__ I am clanned and ALSO in an RP group
		__ I have more than one clanned character
		__ I am clanned rogue
		__ I am clanned and my clan is useless
		__ I am clanned and my clan is wonderful
		__ the playerkilling system is broke
		__ the playerkilling system is fine and the players are broke
		-The immortals should:
			__ remove pkill altogether
			__ clan everyone from level
				__ one
				__ ten
				__ other
			__ clan everyone without level limits for attacks
			__ do away with clans and make all clanned people rogue
			__ make people choose whether to clan at char gen
			__ remove immortals from it altogether, let people
			   clan themselves
			__ leave the system how it is
8. Rate the following roleplaying features:
	- The Out of Character Lounge:
		__ what is the out of character lounge?
		__ it's used as a pkill refuge and needs ripped out
		__ I go there to go AFK, that's about it
		__ I hang out there occasionally
		__ it's wonderful
	- The War Room Board:
		__ what is the war room board?
		__ it was nice but the imms need to clear it sometime
		__ it's a colossal waste of time, I got no help from it at all
        __ it's great, finally a way for clanned folks to communicate
	- the moods and eloquence system
		__ I leave MOOD OFF because it's spammy and confusing
		__ I love the way speech looks
		__ it's OK but I wish it didn't break sentences with i.e. and
		   Mr. up
		__ we need more moods
		__ I wish we could put in our own moods
		__ what is it?
	- the player description system
		__ I don't have a desc registered
		__ I have a desc registered but don't use it
		__ I use it all the time
		__ I wish everyone had a desc registered
		__ I wish I could skip seeing other people's descs
9. Tell us about combat:
	- Are you a
		__ dex fighter?
		__ str fighter?
		__ con fighter?

		__ trying to be ____________ but forced to be _________.
	- So what's wrong with it?
		__ dex is too powerful
		__ fast attacks are too powerful
		__ dodge is too powerful
		__ magic is too powerful
		__ stun is too powerful
		__ calm is too powerful
		__ surgery is too powerful
		__ magic is too wimpy
		__ herbalists suck
		__ con fighters suck
		__ str fighters suck
		__ nothing that couldn't be fixed with better str or con weapons
		__ it all kicks ass, I am doing great
10. Tell us about magic:
		__ Finding words is too hard
		__ Magic is underpowered
		__ Magic is too powerful
		__ Cause is too much better than create
		__ Create is too much better than cause
		__ I don't use magic
11. What about guns?
		__ I don't use guns
		__ they are great
		__ they are great only if you use the skills
		__ they are useless

12. What's your feeling on skill trees:
		__ I am scared to death my character will be rendered useless
		__ I can't wait for the new variety in skills
		__ I am worried that the trees will class me
		__ I hope they will fix the balance problems with ___________.
		__ I think we need more practices when they go in

13. Tell us about the areas:
		I only play in certain areas:
			__ I only play in industrial, doing the XP run		
			__ I only play in Kaige's areas (Sherwood, Arabia, etc)
				__ she has too many mobs
				__ everyone else has too few
				__ she loads lots of the same mob
				__ her mobs are balanced
				__ she's the best builder here
			__ I never play in the IND era
			__ There are American areas? Really? Where?
			__ I only play in the areas the person who levelled me to
			   20th took me to, and I don't know how to get anywhere
			__ You'd have to make me an immort before I set foot in
			     __ Beowulf
			     __ Hell
			     __ Ireland
		__ I cover the whole mud with my amazing ability to master
		   different and new environments!
		I play regularly in the following:
			__ London
			__ Seoni Jungle
			__ South Seas
			__ San Francisco
			__ Savanna
            __ World War I (I know, it's new, but have you tried it?)
			__ French-Indian War
			__ Vikings
			__ Sherwood
			__ Kleinstadt
			__ the Abbey
			__ Hell
			__ Lima
			__ Tortuga
			__ The Alhambra
			__ The Hall of Legends
			__ Arabia
			__ Egypt
			__ Roman Britain (inc. Orkneys and Picts)
			__ Beowulf
			__ Ireland
			__ Nazca (stops when you leave the village north!)
			__ Aztecs (ends at the village southwards!)
			__ Ancient India
		The best thing about the areas is:
			__ the writing of rooms
			__ the historical feel
			__ the interactivity
			__ the quests
			__ the mobs to kill
			__ the cool equipment
			__ the variety
		The worst thing about the areas is:
			__ the silly long descriptions
			__ the spammy talking mobs
			__ not enough fantasy
			__ not enough realism
			__ not enough cool equipment
			__ too many reboot-only things
			__ not enough quests
			__ quests are too hard to find
			__ everything is too hard
			__ everything is too easy
			__ not enough variety
			__ not enough to kill

	- Choose the three qualities from this list that you care about most
      in an area:
			__ range of mobs (levels)
			__ "good" stat items
			__ good "rp" items
			__ challenging mobs
			__ quests (number and/or quality)
			__ mazes
			__ good writing
			__ a logical map
			__ lots of interactivity (talking mobs, etc)			
	- How do you feel about the relative quantity of areas in the three
		__ I think all three eras should have the same amount of stuff in
		__ I don't care if ancient gets five times bigger than industrial
		__ we should add new eras
14. What's the biggest problem with the mud?
	__ game balance, players of one type vs players of another
	__ game balance, players vs mobs
	__ the fight system
	__ magic
	__ the immortals
	__ the players
	__ not enough roleplaying
	__ too much roleplaying
	__ not enough hack n slashing
	__ too much hack n slashing
	__ bad areas
	__ overly realistic areas
	__ dexterity
	__ the immortals keep making changes

15. The best thing about the mud is:
	__ game balance
	__ the fight system
	__ magic
	__ the immortals
	__ the players
	__ roleplaying
	__ hack n slashing
	__ the social aspect
	__ the balance between rp, hacking, and social stuff
	__ the building
	__ the code
	__ the classless system
	__ the immortals keep making changes
	__ I dunno, I don't actually play here and why am I still getting this

16. Who are you?
	__ male
	__ female
	__ grade school student
	__ high school student
	__ college student
	__ post-college and working or hoping to
	__ graduate student
	__ has grad degree and working or hoping to
	__ long-term mudder (longer than two years since started)
	__ mudding under two years
	__ new to muds
	__ play on other muds
	__ immortal on other muds
Many thanks for filling out the survey! I know it was long and painful to
get through. If you want to elaborate on the answers to questions, feel
free, but try to have an answer checked too, if you do, so that we can
generate some statistics to baffle you with next time. :) You can also of
course skip questions if you don't want to answer them.



Many people asked to have their characters archived over winter break,
'just to make sure' their character wouldn't be lost. Better safe than
sorry is certainly a good idea, but to clear up any confusion, here is how
purges are done. Around the middle of December, a backup of all
playerfiles currently existing was made. Then all the characters who had
not logged in since Oct 31 were purged. Charity will generally try to find
out about familiar names that appear on the to-be-purged file, but if no
one online at the time knows about them, they will be purged along with
everyone else.

If a character you don't play frequently got purged, you have about 1
month to ask for it to be restored from the backup. Around the middle of
January, this backup will be deleted, and a new one made, and everyone who
hasn't logged on since Nov 30 will be purged.

So what does this mean for you and your characters? If you're going to be
gone for 6 weeks or more, ask to have your character archived. Even if
you're gone for 6 to 10 weeks, you can still get a file recovered from the
backup if you forgot to ask to be archived, or didn't realize you'd lose
access, etc. If you left for winter break in mid-December and got back
before February, you really didn't need to worry about getting archived,
since December logins won't be purged until mid-February. We will be
sticking to this schedule of purging until June. Logins from May of 1996
will not be purged until September, so that anyone leaving for summer
break who will be back by mid- September won't have to ask to be archived.

In brief, here's the schedule:
In mid-January, November logins will be purged.
In mid-February, December logins purged
In mid-March, January logins purged
In mid-April, February logins purged
In mid-May, March logins purged
In mid-June, April logins purged.
In mid-September, May and June logins will be purged.
In mid-October, July logins purged.

Feel free to ask or mail Charity if you have questions.

                         TRIVIA CONTEST UPDATE

Several people have taken home strung items as a result of the trivia
contest! Congrats to Teal, Collen, and Tad! In case you don't remember the
rules, here they are:

Answer all the questions correctly to get a strung item coupon.
Answer all questions plus find the secret web page and turn in the code
word and you can win a second strung item.

You can find the questions on Legend's official web page:
and also in the last issue of the Legendary Times.

Email your answers to Remember, the trivia runs
until February 14th, the mud anniversary!

                     ABOUT LEGEND'S ANONYMOUS FTP

More stuff is now available for anonymous ftp at the ftp site. I know that
many of you have been having problems getting directory listings while
there, and we are working on that problem. In the meantime, this message should help those who need the LT back issues for the trivia contest. :)

After logging in to with anonymous ftp:

            cd pub/LT_Issues
            get INDEX
This is a duplicate of the index on the web site, listing contents for
every LT issue. It also gives the filenames, which look like:

where v2 means volume 2 and n23 means issue 23.

Any volume 2 issue can be downloaded from right there. Just type
get LTv2n23 and you'lll download it.

To get to Volume One, you need to cd Vol1 first, then you can download
them without problems.

                       FUND DRIVE UPDATE 

Hurray! The site is totally paid for, and so is this round of the
connection fees for the provider. MANY thanks to the many generous players
who made this possible.

We're not exactly sure yet when the next six months worth of fees needs
paid, nor are we sure how much the immortal staff will be able to cover.
The fees for this past six months were $324 paid in advance.

If you feel like contributing in advance to help defray this cost, this
is the address to send donations to: 

           (make checks payable to Raphael and Kristen Koster)

                     Raph and Kristen Koster
                     12603 Rhea Ct. 
                     Austin, TX 78727

If you are an overseas donor who cannot write a check in US Dollars,
please email them at 
            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMud?|
   (o o)    \________________________/

Once again, I get to guest-edit the social column. Which is fun, because
an awful lot of the social events involve me. That would be because of
the rash of weddings which took place recently, at which I officiated. :)

Spock and Tamara got married in the Cathedral in Viceroyal Lima. It was a
very nice ceremony if I do say so myself, and the transcript of it that
was supposed to be in this issue didn't make it here by press time. By the
way, keep an ear out for rumors that Tamara is actively seeking a doctor.
That was quick...

Harkon and Lyssa renewed their vows, too. In front of an audience at the
Temple of Dana, the reformed demon and his love swore fidelity to each
other. As the guests were threatened with teleportation to remote areas of Beowulf if they so much as uttered a peep, it was a quiet ceremony. The
only guest who ended up in Beowulf was Mika, who kept chewing on the
bride's feet.

                                 \|/ \|/ \|/

In asking about social events that WEREN'T weddings for this issue, the
groom himself, Harkon, told me, "You could put in about the bunnies
revolting in Sherwood and rising up to attack the Saxons with the aid of
the deer." I promised I'd put it in, but since I have no idea what he is
talking about, I can't elaborate.

                                 \|/ \|/ \|/

Kindred and Kheldar got engaged. Guess the present under HER tree was nice...

                                 \|/ \|/ \|/

Jondalar Braiden finished his quests for the hand of Northstar MacLaren,
much to the approval of the MacLaren clan. Northstar accepted and a
wedding date has yet to be set :) Unfortunately no details were given on
the quests that the valiant suitor had to undertake... Shame on him, right
Bart? Maybe we can expect a write-up sometime soon...

                                 \|/ \|/ \|/

Here's a nice little note which arrived:

"Wanted to give you something else for the LT.
"Killer and I are pleased to announce the birth of our son, Kalon Starseed.
He was born last Tuesday. :)

Congratulations to the happy parents!

                                 \|/ \|/ \|/

A rather depressing thing scrolled by recently:

Dragonseye killed by the dragons of hell in sacrifice, never to be
heard or seen by the human race ever again.
You hear Dragonseye's death cry.
Dragonseye is permanently DEAD!

One wonders why the dragons of hell needed to sacrifice anyone, and who
they might pick next!

                                 \|/ \|/ \|/

The Mercenary has been enforcing his takeover of Klein, and Gail has been
taunting him with graffiti on the meldestelle. Mercenary and Gail were
kind enough to grant me a brief interview...

Q: So, what's with the numerous deaths lately?
Mercenary: If ye don't clean grafitti, ye'll be cleaning your blood.

Q: Grafitti? Gail, you've been putting up grafitti in Kleinstadt? And
   Mercenary has been attacking you for it? Numerous times?
Gail: Three times I think.  Maybe only two. Two unsuccessful attempts.
Mercenary: Aye, bad planning.

Q: Hmm, sounds messy. So Mercenary, has anyone killed YOU?
Mercenary: Sharpe and Ely slew me and Sharpe, Lori, and Limerick slew

Q: Lots of ganging up on you.
Mercenary: I slew Magda Magda Magda and Kretch, Magda Magda Magda
   and Kretch, Sharpe, Limerick, and someone else slew me, though I
   remember not who.

Q: Augustus, perhaps?
Mercenary: aye, Augustus slew me. After I slew him and Teal. Though he'd 
   already killed Dominic and a few others, and was perhaps tired.

Q: Anything else going on in your life?
Mercenary: Mercenary grouped for the first time he remembers since

Q: With whom?
Mercenary: Magda and Kretch, and others who assisted at times, after
   Sharpe, Lori and Limerick slew me, while looking for them.

Q (confused): I thought you killed Magda six or seven times above?
Mercenary: Aye well, nothing personal.
Gail: Which reminds me, I need to go deface Klein.

                                 \|/ \|/ \|/

And she sure did... here's the 'Collected Klein Grafitti' by Gail:

Title: Hi!
Oh wait.  I'm not allowed here.

But The knights don't hate mercenary, we just don't buy into this
$%##%$ about us not being welcome here.  And there are more of us
than just me.
Title: oh wow

I've been told merc's out to get me for entering klein.

Now is he gonna kill me twice?

Title: tripe

Hi Merc!
Title: Hi Merc!

Sorry I missed you last time you were in town.
Title: Question

Merc said something about how I should remove my stuff from the board.
Something wierd about having to kill me or something.  Am I supposed
to be afraid or something?  Does anyone know?
 - Gail
Title: Graffiti

Hi Merc!
I love my rifle
And the very latest, written as we went to press:

Title: Mercenaries Ultimatum

Recently, Mercenary informed me that he would kill me every time he saw
me until I cleaned the board.  Since now I don't need to keep leaving new
messages to show my continued contempt for his so-called overlordship of
Klein, I erased the board, so as not to annoy those not debilitated by
syphilitic megalomanaical delusions.  Just Merc.
  -Dame Gail Atkins
                                 \|/ \|/ \|/

Tad reports that the MacLaren family heirlooms were taken by John Nailor,
aka Little John, known consorter with thieves including the rascally Robin
Hood. Nailor slew him after a bout of armwrestling in which Tad was the victor, and then absconded with the treasures. The Sheriff of Nottingham
has no leads.

                                 \|/ \|/ \|/

A rather sad letter from Lynche. Note that the 'forced to by the gods'
below was just a bit of roleplaying, as the note explains.

"Dear all,
"This is Lynche.. i called back to explain why i perma'd..  in rp i was
forced to by the gods.. but in real life.. i was addicted much
as i love it.. it very much ruined my teenage life.  I could never ever
ever play legend again even on a scaled time because EVERYTHING was going
for lynche.. he finally got rp going and i thought he was one of the best
characters around.. not players but characters... i could have reached 50
and played as a 50 as my dream told me to.. all i wanted was to help
others the way i was helped.. I wanted to clan but i was afraid of pkill
enabling for me for two reasons.. i dont like to kill, make people feel
the way that i do when i'm killed?? No.. it's not right....  But clan meant
a lot.. i hope i remain in all of your hearts.. not as a valiant rp
bio-knight but as a true friend. i will always remember and cherish all of
you dearly..

"Love Always,

                                 \|/ \|/ \|/

*sigh* And just when I thought the limerick battles where over, THIS shows
up. Anyone know who Wolfgang is? And anyone know if this means that we'll
have to listen to him PLUS Dusty and Limerick at the SAME TIME? I think
I'll go on vacation...

                        So we've had a battle of rhyme
                        With verses and phrases sublime
                        She says she beat the man
                        But her limericks don't scan
                        Will there be a re-match sometime?

                               --Wolfgang, ratcatcher and poet

                                 \|/ \|/ \|/

And as you may know, Sadist (as well as Ptah and Kaige) work for Origin
on the Ultima Online project. Well, recently Sadist posted this invite
to the players of Legend...

"You are all invited to be playtesters of the pre-alpha version of
Ultima Online, starting in early March.  So if you're interested, and
have Win95 and a slip connection (or better), check out:

"Be sure to fill out the application there if you want to playtest, and
have fun :)


                                 \|/ \|/ \|/

Next issue Rusalka returns to her usual editing duties. Be sure to
complain lots about how awful it was while she was away, so that she
never gets to go on vacation again! *cackle*

- Ptah

 Legendary Times is put out by the gods of LegendMUD. Please send all
 replies/additions to to our address at for 
inclusion in the next edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate 
this discussion, and may object to some submissions. If you feel we have 
wrongly omitted one of your messages, please talk to Rusalka online or 
 through EMail and see if she did indeed receive it in the first place.
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