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VOLUME THREE, ISSUE TWO                                January 23, 1996

                       ...:/:[ CONTENTS ]:\:...

                             NEW ADDITIONS
                      -New Conferencing System-
                         -New Weather System-
                           -Various Fixes-

                       - Trivia contest update -
                           -Web Site Update-
                            -Chat Reminder-

                           FUND DRIVE UPDATE

                             SOCIAL EVENTS
               -         still more births            -
               -      The Agrippa/Damara Saga         -
               -   Northstar adopts Tad and Frodo     -
               -        Mercenary Retires!            -
               -        A Letter from Marat           -

Please send your responses to articles to the Legendary Times address
at [email protected] Letters to the editor are welcomed. 

                            CODE UPDATES

We now have Chat Conferences for all those times that big discussions,
trivia contests, or what have you begin to clog up the regular Chat

When a special topic arises, you will see a message like this scroll
by on the Chat channel:

[Chat]: Conference goober has been created.

You can then type 'goober' to turn that new channel on and off, or
send a message by typing 'goober message.' In other words, you can
use it exactly like a regular channel. Note: you can turn Chat off
if you like, it will not affect your ability to hear the conference.

Conference messages look like this:

[Chat:goober] Doonesbury: Hello!

When the conference closes, you'll automatically stop listening to it,
and a message will go out on Chat saying that it is closed.

If you type CONFERENCE (abbreviates to confe) you will get a list of
all active conferences. A * will mark the ones you are listening to.
Note that only immortals can open and close conferences.


The following socials were added: bite, blink, glower, scowl, push, pull,
press, and sniffle. Also many of the old ones have messages where they didn't
before. For example, is it now possible to project a halo over your head by
either just typing HALO or if you forget and type HALO SELF. You'll probably
find some old favorites are back in this batch, but expect the following to
change when the new skill trees go in: sing, tackle, flip, and choke.


Skill Trees are put on hold for the time being since Arkenstone had a 
nasty crash on his hard drive. Right now, he's catching up on all the 
paying work that he lost on it, and won't have time to go back to skill 
trees for a while.


Autorenting should now completely kick you off the mud, instead of leaving
you stuck at the menu.


There is now local weather and seasons! These have no effect on your
character beyond the cosmetic, but you should find them interesting
nonetheless. As of right now, local weather will go into effect in the
following areas:

Arabia, Sherwood, Aztecs, Alhambra, Tortuga, and Klein.


The COLOR command has been revamped! If you type COLOR you will see a
list of the new options. Here's a basic rundown:

COLOR SET DEFAULT will restore all the original colors.
COLOR SET also takes the following new parameters:
You can use these to alter the overall color and shades of your entire
prompt or channels at once.

Lastly, you can also use words instead of numbers with the above word
parameters. You can type COLOR SET PROMPT GREEN to get the prompt into
shades of green. Sorry, can't mix words and numbers. Numbers will still
be the way to get things exactly as you want them, but this goes a long
way towards making it easier to do so.

The valid colors are:

COLOR LIST will now show asterisks in the proper colors next to the
list of slots, telling you what the numbers listed actually are.


The bug with recalling before right when you die is fixed. You can all
bonk Arkenstone for that one. :) INSIDE the if{}, Ark, INSIDE.


Many area effect spells and skills now are audible from one room away,
including warcry.


A crashing bug in vehicles was fixed. It involved kicking people out of
boats. *glub glub*


Because of players hoarding incense (which prevents others from doing the 
quest), incense is now unrentable. The reop for it has been shortened, 
but you still will be unable to get more until the incense already out 
there is out of the game, or the quest has been completed. Although this 
will inconvenience some, we hope that the end result is to make it easier 
for more people to do the quest.


A bug was found and fixed in the kick skill. It was doing double the
damage it was intended to. If you find kick not quite as effective as
before, well, now you know why.


Timers on lamps and other items are now fixed again and working properly.


Charity notes that the gargoyles are now firmly fixed to the Abbey walls 
and can't be lured into the Abbey proper.

Weapon weights are currently under review, since not all are consistent 
with guidelines.


                         TRIVIA CONTEST UPDATE

Several people have taken home strung items as a result of the trivia
contest! Congrats to them :) In case you don't remember the rules, here 
they are:

Answer all the questions correctly to get a strung item coupon.
Answer all questions plus find the secret web page and turn in the code
word and you can win a second strung item.

You can find the questions on Legend's official web page:
and also in the last issue of the Legendary Times.

Email your answers to [email protected] Remember, the trivia runs
until February 14th, the mud anniversary!


                        WEB PAGE UPDATE

The web pages for the first volume of the Legendary Times have now been
fixed so that you can read the issues again. Sorry about the confusion. As
a reminder, you can reach the complete back issues of the LT at just by following the link on the top for Legendary
Times Back Issues. There is a detailed index listing the contents of each
issue. And the missing issue vol II issue 18 has been found!


                        CHAT REMINDER

Lately, we've been seeing a large number of players ask for help on weapon 
stats, quest hints, and other game information on chat. Please note that 
chat was not intended for this sort of information -- hearing those sorts 
of questions spoils it for those who enjoy finding things out by 
themselves. We'd appreciate it if you all could please limit those types 
of questions to tells (or better yet, struggle on your own a while --  it 
builds character and gives you a "can-do" reputation :). 


                       FUND DRIVE UPDATE 

Hurray! The site is totally paid for, and so is this round of the
connection fees for the provider. MANY thanks to the many generous players
who made this possible.

We're not exactly sure yet when the next six months worth of fees needs
paid, nor are we sure how much the immortal staff will be able to cover.
The fees for this past six months were $324 paid in advance.

If you feel like contributing in advance to help defray this cost, this
is the address to send donations to: 

           (make checks payable to Raphael and Kristen Koster)

                     Raph and Kristen Koster
                     12603 Rhea Ct. 
                     Austin, TX 78727

If you are an overseas donor who cannot write a check in US Dollars,
please email them at [email protected] 
            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMud?|
   (o o)    \________________________/

My thanks to Ptah for running the LT while I was out for Christmas 
holidays :) In the couple weeks that I've been back, things been pretty 
lively, rp-wise...

First of all, Legend seems to be turning into a nursery these days :) In 
addition to Kalon Starseed, who was featured last week, there are now 
Spock and Tamara's twins, Alex and Ian. Rumor has it that Gerry Cowan 
delivered the offspring. The twins are about at talking stage now, except 
that Ian seems a bit quiet still...Gerry and his wife, Mitra recently 
announced that they were "expecting" as well. And then there are the 
Agrippa/Damara children.... 

Hearing that Damara, his knightly love (or rather, former love) was in 
labor in Sherwood, the Hermetic Agrippa hustled over from hell, where he had 
been bouncing, he says, on Flagg's bed with Nocturne. But alas, he was too 
late. Damara, who had gone link dead, had her children before he arrived. 
Hearing that one was a girl, Agrippa announced (in a playful tone, he now 
insists) that since he had ordered boys, the girl would be good wolf 
fodder. Which led to Dominic, Damara's clan mate and doctor, asking Lori 
and Killer to act as godparents and protect the infants from their father. 
After arguing with Dominic and the godparents over his son's name and who 
got to raise which child, Agrippa apparently managed to kidnap his son. 
Which led to a lot of people swearing all sort of nasty acts against Agrippa. 
In the midst of all that, Nocturne announced that she would become Agrippa's 
concubine for one night in exchange for his son, or forever, in return for 
both of his children (she also wrote up a version of the entire saga on the 
welcome boards which is rather more coherent than this one :).

A few days later, after things had settled down a bit, Agrippa's clan 
leader, Satsu, arranged for a meeting between the two parents, who had 
been caring for their respectively gendered offspring in their clan halls. 
Xo and Mitra, both Hermetics, agreed to escort the parents to the church 
altar at Klein, the agreed meeting place, so that both parents could be 
assured that both children were safe and healthy. But shortly after Damara 
handed him the girl child Chelsea, Agrippa absconded with BOTH girl and the 
boy (Romulus Xo Daer), recalling and renting before either Xo or Mitra 
could react! Did he really take them away for their own safety (as HIS 
board message claims?)...or did he do it for Nocturne's company? Will 
Nocturne get the children? Will Chelsea become wolf dinner? Will the 
Hermetics back Agrippa? Will the Knights hunt Agrippa? What will Mitra 
and Xo do? What will the godparents do? 
Stay tuned, Gentle Reader.... 

                          \|/ \|/ \|/

Northstar MacLaren adopted Tad and Frodo as her sons this week. Held at 
the gravesite of Kendrik MacLaren, the ceremony was presided over by a 
Rusalka, who called on the audience to be friends to the new family. The 
boys and their mother signed an official adoption certificate, which was 
witnessed by Sandra and Malorn, the boys' new godparents. Northstar presented 
the Tad with his very own copy of "The Jungle Book," and Frodo received an 
edition of "Where the Sidewalk Ends." After the joyful ceremony, Tad declared 
that his new mother was also his new Regent (or Regis, if you want to be 
proper), presenting her with a circlet of office inlaid with rubies and 

A few days later, Tad got himself into a rather less pleasant situation. 
Apparently, Kretch and Mitra had been fighting quite furiously, resulting in 
Mitra's death. Which resulted in Howard coming out to Roman Britain to chase 
Kretch around. Upset that his friend Mitra had gotten killed, Tad apparently 
tried to interfere with Kretch's escape route, which (in turn) resulted in 
Tad being force-clanned. From what we hear, the Hermetics took him in as an 
apprentice to Satsu...We haven't heard what the MacLarens think of all this...

[Editor's Note: Force clanning can occur when a non-pk enabled character 
interferes with player killing. Force clanning is used as a way to allow the 
wronged pk character (such as Kretch, in this example) to have recourse. 
In other words, forced-clanning forces un-clanned characters who 
interfere with p-kill to pay the consequences of their action. Do note 
that you can only have one clanned character at once. That means that if 
you already have a clanned character when/if an unclanned one you play is 
forced-clanned, the one you had before will be deleted.]

                            \|/ \|/ \|/

Mercenary retired this past week. Judging from the public outcry that 
arose when he announced it, he'll be sore missed by the citizens 
of Legend. We wish Mercenary well in the after life.

                            \|/ \|/ \|/

Congratulations to Farnsworth and Linda, who reached level 50 on the very 
same day!
                            \|/ \|/ \|/

We received this letter in the LT office this week:

	I, Marat, late of Paris and now wanderer between the great ages
of humanity, bring you greetings from the people of France.  In my land,
the people have thrown off the oppression of the nobility and clergy and
established a new government, under a constitution, where the rights of
the people are guaranteed.  By order and with the authority of the
Committee on Public Safety, I now carry our revolutionary message here.
As we once swore the Oath of the Tennis Court--never to disband until
France had a constitution--I swear now not to rest until the oppressed
of all the ages of Legend are also free.
	To this end, I offer my services in the areas of conciliation,
mediation, and--when the need is great--liquidation.
	1) As conciliator, I will carry your message of eager peace to
your opponents and secure for you a just and fair surrender . . . or add
my blade to your cause.
	2) As mediator, I will act as a go-between among parties who
mutually wish to seek a settlement and ensure that both sides win fair
and just terms . . . or add my blade toward the winning of a just
	3) As liquidator, where you are otherwise unable to attain a
just settlement of your disputes, or when you suffer the depradations of
the nobility, the clergy, or the opponents of freedom, I will undertake
to end more . . . ahem . . . bloodily the dispute.

	As for myself, I ask no fees for this work, but--in sympathy
with the abused of these worlds--I will ask a modest contribution to
some other needy person.  Contact me directly or through the wonderous
mud-mail with possible work.  Be warned, I will not support unjust

	I also welcome the inquiries of any others interested in the
cause of liberty; where I am one, we will soon be many.

	Long live the revolution!


 Legendary Times is put out by the gods of LegendMUD. Please send all
 replies/additions to to our address at [email protected] for 
inclusion in the next edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate 
this discussion, and may object to some submissions. If you feel we have 
wrongly omitted one of your messages, please talk to Rusalka online or 
 through EMail and see if she did indeed receive it in the first place.
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