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VOLUME THREE, ISSUE FOUR                              February 19, 1996
                      ...:/:[ CONTENTS ]:\:...

                            AREA UPDATES
                       -Paris Opera House!!-
                           -More Frisco!-
                           -More Abbey!-
                           CODE UPDATES

                          -Did You Know?-
                           SOCIAL EVENTS
                          -Pkill Carnage-
                       -More Hermetic Change-
                     -Nocturne and the Dark Lord-
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                           AREA UPDATES

              Paris Opera House Opens to the Public!

Lying just east off the industrial English Channel is Paris, a city of 
grand boulevards, fine wine and food....and the famed Opera House. 
Commissioned in 1860 by Napoleon III after he was nearly assassinated 
in front of the former Paris opera house, Place de L'Opera took some 
fourteen years, three acres of land, and 47 million francs to build. 
The size was unheard of, and remains the largest theatre on the planet. 
Ironically, Napoleon III was defeated and exiled to England by the time that 
the theatre was opened. The most ambitious and enormous project to
this time, the opera house remains a house of marvels and excess, as well as
having several well known and much talked about legends surrounding its

Built by our Immortal opera singer Bart, the Paris Opera house area 
includes Paris, a cafe where you can buy souffles and cafe au lait, the 
opera house itself, with a couple of places to procure costumes and weapons, 
and, of course the famed sewers, a domain that players should be _very_ 
wary of. In the House itself, you may meet assorted musicians, members of 
the chorus, the Mayor, and perhaps even that famed phantom himself (a figure 
based on the original novel rather than the musical :). 

                        Frisco Expands!

Kaige has recently expanded San Fransisco to include the area around that 
gold rush town. Looks for new mobs and rooms in town including a Sheriff 
and his deputies, the Mayor, and the local school marm. Outside of town, 
you can visit the bay, a logging camp, and a mine! There are also new quests, 
plus that long awaited IND era route (however, the old way of getting 
there still works as a well :).

                      The Abbey Expands!

Moreover, Charity has also just expanded the Abbey. Although the Abbey 
proper is now slightly smaller (it still includes a "main" floor, as well 
as the roof and catacombs), there is now a Benedictine monastery 
associated with it, including the monks, lay brothers, and assorted live 
stock, as well as the various living quarters and chapter house.

** Players should note that many mobs in the new additions to Frisco and 
the Abbey arn't quite what they used to be, and may be more difficult to 


                          CODE UPDATES

- The wooden tokens from the South Seas region are no longer rentable.

- Wu Chen's guards are now better able to come to his assistance.

- Anyone who DTed in the San Fransisco update between its installation and 
  Wednesday @ 5 pm is due a reimbursement.

- India has an update that includes a help file and another small quest.

- The Abbey is now updated with a couple of new quests.

- The Sherwood innkeeper has new fighting acts.

- All invisible Someone's are now imms. Any invisible Somebody you meet 
  is a player.

- Should you win at poker, you can now turn in the chips for cash.

- The rent on the Lima swordsman's shirt has been corrected.

Note: All the rest of the items in the list were done some time ago, and
have been listed in the HELP NEWS file. Read the news!

- Elementals no longer teach you words you already know.

- You can now use the Words, Spellbook, and Allspells command while asleep.

- Dert bags are now a wonderful bag for herbs and herbs alone.

- You can't carve, eat, or drink during a fight.

- The bug with recalling at the instant of death has been corrected.

- We have new socials! These are "bite, blink, glower, scowl, push, pull, 
  press, and sniffle."

- Many of the old socials now have messages where they didn't used to before.

- Autorenting no longer gets you stuck at the menu.

- Typing "title" without an argument will tell you what your current 
  title is.


  /  _  \      DID YOU KNOW     ...that you can change your character's
 /__/ \  \     password at any time and really should treat it like any
      /  /     other computer account?
     /  /
    /__/       On Legend the command PASSWORD  
    __         is used and you will be prompted to verify the new password.
   /  \        This command is protected against being snooped or logged.
               As with any personal identification code, you should never
   _____       user personal information like nicknames, important dates,
  /  _  \      names of significant others, or any word that can be found
 /__/ \  \     in the dictionary. A mixture of upper and lowercase letter
      /  /     with a sprinkling of numbers and special characters is
     /  /      recommended.
    __         One you have decided on a unique password for your
   /  \        character, be sure to remember it. Do not leave it lying
   \__/        around in the open and never tell anyone what it is. A good
               habit to get into is to change you passwords on all your
   _____       accounts at least once a month or so. Just don't make the
  /  _  \      mistake of making them all the same. If someone learns or
 /__/ \  \     guesses your password you become extremely vulnerable.
      /  /
     /  /      If you forget your password, you can ask an imp to retrieve
    /__/       it for you. You will be expected to provide some piece of
    __         unique information about the character, and what you thought
   /  \        it should be. The information will be kept confidential.
   \__/        Often it's a typo that's not uncovered until you try to log
               in the second time.


[Editor's Note: In going through the player files during our latest 
player purge, we found an alarming number of characters with their 
professions as passwords (such as "fighter" or "druid"). We've also seen 
characters with the same word for both name and password. Please, please, 
take your passwords seriously. After all, your character could end up 
responsible for someone else's actions.] 

            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMud?|
   (o o)    \________________________/

                         Clan/Pkill News

Pkill, pkill, pkill. Whether you like it or hate it, it _does_ make life 
interesting. One night last week was particularly looks 
like it started with Zar killing Sethir. Shortly after, Zar died under 
mysterious circumstances... then, or maybe before, Sethir attacked 
Somar, who vanquished him. Then Somar died in mysterious circumstance. Then, 
Limerick chased Magda to avenge his clan mate Sabella, ultimately killing 
her twice to match the number of deaths Sabella had reportedly gotten from 
Magda and Kretch. Then Tao arrived and was promptly killed by some kind of 
Secretives group. Then Magda showed up and got killed (again). Then, when 
Magda returned to retrieve her corpse, she and Sabella got into some kind of 
yelling match, which resulted in Magda getting killed....again. Then Sharpe 
showed up to chase Tao around the mud (which also resulted in Tao's death...
again). And to make things even more confusing, Sharpe had apparently 
managed to kill Sethir somewhere in the middle of all that. Eeesh!

And if all that madness wasn't enough, Mael apparently chose to attack 
a link-dead Howard today. Despite being link dead, Howard won the 
fight...which resulted in Mael's perma-death!

Looks like pkill has finally caught on, so to speak....

In terms of non-pkill news, rumor has it that Xo, the newly elected 
Hermetic GuildMaster is going to be off the mud for a bit...and that 
Toranthaz was elected as his replacement.
Dominic, a stalwart member of the Knights of Legend has reached the 100 mil
exp mark! Be sure to cheer him. Apparently, Dominic isn't ready to retire 
from his clan yet as he still has a quest to complete...

                            \|/ \|/ \|/

The MacLarens gained two new members this week. Northstar adopted Elidan 
as her daughter at a ceremony near Tara where Elidan received a Cynthia 
Voigt novel. They also now have Landyn, who, it's said, just might be 
related to the departed Lynche. We also hear that Landyn is looking for a 

                          \|/ \|/ \|/

Gwyneth and Doc were married at a private ceremony recently. Be sure to 
congratulate them! 

                          \|/ \|/ \|/
Nocturne recently posted a note on the welcome board claiming San 
Fransisco for the Dark Lord (apparently he likes that fish smell on the 
wharfs..) She was also recently attempted to break free of the Dark 
Lord's hold on her soul. We heard that the events went somewhat like this:

Not long ago, Legendites were stirred from their usual weeknight stupor by 
the frenzied cries of Nocturne: "I curse you o' Dark Lord!! I cannot 
break free from your control over me, but I will find a way!!!"

Ras suggested deoderant, while Chelsea, the daughter of the late Agrippa 
and Damara promptly asked "Can I help you, Miss Nocturne?" 

Nocturne continued her address to the Dark Lord, "You summon my porters back 
to their own plane, when they were holding a child's inheritance! A 
child of one you commanded me to purge from the lands..." Taking a deep 
breath, she hollered "I curse you, Dark Lord. I will find a way to do good
despite your wily influence."

Slowly, out of the startled silence that followed, a low watery gurgling 
was heard. Eventually, the gurgling became words. "Do not leave my children 
unattended, dearest Nocturne," the Dark Lord admonished his succubus.
"NO...," screamed Nocturne, "It is the dark lord... will he never leave me
"My children have brought their inheritance back to me, whence they were 
formed," explained that Dark Lord. It gave a polite *gloosh*.

"Go 'way stoopid Guppy! leave me frien 'lone!," hollered Tad.
The Dark Lord thoughtfully  at Tad. "Perhaps Tad will one 
day do the same," it noted.
"She's my friend too! Go away!," Chelsea yelled.
Having mostly regained her composure, Nocturne addressed her fell lord, "I 
will scour the realm.. I will get back all that your demon children stole..."
"Leave my godson alone!," Sandra yelled. She pulled Tad aside and faced the 
Dark Lord.
The Dark Lord continued its meditations.. "I know what you have already done 
for me Chelsea, those dark thoughts you think alone in the middle of the 
night when you think no one is listening...." Chelsea gulped.

Tad darted out from behind Sandra and poked the Dark Lord. "Do wha?" he 
asked. The Dark Lord answered him, saying "Come home to your father, Tad."
Blinking in confusion, Tad retorted "But me Da's ded.." as a horror 
stricken Sandra jerked him back. Several people rose up to defend Tad's 
parentage. "Leave my friend Tad alone!," yelled Chelsea, while Toranthaz 
explained "Tad already has a Home."

 "And I shall escape from you.. to show people that it can be done!" 
Nocturne continued, "I have not the power, Dark Lord, to banish you from
these realms...but perhaps I shall find one who can thwart your plans.

A bit of mist rose up and assumed the shape of the late Kendrik 
MacLaren. "Begone from my child foul beast," he ordered the Dark Lord.
"Da'?..." asked a stunned Tad.
"I know Tad," the Dark Lord explained, "He's here with me, my faithful
servant. Do you really think one as high born as your mother would have 
stooped so low as to willingly sleep with a common petty fishmonger?" It 
*glooshed* "Ahem, petty."
Looking even more confused, Tad gasped "Wha?"
"Don't believe him Tad!" urged his godmother, while his late father 
bellowed "Tad, get away from that fiend, even Nocturne is better
than that Fish!"
Tad evaded Sandra's grasp and looked hard at the Dark Lord. "Whad yu say 
'bout me Mama, stoopid Guppy?" he asked It.

The Dark Lord explained its position to Tad: "That even she was corrupted 
by my far reaching fins, err clutches," who promptly asked "Yu didded wha 
wif yur fin to me Mama?" "Tad, cried Sandra, "It's a lie.. don't believe 
him!," while the ghostly form of Kendrik intoned "He has done nothing to 
her Tad, she is with me, in a far better place than the festering pit the
fish calls home.

Bravely continuing her stance, Nocturne addressed the Dark Lord, "I have 
heard of the existence of one known only as the Goddess... I shall seek 
her assistance in retrieving my soul from your clutches."
"Foolish mortal. I do not HAVE your soul... I *AM* your soul," It answered.
"Oh Goddess!" pleaded Nocturne, "If you exist, and have the strength, give
me a sign to recognize that the dark lord speaketh but lies and deceit."
"Goddess?" asked the Dark Lord, "What more can she offer you Nocturne?"
"Happiness, and peace, Nocturne," answered Sandra.
"I ask for hope to know that I have a choice about my life, that it is 
not yours to call, and order me to your will!," Nocturne declared.
The Dark Lord snickered. "Your precious goddess has slowed down time on
you... is that the sign you seek? A sludgy sort of portent if you ask me.
Perhaps you should have thought out your choices better before letting me 
into your heart, Nocturne."
>From the distance, Fatale wailed "I thought the lag was Sprintnet's 
fault?" Said the Dark Lord, "I *AM* Sprintnet."
"Nocturne, be strong," Kendrik begged her, "The fish is the father of lies, 
this can only be his doing." Kendrik sighed..."would that I had been as 
strong when I was alive."

Facing the Dark Lord, Nocturne addressed him, "I ask for vision to see the 
beauty in the world again, not to watch it all through the shadowy slits 
of your.. your.. GUPPY EYES!"
The Dark Lord smirked. "Is the view any better Nocturne?," he asked.
"Resist him, miss Nocturne!," pleaded Chelsea, to which Kendrik 
added, "Nocturne with belief and faith ye can throw off this yoke, 
I did before I died." Sandra nodded solemnly.
"Perhaps," continued the Dark Lord, "She has a distorted view of things. 
Could be her new eyes."
"Your parlour tricks mean nothing to me oh Fish! But I see I cannot keep 
you away from me just yet." Nocturne sighed.
"Go 'way stoopid guppy!," Tad hollered.

"NO," rose up Kendrik's ghostly wail, "Do not give in Nocturne, it will be 
painful, but you must never give up."
"But I shall find the path that leads out of your stanky pond...," she 
continued, to which the Dark Lord replied, " You'd have to wash your soul 
quite well to do that Nocturne." She continued on regardless, "And when 
that happens... I shall become a symbol to all who would fall to your 
"For the path that leads out of my 'stanky pond' as you so eloquently put 
it for a mere mortal, is through your own heart and mind," the Dark Lord 

"Leave miss Nocturne alone, you ugly guppy!," Chelsea yelled in defense 
of her friend. She screamed as dark inky water splashed onto her. Tad 
yelled at the Dark Lord to "Leave Chelsea 'lone!"

"Do you want this ...this... FISH to have your soul when you pass from 
this plane? Or would you join me, and Tad's mom?" Kendrik asked Nocturne.
"I shall drive you from my heart, Dark Lord. Today, I have learned with 
my mind, that you are a thief," Nocturne retorted to It.

"Thief?" the Dark Lord queried Nocturne, "Nay, not thief. Merely an 
"You can throw him off Nocturne, illusionist? Aye, his POWER is an 
Illusion," Kendrik urged her. "Indeed, it is, Ken," Sandra agreed.
The Dark Lord continued.."Or perhaps an illuminator?" he said 
thoughtfullly. "Nah... don't like bright lights much. Much snugger here 
in Nocturne's black stanky heart."
"Your porters... I shall never trust them again. I shall rely only on she 
who I can split off from my soul..." Nocturne told him.
"How do you know I am not She, Nocturne?" the Dark Lord asked her.
"His hold on your soul is an illusion, only thru deception can he hold 
you, just stop believing," Kendrik urged Nocturne.
"You came to me in my dreams as a female.. You have turned me from a 
desert maid into a succubus in your form..." Nocturne sadly told It.
For a moment, the Dark Lord turned his attention on Kendrik. "You are an 
illusion Kendrik. For you are but a mere shadow of your true self."
"I am not an illusion, I am a spirit!" retorted Kendrik. He paused for a 
moment to gather in a bit of stray ectoplasm.
"Me Da's real!" shouted Tad.
"...One who has defied you to my last," Kendrik continued.
The Dark Lord turned back to Nocturne. "Then why do you cry out for my help, 
Nocturne, refusing to admit that the much touted Goddess and I are one 
and the same?" he asked her.
She retorted "It matters not what form you take, be it man or woman
or fish. You are but a vision caused by indigestion."
"Don touch me DA'!!!!," bellowed Tad, "Get yur slimy fins off me Famly, yu 
stoopid Guppy!"
Kendrik chortled in glee "See the lack of power the fish holds, he can not 
even banish my spirit!" He stooped to gather in another bit of ectoplasm. 
Must have been all that chortling...

The Dark Lord regarded Nocturne in dismay and shuddered. "I hope you 
aren't planning on taking any Pepto Bismol. I detest that stuff even though 
I made it."
"You can claim to be the Goddess, but I shall search...I shall quest... I 
shall endeavor... I shall find if you are true," Nocturne declared. 
"Back to the fish tank guppy!," Sandra ordered the Dark Lord.
"No, Nocturne," the Dark Lord insisted, "It is yourself for which you must
decide is true or not."
"You speak in circles, Fish," Nocturne told him, "You say it is my choice to
make, but yet you still command me against my will and desire..."
The Dark Lord nodded pleasantly. "Of course, Nocturne. You are me, and I am 
you. How else could it not be so?"
"I shall find what it is that gives you power over me...And I shall rid myself 
of it... Even if it means cutting away my own heart. You shall not possess 
me at the end..." she insisted.
The Dark Lord *glooshed*. "Ok, I'll just go back to pumping that black 
slime thru your veins some more, Nocturne." *gloosh*
"Others will help me," Nocturne told him, "I will escape your clutches.. But
until then, while I am your servant still, know that with every waking 
moment, I curse you, Dark Lord." Various players assured of their 
assistance in her struggles against It. "I will accept your commands for 
now.." she continued, "But each one will give me more insight into your 
ways... And I will find how to defeat you...But now... Come back inside my 
soul, Dark Lord. Let us end our argument for today..."
"NO," Kendrik wailed, "Nocturne, do not invite, fight his presence every
Nocturne sadly replied "I have not the strength left.. The world itself 
seems slower..  But I shall be looking for your weakness, Oh Cursed Lord 
of Fins.
A small dark glooshing sound was heard as the Dark Lord settled back to
pumping his thick viscous goo through Nocturne's veins, the argument(?)
forgotten for now.
"Ah..," Nocturne sighed, "I can feel you returning into me... Your power...
It is enticing... It is addictive...*cackle* GALOOSH *brandish dagger*
Chelsea wailed "NO! Resist him, Miss Nocturne!"
"You want her to live for now, right, Chelsea?" the Dark Lord asked.
"Yes!" Chelsea answered.
"Then let me get back to pumping her blood," the Dark Lord commanded, 
"Clogged arteries are a pain to work with anyway."
"I accept you in me for now Dark Lord," Nocturne addressed the black bit 
of goo in her heart, "But you will not touch the child Chelsea."

"He already has, Miss Nocturne," Chelsea said sadly. "He touched me with 
his dark slimy water." Sighing, Nocturne begged the Dark Lord to depart 
from Chelsea, but there was no answer....only a faint gurgling sound as 
her blood was pumped in and out of her heart.....

                            \|/ \|/ \|/

Contrary to last issues report of the Return of Kendrik, Tad's godmother 
is Sandra, not Sabella (but Sabella's still a good friend of Tad's :)

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