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............./      /            THE LEGENDARY TIMES
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........./      /...../  ___/./  ____/../  ___/./  __.  \.../  /\  \
......../      /...../  /_.../  /....../  /_.../  /..\   >./  /./  /
......./      /...../  __/../  /____../  __/../  /.../  /./  /./  /
....../      /_____/__/__../  \_\  /./  /__../  /.../  /./  /_/  /
...../                / /./       /./     /./  /.../  /./       /
..../                /_/..\______/./_____/./__/.../__/./_______/ MUD
.../________________/       running on 9999
VOLUME THREE, ISSUE SIX                                  April 20, 1996
                      ...:/:[ CONTENTS ]:\:...
                          NEW IMMORTALS!!!
                       -Description Updates-
                         -The Cheat Sheet-
                           -OOC Policy-
                          -Did You Know?-
                        -Roleplay Workshop-
                         -Legendary Honors-
                            -LT Updates-
                            SOCIAL EVENTS
                        -OTS VS Secretives-
                 -Adoptions, Weddings, and Retirements-
                         -Poem for Northstar-
                        -Avengers of the Light-

Please send your responses to articles to the Legendary Times address
at [email protected] Letters to the editor are welcomed. 

                        NEW IMMORTALS!!!

Gail and Hunter Rose recently joined the Legend immortal staff (be sure 
to give them a big cheer the next time you see them :). Gail, the 
Knightly GM prior to her promotion, is working on an area based on 1920's 
Nepal, including Mt. Everest. Hunter Rose, a long time veteran of Legend, 
is working on Revolutionary Russia (around and before the time of the White 
Revolution, which overthrew the Czar in the early 20th century).

                         PROPOSALS UPDATE

LegendMUD is now accepting proposals for immorting on a monthly basis. 
Players who are level 50 may submit a proposal for an area by the end of 
each month. The immortals will read and vote on proposals within a week or 
two of the deadline, every month. Proposals which are accepted will result 
in people being immorted.

Please note that this does NOT mean that we will be immorting people every 
month. Only proposals that meet the standards we are looking for will get 
that. You can expect new immortals to come as infrequently as ever, but 
there will not be the long waits for decisions and the rare opportunities.

You can get information about proposing an area from the following sources:

 - The web site at has a link to both a 
sample proposal and proposal guidelines.
 - Anonymous ftp to also offers these same files

Of course, feel free to run your idea by an immortal. There are always lots 
of ideas circulating, including some areas in progress already; there are 
also some regions of the mud which we currently consider overly dense or in 
need of fleshing out. So asking is never a bad idea.

Remember! A historical/legendary theme is required.



                            CODE UPDATES

The following bugfixes have been installed:

BUG: Guildmasters could attack guildmembers more than ten levels below them,
but the guildmembers couldn't fight back.
FIX: guildmaster/guildmember combat now works as it should.

BUG: Snipers could snipe and flee, getting a chance of insta-kill with each
shot they took while not engaged in combat
FIX: Sniping now works the same as backstab. After you've shot at someone
once, it will be at least a tick before further shots you take at them will
be eligible for insta-kill.        

BUG: Players couldn't append to posts on boards.
FIX: Now they can.

 -- Ark

                     DESCRIPTIONS UPDATES

Sandra, having wed Killer Starseed, has changed her short desc from "a tall 
irish girl" to "Sandra Starseed."

We also got this report from Toranthaz:

When I as elected GM of the Hermetic Order on Feb 24 1996 I 
changed my description to suit my new position

My new Short Description is : a powerful wizard with dark brown eyes

My Long Description is: The GuildMaster of the Hermetic Order peers 
                        deeply in your eyes gauging your worth in mana.

Toranthaz the Wizard
GuildMaster of the Hermetic Order


                         THE CHEAT SHEET

As most of you know from a recent Legendary Times Special Bulletin, the 
imms recently discovered a cheating ring, wherein players were crashing 
the mud in order to duplicate rare and/or "old" gear (gear with given 
stats that no longer exists in the code). Those involved were 
deleted. If you'd like a copy of that Special Bulletin, please e-mail 
Rusalka at [email protected] 

In connection to the cheating ring, ParticleMan's player asked that we 
re-print the letter that he posted on the welcome board:

Seems I got word from ParticleMan asking me to post this note to the
MUD. Here it is verbatum from ParticleMan: To the MUD, I apologize to
each and every one of you, even those not involved in what happened
that fateful day. Seems a few of us had found a crashing bug and
decided to capitalize on it.  Seems I even logged on as another
character to do the dastardly deed. Seems I got caught doing my first
illicit(sp) activity in my long and not so glorious time on the MUD.
so to those of you who lost eq due to the crash, I give you my most
humblest apologies, to those of you whos trust I broke I apologize
for that too.  To the Immorts, Heros, Angels and Imps, I apologize to
you all for breaking your trust in me, and putting you all in a
position to have to delete multiple characters. I know thats not an
easy job.  To everyone, take notice of this post. I cheated ONCE in
over a year, and all the time and patience it took for me to make it
to level 50, the long hours of work and all the friendships built up,
all went to nothing in the blink of an eye all went to nothing in the
blink of an eye because I wanted to get ahead illegally. Remember
what happened to me and 4 other great characters all because we wanted
to cheat.  So please learn from our screwups, I'd hate to see others
end up the same way.  And please accept my deepest apologies.
ParticleMan the disgraced (and deleted)


We, the immortals of LegendMUD, would like to once more state that we have 
ZERO tolerance for cheating, either by players or immortals. And although we 
can understand you all not wanting to be "snitches," we'd very much 
appreciate that you report any instances (player or immortal) of 
cheating that you witness (we can't enforce the rules if we don't know 
that they've been broken).

For the record, here is a short list of acts that are considered to be 
cheating (see HELP CHEATING for a more complete listing of crimes and 

- crashing the mud
- multi-playing
  (both of the above will be rewarded with character deletion; repeat 
  offenders will suffer more serious penalties)   
- sharing equipment between characters
  * this includes leaving gear on the ground with one character and 
    picking it up with another, having a friend hold gear from one of 
    your characters and give it to another, as well as logging on both 
    characters at once in order to trade gear.
   (should we catch you doing this, we'll at least seize the gear; 
   characters can be deleted for this)
- making newbies and quitting them in order to gather up their gold
- asking imms to alter your level, stats, bank balance, and so forth
- using triggers or aliases during recall-tag
* all of the above can result in character deletion, as well as other 
assorted unpleasantries.

*** please note that parking your PK character in the OOC lounge in order 
to evade PK is NOT cheating (maybe cheesy, but not cheating).

We also request that you report bugs to the imms rather than profiting 
from them, through either the BUG channel, or mud-mail.

We'd also like to note that we regard player mail, including e-mail and 
mudmail, to be private. However, it can be used as evidence for cheating, 
should someone choose to turn it in as such (but we don't actively 
solicit that, in fact, the e-mail turned in regarding the cheating ring 
was volunteered).


                          OOC POLICY

This is the flat policy statement that people seem to be asking for.
It is no more and no less than the status quo. It has been reposted
in the imm lounge so that all the immortals can be very aware of it
and they will refrain from actions such as the one which seems to have
sparked this debate.

- Currently OOC permits all sorts of methods of ambushing, hiding from
pk, and etc. None of these things have policies against them, therefore
an immortal may not take any action against a player who uses them. -

That said, there is the widespread impression among players and immortals
alike that using the OOC in this fashion is cheesy gameplay that abides
by the letter of the current (non) law and not by the spirit of the
OOC. Hence immortals and players alike are free, *as always* to voice
the opinion that the players doing this are playing in a cheesy manner
and violating the spirit of the OOC. This opinion is not grounds for
formal complaint. Acting on this opinion as an immortal is thus verbotem, as 
there is no policy in place that justifies action.


  /  _  \      DID YOU KNOW     ...that several commands on LegendMUD are
 /__/ \  \         equivalents of each other?
      /  /
     /  /          The LOOK and EXAMINE commands do nearly identical things.
    /__/           Examine is often gives a more thorough response including
    __             the contents of containers and the like.
   /  \
   \__/        GET and TAKE are exactly the same, so it's a matter of
               personal preference as to which you use.

               DROP and PUT are also exactly the same, so if you drop
   _____           something into a container, in it will go. However, this
  /  _  \      means if you put something and don't specify where, it
 /__/ \  \         will drop to the ground. This is not very easy to special
      /  /     case out as they call the exact same code and duplicating
     /  /          the code to special case it would be a waste of space.
    __             MAIL and SEND will both send a note to someone. Remember
   /  \            you can send to multiple people or multiple copies.

               Speaking of mudmail, the question of how it works has been
               asked lately. Well, messages get stored while the note
   _____           exists, otherwise there'd be no message to read. However,
  /  _  \      a given note and its contents are only linked by a code
 /__/ \  \         number-- one for each note. There is a directory that has
      /  /     every current note; it's got several thousand notes in it,
     /  /          each one titled only by a code number. Unless an immortal
    /__/           with the ability to stat objects already has the note,
    __             they can't tell what code number goes with what note.
   /  \            Reading a particular person's mail by going through the
   \__/        mail is sort of hopeless given the way it is set up. On top
               of that, the notes directory can only be accessed by an imp.


                       ROLE PLAYING WORKSHOP

I'll be holding a role playing workshop in the OOC on Thursday, April 25, 
at 7 PM CST. The plan is to help people work on developing their 
in-character presence (we can work on character behaviors, histories, you 
name it). I invite anyone who'd like to work on roleplay to attend, as 
well as experienced roleplayers who'd like to give me a hand with it. 
Hopefully, this will be a monthly event.

- Rusalka


                          LEGENDARY HONORS

LegendMUD recently received a couple more honors to add to the list :)
We were named a Top Ten Site for Interactive Fiction by XYZZYNews. We are 
also one of twenty muds listed in the print edition of the Internet 
Yellow Pages.
Woo Hoo!


                           LT UPDATES

Real Life allowing, I'm planning to make the Legendary Times a weekly 
publication. Hopefully, this will make its contents both timelier and 
more comprehensive. Submission deadlines are Fridays, noon MST. As 
always, we welcome articles from players (catch me on-line sometime and 
we can discuss ideas :) We're also looking for a few good columnists, to 
publish on a bi-weekly or monthly schedule (although those hardy few that 
can handle a weekly are quite welcome to do so). Those interested should 
send a sample column to [email protected] (or talk to Rusalka on-line).

There have been some questions concerning our strings policy. When I 
first started editing the LT, my idea was to encourage submissions by 
rewarding strings. However, I soon quickly found that certain classes of 
submissions tended to have a lot of repeat submitters (for instances, 
poetry...). I also decided that awarding strings for stuff like character 
backgrounds and clan submissions wasn't appropriate (in RL, I'd be 
charging to print them). So what's my policy? Basically, I'm very willing 
to "pay" a string for a first submission and/or occasional article (say 
every couple of months or so). But I don't feel that it's appropriate to 
give one on a regular basis (so I couldn't for columnists). Basically, 
the string thing is meant to spur you to try a submission. But in the 
end, Legendary literary fame will have to be the thing that keeps you 
going :)

- the Editor

            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMud?|
   (o o)    \________________________/

*whew* Just as things seemed to finally be calming down, another war (or 
three) pops up. We got this in the mail from Lori, who asked that we post 
it for the general public's reading delight:

This is to all those OTS types out there.  You wonder why you no longer hold 
in your possession this pitiful object that you all admire so much, this
Harp of Homer? Let me inform you, I took the harp, I have no problems
admitting what I did. I stole it right out from under your noses!  Your GM,
Howard, was polluting all of Eire with its horrid sound.
I did you all a favor! And now you attack me and my clan because of
it in the hopes that I'll return it.  Bah! The people of Eire cried out for
someone to rid them of the horrible noise that ran through the air, and I,
along with my clan, did just that. Try your hardest to retrieve it if you
dare, I assure you its not going to be an easy task, as some of your members
have already found out.
As I sit in my clan hall now, I smile at the fact that I have removed the
harp, which now sits along the wall as my own personal trophy, and as a
prize to all of my clan, from the grasp of the OTS.  I cheer it.  
Bring out your best, try your hardest to recover what was once yours, and 
plan to die....a lot. The Harp is ours now. 
Live with that.


Some of the Knights seem to be involved in the OTS/Secretives 
war..though it's real confusing....Agyar has been pretty active on the PK 
front lately...and the Hermetics got a visit from long time enemy Doc, who 
reportedly managed to kill their GM, Toranthaz, before retreating back into 
the shadows (for some background info, check out the LT issues covering that 
long ago and famed "Whispered Sweet Nothings affair that spurred Doc's ire). 


Magda, one of the longest running characters on Legend, recently retired, 
leaving her last goodbyes on the warboard:

a fond farewell...

I ventured out upon the fey lands of Ireland not so long ago, searching out
those whose faces I know so well. As I asked after my dear brother Khelleck
and my sister Dagda, none could tell me to what far off land they had
travelled to, and many had never heard of them!
Dec'lan comes but infrequently to my side, as does my Hermetic protector Obmig.
My cheeks are still tear-stained from my grief over Kiera's suicide. She loved
me and proved it with the ultimate sacrifice. The sun shines less brightly now,
the air not so sweet as it once was, the flowers not so gay, without Kiera here
by my side. Even my boon companions Kretch and Tao have moved on to the lands
beyond. Search tho I may, I could not find the Mole of whom I was so fond, even
in the underground kingdom of the sidhe.
I hear my old friends calling me to them, and so I go in search to find them.
Adieu to all and hail and farewell - the experience has certainly been a
wonderous one for me.
Magda the Shrew


Ryssa was recently adopted into the MacLaren Clan by Northstar, her new 
mother. In attendance were the newly reincarnated Kendrik, Darby, Tad, 
Elidan, and other assorted well wishers (Rusalka performed the latest of 
the MacLaren adoptions).

Lysander and Morwynn plighted their troth at a ceremony held  in the Pict 
Lands and performed by Satsu, while Linda and Farnsworth renewed their vows 
at a private service attended only by their daughter Alexis and performed by 


Once upon a time, we used to list RL birthdays in the Legendary Times. 
I'd like to resume that tradition. So send in those birthdays a week or 
so before, and we'll include them (RP birthdays for characters are fine 
too :). In the meantime, be sure to wish a Happy Birthday to Gail (today) 
and to Dr (tomorrow)!

                            \|/ \|/ \|/

We received this poem from Stoneman the other week:

Northstar is a sassy lass,
with flowing black hair,
and a nice firm.....
grasp of the joy of life.

An explorer,
a friend,
a wonderful mother.
I'm even told that she's a great lover,
of the magic arts.

Many will fight to win her hand,
questing across this vast land.
Whomever the mighty man she choose,
the others should feel honored to loose,
such a noble quest.

In the end, of course the choice is hers.
Money, gems, not even furs,
will change her mind.
For the chosen man will be one of a kind.

And men across the vast,
will mourn the loss of the sassy lass, 
with flowing black hair.
And a nice firm.....
grasp of the joy of life.

                            \|/ \|/ \|/

We recently received word of a new clan forming:

Lark stand before the crowd and addresses them, looking to each person
alike. She smiles faintly before starting her speech.

Lark says in a loud and clear voice, "Fellow citizens of Legend. I have
gathered you hear today to listen to an announcement that I am about
to make. I have heard tale of many complaints concerning the Dark
Lord." She pauses a moment, looking about, "And I am here to tell you
that we do not have to stand and take his meanderings without a fight."

Lark pauses, looking to the crowd once more before beginning. "We can band
together and stop his evil march against us and stop his oppression of
innocent souls." Her eyes narrow slightly and she continues, "That is why
I have decided, after much thinking, that I am going to form a group
of my own to stop the Dark Lord." She waits a moment, watching the
various reactions that she is receiving. "From this day forth, I am
putting together a league of members to oppose the Dark Lord and to
fight his realm of terror. This league shall be known as The Avengers
of Light" She glances about, then takes a deep breath before going on.

"The Avengers of Light will be a group of people dedicated to fighting
the Dark Lord. You need not be clanned to join this group, though those
with killing abilities will be highly looked upon. Those without will
also be a great assest as there is much more to life than fighting battles.
We need people to rally others and spread the word that the Dark Lord has
no hold over us and others" She pauses a moment, "And that we mean to free
those that he holds captive, so that those poor souls may once again
think and act for themselves and not as puppets for some greedy oppressor.

Lark pauses once more, then says clearly, "The requirements are that
, of course, you must be opposed to the Dark Lord. I know how far his
trickery goes because he tried to rob me of my family and my life.
If any imposters are found, they will be dealt with rather strictly." She
narrows her eyes as she says this, "Even perhaps killed if warranted"

She sighs softly, "Also, you must respect those above you and trust them
to guide you. Light knows that most of us want to see that Dark Lord
destroyed forever." She pauses thoughtfully, "OH! And one thing, I will not
tolerate anyone calling him a guppy.. he may be fish like, but I do not
think the poor unfortunate animals he's being named after need be
insulted any longer, let people know him for his true evil self, not some
innocent water creature." She glances about, "If any of you want to join,
or perhaps add input on how to stop the Dark Lord, don't hesitate to get in
touch with me. PLEASE: I ask that you do one of two things. Either mud mail
me or write me at [email protected] Tells are fine, but I forget who
you are quite quickly." She looks around, then down at her clipboard, "OH...
to stress on final note...AS I mentioned before this is a completely
 RP  group to get more Tinyplots started, killing is
optional if you are clanned but you do not have to be level 10
or clanned to join. Please note that I would like those who are participate to
be courteous  to those clanned members who follow the Dark Lord, this is not
a group to insult them, but a group to stop them" She
 She looks around and smiles warmly to those she
knows are opposed to the evil, "I look forward to working with those of you
who think this evil should be stopped" She steps down from the podium and
exits, trusting no one to harm her at the peaceful gathering.

 Legendary Times is published by the gods of LegendMUD. Please send all
 replies/additions to to our address at [email protected] for 
inclusion in the next edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate 
this discussion, and may object to some submissions. If you feel we have 
wrongly omitted one of your messages, please talk to Rusalka online or 
 through EMail and see if she did indeed receive it in the first place.
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