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Flashbulbs flashed, the red carpet was rolled out, papparazzi was beaten
up and the clinking of Kaige's famous strawberry daiquiris could be heard
for miles. Yes, that most glamorous of events was upon us, the 1997 Expies!
Here for those who were unable to attend is the list of winners and
runners-up, also included is a list of write-ins which are the special
player-created categories. Thankyou to those of you who voted, and a most
special thanks from all of us to Flagg who so tirelessly offered his
services to this event.

 The     /               /  LegendMUD 3rd Annual
        /               /
       /      _________/
      /      /      / ___    ____  _________  ____  _________  _______
     /      /______/ |   |  /   / /   __   / /   / /        / /       \
    /      /         |   |_/   / /   / /  / /   / /   _____/ /   _____/
   /      /________  |        / /   /_/  / /   / /   /___/  /   /___
  /               / /   _    | /   _____/ /   / /   /____  _\__     \
 /               / /   / |   |/   /      /   / /        / /         /
/_______________/ /___/  |___|   /      /___/ /________/ /_________/

 9999     9999
Expies Results!                                             April, 1997

Elessar Memorial Award (for best history in an area)
Winner:    Rusalka's Tudor England
Runner-Up: Leila's  Gypsy Carnival

H. G. Wells Medal (for the place you would most like to visit if you
 could time travel)
Winner:    Leila's   Gypsy Carnival
Runner-Up: Rusalka's Tudor England

Best Room (For description and special effects)
Winner:  On the Moon   (Gypsy Carnival)
 Your spaceship has crashed into the eye of the great man on the moon
 though he seems unaffected by the event. His other huge eye winks a
 welcome hello and a broad grin spreads across his cratered face. You
 notice that you too have become monochromatic; looking down at your
 hands and arms you see none of their normal hue. Yet this hardly
 bothers you as sprinklings of glitter and tinsel fall from the starry
 sky. A strange, bright light shines in your eyes and sets the room
 ablaze, removing all shadow and definition.

Runner-Up: On The Bridge of Leaps    (Land of Shadows)
 You stand gingerly on the bridge, each footstep making the bridge sway,
 the wind gusting through the valley only making it worse. You lose your
 footing and hold on for dear life, grasping at a rope that should have
 given way long ago. You wonder how long you can maintain your balance?
 Long enough to get across?

Best Item
Winner:    A cloudy grey opal ring
Runner-Up: An obviously fake beard

The Vampy for Best Mob
Winner:    A rat catcher
Runner-Up: The shade of Cuchullain

The Lampy for Best Quest:
Winner:    The Queen Elizibeth/Traitor Quest
Runner-Up: The Ringmaster Quest

Best Special Effect
(this award goes to the best, most creative, and most interesting use
 of the mud's acts system to create a 'special effect.')
Winner:    The Carnival Games
Runner-Up: The Carnival's atmosphere

Best Deathtrap
 With a distinct sense of foreboding, you peer through the doorway. The
 room is shadowy; the only light is from the dim lamp on a round table
 in the center of the room. Around the table huddle the indistinct
 shapes of men. Their words are low murmurs, and fear forbids you to
 move closer despite your desire to hear more.

 The neverending mass of slithering bodies surrounds you. A snake drops
 from its resting place onto a mass of squirming bodies resulting in a
 hissing and spitting in an angry frustration. Everywhere you look the
 walls move, the floors move, the ceiling quivers.

Golden Squirrel Trophy
(In the early days of the mud, Fionn's vorpal squirrels caused
 innumerable deaths. This award honors the mob whose design best
 epitomizes the spirit of the vorpal squirrel.)
Winner:    The hounds of Cullan
Runner-Up: The brickmakers

Best Writing
(overall writing in an area that makes it come alive)
Winner:    Leila's   Gypsy Carnival
Runner-Up: Rusalka's Tudor England

Best Area
(overall design)
Winner:    Leila's   Gypsy Carnival
Runner-Up: Rufus'    Land of Shadows

Best Bug
(given to the most interesting/conspicuous blooper in an area or in
Winner:    Everybody who logged onto the mud connected to the same char.
Runner-Up: Being able to take the Crimson Shield out of the Shadow

Best Reason For Turning Down A Reimb Request
(given to the reason and to the immort who gave it)
Winner:    I don't have load *duck* - Rufus
Runner-Up: Ask Choc. - Spencer

Immortal You Are Most Likely To Ask For Help
Winner:     Sabella
Runners-Up: Rufus, Rusalka, and Sandra

Best Poofs
Winner:    Leila
    You feel the cool steel of scissors on the back of your neck...
    Then a little mousse. A tiny brush flicks away the stray hairs. You
    are blinded by a mist of hairspray and when the cloud lifts you see
    your reflection in the mirror Leila holds. Your face falls.

    'It's called the Friends Haircut' Leila snaps as she flounces from
    the room. 'And there's no need to cry, you know'.

Runner-Up: Clutch
    You feel a low rumble in your chest, and soon your eyeballs are
    vibrating. You turn to find the bumper of a huge monster truck just
    inches from your nose. the door opens and Clutch jumps out, leaving
    the engine running.

    Clutch jumps back in the cab, throws the truck in gear and roars
    away, leaving you choking on dust and exhaust.

Snazziest Dresser
Winner:    Flagg
Runner-Up: Sabella

Best Builder
(goes to the immortal whose body of work in building areas is most
 worthy of the award; you can check who built what by typing AREAS
 within the game)
Winner:    Rufus
Runner-Up: Leila

Best Admin
(goes to the immortal whose work as an administrator of the mud has best
 kept the mud going)
Winner:    Ptah
Runner-Up: Sandra

The Sadist or Award for Best Coder
(server code, not acts code. This award goes to the coder(s) and the
 code that was added so please put both.)
Winner:    Whois code - Ptah
Runner-Up: Reconnect code - Gail

Best Player Relations Liaison
(goes to the best PR immortal for work in RP, games, The Legendary
 Times, strings, player registration, assisting players, the lecture
 series, the Expies, the Q&A, the WWW pages, etc.)
Winner:    Sabella
Runner-Up: Spencer

Most Helpful to New Players at Legend
(Given to the player, male or female, most helpful to newbies)
Winner:    Eretz
Runner-Up: Point

Best Clan (the following are eligible)
(Given to the organization, be it pkill clan or roleplaying clan)
Winner:    Mcdougan
Runner-Up: The Coven

Best Guildmaster
(given to an individual player for their past or present leadership of
 a clan)
Winner:    Mcdougan (Clan Mcdougan)
Runner-Up: Morphine (Mercenaries)

Best Roleplaying Melodrama
(given to the best group roleplaying performance during the past year)
Winner:    The Virago saga.
 The coven caused Malorn and Crowe to fall in love with Virago via a
 love potion. Virago denied them both and ran away. Malorn and Crowe
 fought over her. She reappeared in the hands of the Coven, who killed
 her only to resurrect her as a member of the Coven causing Malorn to
 call on aid from the Dark Lord and rejoin the APs.

Runner-Up: Dusty's kidnapping.
Dusty gets lost at sea, looking for gold, and is kidnapped by pirates.
She sent several bottles of notes out to sea.  A song was also
later heard and repeated but no sign was found. A group of adventurers
went looking for her but Guapo having gone with the group declared that
she escaped.

Best Supporting Roleplayer in a Melodrama
(given to the best performance by a peripherally involved character or
Winner:    Guapo in Dusty's kidnapping.
Runner-Up: Malorn in the Virago saga.

Best Roleplayer (male)
(Given to the best male character roleplaying)
Winner:    McDougan
Runner-Up: Tad

Best Roleplayer (female)
(Given to the best female character roleplaying)
Winner:    Petal
Runner-Up: Ryssa

(The Hack 'N' Slash award is given to the player whose play has shown

mastery of and great delight in the gaming aspects of the mud.)
Winner:    Morphine
Runner-Up: Point

The citizenship awards are given to the player whose presence is
regarded as most valuable on the mud, exemplifying the view of the mud
as a social microcosm.

Best Mud Citizen (male)
Winner:    Point
Runner-Up: Eretz

Best Mud Citizen (female)
Winner:    Govan
Runner-Up: LadyAce

Best Death
(given to the best death, be it specific death on a specific time, or
 string of deaths, or oft-repeated circumstance)
Winner:    The many brave explorers in the first 30 min. of the
Runner-Up: Snap's being killed in the inn by the Dhurtah, who permad him
  after he returned to the game.

Best Strung Item
(This award goes to the player whose use of a strung item award is most
Winner:    Ulric's Necronomicon
Runner-Up: Daer's Arc of the covenant

Best Warcry
(Goes to the best personal message used in the warcry skill.)
Winner:    Ulric's
Runner-Up: Tyche's

Best Player Description
(This can be when you look at someone, their short description or the
 one when you see them standing in a room.)
Winner:    McDougan
    Short:  a dishevelled, hiccupping Scot
    Long :  A pile of tartan rags lies in a gutter, snoring and reeking
     of ale.
     He hiccups. That's what first draws your attention to the Scotsman
     lying in the gutter here.
     He is quite obviously drunk, but manages to slur his speech into
     barely comprehensible syllables to inform you:
     "It'sh shtriktly f'r medishindal purposhesh."

     He then moves back into his own world, and crackedly sings, "You
     tyke th' hiiiiiiigh road, and I'lb tyke th' low roab, and I'll
     getsh t' shcotchland afore ye..."

Runner-Up: Whiterose
    Short:  a woman enshrouded by the scent of roses
    Long :  A woman enshrouded in a white aura and the scent of roses
     stands here.
     At first you mistake the woman standing in front of you for a
     statue. Her skin is as white and as smooth as alabaster.  The only
     sign that she is not a statue is that her hair falls to her knees,
     is aburn in color and curly, and that her eyes are a bright and
     flashing green. Her lips, blood red, form a smile as she notices
     you watching her, and she shows off her fangs, startling you for a

     You start to walk away, but look back over your shoulder for
     another look, unable to believe at first, that she is truly not a
     well made statue. You notice a small tattoo on the back of her
     shoulder.  A white rose and a blood red rose with the stems
     entwined. You also notice on her ankle, a black stem of thorns
     encircling her ankle. Under the stem of thorns are words, and you
     move a bit closer to read what they say.

     "Love never dies, it just gets misplaced" is what the words say,
     and that is a saying she truly believes in.  For she has loved
     many, but has never truly been happy until now.

Best Illusion
Winner:    Terrorspawn's Santa runs you over with the sleigh DT.
Runner-Up: Terrorspawn's Hounds of Cullan DT at the crossroads, Tara.

Most Likely to Succeed
Winner:    Point
Runner-Up: Ulric


Best Automatic Line
 Lagmonster brutally slays the lagmonster.
 Kall gives you a firm backrub - you feel relaxed all over.
 Wodan: Something is WARG
 Wodan: Something has shed its wolfskin and has rejoined the human race



Biggest ego

Best Karma
 Tyche and his friggin warcries

Most Likely to flirt:
 Agrippa (2)

Most likely to lose link:
 Hastur McDougan

Biggest packrat:
 Erica McDougan, seriously - she carries at least 3 full sacks around all
  the time and will not junk anything til she can't move
 Kaedon with her 40+cookies and numerous toys

Best Questmeister:
 Bert (2)

Best Line from a newbie:
 I'll trade this coupon thing for 35 levels.
 "So, how do you use tell?" --a newbie through tells.
 So, why do they call this newbie Hell anyway?

Best Line From a Mobile:
 [Info] Jane Hartman:"My condolences, *playername*. Now come get your corpse,
  you fool!
 "It is NOT Your time to die! *boom*" -- Cesare

Best store stock:

Scariest newbie experience:
 being kicked by Cruzeiro
 Not wishing for "Worst Enemy" in the lamp quest.
 Finding the Vampy
 Wandering into the Underhill
 Getting friendship and finding "Barney"
 Meeting Point

Funniest eq item:
 World peace

Biggest Lack:

Most Embarrasing room:
 Mirror room in Carnival

Spammiest strung weapon:
  "Clutch's kamikazebackbonenineironspitfirecontientalsamuraiohmylord!(tm)"

 Erica McDougan again - she's drowned in front of 4 different people on 4
  different occasions

Really cool guy
 Bob Izenberg

 killing 1100 horses in Norway to level :)
 Meditation/hp regen
 Waiting for the skyblade in the skyblade quest
 waiting for that new moon!  ick!
 Shadowlands runs when you aren't a hitter, mage, or healer.
 Waiting for your groupmate to reconnect.

Best wedding:
 Densiva and Myriad (2)

Best inn:
 Royal Stag

Best Commander of a Golem Army:
 Kaedon and her flying horses

Funniest eq item:
 Hound's severed paw
 A white lab coat
 A bowl of goldfish

Best pick up lines:
 Wanna group?
 What level?
 My all time favorite *lick*

Best Comeback:
 "Yeah, what she/he said"

Best recalltag "Self" announces:
 Leila (*wiggle Leila*)

Funniest Praiser:

Best commander in an army:

Most likely to be hugged by a total stranger....

Most Likely to Ignore your pleas for him to leave for a minute so you can
do the gold mine quest:

Most interesting events:
 Chimera's DT tours after he DT's once.
 Getting a 20 round stun on the Demon Kings
 Hitting the STAR CHAMBER when not doing the traitor quest
 Chimera's hitting Level 50 naked by doing the lamp quest
 Chimera's getting stuck in the Beowulf whale without a light source

Best line from a player trying to help another out with the Beowulf quest:
 "Now, you swim around and act yummy."

Most Quest Flags:

The Gimme That coupon award:

The "Golden pkill" award for most deaths:

Worst Hack and Slasher:
 perhaps a low level druid

Mosht lichkely t' try t' ineffechtuabubbly Shchrifishe Me:

Mosht lichkely t' follow in hish fathrrsh footshtepsh:



Ea! and Tad

Best game hosted by an imm:
treasure hunt

Best name of a conference:
RP (when you type rp, all you do is give a nice
firm poke to everyone in the room)

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