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VOLUME FOUR, ISSUE SIX                                         March 15, 1997

                                FROM THE EDITOR
                         DEPARTMENTAL NEWS AND UPDATES

                               NEWS AND ARTICLES
                               LegendMEET Update
                             Addicted to LegendMUD
                                   Baby Gift
                             Scavenger Hunt Results
                                 SOCIAL EVENTS
                                From the War Zone
                              From the Editor:
Heyya Again :)

The big news from the Immortals recently is, of course, the addition of
several new members to the staff. Please help us welcome them aboard! Look for
bio's from each new Assistant Immortal under Player Relations, Building, and
Administration. All the new folks are excited and enthusiastic, so expect lots
to be going on around Legend as they add their input to the immortal staff.

Croaker has already reinstated the trivia games that so many have missed,
with his first game on Friday, March 15. Check out the Welcome Board and
Trivia Board for more information on when the games will run and on standings.
A reminder: Players wanting to play Recalltag should/must read the "Standard
Rules" after they tell recalltag that they want to play. If you've read the
rules before, try to brush up on them every now and then so that there are no
confusions or misconceptions. Please be considerate of the new immortals as
they get used to running the various games.

Leila is working on a new Lottery Prize-drawing for those who contribute
everything from personals to articles to the LT. So send in your news, no
matter how small it may seem :) Please send your submissions to the Legendary
Times address at Letters to the editor and submissions of
all types are welcomed.

    On to the good stuff!
        - Sabella
                       DEPARTMENTAL NEWS AND UPDATES


    Tells from immortals will now be seen by players regardless of whether you
    are sleeping, stunned or in a silent room.


    Configurable fight messages are in! Please refer to 'help fighttype' to
    see how this command works.


    The MUD player types survey is now on the mud's web site. You can take the
    survey and see what sort of play type YOU are and how you fit into the
    sociology of LegendMUD. Look for it under the Lecture Series section at or go directly there:

                               NEW IMMORTALS

Eight new immortals have been added to LegendMUD's staff: two in building,
three in Player Relations, and three in Administration. Please help us
congratulate and welcome them!!

    LadyAce plays Kaylea Hascall in the game of life, and attends the
    University of Chicago where her major is Near Eastern Languages and
    Civilizations. She spends way too much time playing with computers and
    likes to cook and do needlework. When she grows up she wants to either be
    a lawyer or own her own business. Watch for her Crusades-era Middle East
    sometime in the not-so-distant future!


    Alhazred was raised in Walla Walla, WA, the town so nice it named itself
    twice. Early on, he distinguished himself with his ability to consume
    massive quantities of  Walla Walla Sweet Onions at the county fair. He
    graduated from high school and got a job at the local 7 Eleven. In order
    to make the long night shifts go faster, he purchased himself a
    superlative video terminal and hooked up to the Net. By the time his boss
    realized where all the long distance charges were coming from, Alhazred
    had already figured out how to satisfy his Net hunger through the slightly
    more devious method of becoming a full time student at Rothchilde's
    Cosmetology and Sewage Sucking School. We are proud to welcome him to the
    Legendary Staff, and are assured that he will do us proud should we ever
    need representation in an onion eating contest or desperately desire a
    Friends' haircut.

                              PLAYER RELATIONS   

    I am a recant graduate of the University of Canberra (Australia) and have
    studied such eclectic courses as Journalism, Japanese, Philosophy and
    Pure Mathematics. It was through my studies of the Japanese language that
    I was given the opportunity to work in a ski resort in Nagano, about 5
    hours drive from Tokyo (and the site of the next winter Olympics). I
    decided to study Japanese because of my fascination with the history and
    culture of the Asia/South Pacific region. At present I am looking for a
    job as a foreign correspondent for an Australian newspaper somewhere in
    Asia. Briefly, my other interests include: golf, soccer, skiing, playing
    guitar, traditional Israeli dancing, puppetry and politics. My major
    ambition in life is to follow in the footsteps of all my favorite authors
    and retire to upstate New York with my three cats.


    Hi I'm ParticleMan, one of PR's newest immorts. I have been playing on
    Legend for about 2 years now. I'll be starting up a new version of
    Scavenger Hunt here in the near future. In RL I am in the Navy as a
    Corpsman (i.e. a medic) stationed with the Marines in North Carolina. I've
    been in the Navy for 11 years now. I am looking forward to working with
    all the players on Legend, and if you have an idea for a game or any other
    ideas, feel free to drop me a mudmail.


    In RL Croaker is known as Jon McCullers, a Pediatric Infectious Disease
    fellow at the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.
     His interests (apart from Legend), include sci-fi/fantasy reading, blues
    piano, and sports of all descriptions. His research interests involve
    working on a novel type of vaccine to influenza using gene therapy
    technology. Croaker has a wife (who also muds), 2 children, 3 cats, a dog,
    and a messy house. He is an avid gamesplayer, and runs regular trivia
    contests on the mud. The inspiration for his name comes from the Black
    Company series by Glen Cook, which you should all go out and buy this


    I stumbled across LegendMud about a year ago, while wandering aimlessly
    through the mudconnector. I spent my first several weeks dying to sheep
    (bleah) till I finally got the hang of things, and have been here ever
    since. I work a mindnumbingly boring "real" job, till some brilliant
    editor decides to pay me for my writing. I immorted into Administration
    with the hopes of giving something back to Legend and hopefully make it a
    better mud. Oh yeah...and for the freedom to flop at will *wink*


    I have played Legend for almost 1 year and have very rarely met a person I
    disliked. I am addicted to snowboarding and mountain climbing, play on a
    football and basketball team when the season allows, and have been
    training in Karate for over 4 years. Other hobbies I enjoy are painting
    and reading and do those as often as possible. It is with a great deal of
    excitement and determination that I start my job on the Administration
    Staff. I am eager to utilize every resource I have to help this Mud and
    the players on it flourish. If you ever have any comments on how I perform
    my job, please feel free to mudmail me


    Solomon moved to Baltimore, Maryland in the spring of 1990 from
    Jacksonville, Florida, where he had spent most of his life. He was
    introduced to square dancing a few weeks later and has enjoyed this hobby
    ever since. He travels to other cities for square dance weekends and
    annual conventions regularly (in fact, his club is hoping to sponsor a
    convention in Baltimore for 2000).

    When moving to Baltimore, he took work as a temp, where he worked for one
    company for three days, and another for three months. At that time, the
    first company called him up and offered him a job. Solomon has worked for
    that company ever since, and has become the office resource for all
    computers, software, printers, network, and network services. The company
    is only about 20 people, so it is nice that they can afford such a luxury
    as a full-time computer support tech. (Solomon thinks he is a necessity,
    of course.)
    Solomon's first mud was Crystal Shard, which he now realizes was mostly a
    StockMUD, but he loved it just the same. (Especially the shape change!)
    When it went down, he looked on a mud list and picked Legend quite at
    random, and never found another mud he liked at all. He has been a player
    at Legend since about October, 1994, since he clearly remembers San
    Francisco going in.

                             LegendMEET Update

From Ptah and Kaige:

    We've got two days and surely we want to do more than just hang out. Long
    ago we promised you a barbecue, and I think we can still manage that. We
    can also probably manage gatherings to go see downtown Austin and 6th
    street, some of the Hill Country around town, and maybe even troop thru
    Origin if you are curious. Another possibility is a concert, if you are
    willing to put up with Rufus and Ptah's playing ;) --though it is possible
    that we could get some musician friends of theirs to play too, in a jam
    session sort of thing at the bbq. Lastly, if people are willing to put in
    additional funds once they get to Austin, there's also laser tag-- think
    basically live recall tag with laser guns--that might be fun for the more
    athletic among you. :)

    Any other ideas for events during the meet as welcome. But a note! If
    there are to be events of any sort, WE NEED TO KNOW WHO IS COMING so that
    we can make plans on how many to accommodate. PLEASE mudmail Ptah if you
    are planning on attending LegendMeet, imm or player.

From Tad:

    Here's the Hotel Info for the meet:
            North Travel Lodge Suites
            8300 N. IH-35
                (thats a national number, ask for the one in Austin)
    They got free parking, courtesy airport van, swimming,
    microwave/microfridge, handicap access, meeting rooms, and
    fax/secretarial. Checkout is at noon.

    If ya wanna have a room close to the rest of us, ask for one near or
    adjoining to Rick Lindsey's. (dats me!) If you need more info mudmail Tad.

                           Addicted to LegendMUD?

    Top Seven Signs you are addicted to LegendMUD

        7. You use the word EMOTE in everyday language
        6. You refer to your parents as MOBs
        5. You have no idea what most of your friends look like, because
           you haven't really met them
        4. You use smiley faces on term papers
        3. You crave walking into a parliamentary meeting with a clapper
        2. You pick up your cat, whack somebody with it, and expect
           then to look dumber
        1. Your answering machine message is "Hi, Sorry we're AFK at
           the moment, but leave a tell after the beep, and we'll tell
           you back.."

(Sorry, these are my symptoms.. thought I'd share them with y'all)

            - Fenris

    And don't forget using socials in everyday language (kinda like saying
    emote) such as saying blush or smile or whap :)

            - Celebrindal
    Don't forget:

        *Writing* to friends with *'s to emphasize or cackling every now and
        Poking/tugging people's sleeves
        Not knowing when you are hungry because it ain't displayed on your
        Trying to use 'hunt' to locate your GF or the administration building,
        Looking for exits labeled N S W E 
        Thinking you should get xp for walking into someplace new, and finally
        Dropping a penny here and there so you can map your way back :/ 
            - Bulk
[Editor's Note: Send your own symptoms of addiction to for
inclusion in the next or subsequent LTs.]

                                 Baby Gift
All those players interested in getting together for a group gift for Ptah,
Kaige, and their daughter, plus the dogs, Mika and Gabe :), should contact
Rusalka either through mud-mail or via

                             Scavenger Hunt Results

On Saturday, March 1, Spencer held a Scavenger Hunt, and seven teams registered
to participate. 

    Team HMS Beagle was composed of Mice, Armand and Kyla
    Team McDougan was represented by their clan leader, Hastur and XXX.
    Tyche, Faramir and Rummy formed Team TMR
    Team Oldie had Landy, Fighter and Envy
    Team The Movers and The Shakers was formed by Dial, Belmat and Kai.  
    Team No-Name consisted of Swatch, Myriad and Densiva. 
    The final team was the Warriors - Maros, Siachet and WhiteRose.
The object of the hunt was to be the first team to obtain all the items on a
list that Spencer mailed. The items came from across the mud, but from newbie
safe areas. It was possible to buy the items with a newbie's starting amount
of gold, or to get them for free. All participants were required to create a
newbie character for the hunt, since the object was to test knowledge, not
abilities. It was allowed for characters to gain skills, spells or non-hunt

The teams met in the OOC Auditorium for final instructions. As is typical with
such get-togethers on Legend, it quickly turned into a spam session, with
questions, comments and emotes flying everywhere. The first problem hit once
the starting gun sounded. For an unknown reason, the lists could not be mailed
to certain chars because they were being shown as nonexistent. While efforts
were made to correct the problem, the list was slowly handed out to the
players who hadn't received it in the mail. However, since all players were
handicapped by the same limited movement, Spencer felt that the delay was of
minor consequence.

While the teams ran about the Mud, madly searching for the list items, Spencer
and Joule periodically checked on them. In about an hour the teams all had
more than half the 19 items on the list. During the course of the game, one
team dropped out. At the two-hour mark things started to get tight. Teams
No-Name, Movers and Shakers and TMR were real close to having all the items,
with Team Warrior hot on their heels.

The first team to return to the Auditorium was Team Movers and Shakers, and at
that point the game was ended. All teams returned to OOC and the job of
determining second and third place began. One item separated Team No-Names
from Team TMR and they placed Second and Third, respectively. Team Warrior
receives an Honorable Mention for their fine effort.

The prizes awarded were a one-color string coupon to the char of choice for
each First Place team member, a non-color string coupon to the char of choice
for each Second Place team member, and cookies to each player on the Third
Place team member. Spencer would like to thank all the participants of the
hunt and the Imms who assisted him, especially Joule. If you enjoyed this hunt
and would like to see it run again, please mud-mail him.

Now that some of our higher levels have had a chance to refresh themselves
with the memory of what being a newbie is like, I hope folks will have a bit
more appreciation of what they must go thru to advance. Newbie movement, as
all will agree, sucks.  But you must learn to walk before you can run. I hope
those who can help newbies with refresh spells or potions, or fly spells and
potion, will remember this experience. To those of you who already do such
nice things to help our newbies, this is one reason they ask. I thank you all
- for being here, for helping others, for participating in Legend's various
activities, ..... well, for doing all the things that make Legend such a great
place to spend time.
    - Spencer
            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMud?|
   (o o)    \________________________/

Announcing the smooth curves and sharp turns of the various societies and
associations of Legend.

                      Looking For a Few Evil People

Are you a non-clanned rp character tired of all the goodness and tree hugging?
The forming of a secretive and insidious cult is now taking place that will
promote a collective evil and fill the much needed non-clanned rp void for a
evil clan. We implore you to consider taking up the challenge to create this
cult. We are in the creation process so we need assistance in ideas, and plot
ideas that you may have, and if you're a good rp clan and you want someone to
hate be sure to look us up. *grin*  Please mudmail myself in the meantime as
we organize this effort for ideas, or to join.  Thanks for your time. Oh and
by the way, this won't be your typical evil rp clan. We're planning ideas and
plots that will make us different from just being ordinarily evil.  The
Illuminati is along the lines of what our cult is going to be about.
    - Ulric the demonologist
                                \|/ \|/ \|/

                         Clan Angesley Tournament
Clan Angesley is a clan run by and for those who are devoted to healing and
helping others. Anyone interested in applying for apprenticeship to the clan,
should mudmail Istishia, and send their email addresses to Sharri.

Clan Angesley, the RP Clan dedicated to fellowship and respect for Nature and
the balance of Life, held a tournament Friday (3/14) night to reward the
member who most displayed the qualities they strive for, namely helpfulness,
respect for Mother Earth, and goodwill toward all creatures. Rusalka handed out
tokens from 8PM EST (5PM Pacific) until midnight and players rewarded these
tokens to the person with [Angesley] in their title that they believed
deserved it. A prize was awarded to the most helpful Clan Member, Somar. Watch
this space for more details on the contest itself.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the contest a resounding success! Special
thanks to Rusalka, Sabella and Sharri :) I received many positive comments
regarding the leaf game, and I'm hoping to try it again sometime. For those of
you who have game or rp ideas related to the values promoted by Clan Angesley,
please mudmail me! And to all of you out there who wish to see more games like
the one on Friday, please collect eq, cash, coupons, etc. which you are
willing to donate as prizes. Oh, and speaking of which, a HUGE thank you to
Bronwyn for donating last night's first prize!!!!!!!!

Go in peace and happy tree hugging,
    --Jen and Sherri, Council Members of Clan Angesley
           News and Information regarding the people of our world

    Alistaire Crowley, the Archdruid of Lohr has been honored with the
    position of Grand Advisor to the Council of Angesley, a new group that is
    currently sweeping Legend. Look for more information on Angesley below.
    Meanwhile you may notice Alistaire meditating upon his next prophecy.


        Everyone offer Myriad congratulations on her birthday, March 26.


    A little bluebird recently told us that Tancred managed to be THE
    participant in a trivia game and was disqualified for *not* drinking. We
    hope someone checks with him for the details on this interesting


    Lethargio the tired journeyman must have acquired some energy as he
    finally decided to get a job. He seems to have convinced the American Red
    Cross that his Legendary medical skills will be of use to them. So far as
    we know, he is the first Red Cross Member to grace the land of Legend, but
    hopefully will not be the last.

    Sadly, Legendites (like those in the rest of the universe) sometimes find
    that they have made a mistake in their choice of life partners. T'Aleydras
    and Huma recently announced their divorce due to irreconcilable
    differences. Alaina and Kendrik have also parted ways. We wish all four
    the best of luck in whatever their lives may bring.


    Amidst many sad farewells, Hastur announced his temporary departure
    from Legend:

        Alas, I must go the way of disco... to leave for a while then
        mysteriously pop back up again. As of this Sunday I will be
        leaving Legend temporarily, to pursue the lovely job market.
        Until i can get my account back up and running, I will also have
        my e-mail down. between now and then. I will try to be on as much
        as possible, little that it is. remember me close in your hearts,
        for i shall return!
            -Hastur McDougan

    Sinbad and Alaina happily announce their intended wedding, Saturday
    (3/15). The ceremony will take place in A Quiet Garden in Salem at 10 pm
    eastern time. Everyone is invited to come and share this joyful occasion.
                             "Who's This?"
                      CLeo of the Circle of Angels

Hello and welcome to this third edition of "Who's This?".
This month, I asked Asfw these questions...

CLeo - 'If you could build your own home, what would it be like?'
Asfw - 'By an oasis, in the middle of a desert, a two-story mansion full of
        high-tech stuff.'

CLeo - 'Tell us about one of the most embarrassing moments you ever had.'
Asfw - 'I fell into a pond once when i was a kid and when I stood up my
        pants were under water, and my classmates stood around staring.'

CLeo - 'What is your favorite color?'
Asfw - 'Blue.'

CLeo - 'If your mind could take you on a real trip, where would you go?'
Asfw - 'I'm not very familiar with the mythologies on which the mud is based,
        but ever since i started playing I've learned a few things.
        And the ones I'm most interested in are hell and shadowlands. but
        if i were to pick one i think I'd go to Dante's Inferno...'

CLeo - 'What is your favorite type of music?'
Asfw - 'In the classical genre, the romantic period.'

CLeo - 'One day, you notice that your watch can take you anywhere in time.
        Which time would you go to?'
Asfw - 'To ancient China so that I can check out all the martial arts stuff
        that will be going to be added to the mud shortly...'

CLeo - 'Someone asks you to create a new word to put in the dictionary.
        What would it be and what would it mean?'
Asfw - 'Word: asfuanity
        Meaning: attainable state of near perfection yet not necessarily
        flawless, the closest a person or an object may get to perfection.
        Related: asfuane (adj.)'

CLeo - 'If you were a kitchen appliance, what would it be?'
Asfw - 'The knife so i can chop people up... And make them bleed! >:)=
        And well, vegetables and other stuff too... :)'

CLeo - 'What is your favorite meal?'
Asfw - 'Well, besides those leaves and worms and berries and occasionally
        roots, i like the Chinese dumplings a lot.'

CLeo - 'What animal compares best to your character?'
Asfw - 'The turtle :P because I'm so slow and lazy... But i CAN be persistent 
        in my work...'

*Note: I pick people randomly. Anyone (except for Immortals) can be chosen
       for this interview. If you would like to give me some suggestions for
       questions, please mudmail them to me or send them to and specify that it's for my article in the
       subject line.
                             FROM THE WAR ZONE:  
                   News and Information from the PK Front                           

                       The Dark Lord's Unusual Request
Ever since I was a child, my heart has been filled with hatred and evil. My
parents abandoned me at an early age and left me to fend for myself, I grew up
in the cold, unforgiving streets and have fought for everything I own. I first
met the Dark Lord when I was fourteen, and from that moment on my loyalty,
soul, and body became His. In His hatred and evil I found a home and among His
followers I found a family. I joined the AntiPaladins and fought for them
under the leadership of Crash and Lagmonster, and eventually became the
Guildmaster of the AntiPaladins and leader of my brothers and sisters. I have
acted as leader of the AntiPaladins for a long period of time, all the while
doing my best to bring glory to the Dark Lord.

My life is now a lot more complicated than it once was. I will soon marry
Point, a strong, evil man and settle down to family life. The Dark Lord has
asked me to step down from my position as Guildmaster so that I may spend more
time with Point, a very strange action which I suspect might be the result of
Point's prospective usefulness to Him. So it is with a both a sigh of sadness
and relief that I, Envy, hand over my title as Guildmaster of the AntiPaladins
to Lagmonster, under who's leadership I am sure we will all prosper. May the
Dark Lord bless our journeys and strike down our enemies.

    - Envy - Mage of the Black Rose - Arch Witch

Legendary Times is published by the gods of LegendMUD. Please send all
replies/additions to to our address at for inclusion in the
next edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate this discussion, and
may object to some submissions.
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