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VOLUME FOUR, ISSUE SEVEN                                       March 24, 1997
                                FROM THE IMPS
                         DEPARTMENTAL NEWS AND UPDATES
                                NEWS AND REPORTS
                                 LegendMeet '97
                               St. Patrick's Day
                                  Treasure Hunt
                              Statistics From Solomon
                              OPINIONS AND IDEAS
                          Thoughts on PlayerKilling
                                 SOCIAL EVENTS
                                From The War Zone
Please send your responses to articles to the Legendary Times address at Letters to the editor and submissions are welcomed.
                               FROM THE IMPS
Ptah and Kaige would like to thank Clan Angelsey and all the individuals who
sent gifts for Elena to LegendMeet '97. Many thanks!
Dear Clan Angesley--

We just wanted to thank you all for the "Tree-hugger in Training" t-shirt that
you all sent for Elena. It's a bit big for her at the moment, but Sharri
should have a picture of her proudly displaying it at LegendMEET '97.

Thanks for thinking of us, and keep up the great work!

  Kaige, Ptah and Elena
Imps Weekly Reports: 

    In the last week Ptah mostly responded to board posts, including the
    ongoing debate about immorting people, answered questions, did a string or
    two, and wrote a lot of mailing list posts.
    Kaige sorted the bug and typo files, set up accounts for the new
    immortals, wrote a help file on basic unix commands for new immorts, fixed
    a slew of minor warnings in the current code, coded two (as yet untested)
    new commands for clan purposes: SEEK allows level 10 - 35 unclanneds or
    rogue clanneds to advertise to GMs seeking membership, and PROSPECTS
    allows GMs to see which characters online are seeking membership, added
    moon phases to the time command, and started working on updating Aztecs.

                       DEPARTMENTAL NEWS AND UPDATES

- CODE FEATURE: Configurable fight messages are in! Please refer to 'help
  fighttype' to see how this command works.
- NEW WARN COMMAND: Players can now type 'Warn' to see a list of any
  current disciplinary warnings they may have.  Please note that it will
  take Administration a few days to get all the old records into the new
  system. Any questions can be directed to an Admin immort. Thanks!

    Coding has mostly been doing housecleaning this week:

    - Kaige cleaned up a bunch of potential sources of bugs.

    - Gail rearranged the code to make a few things work better, worked
      on positional combat and the shoot command for skilltrees, made all
      the liquids on the mud green for St. Patrick's day, and tweaked some
      IMM-only commands (purge object, string reset).
    - Rufus wrote the compact fight message code, and started a couple of
      new spells (Ring of Fire and Wall of Thorns).
    - Ea! fixed some typos and small bugs, as well as added to the
      skilltree source code to strip out excess spaces.
    - Tad continued work on tailor.

                    Major accomplishments included:
                        * compact fight messages
                        * work on spells
                        * new gun code almost complete

Mostly, it was spring cleaning week.

Building has been working on hometown and area file updates for skilltrees:

  - Rufus has been working on adding resistances, immunities, and
    susceptibilities, continued work on reorganizing the limbo files,
    continued work on the Ireland update and is working on a Navaho Creation
    Myth area, added some mid-level quality items to the things T'Kalo makes,
    added new help files, did the MOTD, and worked on immort documentation for
    the testmud and affects.
  - Wraith has been working on generic animals (low-level mobs for overall
    mud use) and has a file of about 60 mobs so far divided into birds.txt,
    fish.txt, insects.txt, mammals.txt, and reptiles.txt. Current concerns
    include fleshing out the mobs with fight and death acts, and various ideas
    for poisonous snakes.
  - Leila is working on London, so far having added about 40 mobs, 40ish
    rooms, and some objects. Currently, she is adding low level quests. She
    has also been working on some ways to make sure players are aware of the
    rules for recalltag, including some possible changes to the angel.
  - Kheldar has been fixing various typos and bugs in Romania, assisting
    Wraith on the generic animals, and compiled a breakdown of spells into
    cause, create, or both for Rufus's spell updates.
  - Sandra is working on the Viking update, and maintenance of Salem, fixing
    typos, and bugs. Current concerns include making the mobs more interactive
    in both Viking and Salem. She also continues maintenance and updates to
    the OOC.
  - Sabella is working on Klein having finished most of the rooms and a few
    of the mobs. Current concerns include low level quests, mob interactivity,
    and extra and exit descriptions.

                              PLAYER RELATIONS 
As a group this week, we held games, set registrations, strings, helped
newbies, and learned PR commands :)

  - Croaker held his first trivia game.
  - Petal and ParticleMan have started work on their respective Tinyplots and
    scavenger hunts, and P-Man agreed to work with Sabella on a survey.
  - Rusalka and Sabella helped Clan Angesley hold a competition for their
    members, while Sabella and Gail ran another big casino style game.
  - Sabella and Leila got another LT out. Leila's been working on a nifty
    prize machine to hold lotteries among LT contributors.
  - Lirra is working on some new TinyPlots and an RP Lecture/group. 

  - Kheldar and Leila (along with Baca from Admin) have volunteered to work on
    the library project along with Satsu.
  - Sandra added offices to the OOC for the new immorts.
  - Spencer and Joule continue to hold the weekly Q&As. 
  - Rusalka wrote a doc for the new immorts, we've been discussing ways to
    improve the proposal process (yes, we're overhauling the proposal outline
    yet again!) and is working on a future newsgroup ad and (she hopes) a
    round of rp competitions.
As a whole, it looks like we did a lot of training, helping people with purged
characters and waiting for general complaints:

  - Aermid spent most of the week getting adjusted to being a newbie again,
    unarchived a couple of chars, learned to purge guests, bopped around the
    mud machine (without destroying it), spent time popping around the mud
    statting mobs & items, and keeping an eye on all the new channels. As
    Sandra now owns her time (so to speak *grin*) she is expecting to be very
    busy in the immediate future.

  - Baca fielded the odd question without major crises, handled Korin's
    inquiry regarding the appropriateness of non-clanned players betting on
    clanned fights, turned in an office description to Rufus (finally),
    offered to work on the Library (accepted; discussed issues with Rus at
    some length), asked for tips regarding board maintenance and revising
    proposal docs, and made a methodical inventory of boards so he can start
    (seriously) checking all of them in an organized rotation.

  - Bart spent time on-line stringing and dealing with various requests, and
    logged the entire admin board and edited to condense the board.
  - Chocorua spent the week helping people get adjusted, did a couple
    disciplinary actions to people multiplaying and one swearing on chat,
    handed out some assignments, and unpurged a few players, and also
    restarted the mud a couple of times.
  - Govan got up to date on all the boards, became familiar with Unix and the
    files in it, unpurged/checked save-fails for mortals, handed in her office
    desc, poked around the mud and statted a good amount of mobs, and helped 
    make sure no cheating was going on during a few recalltag games.
  - Sandra's work this week has mostly been centered around getting things
    together for the new immortals other than her usual daily work (desc
    requests, watching for cheating), she got the ooc offices ready for the
    new immorts, and gave them a little run thru of what their commands do and
    when is best to use/not use them.
  - Solomon got caught up on all boards except the imp board, familiarized
    himself with the commands available to him, assisted Petal with a
    recalltag, poked around the mud machine and located save_log, typos.txt,
    help.are and pr and builder docs, grepped level data on all players and
    submitted a level breakdown to the LT, caught a multi-player and an
    eq-swap, learned what not to do when unpurging characters, handled a
    clanning request, fixed a clan transmob, helped locate a pflag causing a
    quest problem, submitted a game idea to Rusalka, and removed a board post
    for offensive language and content.
  - Wraith checked all boards in the game for profanity and in-game info,
    (has seen some swearing in some appends, but can't erase them because of
    the bug with asterisks), leaving dept boards alone since the dept head is
    more knowledgeable about what is current and leaving the discussion board
    unless there are pointless flames as the posts are archived on the web
    site later, sent explanations to any whose post was erased for containing
    things it shouldn't, and watched for players who were cheating.
  - Zandy briefed the new immorts briefly, accosted 3 suspected multi-players
    until Sandra said that they are "known" and that they play from the same
    lab, watched for others, and yelled at a few for swearing, (and worked on
    his area - but this is builder).
                              NEWS AND REPORTS


LegendMeet '97 was a huge success, giving many of our players a chance to get
to see each other face to face, for good or bad ;). "You are So-And-So?!, no
way!" could be heard all weekend. Many of the out-of-towners came in Friday;
ParticleMan and Sandra drove 22 hours just for this weekend!

Friday the group got together and had Mexican at Serranos. After dinner groups
did their own things. Some went to listen to Blues on Austin's famous 6th
street. Side trips to Amy's Ice Cream parlor were also a hit.

Saturday was the big day. Everyone started gathering at Ptah and Kaige's for a
barbeque around 1pm. Spencer used his roast skill on filet of chicken, cow and
even tofu while we sat around and spammed each other with tells, mostly
sharing war stories like some scene transplanted from a battleground-camp fire.
Ptah and Rufus played a number of melodies on the guitar as we passed Elena
around for hugs.

In attendance: Ptah and Kaige, Elena, Rufus, Sadist, Charity, ParticleMan,
Sandra, Rusalka, Outsider, Point, Jesus, Ryssa and her husband, Spencer,
Joule, Valad, Sharra, Flagg and Julie (his girlfriend) Jabbaar, Mara, Tad,
Shelby, Khelleck, Croaker, Sharri, and of course, Mika, who in RL is actually
more bouncy and slobbery than she acts in Agrabah.

Sunday, over the objections of the Austiners, we were driven by the building
that houses the Mud Server. After a few small animal sacrifices, we went on to
a guided tour of Origin. (Rusalka and I bowed toward the building from the
car, and the guys driving alongside thought we were waving. =) Texas really is
friendly.)  Origin is the home of Electronic Arts, where Ptah, Kaige, Sadist
and Rufus are all working (when not playing Legend) on Ultima Online. This
work had to been seen to be appreciated. Their boss actually has a gatlin-gun
styled rubberband shooter for the common company skirmishes. Everyone had at
least one heavy-duty nerf weapon on hand at their desks. Explains a lot

We would like to thank the Austiners for putting us up (and putting up with
us) for the weekend. I think everyone had a great time and to those who didn't
make it... =P. You really missed a great time. See you at LegendMeet '98!

- Sharri

                             St. Patrick's Day

Gail set all the liquids on the mud to some kind of green drink for St.
Patrick's Day. With the exception of problems with a trans quest or two, this
was generally a lot of fun (Sabella particularly liked the Peppermint
Milkshakes (Milk), Mint Latte's (Coffee), and Vulcan's Blood (Bucket's of
Blood). Gail and Sabella also ran a 'Luck of the Irish' version of their
casino game. The mud crashed just as the game was scheduled to begin, so
unfortunately (or fortunately for the immorts who were exhausted anyway) it
didn't run the full 12 hours originally intended. Nonetheless, there were over
200 game bags passed out (wow!) and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun :).
Among the prizes were leprechaun's hats, pints of guinness, red hair and
freckles, point elf ears, a 'Kiss Me I'm Irish' t-shirt, smiling Irish eyes,
the music to 'Danny Boy', Boggles' noses, Claddagh rings, 'Battle of Clontarf'
medals, non-color, green, gold, and multi-color coupons. The big news is from
Silencio. Upon receiving a touch of the Blarney Stone, he regained his ability
to speak!

                                Treasure hunt!

Hey all,
I ran a little newbie Treasure hunt in Sherwood for a Tunic of Flame that I
didn't need. It went off really well and it felt good to help some Newbies out
without having to be asked.  So...I'm going to try and get on once a week and
run a little Treasure Hunt for a good piece of EQ. This hunt is only for
newbies. I did yesterday's hunt for level 15 and under, and I think that this
is probably a good cut off.

What I will be doing is getting on, and requesting help from a High Lev to
obtain a piece of Good EQ. Then that high lev and I will go to a newbie safe
place on the Mud, and hide the eq. We will then announce over public channels
that there is a treasure hunt and where it is.  Then the newbie's can have
fun, and get a good piece of EQ in the process.

The only thing that I ask is from the High levels.  Since I myself am not a
high lev I will need help getting the eq.This will be cool, because I'll try
to have a different high lev help each week.  Also hi levs, I would request
that you stay out of the hunting part of the quest.  It's an honor system, and
I think that the treasure hunt might make Legend a little more newbie friendly.

So...If you have any additional ideas, please let me know.

                        Player Statistics From Solomon
When I applied for an Imm position with Admin, the application asked what
ideas did I have for Legend? Well, here was my answer:

    The only idea that I have is this: I've always wanted to see a
    statistical treatment of the player file database. I'd like to see
    what percentage of players come from London, how many create mages
    there are, how many characters have 100 in more than one stat, etc. If
    done periodically, it could give some insight into how Legend's
    players are evolving. I don't know if this capability exists, but I
    figure there must at least be some way to strip names from player
    files and export the relevant fields to a tab-delimited file I could
    import into FileMaker Pro. Personally, I find this kind of information
    exciting, but I'm kind of strange.
So far, I've taken a few steps towards realizing these goals. Using a unix
utility called grep, I can extract the data I'm looking for from the player
files and total it up. Rather than spend weeks familiarizing myself with the
utilities I'm using and dump a bunch of information on you at once, Chocorua
suggested that I share things as I determine them. This week, I've got a
breakdown of levels of all the characters. Here's the scoop:

                     Levels  1-10   1883 / 75.93%
                     Levels 11-20    160 /  6.45%
                     Levels 21-30     68 /  2.74%
                     Levels 31-40     68 /  2.74%
                     Levels 41-50    301 / 12.14%
                     Level 50        138 /  5.56%
                     Level  1       1037 / 41.81%
                     Total players  2480

I don't know what to make of this, except that there's a lot of level 1
characters here. Of course, many of those may be people who just logged in to
check us out, but if you're wandering around, most of the people you meet will
be lower levels. The next biggest block is levels 41-50, and almost half of
these are level 50. About 1 in 20 of the characters are level 50.

Please mudmail me with additional comments. I'll include them next week, and
trot out some other statistic to mull over. :)

                             OPINIONS AND IDEAS
                          Thoughts on PlayerKilling
Remember the times when dying was fun (or at least you could laugh about it)?
You laughed and said 'oops' when you logged back in after dying, instead of
wondering if you would have equipment or be kicked again for spite. The person
that just killed you tformed the eq they damaged? Or helped you get a new
piece because they scrapped the old one? Clan wars weren't a threat to perma
each other. If you asked not to be attacked, you actually weren't attacked.
You weren't attacked because the clanned character you had before upset the
person attacking you now. What happened to the courtesy that pkillers extended
to each other?

Not being tellspammed on your nonclanned by the person that just attacked your
clanned. Duels actually meant 'duels' and not 'I'll fight you till I'm losing,
then call for help to kill you'. Have things changed so much since then? Role
playing was common, but even if you didn't RP, you were still courteous.
Looting was done for trophies, not revenge, and even then, wasn't done often.
Where has it all gone? Now I see that being clanned means not attaching
yourself to your character, so that all of the work you've done on it means
nothing WHEN you get permakilled; expecting to not be able to fight because
someone looted all of your equipment for no reason; logging in and being aware
that it may be the last time you log in that character if someone is in a bad
enough mood; being multikilled because your nonclanned looked at the other
person in the wrong way. Why has it come to this?

Remember these things when pkilling next time. Ask yourself if you'd like to
be in their shoes when you're looting all of their eq or kicking them when
they're at 1hp. Or how you would feel if you worked hard on an RP and someone
just ruined it for no other reason than 'well, you're clanned'. Things were so
different, not-so-long ago.

Just some thoughts from an old, retired pkiller. - Lori

            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMud?|
   (o o)    \________________________/

          News and Information regarding the people of our world

    Congratulations to Croaker on his immortality and on his *30th*
    birthday April 6.  Be nice to him - he's OLD.
                 - Lozam the Confused 
                   (Where is that Death Trap?  Oh, there . . . THUD )
                               \|/ \|/ \|/

    Belated thanks to Poi and Kae for the kindness and forethought they
    showed in stowing my gear after my unfortunate drowning accident.
    Also this humble servant is most grateful to all of the Immortals who
    were kind enough to bestow special gifts and favors regarding a
    certain silver baby rattle, gift to Myriad, and other personal items.
            Thanks to all!

                                \|/ \|/ \|/
    As of this day, Tancred of Nottingham has renounced all rights of
    succession, of the family name, and of property formerly held by him
    in the fair town of Nottingham, on the basis that he will not be
    associated with a lord so cruel, so unjust, so insensitive to the
    needs of the poor, as Guy de Gisborne! Let it be known, world, and
    pray thou for fair revenge, that Sir Guy attempted the rape of the
    fair Arwen, and when she martyrically resisted his attempts, he slew
    her where she stood.

Announcing the smooth curves and sharp turns of the various societies and
associations of Legend.

                        News From the Merchant Mages

Stradivari will be acting as CEO of the Merchant Mages for an unknown amount
of time. Any members wishing to continue their membership should contact him
via MUD-mail ASAP. Any non-members wishing to join the company should also
contact Stradivari via MUd-mail. =)


                             The Path of Angesley
                                        retold by Sharri

            May we be reminded here of our highest aspirations and
            inspired to bring our gifts of love and service to the alter
            of Humanity.
            May we know once again that we are not isolated beings but
            connected, in mystery and miracle, to the universe, to this
            community and to each other.
                        -author unknown

The First Annual Angesley Competition was a wonderful success! Somar was
awarded a coupon after gathering 16 oak leaves by best displaying those
qualities that Clan Angesley strives for. (Although I did cross his path in
the Ancient city of Orkney right before I came across "the corpse of an old
panicky farmwife..." *ponder*)  Also Congratulations to Pentara who gathered 11
and Mice who gathered 10, and everyone else who participated. And of course,
thanks again to Bronwyn for donating the prize!

Be wary in your travels... Ulric's Clan of Destruction and Decay is gaining
strength and he has vowed to oppose our efforts. Let his minions know we are
strong yet pliable, like the young Oak sapling, ever growing with the upward
thrust of life! He can not stand against the Great Circle!

    Go in Peace. 
    - Sharri, Council Member of Angesley

                              The Cult of S...?  

Our favorite bluebird correspondent has been hiding out in some strange places
lately. Somewhere or another, she came across a rumor of a new, and very
secret, association called 'The Cult of S...' Not even the rumored eleven
members seem to be privy to the ultimate secret, the meaning of the group's

Our sneaky bird (maybe she's really a mole in disguise?) has noticed that the
clan is working(?) simultaneously on several different fronts. They seem to
have had something to do with Fraegis's unusual (and rather tasteless)
determination to woo Herra. Many of us across the mud heard Herra's cries of
disgust as Fraegis insisted that she would love him. Apparently he cast some
sort of spell of possession upon the poor girl, but our blue friend has been
unable to determine the outcome of this evil magic. Nor do we know exactly
what role -S played in this vile affair.

Clan Angesley and the Clan of S... are apparently already strongly opposed to
one another. Ulric, who is in some way connected with this clan, is insulted
by Angesley insistence that he is a 'treehugger.' There will surely be more as
these two groups confront one another.

Our inconspicuous intrepid reporter also heard rumors of an upcoming contest
sponsored by -S, and has noticed suspected clan members acting suspiciously
around certain other Legendites. We're sure there is more to come!

                       The Association of Adventurers

A new group of dedicated role players is forming for role playing sessions.
Everyone interested list your available times and we'll work something out.
The groups name is Association of Adventurers [AoA]. We ask everyone
interested to either mud mail Remarque, or e-mail We'll give
you information on how to begin. We plan on everyone starting new characters
dedicated to these sessions only (ie these characters are to be used ONLY for
AoA sessions). We hope to make this an ongoing, fun RP experience for all, and
hope for a big turnout. Anyone interested but not sure if they want to make
the commitment, can tag along and watch as a NPC. Please try not to interfere
in the Adventure though (ie don't help). We have Immortal help in making the
quests and adventures far different from the normal quests. New never before
seen items, and new never encountered mobs, and plots. If you're really into
adventure, and role play, this is for you!!
                            Clan Angesley RP News

Jen-Creature recently requested all clan members to submit their histories and
backgrounds for the reading pleasure of Legendites. Those who would like to
see their history placed in the clan newsletter should mudmail Sharri.

Jen started the clan off on the right foot by providing her background:

    For those of you who don't already know me, I'm the Third of Three Clan
    Angesley Council Members. My name is Jen-Creature, the all-knowing Empress
    of Minutia. I hail from a land deep within the Trivial Mountains, and my
    native language is Riddish. I am on a quest throughout Europe to study
    foreign governments and promote international relations so that I might be
    an enlightened despot.
    Unfortunately, even though I have the hunt skill, I tend to get lost quite
    a this quest might take a long time. In the meantime, the Clan of
    Angesley has been kind enough to take me in and make me a council member.
    I think they just like my orbs :P  Being an Empress, I am a natural leader
    and have mastered the art of eloquence, so please feel free to request
    some praise every now and again. I am also an accomplished third circle
    create mage.
    As a council member, I am in charge of role play and public
    if you have anything you would like to see us try, please mudmail me.

Amid a certain amount of controversy (seeing as how he is not a member), Ulric 
also provided a (rather suspicious) background: 

    Hi, my name is Ulric, and I am the brains behind clan Angesley, which isn't
    a surprise. I am the Tree destroyer, an integral part of this pitiful
    group. I am not a council member however. They won't let me go to their
    meetings. I still haven't figured out why... But for the few meetings that
    I have snuck into, they have revealed themselves as very entertaining.
    They work very hard to give themselves a nice fluffy exterior, but when
    you go to these meetings you see how they truly act.
    I was shocked to see such savagery taking place, it seems that Clan
    Angesley is actually best described as a "Brady Bunch" gone wrong. You can
    sometimes see Sharri foaming at the mouth, while she eats live bunny
    rabbits, and Jen-Creature always talks about getting "rid," whatever that
    is. I really don't think that I can discuss what else happens in this
    clan, but I was forced to quit. It just isn't the nice, friendly place
    that I was hoping it would be. Please advise caution when talking to these
    so called "druids", and for your own safety, stay away from them.

        -Ulric, who is worried about the moral decay of Angesley..  {S}

Alistaire commented that Legendites should feel free to ask him for his
history, as long as they have a great deal of time to spend listening.

                             FROM THE WAR ZONE:  
                   News and Information from the PK Front                           
On a peaceful Saturday afternoon, the setting sun beamed it rays across the
barren land. Riding on a black horse, the notorious Kidd stumbles across a
small dusty town. Dying for a good drink, he saunters into the local bar.
After settling down beside a small table shaded by the shadows of a worn
piano at the corner of the room, a tall man appears by him. While Kidd
swallows the last shot of Jack Daniels, a bullet pierces his head spewing
blood over the bar. Managing to slur some last words, he said, 'Livd by th
gun, die b th gun.' He slumps over, silent.
        - Anonymous
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