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VOLUME FIVE, ISSUE ONE                                          July 16, 1997

                              TABLE OF CONTENTS:

                              The Editor's Note.
                    A newbie editor begs you for submissions.

                                From the Imps.
            In which our esteemed implementors discuss their weeks.

                       Departmental News and Updates.
      A report which aims to keep YOU up to date on the work done in the
                            various departments.

                               News and Reports.
       A discourse by Ea! on the changes that are being made to the
                                 fight system.

         This week, a scrawled note from McDougan, CLeo's encounter 
               with the Dark Lord, and some players who have 
                        changed their descriptions.

                              From the War Zone.
              Nett Karian of the OTS has a few choice words for
                  pkillers and Irony offers her services
                                as a pkill mediator.                                                                ___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                           EDITORS NOTE                           |__\

Here at last for your enjoyment is the first issue of Volume five of the 
Legendary Times. So much has happened since the last issue came out that 
I can't hope to fit it all in and have instead concentrated on the 
happenings of the past few weeks. 

On the Immortal front there have been a couple of announcements, one sad 
and one joyous. Sabella and Gail have decided to become inactive for a 
little while and they will be sorely missed by both the immortal and 
playing staff. On a happier note, We should all congratulate Govan on her 
promotion to full administration, and Ea! on his promotion to full coding!

It is hoped that from now on, the LT will be published on a more regular 
basis, but this can only be achieved if you, the reader helps in its 
production.  The LT needs your articles, stories, poems, recipes, player 
histories, columns and whatever else you care to submit. We have wonderful 
and varied players here at LegengMUD and the Legendary Times is a 
fantastic way for you to showcase your many talents.

In case all that flattery didn't convince you to submit maybe bribery 

If you are published in the LT you will be rewarded with a token for 
Leila's extra-special, funky prize machine. Now that's a sweet deal if 
ever I heard one!

Send your articles to '[email protected]'.

'till next edition, happy mudding folks!

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                          FROM THE IMPS                           |__\

Let's see... Last week I did a bunch more code stuff like adding in
a few small things to the running code, adding in some new sections
for builders to the new code (not documented yet, but will be soon),
talked with various people about various things both codewise and

This past week... more discussing stuff, more learning about CVS.
Trying to figure out how to set up the area files under it as well,
but have it be accessible by both builders and coders. Started looking
at the Ireland expansion updates, but didn't get very far being sick
and having to work this weekend. =P


Did a bunch of stuff with the fight system's code, mostly related to
the new config command, description command, new score, etc... Also
did my usual checking of web email, reading all boards, etc etc, that
I do every week.

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                   DEPARTMENTAL NEWS AND UPDATES                  |__\


Did usual Admin duties (not an exciting week in the least).  It seems that 
she cryptically refers to as her 'Rune project'
They worked on the act_act bug.

                           PLAYER RELATIONS

As far as games go, Croaker ran trivia, capture the flag, and 2 flag hunts 
including a special 4th of July flag hunt. Petal ran a couple of trivias 
and a couple of games of recalltag now that it has been fixed.  Kheldar 
ran a small flag quest.  Leila also ran a flag quest and recalltag.

Kheldar continued to work on the Rp board for the ooc library which will 
hopefully be ready within the next couple weeks.

Leila started work on OOC Immort/Mort foodstuffs.  She warns you to be 
prepared for a new games area based on a timeless English children's story...


Charity has started working on some changes to the way the mud handles 
underwater sites in preparation for her new area 'French Polynesia' as 
well as dealing with an annoying bug in the Rudh quest (fixed now)

Meanwhile, Leila continues work on the London expansion including a 
haunted house, and Madame Tussaud's wax works.

LadyAce changed and tested the fight code with the help of Ea!, (WHO HAS 
BEEN PROMOTED TO FULL CODER!) and worked on room descriptions for her area.

Croaker proposed a new area, The Pelopponesian isles in the time of
Odysseus. It will include a hometown city, eight islands and at least
as many quests including a high-level adventure.

Deanna worked on her new area, 'the Australian Dreamtime' this week. The 
area itself, with mobs and objects, is done.

Kheldar:  Fixed typos and bugs in Arabia, reviewed patch work
for Salem, worked a bit more on the Sinbad addition and suggested a few
things for Govan's Rune project. His pet project, the Role-Playing board
for the OOC library, was also under construction.

Alhazred started writing mobiles for the Mongol Invasion, and has about 
10 or 20  mobs done (simple mobs like horses, dogs and children).

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

Progress continues on the new fight system. We've been trying many
changes in an attempt to balance the new system. Currently we're in the
middle of an intensive barrage of immortal testing. After each round of
testing we're analyzing the evaluations and comments from the immortal
staff and modifiying the code in order to fix as many bugs as possible.

The latest set of changes have included rewriting the to-hit table from
scratch, working to balance some of the spells, and making damage be
partially determined by the ac of the target.  Of course, these
features haven't been tested and might not make it into the final

We know that progress may seem slow.  Our hope is to have the fight
system done in a month, around mid-August. Stay tuned for more
information as it becomes available!
                               \|/ \|/ \|/

            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMud?|
   (o o)    \________________________/

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

Exhibit A... CLeo

On a foggy day, CLeo encountered something that would scare him more than 
death itself...

[Chat] CLeo: EEK!
[Chat] Tyche: *sploosh* ?
[Chat] CLeo: What's that big black cloud doing over my head?
[Chat] CLeo: It's getting closer to me!

*Peers at Cleo*

[Chat] CLeo: *Tries to run but his feet wont move*
[Chat] Shalleigh: -=LOL=- Run CLeo!
[Chat] CLeo: I can't move!

A darkish voice grumbles: I was _attempting_ to take my
morning constitutional... So very rude to have people screaming at me like

[Chat] Kai: Stand up?
[Chat] CLeo: I can't my feet are glued to the ground.
[Chat] Outsider: Hmm, is the dark lord pestering someone again?

*Peers at CLeo again*

[Chat] CLeo: EEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!  It's looking at me!
[Chat] Shalleigh: Better you than  me!

The Dark Lord comments, 'You really should be more careful with the
super glue. And no, Outsider, I'm not intent on 'harassing' anyone.'

[Chat] CLeo: Let me go you... you... you.. *cringes*  Guppy!
[Chat] The Dark Lord: I'm not even touching you. I must say, my dear
CLeo, you wouldn't be a touch....paranoid?
[Chat] Hastur: What ever happened to the light lord?
[Chat] The Dark Lord: The light lord ran out of batteries.

[Chat] CLeo: What do you call the thing you did to me? I can't move! And
you've got your cloudy thing all around me!
[Chat] The Dark Lord: Now CLeo you seem to have been playing with the super 
glue again..
[Chat] CLeo: Noooooooo *cries* Leave me alone...
[Chat] CLeo: I've said I didn't want your power.
[Chat] The Dark Lord: I never offered it to you... Although you seem to
want it quite badly. I think that CLeo does protest too much.
[Chat] CLeo: And what were all those nightmares about?  You kept hurting
me in my dreams... and when I woke up I was REALLY hurt.. my hands and
arms were burned for real!

[Chat] The Dark Lord: *peers at CLeo*
[Chat] CLeo: I recognized you then and I recognize you now Dark Lord!
[Chat] The Dark Lord: And do you have legal evidence? Really, I could
sue you for that accusation. *ponder*
[Chat] Kall: How about we sue you for kidnapping, DL? Extortion,
racketeering, etc?
[Chat] CLeo: *pulls his sleeves and removes his gloves*  See!?  Those
are your marks.. and you even signed your name!
[Chat] The Dark Lord: Now Kall, you know that wasn't was
simply an involuntary vacation.
[Chat] The Dark Lord: *peers at CLeo's arms* Dear me....somoene's been
forging my name! I shall have to seize you as legal evidence.. as
Exhibit "CLeo A".
[Chat] CLeo: EEEK
[Chat] The Dark Lord: Now, now, quit struggling.
[Chat] Kall: You'll take nothing from him, DL.
[Chat] CLeo: Get your hands off of me!
[Chat] The Dark Lord: It makes it so much harder to get you into the
specimen jar.  Now now, you don't want ot kick a hole in it!
[Chat] The Dark Lord: Maybe I can just take the arm
[Chat] CLeo: EEEEKKK *gagged* Lea**e me a**one!  Yo* Mon*ter!
[Chat] Kall: You want some DL? You'll have to come through me to get to
Cleo. I'm sick of you pushing people around like you have. You're
not that tough.
[Chat] The Dark Lord: My dear Kall, if you even try to approach Cleo,
you'll get stuck in the glop of superglue that he's been playing with.
[Chat] Kall: I can still barely see him from here....
[Chat] The Dark Lord: Now let's esee....if i unscrew the lid just so..
pin down his arms..
[Chat] The Dark Lord: and then *pop* *screws the lid back on and
carefully labels it with "CLeo, Exhibit A".  Now kall, if you try to
surprise me again like that, you might cause me to drop the bottle.
[Chat] Kall: *feels like Luke Skywalker*
[Chat] The Dark Lord: anyway...if i hurry, I can still finish my
constitution. Toodles....I'll let you know the court results goes.
[Chat] The Dark Lord: Oh, and I'm quite certain that you'll see your
young friend again... in a few hundred years! *cackles*
[Chat] Kall: Don't run! You wussy! You can't stand up to a real fight
against someone who can wield a dagger (or corpse, in my case).
[Chat] The Dark Lord: So sorry, would love to chat and wave swords with
you Kall but I fear that I really must dash.
[Chat] Kall: Then leave Cleo!
[Chat] The Dark Lord: Perhaps another time.

*sploosh* *splish*

With his splooshes and squishing sounds, the Dark Lord took his black
cloud his "CLeo in a jar" and went away...

A note from Hastur.
I feel that I should bring this scrawled note to your attention, as I
found it at my door.
-Hastur McDougan

   |  /     |\
   \  \_   | |     \____                  ||
            |/                 \____  /\    \/    /\ |/\
. /     |                                  \/          \/ | |
  \     |\      |                                         |
| /     |/  /\| |/                                       /
            \/| | \        _______
                   \___/               \

It seems that a recent trip to the Far East has affected Luis' physical 
Short A quizzical Yokozuna.
Long.A rich Daimyo, hoisting the colors of a Yokozuna, smirks at you.


Proof that all those strange, arcane spellls and rituals can markedly alter 
your appearance, could be seen in Istishia's recent bewildering transformation.
It used to be the case that when you gazed upon her you noticed:

An archdruidess of immense power is here, radiating a soft white glow. 

Nowadays, the white glow has been replaced with blue hair!
A figure with deep blue eyes and long blue hair is here, smiling at you

Its a powerful spell which can turn your hair blue!

Friends of Sir Josef Kobolov will all tell you that the moment he was 
accepted into the knightly orders he seemed to change in all facets of his 
life. In fact, 
one merely had to look at him to notice...

A massive knight is here, flaunting his brute force.

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|       FROM THE WAR ZONE: Information From the PK Front           |__\

As I have recently begun mudding again, I have noticed many changes in the
pkill system, and especially the pkillers.  Not only is there little to no
roleplaying, but pkill has become a childish activity, tossing insults
around and getting even.  Many clans, including the one I am in, have
also disintegrated, leaving only a few members left (just enough to keep
the clan alive).  To me, as an "old timer," I feel that pkill has gotten
progressively worse over the months I've been gone; however, I applaud
the efforts of the individuals who are trying to keep it a "sport," but as
one person stated (I forget who, and I can only paraphrase this)-why wasn't
there a pkill council before, it worked even better without it.  When the
new fight system is installed, I hope to see new fighters that will,
hopefully, take into consideration these words to make pkill what it was.

                                -Nett Karian of the Order of the Scroll

To the clanned community,

I recently wrote to the boards about all the confusion, stubbornness, and 
misunderstanding that surrounds us in pkill.

I would be willing to remove myself from any wars and be a mediator
if any dispute should come up that people would like resolved

This can include disputes in pkill or setting rules/limitations to war 
(where I could be an arbitrator/judge who can make rulings on violations).
Most of you pkillers out there know me.  Morphine, Firestarter,
Svetlana, Lust, Kendrik (gotta get those bards in here), Huma,
Claudia, valis, justice, lagmonster... between all of you on this list, I've 
covered a great many of the major pkillers and the GMs of most of the clans
(oh yeah, I forgot, beam too).

I think that everyone of you trusts me.  In fact, I'm friends
with most of you, even though you are all leaders of different
clans. For the ones I don't know as well, you've fought me
or we've talked on friendly terms and you know where I stand on
this stuff.

I am honestly willing to do this.  I've been at legend for a long
time and I care about the way things go here.  I'd be willing to
give up my own involvement in wars to help things move.

Personally, I think that you guys also know me well enough that
you'd be able to trust me even if I was involved in a war, knowing
that I'd rule against my own clan if that ever came up.  however,
I realise that it may not be feasible.  well, anyway...
Consider my offer.  I'm serious.

Legendary Times is published by the gods of LegendMUD. Please send all
replies/additions to our address at [email protected] for inclusion in the
next edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate this discussion, and
may object to some submissions.
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