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VOLUME FIVE, ISSUE TEN                                      February 20, 1998

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

                -            The Editor's Note           -
                -      Departmental News and Updates     -

                -        Site Name Change Reminder       -
                -         New Player Helpers Clan        -
                -             Did You Know...            -
                -      Comments on Mixed RP/PK Clans     -
                -             Did You Know...            -
                -          Legend Meet '98 Info          -

                -              Metamorphosis             -
                -          How Creative Were YOU?        -
                -        A McDougan Chrishmash Carool    -
                -      The Latest from the Pkill Front   -
___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                           EDITOR'S NOTE                          |__\

                             RUMOR of the week:
            Yes. Ptah and Kaige are expecting again May 1st.

In light of this and the fact that Kaige has effectively been grounded
to within an hour of home by her doctor, they will be unable to attend
Legend Meet '98. (See article below for details on the Meet!)

Elena is going to be a year old on the 24th, sharing her birthday with
Jen-Creature's player, and is doing fine, walking all over the place,
discovering the joy of using a straw, and enjoying all those new foods.

Anyway, enough with the imps' family news... =)



It's inevitable. Everyone complains about some aspect of it. However, in
some cases change is for the better. Recently, we've come to realize that
through attrition and an affinity for preserving the status quo, the immorts
have done a disservice to the players in letting the Player Relations
department slip into a rut of registering descriptions and stringing items.

So, get ready for some changes! The revitalization of the New Player
Helpers, a resurgence of the LT, regularly held and reported on Q & A
sessions, updating the website, Croaker's Murder Mystery (and tinyplots to
come), Tad's new game, are just a few of the changes in the works and many
more are to come!

Everyone as players can do their part as well, by joining or just assisting
in spirit with the New Player Helpers, making contributions to the LT,
encouraging role-playing even while roll-playing, and making LegendMUD into
all you've heard it was and could be. Have your character live their role
in the world while you play the roll of the dice. The role you play in the
world is infinitely more interesting to other people than how you've
mastered the numbers.

The immorts are here to help provide an enjoyable gaming experience, but
players have to help as well. Immorts cannot play the game for you. They
cannot roleplay for you. Otherwise, many people would be better off playing
Hack, Rogue or one of the classic Infocom games. MUD = Multi-User Dungeon
or Dimension for a reason, enjoy it and _all_ that it implies.

This is especially important on the pkill front. LegendMUD isn't a Quake
Deathmatch. LegendMUD is a world, an environment, a community, based on
"the world the way they thought it was," not based on who can be the
biggest bully. Characterization, intrigue, strategy, cunning all seem to be
missing from this aspect of the game. All we seem to see lately is people
complain about who was rude to who and how they are being forced to act
the same way to combat it.

But it's also seen from every player's perspective in how players interact.
It's rather rude to have someone walk up to you, and look at you before
deciding to talk to you based on what they think you can do for them. 

Stop and ask yourself how often you do this to others. How often to you ask
for assistance in terms of game mechanics instead of in character? How much
wider and enjoyable an experience have you missed out on by focusing on which
outfit give the best stats and what are the steps to minimize movement loss
when trying to maximize level gains, instead of just talking and
experiencing the world around you with your fellow players?

Remember: PR's long term goal is to make this the friendliest mud on the
Net, with a welcoming atmosphere, a rich diversity of people, a mature
atmosphere, and a depth of social context unmatched anywhere. Which means
EVERYONE will have to promote Legend's OOC aspects as a community of
_players_ with similar interests and goals at the same time they promote
Legend's IC aspects as a community of _characters_ with differing goals.

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                   DEPARTMENTAL NEWS AND UPDATES                  |__\


  This past week the Admin Department pkenabled a few people, did
  several strings and restrings, warned several people for profanity on
  public channels and warned a couple people for swapping equipment and
  multiplaying. Admin also assisted PR in setting up the clan hall for 
  the New Player Helpers clan (see article below).

                             PLAYER RELATIONS

  We are pleased to announce the addition of Ladyace to the Player
  Relations staff. Many of you probably already know her from the
  Building Department.

  In the past few months, Ladyace has hosted and/or cohosted various PR
  events, including the Halloween Costume Competition, the Pirate
  Treasure Hunt (from Games Day), and the Comedy Club Contest. Based on
  her previous work, she'll be coming to us at "full" status, with her
  initial "project" being the revitalizing of the "Newbie Helpers."

  Please join us in welcoming her to the PR department!

  MortMUD status for April Fool's Day this year is as follows:
  There are about 12 areas are in design, with New York (with a MIB
  focus) and a star trek area being nearly complete. A good time is
  being had by all as we come down to the one month deadline.


  We played with disguises this week -- Kaige, Sandra and LadyAce all
  added disguises to various areas in preparation for the yet unfinished
  disguise skill for testing purposes.

  Also, new skills went in (mix, parry, elbow), so teachers for those
  skills were put in, and help files for them were added.

  Croaker has finished the changes requested so far from testers on his
  PIsles area, and made a few additional revisions.

  LadyAce is still working on a few last tweaks to Crusades, mostly mob
  balance and continued work on revising Klein, still focusing on rooms.

  Alhazred has been working hard on the Mongol invasion as well, ironing
  out acts.

  Rufus has updated Shadowlands again. A missing exit was replaced, a
  few things have been made more random, some of the mobs are no longer
  scared as easily (or at all for that matter) and a couple of specials
  have been added, as well as added two new mobs, have fun with them.
  Don't expect it to be such a gold haul anymore either, 1/2 of the tara
  economy was sucked in in SL, to the tune of about 150K total... this
  amount has been reduced to an amount that a decent group could
  probably carry out without being encumbered. None of the items have


  Rufus wrote a builder definable economy system and put it into
  preliminary testing. He's working on fixing a few bugs so testing has
  been suspended for the time being.

  Govan has been working hard on implementing moods for movement. You'll
  be able to storm off north angrily. Also you'll be able to set a
  permanent mood. All of this is toggleable with mood on|off and config
  tempmoods. Moods will also save with you as you rent.

  You may also notice the MOTD will be reflecting different opening
  messages based on the day of the week. We thought it'd be useful to
  point out different aspects of the MUD and rotate through them.

  You will also be able to type EVENTS and get a schedule of upcoming
  events on the mud.

  Also some boards will become writeable only by immortals. This is to
  ease the OOC Library project along as well as keep a couple boards
  as informational boards.

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                      !!! Site Name Change Reminder !!! Partners have asked us to drop the .aus from our domain name. The
deadline for using either or the old is drawing
close. Please change all your aliases, web links or other such pointers to
address the machine as The address will not
work after our net connection contract is renewed in March. Be prepared!

                  The New Player Helpers Clan Formalized

Are you interested in being a newbie helper but are sick of dealing with
some of the problems it can cause, with few tangible rewards?

The immortal staff has come up with a plan which might make your new player
helping-lives easier and more fun -- the reorganization of the Newbie
Helpers into an OOC (non-pk) clan. This means, of course, that if you are
accepted into the clan, you will receive all the current benefits of being
in a clan -- hall, trans mobs, and channel. Plus you'll have a very special

Since Fatale headed up the newbie helpers before, we've asked her to GM the
new clan. Please talk to her if you are interested -- there's a limit to
the number of members the clan can accept, so apply quickly.

If you have any problems or concerns, please do not hesitate to talk to
Ladyace or one of the other immortals.

                      A Note From Fatale Concerning
                       The New Player Helpers Clan

The New Player Helpers are going to be very strict in our helping, no
slacking around.

The New Player Helpers are not going to accept pkill enabled members, as
there are some reservations about having them use the hall as a sanctuary,
and the feeling that newbies will get the short end of the stick if a
pkiller dies while helping them. There have been numerous reports of
pkillers being attacked while helping newbies, and we don't want this to
happen. We do not want to imply that pkillers can't help newbies, they just
can't do it very effectively.

Levelling newbies and forcing tough-to-get eq on them will be highly
discouraged, as will be dragging them through quests. We do not want clan
Coattail associated with this clan, as the previous newbie helpers had a
huge problem being asked for eq/levels. That's not to say you can't give
quest hints or point out where to get an item.

Also, immortals will be a big help as well. You may report people who do
not cease to ask you for help with quests or levels or eq. The gag function
should help immensely, feel free to use it, don't feel bad about ignoring
someone as long as they understand why they are being ignored. And, of
course, feel free to report harassment to immorals. Please also use the
clan board to report harassment, to protect other newbie helpers from these

Thank you all, and have fun!



   _____       DID YOU KNOW typing WEBSITES you can get a list
  /  _  \      of LegendMUD related websites. These websites are ones
 /__/ \  \     that belong to roleplaying groups on Legend and you can
      /  /     submit sites for others by sending the URL to Sandra or
     /  /      Govan via mudmail.
    __         We do not wish to include the "help" or "cheat" sites as
   /  \        we feel they do not enhance the game experience for all
   \__/        players and wish to promote roleplaying not rollplaying.


                           Tancred Comments On
                          Mixing RP/PK In Clans

The first parts of the new clan system went in a few weeks ago. This does
not really mean much yet; new commands such as SEEK and automatic voting on
who gets to be GM, and a few other commands. When the other half, RP clans,
go in, however, it is going to mean that RP clans may comprise both
pkillers and non-pkill characters. This must have caused some concern
around, because during the weeks that followed upon the implementation of
the first part I found myself listening to what seemed to be endless
insinuations and gripes about what's going to be. So here are my views on
the entire matter, I feel rather entitled to have them though I am not
myself pkill enabled - being GM of a mixed clan and as such responsible for
at least some actions of pkill enabled characters.

The Knights Templar were founded in May 1997, and re-organized in July 1997
at which point we decided to allow pkill enabled characters access to the
Order. Since then, our pkill enabled members technically being rogues,
we've functioned well and smoothly without any problems that I know of -
under the same rules as will become formal when part 2 of the clan code is

Our Codex *very* clearly reminds Knights Templar that even if a pkill
enabled brother is attacked, jumped, wolfpacked, whatever right in front of
a non-pkill enabled, he or she is not in any way allowed to assist or
interfere, on penalty of being booted out of the Order as well as the
normal LegendMUD rules for interference in pkill. Curiously enough, the
only Knight Templar who has ever actually been accused of interference is
my humble self - and as soon as the offended party had had time to
backscroll, it was easy to tell that it was a harmless mistake and nothing
more was made of it.

The chief concern that people voice against us is that it will not be
possible for our members not to crossplay/multiplay. Insinuations have been
made that we have organized the way we did (and did 8 months ago, only no
one's seemed to worry until lately) with the simple purpose of organizing
and utilizing interference and crossplay most efficiently. This is simply
not true. It's not immediately of public interest, either - but if this
accusation is going to be made against every mixed RP clan coming into
existence, it's going to get messy. Which is what I'm basically driving at.
Unless the attitude changes a bit, we're going to see no end of griping
when RP clans become fully implemented.

I can understand how it would be at the very least annoying to see a
non-pkill enabled Knight Templar log off and take his rogue (or Mercenary
or Hermetic or whatever) pkill character on to assist his pkill clanmates.
This sort of behavior is always despicable, regardless which clans are
concerned and whether they are RP, mixed or purely pkill. I can understand
how pkillers are going to have to be very strict in reminding their non-pk
clanmates not to interfere if they get jumped, at least where inexperienced
players are concerned. I can see half a dozen other problems. I can go look
at the warboard at any time and find at least a handful of similarities.
But I can't for the life of me see that they're new or never have been
discussed before. The only rule I see actual trouble brewing with is when
the line is crossed as regards a nonpkiller asking a pkiller to do his
pkilling for him - this can get very borderline in situations where two
mixed clans RP a conflict.

Let me state on behalf of my own clan at least, that any violation of
LegendMUD's rules will not be accepted or supported. Nor will I stop
laughing when people tell me that all Knights Templar ought to be force
clanned, or that the Knights Templar should be forced to boot all pkill
enabled members. Interference rules are interference rules, and it
shouldn't make a difference what is between the brackets in your title.

Tancred de Gisborne,
Maitre de Temple

[Editor's note: Please note that this is no different from any other mixed
group of some pkenabled characters and some not. See HELP PKILL for more
information on this topic online.]


   _____       DID YOU KNOW     ...there is in fact a mob in Kleinstadt
  /  _  \      who happily will translate all the German terms into
 /__/ \  \     English? The German Scholar is located in Kaminstrasse,
      /  /     just south of Erich's excellent establishment, Der Pheonix.
     /  /      Simply ASK scholar  in either german or english and
    /__/       he'll supply you with the translation.
   /  \        We're just waiting for a French scholar in Quebec. Anyone
   \__/        interested in providing translations please mudmail Kaige.


                           Legend Meet '98 Info

The date has been set for the weekend of March 20-22nd in Atlanta, Georgia.

The local Hampton Inn has a special weekend rate of $59 dollars a night
(American). You can make reservations by calling 1-800-HAMPTON. Ask for
reservations at the Hampton Inn in Roswell, Georgia. Now, if you'd like to
arrive early, or stay late, the Hampton has said that they are willing to
extend the special rate for one day (i.e. Thursday or Sunday night)
although they may give you both. If you intend to stay that long you'll
need to call the Hampton locally at (770) 587-5161. Ask for Ms. Vanessa
Clark and tell her that you are with Legend Meet to get the extended rates.

So far the meet is being geared for Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. If
you are planning on arriving in Atlanta on Thursday or leaving on Monday we
can handle it cause we should have at least a few people who are free for
spring break then.

We are planning on getting together on Friday night at either one of our
houses, the hotel that everyone stays at, or at a specfic resturant (which
one it is will be determined by how many people show up).

Saturday is still very flexible, we are planning on going to the World of
Coca Cola,  and what ever else anyone wants to do.

Saturday night (depending on how old everyone is) we are going to go local
adult game bar (Atlanta's strange idea of an adult casino) and if we get
out early enough maybe a magic tourney for those who want to play.

Sunday will be the Mud day, we are working out wether to take everyone down
to Georgia Tech (it's a lot closer) or to U.G.A.

Currently we're going to leave a lot of the time open for disscusion by the
people who are planning on attending. Being from Atlanta causes one to miss
some of the things people from out of town would want to be able to see. So
if you have every wanted to do anything specfic (and legal of course) in
Atlanta, let me know.

Alvis is still working on getting a nice set of directions (southerners
have a bad habit of use Piggly Wiggly as reference points) to post on the
welcome board, so look for them in the future.

If you've questions or suggestions, contact Alvis either via mudmail or at

Hope to see you there!

            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
___                                                                    ___
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/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\


It is early morning, the sun has just shed its first light over the
Serengeti, and atop the mountain all is peaceful...yet.

Nym appears from below, finally reaching the top of Mt Kilimanjaro. He
breathes deeply, pauses briefly to marvel at the magnificent view, then
pulls himself together, getting ready... With magic, he makes his voice
loud enough to reach all over the earth, into the heavens.

'Burijas! I humbly ask an audience. I am your warrior, young and strong,
yet wise and skilled in battle!'

'Burijas! If You hear my plea, I beg of You, grant me this one wish, I who
have served in Your name for so long!'

'Burijas, You whose name is Conquest, Triumph and Victory, I beg You! Grant
me this one moment in Your presence!'

Surrounding him, filling him, a deep voice seems to come from nowhere and
everywhere at the same time.

'I come.'

Burijas appears suddenly, surrounded by an aura of violence. He looks at
Nym, and after a little while recognizes him, remembering he has set his
mark on the young Persian...

Nym falls to his knees, averting his eyes from the being before him.

Burijas booms out, 'I know you. I have touched your soul twice, and lent
you my strength. You have asked for me to come here. Speak.'

Nym says, 'Oh Lord, I am humbled in Your presence. You do me great
honour...I who struggle to be Your servant in this world. I thank You for
allowing me to speak with You at last. I humbly ask that You grant me a
favour, oh Lord.'

Burijas listens in stony silence. Nym starts explaining his reasons for
wanting to see his god, kneeling, and humbly staring into the ground.

'I have always served You, my Lord...I was trained in Your arts from
childhood, learning the way of the sword...Then, as I had been cast out of
my father's palace, I have travelled the world wrestling evil where I found
it, furthering Your cause unknowingly...

After my unfortunate attack on Olaf, I worked on his farm as he regained
his health and when Ragnhild asked me about the way of the warrior, I told
her of You and she pledged her life to You. I had to leave then, as I could
see the sadness in Olaf's face.

Since then I have roamed this world, always trying to stay in Your favour,
and I am both proud and humbled at being recognized. You do me an honour
few men have shared.

But now, as I am near the peak of my strength, both in mind and body, I
must ask of You a boon, for it is something that has ravaged my soul since
my stay in the land of Norway.'

Burijas asks softly, like the hiss of a sword being drawn, 'What is this
boon of which you speak?'

Nym looks upwards slightly, resting his gaze on the legs of his deity.

'It concerns Ragnhild, Lord. I wish that You would relent Your grasp of her
soul, and let her follow her be loved, my Lord. Since I first set
eyes on her Lord, I have loved her with all my heart. She is the most
beautiful being I have ever seen and my arms long to take her into their
embrace. Her hair is like gold, her eyes are a deep blue wonder unto
themselves, her lips are red like the most precious of rubies, and her skin
is fair like goat's milk. I love her, Lord, and I ask that You let her go.'

Burijas says, 'Ragnhild is mine, her soul belongs to me and I will not
release her.'

'I beg of You, my Lord, do not deny me this!', Nym says softly, voice

Burijas does not reply, merely gazes at his subject...

Nym pleads, 'I have served You all my life, please give her to me, and I
shall serve you as long as I live! Just let me do it with Ragnhild as my
loving wife!'

'Speak no more of this, she is mine, and has become mine of her own free
will. I will not give up a soul such as hers. There is, as you say, much
beauty within. A fair prize.' Burijas begins to shimmer, as if about to

Nym springs to his feet, anguished. 'But my Lord! You must! I...'

Burijas interrupts, 'You do not know what I must! Do not question me, Nym,
or I shall take my hand from you. The strength I have lent you shall be
yours no more and you will come to know bitter defeat every time you go
into battle.'

Nym, too heartbroken to listen, 'MY LORD! I..!'

Burijas thunders, 'DESIST!', and the aura around him grows more intence,
the screams of dying warriors almost audible, the scent of blood filling
the air.

Nym whips out a small glowing orb of light, holding it on both hands, his
face pale from fear, eyes wide and staring as he faces his god.
'I do not wish this, but it clearly must be this way! In my travels I have
found the means to destroy You, Lord, the essence of peace, and when
invoked it will bring all war in the world to a halt, bereaving You of the
source of Your power!

Burijas seems to grow, and the threatening aura around him is almost
tangibleas Nym continues.

'In Your weakened state, You will not deny me! Release her, Lord!'

'FOOL!', Burijas snarls, his tremendously loud voice filling Nym's head,
'You dare challenge Me? That is but a bauble, invested with sleight magic,
unable to harm me!'

With a gesture, the glowing ball falls to pieces, and Burijas steps towards
Nym, frozen in place by the wrath of War himself, eyes, ears and nose
bleeding as the full power of Burijas' aura surrounds him. With a swift
motion, Burijas draws his giant red sword and the last thing Nym sees is a
red blur, passing through where his neck was...

Sheathing his sword, Burijas makes a gesture, and Nym comes to life again,
palefaced, his eyes glazed.

Burijas thunders as he raises his arms against the darkening skies, 'Yet,
behold, I bring you back to life for you have served me well. Twice I have
set my mark on you. The one for courage and the second for strength. This
day I mark you a third time. I claim your soul.'

Nym howls as pain races through every inch of his body, 'AAAIIIHHH!'

Burijas continues, eyes glaring with red fire, 'The searing Fire of Atar I
call to burn my mark on your soul, for your soul is mine. And from this
day, you shall serve me and be my tool on this earth bowing to my every
wish. Everything living thing you touch will come to know pain, and every
act you perform shall lead to violence. Your name shall be Desolation. And
to your life's end you shall remember your folly...'

Burijas disappears as suddenly as he arrrived, and with him the clouds
covering the sky. Nym falls to his knees, coughing up blood, weeping
uncontrollably. Hugging his chest, he feels the pinpoint of red fire in his
head, connecting him to his Lord and knows he can no longer disobey the
great god. Raising his head to the morning sun he tries to let out the pain
he feels...



      How creative were you when you picked your character's name?


Of course, you're named something unique. Well. Sort of. Recently I spent a
bored hour reading through a listing of the world's most popular ferret
names (yes! I'm a ferret person!) and I cracked up laughing. Here's the
ones I remember having run into during my 14 months on Legend. Hey!
Remember! Somewhere, out there, is a ferret with your name on it.

Abigail, Adriana, Amy, Athena, Auggie, Augustus, Bailey, Bart, Beckett,
Bigfoot, Blanche, Bonnie, Bubbles, Bud, Buttercup, Celeste, Celia, Chaos,
Charity, Claudia, Cleo, Clyde, Connor, Daniel, Daphne, Diablo, Dudley,
Dusty, Eris, Fizzgigg, Flea, Floyd, Frack, Frick, Frodo, Gollum, Gwendolyn,
Gypsy, Hobbes, Imp, Kitiara, Kyla, Lestat, Madison, Mara, Marley, Martin,
Maverick, McCoy, Mercedes, Morgaine, Ms. Thang, Nemesis, Palpatine, Puck,
Raistlin, Rosemary, Ruby, Sabastian, Sabella, Sam-I-Am, Sapphire, Shadows,
Siegfried, Sinbad, Sniper, Snowwhite, Spencer, Star, Stella, Sundance,
Tasslehoff, Tatiana, Taylor, Thor, Tofu, Topaz, Tristan, Tusk, Wallace,
White Rose, Winter, Wolfgang, Xavier, Zelda, Zero.

Curiously enough, no one seems to have taken one of the top ranking ferret
names: Bandit, Bear, Rascal, Taz or Slinky.

Kae [Newbie Terror Squad]

 -- == -- == -- == -- == -- == -- == -- == -- == -- == -- == -- == -- == --

The following manuscript, much battered and splattered and faintly smelling
of spirits arrived on our doorstep bearing the markings from a myriad of
post offices. We can only assume that blind luck saw its journey through to
our office since it's arrival must have surely been meant to coincide
closer to the Holiday Season.

                     A McDougan Chrishmash Carool
                   -- == -- == -- == -- == -- == --

Shene un. A gooter. McDougan be lyin' een itch]

[Enteer ghost oof Duncan MacFarley]

Duncan:   McDoooooogan- I hev coom tae warn ye.
McDougan: Dunna ye be dead?
Duncan:   Aye. Eenyway, eef ye keep thish oop, ye ma be doomed to wandeer th'
          eerth in a droonken haze feerever! Tree ghoshtsh weel coom nnd shaw ye.
McDougan: Dae I hev tae?
Duncan:   weel be a preety shorrt play elshe
McDougan: Alrikht

Shene 2: Shame. McDougan in gooter. Enteer Ghosht of chrishtmash pasht,
a welshman]

Ghost:    I have come to show you the past.
McDougan: Loong pasht? I hate hishtrry.
Ghost:    Your past.
McDougan: Alrikht.

[Ghost takes McDougan to see himself lying in a Scottish gutter.]

Mcdougan(wandring around): Whosh he?
Ghost:    That's you.
McDougan: Shae thash whoot I luke like!
Ghost:    Erm.. You're supposed to learn something, I think. You get this?
McDougan: Nay
Ghost:    Oh, hell.

Shene 4. Origional gutter, McDougan in it.

[Enter ghost of chrishtmash preshent, a drunk shcot

Ghost:    Naw we weel shee whoot heppened tae ye shon.

[Ghost takes McDougan to where his son hastur is sleeping in a utter]

Ghost:    Whoot a fine lad! Ye moosht be prood!
McDougan: Aye!

Shene 5: gutter again. McDougan in itch

[Enter ghost of christmas present, an englishman.
Meant of chrishmash future]

[McDougan leapsh to feet, weel, shtaggersh, preparesh to play bagpipe, gho

[ghosht fleesh]

[Reenter Duncan]
Duncan:   Shae, whoot ye leern?
McDougan: Itsh a woondeeerfool life.
Duncan:   nnd a woondeerful afteerlife!

[Duncan grins, and both stagger off to a pub]


                       The Latest From the PK Front

This week, Hafler, a young Knight Templar, was killed at least 7 times on
a particular night. This started when Castor attacked unprovoked some time
ago, and killed Hafler. Hafler found Castor unprepared, and took his

And now Castor seems to have taken his own revenge, by multi-killing
Hafler, who therefore has left this world for some time at least.

Stella posted to the warboard saying, "I am getting very tired of people
like Castor, therefore I declare that I will attack him until he either
changes his attitude very much, or he or I perma. This might seem a little
drastic, but I am fed up with weird people scaring others away. I will look
forward to seeing you soon, Castor."

Castor responded by detailing Hafler's revenge. "In doing so he looted 4
earrings and 2 bracelets from my course. Including a coupon. I expected him
to try and kill me, since i had attacked him before, but I never looted
him.  Too bad you feel the way you do Stella, because I will have no qualms
about killing you."

Then last night, Castor attacked and killed the Templar Stella, who then,
holding true to her post on the warboard, attacked Castor and Erich until
her death was permanent.

Rictor and Nomad, attacked Castor for this and other things he'd done,
which then lead to Castor's permadying as well, to Anaconda.

[Editor's note: Please go back and reread the last two paragraphs of the
editor's note and think about how this situation could have been handled
differently and can be avoided in the future through only CHARACTER
intervention and interaction.]

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