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VOLUME FIVE, ISSUE TWELVE                                 March 20th, 1998

                              TABLE OF CONTENTS

                -            The Editor's Note           -
                -       Upcoming Calendar of Events      -
                -      Departmental News and Updates     -

                -        Site Name Change Reminder       -
                -             Did You Know...            -
                -        Q & A Session Report 3/7        -
                -       Final Legend Meet '98 Info       -
                -             Did You Know...            -
                -        Q & A Session Report 3/10       -
                -           PK Tourney Results!          -

                -     A Cure for the Rotting Disease?    -
                -     BodySwitching,  Sharri<-->Ulric?   -

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/__|                           EDITOR'S NOTE                          |__\

                 Common Courtesy and Respect for Others

Once again, I must hope I am preaching to the choir, but also hope that
you will carry these thoughts with you as you play and encourage others to
not just think about them, but practice them as they play as well.
First impressions are lasting ones. What gets posted to the welcome board
is seen by many new players to LegendMUD. Frankly, I'd be appalled to even
let my mother read this board some days. The welcome board should be used
for information and serve as a pleasant welcome for new players. It
shouldn't be cluttered with people asking if mud-sex is the norm,
unnecessary religious wars, all sorts of out of character notes putting
someone down.
In an effort to make the information posted to the welcome board more
easily readable and more relevant to new players, the welcome board will
be immortal write only as of today's update. If you have RP information
that you want everyone to know about, submit it to With
more incoming information on Character News, the LT would be much easier
to publish weekly to coincide with the weekly area and code updates.
Likewise, the increased level of rudeness (and most of it seems to be
out of character rudeness, and therefore unwelcome and quite unnecessary)
on the public channels and boards toward not just other players, but
toward immortals as well. LadyAce's post to the discussion board, entitled
"Recent Discussion Posts", sums up the situation pretty well.
This attitude of disrespect has even manifested in cheating at games and
complaining about how they're organized. Get a grip. Games are for fun.
Relax, enjoy! Immorts aren't going to be willing to run games, same as
those who've been bashed lately for coding, if the only feedback they get
is negative.
In a perverse sort of way, I was amused while watching one pkill argument
on the channels the other day. One side maintained their character's role
and even attempted to twist the other's out of character insults and
accusations around their RP. The sad thing was, I don't think the other
party realized he was only damaging his image further by continuing to
argue out of character and by ignoring and tarnishing the past roleplay
history of his clan for the sake of manipulating numbers.
I've said it before, I'll keep saying it. Maybe one day people will
realize it's true. LegendMUD is a virtual community, not a big game of
king of the hill or a quake death match. It's filled with a diverse
population of players who have come to have fun. Don't detract from
other's ability to do just that. The general atmosphere of rudeness and
disrepect isn't one that we, as a community, should tolerate.
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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

        [All times are system times unless otherwise specified]


Friday, March 20 - Sunday, March 22nd - Legend Meet '98 in Atlanta, GA

Tuesday,   March 24, 7:00pm - Q & A Session in OOC Auditorium
                              Topic: Immortal Proposals
Wednesday, March 25, 8:00pm - Trivia Contest!
Tuesday,   March 31, 7:00pm - Q & A Session in OOC Auditorium


Wednesday, April 1          - MortMUD!
                              Special mortal-written areas replace
                              LegendMUD for a space of 24 hours.
Saturday,  April 4          - Q & A Session in OOC Auditorium
                              This Saturday session is held once a month
                              to allow our overseas players a chance to
                              attend, although all are welcome.
Sunday,    April 12         - LegendMUD celebrates Easter!

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/__|                   DEPARTMENTAL NEWS AND UPDATES                  |__\
          ADMINISTRATION              |             BUILDING
          -=-=-=--=-=-=-              |             -=-==-=-
The administration department has     | Deanna: made the final changes to 
been working on revising and          |   the Aborigine Dreamtime -- 
updating help files, updating boards, |   this area has moved from Beta 
handing out warnings for harassment,  |   testing to the Imp approval
swearing on channels, multiplaying    |   stage, hooray!
and giving stolen eq to non-pkenabled | Charity: fixed typos in egypt and
character to hold, handling the       |   the abbey
usual description requests and        | LadyAce: continued work on Black
registrations, pkenabling a couple    |   Forest and Klein updates
of characters, and rescuing a few     | Ea!: joined the building
characters from the monthly purge     |   department, proposed his area
backups.                              |   (Gilgamesh) and has been doing
                                      |   research into the area
Sandra also coordinated the Pkill     | Joule: fixed lots of typos
Tournament that was held in the first | Wraith: fixed bugs all over
loading MortMUD area, Star Trek by    | Croaker: worked on his mortmud area
Lupus. The tourney was well fought    | Rufus: pulled blindness potion from
with XX participants showing up to    |   Tara
test their skills against other       | Kheldar: worked on playtesting and
players. See below for the winners!   |   investigated bugs
         PLAYER RELATIONS             |                CODING                                 
         -=-=-=-==-=-=-=-             |                -=--=-                             
On March 6th, the PR department       | Last Friday's code updates:
sponsored a tiny plot involving all   | o Fixed groupboats not being
the clans and a child. There were     |   containers for "put all"
between 12 and 20 participants at     | o Reduced skill delay on preserve
various times. Overall it was a       |   to 2 rounds
little chaotic but fun, and worth     | o Made perception affect chance of
the time.                             |   noticing someone aim at you
                                      | o You can no longer dash into
The PR department has also been       |   AERIAL or UNDERWATER rooms, nor
holding regular Q&A sessions on       |   dash while flying.
Tuesday evenings around 7pm system    | o ] works as a shortcut to gtell
time. A special monthly one is also   | o Clan channels are not toggleable
scheduled to run on Saturday          |   like regular channels. Message now
morning near the beginning of the     |   sent when mortals send an empty
month. Check the EVENTS command for   |   argument to clan channels.
times and topics! Reports from each   | o Reduced the duration of the blind
will be detailed in the LT so you     |   spell
can see what's being asked even if    | o The fear spell no longer requires
you can't make it.                    |   a victim when cast in combat
                                      | o Immorts no longer affected by
Also in the tiny plot department,     |   contagious cough
Croaker ran a murder mystery in       | o Can't mend with items you're
Casablanca on March 7th. Attendence   |   wearing now. Tailoring leather
was sparse, but the RP was fabulous   |   pants gets you pants, not a tunic
and everyone who participated had     | o Typo fix for "univers" in moods.
loads of fun.                         | o You should now be able to mend
                                      |   fur items.
LadyAce ran a game on March 8th, a    | 
Newbie Kit Game that went amazingly   | This Friday's code updates:
well, considering what a gamble it    | o If bind finds a person and an
was... there were 10 kits total       |   object, it uses the person
assembled. Malia won first place by   | o Makes the min screenlen to 7
a smidgen of points, Gaebrel got      |   instead of 3
second, and Siachet a close third.    | o Worse for wear stuns should last
The kits were then given to the New   | a bit longer than normal ones.
Player Helpers to distribute to new   | o Fixes a small bug that let you
players.                              |   snipe with the other skill set
                                      |   (using a bow you could snipe with
St. Patrick's Day was celebrated      |   the gun skills)
with lots of green beer, a popular    | o If you're hunting and
lime kool-aid punch and many other    |   disoriented, it'll return a random
green liquids. Several people were    |   direction, possibly even one that 
seen kissing the blarney stone for    |   you can't go.
good luck and many went searching     | o Can junk 1 coin now, and it'll
for shamrocks. A casino game was      |   report correctly also if don't have
held similar to last year's. It       |   any regular objects junk coin will
lasted for four hours and two         |   take one gold
treats and nineteen strings from      | o Fixed reporting for receivetells
the available list were handed out    |   toggle
a lotta strings from the approved     | o Time now reports how many ticks
list. PR received a lot of good       |   left until shutdown if one is in
comments. Unfortunately the game      |   progress
was slightly marred by a couple of    | o Shopkeepers that are dancing,
people attempting to cheat.           |   sleeping or stunned will now give
                                      |   an indication not in say that
On March 18th, Tad ran an aminal      |   they're unavailable right now.
cracker game with a slew of people    | o Buying a boat reports the boat
playing. It was a better turnout      |   you're using now, not the one
(or at least more crackers found)     |   you're trying to buy
than ever before... Usually less      | o Dispel magic now says who did you
than half of them get found, but      |   want to cast it on instead of
this time we were down to about 20    |   defaulting to caster.
out of an initial 95 (he normally     | o Considering immortals gives a
runs it with 40-60). Gave out one     |   message about not being able to
of each prize type. It was a REAL     |   attack them.
close race... 13, 12, 11, and 10      | o ANNDEATH should be properly 
were the top runners, followed by 7   |   pointing to the person being
and 4).                               |   killed, NOT the killer now 
___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                      !!! Site Name Change Reminder !!! Partners have asked us to drop the .aus from our domain name. The
deadline for using either or the old is drawing
close. Please change all your aliases, web links or other such pointers to
address the machine as The address will not
work after our net connection contract is renewed in March. Be prepared!


   _____       DID YOU KNOW     ... armor, i.e. using your equipment 
  /  _  \      slots means quite a lot in combat. If something considers
 /__/ \  \     as a fair match to your newbie, but you keep losing, 
      /  /     getting clothes on as to reduce your armor class may do 
     /  /      wonders. Almost all equipment has a bonus to ac - some 
    /__/       more than other, true - so even a floppy hat or a set of
    __         ragged robes is better than nothing at all.
   /  \        
   \__/        A rating of -100 AC is considered better than that of 100.

                            Q & A REPORT 3/7
Q1: Regen and Healing
Mandrake asked:    When is hp/mana regen gonna be updated to a reasonable
                   level? It's boring as hell spending 80% of your time
                   healing up etc.
LadyAce responded: I don't know of any plans to change the rate of regen.
                   You have a lot of options for healing -- skills, spells,
                   other players, some mobs.

Q2: Housing
Wolfram asked:     Question about the player housing. Will the houses be
                     located in a certain place, or we'll be able to
LadyAce responded: From what I understand it will be builder-defined.
Wolfram asked:     So, every area should have few houses?
LadyAce responded: So there will be specific places where builders say you
                     can build a house. And specific descriptions to choose
Sandra  responded: Depending on whether the builder wants them there.
LadyAce added:     But it should be fairly flexible.
Azrael asked:      Okay, how much would it cost to get a house, or room, or
LadyAce responded: That's something we haven't decided on...the cost
                     structure. But it will work something like this...
                     It will cost some amount to buy the house initially,
                     and to buy new rooms, as well as some sort of regular
                     charge. It will restore meaning to money, certainly.
                     But I wouldn't expect it to turn you into slaves.
Wolfram asked:     And if one can't afford the rent he gets thrown out?
LadyAce responded: Yes. It will certainly encourage group-owned houses,
Gwendolyn asked:   So, we buy the house and still have to pay rent?
LadyAce responded: Call it taxes.
Sandra responded:  You could call the initial cost a down payment, also =)
LadyAce added:     I don't think we're planning to make a separate
                     structure for groups which aren't established clans.'
Wolfram asked:     Will we able to do the furnishing? Paint colour etc?
Ladyace responded: Furnishings you can collect from furniture in the game
Azrael asked:      Could you drop stuff in a house and have it stay there
                     past reboots and stuff?
Ladyace responded: That's something we'd like to include. It would cost
                     extra, however.
Azrael asked:      Would houses have locks and keys, or something similar?
LadyAce responded: I don't would probably be based on the
                     befriend list. But I'm not sure what Rufus' plans are.
                     If it's done on an item basis, the items would surely
                     be rentable.
Siachet asked:     Will pkenabled characters have houses that can be
LadyAce responded: Their houses would likely be clanhalls...and clanhalls
                     do have a level of invadeability.
Siachet asked:     You mean clanned can't have individual houses?
LadyAce responded: They could. I think their cash would likely go to the
                     clan hall instead. It'd be a large burden to support
Ea! added:         There will be two bank accounts: your account and the
                     clan account. You'll be able to deposit into either.
Mikhal asked:      Can you take out of the clan account?
Ea! responded:     Hasn't been finalized, but I think the current feeling
                     is no. Basically, we're worried that people would
                     withdraw all of the cash and leave the clan.

Q3: Spells
Mandrake asked:    When's cause gonna get preserve? Or even a mob? It's sad
                     that only create can make use of all that +hp gear
                     (unless you decided to be a pain in the ass and rely
                     on others for it).
LadyAce responded: I don't know of any plans to give both schools the
                     preserve spell. In terms of a mob...that's up to
                     builders. We'd have to think of a good ingame reason
                     to have the mob.
Mandrake asked:    Wouldn't be so bad to rely on others if it didn't cost
                     them like 15 mins to recoup mana.
Ladyace responded: You could always collect items which regen their mana to
                     repay them.
Matthew asked:     Speaking of the preserve spell, could you drop the wait
                     on it? It takes way too long to preserve something --
                     longer than a trueform, for instance.
LadyAce responded: That's a good point -- skill/spell waits. There's
                     definitely a few that need to be looked into. Feel
                     free to report the ones that seem out of whack.
Ea! added:         Hm, it was at 3 rounds, I'm changing it to 2.

Q4: Immortals
Sniper asked:      Do we have any non Stateside Imms on board?
Sandra responded:  Yup, several.
Sniper asked:      If a player from Europw or Australia puts there name
                     forward for immship can we get favourtism by being a
                     ethnic minorty here.
LadyAce responded: I'd say, we consider everything when we consider imms --
                     but it's not likely that your geographical location
                     would be a deciding factor.

Q5: Armorsmithing
Wolfram asked:     Are there plans to make smithing more diverse? Armour
                     and shields would be nice...
LadyAce responded: Smithing will be more diverse under skill trees. There's
                     a mineralogy skill, mine, smelt, forge. Lots of
                     ability to customize items.

Q6: Areas
Wolfram asked:     When is the big London coming? And the rest of the
                     finished areas?
Ladyace responded: They're all in testing right now. We've got so many in
                     testing, in fact, that that's about all the builders
                     are doing right now. I'd expect some smaller areas 
                     before big London. A lot to test.
Sandra added:      London is huge =P 300 or so new rooms.
LadyAce added:     I'm working on 2 200-room areas, Klein and Black Forest,
                     and they're pretty overwhelming as well.
Wolfram asked:     Klein is getting bigger?
LadyAce responded: Yeah. It's a hometown update for skill trees.
Sandra responded:  All hometowns are getting a facelift, as well as all
                     upcoming hometowns.
LadyAce added:     Kheldar is working on Bengal, for example,' you said.
LadyAce responded: At any rate, I think Dreamtime Australia is probably the
                     first one to make it through.
Wolfram asked:     Another one.. If my hometown loses a skill, shall I lose
                     it too after skiltrees?
Ea! responded:     I don't think so, unless we decide that it's
Siachet asked:     There's something I wanted to ask about mages and the
                     skill wipe. When skills get wiped, if we have 28 pracs
                     spent on spells. Does that mean the first skill
                     relearned cannot be better than level 29?
Ea! responded:     Yes. It's a crummy thing that hurts mages, but there's
                     not much else we can do code-wise.
Siachet asked:     Even if we didn't actually get the spells first?
LadyAce responded: We're presuming you learned your words first. Otherwise
                     all mages would be irrevocably handicapped.
Ea added:          I'd like to find something better.
Siachet commented: So if we didn't get spells first, it means we would have
                     nothing with the best learn levels? It doesn't bother
                     me too much personally, but I can forsee lots of
                     complaints about it.
Mandrake commented:Hmm, it used to be that a newbie couldn't make a decent
                     mage 1st time round, it's gonna be the same with all
                     types huh.

Q7: Clans and RP
Sniper asked:      I dont see why you allow clans like IRA and Mercenaries,
                     that have no RP value but an excuse to act like
                     terrorists here, which only lowers the mud.
Sandra responded:  IRA isn't a clan.
Wolfram added:     And Mercs imho have rp value.

Q8: Befriend
Matthew asked:     Are there plans to make befriend work only by name, and
                     not keywords?'
Ea! responded:     I don't think there are any plans either way.
Matthew replied:   You have my vote for changing it. I hate being
                     befriended and repudiated. It's very rude -- it treats
                     other players like mobs, instead of people.
Siachet added:     Doesn't it defeat the purpose of changing the whois when
                     you can find somebody's name by befriending?
Matthew said:      It uses an ooc command to find ic information, as Wraith
                     would say.
Ea! responded:     But befriend is an ic command...It has ic effects...

Q9: Charmed creatures
Mandrake asked:    Zombies, skeletons and dancing swords are next to
                     useless... they being updated at all?
LadyAce responded: Wow, I haven't found zombies and skeletonss to be
                     useless...I've found them incredibly helpful.
Mandrake added:    1st two are ok but they don't stay charmed long enough,
                     by the time you regen the mana to use them to kill
                     something they're gone.
LadyAce responded: They do have some limitations -- you do need to have the
                     mana before you kill the mob you want to raise,
                     generally. But I personally haven't had a lot of
                     trouble with them coming uncharmed, with my mages at
                     least, they're dead long before they uncharm.
Matthew suggested: Just get a create mage to preserve the corpse while you
Mandrak added:     But zombies should last longer, it's the only way you
                     can move stuff to sell it and make money without being
                     over rent.
Ea asked:          Do you really keep reraising mobs until you get a zombie
                     just to move equipt?
LadyAce added:     You can move stuff with other mobs than zombies -- I
                     don't think that's what zombies are for. Homunculi
                     are good porters. So are dopples, really.
Elandria added:    But cause mages can't make either.
Matthew suggested: Just give a charm spell to cause, so they can charm
                     peasants and stuff!
Ladyace responded: Well, if you need a create spell, you can always
                     cooperate with a create mage. If you're carrying items
                     for sale, you might have to keep your rent a little
                     low for a while.
Elandria suggested:I think you should be able to charm homunculi to someone
                     else as well.
LadyAce responded: I don't think we have any plans to do that...I mean, we
                     need to keep some level of distinction between what
                     different chars can do. But, put it on the idea
                     channel, see how it goes. I think pets will fill the
                     functionality you're looking for. And for having
                     porters in general.

Q10: Choke
Elandria asked:    Ok did you change choke so that the users strength is
                     involved too, cause lately it seems like I miss alot
                     more, but when I hit I almost always get a stun.
Ea! responded:     We haven't changed choke in a long time.'
Elandria added:    Cause I always get the your grip doesn't hold message.
Ea! responded:     It's still a dex skill. Only str in it is victims.

Q11: Multikill
Elandria asked:    Speaking of multi-kill I read somewhere that it was
                     being considered on putting code in that would prevent
                     it, any truth to that?
Ea! responded:     It's being considered... It has been on-and-off for a
                     while. No code has actually been written, though.
LadyAce added:     There's been discussion of making non-rp multis qualify
                     as harassment. I think multikilling IS harassment.
                     Whether we should enforce that is still a question,
Siachet said:      Well its already been listed as a violation of etiquette
                     for a long time. Nobody seemed to take much notice of
LadyAce replied:   I think it contributes to a very unhealthy atmosphere --
                     and it really doesn't promote a lot of fun -- yay, I
                     killed someone with 1hp...But it really is a question
                     of what the best policy should be.
Sandra commented:  I can't believe that there is honestly an rp reason,
                     ever, for multikilling.
Jeannette said:    Agreement to fight to perma, like Kiera and Bay-El-lor
                     were 'posedly doing, is prolly reasonable.
Sandra replied:    Haven't seen anything like that since either.
LadyAce added:     I suppose if we coded it out, we could allow people to
                     request exceptions.
Elandria said:     I think it should just be left as is, since there isn't
                     really a huge problem with it where everyone is
                     multiing each other.
Siachet to Elandria: You are assuming that its only a problem when it
Elandria replied:  It's not a problem though if it doesn't happen.
LadyAce responded: The atmosphere it creates exists separate from the
                     incidents, and that atmosphere is a large part of the
Jeannette added:   It does happen, and creates nasty chat arguments that
                     upset the whole mud.
Siachet asked:     If a man threatens to beat his wife and uses that to
                     control her behaviour its not a problem if it doesn't
                     actually happen?
Elandria replied:  I just think that if someone is dumb enough to do it,
                     the other players usually deal with them harsh enough.
Joachim commented: Not harsh enough that it stops happening.
LadyAce added:     Generally not in time to help the player, either.
Siachet added:     And when they deal with it, they don't get off scot free
Joachim added:     The problem is that a lot of us are sick of multi, perma
                     threats, meanness and vindictiveness going around.
Jeannette said:    Hunting down multi-killers carries it's own problems,
                     and it gets *boring* and time consuming for a place
                     meant for fun.
Joachim added:     There are people who like the legend-as-quake-deathmatch
                     style of play... I'm perfectly willing to narrow the
                     usefulness of Legend for that kind of play. Let them
                     play quake, then.
Sandra commented:  Imo, if you can't play nice, you can't play. Seems
                     simple. Course, then half the pkillers we have now,
                     wouldn't be pkillers ;).
LadyAce responded: Yeah, and a good number of people who don't pk now would
                     join. There eventually comes a point where what we do
                     as imms is *impose* our sense of fun and *impose* our
                     sense of balance. That's part of our job. I really
                     think we're rapidly approaching the point where we're
                     willing to make those impositions on multi.
Sandra added:      Personally, those that know me, know i LOVE pkill. And I
                     tend to play evil types at times, but with the crap
                     lately, that's not evil, that's ooc, childish, and not
                     wanted here.
LadyAce added:     We want it to be fair -- that's why we're listening to
Sandra commented:  I've never wanted to pull pkill as much as I did this
                     past month ;)
Jeannette added:   It can be coded, the question is whether is something
                     that *should* be coded or not.

Q11: Changes
Sniper asked:      My question is , why do imm's listen to a minority then
LadyAce asked:     Can you give a specific example? :)
Sniper said:       Ok let me think of a example. I think what I mean is
                     someone thinks choke is too powerful because he lost a
                     pkill, so 1 or 2 post a message on the board and choke
                     is changed.
Ladyace responded: In general, we only make changes if we see an actual
                     problem, bug, imbalance -- something we didn't intend.
                     Whether one player points it out or many. It's not a
                     matter of voting -- we're changing it based on our
                     knowledge of the problem, not to make life better for
                     a specific person.
Sniper asked:      But surely there are players that have friends as imm's?
LadyAce responded: Imm's morts don't get special treatment.

                     Last Chance for Legend Meet '98
                    March 20-22nd in Atlanta, Georgia

The local Hampton Inn has a special weekend rate of $59 dollars a night
(American). You can make reservations by calling 1-800-HAMPTON. Ask for
reservations at the Hampton Inn in Roswell, Georgia. Now, if you'd like to
arrive early, or stay late, the Hampton has said that they are willing to
extend the special rate for one day (i.e. Thursday or Sunday night)
although they may give you both. If you intend to stay that long you'll
need to call the Hampton locally at (770) 587-5161. Ask for Ms. Vanessa
Clark and tell her that you are with Legend Meet to get the extended rates.

So far the meet is being geared for Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. If
you are planning on arriving in Atlanta on Thursday or leaving on Monday we
can handle it cause we should have at least a few people who are free for
spring break then.

We are planning on getting together on Friday night at either one of our
houses, the hotel that everyone stays at, or at a specfic resturant (which
one it is will be determined by how many people show up).

Saturday is still very flexible, we are planning on going to the World of
Coca Cola,  and what ever else anyone wants to do.

Saturday night (depending on how old everyone is) we are going to go local
adult game bar (Atlanta's strange idea of an adult casino) and if we get
out early enough maybe a magic tourney for those who want to play.

Sunday will be the Mud day, we are working out whether to take everyone
to Georgia Tech (it's a lot closer) or to U.G.A.

Currently we're going to leave a lot of the time open for disscusion by the
people who are planning on attending. Being from Atlanta causes one to miss
some of the things people from out of town would want to be able to see. So
if you have every wanted to do anything specfic (and legal of course) in
Atlanta, let me know.

If you've questions or suggestions, contact Alvis either via mudmail or at

Hope to see you there! If not, start making plans for next year!

Ok, LegendMeet 98 is starting on March 20 at Starbiters pad.
Here is how you get there:
  1. Get onto I-285,  it is a big circle that goes around Atlanta
  2. Once on I-285 you will need to go to the north side of town and get
     off on the exit for Ga-400 and go North
  3. Get off at the first exit after I-285 on Ga-400, it is called
     Dunwoody (you will be going east, if you go west the exit is called
     Sandy Springs).
  4. When you get off at the Dunwoody exit you will be heading east go
     to the first traffic light and turn right, you will now be on
     Peachtree Dunwoody road.
  5. Stay on Peachtree Dunwoody Road and go through one traffic light
     look for a Cost-Co on your right.
  6. Soon after the Cost-Co look for the entrance to Dunwoody Springs 
     subdivision (it is the only subdivision between Cost-Co and the
     next light)
  7. Turn right into the subdivison and go to Basswood circle and turn
  8. Starbiter lives in #72 Basswood circle.

  You can either call Starbiter at (770)698-8726 or Alvis at (706)543-1701 
  if you have any questions.


              DID YOU KNOW     ...that the penalties for death vary
   _____      depending on how you die?
  /  _  \
 /__/ \  \    The amount you lose for dying in combat with a non-player
      /  /    character is half your xp up to a maximum of 2 million,
     /  /     while dying to another player, you lose one quarter of your
    /__/      experience up to a maximum of 1 million. For death caused
    __        by bleeding to death or poisoning you lose 1/4 your exp up
   /  \       to a maximum of 2 million. Death traps subtract 0 xp from
   \__/       your total, but you will lose all your equipment. Likewise
              drowning costs you 0 xp, but your equipment is left behind.


                           Q & A REPORT 3/10
Q1: Well Quest
Dylan asked:       I know you can't give quest info...but there is one that
                     has been bugging me for a while...the dry well one in
                     Britian. More hints would be helpful on that.
Fatale added:      Lots of quests need less obscure hints.
Croaker responded: That's one of the earliest quests put in the game and is
                     pretty hard without help - needs to be revised when
                     the area gets a facelift.
Dylan asked:       When are facelifts expected and will we see construction
Croaker responded: Currently, facelifts are ongoing in a number of
                     areas...Britain, Aztec, London, Klein...
Dylan said:        Please tell me london is going to get bigger.
Kheldar responded: About 270 rooms bigger.
Croaker added:     LadyAce is takin gover the work Sabella had started on 
                     Klein and adding to it. Sandra is working on boston,
                     which will be an expansion of sorts to Salem.

Q2: Item sizes
Elandria asked:    How come I can hold an eagle feather that weighs one kg
                     but when I try to hold a bubbly potion which is also
                     1kg my hands are full.
Croaker responded: Items have sizes and weights... you can only hold so
                     much size in your hands.

Q3: Housing
Ronnie asked:      When is player housing goin in? I wanna know when to pop
Croaker responded: There is currently no schedule for player housing - I
                     would assume it is some goodly amount of time away.
Kheldar added:     Rufus has been I understand, but he's waiting for
                     something else first... I think it was for the
                     monetary balancing he was also doing.
Nosferatu asked:   So is the whole mob ownership thing going in with
Kheldar responded: I doubt the ownership will immediately change with
                     housing but who knows.

Q4: Kick
Nosferatu asked:   Is kick gonna be toned down in pkill?'
Croaker responded: I doubt it - there's been no serious discussion of it.
                     It's not kick that's the problem anyway, it's the
                     inherent advantage dex has by being able to flee.
Nosferatu asked:   But since overall dam is toned down, and headbutt and
                     all, why is kicks dam not toned down like the rest?
Croaker responded: Dex has always been the most powerful skill for the
                     experienced player because of flee... I doubt that
                     will change anytime soon - the issue of kick is different.

Q5: Skill Trees (Druid skills)
Kheldar mentioned: Also looking at the list, a couple others caught my eye
                     to help druids, dry herbs, and locate herbs (a hunt for
                     herbs). In the future, herbs, the ore, the gems, etc
                     will only be visible to those with the lore
                     skill, be it herblore, gemlore whatever.
Croaker added:     There will be mining skills and jewelry making skills
                     and so on...
Kheldar added:     I don't know if they've gotten far enough into them to
                     decide how they'll deal with rent and selling issues.


LegendMUD's semi-anual Pkill Tourney was held on Saturday, March 14.
This time, the tourney was held in a new area, created by one of the 
mort builders for the April 1st Mortmud. Special thanks to Lupus for 
the Star Trek area, the first completed for Mortmud.

Catagories were, again, by level, and are as follows:
   10-19 lightweight
   20-29 light/middleweight
   30-39 middleweight
   40-50 heavyweight

The lightweight division consisted of one fight - Arch vs Lagmonster
Lagmonster won making him the champion in his division.

The middleweight division consisted of one fight - Morpheus vs Sigmar
Sigmar won, making him the champion in his division.

The heavyweight division results are as follows:

Round one -
Terrizano beat Asmodean, Gloria beat Kharas, Rictor won over Mandrake,
Bacchanal beat Ruby, Vladamir beats StormChild, Dede beat Elandria,
Gareth won over Hastur, Nosferatu beat Crackerjack, Jander got a bye.

Round 2 -
Terrizano won over Gloria, Rictor won over Bacchanal, Dede beat
Vladamir, Gareth got a bye, Jander beat Nosferatu.

Round 3 -
Terrizano got a bye, Rictor beat Dede, Gareth beat Jander.

Round 4 -
Terrizano beat Gareth, Rictor got a bye.

Rictor and Destiny, the reigning champion, then fought it out in
a best-of-3 series resulting as follows:
Rictor won fight one, Destiny won fight two, Rictor won fight three.

Rictor is the winner of the heavyweight division, and new Pkill
heavyweight champion.

After the tourney, players stayed on for a while for the free-for-all,
beating the tar out of each other until Sandra had to close the testmud.

       Congrats to the winners, and thanks to everyone that entered. 
                     We hope you all enjoyed it.

            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\


At last, a cure has been found.  The horrible rot will be no more... 
Thanks to Naradul and passed on to me by Ulric, I hold the cure in my

Now you too, cant be rot free... Think of the joy when your limbs no longer
threaten to fall from your body when you stand up... Think of the relief of
knowing that you have not forgotten an ear, or an eye or perhaps a finger,
never to be found again.

Come to me my children, let me help you help yourselves... For a meager
fee, peace of mind and wholeness of body can once again be yours...

                                                your friend,

                        -small print below-
         -Armand is not accepting money, eq, or flesh for wellness-
-please think of me and what I might like, all offers will be considered...
Armand is most often reasonable, only a little indulgent and is looking
forward to your offers - The Management-

                       ----- BODYSWITCHING! ----

Beware fellow travelers of Legend! Cult {S} has unveiled their evil plot
and purpose to gathering those pieces of the undead the other night...

Ulric and Drax were preparing for their wicked spell, polishing the old
skull of a bard, brandishing the soul of an Indonesian tribesman when
Sharri walked into the Stag, drawn by their threats.

Ulric stared within Sharri's soul, pulling the power out with his eyes.

Adriana was kind enough to offer Sharri a mirror to use on Ulric.

Just then, a loud explosion rocked the earth, and the air was filled with
screams. As Ulric began to wrap his fingers around Sharri's soul, a
menacing demon steped out of a crack in the earth.

A Celtic priest said, always willing to see the dark side, to Ulric, 'Don't
mess this up now...'  Ulric said cruelly to Sharri, 'Is this your doing?'
referring to the demon.  But Sharri would not answer, as she trembled
fighting a battle for her soul... wrestling from within.

Ulric proclaimed, 'I'm feeling strange, what are you doing to me... I
almost have control of her soul!' Svetlana bravely fought alongside
Sharri, vowing not to leave her side.

A sinister demon cackled, 'Foolish Ulric. How do you think those relics
ever came to light? You have played right into my hand!'  Sharri stood
firm, fighting Ulric's spell.

Ulric, oblivious to the warning signs said, triumphant and cruel, 'He can
do nothing now.. we have Sharri.'

'You will never learn.. you can not win me this way... the price is too
dear,' Sharri said sadly to Ulric.

Ulric exclaimed, 'Argg something is going wrong...' as he staggered
around the room, bumping into walls.  Sharri fought Ulric off, with the
last strength of her mind and finally collapsed to the floor.  Ulric
fainted, overcome by the powerful spell. .....

Sharri and Ulric slowly regained their composure, shaking their heads and
regaining consciousness.

'I have her soul.. you couldn't stop me demon.' Sharri cackled.

A sinister demon said with a laugh, 'While you were so busy grasping for
control of Sharri, I fear you have lost control of your own body, Ulric.
Go, wander in the body of the one you hate.'

Ulric's scream of 'NOOO!!!' resounded thru Sherwood as Sharri exclaimed,
'I dont wanna be a tree hugger.'

Ulric turned to Sharri and cruelly said 'Serves you right, you malcontent.'

Sharri pleaded to Myrella, 'Its me Ulric.. I was changed by that infernal
demon into HER.'

A sinister demon said with a cruel laugh, 'Ah, the rotting smell of a soul
encased in flesh it despises. Now perhaps you see the real meaning behind
the so-called 'Tomb Rot' -- enjoy your living hell while it lasts!'

Chaykin said, 'So that's what happens when you tear the tag off the
pillow!' as a crackling sound filled the air and the demon returned to its
abode, laughing mercilessly.

Watch for these two displaced souls, wandering the lands... Who knows what
evil will come of it?

Some claim it's all lies... That Ulric was tricked by Sharri herself into
switching bodies so that she can fool others into believing she is Ulric
and destroy the cult.

They urge us to not trust anything Ulric says for he is not as he appears,
but also to not harm him in any way so that he can get his body back as it
was before!

In the mean time, do not be surprised if Sharri preaches a new philosphy of
tree burning and village pillaging...

Legendary Times is published by the immortals of LegendMUD. Please send all
replies, additions, or corrections to our address at for
inclusion in the next edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate
this discussion, and may object to some submissions.
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