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VOLUME FIVE, ISSUE THIRTEEN                               March 28th, 1998

                              TABLE OF CONTENTS

                -            The Editor's Note           -
                -       Upcoming Calendar of Events      -
                -      Departmental News and Updates     -

                -        Site Name Change Reminder       -
                -             Did You Know...            -
                -        Q & A Session Report 3/24       -
                -             Did You Know...            -

                - Happy 21st Birthday to Tyche's Player! -
                -  A quiet celtic lass's anger quenched  -
                -            Gaul Under Fire!!           -
                -            The Coven Decree            -

___                                                                    ___
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/__|                           EDITOR'S NOTE                          |__\

Ok, enough ranting and raving about the usual topics of community and
common courtesy. Today's commentary is instead going to focus on what it
means to be an immortal since this is the issue announcing and answering
many questions about how one actually goes about becoming an immortal.

Some people on the internet think that being an immortal on a mud... a quick and easy power trip and a great way to get back at all those
   stupid people who made fun of you each time you died. Wrong.

...means you can be rude, childish, don't have to obey any rules and
   generally be a royal pain in the butt. Wrong.

...carries no responsibilities, no real tasks, no real effort. Wrong.

...consider it to be a job, a major responsibility, a creative outlet, a
   service to repay the community that made the game so much fun for them,
   and a way to improve the game itself.

The immortals at LegendMUD tend to fall into that last category. Of course,
we've had our share who've demonstrated all of the former qualities as
well, but one thing they have all shared is a love for Legend and the
desire to improve upon the foundation.

One of the key things in channeling an immortal's efforts is to make sure
they are working on something that interests them and that they enjoy. One
of the reasons that many muds fail by accepting any one and their brother
as an immort is that people are looking for quick thrills and have no real
vested interest in the mud itself.

If you're planning on applying to become one of the immortals at LegendMUD
we hope that you will consider long and hard your reasons for wanting to do
so. If you want to immort so you'll have the slay command, we can point you
to a multitude of muds that would gladly immort you for little more reason.
If you just want to hang out and not get hungry and thirsty while you talk
with your friends and bop in and out around the mud, see the above list,
check out some mushes or moos, or visit the OOC.

If you are willing to put in long hours with little thanks and are willing
to put up with a lot of stuff in order to improve LegendMUD as a whole,
even though at times it may seriously conflict with your personal
interests, goals and especially those of your mortal friends, we ask that
you carefully read over the department descriptions and apply for the one
that you really think you could make a difference in. Please do not just
apply to the one you think will be the easiest to get accepted into.

Applying to the one you think is easiest to get into, when you'd really
prefer to be doing something else, does a great disservice to the
department that accepted you expecting your full enthusiasm and effort as
well as the one you'd rather be in as you may have written a more sincere
proposal and would have worked more enthusiastically for that department.

So even when you're applying to become an immortal, we ask that you begin
to get into the mindset of doing what's right for the mud as a whole
instead of what will get you the fastest, easiest personal gain.

___                                                                    ___
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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

        [All times are system times unless otherwise specified]


Tuesday,   March 31, 7:00pm - Q & A Session in OOC Auditorium
                              Topic: General Q&A


Wednesday, April 1          - MortMUD!
                              Special mortal-written areas replace
                              LegendMUD for a space of 24 hours.
Friday,    April 3, 7:00pm  - Scavenger Hunt  -- HINT ALSO KAIGE'S B-DAY
Saturday,  April 4, 11:00am - Q & A Session in OOC Auditorium
                              This Saturday session is held once a month
                              to allow our overseas players a chance to
                              attend, although all are welcome.
Sunday,    April 5, 2:00pm  - Flag Hunt
Thursday,  April 9, 8:00pm  - LegendMUD Lecture Series presents:
                                Deanna speaking on Aborigines
Sunday,    April 12         - LegendMUD celebrates Easter!
Saturday,  April 25         - TinyPlot: The Invasion of Tara

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                   DEPARTMENTAL NEWS AND UPDATES                  |__\
          ADMINISTRATION              |             BUILDING
          -=-=-=--=-=-=-              |             -=-==-=-
Sandra got caught up on all the       | Deanna: is installing the new area
  back description stuff after        |   Aborigine Dreamtime -- yay! :)
  fighting with her new computer all  |
  week, remodeled the ooc offices,    | Kheldar: added some new skill
  answered questions, warned a few    |   teachers, did some debugging,
  people and clanned a few others.    |   and answered questions.
                                      |   Finished reviewing Croaker's
Wraith did board detail, gave out     |   area
  several warnings and registered a   |
  description change.                 | LadyAce: did some Klein stuff,
                                      |   mostly pr-related building though
Chocorua verbally warned someone      |
  for yelling profanity, registered   | Breton: continued work on N.Africa
  three descriptions and pkenabled a  |
  few people.                         | Ea!: started work on the layout
                                      |   of his Gilgamesh area
         PLAYER RELATIONS             |                CODING
         -=-=-=-==-=-=-=-             |                -=--=-
LadyAce: Ran Irish Casino and a       | o LAG  now gives a message
Flag Hunt, and helped with an         | o Mortals can no longer steal
impromptu tiny plot. Registered       |   NO_TAKE, NO_GIVE, or NO_DROP
lots of descriptions. Made updates    |   items.
to the OOC, researched more trivia    | o You can no longer see people
questions, and started plans on a     |   aimming at you who you can't see
tinyplot for April. She hopes to      | o It is easier to see someone in
complete the work she's started on    |   the same room aim at you
easter-type games and put in some     | o GTELLs now defaults to color 7
more time on the tinyplot.            |   instead of black.
                                      | o When the same character is
Kheldar: Registered at least four     |   inputted lots of times in a row,
descriptions on top of the normal     |   it gets limited to 10 times.
strings and restrings. Helped with a  |   This used to be the case with
RP PermaDeath and tried to run a flag |   spaces only, now it holds for all
hunt but no one was interested. He    |   characters.
has been the on during the late night | o Bug fixes to resistances and
shift and handling a variety of       |   immunities to blast/flame/suction
admin, pr, and general question type  |   damage types.
stuff during those hours.             | o Bug with mortals being able to
                                      |   append to/post to imm-write only
Tad: Registered a couple of           |   boards fixed.
descriptions, did a couple of         | o Charmed mobs of pkenabled
string/restrings. Ran an Aminal       |   characters should no longer be
Cracker game... Teamed up the newbie  |   able to attack nonpkenabled
with a newbie lost in the desert.     |   characters via ungrouping
Hosted LegendMeet '98. Did LegendMeet |
strings (well, one of 'em so far).    |

                -     Immortal Application Information   -

LegendMUD is now accepting applications and proposals for new immortals.
Applications and proposals will be accepted from level 45+ characters only.
A general application must accompany a proposal for a specific department.

Things to note about the application process:
   1) It's not a popularity contest. Mortals have no votes.
   2) Special consideration is not given for where you live or projects
      like MortMUD. People who participated in MortMUD are likely to have a
      better idea of what is expected of them in the long run.
   3) The general application and proposal are only 2/3 of what counts.
      Past history, attitude, and ability to work with others is also
   4) It's a good idea to discuss PR plans with LadyAce and Building plans
      with Kaige (as acting Head Builder) before spending extraordinary
      amounts of time on proposals for those departments.

You can find copies of the application and departmental guidelines at

with links to the individual department guidelines or by anonymous ftp to and  cd pub/Docs/proposals for the following files:


We will be accepting applications and proposals until July 1st.

Announcements will be made approximately 2-3 weeks from then.

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                      !!! Site Name Change Reminder !!! Partners have asked us to drop the .aus from our domain name. The
deadline for using either or the old is drawing
close. Please change all your aliases, web links or other such pointers to
address the machine as The address will not
work after our net connection contract is renewed in March. Be prepared!


   _____       DID YOU KNOW     ... armor, i.e. using your equipment
  /  _  \      slots means quite a lot in combat. If something considers
 /__/ \  \     as a fair match to your newbie, but you keep losing,
      /  /     getting clothes on as to reduce your armor class may do
     /  /      wonders. Almost all equipment has a bonus to ac - some
    /__/       more than other, true - so even a floppy hat or a set of
    __         ragged robes is better than nothing at all.
   /  \
   \__/        A rating of -100 AC is considered better than that of 100.


                            Q & A REPORT 3/24

If you have further questions about the specific departments should talk to
the Dept. Head in that department. And a head's up that a proposal is
coming their way from you is probably a good idea.

Admin: Sandra      Building: Kaige       Coding: Ea!       PR: LadyAce

Q1: What's this Q & A about?
Khamul asked:      I'm not quite sure what this Q & A is about... Does
                   everyone here want to be an immort or something?
LadyAce responded: It's for anyone who is interested in immorting or who
                   wants to know more about the process.

Q2: Will this Q&A be logged?
Mint1Guest asked:  Will this q and a be logged somewhere for those of us
                   who missed most of it?
LadyAce responded: It'll be in the next LT and on the web.

Q3: What's the deadline?
Chimera asked:     Obviously the first question in an Imm Proposal Q&A is
                   "When are proposals going to start being taken again?"
LadyAce responded: We're officially open to proposals now until July 1st.

Q4: What does applying mean?
Nosferatu asked:   When you say apply, what do you mean? Like what exactly
                   do you want to have us say?
Kaige responded:   Actually the best place to start is
                   That one is required to be turned in with any of the
                   four departmental apps. And will be available for
                   anonymous ftp as well in pub/Docs/proposals.
LadyAce responded: There are outlines on the website. You follow the
                   instructions in them. :).
Ea! warned:        If you turn in an application in HTML, I'll be annoyed.

Cozy asked:        This is done through mud mail?'
Kaige went EEK! at her in distress.
Sandra said:       That'd be too scary :).'
Kaige responded:   We'd prefer email.'

Q5: Who can apply?
Cozy asked:        Do you apply a specific character, or just you apply,
                   and chose one?
Sandra responded:  We ask that you apply one that's known.
Kaige added:       And is level 45+.
LadyAce replied:   The char immorted must be at least level 45.
Sandra continued:  Doesn't have to be your most popular one, but known and
                   yeah 45 and above.

Tancred asked:     Known as in - yeah, as in how known?' Tancred says.
LadyAce responded: Well-known is important simply for the appearance.
Kaige replied:     Well people shouldn't be asking, "How the heck did
                   so-n-so immort, I've never heard of them before."
Sandra commented:  Well, if you're level 45, then you've been seen around
                   for a bit?

Tancred commented: So basically just not having been archived a year.
LadyAce added:     None of these 50-hour-old chars speedleveled :)
Sandra added:      And not leveled to 45 in a day,' Sandra says.
Kaige commented:   Again hours alone won't cut it, we just ask that they be
                   recognizable so people won't be suspicious, but
                   comfortable with them.

Q6: Can Archived Characters Immort?
Kelly asked:       Can archived characters imm?' Kelly says.
LadyAce responded: Sure, unarchive the character and use it...but it'd need
                   to be well-known.

Kelly asked:       Can you dfeine well known?'
Kaige repeated:    Known well enough that people don't ask "Who the heck is
                   that anyway?"
Ladyace responded: Well-known, as in, we won't get tons of players yelling
                   "Who is that? I've never *heard* of them, must be some
                   friend of an imm."
Ea! added:         I wouldn't worry about it too much -- I wasn't the most
                   popular of players when I imm'd...

Q7: What positions can you apply for?
Cozy asked:        So you apply for secific imm positions then?
LadyAce responded: Yes. You apply for a specific department.

Fighter asked:     Which immortal positions are available right now?
Kaige responded:   We'll be accepting aplications for all four departments.

Fighter asked:     How many departments can we apply to?
Sandra responded:  One, you should only be focusing on one.
LadyAce added:     You should apply for the department you are most
                   interested in, because more than anything we need people
                   who will basically  'do the job'.

Asmodean asked:    How to word this, okay, is it possible to be in 2
Sandra responded:  Not at first, you have to be a full imm in one dept
                   before you can pick up another.
Kaige added:       And have the approval of the dept head of each.
LadyAce commented: It's very difficult to be a full imm in more than one

Q8: What departments need the most help?
Fighter asked:     Which department is most in need of personnel?
Kaige responded:   The one that will have the stiffest competition.

Fighter asked:     What do you mean?
Kaige responded:   Looking at the wizlist pretty easily shows where the
                   biggest need is... everyone will likely try for that
                   assuming it'll be easy to get accepted there since they
                   need so much help, thus driving up the competition.

Fighter joked:     Seems like there's only one person for implementor of
                   chaos and implementor of order, so those are in need of
                   staff :).
Ladyace responded: We're not taking apps for imp :p

Q9: How many new immorts will be accepted?
Chimera asked:     Approximately how many people are going to be "hired"?
Sandra replied:    Depends on the voting :)
LadyAce responded: It depends totally on the quality of the proposals,

Chimera asked:     I mean, do you have a quota, or is it all based on how
                   good apps are?
Sandra replied:    It's based on the apps, we could get 30 different
                   proposals and only take one.
LadyAce responded: I don't have a quota in mind, although I'm not prepared
                   to imm 20 people -- the upper limit is purely

Bronwyn asked:     I'm rather curious as to about how many immorts you're
                   hoping for each department.
LadyAce replied:   As you can see we're reluctant to give figures...
                   I think it's safe to say that we won't turn people down
                   or accept people solely on a numbers basis.

Q10: What type of proposal is the hardest to do?
Celia asked:       I heard a builder proposal is the hardest to do, is that
                   the case?
Sandra responded:  Sure was for me!
Kaige replied:     It's certainly one of the most detailed and broadest
                   ones... But I'd argue that coming up with one for PR or
                   Admin can be worse.
LadyAce responded: Then again, when you're making something up from
                   scratch, like a tiny plot, that can be hard, because it
                   may not be something you can research.
Ea! added:         That said, if you think that other department's
                   proposals are something you can do in a night, you're
Ladyace joked:     Well, we better not be able to *tell* it was done in a
                   night, at least.
Sandra agreed:     Yeah, I expect a bit more than 1 line answers for admin
Croaker suggested: Best to err on the side of thoroughness.

Q11: How many people usually get turned down?
Papaya1Guest asked:In the past how many peole usaly get turned down?
Tad replied:       It varies with the number of applicants.
LadyAce responded: Sometimes the group is stronger than other times, too.

Q12: What are the Requirements for Immorting?
Kelly asked:       So, what are the reqs for imming?
Ladyace responded: You do need to be over lev 45. And you have to have a
                   good idea, and you have to want to work. There's more
                   details on the web site.

Q13: How much time is expected of immortals?
Vajrapani asked:   How much time are we expected to put in as immortals?
LadyAce responded: Depends on the projects you take on. 10 hours a week or
                   more for assistant imms. I expect full imms to put in
                   more time than that.
Ea! added:         I should mention, we're understanding that people have
                   finals, busy times at work, etc.

Q14: How much of that is required to be online?
Tancred asked:     As builders at least, do those hours have to be actually
                   online, or can you work offline?
LadyAce responded: Being online is an important part of being an immort.
                   For builders and coders, a lot of your work is
                   necessarily offline. But even builders and coders should
                   log in regularly.
Kaige added:       Builders can only work offline, but time spent online is
                   extremely useful to ask questions and get advice and
                   show progress.
Ea! added:         Also it's important to get to know your fellow imms.
LadyAce agreed:    It's hard to feel part of a team when you don't know the
                   members :).
Kaige to Tancred:  If you're worried about paying by the minute, don't...
                   At least not more than you already do.

Q15: How much of that is required to be visible?
Drax asked:        How many hours are PR immorts expected to average
                   visable? More than others?
LadyAce responded: I'd say that hours spent invis (for pr at least) don't
                   really count for the 10 hours. But if there's an issue
                   about hours, we'll work with the specific individual on

Q16: Is there any RL time played requirement?
Lelu asked:        You were talking about time. Is there any req for RL
                   time played? Like how long?
Kaige suggested:   Enough tobe able to answer questions from new players
                   =). Which is especially important in pr and admin.
Ea! added:         You don't need to know all of the quests, etc. though.
LadyAce agreed:    We don't give in game information, anyway. :).

Lelu asked:        Once a char is Imm'd you can no longer 'play' as it
Kaige replied:     Immortal characters are considered "OOC" characters from
                   that point forward.
LadyAce responded: Right. You can't kill mobs, that's interfering with
                   gameplay. for example.

Tancred commented: You can still play other mortals, tho.
Kaige agreed:      Yup. but they're still held to the immortal code of

Q17: Does where you're from better your chances?
Tancred asked:     There is a crazy rumor going around that non-Americans
                   are all but certain to get immorted - can we put that to
                   a peaceful, undignified rest now?
Kaige asked:       What time zone you're in doesn't have that much affect
                   on your proposal's quality does it?
Kaige peers about suspiciously.
Sandra responded:  That's an interesting rumour.
Ladyace agreed:    It came up at the last q & a too. It's false, anyway.
                   We've got all kinds of insomniac americans and insomniac
                   non-americans anyway.
Sandra added:      I don't care where you live, if your proposal isn't good
                   enough, I'll vote no on it =P.
Kaige added:       Proposal quality as well as past history, temperment and
                   ability to work well with others are the main
                   considerations we take into account when voting on

Q18: How important is your past history?
Asmodean asked:    Alright, my other question was just how important was
                   past history :P
Ea replied:        Proposal quality is more important than past history, at
                   least, in my mind.
LadyAce responded: Well, since we'll need to work with you as a co-worker,
                   we need to believe that you trust and respect us, and
                   that we can trust and respect you.
Sandra added:      Well, see, its different for each dept =P. It matters a
                   LOT in admin.

Q19: Will immorts look over proposals to suggest revisions?
Drax asked:        Are the immorts available to look over proposals before
                   submitting? Or does it just depend on the particular
                   immort having the time to do so?
Kaige responded:   You can ask anyone you like.. whether they have time is
                   up to them, and just because one person likes the
                   proposal doesn't mean it's automatically accepted, even
                   if that person is me.
Sandra added:      I'd say ask, if they have time, I'm sure they will. But
                   remember that just because they say it looks ok, that
                   doesn't mean that its a given that you're in. And please
                   don't pester :).
LadyAce responded: For PR, I'd really prefer to hear from the person
                   applying before they finish their app.
Drax asked LadyAce:As in have them pass it by you to look it over?
LadyAce replied:   At least let me tell you, that's not what I have in mind
                   when I say 'pr project'.

Q20: How does Proposal Review work?
Jen-Creature asked:How is the review board set up...just from the
                   department or is there a cross section?
Ladyace responded: Voting is by all the imms.
Sandra added:      Every active imm votes.
Ladyace added:     Veto power to dept head and imp.

Jen-Creature asked:Does it need to be unanimous or majority?
Ea! responded:     Majority. Votes from the dept. get more weight than out
                   of dept votes.
Sandra explained:  It's sorta a scale. Those in the dept get more points
                   for their vote, dept heads get more, imps get more, etc.
                   That make sense?
Jen-Creature said: Heirarchical....makes sense.
Kaige added:       Yeah, immhood isn't quite a democracy either... tho it's
                   a bit closer.

Tancred joked:     Whoa, Kaige's vote is going to be heavy in building on
                   that scale ;)
Kaige replied:     Nope. I only get one vote, despite doing two jobs.
Solomon added:     Although, either imp can veto any proposal.

Q21: How long until we know if we've been accepted?
Jen-Creature asked:How long after a proposal is submitted should a player
                   expect an answer?
Kaige replied:     About 3 weeks after July 1st.

Q22: Is this the only opportunity chars have to imm?
Khamul asked:      Is this the only opportunity chars have to immort? Why
                   is a deadline for July 1? I thought apps were accepted
                   at any time as long as there were openings.
LadyAce responded: Because of the proposal process, it's too chaotic if we
                   don't have a culmination point.
Kaige added:       And it's much easier to deal with a whole "class" of new
                   immorts instead of a new one each week.

Khamul asked:      Oh. So there are only certain times now when characters
                   can apply?
Sandra responded:  Yeah, always has been, actually.
Kaige added:       We're hoping to make it a bit more regular, tho probably
                   not very frequent. Probably deadlines of every 6 months.
Ladyace added:     Usually imms are happy to talk about potential proposals
                   at any time, though.

Khamul asked:      When is the next "class"?'
Kaige replied:     After decisions are made July 1st, probably about 3
                   weeks after that. Unless you meant after that one...
                   which will probably be six months after that.

Q25: Is being an immort lots of work?
Khamul asked:      I was just wondering... I have a RL friend that told me
                   he doesn't want to imm because of the work. What type of
                   things would be involved?
Sandra responded:  Depends on the department.
Kaige suggested:   The best place is to check the department proposal
                   guides on the web...
                   the top of each has an intro describing what each dept
                   is about.
LadyAce commented: It can certainly expand rapidly, and eat your life.
Bronwyn added:     Not to mention the zillion-and-one email messages per

Q26: Where do you apply if you want to improve PK atmosphere?
Papaya1Guest asked:Were does PK fall into place? Say if you would want to
                   work to make PK better in the mud much like Sandra has.
                   Remind you I'm not talkin about code.
Ea! responded:     Admin and PR, mainly...
Sandra agreed:     Ah, yeah its sorta both pr and admin. We both work
                   together on ideas for it.

Q27: Who maintains the web pages?
Vajrapani asked:   Was wondering, who's maintaining the homepage atm, and
                   is that a job that could be shared?
Ladyace responded: My understanding is that Sandra is maintaining the web
Sandra admitted:   Well, I am, but I'm a bit behind :/.

Q28: What does Admin usually do?
Vajrapani asked:   What do admins do usually? Maybe I'm a bit naive, but it
                   seems that most of the time, things are quiet.
Sandra responded:  Well, its not always quiet. And we have a bit of
                   'offline' work to do as well.

Vajrapani asked:   Could you describe the offline work?
Sandra responded:  While online though, we assist pr with their online
                   stuff, descriptions, strings, answering questions. We
                   update the help files, and yes, watch for cheaters.
                   We're the ones that get questioned about reimbursments.
Ea! added:         When other imms tell players something, if the player
                   doesn't like what the imm said, it gets passed on to an
LadyAce added:     I personally ask admins a lot of questions about policy,
                   since they're my local experts :)

Vajrapani asked:   Do we get to actively look for cheaters? It seems that
                   the pattern is usually quite obvious.
Sandra responded:  It's pretty easy to see them without looking alot of the

Q29: What's the difference between Admin and PR?
Lelu asked:        Exactly what seperates PR from Admin? And what do PR do
                   offline (what type of Projects).
Sandra responded:  Simply put? Admin is the police, pretty much.
Lelu asked:        Cops?
Sandra replied:    Well, we're the ones to go to when there is a problem, a
                   reimb is needed, cheating is happening, etc. So
                   basically, yeah :).
LadyAce responded: PR is the civic organization. We promote good relations
                   between imms and morts, and between mortals, and between
                   imms. We encourage roleplay. We're also big on events,
                   that includes games of course :)
Croaker suggested: There's a good summary of the PR mission on the web with
                   the PR proposal doc.
Sandra agreed:     There's one for each with their proposal.
Ea added:          All of the proposals have the mission at the top. You
                   should read those before applying.

Q30: Who is acting as Head Builder?
Megaman asked:     So who do we talk about Building with?
Kaige responded:   That would be me. I'm currently acting as head builder

Q31: Do you need to code to build?
Vajrapani asked:   How much coding knowledge do you need to be a builder?
LadyAce responded: Well, building doesn't require knowledge of C.
Kaige added:       No specific coding language is required for building...
                   but it'll help.
LadyAce clarified: You do need to have basic knowledge of if-then
                   statements. That's for acts coding.
Ea! added:         I'd say that you need to be willing to learn. And also
                   it helps if you're willing to indent.
Kaige explained:   There's a mud specific acts language but it mostly
                   consists of regular mud commands with a bunch of special
                   ones for setting things up, like if thens etc.
Tancred suggested: So if you can set up triggers, you can build,
Kaige responded:   Pretty much can handle the acts coding part at least.

Vajrapani asked:   So similar to html/javascript?
Ea! responded:     More than html, as the acts language has a sense of
Kaige suggested:   Check out the mortmud building docs... they're still up
                   for ftp. /pub/Docs/1rooms.sample, etc. with .sample at
                   the end.

Lelu asked:        Is the code'n simular in any way to the old Qbasic?'
Ea! responded:     Legend's code isn't anything like Qbasic...

Vajrapani asked:   And how much leeway do you have in introducing new
Kaige responded:   Pretty much you can add anything you like as long as
                   it's within the guidelines and fits well with the area
                   you're building.

Q32: Who does area testing?
Lelu asked:        As a non-builder Imm would you be able to take on area
                   testing as a large part of your job?
Kaige responded:   Well part of the testing is to have other experienced
                   builder look it over and offer advice. However, it's
                   always good to have as many people look at it as
                   possible. We're trying to revise the way areas go
                   through review so it doesn't take eons to get it
LadyAce added:     However, the non-formal part of playtesting, I think
                   we'd happily let other immorts run around and poke at
                   areas. Or at least, right now, I'd take anyone who was
                   willing to look at my area :)
Lelu ased:         Is spelling very important in most cases?
LadyAce responded: For your spelling question, use a spellchecker. You've
                   seen our typos in areas, though, so you know we're not
                   perfect :0.

Q33: Should you check with a dept head before submitting your idea?
Celia asked:       For a building proposal, I suppose it would be very
                   important to discuss the suitability of the area itself
                   with immorts before beginning?
Ea! responded:     It's a good way to make sure that no one else is working
                   on it, for one. It's a good idea to pitch your idea to
                   the depthead regardless of department too.
Kaige responded:   We're keeping a map of what's in and what's in
                   progress... and it's much easier to know that you'll
                   need to build say a lot of ocean to connect antartica or

Chimera asked:     Can you give us a quick rundown on areas that are being
                   built/reserved for immortals?
Kaige replied:     In the next LT ok for that? I don't have the doc
                   currently open.
Chimera suggested: Might wanna put it on builderboard too.
LadyAce added:     If you look at the mud, we're missing vast chunks of
                   asia and africa right now. We also are a bit thin in the

Bulk said:         I would love to do Korea/Japan, but last I heard, Satsu
                   was at it?
Croaker suggested: Check out the builder board.
Tad asked:         Where does it live?
Croaker replied:   Up, and a few north.

Joachim commented: Actually, the mud just needs areas badly, everywhere :)
Ladyace replied:   Tho i'm not convinced that we need another londonish
                   area right now :)

Papaya1Guest said: I would love to do an Industrial North America.
Sandra replied:    Well, you'd have to be specific on that one =) There's
                   like 3 areas going in that would be part of an
                   'industrial north america'.

Q34: What do you mean by PR Project?
Chimera asked:     Can you explain a little more about PR project?
Ladyace responded: Well, there's a lot of variety. Basically whatever falls
                   into our job description, also on the web site. Could be
                   a neat new game, particularly one that encourages rp or
                   interaction or cooperation. Could be a tiny plot. Could
                   be a series of new events, could be some building-type
                   expansions to the ooc or other rp-type building.

Q35: What about the Trivia Position?
Jen-Creature asked:Will the trivia position be decided in July or before
Ladyace responded: Since trivia is a secondary project, rather than the
                   primary one that your immorting hinges on the most, it
                   won't be decided until the rest of the imms are
Jen-Creature asked:So you will run it until that point?
Ladyace responded: I may run it. I've got so many people interested in
                   trivia, and so many other duties, that I'll probably
                   rotate among various interested immorts once this
                   trivia 'cycle' is done.
Chimera asked:     Wait there's going to be a "Trivia Position"?
Jen-Creature said: I meant a regular person to fulfill Croaker's role.
LadyAce replied:   I'm willing to look at a variety of options for trivia,
                   more than one imm can do it after all.

Q36: Does PR have to go through a separate interview process?
Drax asked:        I am speaking purely for PR here... Are there person to
                   person interviews held before the decision with each
LadyAce responded: That was something which was considered previously, but
                   it's not part of the present process.
Kaige added:       Tho you should feel free to discuss it with any of the
                   department heads if you like.

Drax asked:        Is there a particular reason why it isn't? Or just too
                   much work?
LadyAce replied:   It's a nice idea, but my understanding is that in the
                   last round it didn't work.

Q37: Can you clarify these Imm Code of Conduct Questions?
Papaya1Guest asked:I was reading the reqs for Imm's mortals in pkill..
                   could you make that more clear for me?
Sandra responded:  Like what? Is there a specific part you're not clear on?
Kaige replied:     If it's against the code of conduct for imms, don't do
                   it. If it's against the spirit of the imm code of
                   conduct don't do it.
Sandra agreed:     Basically.

Papaya1Guest asked:Like make'n sure they know why you attacked? I.e. can
                   you attack for say the reson of "You attacked my friend
                   now I'm gonna kill you."
Kaige reponded:    If it's gonna make someone quit, don't do it... if you
                   have to ask.. you probably shouldn't.
Ea! added:         If you think that it is conceivably, possibly, just
                   maybe against the player code of conduct or if you're
                   sure it is, then don't do it.
Kaige suggested:   It should be a good in character reason. Not, "Oh, I was
                   bored and needed something to do."
Solomon added:     For instance, I go out of my way to make sure I don't go
                   looking for people I clan. If I run into them, fine, but
                   I don't search them out.
Ea commented:      Imm's players are held to a stricter reading of the
                   Player Code of Conduct.
Kaige added:       Basically the immort code of conduct applies to immort's
                   mortal characters as well.
LadyAce suggested: If you think you're going to run into trouble, don't
                   clan after you imm.
Sandra added:      Yea we pretty much expect you to rp your pkilling as
                   best as possible, none of the 'well, I was bored, you
                   were here' thing.
Solomon agreed:    You have to avoid the appearance of imm-power abuse.
Joachim said:      You have to avoid the reality of it too, I hope :)

Papaya1Guest asked:Where do you draw the line on Imm's mortal Pkillers
                   helping out there RL friends in pkill?
Vajrapani said:    I'd guess that to be irrelevant as long as it's legal.
Kaige responded:   At the imm code of conduct.
Tiki added:        Your friends can't benefit.
LadyAce replied:   You can't give out game info to them any more, for one

Papaya1Guest asked:What about RL. Like you can't tell them at work a quest
                   or anything?
Kaige replied:     Well, they wouldn't be helping their friend play the
                   game for themselves, would they? And we'd hope that if
                   people were doing such things, we'd hear about it.

Megaman said:      I don't see the difference of helping people if you're
                   a mort or an RL i mean.
Kaige responded:   Well immorts are working for the good the game for
                   everyone... others tend to be doing it for their own
                   character's gains.

Papaya1Guest said: I just don't realy understand the IC line. I know I mud
                   with my friends ALOT therefore they would be IC friends.
Ladyace said:      Rl friends in rl situations can be difficult, of course.
                   I've been watching a newbie friend of mine die over and
                   over, and screw up quests, and I can't help her, really.
Megaman commented: I would be forced to...I'd feel too bad
Vajrapani added:   Depends on your friend, too.'
Jen-Creature said: No, but you can point them in the direction of someone
                   who might take them under their wing.
Vajrapani said:    My friends tend not to like for me to spoonfeed them
Bronwyn suggested: I suppose the difference would be sending your friend a
                   tell online, and then being out to lunch together and
                   bringing something about the game up.
Kaige agreed:      That has alot to do with it.'

Papaya1Guest said: I know that right now my friend and I talk about the MUD
                   IC and openly share all our info.
Solomon replied:   Well, depending on which department you're in, you have
                   access to LOTS more information.
Ea! replied:       In RL, if a friend asks me about how a quest is done, I
                   refuse to tell them.
Solomon added:     In my experience, your friends learn to stop asking.'
Papaya1Guest said: Refusing to tell a friend something like that would be
LadyAce added:     And even when in a rl situation like give
                   them clues, you avoid the subject, you repeat the
                   information given by the mobs back at them.
Kaige added:       But you also have to consider the hell you'll catch if
                   you did, because morts will accuse you of favoritism and
                   worse even if you're squeaky clean.
Ladyace agreed:    It is hard. Being an imm is really hard.
Ea! agreed:        It is, but that doesn't make it any less important.
Kaige suggested:   Try to limit it to hints, not solutions in either case.
Jeannette said:    If you tell people you aren't allowed to give out that
                   kind of info, most of them understand.
LadyAce said:      It's amazing how much more gratifying it is to figure
                   things out yourself, anyway.

Megaman said:      That's not always true. Some people just have no patience
                   to sit there and try to figure out some of the extremely
                   hard quests here. Can you imagine trying to solely
                   figure out the earring quest?
Solomon replied:   I did it, and I'm very proud of that still.
Tiki agreed:       Me too!
LadyAce repsonded: Then as an imm, you fix the lacking parts of the mud,
                   rather than compensating by telling people stuff.
Celia suggested:   Although some quests lack sufficient clues.

Papaya1Guest said: Ok back a little bit to my IC/OOC/RL questions...If you
                   help a friends char out but not give them any info ie
                   just be a hitter. Is that ok?
Ladyace responded: Sure, you can still mort.You might not have much time
                   to, but you can.
Croaker said:      As long as you're not hitting with your immort :P.

Papaya1Guest asked:What about touchy things like power leveling them?
Ladyace responded: Powerleveling isn't against the rules per se.
Sandra said:       I don't object to it really. As your mortal of course.
LadyAce said:      But it's discouraged if you're powerlevelling a
Kaige added:       However as an immort you should think about how people
                   perceive it and if it's going to be seen as something
                   that conflicts with the spirit of the immort code of
                   conduct. Especially not just if, but when people figure
                   out your mortal's an immortal's.
Chimera said:      Especially if they already know who your alts are.
Jen-Creature added:Yeah, it is pretty amazing how they figure it out so

Vajrapani asked:   How about leading xpruns?'
LadyAce responded: I do that all the time.
Sandra agreed:     There's nothing wrong with that.
Tad added:         I don't think there's a problem with that.

Q39: Can I powerlevel and immort a guest character?
Papaya1Guest asked:Can I get powerleveled and Imm my guest?'
Papaya1Guest grinned evilly.
Kaige patted him on his head.

Vajrapani said:    Hard to lvl guests when you can't give stuff to them :/
Papaya1Guest said: I think if I can get a guest to 45 i should be able to
Sandra replied:    But it's not your char =P.
Chimera suggested: Naw get a guest to 45 then apply to be in HOL.
Kaige mused:       Would be hard to tell you easily from all the other
                   guests, not to mention other Papaya1guests.
Croaker decalred:  I say as long as he can stay online until July1, he's
Bronwyn said:      I dunno, imming a papaya... sounds a bit fruity to me.
Ea! added:         Of course, he'd have to get there before a crash.
Sandra agreed:     Yeah, if you lost link, you'd be done for :P.

Q40: Do you get slay at level 52?
Papaya1Guest asked:Do you get slay at level 52?
Sandra replied:    Nope.


LadyAce announced: Ok, it's been almost 2 hours. I'd like to stop Q&A now.
Chimera said:      I think you guys covered everything pretty well =).
LadyAce added:     Please let us know if you have other questions!


   _____       DO YOU KNOW     ... how the OOC is set up? Thanks to Sandra
  /  _  \      for reorganizing the offices and making this map for us!
 /__/ \  \
      /  /     Third Floor:
     /  /      Imp Offices      Kaige's -- The Immortal -- Ptah's
    /__/                        Office       Lounge        Office
    __                                          \
   /  \                                      down to Immortal
   \__/                                        Office Complex

   _____       -----------------------------------------------------------
  /  _  \
 /__/ \  \      Second Floor:        Rufus'      Builder Hall:
      /  /      The Immortal         Office      B1-
     /  /      Office Complex          |         B2- Meeting Room
    /__/                      N     B1-|-B2      B3- Charity
    __                       W+E       |         B4- Breton
   /  \                       S     B3-|-B4      B5- Joule
   \__/        Admin Hall:             |         B6- Wraith
               A1- Satsu            B5-|-B6      B7- Deanna
   _____       A2- Baca                |         B8- Matrix
  /  _  \      A3- Solomon          B7-|-B8      B9- Sabella
 /__/ \  \     A4- Govan               |         B10-Greyscot
      /  /     A5- Bart             B9-|-B10     B11-Leila
     /  /      A6- Zandy               |         B12-Kheldar
    /__/       A7- Aermid          B11-|-B12     B13-Croaker
    __         A8- Chocorua            |         B14-Alhazred
   /  \                                |
   \__/                  A A A A   B13-*-B14   P P P P P
                         1 2 3 4       |       1 2 3 4 5
   _____                 | | | |      The      | | | | |
  /  _  \      Sandra's ---------- Immortal ---*--------- LadyAce's
 /__/ \  \      Office   | | | |    Office*    | | | | |    Office
      /  /               A A A A    Complex    P P P P P
     /  /                5 6 7 8       |   \   6 7 8 9 10
    /__/                               |    \
    __         Coder Hall           C1-*-C2  Down to Wild Boar
   /  \        C1- Snapper             |
   \__/        C2- Ganelon          C3-|-C4      Pr Hall:
               C3- Tad                 |         P1- Rusalka
   _____       C4- Dominic          C5-|-C6      P2- Lirra
  /  _  \      C5- Gail                |         P3- Petal
 /__/ \  \     C6- Hunter Rose      C7-|-C8      P4- Clutch
      /  /     C7-                     |         P5-
     /  /      C8- Meeting Room      Ea!'s       P6- Flagg
    /__/                            Office       P7- Spencer
    __                                           P8-
   /  \        * denotes board loacation         P9-
   \__/                                          P10-Meeting Room

   _____       -----------------------------------------------------------
  /  _  \
 /__/ \  \     The Main Floor
      /  /       of the OOC
     /  /                             The Library
    /__/        N                         |
    __         W+E       Expies          The         Games
   /  \         s     Trophy Room -- Piano Lounge -- Arcade
   \__/                                   |
                                          | /^ Up to the Office Complex
   _____                                  |/
  /  _  \               Auditorium*-- Wild Boar -- A Small -- The Kitchen
 /__/ \  \                            / Tavern    Restaurant
      /  /          The              /    |
     /  /      Meeting Room -- War Room*  |   Up to Muriel's
    /__/                                  |  /    Wedding Shop
    __                                 Flower
   /  \                                 Shop
   \__/        * denotes board loacation

           /                         \
         O | Wonder what folks are    |
        o  | doing over at LegendMUD? |
        o  |                          |
       o   | Probably celebrating     |
      o    |    Tyche's player's      |
  `\|||/   |   21st Birthday today!   |
   (o o)   \__________________________/
___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

Since her enemy is now dead and her anger is gone, "A quiet celtic lass
stands here, anger in her eyes" will now be recognized as "A strange,
mystical aura surrounds the quiet Celtic lass before you." as the aura of
her protector is always near her.

                       **** Gaul Under Fire !! *****

Rumors spreading that the armies of Caesar of Rome entered Gallia from the
cliffs of Dubris, ready to invade pagan lands!

After several threats, Emperor Caesar decided to capture the gaul leader, a
crude barbarian named Vercingetrix, and take him back to a shadowy jail in
the eternal city.

Caesar, who became Emperor after defeating his adopted son Brutus who, in a
vain attempt, failed to backstab him, decided to call troops and invade the
pagan lands of Gaul and Eire, bringing them the famous Pax Romania.

After gathering his 154 legions at the top of the Cliffs of Dubris, Caesar
rallied the pathetic local legionaries under his command and started to
penetrate the Gaul territory, using the North route.

Gaul tribes not being united, Vercingetrix and his bunch of rude cowards
fled before the majesty of He who rules the Ancient World, unable to
prevent the little village of Orkney being sacked, burned and pillaged...

At the foot of Hadrian's Wall, the armies of Caesar welcomed many heroes of
the neighouring lands, including Gaebrel and the retired centurion.
Noticing the pathetic escape of Vercingetrix beyond Hadrian's wall,
followed by Guybrush and Sten, Caesar decided to sail west. Indeed, rumors
said that the town of Tara was calling for troops and was getting ready to
leap in the defense of Vercingetrix.

Tara was burned and pillaged too, villagers put in jail or executed,
according to the laws of war, at the main place of Tara, before the Dun.
Herne was defeated by Caesar himself in a superb duel and even Erin, who
came to rescue had to flee before the Emperor.

Alas, getting back to Gaul after this supreme victory, the armies of Rome
were attacked by a gigantic army of united celts and gauls, leaded by
Vercingetrix. Seeing the winds blowing in the wrong directions, Gaebrel
betrayed his former friends and joined the ranks of Vercingetrix's

The armies of Rome were defeated in a small village, north of Hadrian's
Wall, and Caesar ordered the retreat of his troops, sailing back to Rome.

The winds are still carrying his words of vengeance. Shiver people of
Gallia. Soon will come the time of your pacification. Submit. Accept the
Pax Romania, or die.

                                      To be continued ...
                             The Coven Decree

The Coven is no longer going to allow our enemies to freely walk these
lands without the sense of fear that they have been allowed to live without
for so long. Beware of the witches, little children, and watch where you
walk, for you never know what you may run in to.


                                             Malia, Coven witch

Legendary Times is published by the immortals of LegendMUD. Please send all
replies, additions, or corrections to our address at [email protected] for
inclusion in the next edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate
this discussion, and may object to some submissions.

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