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VOLUME FIVE, ISSUE FOURTEEN                               April 10th, 1998

                              TABLE OF CONTENTS

                -            The Editor's Note           -
                -       Upcoming Calendar of Events      -
                -      Departmental News and Updates     -
                -           Immort Applications          -

                -      Area Idea Status as of 4/2/98     -
                -             Did You Know...            -
                -  Tiny Plot Preview: Invasion of Tara   -
                -       Q & A Session Report 3/31/98     -
                -              Trivia Report             -
                -             Did You Know...            -
                -       Q & A Session Report 4/4/98      -
                -             T-shirt Contest!           -
                -       Level-to-5 Contest Results       -

                -            Marcel & Navarro            -
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/__|                           EDITOR'S NOTE                          |__\

Welp, lessee. This year's April Fool's Production was an attempt to get
some player involvement in the silliness while at the same time, giving
interested players a chance to see what it was like to build an area for
Thanks to those of you who did participate, and even those who showed an
interest but got tied up with real life. And many thanks to the immorts
who spent a lot of time debugging to make it happen.
This is just one of the ways we'd like to involve players more in the MUD
community. We've been tossing around a couple ideas for a while on how to
recognize people's efforts better than just annually in the Expies and how
to make sure stuff isn't forgotten by the time the Expies roll around
                   But you know what? We need YOUR help.
There's plenty of tasks to keep the immortals busy from now until the end
of time without having to scurry and hide around the mud looking for
people to recognize and reward.
So here are some ways that YOU can be more involved in YOUR community:
  If you see someone doing a bang-up job at roleplaying, write up a
  short snippet about them and what they were doing and send it to us!
  We'd love to run periodic contests for best roleplayer like the Pkill
  Tourneys, but we need to know what's happening out there!
  If you see someone going out of their way being extremely helpful to
  others, write up a short snippet about them and what they were doing and
  send it to us! Similarly, without knowing who are the best mud
  citizens in your opinion and what they're doing to deserve that
  reputation, we can't recognize them!
  If you can think of cool ways in which to recognize players for their
  efforts (and we don't just mean neat and spiffy rewards for reaching
  level 50 or 100mil xp.) Please drop us a note with your suggestions!
You never know... pitching in and becoming an active member of the
community just might alleviate some of that boredom that's been rather
contagious of late. Let's see if we can make the "Legendites" section
the largest rather than the smallest of the upcoming issues!
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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

        [All times are system times unless otherwise specified]


Saturday,  April 11, 3:00pm  - Trivia Game by LadyAce
Sunday,    April 12          - LegendMUD celebrates Easter!
                               Events today include an Easter Egg Hunt
Tuesday,   April 14, 7:00pm  - Q & A Session in OOC Auditorium
                               General Questions
Sunday,    April 19, 3:00pm  - Trivia Game by LadyAce
Tuesday,   April 21, 7:00pm  - Q & A Session in OOC Auditorium
                               Coding-related and general questions
Wednesday, April 22, 5:00pm  - T-Shirt Contest Deadline
Saturday,  April 25          - TinyPlot: The Invasion of Tara

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/__|                   DEPARTMENTAL NEWS AND UPDATES                  |__\
          ADMINISTRATION              |             BUILDING
          -=-=-=--=-=-=-              |             -=-==-=-
Talked with several players about     | Deanna: made lots of small fixes
various topics including game         |   to dreaming.are
basics, characters, quests, and       | Sandra: made some adjustments to
immorting.                            |   puritan.are, some of which were
                                      |   lost due to computer problems,
Pkenabled some characters, and        |   and some minor fixes to vikings.
registered some descriptions.         | LadyAce: still working on Klein,
                                      |   and starting to make changes to
Updated the spell helpfiles.          |   Crusades based on area reviewer
Went through the boards.              |   comments from Wraith
                                      | Croaker: finished his mortmud area,
Looked up some passwords for some     |   and made some changes to PIsles
characters.                           |   based on Kheldar's suggestions
                                      | Charity: finished reviewing
Handed out warnings to several more   |   Croaker's area, and put together
characters for swearing on public     |   the mortmud area that she and
channels.                             |   Rusalka designed.
                                      | Kheldar: fixed a few problems in
Investigated two cases of pkill       |   Romania, answered questions, and
interference.                         |   did some reviewing of Boston.
                                      | Wraith: did a walk-through of
Investigated possible eq-swapping     |   Crusades, worked on fixes to
                                      |   Seoni, made a few changes to his
Sent coupons to Siachet and Seth      |   area.
for reporting the crashing bug        | Ea!: worked more on Gilgamesh, in
last Saturday.                        |   particular the map and connection
                                      |   to the mud.
                               PLAYER RELATIONS             
Ladyace: Answered a lot of questions about proposals, did some descs,
         strings, games, and Q&A sessions. Finished up the Easter stuff and
         started work on the April 25th tinyplot.

Tad:     Registered a few descs and worked on his tinyplot and ran it.

Kheldar: Ran a recall tag last week late night. Otherwise mainly did the
         normal strings, restrings etc., as well as some normal late night
         admin related duties.

Flagg:   Worked on expies, waiting on a couple of mudmails to finish the
         final ballots. Worked on the concept for a new game.

PR is always looking for people to write up RP events, articles, or give
talks for the Lecture Series in the OOC. If interested, contact LadyAce or
email LT submissions to [email protected]
o Fixed about a hundred ambiguous elses found under a new version of the
  compiler. So some funky things may now work as expected.
o Ungrouping charmed mobs and ordering them to attack things no longer
  gives any benefits.
o Mobs will be able to switch to attack you still, and you will be able to
  regroup with the charm at any time. This should fix the bug that let
  ungrouped charms attack nonclanned.
o Angels/demons/titans should last a shade bit longer, not too much though,
  and have a new method for calculating their hit points.
o AUTOEXITS shows properly in OPTIONS.
o Wearing rings should read better.
o "read n" fixed in reading boards
o "You don't have" message reads better in juggle.
o Operations should read better.
o "morsels" spelled correctly in forage spell.
o Teasing and puzzled moods fixed.
o Magic sink depends on mind as well as cast level now, as requested after
  pkill tourney by several mages
o Bug fixed with dodge
o Using "happy talk Ea! hello" will now work (as will whisper)
o Items/spells can now give a parry bonus (will show in status if you've
  got such a bonus)
o Bug fixed with mobs aiming
o Bug fixed with hyssop broom
o Bug fixed with "you're not thirsty" message as you drink
o Color codes used by players on channels will be ignored to prevent

                -     Immortal Application Information   -

LegendMUD is now accepting applications and proposals for new immortals.
Applications and proposals will be accepted from level 45+ characters only.
A general application must accompany a proposal for a specific department.

Things to note about the application process:
   1) It's not a popularity contest. Mortals have no votes.
   2) Special consideration is not given for where you live or projects
      like MortMUD. People who participated in MortMUD are likely to have a
      better idea of what is expected of them in the long run.
   3) The general application and proposal are only 2/3 of what counts.
      Past history, attitude, and ability to work with others is also
   4) It's a good idea to discuss PR plans with LadyAce and Building plans
      with Kaige (as acting Head Builder) before spending extraordinary
      amounts of time on proposals for those departments.

You can find copies of the application and departmental guidelines at

with links to the individual department guidelines or by anonymous ftp to and cd pub/Docs/proposals for the following files:


      We will be accepting applications and proposals until July 1st.

       Announcements will be made approximately 2-3 weeks from then.

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                         Area Idea Status of 4/2/98

At the Q&A for immorting, the qquestion came up about what's reserved.
Hopefully, the answer lies below. This is also posted to the builder board
located in the builder's hall in the immortal complex up from the OOC.

Any areas in this section are in progress of some sort or another and
should not be considered currently open for proposals:

           New Areas                       Revisions & Updates
           ---------                       -------------------
Pre-Alpha: Medieval Medit.  (Kheldar)      Tudor England    (Rusalka)
Pre-Alpha: Sinbad           (Kheldar)      Roman Britain    (Croaker)
Pre-Alpha: Pittsburgh       (Sandra)       Bengal           (Kheldar)
Pre-Alpha: Pyramid          (Charity)
Pre-Alpha: Nysa             (Charity)
Pre-Alpha: Tahiti           (Charity)
Pre-Alpha: Mystery Mansion  (Kaige)
Pre-Alpha: 1950s USA        (Ptah)
Pre-Alpha: Iroquois         (Ptah)
Pre-Alpha: Chicago          (Rufus)
Pre-Alpha: Navajo           (Rufus)
Pre-Alpha: Maeldun's Islands(Rufus)
Pre-Alpha: Mayans           (Rufus)
Pre-Alpha: Ancient Greece   (Croaker)
Pre-Alpha: Gilgamesh        (Ea!)
Pre-Alpha: Ind. Ireland     (Zandy)
Pre-Alpha: Ind. China       (Leila)
Pre-Alpha: Trans-Peco Texas (Joule)
Alpha    : PonyExpress      (Greyscot)     WWII N.Africa    (Breton)
Alpha    : Ancient Rome     (Matrix)       ViceLima         (Greyscot)
Alpha    :                                 Klein/Bforest    (LadyAce)
Alpha    :                                 F&IWar           (Kaige)
Alpha    :                                 Aztecs           (Kaige)
Alpha    :                                 India Palace Exp (Rufus)
Beta     : Mongol Invasion  (Alhazred)
Review   : The Crusades     (Ladyace)
Review   : Anasazi          (Zandy)
Review   : Pisles/Ithaca    (Croaker)
Review   : Puritan          (Sandra)
Review   : Big London       (Leila)

------ Any areas below here are open for proposals ----

Unknown  : Medieval Italy      (Sabella)
Unknown  : Ind. Nepal          (Gail)
Unknown  : Medieval Japan      (Satsu)
Unknown  : 1905 St. Petersburg (Hunter Rose)
Unknown  : New Orleans         (Northsar & Arturos)

Mortals Have Shown Interest in:
Kae:          Hospitaller Malta
Mice:         1925: Alaska
Straussy:     Ancient Maya era in Mexico or Industrial Ohio
Lysandra:     Florentine Italy
Jen-Creature: Colonial Philadelphia, USA circa 1776 or 1960's California
Desmond:      1967: San Francisco
Fairfax:      Ancient China
Taylor:       1930: Sicilian part of Brooklyn
Penn:         Ancient New Zealand
Lupus:        Medieval Japan


   _____       DID YOU KNOW     ... the calendar of events seen at the
  /  _  \      top of the LT can be accessed easily and by using the
 /__/ \  \     EVENTS command while one the mud.
      /  /
     /  /      The EVENTS command is often more up to date and will have
    /__/       events that come up after an LT is published but happen
    __         before the next one goes out. Keep current, check EVENTS
   /  \        often to see what's going on in Legend. Also, feel free
   \__/        contact LadyAce to get mortal sponsored events included!


                           Upcoming TinyPlot:

       _______ _            _____                     _
      |__   __| |          |_   _|                   (_)
         | |  | |__   ___    | |  _ ____   ____ _ ___ _  ___  _ __
         | |  | '_ \ / _ \   | | | '_ \ \ / / _` / __| |/ _ \| '_ \
         | |  | | | |  __/  _| |_| | | \ V / (_| \__ \ | (_) | | | |
         |_|  |_| |_|\___| |_____|_| |_|\_/ \__,_|___/_|\___/|_| |_|
                          __     _______
                         / _|   |__   __|
                     ___ | |_     | | __ _ _ __ __ _
                    / _ \|  _|    | |/ _` | '__/ _` |
                   | (_) | |      | | (_| | | | (_| |
                    \___/|_|      |_|\__,_|_|  \__,_|

                       Saturday, April 25, 2:00pm

Danger is brewing in the forest. An evil impulse has settled upon the
unseelie sidhe, encouraged by a fierce unseelie warrior named Benigar. The
unseelies will rise up, and expel the humans from the fair city of Tara,
and rule there themselves. Only you can restore the city to its former
residents. Only you can rescue the royal family. Only you can return the
isle of Eire to a peaceful balance among all the creatures who call it

This TinyPlot is different from all those which have come before.

  -It includes role-play AND hack-n-slash AND quests/puzzles to complete.

  -Special mobs and items have been built for use in the plot, and
   special whois flags, strings, and treats await those who participate.

  -New imm commands put together by Ea! allow us to grant the switch
   command, formerly reserved for immortals, to mortals who wish to play

Sound interesting? Here's what I need from you to make this work. I need a
few roles filled. I need to know in advance a rough estimate of who will

Necessary Mob Roles:
These you'd play as the actual mob, using the switch command which I'd let
you use for that purpose. Obviously, I'd need to be able to trust you :) --
so if you don't think I can, don't ask.

         Benigar, Unseelie War Leader
         Finarra, Queen of Daione Sidhe
         Beorc, Captain of the Guard
         Dun Warriors
         Donnegal, Keeper of the Temple of Dana
         Herne, the Hunter
         Forest fairies

Necessary Player Roles:
These you'd play as yourself, with little, if any, pre-determined RP

         Leader of the force to reclaim the city

         Citizens of Tara
          - warriors/healers/spellcasters to join in the effort to retake
            the city
          - scared people

         Sympathetic Supporters from around the globe
          - warriors/healers/spellcasters who also wish to return Tara to
            the hands of the people

          - under lev 15

If you want to be involved in a way not listed here, please talk to me.
I have several other possible roles for players, providing we get enough
participation for the ones listed here.

  ____    3/31/98             _____  ______ _____   ____  _____ _______
 / __ \    ___        /\     |  __ \|  ____|  __ \ / __ \|  __ \__   __|
| |  | |  ( _ )      /  \    | |__) | |__  | |__) | |  | | |__) | | |
| |  | |  / _ \/\   / /\ \   |  _  /|  __| |  ___/| |  | |  _  /  | |
| |__| | | (_>  <  / ____ \  | | \ \| |____| |    | |__| | | \ \  | |
 \___\_\  \___/\/ /_/    \_\ |_|  \_\______|_|     \____/|_|  \_\ |_|
Q1: Warcry
Vladamir asked:    Warcry seems to almost never work.. does it do damage as
                   well as have a chance to paralyze?
Ea! responded:     It does do some damage, thought not as much as many
                   other combat skills.
LadyAce added:     It's more psychological, rather than physical.

Vladamir said:     It's a combat skill that doesn't inhibit the opponents
                   action and hardly ever paralyzes. Is that right?
Ea! clarified:     It's paralyzes last a long time compared to other
                   skills, though.
Ea! said:          Plus it has the flee effect, and is one of the few ways
                   non-mages can get a mob into combat with them.

Vladamir asked:    Is it based only on con vs con? I had heard a rumor that
                   prestige factored in somehow.
Ea! said:          Only with the flee, not with the paralyze.

Q2: Getting deleted
Shaw said:         I am new to this mud and have made several characters to
                   try out various towns. How do I delete the extra now? Or
                   will they be erased after a certain time?
LadyAce responded: They are removed if you don't use them for a month or
                   so. If you'd like them to be removed before that point,
                   just drop a note to Sandra or talk to an admin.
Shaw said:         Thanks, didn't want to use up disk space with junk

Q3: Stun
Vladamir said:     Ok.. I have a question about backlash on stuns..The
                   larger mobs... e.g. Big Jim.. when idiocied still
                   backlash quite a bit when you have 100 mind.. does this
                   make sense? And is he supposed to be that smart?
LadyAce responded: It's a leftover from when stun was too high powered, I

Vladamir asked:    Think it'll be changed?
LadyAce said:      Builders have to adjust to it. If I were you, I'd point
                   it out to the area's maintainer. Some of the mobs are
                   just going to be straight 100s. but we have so many
                   other ways to make them difficult now, making them
                   superhuman in stats isn't necessary, just less work :).

Q4: Mana cost of spells
Eternity asked:    Why are spell mana cost based on the damage they do now,
                   doesn't it kinda just make high mind less useful since
                   you will cast approx the same number of spells someone
                   with lower mind does?
LadyAce responded: Well, those immolates are doing more damage. So
                   presumably the value of the high mind is that you kill
                   things quicker.

Eternity said:     Yeah but it eats up your mana so much faster you run out
                   after like 5 spells.
LadyAce added:     But you fail a lot less too, with the high mind. If
                   you're killing smaller mobs, that you don't want to use
                   as much mana on, try a weaker magic spell.

Q5: Magic Sink
Eternity asked:    And is there any plans to make sinks based more off mind
                   cause someone with 50 mind beating someones spells with
                   100 mind just cause they learned it earlier is kinda
LadyAce responded: They're looking at changes to sink, I don't know if
                   they've gone in.

Eternity asked Ea!: Do you have anything planned yet?
Ea! responded:     Well, still in the discussion stage, but the
                   implementation is quick.

Eternity asked Ea!: Are the imms leaning towards one way or another yet or
                   is it still totally up in the air.
Ea! responded:     For pkill, I think, it's pretty clear it should be

Q6 PK Arena
Itchy asked:       What is the philosophy around not having a pk arena, or
                   a non-pkill area or two, so some people can get away
                   from the pk wars?
Kaige responded:   Mostly that the one that has been in progress for over a
                   year now is still not completed. You can feel free to
                   ask Charity when it'll be finished.

Eternity asked:    An arena or non-pk area?
Kaige responded:   An arena, we won't have any non-pk areas. It's too
                   artificial to draw a line in the sand. We see
                   problems already with safe rooms and the ooc, it doesn't
                   need to be made worse.

Itchy said:        No, I want to be able to get away from pk.  But I always
                   find trans mobs dead. Spamm city. Flame wars. Etc.
Eternity said:     Flame wars are pretty minimal to what they used to be in
                   my opinion.
Itchy agreed:      True, it is somewhat calmer.
Kaige added:       And trans mobs would be killed by certain people
                   regardless if we had pk or not.
LadyAce added:     Honestly, I haven't noticed nearly as much
                   transmob/innkeeper problems as of late.
Kaige added:       That's why it's a good idea to know all of them, not
                   just the easy/convenient ones.

Q8: Draw
Itchy asked:       What is the downside to having draw more effective?
LadyAce responded: Hey, that's something I was just bugging coders about
Ea! said:          We're looking at draw, along with a bunch of other
                   useless skills on how to make them more useful.

Q9: Poison
Eternity said:     I wanted to ask, what determines the cast level of
                   spells coming from weapons, such as poison, etc.
LadyAce responded: For most spells, builders determine the spell level in
                   the area file. We set the percent chance as well. It
                   also is factored into the rent calculation.

Eternity asked:    What about poison, how does that work since it is
LadyAce responded: When a person poisons an item, the level of the poison
                   depends on them.

Vajrapani asked:   Can you actually get major poison on the weapon? The
                   kind that takes off hps as you move?
LadyAce responded: It's implemented but not built, for balance reasons.

Itchy asked:       So the skill is based on the level you learned the
LadyAce clarified: Based on current level.

Eternity asked:    What does the spell plague do.
Kaige responded:   Gives you the plague, which admittedly isn't very
                   detrimental as implemented.
Kaige added:       You know the rats in Klein? They're affected with it.

Eternity asked:    Does it do anything as of right now?
Kaige responded:   Yup sure does..It makes it alot oharder to conceal
                   yourself for one...Hard to hide when you cough and
                   splutter from it.

Vladamir asked:    But right now there is a weakness and a clumsy..
                   couldn't something like plague do the same thing to
LadyAce responded: We already have those kinds of affects implemented.
                   They're just not built in many places.
LadyAce added:     We have spells that up and reduce every stat, I believe.
                   Maybe not that decrease spirit.
Kaige added:       There are many spells that aren't chantable for balance

Eternity said:     A con equivalent of weaken wouldn't be overpwowering
LadyAce replied:   Right now, mages don't need more power.
Ea! added:         Furthermore, it gets real boring if the three stats all
                   have the same set of advantages and disadvantages,

Eternity said:     That got lots of diffrent pro/cons as it is now though,
                   I doubt one spell would change that.
Ea! said:          True, but it'd be moving in the direction of making them
                   similar: we want to move away from that direction.

Q11: Augment
Vajrapani asked:   Was wondering, is augment going to be scaled anytime
LadyAce said:      That's another thing we've been bugging the coders
                   about, and it's also on the list of things to fix, I

Q12: TinyPlot in April
Deqitosv asked:    Question about events... what's the tinyplot in April
                   (the 25th) all about?
LadyAce responded: That should actually be announced in an upcoming LT,
                   with more details. I wanted to put it up early so that
                   people who are really into that stuff can plan to be
                   around :). The plot was designed by Oandlig. It's
                   basically an invasion of the unseelies, into Tara, and
                   the plot centers around how everyone tries to get the
                   city back.

Deqitosv asked:    Will anyone actually be injured by the tinyplot?
LadyAce responded: Actually, there'll be a reasonable chance of people
                   being killed in it, same as any time you're fighting

Deqitosv asked:    So you're sending unseelie's into a newbie town?
LadyAce responded: No, the unseelies will be changed. Only willing
                   participants who place themselves in danger will be at
                   risk. I'll be building special versions of all the
                   necessary mobs, and loading them into the right spots.
                   As the time gets closer, I'll be sure to make the
                   details widespread :) don't worry. (See ARTICLE Below!)

          _____     _       _         ____                 _ _
         |_   _| __(_)_   _(_) __ _  |  _ \ ___  ___ _   _| | |_ ___
           | || '__| \ \ / / |/ _` | | |_) / _ \/ __| | | | | __/ __|
           | || |  | |\ V /| | (_| | |  _ <  __/\__ \ |_| | | |_\__ \
           |_||_|  |_| \_/ |_|\__,_| |_| \_\___||___/\__,_|_|\__|___/

This Week's Trivia tally was:

                     El_Mariachi - 9
                          Aginor - 6
                   Rubymay Itchy - 5
                 Ezekiel Laurana - 4
             Fatale Zelda Dalmar - 3
                          Rictor - 2
Buttercup Sioban Eternity Smythe - 1

Some Example Questions: (answers at the bottom of the LT)

     1. From 'Disney': What comedy team starred in 'The Apple Dumpling
        Gang' and 'The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again'?
     2. From 'The Celts': Who is the God of the ocean deeps and stellar
     3. From 'War Trivia': On what *battle* is the novel 'The Killer
        Angels' based?
     4. From 'Explorers': What was the name of the first ship to sail
        underneath the polar ice cap?
     5. From 'Food, Glorious Food!': What's in Phish Food? (3 ingredients
        of the 4 on the label)


   _____       DID YOU KNOW     ... who to ask these questions?
  /  _  \      "I've forgotten my password, what do I do?" ADMIN
 /__/ \  \     "Couldn't this item be better?"             BUILDER
      /  /     "Can I restart this character?"             ADMIN
     /  /      "Can I get a description registered?"       SANDRA
    /__/       "Help, what do I do now?"                   PR or ANYONE
    __         "Who do I appeal this decision to?"         ADMIN or IMP
   /  \        "What do I do if someone is harassing me?"  ADMIN or anyone
   \__/        "Is this a bug?"                            CODER or BUILDER
               "My character got purged, what now?"        ADMIN
   _____       "Can I get my stuff back?"                  ADMIN
  /  _  \      
 /__/ \  \     The answers to these and similar questions can be found 
      /  /     in a variety of places in the help files. If you can think
     /  /      of others or know of any that AREN'T addressed in the help
    /__/       files, please drop a note to Sandra either through mudmail
    __         or note it in the bugs file using the BUG command. 
   /  \        
   \__/        Thanks to you who take the time to answer questions online!

  ____    4/4/98              _____  ______ _____   ____  _____ _______
 / __ \    ___        /\     |  __ \|  ____|  __ \ / __ \|  __ \__   __|
| |  | |  ( _ )      /  \    | |__) | |__  | |__) | |  | | |__) | | |
| |  | |  / _ \/\   / /\ \   |  _  /|  __| |  ___/| |  | |  _  /  | |
| |__| | | (_>  <  / ____ \  | | \ \| |____| |    | |__| | | \ \  | |
 \___\_\  \___/\/ /_/    \_\ |_|  \_\______|_|     \____/|_|  \_\ |_|
Q1: XP Scale
Gabrael asked:     When will the xptolevel system be changed, level 6 has
                   plagued many and death is very harsh at low levels.
LadyAce replied:   It's actually already been changed...right now it's
                   waiting on us to actually put it in the game.
Ea! added:         It's a matter of rewriting all of the mobs in the game.

Gabrael asked:     What will the new system be like?
Ea! replied:       There are a few ways that we can help the builders along
                   by making a few code adjustments, but I'm not sure if
                   it's a desirable way of doing things -- basically we
                   might be able to make it so that all mobs that weren't
                   set for the new. Xp scale would default to the standard
                   xp to level.

Q2: Skilltrees?
Gabrael asked:     When will the new skills like the list put in the LT
                   like 6 months ago go in, along with the skillwipe.
Ea! replied:       No clue.

Q3: Stun
Eternity asked:    Ok, someone told me that whether or not a succesful stun
                   is worse for the wear, is based on cast level and not mind,
                   is that true?
Ea! replied:       It's not based on cast level.

Eternity asked:    Does cast level play a part at all cept for beating
                   sinks and failing?
Ea! replied:       Nope.

Q4: Bows
Scum asked:        I want bows to ID! Why is it like 1/500 for bows and
                   1/20 for guns?
Ea! replied:       Because there's an extra skill involved with guns. Also,
                   of course, it depends on the gun/bow you're using.
LadyAce added:     Causing instant death with bows doesn't make nearly as
                   much sense as with guns.

Scum asked:        In what way does it depend on the gun/bow?
Ea! responded:     Depends on the accuracy of it.

Scum asked:        So without ID is there any point in aiming? Do you do
                   more damage or do you just have more chance of hitting
                   if you aim?
Ea! replied:       Better chance of hitting/stunning.

Q5: Backstab
Scum asked:        Was the damage on backstab reduced along with kick?
Ea! shook his head.

Scum asked:        Does damroll help with backstab damage?
Ea! replied:       Just about every physical attack with a weapon uses

Q6: Entrance
PeTra asked:       I don't know if you guys can answer this, but I was
                   wondering if entrance is a skill thats limited to a
                   certain time or hometown?
LadyAce replied:   Yes.

PeTra said:        May I ask why?  I mean it seems like a snake charmer
                   from Agrabah or a really good pianist from modern should
                   both be able to entrance...
LadyAce replied:   I think you may be right, that the requirements should
                   be looked at for entrance. But I wouldn't expect any
                   changes on that front until skill trees, really.
                   Everything will be moved around in trees.

Q7: Flaming Swords
A person wishing to remain anonymous asked: I can create a flaming sword
                   and a dagger of ice, both 3rd circle yet the sword
                   seems to be one of the best weapons in the game and the
                   dagger is worse than a wormy, was the change to the
                   dagger meant to be temporary?
LadyAce replied:   The flaming sword needs to be toned down, I'd say.

          _                               _ __  __ _    _ _____
         | |                             | |  \/  | |  | |  __ \
         | |     ___  __ _  ___ _ __   __| | \  / | |  | | |  | |
         | |    / _ \/ _` |/ _ \ '_ \ / _` | |\/| | |  | | |  | |
         | |___|  __/ (_| |  __/ | | | (_| | |  | | |__| | |__| |
         |______\___|\__, |\___|_| |_|\__,_|_|  |_|\____/|_____/
                      __/ |
 _______      _____ _|___/_      _      _____            _            _
|__   __|    / ____| |   (_)    | |    / ____|          | |          | |
   | |  ___ | (___ | |__  _ _ __| |_  | |     ___  _ __ | |_ ___  ___| |_
   | | |___| \___ \| '_ \| | '__| __| | |    / _ \| '_ \| __/ _ \/ __| __|
   | |       ____) | | | | | |  | |_  | |___| (_) | | | | ||  __/\__ \ |_
   |_|      |_____/|_| |_|_|_|   \__|  \_____\___/|_| |_|\__\___||___/\__|

The prize machine currently produces a lot of T-Shirts with a picture of
Vampy on them. Since I've been revising the prizes in the machine, I've
decided to put in new shirts -- based on player suggestions.

To enter the contest, send the short and long description of the best
LegendMUD T-Shirt to me via mudmail. Make them funny, tacky, Legend-themed,
whatever.  I'll judge the entries and put my favorites in the machine.

If your shirt design is chosen, you win your choice of the following:

    - your current item worn on body, strung as your winning design
or  - a half-string coupon
or  - a prize token, to take your chance with Fate

I'm willing to accept 5 winners, but I reserve the right to accept more
or fewer winners depending on how impressed I am with the number/quality
of the entries.

Enter as often as you like, and have fun with it!

Deadline: Wednesday, April 22, 5pm


          _                    _        _               _____
         | |                  | |      | |             | ____|
         | |     _____   _____| | ____ | |_ ___   ____ | |__
         | |    / _ \ \ / / _ \ ||____|| __/ _ \ |____||___ \
         | |___|  __/\ V /  __/ |      | || (_) |       ___) |
         |______\___| \_/ \___|_|       \__\___/       |____/
  _____            _            _     _____                 _ _
 / ____|          | |          | |   |  __ \               | | |
| |     ___  _ __ | |_ ___  ___| |_  | |__) |___  ___ _   _| | |_ ___
| |    / _ \| '_ \| __/ _ \/ __| __| |  _  // _ \/ __| | | | | __/ __|
| |___| (_) | | | | ||  __/\__ \ |_  | | \ \  __/\__ \ |_| | | |_\__ \
 \_____\___/|_| |_|\__\___||___/\__| |_|  \_\___||___/\__,_|_|\__|___/

On April 6th, 13 players -- named Flopster, Ehrodes, SilentBoB, DraxRacer,
James_T_Kirk, Onetofive, Aim, Omar, Tea, Speedy, Finko, PimpDaddy and
Express -- gathered in the OOC Auditorium.

The challenge? To be the first to reach level 5, with no help from others.

The Level-to-5 contest challenges players' speed and knowledge of the game.

Here's how it went:

In first place, Point, who reached level 5 with his character after just 23
minutes! Second place went to Nosferatu, with a time of 44 minutes, and 3rd
place to Drax, with a time of 52 minutes.

            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

The following scroll was tacked up on the LT office door the other morning:

         As of today, March 31, 1998, I have assumed custody,
         parental rights, and whatever other rights you might
         possibly think off, of this world or any other world,
         of the boy known as Navarro. Passing into my custody
         after receiving horrible mistreatment from his
         adventuring, roaming mentor, Tiki, who would rather
         conduct personal business with strangers in public inns
         than see to her charge's needs, or engage in human
         sacrifices assisted by her father (or creator, I'm not
         certain) Magius and that petty excuse for a bookkeeping
         angel, Chivalry, I will see to it personally that the
         lad gains the upbringing and schooling worthy of the
         true capacity of his soul and heart. Give the lad a
         kind word and a caress if you see him around, he has
         had a hard time and only now is his life truly about to

                                 Yours belligerently,
                                 Lord Marcel Alexander, Esquire.

Taped below it was this tattered piece of notepaper:

         I post this letter in the hopes that anyone may be able
         to help me. I am Navarro, the boy in question that Lord
         Marcel has somehow managed to adopt. I am formally
         protest his claims to me and ask that if anyone out
         there has any compassion they will save me from this
         creature. He speaks in lies and riddles and twists the
         truth until it suits his needs only. I fear what will
         become of me if I am forced to follow him. I know I
         will most likely suffer greatly for this, but I am
         desperate. Please help me.

                                             Navarro Quatorze

                           Sample Trivia Answers
1. Don Knotts and Tim Conway
2. Manannan mac Lir
3. Gettysburg
4. The Nautilus
5. chocolate ice cream, marshmallow nougat, caramel, fudge fish
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