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VOLUME FIVE, ISSUE FIFTEEN                                  May 19th, 1998

                              TABLE OF CONTENTS

                -            The Editor's Note           -
                -       Upcoming Calendar of Events      -

                             News and Reports
                -     Immort Application Information     -

                -         Easter Egg Hunt Results        -
                -             Did You Know...            -
                -  Tiny Plot Preview: Invasion of Tara   -
                -     Two-on-Two Pk Tourney To Be Held   -
                -       Pre-Blow-Out Trivia Results      - 
                -        T-shirt Contest Results!        -
                -         Poetry Contest Results!        -

                -     Legions of Caesar Advertisement    -
                -      Bluebird of Happiness Gossip      -
                -      A Warning from a Sherwood Maid    -
                -         A Missive from Marauder        -
                -            A Case Dismissed            -
                -         What happened to Nomad?        -
                -         The Charm of Friendship        -
                -        A note from Clan Shotokai       -
                -      How Himura Came To Be Scarred     -
                - McDougan's "shporran and tam-o'shanter"-
                -             Amethyst's Pet             -
                -         Thorsha & Ulric Speak          -

___                                                                    ___
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/__|                           EDITOR'S NOTE                          |__\

Once again I find myself apologizing for the length of time that has
passed between issues here as well as the length of this particular issue.

As my schedule settles in to some sembalance of normality again (babies
and children do not consume time in an additive manner but in more of an
exponential one I'm finding), I hope to be able to focus more energy on
Legend again. Many thanks to all the immorts who have been pitching in
extra time to keep things running smoothly.

I must say I was impressed by the number of RP items I found in the LT's
mail box this time. Way to go and keep 'em coming! It's rather encouraging
to see all this activity.

Ptah has been busy evangelizing some of the ideas we've been discussing
around LegendMUD regarding online community and similar issues. He's been
writing essays that have been posted on the Ultima Online Update Center
and have been widely circulated in other internet sites and emails as well.
The first one should be rather familiar and of interest to LegendMUD 
players as it's about the Garden of Remembrance and how it reflects the
online community in which we interact.

The list of URL's has been provided for the curious. Many of them can be
read with an eye toward ANY online community, not just that of Ultima
Online.  _A Story About A Tree_  _What Rough Beast?_  _Who Are These People Anyway?_  _So Let's Get Practical..._  _The Man Behind the Curtain_  _A Community Cookbook_

Hope you find them intersting!
___                                                                    ___
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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

        [All times are system times unless otherwise specified]


Tuesday,   May 19, 7:00 pm   - Q & A Session
Friday,    May 22, 7:00 pm   - 2-on-2 PK Tourney
Saturday,  May 23, 8:00 pm   - The Expies Ceremonies
Tuesday,   May 26, 7:00 pm   - Q & A Session

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/__|                 Immortal Application Information                 |__\

LegendMUD is now accepting applications and proposals for new immortals.
Applications and proposals will be accepted from level 45+ characters only.
A general application must accompany a proposal for a specific department.

Things to note about the application process:
   1) It's not a popularity contest. Mortals have no votes.
   2) Special consideration is not given for where you live or projects
      like MortMUD. People who participated in MortMUD are likely to have a
      better idea of what is expected of them in the long run.
   3) The general application and proposal are only 2/3 of what counts.
      Past history, attitude, and ability to work with others is also
   4) It's a good idea to discuss PR plans with LadyAce ([email protected])
      and Building plans
      with Kaige ([email protected]), who is acting as Head Builder, before spending extraordinary
      amounts of time on proposals for those departments.

You can find copies of the application and departmental guidelines at

with links to the individual department guidelines or by anonymous ftp to and cd pub/Docs/proposals for the following files:


      We will be accepting applications and proposals until July 1st.

       Announcements will be made approximately 2-3 weeks from then.

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                        EASTER EGG HUNT RESULTS!!!!

First Place:  Satan with an even dozen! Wins a multi-color string coupon.
Second Place: Sarzec      10            Wins a single color string coupon.
Third Place:  Jander       9            Wins a non-color string coupon.
Fourth Place: Mandrake     8            Wins a half-string coupon.
Fifth Place:  Gabrael      7            Wins a half-string coupon.

Also participating were:
    Chronos and Emi with 5 eggs each
    Slack and Zelon with 3 eggs each
    Antilles, Diego and Vercingetrix with 2 eggs each
And with one egg a piece:
    Cathead, Cheyla, Crackerjack, Dakkarian, Elandria, Elyseis,
    Juggernaut, Preserve, and Rei

Congrats to all who won and thanks to all who participated.


   _____       DID YOU KNOW     ... you can start up your own RP clan
  /  _  \      (with no hall of course) and run tinyplots and scenarios
 /__/ \  \     *WITHOUT* having it approved by the immortals. Although,
      /  /     until player housing is implemented, clans can't be freely
     /  /      formed by players to get the benefits of the automated
    /__/       clan system, players can always form an RP group of their
    __         own at any time. Once clans can be freely formed by
   /  \        players, these rp clans can choose to move to that system.
               Even without the automated system which was designed to
   _____       improve opportunities and provide some benefits to
  /  _  \      player formed groups, LegendMUD has had a long history
 /__/ \  \     of "unofficial" RP clans. These player started groups
      /  /     have included Clan Connaught, Clan Pug, Clan Lazy, The
     /  /      McDougans, The MacLarans, Clan Pug, Clan {S}, Angesley,
    /__/       and the Knights Templar, as well as many others.
   /  \        The only requirements to start your own RP group like these
   \__/        is some imagination and a bit of effort to get it going!


       _______ _            _____                     _
      |__   __| |          |_   _|                   (_)
         | |  | |__   ___    | |  _ ____   ____ _ ___ _  ___  _ __
         | |  | '_ \ / _ \   | | | '_ \ \ / / _` / __| |/ _ \| '_ \
         | |  | | | |  __/  _| |_| | | \ V / (_| \__ \ | (_) | | | |
         |_|  |_| |_|\___| |_____|_| |_|\_/ \__,_|___/_|\___/|_| |_|
                          __     _______
                         / _|   |__   __|
                     ___ | |_     | | __ _ _ __ __ _
                    / _ \|  _|    | |/ _` | '__/ _` |
                   | (_) | |      | | (_| | | | (_| |
                    \___/|_|      |_|\__,_|_|  \__,_|

                       Saturday, April 25, 2:00pm

Okay, as seen by Ronnie:

The day Tara fell, inspiring. Lemme tell ya about it. The troops of sidhe,
{S}, and Rome were marching towards Tara, the defenders just coming out.
The fool Beorc led his troops by, into the forests. Hoping to miss being
harrassed by Roman legions, he snuck by. I hunted the fool down and took
his life in front of his troops. Then I joined the assault on the town. I
fought my way to the dun, and was met by Cian. We fought, and the forces of
{S} and my fellow Roman commander Magius, joined the fight. Cian's fate was
sealed. The rest of the Royals fell as easily, and then the day was ours.
Taran forces fallen, we assured victory and killed the remaining rabble.

-Ronnie, First General of Caesar.

                            PK Tourney

On Friday, May 22nd at 7:00pm, a testmud port will open with a copy of
Sherwood Forest, including the city of Nottingham, castle, etc. for
your pkilling challenge and delight.

Divisions will be as follows:

     Normal Doubles:                   and Mixed Doubles:

     10-20 (featherweight)             one member 40-50, one 10-20
     20-30 (lightweight)               one member 30-40, one 20-30
     30-40 (middleweight)
     40-50 (heavyweight)

All the Sherwood mobs will be there, with all the accompanying

You need not be clanned to enter, you need not use your clanned char
when you enter -- all are welcome!

You can enter as many normal and mixed doubles combos as you like, with
any characters that you like, so long as none of them need fight in the
same division -- level reqs will be removed from the code for the
duration of the tourney.

A general free for all will follow the tourney.

To register:

     send mudmail to LadyAce with the names and levels of your duo.


The scores from the game prior to the Trivia Blow-Out were:
        7: Juggernaut
        5: Fatale
        4: Una, Anacrusis, Beam
        3: Cuchullin, Bert, Arlecchino
        2: Mandarb, Gargamel
        1: Laurana, Preacher, Denstra, BroeknSpring, Pop, Ib, Jen-Jen

The following qualified to participate in the Trivia Blow-Out, in
order to crown this cycle's Trivia Champ:

           Fatale, Arsene, Aginor, Zelda, Stick and Rictor

1st Alternate: Morphine
Secondary Alternates: Ezekiel and Itchy

          _                               _ __  __ _    _ _____
         | |                             | |  \/  | |  | |  __ \
         | |     ___  __ _  ___ _ __   __| | \  / | |  | | |  | |
         | |    / _ \/ _` |/ _ \ '_ \ / _` | |\/| | |  | | |  | |
         | |___|  __/ (_| |  __/ | | | (_| | |  | | |__| | |__| |
         |______\___|\__, |\___|_| |_|\__,_|_|  |_|\____/|_____/
                      __/ |
 _______      _____ _|___/_      _      _____            _            _
|__   __|    / ____| |   (_)    | |    / ____|          | |          | |
   | |  ___ | (___ | |__  _ _ __| |_  | |     ___  _ __ | |_ ___  ___| |_
   | | |___| \___ \| '_ \| | '__| __| | |    / _ \| '_ \| __/ _ \/ __| __|
   | |       ____) | | | | | |  | |_  | |___| (_) | | | | ||  __/\__ \ |_
   |_|      |_____/|_| |_|_|_|   \__|  \_____\___/|_| |_|\__\___||___/\__|

The prize machine currently produces a lot of T-Shirts with a picture of
Vampy on them. Since I've been revising the prizes in the machine, I've
decided to put in new shirts -- based on player suggestions.

Here are the contest winners...

From Gabrael Angelfire:
short: a 'no, I can't heal' t-shirt
long: A bit of cotton with a disgruntled druid on it is lying here.

From Slack:
a bulletproof vest reading 'Corpse Retrieval Unit'

From Petra:
short: a lime green and purple shirt with a butterfly collar
long: Here lies a throwback to disco, begging someone to hit a DT wearing

From Llewellyn:
a shirt with a 'PERMA ME' sign taped to the back

From Chivalry:
a shirt reading 'I beeped the Dis Keeper on the nose and lived!'

From Aginor:
short: a sweatshirt reading 'LegendMUD University'
long: A large piece of dark-colored cotton waves in the breeze

I had a fun but difficult time choosing the winners -- thanks to everyone
who entered -- look for these shirts in a prize machine near you!


                       Poetry Contest Results!

As April was National Poetry Month in the U.S. LegendMUD held a contest
and got Ptah, who has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Poetry to judge the
submissions. The winner was Aardwolf's "Love Poem." Sharri's dittie, "The
Day Legend Died" to the tune of Don McLean's "American Pie" garnered a few
chuckles and an honorable mention. Aeolus aslso gets a special mention for
being the most prolific contestant with XX entries. And here's the winner!

                            Love Poem

                   The dried pressed flowers
                   you sent me are dead, again.
                   They lost all color.
                   From pale pink and red they faded
                   to the color of straw
                   and mildew covered each petal.
                   They hang, suspended by cobwebs,
                   around my window sill.
                   Spiders push them aside
                   to build a little more.
                   Even they don't remember you anymore.


            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

        This advertisement brought to you from the Legions of Caesar.

     Bored? Restless? Do you hunger for a life of adventure? A life of
     travel? A life of constant thrills? Then sign up now, become a proud
     soldier for Caesar! Your training will be taken care of and youll have
     all the respect that comes with your post. Apply to either Caesar, or
     Me. Remember, you will live life to its fullest in the Roman Armies!

                                        Ronnie, first General of Caesar.


We've also received a note from the Bluebird of Happiness. You may recall
our fine feathered friend from earlier issues reporting on various goings
on around the mud. The latest note reads:

     The situation concerning the parenthood and/or custody of the 14
     year-old boy Navarro still seems unsettled - claimants now include
     Tiki, Xerox, and Marcel, plus a wide range of people who have offered
     to help one or another of them in various ways, from manslaughter to
     bribery - and Kaedon seems to tag along mostly for the candy. Legend's
     merry Bluebird of Happiness, trying to make head or tails of the mess,
     has only one question: Where is the boy's *real* family now that he
     needs them?!?! Well - it also wants to know where the bird seed is at.

     Draken scared the living daylights of our blue merrymaker, lurking
     around the shores of the southern seas, apparently digging in the sand
     of the white beaches here and there, searching for something only he
     can guess at what might be -- he was heard to mutter, 'Tofu, where can
     you be?', so maybe he was simply hungry enough to be looking for
     turtle eggs to sate his hunger.

     At the same time, Abigail was seen walking about the medieval towns,
     wearing a sly grin and muttering something about finally having found
     silence. Baffled, our featherbrained friend trailed after for a while,
     but only managed to find out that Abigail is no longer talking to


This hurried note was sent to us by a concerned maid of Sherwood:

     I am writing the kind nobles and ladies of our world to warn them of a
     grave danger. It has recently come to our attention that a number of
     people have been disappearing on the outskirts of a few of our fair
     towns and hamlets. In the past few days reports have circulated that a
     few guards have abandoned their posts outside of Orkney and now we are
     seeing signs of something similiar in Klein. Just last night my
     betrothed, an outlaw of Sherwood forest, was seen wandering off into
     the forest near the ancient druid's circle. Witnesses say he was
     following a moonbeam, a dazed look across his eyes. Please help us to
     stop this menace! We are looking for your support before this terrible
     force consumes us all!

                                     - A country maid of Sherwood.


The following note was received from Marauder as authenticated by the wax
mark at the bottom of it:

     Upon my travels to the Oasis, my Camel seemed to have a different path
     to travel then I planned. Following my steed I began a week long trek
     through the sands of time. As my camel began to slow its pace, a
     hooded figure began to take shape ahead of me. Approaching the man, he
     simply motioned for me to dismount and walk the rest. Drawing close I
     could not get a view of his face as the shadows seemed to be at his
     command. As I was about to question his identity, he lunged at me with
     a bloodied battle axe, looking for a quick kill. After many hours I
     defeated this man, and bent down to reveal his identity. As soon as I
     did, he disappeared except for a small ring. Slipping the ring on a
     message was whispered, as if fro the desert iteself, "You have proven
     yourself as the true Executioner for our Lord the Camel. Take this
     ring as a mark to all who see you."  When the message had finished, I
     found myself at the Oasis...back with the rest of my fellow


     -->  the mark of the Executioner for the Great Camel (ring)


                            A CASE DISMISSED

This farce was dutifully penned down and brought to our attention by
Chretien of Munich, scribe.

'Anyhow, I have taken his case, and will defend him in this court,' said
Ronnie to Judge Reinhold, startling me. I looked up from the poker game I
had been playing with the darkhaired gentleman by name of Lord Marcel
Alexander who had arrived a couple of hours previously, only to find that
the young fellow with the 'TRIDENT POWER' t-shirt was talking about him.
Lord Marcel, his attention focused on the spoils of the game, also glanced
up and peered at Ronnie.

'Hold back a second, will you?' said Lord Marcel, smiling, to Ronnie who
was swapping cigarettes with a willowy girl I've never seen before either.
Seeing that, he added towards the Judge, 'I'll defend myself, thankee, but
I'd like to confer with my lawyer if need be,' and swiped his playing cards
from the table before I could investigate his incredible luck at the game.

A dishevelled Scotsman staggered into the courtroom, practically crawling
on all fours. In the confusion that ensued I got out my writing tools. Work
is work, and I have to pay the debts off one way or another.

'We can't lose,' Ronnie whispered matter of factly to Lord Marcel who
smirked at him. Indeed, it did seem a bit funny to hear him sound so
serious and down to business while his breath reeked of that sweet stuff
the woodland lass passed around as if to compete with the whiskey-y breath
of the fellow in the kilt.

Ronnie seemed to realize this, adding to the girl, 'Ain't good to be
smoking before a trial.' The girl inhaled deeply and nodded, reminding me
of the expression 'like water off a goose'. Lord Marcel's shadow took a
seat on the bench next to where he was standing, smirking broadly, but no
one but myself seemed to notice - a couple of hours I would have been
scared, but as was, that shadow was the only reason I still had any
material wealth left in the world at all. It apparently didn't like

'Invisible people?' Ronnie said clinically, reacting to something only he
seemed to have noticed, and grumbled as no one cared to respond to what was
probably just a drug induced hallucination. Lord Marcel seemed vaguely
distracted, apparently arguing with his shadow as to whether it would
qualify as a witness of character or not.

The Scotsman slurred, 'Are ye reedy tae shtary?'

People stood and sat and stood. Lord Marcel shook his head. 'It's mighty
early... Are all the parties represented?' Judge Reinhold asked. 'Aulricht
- we weel waitch,' the Scotsman concurred, drunkenly, and as if to follow
up on that he stood and left the courtroom together with several of his
aides and companions. Several others slinked over to the far end of the
room where they were obviously trying to find out just what it was that
girl was smoking.

'Hm, if everybody leaves, does that mean that the thing is done with?' Lord
Marcel asked casually, but as the Scottish party came back in just then, no
one bothered to reply.

'Who be th' court shtenographeer?' the Scotsman managed to say. Ronnie
pointed to his companion, a towering fellow with a dull expression. 'No,
wait,' he added, thoughtfully. 'That's the bailiff.' I was going to point
out that being a professional scribe I would sort of qualify nicely for the
need, but just then the guard arrived - and you know soldiers anywhere,
they always think they take precedence. Accompanied by a slave in chains
and young Shift, the guard apparently passed judgement quickly, turning his
back and pretending not to see while Shift pounded the slave into oblivion.
'Oops, said the willowy girl with a tiny, dreamy smile. Maybe she'd like to
get pounded, too.

'The barristers would be lawyers, of sorts,' said Judge Reinhold,
pretending not to notice. Ronnie shook his head in denial, and Lord Marcel
repeated that he would be his own lawyer. Like the greater part of the
audience, he was beginning to look slightly impatient. The Judge took the
hint. 'ORDER IN THE COURT!!!', he yelled, taking out several weeks of
agression on the sounding block with his gavel.

'Corpses in the court room', Ronnie muttered clinically. The Judge sighed.
'This is turning out to be a fun trial after all,' Lord Marcel exclaimed,
glancing at the dead slave and Shift who pocketed the slave's earnings

'I protest, as the holder of Marcel's... ahem, soul or lack of one, I would
be his lawyer,' stated L'espanaya, a lady who had been quiet until now,
fiddling with what proved to be a legal contract for the possession of
Marcel Alexander. Said gentleman looked somewhat surprised. His shadow
blinked, too.

'He seems inclined to act as his own lawyer,' Judge Reinhold said to
L'espanaya. 'I believe you should leave this to professionals,' Ronnie
snuck in, but got only the response, 'I see none,' from her - and 'Shut up,
Crowe,' from Lord Marcel but that was probably directed at the shadow. Down
on the benches, Shift and the willowy girl both laughed.

'I'm out of cards at the moment,' Ronnie said to L'espanaya. Meanwhile,
Lord Marcel's shadow attempted, silently, to convince the Judge that it
could be the lawyer.

'I weel represhent Navaroo, wi' Ulrich and Lauranash help, aye?' the
Scotsman said, looking up from the whisky bottle that had kept him occupied
for several minutes.

'Ah, I see,' L'espanaya said to Ronnie. Lord Marcel whapped his shadow
across the back of the head. 'I'm your legal consultant, then,' Ronnie said
matter of factly to him. 'Here's my card,' L'espanaya smirked, displaying a
hideous demon's claw.

'I'd have thought Navarro himself would be here,' Lord Marcel said
casually, glancing about.

'So much disorder!', said the Judge and sighed. I tended to agree. At least
I had trouble keeping up. 'Fun, isn't it?' Ronnie agreed.

'I'd like to file a formal protest against the socalled victim not being
here,' Lord Marcel told the Judge casually. 'Ye be th' un keepin' heem
aeway!' the Scotman hissed at him.

'I'll entertain motions once the trial begins,' Judge Reinhold replied. 'As
you wish, Your Grace,' Lord Marcel nodded, then turned and whispered to
L'espanaya, 'How am I supposed to address him, anyway?'. She whispered
back, 'As Your Honor.'

'The Lord is my shepherd, I shall lack for nothing,' the guard said,
crossing himself piously. Maybe he, like me, was just eager to get back to
what he'd been doing before. Maybe he got off work once this farce came to
an end.

Ronnie whispered something to Lord Marcel which got the reply, 'Don't worry
that much, Ronnie old chap, I'm not exactly new at this.' Ronnie nodded,
but agreed, 'Still, better safe than sorry.' Lord Marcel's shadow taunted
him mercilessly. 'Shut up, Crowe,' Lord Marcel muttered, distracted.

'Order in the court! The trial will now begin!,' the Judge claimed, banging
his gavel, and interrupting Ronnie's statement that he was going to call
Ghostbusters in a second.

'All rise,' said the dull looking fellow who accompanied Ronnie. Everybody
did. 'Be seated,' it said, and everybody sat.

'Would the clerk please step forward and read the charges?', Judge Reinhold
commanded. 'Which cleerk?' asked the Scotsman.

'It's all bio-degradeable, it's okay,' the willowy girl said, while rubbing
something out on a bench. It smoked slightly, and sweetly.

'In the absence of my clerk,' the Judge said, slightly annoyed. 'Has the
bailiff been taught to read?' Ronnie nodded. 'In fact he's very capable.'

'Unlike some people,' L'espanaya muttered.

'Let's get going, then. I've got things to do,' the Judge decided. Lord
Marcel indicated that so had he - but his shadow indicated that it was in
no hurry.

The bailiff cleared his throat, while young Fury slinked in and took a

'Aulrikht,' said the Scotsman. 'Shpoomun takin doon teshtimony?'

Lord Marcel raised a well manicured hand.

'Are there any charges being filed, or shall I file one for waking me out
of my nap?' the Judge rumbled. Embarrassed, the bailiff hurried to say,
'Marcel Alexander, has been charged with the abduction of one Navarro
Quatorze's soul.'

'Ok, there we go,' the Judge beamed. 'I file a charge againsht Marcel,' the
Scotsman put in.

'Your Honor - before we begin?' Lord Marcel addressed the Judge, who said
to him, 'As the defendant in this case, how do you plead?'

'He took Navarro'sh shoul wi'out a valid contracht!', the Scotsman
interceded, drunk.

'I have a request in advance,' Lord Marcel said politely. 'I do not wish to
answer to accusations that I cannot understand. Can we have an

'Don't speak out of turn or I'll send you to jail out of pure
crotchetyness,' the Judge said, addressed to the audience in general. The
greater part of it was too busy sampling various smokable herbs to notice.
'I'll interpret as best I can,' the Judge added. Lord Marcel thanked him
heartily. 'Can I interest you in entering a plea?'

'Interpret whoot?' the Scotsman asked.

Lord Marcel stood. 'What were the charges exactly?' he asked seriously of
the Judge who replied, 'Abduction of a minor.' Lord Marcel looked amused
and said, 'Not guilty.'

'I will now entertain pre-trial motions,' Judge Reinhold nodded.

'I waiuld like to add invalid contracht,' slurred the Scot. Down in the
back end of the room, Ronnie and the willowy girl were testing out new
brands of tobacco in merry unison. 'And abuse o' contracht,' the Scotsman
added. 'Noot only be th' contracht invalid, boot he took it too far.'

Ronnie whispered matter of factly to Lord Marcel, who, amused, replied,
'I'll decide what to protest to later, old sport, let's hear the charges
first.' Ronnie grinned, and consented. 'I'm not impressed by anyone coming
to court drunk,' snorted the Judge. 'Shrry... Itch part o' me natrre,' the
Scotsman admitted.

'Motions as to contracts are hereby denied, but charges may be filed
separately at a later time,' the Judge stated. 'Not to mention all those
people smoking during,' L'espanaya added, to the Judge, causing the
woodland lass to giggle.

'I feel ... woozy... sorta... nice!' the Judge said to L'espanaya.

'I weel allaw th' defendant tae gae frrsht,' the Scotsman gestured broadly.

Lord Marcel whispered something to his shadow, which shook its head. 'The
prosecution must state its case first,' the Judge interceded and took his
seat. 'What is the evidence against this man?'

The Scotsman slurred, 'And I motion far thatch shadow tae be evicted froom
th' courtroom.'

'One nicely chilled judge,' the woodland girl said dreamily and giggled

The Judge told the Scotsman, 'Denied!' and the shadow smirked.

'Evidence?' the Scotsman pondered, visibly drunk. 'Alright... I request the
bringing to the stand of Ulric.'

'Good call, dude,' Ronnie told the Judge. Meanwhile, at the mention of
Ulric, the guard began crossing himself fervently, and Lord Marcel asked
the Judge's permission to silence him. 'His piety is admirable, sir,' the
Judge replied. 'Let's move forward.' Lord Marcel snorted derisively, but

'I object,' the Scotsman said. 'I do not feel safe next to this man without
him.' Again, the shadow smirked.

Judge Reinhold said, 'Let Ulric speak, if he be here.' The Scotsman said,
'He weel enteer een a menoot - adjushtin hish oondiesh rr shoomthin.'

Lord Marcel and his shadow made no secret of their waiting with dramatic
patience. 'It's almost my nap time! Let's move on!' the Judge said,
annoyed, but just then Ulric and his consort Laurana did indeed arrive.
'You called?' said Ulric.

'If McDougan is the one bringing forth the charges, we can get this thrown
out on questionable witnesses most likely,' Ronnie whispered to Lord
Marcel, causing Ulric to peer at him and add, 'I can hear you.'

'Aulricht - let me take Marshel tae th' shtand while we wait,' the Scotsman
concurred, apparently often a little bit behind the current state of the

'Swear him in,' Judge Reinhold told the bailiff.

'Boot whoot aboot opening shtatementsh?' the Scotsman cried out. 'An
innovation I'm not familiar with,' Judge Reinhold cut through, disgusted.

'Ye shay briefly whoot ye weel try tae proove,' the Scotsman tried to
reason with him.

'Is there any left, or did you smoke down to the roach?' the willowy girl
asked Ronnie.

The bailiff said to Lord Marcel, 'Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth, so help you God?'

Ronnie replied, 'I passed it back.'

Judge Reinhold sighed, 'Ulric is the one who needs swearing in.' The guard
smirked at the bailiff. 'Marcel?' Laurana said seductively to the bailiff.
'No way.'

Lord Marcel said seriously, 'I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth, but leave the God part out, please.' The guard
crossed himself again. Lord Marcel smirked.

'Is my bailiff so inept that he cannot follow simple instructions?' Judge
Reinhold rumbled. The bailiff said to the Scotsman, 'So stop telling me to
swear in Marshel.'

The guard glared icily at Ulric, to whom the bailiff then said, 'Do you
solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, so help you God?' Ulric
looked distasteful. 'I have to?' The bailiff said, 'Yes.' 'Aye!' exclaimed
the Scotsman, drunk.

Judge Reinhold smirked, 'Of course not. We'll jail you if you don't wish to
speak, but you don't have to speak.'

'He swears, get on with it,' Laurana said coquettishly, and indeed, Ulric
put his hand on his Book of Demonology and swore himself in.

The Scotsman lept to ask, 'Alrikt... Ulric - what dae ye theenk o'
Marcel'sh shupposhed 'demonic powersh', ash a demoonoology expeert?'

'I protest,' Lord Marcel said soberly. 'I can't understand the charges.'

Ulric said, 'I think he is an English aristocrat, from what I have seen.'

'That's OBJECT!,' Ronnie rolled his eyes at Lord Marcel.

'Shae getch a transhlatcheer!'

'I object, then,' Lord Marcel chuckled. 'But get me an interpreter.'

'He's simply getting your background,' Judge Reinhold told the defendant.
'I'll let it stand.'

'I'm his legal consultant,' Ronnie informed Ulric. Judge Reinhold then
appointed him translator as well. 'Okay, honeybun,' Lord Marcel shamelessly
said to Ronnie. 'Translate.'

'Let's procede, shall we?' said the Judge. 'Ulric is an expert on demons,
and he says Marcel is an aristocrat, not a demon. Next question.' He seemed
to wonder how any of the represented parties ever got out of law school.

'Ulric, whoot be th' consequenshesh of impershonatching a demoon?' the Scot
asked. 'Ulric, what be the consequences of impersonating a demon?' Ronnie
dutifully translated. Lord Marcel thanked him heartily, while his shadow

'Good question, depends on who would care to object... I guess death if
you're caught by an actual demon,' Ulric answered. Judge Reinhold nodded.
Ronnie rolled his eyes. Lord Marcel smirked.

'The bailiff split,' Ronnie muttered and went out to drag him back in.
'People impersonate vampires all the time, nothing happens to them,' Ulric

'Is there any evidence as to the crime?' the Judge asked.

Lord Marcel glanced the way Ronnie left and said, 'Who'd blame him?' and
just then Ronnie did indeed return with the bailiff in tow.

Judge Reinhold stated, 'I am not interested in the doings of demons.'

'And, doesh eenyone ootheer than ephermeeal beingsh - angelsh, demonsh and
th' lik, hev eeny righ tae anootheer man'sh shoul?' the Scot proceeded his

'Except when witch hunters hunt them down and burn 'em at the stake...',
Ulric said, still answering to the previous question. Ronnie dutifully
translated, 'And does anyone other than ephemeral beings, angels, demons
and the like have any right to take another man's soul?'

The Scotsman proceeded, 'Judge, as my next item of evidenshe I weel
preshent my proof.' The Judge nodded. Meanwhile, Ulric finished his
statement by saying, 'Well, not really... but people try.'

'Point of juridical courtesy. Can anyone but an angelic being actually own
a soul?' Judge Reinhold stated. 'I can offer my views of that if I may,'
Lord Marcel offered with a chuckle.

'I withhauld the right tae recall thish witnesh latcheer, and concloode
queshtoonin feer naw,' the Scotsman finished. For some reason, Ulric
grinned evilly at Ronnie - everybody else just looked at him questioningly.
'I withhold the right to recall this witness later and conclude questions
for now,' Ronnie said fluently.

Judge Reinhold said, 'If your charge is indeed that he holds a soul, and
that he is not a demon, your evidence is self contradictory, and I will
disregard this witness.' He glanced around. 'Are there any other

'I will hold thatch a demon may own one, eef he hash a contracht, een blod,
by the pershon eenvoolved,' the Scotsman carried on. Lord Marcel smirked.
His shadow rolled its eyes. Ulric snickered. Then, upon noticing what was
asked of him, the Scot added, 'Aye, but dunna Marcel getch tae crosh

'Not if I throw this case out,' the Judge stated. 'I hereby discharge this
case from this courtroom, on the following grounds: One - I have no
jurisdiction over spiritual matters.'

Lord Marcel's shadow bowed deeply before Madison who was just entering, and
meanwhile, the Scotsman said, 'I weel present a note froom Navarro, a
newshpaper artchicle far backgroon, nnd Marshel hemshel.'

Judge Reinhold, ignoring the fuss, continued: 'Two: I have yet to see
physical evidence of the boy Navarro.' Ronnie translated clinically, 'I
will present a note from Navarro, a newspaper article for background, and
Marcel himself.' And the Judge finished, 'In light of these facts, the case
is hereby dismissed, for trial in another court if the prosecution so

'Marcel keepsh the boy under tight guard,' the Scotsman slurred. 'He be the
un keepin heem away.'

Lord Marcel snickered softly. 'And that's all?' Fury stared at him with
eyes that at its most censored represented hunger.

The Scotsman hurried to exclaim, 'I objecht!' Behind him, a blonde girl
rushed into the courtroom, sweating and trembling slightly. Lord Marcel
smiled at her, apparently the two knew each other from some previous

Judge Reinhold added, 'It's nap time for me,' waving as if to make a
discreet hint. The bailiff whispered quietly to him, but he did not seem

Down in the courtroom, Lord Marcel fiddled about with something in his
pocket, and proceeded to nonchalantly flip what at best could be described
as a glowing little pearl, but which I was later told was indeed the soul
of the said boy Navarro. Well, that is at least what the bailiff would have
me believe. There must have been some truth to that after all, at least the
blonde lady seemed as outraged as Lord Marcel seemed smug. I later found
out that she, Tiki by name, like Lord Marcel, laid claim to guardianship of
the boy.

'Case dismissed,' the Judge muttered from up his elevated seat, but no one
noticed. Tiki apparently decided to make a dash for it, bumping into Lord
Marcel and filing through his pocket with one agile hand.

'I weel take thish tae eeveery court availabubble!' exclaimed the Scot. '
Luke! Luke! He bringsh oot proof!' No one noticed. Lord Marcel practically
snarled at blonde Tiki who did her best to make a run for the door.
Madison, L'espanaya, Ronnie and other members of the audience respectively
peered, cheered and looked resigned as suited their natures.

Judge Reinhold staggered slightly, muttering, 'What was that she was
smoking...', causing the willowy girl to dreamily say, 'Oh my!'

And then, Lord Marcel bared his teeth in a snarl, exerted his willpower and
knocked the fair Tiki sprawling on the courtroom floor, a position from
which she was soon enough to recover, I guess. Defaulting to old habits,
the Judge yelled, 'ORDER IN THE COURT!!!' - - - and then there was just me
and Ronnie and the bailiff, exchanging glances. Justice had been done in
the fashion so typical of Kleinstadt - first we argue around a bit, then we
go out back and solve our problems with our fists.


                ********* What happened to Nomad? **********

The group arrived at the castle one hour before dawn. Three men and a beautiful
woman had crossed the all Europe to reach these gloomy estates.

'HALT !' screamed a ferocious guard. ' You are entering the lands of the
Belmont family, this road is private from here. If you are tourists you are
probably looking for the legendary Well of Trust, it lies some miles behind

One member of the group, probably their chief, stepped forward.
'We came in Peace Brother, in fact we are looking to meet Rictor Belmont '
said Sinister.

'Ahh him, well you may pass then ' said the guard, spitting on the ground.

The four people then climbed down their horses and entered the Belmont grounds.

'Well, I feel more and more bad with carrying the soul of Marcel Alexander
on me' said Tiki brandishing sadly a bottle filled with a strange blue smoke.

'Sister Anarchy said that the Prophets decided to purify the world of bad
souls Sister, feel comfortable, you did the good thing ' said Ezekiel,
sermoning as usual.

Sinister turned to Ezekiel and said: ' Here is Brother Rictor, lets tell him
about what is happening '.

'Sup? ' said Rictor, he who was the only noble of the world to use slang.

'A Great Shadow is menacing the world Brother ' said Ezekiel. ' Brother
Nomad's soul has been stolen while he was sleeping under a tree in Tara. The
forces of Magius, the evil wizard, were trying to gather enough magical
forces to banish the Spectre of Sir Crowe from Abigail's Shoulder. We
suspect that Nomad's soul dissapeared in this maelstrom, never to be seen again.

'Anarchy studied lots of our books about it and concluded that something
terrible happened, Magius playing with forces he couldn't control ' said

'So I stole the soul of the perturbed Marcel to analyze it' explained Ti ki.

'And , we need your help here to carry this trapped soul to the Prophets
that could tell us about what happened ' said Remy for the first time.

'Wow sure brothers ' answered Rictor Belmont ' what happened to Nomad in
the meanwhile? I mean to his body? '.

'We suspect spectres coming along with Crowe to haunt him, now he speaks
like he was Nocturne!!!' said Ezekiel frightened.

Rictor goes EEK! in distress.

'We absolutely have to find Nomad's real soul before it's too late, if this
continues i'll be obliged to banish him from the followers of the Prophets '
said Sinister.

'Ok, lets go grab the Emperor Dameon and this foolish guy named Irony,'
said Rictor 'and start our investigations.'

Then the five followers of the Prophets left Belmont Estates in the
direction of the rising Sun, looking for the lost soul of their friend.


This note from PeTra found it way to our desktop:

     As I was walking through the streets of Agrabah, searching for that
     cursed prisoner, I came upon the Jeweler. She didn't have much
     information for me, by my feet were weary, and I was pleased to have
     some company. We began to talk more comfortably, and we soon were
     having quite a lively conversation. Perhaps my new friend had had a
     bit too much wine, for she soon became rather confessional. It seemed
     she had an expensive and rare collection of her own jewelery, kept in
     some secret place. I decided anyone with that loose a tongue deserved
     what they got and subsequently made an effort to learn of the hiding
     place. After a few minutes with no results, I brought out my harmonica
     and soon had the Jeweler entranced and spilling more information than
     I could have even guessed that she knew. She told me of a safe and
     everything I needed to know to get inside. I quickly found the safe
     and had it open in even less time. Inside there were many exquisite
     pieces, but one in particular caught my eye. A simple blue metal peace
     sign, hung from a silver chain seemed almost to jump into my grasp. As
     I examined it in my palm, it began to shimmer and refract the light in
     beautiful patterns. I placed  it around my neck and it felt like it
     had always been there.  Somehow I knew that this charm was always
     meant to me mine. Suddenly I realized that the jeweler was going to be
     rather upset if she were to catch me looking through her safe. I put
     the other jewels back in order and made my way back to my own
     hometown, Tara. The next time I had the occasion to visit Agrabah, I
     decided to stop in at the Jeweler's. I wasn't sure if she even
     remembered the night, but I was still afraid that she might be very
     angry. The moment I stepped through her door, she stalked up to me and
     examined my charm. I thought she was going to take it, but she gave me
     a peculiar smile and said that I had chosen well. She never mentioned
     the subject again, and our friendship is still strong today.


Fluttering in the wind is a small note blown down from the small tree
that is the clan board of the Shotokai...

     It is with heavy heart that I say this, but I grow weary...
     My heart lies broken and cold, and there is no light in my life.
     I have tried to secretly gain knowledge of ways to battle my
     Lord, indeed my owner, the celestial being Burijas, god of all war.
     Alas, my every try has come to his knowledge as soon as my thoughts
     take form, and he has punished me more strictly each time. Now,
     I am broken...
     The little strength I have left I will oppose him with, and I pray
     that it be enough that he cannot subdue me, but will have to slay me.
     To all of you, I have tried to walk the path of honor beside you, and
     I am deeply greatful to have been given the chance to do so.
     But the end comes to all things, and I hope this is mine...

     May Allatum have mercy on what is left of my soul.


Himura, a young, yet well-trained swordsman had just left is master to
learn from real combat. As his journey took him about, he met various
warriors from differing disciplines, and as he defeated them all, he began
to grow slightly arrogant. One day, he stumbled upon the picts, who
ambushed him near their campsite. With his training, he handily defeated
all but two of them, the shaman and Gern-y-Farn. Those two proved to be
more deadlier than Himura gave credit for, as the two matched Himura's
skill with their coordinated attacks. Growing impatient and weary by the
near-perfect coordination of the two, Himura took a chance and unleashed a
move that had to be met without regards of their own safety. Before falling
to his sword, each of the two picts left a scar on his cheek, neatly
crossed to form an X. Taking it as a lesson in humility, Himura refused the
attention of healers, and wears the scar to remind him of his folly.

This note was found jammed into an empty whiskey bottle that had been left
on the doorstep of the LT offices:

     Weel, naw... Sae ye woont tae leern 	, theen?  And what made ye chooshe thoshe two theengsh?
     Oh.... I shee.... Weel then!

     Weel I... um.... Found theem in... Goot them froom... The tailoor on
     th' mountain!  Aye, thatch it!

     Ye shee, I wash walkin aboot neer.. Th' Urqal Mountainsh, when
     shuddenly, I came acrosh....

     Th' evil coffee elemental! boot I breathed oon heem, nnd he trrnee
     eentae a wateer elementchal, which theen fled, lesh I breeth oon heem
     ageen Then thish wishard appeared... a reely fat un, een a brown robe
     wi' pointy hat, and a roope belt tyin' it.

     He tellsh me, "Another wizard, I see! If you can come to the top of
     the mountain, the tailor there may have shomething you'll like!"

     Why he doesh thatch, I dunna ken.

     He then promptly dishappeared, leaving behind a sheep who looked
     rather upshet. I wandered away ash th' sheep wash tryin' magic
     shpellsh. Shtrange sheep. Musht get it for me flock afteer thish, I

     Shae I climbed th' mountain, only fallin doown tree timesh, and
     aulwaysh afteer oony tree feet. then I brewed shome nightshade and
     flew tae th' top.

     The tailor, dreshed in a little leather apron o'er his fillibeg.

     He offeered me a quaich o' shcotch, nnd felt coompelled tae dreenk ash
     mooch ash I deed.

     Afteer he waked oop, wi' a but o' a headache ash he hash nae leerneeed
     tae dreenk in hish shleep, he sewed me theshe oop, in ekshchange feer
     me proomishin noot tae dreenk him under the table shauld I coom ageen,
     and wished me off.

     Ash I left, I reelished I forgoot th' fly shpell, and had tae grab a
     convienient tree that alwaysh growsh for th' hero tae catch, then kept
     falling froom un o' thoshe treesh tae th' neksht ash I losht my grip
     oon each.

     And thatch it. Whoot ye meen ye dunna believe me?

     -McDougan, Village Drunk.


The following note was received from Amethyst:

     I was wandering around Tara one day. Chavez (my late husband) was off
     in some other land fighting, and Malachite and Aeolus (my pookie
     twins) were nowhere to be found. I was bored, so I started to talk to
     Kheldar. He came down from the heavens and sat with me awhile. During
     that time, I told him how bored and lonely I was. He suggested I get a
     pet, and then told me about a baby Purple People Eater he knew who
     needed a good home. I was hesitant. I mean, a Purple People Eater? I
     decided to think about it, and thanked Kheldar for all his suggestions
     and advice. I went on my merry way, and went to visit Cian, and the
     Queen over in the Dun. They thought it would be nice for me to get a
     pet. Then I asked Chavez what he thought about my getting a pet for
     the family. He thought it was a grand idea, and told me I should adopt
     the Purple People Eater.

     I went back to Tara, and called to Kheldar. I told him I would take in
     the baby Purple People Eater. When he came back down from the heavens
     and brought me my new pet, I started to cry. He was so cute!  Small
     and fuzzy, with one eye and a horn, and he was purple!  He was flying
     and singing, and as happy as can be. I knew I had done the right thing
     by deciding to adopt him, because I could tell that he was going to
     need alot of love, and my family and I had alot of love to offer.

     After my family met him, I knew I was right. They all loved him, but
     he was mainly my pet. I took him everywhere I went, and kept him with
     me at all times. I taught him that people are good, not as appetizers
     and meals, but as friends to be around. I fed him table scraps and
     sometimes Chavez's dinner if he didn't come home in time for the meal.
     We took walks all over the world, introducing him to different species
     of animals, and different types of people. He grew up loving people
     for what they are, and was not the monster he seemed to be named

     About 3 months after I adopted my pet, Chavez and I decided to take
     him for a walk together. We went down to look at and play with the
     llamas. I let him go play in the high grass, while Chavez and I
     discussed what was happening in our family. I only took my eyes off of
     him for a moment, but when I turned to find Purple People Eater, he
     had disappeared. Chavez and I searched everywhere. We asked everyone
     in the nearby village if they had seen him, and none had. We had no
     luck anywhere. My pet was gone.

     Ever since his disappearance, I have been searching for him. I have
     offered large rewards for him, and still have no idea where he is. It
     has been more than 2 weeks since I last saw him. My family and I all
     miss our beloved pet, and wish he would be returned. I only hope that
     he is returned to me soon, safe and sound. For I have heard rumors
     that PeTra has eaten him as an appetizer, and I would really hate for
     that to have happened!



The following letter is a transcription of what was overheard in a
conversation between Thorsha, the muddy swap rat, and Ulric. Thorsha has
been hunting for a clue to her past since she was taken in by Mice, many
years ago after the invasion and slaughter of Orkney. Now with the threat
of another invasion to her homeland, she has begun to seek her parentage in
earnest again. Ulric seems to have some ideas, but is reluctant to say

     Ulric says to you, 'Your special, unlike many others.'
     'Much potential runs in your blood..' Ulric says to you.
     'Would be interesting to find out about who your parents are,' Ulric
     says to you.
     'You know about my parents?' you say to Ulric.
     Ulric says to you, 'Some.'
     'Tell me please?' you say to Ulric.
     'Do you know anything about your true parents?' Ulric says to you.
     'I was 2 when they left me in the swamp, the village was raided and
     they were killed,' you say to Ulric. 'At least that's what the
     survivers told me when I came back years later.'
     Ulric nods solemnly.
     Ulric says to you, 'And you believed that you were a survivor of the
     massacre at orkney?'
     Ulric chuckles politely.
     Ulric remembers that.
     'How did I get in the swamp then?' you say to Ulric.
     Ulric says to you, 'Do you really think that your story is that
     Ulric chuckles politely.
     You say to Ulric, 'I would like to think it is....'
     'So being the child of simple fishermen would have produced something
     as powerful as you?' Ulric says to you.
     Ulric chuckles politely.
     'I dont really think so,' Ulric says to you.
     'For 16 your stronger than most grown men,' Ulric says to you.
     You scuffle your feet around in the dirt.
     You say to Ulric, 'I have tried real hard to be the best fighter I
     Ulric says to you, 'You've done a good job, you dont think?'
     You nod agreement with him.
     Ulric nods solemnly.
     'Well I wont reveal anymore about what I know..' Ulric says to you.
     'But soon I will,' Ulric says to you.
     You beam at him delightedly.
     Ulric smiles at you.
     Ulric says to you, 'Sometimes things kept hidden are better to keep
     someone safe.'
     You nod solemnly.
     'WitchDokota said something similiar,' you say to Ulric.
     Ulric nods his agreement with you.
     'But if I'm right, you have well known parents..' Ulric says to you.
     Ulric says, 'Or maybe not well known.'
     Ulric looks up into the sky and ponders.
     Ulric says, 'Cant really elaborate right now.'
     Ulric grins at himself. You must wonder what's in his mind.
     You nod solemnly.
     'I hope what you say is true, someday I want to know,' you say to
     Ulric nods his agreement with you.
     Ulric says to you, 'Laurana also said you wanted to become my body
     guard.. is this true?'
     You nod solemnly.
     Ulric beams at you delightedly.
     'I want to be like her, she is a great fighter,' you say to Ulric.
     Ulric nods his agreement with you.
     'She's more than that,' Ulric says to you.
     Ulric licks his lips and smiles.
     Ulric giggles.
     You giggle.
     'That is between you and her,' you say to Ulric.
     Ulric says to you, 'True.'
     Ulric says to you, 'How do I know I can trust you.'
     'Why would you not trust me?' you say to Ulric.
     'I have already removed myself from the books of the caladron family,
     they don't want me as a sister if I were to join,' you say to Ulric.
     Ulric nods solemnly.
     'Have you told Mice this?' Ulric says to you.
     'The caladrons adopted me as their sister,' you say to Ulric.
     Ulric nods solemnly.
     Ulric says to you, 'Your willing to turn your back on them?'
     Ulric raises an eyebrow inquiringly.
     You say to Ulric, 'I do so with great remorse, but I feel this is my
     Ulric nods solemnly.
     Ulric looks up into the sky and ponders.
     Ulric says, 'Yes, I see her rarely.. it is too bad.. we had quite a
     rivalry going there.'
     You nod agreement with him.
     'I think she will be sad, but she will let me do what I want,' you say
     to Ulric.
     Ulric nods solemnly.
     Ulric says to you, 'How about this..'
     'You be my bodyguard for now.. and I'll evaluate your progress.. and
     if you get voted into S, then you shall become our newest sister,'
     Ulric says to you.
     Ulric smiles at you.
     You beam at him delightedly.
     'Okay,' you say to Ulric.
     'Does that sound fair?' Ulric says to you.
     You say to Ulric, 'Very fair.'
     Ulric nods solemnly.
     Ulric says to you, 'I cant just trust you, no matter how much I want
     You say to Ulric, 'I understand.'
     'And if you would risk your life to protect mine, then you definetly
     deserve to join us,' Ulric says to you.
     You nod solemnly.
     'Now I ask you, is there anything you wish me to do>,' Ulric says to
     'Drax and WD have told me their take on their beliefs... what are
     yours?' you say to Ulric.
     You say to Ulric, 'As far as the {S} go.'
     'Beliefs.. hmm,' Ulric says to you.
     You say to Ulric, 'Or thoughts in general.'
     'We believe there are greater powers that bind gods..' Ulric says to
     'Those of good and evil, however its easier to define them as law and
     chaos,' Ulric says to you.
     Ulric says to you, 'We serve chaos through our order.. .'
     You say to Ulric, 'And how do you serve chaos?'
     Ulric says to you, 'But mostly we are a brotherhood of like-minded
     individuals that have been outcasted in some way or form.'
     You nod solemnly.
     'We serve chaos through our own needs..' Ulric says to you.
     'So we serve ourselves first and foremost..' Ulric says to you.
     You nod solemnly.
     Ulric says to you, 'And then we pick fights with other rival clans
     that try to challenge us in some shape or form.'
     Ulric grins evilly.
     You nod solemnly.
     'Angesley and the Templars....' you say to Ulric.
     Ulric nods his agreement with you.
     Ulric says, 'Unfortunatly the templars are dead, and we have chased
     off most of the angesley.'
     Ulric snickers softly.
     You smile happily.
     Ulric says, 'We destroyed the clan mcdougan long ago as well.'
     You nod solemnly.
     Ulric says, 'And we took over the merchant mages when we added
     You say to Ulric, 'Was lemming a mcdougan?'
     Ulric looks up into the sky and ponders.
     Ulric says, 'So we've been successful.'
     'Yes, as a spy for S,' Ulric says to you.
     'He still carries around the mcdougan name as a joke I think,' Ulric
     says to you.
     Ulric giggles.
     'You know he has a daughter right?' you say to Ulric.
     'No, he does?' Ulric says to you.
     You nod solemnly.
     Ulric is completely boggled.
     Ulric says to you, 'Who?'
     'Nemesis,' you say to Ulric.
     You say to Ulric, 'Mice has talked about her before to me.'
     'Just thought you'd like to know,' you say to Ulric.
     Ulric nods his agreement with you.
     Ulric says, 'Yes.. I remember nemesis.. forgot that she was lemmings
     Ulric looks up into the sky and ponders.
     You say to Ulric, 'I guess she is a goddess, now a mortal or something
     wierd like that...'
     'Give me one moment..' Ulric says to you.
     Ulric says to you, 'So thats a little bout us.. now that most of the
     other clans are gone, we just are a group of like-minded individuals.'
     Ulric shrugs helplessly.
     You nod solemnly.
     Ulric says to you, 'That I think is our worst enemy, the lack of
     You say to Ulric, 'How is that?'
     'No one really opposes us anymore.. that is what we thrive on,' Ulric
     says to you.
     You say, 'Ah.'
     Ulric nods solemnly.
     Ulric pets you lovingly.
     You smile at him.
     'Anything else you would like to know?' Ulric says to you.
     'If something comes I will ask, anything you want from me other than
     protection?' you say to Ulric.
     'That sounded bad...' you say.
     Ulric says to you, 'Ahhh just your company is enough..'
     Ulric rolls around on the ground with laughter.
     Ulric comforts you.
     You thank him heartily.
     Ulric says to you, 'I'm sure we shall speak again soon..'
     You nod solemnly.
     You say to Ulric, 'I hope so.'
     'Until then ..' Ulric says to you.
     Ulric smiles at you.
     Ulric stands up.
     You give him a bone-crushing bearhug which leaves him gasping for air.
     Ulric waves good-bye to you - have a good journey!
     Ulric hugs you.
     'Take care,' you say to Ulric.
     You wave good-bye to him.
     Ulric kisses your hand.  How continental!
     You smile happily.
     Ulric nods his agreement with you.
     Ulric waves happily.
     Ulric leaves west.

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