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VOLUME FIVE, ISSUE SIXTEEN                                  June 12th, 1998

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

             -               The Editor's Note               -
             -          Upcoming Calendar of Events          -

             -               Did You Know...                 -
             -              PK Tourney Results               -
             -           Your Questions Answered!            -
             -      Announcing: The Book Of War Project      -

             -         The Phantom Takes On a Student        -
             -     How Adriana Came to Have a Porcupine      -
             -           The Dark Lord Gains a Follower      -
             - An Extract from "The Shotokai PKill Archives" -

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                           EDITOR'S NOTE                          |__\

Hello everyone!

Since Kaige is so busy with her new little one, I'm filling in for her
LT duties, for the time being. In this, my first editorial, I decided
to look around the mud and assess the situation as best I could. The
quality of the Legend environment is very important to me, and I'm
happy to report that things look pretty good.

I want to start by complementing you on the great improvement seen in
the last few months -- almost every clan has an rp situation going, and
new roleplayers are arriving on the scene regularly. Furthermore, I'm
encouraged by the new and creative scenarios that these newer players
inspire. That said, of course, there is always more to do. I
particularly encourage you to think of ways to 'win' and 'lose' that
don't involve killing, and to be willing to incorporate people you
don't know, into the situation.

The main problem that I've come across in the Legend environment is the
notion of help. We are blessed with a core group of very kind and
helpful people, who regularly offer and extend assistance to others.
Unfortunately, some players choose to take advantage of this, demanding
help and insulting the people who refuse them. Others treat the whois
command as a shopping index to solicit help, going down the list and
asking for help from people they've never met. Although the desperation
and frustration of being a newer player is understandable, remember
that the older players are just as frustrated when they're treated like
information-machines, rather than as people and potential friends.

If you're a less experienced player, rather than shopping the who list,
try asking on chat, or watching for the offers of help that go across
the channels. If you're having trouble figuring something out, ask for
hints rather than demanding a guide. 

If you're in the opposite position, try to avoid helping people who are
obviously shopping. To encourage independence in those you assist, ask
them to do something in return, even if it's small or doesn't benefit
you. Have them meet you someplace rather than picking them up, send
them to get you some food, ask them to take a fly potion to a newbie,
assign them to be your bandager/waker/mob prepper. Or, insist on only
helping them via tells, or giving clues -- RP it up, have fun with the
request without leading them astray.

In closing, I want to thank all of you for being so flexible and
patient during the rocky time surrounding the new xp scale. Your
suggestions have been very helpful in polishing the system. As we
continue to make adjustments, I hope that you'll keep on telling us
your thoughts and suggestions.

                                       Love to all,
___                                                                    ___
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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

        [All times are system times unless otherwise specified]

[All times are system time unless otherwise specified]


Tuesday,   June 23,  7:00 pm   - Q & A Session
Sunday,    June 28,  7:00 pm   - Trivia (3 of 12 in New Cycle)
Tuesday,   June 30,  7:00 pm   - Q & A Session


Wednesday, July  1,            - Immortal Applications are DUE! 

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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\


  /  _  \  DID YOU KNOW: Tips and tricks and little-used features   
 /__/ \  \
      /  /   Did you know that LegendMUD has a group of channels 
     /  /    for reporting bugs, typos, and ideas? If you type...
    /__/         BUG (description) 
    __           TYPO (description)
   /  \                 or 
   \__/          IDEA (description)
             ...your message will be logged in a place readable
   _____        by all immortals. In the past, suggestions made in
  /  _  \       these places have been invaluable to immortals. 
 /__/ \  \ 
      /  /  In some cases, you may even be rewarded when your 
     /  /   idea is used or the problem you report is fixed! 
    /__/    Your input is an important part of our community, 
    __      so report to bug/typo/idea today!
   /  \       
   \__/   DID YOU KNOW: Tips and tricks and little-used features      


                        LegendMUD Two-on-Two
                            PK Tourney

     10-19 (featherweight)             one member 40-50, one 10-20
      Champions: Payne and Onyx          Champions: Payne and Rictor

     20-29 (lightweight)               one member 30-40, one 20-30
       Champions: Lethal and Brede       Champions: Rancid and Kaz 

     30-40 (middleweight)
       Champions: Kaz and Tiki

     40-50 (heavyweight)
       Champions: Latissimus and Barabas

?????                                                           ?????
?????                 Your Questions Answered!                  ?????
?????                                                           ?????

The following is a collection of questions from several different Q & A
sessions, grouped together. Most of them are from new players, but some
of the tips may also be of interest to older players.


Fahi asked: 'How do you know how to do quests, and where to do.'

LadyAce responded: 'I'm sure some of the players here have suggestions,
  but I'll give you a general approach. To find quests, you usually
  listen to things mobs are saying, or things in room descriptions.
  Another way to look for quests is to notice items. 

  Sometimes you'll come across an item just sitting around...and maybe
  later, a mob will be talking about the item. It's a guessing game
  sometimes. But we try to make it intuitive.

  Take for example, a mob says something to you about something they
  want. You ask them about the item, and maybe they give you more
  information. Then you go look for the item, asking all the mobs you
  can find about it for more clues.

  Another thing you can do is, if you get stuck, ask other players for
  hints. After you've done a few, they get easier to figure out, I


Bast said: 'I need to know where to look for things on eq. I was
  outfitted all wrong for my stats. Some kind soul pointed me in the
  right direction.

LadyAce responded: 'Most good eq is found on hard mobs. Some of it is
  in shops. You have to try it on, see what it does -- after you're
  level 10 that is. Strength weapons tend to be swords, con weapons
  tend to be big blunt sticks, dex weapons are either daggers or
  rapiers. It can take a long, long time to learn.'

Joachim suggested: 'Listen to auction :).'


HalfBee asked: 'How do I not keep dying? I must be an eighth of a bee
  by now.'

LadyAce responded: 'To avoid dying...
  1. Make sure you consider the mob before you try to kill it.
  2. Be ready to flee. Don't just hit kill and go do something else.
  3. Learn a fighting skill of some sort. You'll be amazed how much
     that can help at low levels.'
  4. As Tad says, have a weapon. Try out different ones if yours seems
     no good.'


Fahi asked: 'How do i use swordsmanship, etc., skills.'

LadyAce responded: 'Those skills add benefits automatically.'


Bast said, 'Ok, I decided I wanted to a mage and I've been running around all
  over learning words, but ... I'm not sure how to use most of them.'

LadyAce responded: 'Type allspells to see what spells you can use those
  words for. Then you chant the different combinations of each to
  figure out the spells...Then you type help blah for spellname blah,
  or help blah spell. Help sloth tells you what sloth does.'


Bast said: 'I would like to know about practice sessions. Will I earn
  enough prac sessions to learn all my words and all my skills?'

LadyAce responded: 'You earn one practice each level.'

Bast asked: 'What happens if I become a 50 and still have stuff to learn?'

LadyAce responded: 'You can't learn everything. You should choose
  between the skills. Some of them are more useful and more suitable
  for the kind of characters you want to play. Usually only mages run
  out of practices, however.'

Bast asked: 'Is there a prereq list for stuff? In order to learn this,
  you need that and that?'

LadyAce responded: 'There's not a pre-req list made up, per se,
  although sometimes the helpfiles tell you.'


Hotspur said: 'I wanted to know if the pkill conf was going to be a permanent

LadyAce responded: 'I know of no plans to make it a permanent feature.'


Darion asked: 'How do I raise my hand and things like that?'

LadyAce responded: 'Type raise. Raising your hand is a social, type
  social to see the list.


Darion asked: 'How do I learn skills from people who ask for money?' 

LadyAce responded: 'You give 'em the money.'

Darion asked: 'What do you type to do that then?'

Hotspur responded: 'Give # coins mob.'

LadyAce added: 'Usually, they either teach it automatically after that,
  or ask you what you want to learn, or have you respond yes or no.'


LadyAce said: 'Skill trees is the name we've given two things.
  One is a general name for a group of coding advances...that includes
  actual trees, housing, pets, and a bunch of other things.

  The second use of the term is for the actual trees. Skill trees are
  basically a system of pre-requisites for skills...and we'll be adding
  piles of new skills.

  So there might be 3 or 4 apprentice level skills in a category, and
  to be a journeyman in that category you have to be an apprentice
  beforehand. Some examples of these category are...fighter,
  merchant...Ranger...mage...surgeon...etc. You fit into these
  categories by learning the skills in them. You can dabble in half a
  dozen different ones, or focus on just one or two.


Barabas asked, 'Does the mana sink depend on the current mind stat of
  the user or at the time of casting?'

Rufus responded: 'Both current mind and mind at cast time are figured
into the equation. As to whether they're averaged, min'd, max'd, that's
all part of the 'mystery of the game.'


Ronnie asked: 'Any idea when player housing is going in?' 

Ea! responded: 'Nope. There's some sticking points with housing.
Primarily that as far as it goes, one of the main uses is for clan
halls...Which aren't much good without mobs to protect them, which
requires pets. And pets has a lot of tricky issues. We've got some good
ideas, and we think we can manage it.  It's just a lot of work, and
not-so-easy work at that.

And now...A Page Ripped From:

        /                                     \ 
        \                                      |
        /                                      |
        \                The                   | 
        /                Book                  |
        \                 Of                   |
        /      _    _     ___    _____         |
        \     ( |  | )   /   \   | *  )        |
        /     | |/\| |  / /_\ \  |    \        |
        \     |__/\__| /_/   \_\ |_| \_\       |
        /                                      |
        \                                      |
        /                                      |
        \                                      |
        /                                      |

This week: Introduction

Greetings citizens of LEGEND!

As some of you might know, some weeks ago we had our first bardic
circle meeting. New and old players, pkillers gathered together and
told some fine stories of player killing, stories of wars.

Now I understand some of you might say, "I can care less about pkills, 
all the pkillers are just bunch of whiners and mean people." Granted, 
some of the players makes pkilling unpleasant on channels, they don't 
respect other players, extremely rude and immature, that they pkill just 
for the thrill of killing the same person over and over again--terrorism 
pkilling.  That is true for some, but not all.  There are some very 
good, helpful players in pkill who avoid all of that. There are people 
with honor and respect, who work hard to make pkill enjoyable for both 
themselves and their enemies, they promote role playing, strategy, and 
makes a battle worth of all the other unpleasant issues.  

Thus to promote good aspects of player killing, I Latissimus Dorsi, 
devote myself to the "Book of War" project.  I devote myself to bring 
out the great tales of battles, and characters' life long pkill story. I 
want to make pkill more enjoyable, by giving the history, the events 
that thrills players, and exciting for all of us, thus willing to do 
whatever we can to maintain the highest aspects of the pkills.  I 
understand this is a long project, and go out and collect every single 
pkill battle is nearly impossible.  

But with your help, the citizens of legend, you can assist me with this 
project by:  collect pkill tales, conduct interviews with someone who 
has great pkill stories, or just simply keep an eye out for good pkill 
role play and good battles, and record them.  I hope in the future, many 
more will clan because they read the tales and are willing to become 
part of the thrill, and more importantly, pkillers will be mature and 
realize it's everyone's world, and willing to go far to make this 
experience enjoyable both for yourself and others.  "To be able to sit 
down with your opponent, discuss the battle you just fought, and give 
each other suggestions on how to improve." This is my dream, and i need 
your help to accomplish it.
Your Faithful Recorder,
Latissimus Dorsi

            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

                 The Phantom Takes on a Student

On a torn blood-stained page, there is the following message;

I hope you all missed me. And for the inquisitive minds we posses, you 
posses that is, Ill relate my journey if I insist. Searching for a 
teacher of arkane, and darkness isn't a dream, admitted. It lead me to 
Paris, more specifically, the Paris Underground. I had heard the legends 
of a Phantom, a recluse. Who better to teach of darkness and the powers 
it brings? 

I began my journey to his lair, mucking through many hounds and such.
It would have been creepy, but im already dead, so who cares?  He
wasn't the most reachable man, having a nasty pebble above his door.
And to think, he jumped for my throat the minute I stepped in too. It
wasn't easy relating my goal to him while he was battering me. Finally,
he stopped his attack, with my golden words of encouragement and a
smack to the skull. When he came to, he was more than happy to train
me, although that might have been wooziness.

Well, I wont go into excessive detail as the training process, or Id
have to brutally kill you. I come back from the sewers, a learned
little one. The Phantom, when you get past his shortcomings, such as
his temper and habit of eating corpses, isn't too bad. He taught me of
the illusions of darkness, the powers of the inner self, the ways of
necromancy, the ways of beguilement and dominance of the mind and body.
And with that, I have come back my little darlings.

-Ronnie Valthalas, Malkavian Lord

                            *   *   *

                  How Adriana Came to Have a Porcupine

       I had been arguing with my mother, Amethyst, that I needed a pet of my
own, but like all mothers she just said, "We'll see."  In a huff not liking
this answer, I ran off to Canada and pouted.  I was picking on some braves
there when I made the essential decision to flee from them.  As I stepped into
my refuge, I tripped and fell, howling.  I looked down at the blood sluicing
down my leg and knew my mother was going to be furious.  Then I heard a rustle
of leaves and looked to my right.  A small creature with a blunt-nosed face,
small eyes and little round ears was sniffing me inquisitively.  
      "Hi, little guy," I beamed and reached to pet him.
       He jumped back and flared his quills at me.  A few second later, he
edged closer and licked me.  I later found out that he licked me because he
likes salt.  By now my leg had mostly stopped bleeding so I stood and prepared
to exit the area for fear the braves might find me.   
      "Goodbye, little guy."
       I walked through the trees (away from the mean braves) and headed for
the river to return home.  I felt someone was following me and glanced back
into the darkening forest repeatedly, but to no avail as I could see nothing.
Finally at the edge of the river, I placed my canoe on the water and took one
last look back.  *THUMP* I glanced around nervously and then looked down.
There in the bottom of my canoe stood the porcupine looking at me.  I urged
him to get out.  I tried to put him out and only succeeded in scratching my
hand on his quills.
     "Go Home!"
     Nothing worked.  I realized it was getting late and I had best get home
before my mother was really mad at me.  I arrived home late in the evening and
snuck in the back door, and heard my mother's yell, "Malachite" from the
living room.  I knew I was in for it.  I headed for my room as though I hadn't
       "Malachite, you come right back here this instant!"
        So to the living room, I went.  
        "Yes, Mother?"
         I am not sure what made her madder, the gash on my leg that needed
stiches, the blood all over my new breeches or the wild anomal standing on her
       "Take that animal outside this minute!"
       "But, Mom...."
       "No buts."
       "You said I could have a pet."
       "I said, 'We'll see."
       Well to make a long story short, she tried to put him out but nothing
she did would work as he glared and showed his quills at her every time she
got near enough to try to put him out.  Finally, tired and grumpy, she gave
      "Just don't let him make messes in the house!"
      "Thanks, Mom!" 
      "Now your brothers will want pets too.  What a day!"  
       So I named my porcupine "Jason" and he has gone everywhere with me

                            *   *   *

            An Extract from "The Shotokai PKill Archives"

"Today, Saturday, January the 17th, a war between secretives and
Shotokai has officially started. Egami and myself were involved in
two fights of which I will tell you here...

Egami went hunting for Kamiya, as the war between us and the Coven had
already started. He was attacked by Acestes and Castor and came back to
the hall where I was waiting. After healing up, Egami and I grouped with
Sinister - an Iscariot whom a few of you know well - and answered a
challenge by the Secretives. In the middle of the modern Atlantic we
came upon several secretives and Egami and I attacked (Sinister bided
his time, invis). Acestes fled, and we hunted her down at the Jolly
Beggar and killed her (Egami got the kill). 

We then returned to the Atlantic where we found Castor, Mandrake and
Sarzec, who we proceeded to attack (Sinister now joined in). As Castor
has a tendency to flee a lot when he should be tanking for his
clanmates, it turned mostly into a 3 on 2 fight. Sinister and Egami
beat upon Sarzec and I on Mandrake, with Castor running into the room
briefly, and then fleeing again. Finally they all fled to their clan
hall, at least two of them below 10 hps, and the third with not much
more (I have this from a source within the Secretives). All in all, a
triumphant victory.

After healing from the first fight, Egami and I transed to Agrabah where
we met up with Nosferatu and StormChild from clan Camel. We went to
Orkney and transed to medieval there, as we were told that Castor and
Acestes were OOC from the Stag. Hunting Mandrake led us to Nottingham,
from where he recalled, presumably to try to lure us into the Stag.
Instead, Egami hunted Castor whom we found on the way to Spain. He was
alone, and ran off when he saw us coming so we started slowly walking
back towards Tudor. There we found Castor, Mandrake and Sarzec waiting
and we naturally proceeded to attack. 

Mandrake (I think - perhaps it was Acestes, who soon came in as well)
blinded us pretty early in the fight, but Egami and I unblinded
ourselves. Castor again fled too much, so Egami could get a para-warcry
on Mandrake who yours truly proceeded to kill. Acestes brought a
doppel, and as they all started hammering on Egami, his hps dropped
fast and he ordered us to disband. Acestes had me blinded again, but I
fled and unblinded, and returned briefly to look for the rest of our
group. Egami had gone back to the hall at -CENSORED-, and on the way I
ran past Castor and Sarzec who came after me (at least Castor did).
Seeing this, I withdrew to Blackbeard and transed to modern, rented
briefly to remove poison and then to the hall through -CENSORED-.

Unfortunately, Nosferatu was still blinded which I noticed on grouptell
too late, and I did not care much to back by then so we told him to
rent out, which I presume he did. Having rented as I did, I did not see
StormChild calling for help, being stunned and blinded, and he died (at
whose hand I know not). On the whole, a much briefer, but just as fun
fight, a 4 on 4 this time.

Recorded by Nym, proud new bearer of the 1st Dan, Loremaster

                            *   *   *

The Dark Lord Gains a Follower

A public message to all:

I know many are wondering why I, a Malkavian lord myself, would follow 
the Dark Lord. Well, it all came to me in a dream's portent. I saw in my 
vision, a dark and commanding figure, full in stature and power. He 
spoke to me of a great rise of evil, enveloping the world in a wave of 
blood and darkness. He gave me a choice, to serve him in my prime, and 
become a power when the world was his, or to serve him after, and be his 
slave. Im not stupid, only nuts, so I picked the first. It was Mr. 
Shadowmage, who enlisted me into the Ranks of the enforcers, enclosing 
my pact with the Dark Lord himself.

-Ronnie Valthalas, Dark Enforcer

Legendary Times is published by the immortals of LegendMUD. Please send all
replies, additions, or corrections to our address at [email protected] for
inclusion in the next edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate
this discussion, and may object to some submissions.
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