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VOLUME FIVE, ISSUE SEVENTEEN                                June 19th, 1998

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

             -               The Editor's Note               -
             -          Upcoming Calendar of Events          -

             -               Did You Know...                 -
             -            Regarding Conferences              -

             -       Dark Enforcers Declare War on Coven     -
             -              An Unexpected Meeting            -
             -        Who? -- Cleo interviews Vannessa       -
             -         A Change in Aginor's Appearance       -
             -            The Bravery of Sir Tempus          -
             -          Diary of a Canadian Innkeeper        -

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/__|                           EDITOR'S NOTE                          |__\

Hello everyone!

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the Legendary Times. I'm anxious
to see this newsletter include what you want it to include, and I
encourage all of you to take the time to submit articles. It's just a
quick email to to get your submission to me, and that
small input of time is far outweighed by the numerous benefits to you
and the community. LT submissions are a great way to become more widely
understood, and to get more people involved in your rp situation.

I've been on a sort of vacation for the last week, and will be
returning to active duty in a few days. Although I don't have much to
comment on Legend specifically today, the break has given me lots of
time to think about Legend, and hopefully I will be able to return with
renewed energy and fresh ideas.

                                       Love to all,
___                                                                    ___
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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

[All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

Tuesday,   June 23,  7:00 pm   - Q & A Session
Sunday,    June 28,  7:00 pm   - Trivia (3 of 12 in New Cycle)
Tuesday,   June 30,  7:00 pm   - Q & A Session


Wednesday, July  1,            - Immortal Applications are DUE! 

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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\


  /  _  \  DID YOU KNOW: Tips and tricks and little-used features   
 /__/ \  \  
      /  /  Some of the MUD's less popular areas are actually under
     /  /   very active development, or have become excellent places
    /__/    to visit under the new xp scale. There are a variety of
    __      quests, particularly designed for newbies, which are
   /  \     great money-making opportunities. Another under-used
   \__/     feature is mob-based services, including a variety
            of mobs which repair weapons or heal players.
  /  _  \   Rather than always running to the same spot for 
 /__/ \  \  bandages or a new boat or a new bag, take a look
      /  /  at what the rest of the mud has to offer -- you may
     /  /   be pleasantly suprised!
    __      Explore a new area today!
   /  \       
   \__/   DID YOU KNOW: Tips and tricks and little-used features      


Gamiquette: Somebody Give Me A Conference.

 "If you want to kill a discussion, give it a conference."
At first I was baffled as to why this is the most heard response to the
messsage that conference so-and-so has been created. It would seem to me
that the chance to have a forum in which to argue, and an (adult) one if
necessary at that, is a great opportunity. Then somebody pointed out to me
that there is no satisfaction of being a martyr if no one is watching - or
in harassing somebody without an audience. So when a conference is created
to satisfy a number of people's need to yell at each other, all the effect
it really has is to make them shut up and wait for another opportunity to
get even. The question I ask myself then, is whether anything would come
from continuing the discussion on chat (or wherever) anyway: People who
want to get even generally don't want to meet halfway and settle anything.
Some discussions probably are better off dead.

Technically, a conference is a public channel just as chat, info,
auction, and the clan channels are. You can't say anything you want to
on them (if it's labelled (adult), the parental guide rules do not
apply, but the harrassment ones do). But as you don't have to worry
about annoying anyone monitoring chat for other reasons, you can be
somewhat freer and less precise. You can also safely assume that yes,
people are interested in hearing what you have to say, or they wouldn't
be on the conference in the first place.

Topic-specific conferences are a powerful tool for discussions of a,
let's say, less personal nature. Sports conferences, for instance, give
players a chance to happily discuss subjects that bore other players
past braindead and into oblivion. Similarly, channels for ongoing plots
or in-character arguments that appear repetitive to those who choose
not to participate can be very effective when it comes to the overall
mud atmosphere. Song, jokes or TV show conferences are all social
aspects that Legend would be worse off without, even if I personally
can't stand listening to either: We're players too, and it's always fun
to argue your hobby with somebody on the other side of the planet, or
just in another town or state.

If you ask me, there ought to be a lot more conferences. I might
proceed to suggest a 'make conference' opportunity for players -
because sometimes, there are no immortals visible to ask about it, and,
well, sometimes the immortals that are there don't agree that there
could be a need for a conference. We should stop viewing the message
that conference so-and-so has been created as a punishment or
deterrent: It's a green light to really get engaged and into the
subject in question, without worrying about upsetting unwilling

generally fascinated with human nature.

            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

A cracked, yellowed paper arrived, covered with demonic symbols. 
Translated, this is what it roughly means:

The Dark Lord will no longer allow a foolish deity such as the Goddess
that the Coven worship go without punishment. Thus, the Enforcers of
Darkness now march to war against those who call themselves the Coven
in an effort to stop this plague of unbelief and blasphemy.

Further, the Irish citadel of Tara and its nearby druidic altar are now
claimed by the Dark Lord, and any attempt by those we fight to enter
these places will be punished severely.

                              Aginor Chuain Shadowmage
                              The Dark Messiah
                              Grand Master of the Dark Enforcers

The Dark Lord is my Master, and most heartily do I serve Him to the last 
shred of my very soul.

  /   /  ___ .  __  ___  __
 /   /  /  / / / / /  /\/
 \___\_/\_/\/\/ /_/\_/ /
                            *   *   *

                        An Unexpected Meeting

     Ganymede Alderon, who had been deep in thought, started slightly to 
find the Lord Marcel Alexander and his bride-to-be, Abigail, sitting 
in the lounge before him. The two looked up and greeted him 
dismissively. His moment was before him, and he certainly wasn't going 
to waste any time.
      He said to Marcel, 'Now then, when do ye mean to let go of that
which we seek?'
      Abigail raised her eyebrow suspiciously, but then understood and 
asked Marcel, 'Oh, that which they seek being Crowe?'
      'Aye, m'lady, ye who I believe were his murderer,' Ganymede added 
      She shot back, 'At his request.'
      Marcel adopted a tone of coutesy and replied, 'Well, that depends - 
but let's assume you and your companion do win the right to it, I 
should say within the week. I have tardied some, so I shall go a bit 
easier in you two in return.'
      'Easier on us?' Ganymede asked warily. 'I do not understand.'
      Marcel explained, 'There are many ways to deal with an enemy, as a 
warrior will know. Some of them more honorable, some of them gentler 
than others. Sometimes, I'm pleasanter than others.' He then 
chuckled and added, 'Sometimes I even play fair.'
      Ganymede observed, 'That remains to be seen.'
      'Obviously.' Marcel regarded the young knight with reserved 
interest and asked then, 'I know of Sir Tempus' allegiance to the old 
chap, but what's yours, anyway?'
      Ganymede sighed. This was it, then: he would have to deal with his 
lineage at some point, and this being the crucial moment for the late 
Sir Crowe, it was time. 'If ye must. Know that the man of which we 
speak was my father.'
      The pair before him betrayed the slightest glint of surprise. 'Ah,' 
Marcel said, intrigued.
      'Crowe, your father?' Abigail said, looking amused.
      'Aye, m'lady, he was.'
      Abigail said neutrally, 'Dare I ask who your mother was? Willow, or 
another that struck his interest for the day?'
      'My mother -is- Willow, and she is quite alive,' Ganymede told her.
      She replied sarcastically, 'Well, how wonderful.'
      For the first time yet, Lord Marcel Alexander studied Ganymede 
with more than passing courtesy. He walked slowly around the blonde 
youth, trying to find a resemblance. 'So you have some... personal 
interest, besides that of your brotherhood.'
      'I would not say so, sir,' Ganymede said to him. 'Were it not for
the loyalty Sir Tempus shows him and his insistence, I would be 
content perhaps to allow him to rot.'
      Marcel's interest grew and he noted, 'That's a very interesting 
      Ganymede explained, 'When my mother discovered what had happened 
here in her absence, she fled to her homeland. She was unaware of her 
pregnancy until afterward.'
      'Well, I shall certainly take your... eh.. unusual family feeling 
into consideration...' Marcel said matter of factly.
      'You should leave your father where he is,' Abigail said. 
'It's much more deserving to him.'
      Ganymede pondered this and replied, 'I thought so at first as well, 
m'lady,' you say to a quiet Celtic lass.
      Lord Marcel asked him, 'You certain you don't want me to just dump 
him somewhere exceedingly unpleasant?'
      Abigail grumbled, 'Just as long as he doesn't babble to me 
      'My anger still burns me, but I have a responsibility to my own 
blood, and 'twould be a dishonor to not rescue him.'
      Marcel said indifferently, 'Well, he seems content enough as is,
but I'll not even try to convince a couple of you hero types of that.'
      Ganymede sighed and added, 'And despite all he has done, my mother 
seeks news of him.'
      Abigail said, 'Tell her he got what he deserved, and interest.'
      'I'm what he deserved?' Marcel asked her in a mock hurt tone.
      'I wish I were convinced of that, but as time passes I begin to 
wonder,' Ganymede told Abigail.
      'Why?' the quiet Celtic lass asked him. 'Tis what he 
chose...well, sort of.'
      Ganymede observed, 'If I am not mistaken, his chosen path was as
your protector, and ye have defied that role, so as ye say in this 
world, "all bets are off."'
      'Protector?' Marcel said dryly. 'I like that.'
      Ganymede shrugged philosophically. 'Tis not my word.'
      'Aye, instead he chose to ramble and lecture at me continuously 
until I could take no more,' Abigail ranted, as though recalling a 
distant pain.
      Ganymede said, 'I am certain that when the time comes ye shall be 
judged accordingly, but 'tis not for me to decide.'
      'Judged indeed.' Marcel regarded the young knight coolly. 'I'm not 
making your responsible for your father's actions, knight. At least 
not as long as I have no personal quarrel with you.'
      'Yet my blood bears his dishonor, and I seek to make redress.'
      Marcel replied, 'You're a knight, you don't seem to have much of 
a choice.'
      Ganymede said, 'Ye are mistaken. I am a man of honor and am such 
no matter to which clan I belong.'
      'I feel sorry for you, in a way,' Abigail told him.
      At this Ganymede was amused. 'Dare I ask why, m'lady?'
      'Your father seems to have left a mark on us both,' Abigail said. 
'Though at least I could pay him back for mine.'
      The young man replied, 'Perhaps. But if it falls to me to bring 
honor to my family I shall do it. And I shall not complain.'
      'It'll be a fair game we have there, knight, and if you win it, 
then by all means, you'll have the prize you seek,' Marcel announced. 
'If you fail.... Well... I haven't thought of that yet, but I will.'
      Ganymede said without hesitation, 'Then I shall not fail.'
      'I hope you don't,' Marcel told him.
      The young knight wished them good day, but as he turned to leave, 
Marcel said to him, 'I'd like to see you branded with the knowledge 
that you put your father to rest, in spite of how deserving of hell 
he was.'
      Ganymede paused and then said only, 'All souls are deserving of 
rest in the end.'

                            *   *   *

__            __  _     _   _______    _____
\ \    /\    / / | |   | | |  ___  |  / __  \
 \ \  /  \  / /  | |___| | | |   | |  \_\ \ |
  \ \/ /\ \/ /   |  ___  | | |   | |      / /
   \  /  \  /    | |   | | | |___| |     /_/ 
    \/    \/     |_|   |_| |_______|     __
    by CLeo of the Circle of Angels      

Hello everyone!  This is "Who?", the new article of the Legendary
Times.  Well perhaps not exactly new.  I've renamed my old articles
"Who's this?" to simply "Who?".  You will still find all of the
same kind of questions, and interesting truths about different 
charactors of LegendMUD...  Well, if what they say are the exact
truth! :) Have fun reading!

This week I spoke with Vannessa Greyweir.  She told me that she is a 
tinker by profession, and is also the Guild Master of the Merchant's 

Here's what she had to say about these things...

Q - If you could build your own house, what would it be like?
A - I don't need much... I just want a small storefront, storage in the 
back and an appartment over it.

Q - What was your childhood like?
A - Well, truthfully, I'm quite a bit older than I appear.  I wasn't 
born in medieval London and things aren't as they seem...  I was born on 
Mount Kenya in Egypt a long time ago.  My father raised us alone because 
my mother died of a disease from childbirth when having my younger 
sister.  He was the wise man of the village at the bottom of the 
mountain where we lived.  I've learned many things from him... And when 
I began having prophetic dreams, I was taken to the temple of Alexandria 
and trained in the religion of Isis.  After what seemed to be centuries, 
I woke up in London. Now, I travel alot, mostly selling small wares to 
people who need them for cheap prices.  And I also joined the guild.

Q - What is the most important thing for you right now?
A - The guild most definitely.  That's what I live for.  And of course 

Q - If you were a kitchen tool/utensil, what would you be?
A - I guess I'd have to be a knife.  It's the most useful tool there 
is.. It's practical.  You can cut, eat, skin and use it for defence.  
I'm very big on sharp edges.  I have alot of edges myself.

Q - If I could grant you a wish, what would it be?
A - I'd want the Gods to take favor upon my Guild, to see it prosper and 
that fewer obstacles be placed in its path.

Q - What is your favorite meal?
A - (She didn't want to say what is her favorite meal)

Q - You realize that you can go anywhere in time and space.  To what 
event of the world would you like to go to? (past/future)
A - To the point in time at wich I was betrayed and my twin was 

Q - If there were a question you would like to be asked what would it 
A - I guess to be asked about my life history.

Q - What do you think of your life history?
A - There isn't much that I regret.  Some good and bad things changed 
and shaped me... Made me who I am today.  If I could I would go back and 
avoid any contact with magic and I would bring back my sister.  She was 
always a better person than I anyhow.  I was the one with the visions, 
and she was the healer.

Q - Would you care to leave us a few words before ending the enterview?
A - Never trust a man who can wield magic.  Oh.. and join the Merchant's 

Well that's all for our interview!  I hope you've liked the interview. 
See you next time!

                            *   *   *

Aginor, the devout follower of the Shadow known and despised by many, 
has advanced in the Dark Lord's eyes, and his new appearance reflects 
the promotion.

Old Short: A Prophet of the Shadow
Old Long : Cloaked in Fire and Shadow, a Dark Prophet glances at you 
from the corner.

New Short: The Dark Messiah
New Long : Cloaked in Fire and Shadow, a man of darkest evil sneers at 
you mockingly.

                            *   *   *

                       Rescued from a wolf!

I was spending some time in the city of London, visiting my friend the
tinker -- he lets me hang around and play with all the treasures people
bring him -- when something terrible happened! I was just sitting there
when I saw a terrible wolf, all shadowy and gray, come in from the
marketplace above -- there was a wolf loose in the marketplace!

I don't know how he got in there but he was snarling and his dripping
jaws and hot breath were coming closer and closer to me....I yelled for
help but no one came...I tried to run away but he followed me and then,
when I was too tired to run any more, he caught up to me. He might have
killed me but just then, a charming young knight rode in on a beautiful
white horse and killed the terrible beast, just in time.

The knight, who said his name was Tempus, took me for a trip around the
world, far far away from the terrible wolves of Tudor England!

                            *   *   *

Mr. Valthalas dropped this nice diary page off at our offices.

Diary of a Canadian Innkeeper:

A large blockish printed writing style pervades the letter
"It started as a regular day, nothing big. A nice Knight templar with a 
lordish manner had stopped by that day, minding his business. all of a 
sudden this dark cloaked man stepped in, rather rude like, you know?"
"Anyway, this guy immediately started in on this Knight Templar, I think 
his name was Harry Hotspur, or something like that. He did this freaky 
thing with his eyes, and Hotspur backed down a bit, but suddenly this 
heavenly light filtered down. That weird guy was shocked, I remember his 
name as Roland, or Ronnie, I don't know, began with an R though. But all 
of a sudden this Ronnie guy  slit his arms and started bleeding all over 
my floor, and the light disappeared. I remember that he got really 
violent after that, snarling and spitting, and tied a bit of rope to his 
wrist and started yanking on it, saying something like, 'Your days are 
over Templar'. It looked like the Hotspur guy was choking"

"Hotspur slammed the weird guy in the ribs with a huge staff, and he 
looked none too pleased. He grabbed Hotspur by the throat and said 
something about darkness and blood. Hotspur slipped out and drove Ronnie 
back with a lot of staff strikes, catching him on the wrist really bad."

"Then, that weird guy turned into a damned BAT! He was like 9 feet tall, 
scary as hell. He grabbed Hotspur by the neck and bit him like a dog or 
something. There was blood all over and this creep was drinking it!. He 
let Hotspur go and changed back into himself somehow, and cut his wrists 
again, this time forcing them in the Templar's mouth. Again, he said 
something about blood and being embraced. Hotspur was out cold for 
awhile, and that guy was forcing blood down his throat. When Ronnie 
left, and when Hotspur got back up, he had this wild red-eyed look. 
Scary as all hell"

The writing stops here.

Just below it, in a spidery script, is another bit of a message:

"Busy-body innkeepers, should stay out of kindred business. I thought 
this was rather amusing, so everyone be nice to my new fledgling, 
Hotspur. Have fun, Sun Bunnies"

-Ronnie Valthalas

Legendary Times is published by the immortals of LegendMUD. Please send all
replies, additions, or corrections to our address at for
inclusion in the next edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate
this discussion, and may object to some submissions.
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