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VOLUME FIVE, ISSUE EIGHTEEN                                 June 26th, 1998

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

             -               The Editor's Note               -
             -          Upcoming Calendar of Events          -

             -               Did You Know...                 -

             -      The Tragicalle Tale of HARRY PERCY       -
             -               An Introduction                 -
             -         News From the DARK ENFORCERS          -
             -    An Announcement From the Dark Enforcers    -   
             -         The Tales of Sigurd the Skald         - 
             -           Gossip from our Bluebird            -
             -  How Fuzzey got cursed and how it went away   -
             -          News from the Templars               -

___                                                                    ___
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/__|                           EDITOR'S NOTE                          |__\

Hello everyone!

The immortals are about to plunge into the process of selecting new
immortals from the applications we recieve. In the weeks that follow,
we'll be discussing the applications, and voting on them. We'll be
addressing, most directly, the question of: what makes a good
immortal?  Who will make the best contribution to the mud?  The answer
is dynamic -- depending not only on the human qualities which make a
person good to work with, but also depending on what the mud needs at a
given time.

While we ponder our selections of new immortals, I encourage you to
ponder a parallel question -- what makes a good mortal?

Not simply from a charactar-power point of view, but from a human
standpoint. Who contributes to this community in the ways you most
appreciate, particularly long-lasting contributions? As you think about
the kinds of people you believe to be highly valuable, I encourage you
to share your kind thoughts with them -- they may not know that anyone
appreciates them. In addition, don't be shy in setting an example for
others, particularly newer players, or more experienced players
encountering new or even common difficulties. Mortals play a vital role
in shaping the environment that we all play in, and I encourage you all
to use your abilities to improve the 'mortal staff' even as we try to
improve the 'immortal staff'.

                                       Love to all,
___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\


Sunday,    June 28,  7:00 pm   - Trivia (3 of 12 in the cycle)
Tuesday,   June 30,  7:00 pm   - Q & A Session
                                   Subject: The XP Scale
                                   & other code changes

          <-><-> <-><-> <-><-> <->July<-> <-><-> <-><-> <-><->

Friday,    July  3,  7:00 pm   - Trivia (4 of 12 in the cycle)
Saturday,  July  4, 11:00 am   - Q & A Session
                                  This Special Session is held once per
                                  month to accomodate players in non-US
                                  time zones.
                     3:00 pm   - 13 Colonies casino game
Tuesday,   July  7,  7:00 pm   - Q & A Session & New Player Orientation
                                   General topics, geared especially
                                   for our newer players.
Tuesday,   July 14,  7:00 pm   - Q & A Session
                                   Subject: Roleplay, including a
                                   discussion of strings
                     9:00 pm   - Trivia (5 of 12 in the cycle)
                                  In honor of Bastille Day, the game
                                   will include special emphasis on France,
                                   revolutions, democracy, etc.
Tuesday,   July 21,  7:00 pm   - Q & A Session
Friday,    July 24,  7:00 pm   - Trivia (6 of 12 in the cycle)
Saturday,  July 25,  3:00 pm   - Viceroy of Lima TinyPlot
Tuesday,   July 28,  7:00 pm   - Q & A Session
                                   Subject: Meet the New Imms!

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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

  /  _  \  DID YOU KNOW: Tips and tricks and little-used features    
 /__/ \  \  
      /  / You can run a trivia game even if you are not an immortal.
     /  /  so, compile a list of questions, typically around 50 different
    /__/   ones, and mail them to the head of PR (LadyAce) at
    __     [email protected], to review. Once done, you will be
   /  \    scheduled on the events list (viewed by typing 'events')
   \__/    and be given prizes and a conference to run the game.
           DID YOU KNOW: Tips and tricks and little-used features      


            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
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/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

                            *   *   *

The Tragicalle Tale of HARRY PERCY, as told by Himself, along with the
Comedic Anticks of RONNIE VALTHALAS.

A letter written in a fine, precise hand was delivered by liveried messenger-

   Good day, to old friends and foes alike. I was once known as Harry
Percy, Lord Northumberland, called Hotspur by some. I hesitate to call
myself by my old name, now, as I have been foully transformed into
something...less than human.

   I was vacationing in one of my fiefdoms in Quebec (it's a
complicated arrangement. My father was the cousin of Norman nobility, and
Quebec was one of his holdings), when I was most cruelly set upon by that
Prince of Lies, Ronnie Valthalas. For some time, I was able to fend off his
most puissant attacks, calling upon my faith in God and my faith in my
strong right arm. However, his malevolence was such that even God could not
help me for long.

   He stunned me with a blow, and while I was struggling to recover,
forced his own blood down my throat. The foul venom streamed unabated
through my blood, even unto the porches of my brain, and here is where it
revealed its most horrible aspect. For as I awoke, I became aware of a
sensation I had never before felt, akin to a great hunger. I crave blood.

   I continue to take arms against this sea of troubles, however. I
met Ronnie one again that day, and proceeded to attack him, in an attempt
to kill him and thereby reverse my affliction. I was dismayed to note that
he whom I once called friend and brother, Tancred of Nottingham, did
nothing to help me in my struggle, dismissing me as one too tightly
embraced by the Devil to be worthy of help. In any case, we fought each
other to a stalemate, attracting great attention in the process. However,
as the sun rose, we both slunk off towards our respective holes, vowing to
continue the battle another day.

   And now. Dear friends and most villainous enemies. I call upon
those of you who love Christ to hear my plea. I am Harry no more. I am
slain, food for worms, without your generous assistance. Please, help me
find the cure to this affliction. I have been spending my waking hours in
the library at Lindisfahrne Monastery, in an attempt to research my
condition, but have had no luck thus far. Help me, my friends. I beg you.

He who was once Harry Percy.

                            *   *   *

                         An Introduction

My name is Deqitosv.  I am a proud descendant of the Awooga, the line of
the Awooga I am from was a Scottish family of Lords. At this point in my
life I am trying to live out my Scottish heritage.  I honour my
background.  I know now how I am meant to live my life and make my
family proud.

For most of my life I have lived knowing there was something more than
met my eye. I sought to complete my life, but knew not where to find it.
I would often find myself roaming Scotland, wondering just what was to
become of me.  I am astonished at the answers that were placed into my
hands that night but a fortnight ago.  After a long day I rented a room
at the Silver Branch Inn.  The moment my eyes closed, my father came to
me.  He looked at me, with sullen dark eyes for a long time.  After
studying me, he spoke.  I could never forget his endless words if I
tried. He said:

"My son, Deqitosv," at that he embraced me. My serious father, who
rarely expressed his emotions through more than a nod of appreciation,
embraced me. After this, rare but utterly amazing, display of affection
he invited me to sit beside him. He spoke to me with heart in his voice,
"You are confused my son. I know this well. I see your pain, I know you
feel lost and unsettled.  Do not fear, you are not on the wrong track. I
have come to tell you the information that has taken you from rest.  You
have started your life well.  You have wed, you have found your cousin
Jen-jen, and your sister, AnaStejia with her daughter, Denstra. I am
proud of your travels and of your life. Now is time to start your
destiny.  You are special.  You are a descendant of Great Lords of

Like them, you are expected to live your life as a noble and care for
your birth-land.  Tara seeks your knowledge, my son. Help her.  Your
Grandfather knew the way of the land as did his father before him and
his father before him. It is your destiny. I know you will do better
than us all. You are special, my son.  You are wise.  Go from your
unconscious and fulfill your destiny. Make your family proud." With
that my father nodded his head appreciatively and locked his eyes into
me in an almost loving way. As he slowly faded from the dream I gained
consciousness.  At that moment I knew how I was to live my life. I am
going to follow the Scottish way of life and see to the protection of
my lands until the day I die.

Scotland needs me, and I need her.

                            *   *   *


The following occured late one evening last week:

The Emperor Dameon Styre strides into the room, looking confident. He smiles 
when he sees he has everyones attention, clears his throat then begins.

'It is my decree that all of Norway follow the one, and true path of The 
Dark Lord. His way is the only way! Follow Him or be crushed under the 
weight of my claw!'

The Emperor then walks briskly out of the room, yelling a challenge to all!

                            *   *   *

An official note from the Emperor Dameon Styre himself reads:

Greetings, normal people. It is decree that I have changed my description. I 
am now the grey-cloaked emperor. When you see me, do not forget to bow, and 
show respect for the high ruler of Norway. Good Day!


                            *   *   *

Editor's note: it seems that Dameon's membership in the Dark Enforcers
did not work out, because the next item to cross my desk was a press
release rather contrary to Dameon's statements above, as you'll see...

                            *   *   *

                  -=-==Of General Interest==-=-

    It is regretted to report that the emperor Dameon Styre has been 
outcast from the Dark Enforcers. His actions have show him to be unloyal 
to the Darkness, and thus he is bereft of all benefits that his former 
position has given him. His betrayal is final, and their shall be no 
pity for him.
    On another matter, there are positions open in the Ranks of the Dark 
Lord's enforcers. If you are evil of mind and soul, ruthless in 
disposition, and strong of will to devote yourself to the Dark Lord, 
applie withing. Much power comes with the position, as will the 
satisfaction of seeing the Dark Lord take his rightful place when the 
time has come for him to reclaim the world. Serve him in life, or be his 
slave in death.

-Ronnie Valthalas, Dark Enforcer    

                            *   *   *

The Tales of Sigurd the Skald 

As a new feature in the LT, we'll be hearing from Sigurd the Skald, on
a wide range of subjects relating to Norse mythology, history, and
culture. To get your brain warmed up, here are some riddles to twist
your mind around -- answers in next week's LT.

Riddle #1
Sometimes I plunge through the press of waves,
suprising men, delving to the earth,
the ocean bed. The waters ferment,
sea-horses foaming....
The whale-mere roars, fiercely rages,
waves beat upon the shore; stones
and sand, seaweed and saltspray, are flung
against the dunes when, wrestling
far beneath the waves, I disturb the earth,
the vast depths of the sea. Nor can I escape
my ocean bed before he permits me who is my pilot
on every journey. Tell me, wise man:
who separates me from the sea's embrace,
when the waters become quiet once more,
the waves calm which before had covered me?

Riddle #2
On earth there's a warrior of wondrous origin.
He created, gleaming, by two dumb creatures
for the benefit of men. Foe bears him against foe
to inflict harm. A woman often fetters him,
strong as he is. If woman and men
provide for him in the proper manner
and often feed him, he'll obey them
and serve them well. Those who succour him
win themselves pleasure. But this warrior savages
the man who lets him become proud. What am I?

                            *   *   *

                   Gossip from our Bluebird

The level of activity around the world in these past weeks has been clearly
evident in our blue gossip: Feathers ruffled and her claws dusty, most
we've seen of the bluebird lately has been a lingering after-image as it
raced off somewhere to pry, and that occasional note on the editor's

	Equipping itself with a sufficient load of garlic to feel safe, our
winged sneak was seen following Ronnie Valthalas around at close distance,
unashamedly peaking into the vampire's personal life. Finding it to a great
extent centered around the attentions of new-to-this-world angel, Yvonne
Alexander, the bluebird noted that angels really are becoming a more active
part of religious and daily life - lately, they've been everywhere. There
is a time for Lag-B-Gone, and now there is apparently also a need for

	Our easy-to-confuse featherball is not too sure, though, whether to
classify Ronnie's great role model, the dark messiah Aginor, as an angel or
something entirely in his (its?) own category; It's a religious thing,
apparently, having to do with inheriting the world and the lower planes,
and a fish.

... On an author's note, I'll send more gossip if I come across more, but
heavens, has it seemed quiet lately :(

                            *   *   *

                How I got cursed and how it went away

I was in the Tannery with Boba Fett and Novax, and Novax suddenly felt
tired, and left to take a nap. So Boba and I waved good-bye to him and
he left. Suddenly everything went black for awhile. When I woke up Boba
was running around biting people in the neck like a vampire. He soon
got tired and left to take a nap as well. Thus abandoned, I went about
my quest for Fazi, quite puzzled at Boba's behavior. Every now-and-then
my memory would go black and so would everything else.

When I woke up I had a funny taste in my mouth and no one would come
near me. The next day it got worse -- all of a sudden, when I was back
in the tannery, my tongue rotted away and popped out of my mouth -- I
could not talk anymore. So I went with Wixe, who I found that I could
speak with using only my mind. She helped me learn herblore and other
herb-related skills but upon going to the druid compound to find herbs
alone, I was quickly sacrificed. After the sacrifice I lay in the inn,
mysteriously restored to life once again, wondering what had happend.

I got Urg to escort me back to the compound where to my astonishment I 
found my own corpse. I retrieved my belongings and fled that horrid place ,
but before leaving I befouled their well so they could not do any more
harm to bunnies. However, none of them drank from it anyway (as i later
found out) so it was quite pointless. Returning to tara, I was attacked
by a wolfhound (Urg helped me kill it) which was quite scary. Luckily I 
had some good herbs, so I made us some poultices and we
went to the well. Wixe was there and she had blessed the well. I drank
from it and for some reason I was cured! My tongue grew back and so did
my memory. When I found Boba I led him there and had it blessed so he
to could be healed.

Since my memory had returned, I know what had happened in the
blackouts:  At the tannery I started changing colors, and
hallucinating, until I finally turned black and bit Boba in the neck
several times -- then I fell asleep.  Every now-and-then it would
happen again and I would go around biting people -- that explains the
strange taste in my mouth.  Now that Boba and I are cured we can both
attempt to find fazi again.

Fuzzey the Bunny

                            *   *   *

                       News from the Templars

The Knights Templar have accepted into their fraternity the British
nobleman, Hotspur, the Spanish nobleman, Diego de la Vega, and the
miraculous surgeon-dog, BroeknSpring, and the young Lady Chaos. More
applicants are currently up for voting.

Legendary Times is published by the immortals of LegendMUD. Please send all
replies, additions, or corrections to our address at [email protected] for
inclusion in the next edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate
this discussion, and may object to some submissions.
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