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VOLUME FIVE, ISSUE TWENTY                                 July 10th, 1998

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

             -               The Editor's Note               -
             -          Upcoming Calendar of Events          -

             -    A Newbie's Perspective on LegendMUD        -
             Newbie Tips: 
             -  Newbie Success: The Gaming Aspect of Legend  -

             -             The Return of Nothing             -
             -             Renee's Exile: Part 1             -
             -         The Tales of Sigurd the Skald         - 
             -       How to make Honey-Roasted Carrots       -
             -             A Note from Navarro               -
             -             Announcing a Birth!               -

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/__|                         EDITOR'S NOTE                            |__\

Hello everyone!

This week, one of the hottest topics has been the issue of harassment.
If you are being bothered by someone who will not leave you alone when
you ask, you do have recourse, and I encourage you to use it. I have a
few suggestions for dealing with harassment that I hope will be of

Start by making sure that the person knows that you're not kidding,
you're upset by their actions and want them to stop. Tell them
seriously, with as much calmness and firmness as you can pack into a
tell, that you consider their behavior harassing, and that you want it
to stop immediately. If the person does not stop, report the problem to
an immortal. Making an official complaint doesn't necessarily mean a
warning for the other person -- more often the immort will ask the
person about the problem, and explain the rules, and give them another
chance to behave.  However, if the person does not respond to immortal
intervention, we will take the necessary steps to eliminate the
problem. Depending on the circumstance (for example if an immortal
isn't available), consider logging the incident or gagging the person.

Remember that this is not supposed to be a place where people make each
other miserable. You may think that you're ok handling the harassment,
even though it upsets you, but remember that the individual may be
bothering others, all of whom are upset but don't want to report it. We
have, over the years, lost many good players due to this cycle of
harassment and non-reporting. It's one of the most frustrating parts
about being an immortal, seeing people leave over a problem that, had
you known about it, you would have fixed it, or at least appreciated
the chance to try. In the end, you don't do a harasser any favors by
letting them believe that their behavior is acceptable.

On a lighter note -- I hope you'll enjoy the LT this week, I've gotten
a wide variety of great articles from players, possibly even something
for everyone.  Enjoy!

                                       Love to all,

___                                                                    ___
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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

          <-><-> <-><-> <-><-> <->July<-> <-><-> <-><-> <-><->

Monday,    July 13,   7:00 pm  - Q & A Session
  ** notice new day **            Subject: Roleplay, including a
                                  discussion of strings
Wednesday, July 15,  7:00 pm   - TRI-BOND Word Game by Chante'
Monday,    July 20,  7:00 pm   - Q & A Session
Friday,    July 24,  7:00 pm   - Trivia (5 of 12 in the cycle)
Saturday,  July 25,  3:00 pm   - Viceroy of Lima TinyPlot
Monday,    July 27,  7:00 pm   - Q & A Session
                                   Subject: Meet the New Imms!

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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                 A Newbie's Perspective on Legend MUD 

To whom it may concern

Ive been reading the editorials etc about 'newbies' in the last few
LegendMUD times and just thought I'd take a moment to comment.

I do not play Legend regularly, but rather whenever I can and am
quite happy now that I have reached level 12. Along my journey
there have been many people who have helped me along the way and
I am eternally grateful to those people. 

To my surprise my turn came about soon enough and I found that even
I could help those who were new to legend by just sharing a little
information. By just sharing a little information I prevented someone
from traversing the entire globe to find a certain skill. After this
a most gratifying feeling came over me and I felt pleased, not only
because I had helped someone, but because I possessed the knowledge
to help that person. Helping newbies can be an uplifting experience.
Just because people are new on the MUD does not mean that they are
any less of people. I think that the MUD environment allows for 
people to socialize and characters with lower levels may turn out
to be your best friends if only you could give them the chance. I
also believe that certain behaviour is inherited and that if people
are helpful to newbies, the newbies may in turn be helpful.

I hope that Legend's environment continues to develop in friendliness
and courtesy.


                                *   *   *

              Newbie Success: The Gaming Aspect of Legend

In Legend, there are at least 3 things you want to do.

 * To gain level, (which is done by gain experience)
 * to gain better stat (which is mostly done by wearing eq)
 * last but not least, to make new friends

It seems pretty straight forward, everything is about exps, well
mostly.  If you kill, you gain experience, if you die you lose

So the game plan is, kill lots of others without getting killed.

The major points to remember are:

1. Pick a fight which you know you can handle.

This involves using the command: consider.  The consider command will
tell you what your chances are against the mob (non player character).
The help file on consider can explain that easily -- type help consider
to read it.

If you discover that it's not a fight you can handle, use another
important command for newbies: wimpy. You can set wimpy to however high
or low, when your hp falls below that point, you will attempt to flee,
to get out of the room where the mob is fighting you. Be careful not to
rely on wimpy too much, because the chance for successfully fleeing
based on how fast you move, and whether or not there is an exit for you
to run out.

2. Set up your environment.

Your fighttype and prompt are important aspects of fighting, they determine
what information you get from the game each round.

Fighttype is the information that the game gives you about each round
of a battle -- for example, how many times you hit, how many times you
were hit, and how severe the damage is. There are three different
fighttypes, so experiment to find the combination of information and spam
which is right for you. 

Your prompt is very useful to tell you where and how you are. My prompt
is the first thing I set up when I create a new character (read help
prompt for more information on how to do this). I recommend getting rid
of the percentage and adding current- and max- hp and mv. You
shouldn't worry too much about mana yet, so just leave it off. 

Two more very important pieces of information in your prompt are:
agg/wary level, and standing/sitting/resting/sleeping position. Help
agg/wary can explain what these settings do to you, basically if you
are aggressive, you move close closer to the fight you get to hit and
be hit more, just like in boxing. If you put it in your prompt, you can
keep track of what level you are at without using the score command to
find out.

More important is your posture. You will notice sometimes when you
fight, that you will fall down, or somebody will trip you, or even make
you fall asleep. Naturally, you fight the best when you are standing.

3. Don't be afraid to try new things and explore

Remember that there's a lot more to the game than fighting, there are
other places to play and other challenges to be met. Your first
character may not be the best or the fastest at levelling, and there's
nothing wrong with that.  Don't be afraid to make another character
when your current one is stuck or boring you -- try out a new hometown,
a new stat order, a new approach to playing, you might find out just
what you need to know to unstick your old character, or at the least
lose some of your frustration!

Although fighting is the main source to gain experience, another source
is quests -- and you can't figure them out without taking the risk of
messing them up. But that's ok, you don't need to do all the quests to
advance, much less to have a good time here! If you have a hard time
finding quests, look around -- there are mobs walking and babbling, pay
attention to them, look at them. Sometimes, they are in need, if you
help them, you might just get rewarded! Some quests are short, and
others are very long, there are quests simply for exp, quests for
skills and spell words, quests for special privileges, and even quests
for equipment (which we will talk about next) and other quests for a
combination of these things ......  it's up to you to find out!

4. EQ

From level 1 to 9, your score will not show your stats.
Remember when you first started, and picked a character, it asked you
which order of the stat do you prefer? It helps other players help you
if you remember to write down the order, although after level 10, you
will see your exact stats. You can find some eq on the ground, on some
mob's body, which you have to kill, or other times you can try those
quests, who knows?  It might just boost your stat a little, or give you
some eq to help doing so.

5. Avoid the major pitfalls of EQ Loss.

Two more things to look out for are, OVERRENT and DEATHTRAP.

When you wear a new eq, make sure you can save, by typing save.  It's
like a computer disk, if your disk is too full, then it won't save your
term paper, right? Then you have to delete some files.  It's the same
thing here, you have to decide which items you want to keep in order to
be underrent. You gain more rent (disk space) by leveling, or by
raising your prestige. Going overrent is not good, it's like your
computer crashing right after you finish your term paper, and you
didn't save it.

Another thing you might want to look out for is the deathtrap.
Deathtraps don't really kill you, but they eat all of your eq. So if
you would rather keep those great pieces of eq that you've worked so
hard for, walk around those new areas slowly, because a DEATHTRAP can
be detected by typing exit. If the next room's name is in ALL CAPITAL
LETTERS, better not walk into it. Also, the descriptions in the
surrounding rooms can help you see the deathtraps coming. Not reading
descriptions or keeping them from showing up (by typing brief) might be
less spammy, but it might not give you a chance to detect the deathtrap
next door.

6. Don't get a bad reputation

Last but not least, the people in this mud.  I presume, everyone would
like to make some friends here, and not enemies. Under that
assumption, here are some basic tips for being a popular newbie:

The whole legend experience are a fun one, keep in mind it's only a
game, and keep yourself centered. So sometimes you die, other times,
you lose all your eqs -- consider it a way of finding out a new thing
not to do! Part of the experience is the people here. Peoples here are
people just like everywhere else, so if you have questions, and you do
have lots questions as a newbie, ask them nicely. 

Type who to see who is online, and read the list to see if there are any
new player helpers on, usually indicated in their title or abbreviated as

If you need something, ask over chat first, be as specific as you can,
and use please, and thank you alot -- it gets you further. Appreciate
people and they will be willing to help you next time. Bottom line is,
if you be nice to others, they will be nice to you too, hopefully.  If
they aren't nice, move on to someone else, and remember it's all for
the best, play here, have fun, learn from what you did, good or bad,
enjoy the game, and just be yourself! This is a good community, make it
your home!

--a still-learning, not-quite oldbie.

				*   *   *

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        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
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/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

                                *   *   *

Nothing's return

     Perhaps my guard was down because I was on a fairly safe route.  Or 
maybe it wouldn't have mattered even if I had been prepared...
     I was on business (which is not relevant) and making my way through 
the well-known forests of Sherwood.  I paused at Will o' the Green and a 
single snowflake drifted in front of me.  Infinitely small, yet it 
caught my attention.  Strangely, I could make out every detail of the 
crystalline star.
     The air shimmered around me and the next instant I was looking out 
from the snowflake, frozen in a stasis with no sense of feeling or time.  
Many travelers passed, yet none seemed to see my prison.  I had given 
up hope of release and my mind was almost to the point of collapsing 
into insanity.  Yet a friend, blessed in the Arts, happened to notice 
the bauble.  Malia reached out and crushed the snowflake, finally 
releasing me from the spell.
     I now seek revenge on the one who was so cowardly they had to trap 
me rather than attempt to defeat me.  I will greatly appreciate any 
information that could help me in my vengeance.


                                *   *   *

Renee's Exile pt. 1

     As the Coven assembled atop majestic Kilimanjaro to heed their
Goddess' call, they had no idea of the events that would transpire.  As
they arrived at their destination, they discovered one of their number,
Renee, who was the Goddess' favored Earthly agent of revenge had arrived
before them.  She sat on a rock formation near the peak, gazing over the
Savannah with a grim look on her face.
     One by one, the members of the Sisterhood of the Grand Coven processed
in from their havens in far parts of the world.  In all, Malia, Lara,
Marcel, and Envy assembled to witness the ceremony, and with them came an
unwitting sacrifice, the follower of the False Prophets of Iscariot, Tiki.
      Renee didn't flinch, nor address her sisters until all had been
assembled.  When the sisters and their sacrifice had gathered at the peak,
Renee rose from the formation on which she had been sitting and turned to
face them.  Lightning rolled across the wide Savannah far below as a
thunderstorm brewed.
      Renee glanced at each of her sisters, and allowed her eyes to linger
upon Tiki for a moment longer.
      "Why have you brought this blasphemer to the name of our Divine and
Glorious Goddess to this ceremony, sisters," Renee questioned.
      Lord Marcel Alexander, an Angel from Hell and relatively recent
convert to the Way of the Goddess spoke up first. "I have brought her, he
said.  She will bear witness to the ritual until we require a sacrifice.
Then she shall provide that as well."
      Tiki went EEK! in distress.  "You mean," she stammered, "that I'm
going to be sacrificed to your Goddess?"
      "That is the general idea, yes," said Malia.  "But don't worry, it's
a great honor to die in favor of the Goddess!"
      Lord Marcel inquired "Where is the Goddess, anyway,"
     "The Goddess can be felt...not necessarily seen," Lara said.
     ''Hey, I've never met her :P,' Malia said to Lord Marcel Alexander
with a smile on her face.  "You can't let your faith be daunted."
     At length Lord Marcel declared "I'd like to feel her."
     Renee chuckled.  "I see that you assumed your masculine aspect this
     Lord Marcel shrugged. "Hey, fair is fair.  You never put a ban on my
shape changing."
     'A long silence descended upon those gathered, as they gazed at the
storm clouds on the Savannah.  Presently, Renee announced to her Sisters:
"You know not of why you have been summoned to my side.  I have seen our
Goddess.  She has called for me to join her in the immaterial plane of war,
and she appeared before me.  Lord Marcel, as the newest member of the
Sisterhood of the Coven, bring the clouds to seed.  Make it rain, and begin
the ritual.
     "Rain, oh yes," Lord Marcel Alexander said, not really paying attention.
'Rain.  Of course.'  With a snap of his fingers, and a yelled "Rain,
dammit!", the clouds opened up, with a sprinkle at first, steadily
increasing and building towards monsoon.
     Renee advanced before her sisters.  The Goddess has called upon me to
become her mortal champion in the wars of the immortals.  I must,
therefore, leave this world for a while to fight her wars."
     Almost out of jealousy, Envy asked 'How long will you be gone?'
      "That has not been revealed that to me,' Renee declared.  'If I fall
in her service, I shall never return.  If I succeed, I will return as the
greatest warrior in the world.'
     "You know, that's a tricky deal," Lord Marcel Alexander said brazenly
to Renee.
     "Yes, of course,"  Renee said to Lord Marcel Alexander. 'But I cannot
refuse my Goddess. and I feel that it's better to die at her side than for
her on earth.'
     Lord Marcel Alexander says quietly to the Goddess' favored agent, 'Of
course -
it's just a little.. sudden.'
     Envy said to Renee, 'May we not go with you to fight for the Goddess?'
     "No, you must stay here and wage the wars on earth," the Goddess' favored
agent says furtively to Envy. "The Iscariots are growing stronger. there
will be a
reckoning in the future.  And you must be here to keep them from growing too
powerful to defeat.  And you, follower of the Prophets, traitor to
womanhood, will be our sacrifice,"
     "Traitor?" inquired Tiki uncertainly.
     With a deft motion, Renee produced from her trenchcoat a gold and emerald
ceremonial dagger.  She split a hair on it and grinned evilly at Tiki.  Her
sisters moods suddenly changed, as the time for the sacrifice grew nearer.
     "Hold her, sisters,' ordered Renee. 'The Ceremonial Dagger of Morrigan
will taste her blood and bite her soul tonight!'
     "Mor-who?" Lord Marcel Alexander asked.
     Malia elbowed Lord Marcel sharply.  "Morrigan you dolt!" Malia said.
She's part of the Tripartite Goddess.
      Tiki looked more unsure than ever, and began eyeing the Coven
members, trying to gauge her best chances of escape.  She was quickly
detained by Lara, who moved behind her and applied an arm-hold.  While she
was held, she was quickly bound by the other members of the Coven.
     Advancing on Tiki with a grin on her face and dagger in hand, Renee
said to Tiki "You, Iscariot, have exhibited poor judgment in following the
     Unwilling to be sacrificed, Tiki exclaimed, "Then why not convince me?"
     "Would you ever be convinced?" Renee said doubtingly. "Could you ever
drop your prophets for someone who you feel so strongly opposed to?"
     Lord Marcel laughed out loud and produced a contract written in blood.
Pointing to a dotted line at the bottom he said "Sign here for exemption
from sacrifice."
     "As an Iscariot," Renee continued, "you follow the scriptures of
morons, the writings of dolts.  And you would have us try to change your
mind into believing in the Goddess?'
     "Anything is better than having you sacrifice me,' a typical blonde
says, looking unsure.
     Lara said, "How do we know she can be trusted to give up those prophets?"
     Impressed, Lord Marcel Alexander said to Renee, "You know, if the
Goddess rejects you, I could get you a job in Hell with rhetoric like that.'
    "You are right, sister,' Renee said to Lara  'I suspect she would
betray us as soon as she had us believe she has accepted the Goddess into
her heart.'
     In a desperate last minute defense, Tiki stammered "But... but... we
blondes are easy to convince!  We believe what we hear...."
     "I do this with no resentment, as you are a follower of the False
Prophets of Iscariot.
Foolish sycophant: for you, this is the end," yelled Renee, as a great peal
of thunder broke off in the distance.
    The wind whipped up across the ceremonial circle at the peak of
Kilimanjaro.  Lightning crashed halfway down the mountain.  The sisters
steeled themselves for the sacrifice, and Tiki began to scream.  Advancing
on the bound sacrifice, who was now shaking uncontrollably, Renee drew the
ceremonial dagger across Tiki's throat,
leaving a trail of hot sticky blood from her jugular.  As a final movement,
Renee stabbed the dagger into Tiki's heart and left it sticking there.
     The Sisterhood cheered wildly!
     "Hm.... that's messy," Lord Marcel Alexander muttered, without a trace of
shame.  "Let me get rid of the mess, what with me being the novice and all"
     "Good-bye, Iscariot," Renee grimly stated.

[Info]: Tiki has been sacrificed by the Coven

     "Sisters, prepare me," Renee said. 'Return my body to the Sanctum.  We
have left no traces here. You are my witnesses.  You shall not betray me,
nor the Goddess."
     Lara took a bit of blood from the corpse of the sacrifice and drew a
line of it across Renee's face.  Turning to Lord Marcel Alexander she said
"You may dispose of the Iscariot."
    "Dispose," Lord Marcel Alexander said absent-mindedly.  "Uh, yeah.
Right away."  With a pass of his hands, the corpse of Tiki disappeared.
     "Will you keep something safe for me while I am gone, Sister Malia?"
     "Of course," Malia replied.
     Renee reached into her backpack, producing  a stolen book of Iscariot
Scriptures.  "Rest assured that the Iscariots will stop at nothing to have
this book
returned to their shelves," the Goddess' favored agent says, eyes hooded, to
you. "Protect it, for it has the secrets of their clan in it."
    Grinning broadly, Malia said 'I'll make sure they never get their
little mitts on it."
    Taking a handful of dirt, Renee marked her forehead, mingling the dirt
with the blood of the sacrifice.
     Lord Marcel Alexander peered at the Goddess' favored agent, looking
her up and
down.  "Oh, would you care to explain that as you go," Lord Marcel
Alexander inquired.
     "Oh I'll explain it later," whispered Malia in a low voice to Lord
Marcel Alexander.  "It's sort of a Goddess thing."
     Ignoring the rain, Renee was consumed with battle fervor. 'Morrigan!
COME FOR ME! I am prepared!  Our Sacrifice has been made.  My body will
remain here but my soul will join with you," She yelled in an enormously
loud voice!
    "We'll see you soon,' Malia said to Renee in a sorrowful voice. "I'm
sure you'll not fail up there!"
    The epicenter of the storm moved over the mountain.  A peal of thunder
and flash of lightning simultaneously occurred.  The lightning struck Renee
and she collapsed to the ground.  "Good-Bye, sisters," she murmured in a
low voice.  Her body collapsed lifelessly to the ground as her spirit rose
out, disappearing in a flash of fiery red sparks.

[Info]: Renee has left the world to join with the Goddess in the plane of war.

    "Oh my," said Lord Marcel Alexander, rather shocked.
    "Yep," stated Malia boldly as she and Lara grabbed the torpor body of
Renee.  "The Goddess is spiffy like that."
    And the processional marched down the mountain.

     To be continued next LT!

                                *   *   *

From the Tales of Sigurd the Skald....

                      The Story of Odin the All-Father.

Odin was the father of all the Gods. He was a stern, awesome, and
fierce king. Both Gods and humans feared his anger greatly.  He was not
loved so much as respected.

Odin was, among other things, the God of Battle. When Odin flung his
mighty spear to the ground, battles would begin and men would die. Of
course, Odin also decreed the victors and the losers, so warriors would
always attempt to please Odin before a battle. Odin was not easily

Odin was also the God of Magic, a master of Runes, the getting of which
is a story in itself. Before Odin, the Runes were only known in the
Land of the Dead, from which no man ever returned. Odin realized that
these Runes would add greatly to his power, so he decided to go to the
Land of the Dead and retrieve them.

Odin thrust a spear into his side, and hung from Yggdrasil the World
Tree for nine days and nine nights before he died. At his death, he
ventured forth into the Land of the Dead and retrieved the Runes he
needed.  Then, by his magic, he returned to life, bringing the Runes
back into the Land of the Living.

These Runes were most commonly carved into stone, and used to ward off

Next week will I recount to you the story of Thor, the Thunder God.

                                *   *   *

To the Inhabitants of the World:

With Aginor gone, I have taken command of the Dark Enforcers for the 
present, with the Dark Lord's consent. Any who would seek to join the 
ranks of the Enforcers, must know this: It is NOT a trifle. When you 
join, you are expected to commit your mind, soul, and body to serving 
him. If you must step the edges of insanity, the boundaries of your 
humanity then so be it. The shadow's responsibility cannot be shrugged 
off. So, you must all ask yourself, would you be a servant of shadow, a 
messenger of death in your life, and gain the rewards that the Dark Lord 
can grant, or would you die in defense of the failing light, and be 
eternally damned as his slave in your death?

-Ronnie Valthalas, Dark Enforcer Grand Master

                                *   *   *

1) get 5 carrots
2) baste in honey
3) put on a shish kabob thingy
4) roast over grill or fire
5) give to bunny
6) hope the bunny gives you something
7) eat the other 4 carrots that you made


                                *   *   *

                              A Disclaimer...

I'd like to say that the past is the past. A few unpleasant months ago I
was seeking for help and salvation from Marcel Alexander. Now he is to be
my father. A few people have asked me if I was insane or had been
brainwashed or possessed, and the answer is no.  Nothing of the sort has
happened to me. It is possible for two warring factions to come to terms
with each other and even find a common ground. I understand that some people
may think this is odd, considering how long and hard our fight was, but the
past is the past and I embrace Marcel Alexander as my father. What is,
is... Thank you to the few who expressed their concern, but everything is
alright, really.

Navarro Quatorze Alexander

                                *   *   *

        * * * * * B I R T H   A N N O U N C E M E N T * * * * * 

                       On July 9, at 3:52pm

                     Faethor Arkanian-Valthalas

            was born to Ronnie Valthalas and PeTra Arkanian
                    He weighed 8 pounds & 6 ounces, 
                      and was 19 & 1/2 inches long.
              The proud parents would like it to be known 
             to all that Faethor will be brought up in the 
                       Shadow of the Dark Lord.

        * * * * * B I R T H   A N N O U N C E M E N T * * * * * 

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