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VOLUME FIVE, ISSUE TWENTY-TWO                               July 26th, 1998

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

             -               The Editor's Note               -
             -          Upcoming Calendar of Events          -

             -              Sorrow Comes of Age              -
             -   In Defense of My Life, by Ronnie Valthalas  -
             -               Regarding Navarro               -   
             -         Who? -- An Interview with Frodo       - 
             -     An Account of Ronnie and Cara's Wedding   -

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/__|                         EDITOR'S NOTE                            |__\

Hello everyone!

This week, I want to talk to you about joining a role play scenario.
There are lots of ways to role play, you can join someone else's
scenario, make up your own, rp solo, etc. I know when I was a newbie,
it was a complete mystery to me as to how one joined these sorts of
things. Role play was going on all around me, but I didn't know how to

The first step is to detect a scenario when one exists. Posts to the
news board, notes in the LT, and chat are popular ways to advertise a
scenario, and to encourage people to join. For example, you might hear
someone wanting to adopt a child, or find a lost parent, and you could
volunteer to be that child, or that parent. Another example is the lost
item, mysterious illness or strange event. You could volunteer
information or knowledge. Remember that these plots are generally
open-ended -- there's no right or wrong response.

Next, offer to join. You can start in roleplaying right away, and see
what happens, or check it with the person via mudmail or tells.
Remember that you can't make someone roleplay with you against their
will, and if there is a chance that your ideas might upset or confuse
them, it's best to let them know in advance.

Once you're in the role play sceanario, it's up to you where it goes!

                                       Love to all,

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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

          <-><-> <-><-> <-><-> <->July<-> <-><-> <-><-> <-><->

 Monday,    July 27,    7:00 pm     - Q & A Session
                       11:30 pm     - Trivia by Skateboarder

         *(-)*(-)*(-)*(-)*(-)*(- August -)*(-)*(-)*(-)*(-)*(-)*

Saturday,  August  1, 11:00 am      - Q & A Session
                                    This special Saturday Q & A is held 
                                    once a month to enable players in non-US 
                                    timezones to attend.
                       1:00 pm      - Trivia by Fatale
Monday,    August  3,  7:00 pm      - Q & A Session , OOC Auditorium
                                    Subject: Meet the New Imms!
Wednesday, August  5,  7:00 pm      - Tri-BOND Word Game by Chante'
Monday,    August 10,  7:00 pm      - Q & A Session, OOC Auditorium
Sunday,    August 16,  3:00 pm      - Pirate Treasure Hunt
Monday,    August 17,  7:00 pm      - Q & A Session, OOC Auditorium
Monday,    August 24,  7:00 pm      - Q & A Session, OOC Auditorium

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/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

                                *   *   *

                                *   *   *

                                *   *   *

...The land lay quiet. The sound of metal ringing on
metal having died away a long time ago. Under the boughs of the trees,
a shadow stirs. The lithe figure stares out at the clearing with rapt
facination. "I wonder what this one was about." says Duilliath, clearly
amused. The mist coiling about two huge boulders stirs, the movement
looking oddly enough like a shrug. "Who can say?" came the whispered
reply. "These Men seem to enjoy bloodshed."

The pale moon had traveled some distance, in its course across the sky,
and still the two young sidhe watch silently from the edge of the
forest, scaning the field of carnage for any sign of movement. The
naked corpses, painted with blue symbols, appeared to glow with an
unholy light as the moon's rays beat down on them. Suddenly one of the
twisted figures, laying in the clearing, gave a groan and began to

"Hsst, one is still alive!", hissed the shadows, "What do we do now?"
When the mist didn't stir the shadows said a little louder,"Hello! Man
child is moving on field. What big Ranger want to do?"

"Silence!" the mist hissed back, "I don't know what to do." The shadow
settled himself into the tree niche.

"Well, you better think of something." he said, "The moon is reaching
its crowning point."

"Well what do you suggest?", asked the mist, knowing he'd dread the
reply. As the figure in the cloak of mist watched the figure in the
cloak of shadow's face light up with a cat-like grin, he knew he did
indeed dread the answer.

With a sigh the figure in the mist notched an arrow and took aim. The
arrow flew streight, enbedding itself in the skull of the human. The
figures watched silently as the black shaft of the arrow began to fade
from view, then finally the white feathers, leaving only a gaping hole

"It is time.", said Duilliath, quietly, respecting the feelings his
friend held for all living creatures.

The battle field appeared as it had all day. Except, those with the
eyes of a skilled woodsman might notice a patch of mist, moving against
the wind. As well they might notice the growing shadow of a tree, where
there was no tree, growing larger as it headed towards the mound in the
center of clearing. This was it. This is what they came for, the final

At first neither one moved. They just stared at each other, knowing
what this mound meant. The sidhe do not bury their dead.  They leave
them where they fell, to return to the earth and become the trees,
flowers and grass. All but a certian sect, the Rangers. The Rangers are
the shadow warriors of the seelie, the peaceful ones.  Skilled hunters
and assassins. They are one of the most respected Sects of Daoine Sidhe

To be a Ranger you must give up your name, your family, anything that
was part of you.  You do not exist. You are a shadow, even amoung other
sidhe. To symbolize this a Ranger wears a mask. These hunting masks are
sacred. A Ranger is never seen without it except by his or her brother
and sister Rangers. One wears the mask so that the spirit of the
creatures he kills do not know who he is, hence they can't rise from
the grave and seek vengance. But there is not a mask for each Ranger,
there is a Ranger for each mask. Only a certain number of masks exist,
and no others are made.

The Rangers bury their dead with their masks so that the spirit of the
dead sidhe become Drow. Heartless spirits with a thirst for blood,
guarding their masks. This is the final test of the Ranger, to retrieve
a mask.

The mist shudders slightly and whispers,"Feochandan." 

"What happened to her?", asks the shadow. 

"She dropped her mask and tried to reclaim her honor." replied the
mist. "They found her here under a pile of fuatha corpses, grinning
madly, with her mask in hand."

"She died with honor then." whispers the shadow in awe.  The mist nods
his agreement with the shadow and takes a deep breath.

"Are you ready then, my friend?", he inquires. The shadow nods.

Rubbing his hand over the grassy mound, the mist begins to chant
softly,"Dried bones under cold stones, no rest for the weary, no sins
atoned." They were told the shade would come forth slowly. Nothing they
had imagined could have prepared them for what came next. 

The mound itself started to ripple, as if it were waves upon the ocean.
Then a soul splitting scream pierced the air, starting from deep down
in the roots of the earth and moving closer, quickly. Then without
warning the ground beneath their feet exploded, sending them

When they looked up there she was, hovering 6 inches above what used to
be the mound, but now was a black pit. As she was in life, she was in
death.  Breathlessly beautiful, even for sidhe standards.  The only
things that seemed to have changed were the cruel smile she now wore on
her lips, and the empty blackness of her eyes.

Scrambling to put as much space between themselves and the advancing
drow, the youthful sidhe tried to arm themselves. Pointing as she came,
the drow screatched "Fools, the both of you! Do you think I'd ever give
up what it took my life to get back?" 

The shadow tumbles out of the way just as purple, ethric lightning
shoots out from her fingers and lances towards him. The mist, still
dazed from such an aggressive summoning, fumbles for his bow and
quiver, quickly notching and firing an arrow in one smooth motion, the
blue crystal tip burning into her flesh causing her to scream in pain.
The shadow taking, advantage of the distraction, springs to his feet
and lunges with his spear, lodging it in her heart.

The grin on his face became a look of horror however when she reached
up and almost casually broke the shaft, laughing at him the while. In
the mean time, the mist had managed to pull a dagger and sneak up
behind her placing it deep in her back. A killing blow! Or at least it
would have been if she wasn't as the others are loosed. 

The arrows landed with a sickening thud, one in the head, on in the
neck and one right between the shoulder blades. Without a sound the
drow slumps to the ground, dead..for the second time. Moving towards
the corpse with care, the mist searches for his friend. Duilliath lies
there eyes glazed over, staring blankly at the night sky, the broken
end of his spear stabbed through his throat. They had known when they
had started out that one of them would not return, but all the lectures
on honor and tradition could not ease the sence of loss in the mist's

With on last mournful look at his friend, the mist reaches in the mound
and pulls out a delicate, ivory hunting mask, emblazed with silver and
gold leaf-work, and places it on his face. As false light begins to
fill the sky, heralding the coming of dawn, the Ranger that is now
known as Sorrow slinks back into the underbrush of the forest, leaving
two corpses behind, corpses which only fey eyes can see, and only fey
hearts will mourn.

                                *   *   *

In Defense of my Life

The thrill of the hunt, tracking your prey through the roads, feeling 
every throb of his heartbeat as you close your hand around his neck. You 
would call my kind monsters, when it is only a matter of comparison. You 
hunt your beasts, you raise your pigs, you cultivate gardens to sustain 
yourself. Is what we do different? We stalk you through towns to feed, 
we use our charms to seduce our followers for their life force, we tend 
to our blood slaves so that we may live. It is only a matter of stigmas, 
your trophies which are proudly worn as bone rings or headdress, mine is 
a coat of blood, stained with the fallen of your sons, your daughters, 
your fallen. With every day, another layer is added, as another life is 
ended. Bear my thoughts to the next time you eat, and the next time you 
condemn me.

-Ronnie Valthalas, Malkavian Enforcer

                                *   *   *

Regarding Navarro-

Unless I'm mistaken, Navarro himself has expressed his desire to remain
my brother's ward and son. He's certainly never mentioned wanting to be
with McDougan. Like it or not, Navarro is now an Alexander. Whatever
that may be, it's certainly better than winding up stinking drunk in
some gutter somewhere, belching out drinking songs. My nephew is
perfectly capable of thinking for himself, and he has chosen my
brother. Leave it at that.  

Lady Yvonne Alexander, aunt to Navarro.

                                *   *   *

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           \ \  /  \  / /  | |___| | | |   | |  \_\ \ |
            \ \/ /\ \/ /   |  ___  | | |   | |      / /
             \  /  \  /    | |   | | | |___| |     /_/ 
              \/    \/     |_|   |_| |_______|     __
               by CLeo of the Circle of Angels      

Hello everyone :)  This week, one of our long time beloved friend, Frodo 
has agreed to answer some of these questions.  For those who don't know 
him, well I hope you will like to hear about what he has
to say about these diffrent questions.

Name: fRoDO mAcLarEn-NePeNTHe
Profession: General troublemaker and cookie-thief

Q - Please tell us Frodo...  How hold are you really?
A - *holds up 4 fingers*

Q - If you could create a new word in the dictionary, what would it 
be?  And what would it mean?
A - Whasa dictshunary? Oh, I finks Mitra twied to get me to wread wun 
once, but I randed away affer she taught me tye me shoes, but I don hae 
no shoes anymowe, got et'd by da big wyrm!

Q - Frodo, what do you think is the best thing in the world?
A - I think tha bestest thing eva is mummy Nowfstaw, but she 
disapear'ded long time ago, sos I'd have to say mummy Mowphine ow 
godmama Sandra!

Q - If you could have a special magic power, what would it be?  And why?
A - I woulds wan me fingers to be alla differant colours uv crayon's sos 
I could run 'roun an do drawrings all ova!

Q - To what kind of animal could you compare yourself?
A - A meerkat! Cuz theys neat.

Q - If I could grant you a wish, what would it be?
A - Tha mummy Nowfstaw woulds come back!

Q - What's your favorite meal?
A - Mmm, Mummy Nowfsta's Cookies, but otha than tha, I likes to hae 
Missus Ingnersold's Chicken jus' a'fore I hit Natty wif my hed!

Q - What do you think of Richard the Innkeeper?  Does is food taste 
A - I fink he smellz funny, kinda like a whinofuzzlsus. But his liddle 
meat rollypolly thingies taste real gewd! Ham is gewd too! I don like 
steak tho. *gasp* Guess wha? Steak is made fwom COWIES! *cringe* Steak 
is ooky.

Q - If tomorow you won a big amount of cash, what would you get 
A - Ooh! I woulds go out an buy a PowaWheelz for e'erywun, thens I go 
and buy tons and tons of cookies for e'erywun too.

Q - Any last word for our audience?
A - Meer!  And if yu eva get mad at someone, just hit dem wif yur hed 
REAL hard like me brotha Tad does!


That concludes another edition of "WHO?".  I would like to remind you 
that most of the people interviewed were picked randomly.  

I am open to interviewing people on requests as long as there is a good 
reason (example: the person is a known, long time, old legend player... 
the person achieved something really awesome/great... or any other good 
valuable reason).  I do give myself the right to decline requests if be 
needed.  But I doubt I will decline any. 

Do not forget that you may send in some questions that you would like me 
to ask my victims.

Until next time...  May luck be on your path for ever everyone!


                                *   *   *

                                *   *   *

The Wedding of Ronnie and Cara
A Dark Ceremony


Lavishly decorated and covered in gifts, the dark altar was the site of
this dreadful event.  A multitude turned out for the proceedings.

Before A Small Altar
A few scraggly roots peek up from the ground here. [2]
A few worms remain squiggling about after the recent rains. [2]
A tiny gold earring winks at you from the ground.
The bloody, mangled corpses of twelve small, formerly cuddly animals form a
perfect circle on top of the altar.
Weather-polished human skulls sit on either end of the altar.
A large black candle of human fat burns with an acrid smell and an unholy
A bloodstone candelabra holds two small red candles, wax dripping together into
a small basin.
Two apprentice druids, buckets of rice in hand, eyeing the buckets of blood
A rough wooden bucket is here, filled with red liquid. [7]
A growing throng of people has gathered here, watching the festivities.
A fountain here is bubbling over with champagne.
A long table laden with wedding gifts stands on one side of the room.
A bit of very fine fur has been tossed on the ground.
A balloon bouquet is floating away here.
A cappuchino machine sists in the corner, a heavenly aroma wafting across the
Liselle is is standing here.
Drakkon is standing here.
Gangrene is resting here.
Satsu is standing here.
Fuzzey is standing here.
Lilian is resting here.
Green eyes shining, a tanned beauty smiles tauntingly at you.
Sorrow is standing here.
Mugwump is resting here.
Lord Marcel Alexander is resting here.
A woman enshrouded by the scent of roses is resting here.
A spiky young punkess with macabre makeup stands tentatively to one side.

The pre-ceremony chatter was excited.

'Blah is here?' a tanned beauty says in a sultry voice.
Satsu giggles.
You chuckle politely.
Drakkon has arrived from the west.
Drakkon pants.
A woman enshrouded by the scent of roses giggles at a tanned beauty.
Lilian conjures a duck out of midair and throws it at Sorrow!

There were some delays, but finally the ceremony was prepared!

You patiently twiddle your thumbs.
Satsu made a joke.. as in blah.. yuck.. at a vampire wedding.. blah, get it?
A tanned beauty says in a sultry voice to Satsu, 'Blah?'
Lilian drinks water from the drinking fountain.
A moody green-haired teenager drinks blood from a bucket of blood.

The ceremony is about to commence.

Gangrene relaxes and begins breathing regularly and slowly.
'Your 270 times as old as i,' Fuzzey says playfully.
'Wow - i'm 24 :),' you say.
Lilian is only 24.
Gangrene grins evilly.
Gangrene bounces around.
Gangrene bounces around.
Gangrene says, 'Finally.'
'Amen,' Sorrow says.
Lord Marcel Alexander is slightly older.

Silence, please.

Drakkon says, 'I'm woah 21.'
Gangrene is 23!
Gangrene nods solemnly.
Drakkon goes EEK! in distress.

Silence, please.

Gangrene says, 'I was running out of creativity too.'
Fuzzey loudly yells, 'quiet'
Lilian says, licking lips sensuously, 'Oooooh.'
You feel quiet.


Lilian looks quiet.
You snicker softly.
Lord Marcel Alexander smirks.

Howling winds knock you to the floor. As you get up, you look above. Black
forbodeing clouds fill the sky, spitting out ebony lightning and rain
consisting of black oil.
The waxing crescent moon rises in the winter night sky.

Fuzzey goes EEK! in distress.
Lord Marcel Alexander hastily pulls out an umbrella as it begins to rain.

One lance of midnight electricity strikes down behind the altar, and a huge,
fetid black flame arises, crackling ominously. A deadly cackle begins to fill
the air, and you shudder, for in the middle of that flame...

The Dark Messiah arrives from a puff of smoke.

Lilian looks evil.
A moody green-haired teenager smiles happily.

The fire dies out with infinitesimal slowness, leaving the evil presence of the
Dark Messiah, Aginor.

Fuzzey goes EEK! in distress.
Fuzzey hides.

The Dark Messiah takes his proper place behind the altar.

Fuzzey looks scared.
Fuzzey shivers uncomfortably.

Lilian falls to her knees and worships The Dark Messiah's existence.

Hugh has arrived from the west.

'Friends of the Dark, unbelievers, those who dabble in Shadow,' The Dark
Messiah says, grinning evilly. 'All are welcome here today to witness the
eternal bonding of Ronnie Valthalas and Cara Ivy Soverign under the eyes of the
Dark Lord.'

The Dark Messiah gets a gold-bound copy of the Shadow Testaments from a large
duffel bag.

The Dark Messiah begins reading from a gold-bound copy of the Shadow

The Dark Messiah says, with an evil tone, 'In the book of Suffering, 7:42, it
is written, "Let it be that those who wish to be bound, two as one, with the
Dark Lord's wishes may go forth with His honor." So are we gathered at His
altar this day.'

The Dark Messiah says, grinning evilly, 'And so, I give you those who wish to
exchange their souls this day.'

Oil from the skies above begins to coalesce into two puddles. The Dark Messiah
takes two candles from the candelabra, and, using a different candle on each
pool, lights the oil.

Great flames of red-orange, streaked with black, shoot up, nearly searing the
Dark Messiah. You look in awe, for as the flames die down...
A mind-wrecked Enforcer arrives from a puff of smoke.
Cara arrives from a puff of smoke.

Fuzzey smiles at Cara.
Lilian gasps at Cara.
'Whoa,' Cara says. 'Nice turnout.'
Gangrene watches, awestruck.
Cara smiles at Fuzzey.
Lord Marcel Alexander does actually look slightly impressed.
Cara beams delightedly.

'Under the Dark Lord's vision here this day, both of you must swear that under
all circumstances, the Dark Lord must be foremost in your mind, even before
each other,' The Dark Messiah says, with an evil tone.

A mind-wrecked Enforcer tugs his disheveled clothes back into a semblance of

Lilian sighs wistfully at the sight of Cara.

'I shall now ask the traditional questions of eternal bondage, which I must add
has nothing to do with the activities that will no doubt occur later tonight,'
The Dark Messiah says, with an evil tone.

Lord Marcel Alexander smirks.
A mind-wrecked Enforcer whistles innocently to himself.
Cara throws her head back and cackles with insane glee!
A mind-wrecked Enforcer gets a pair of manacles from a black satin top-hat.
Lilian waves a lace teddy.
Fuzzey covers his eyes with his hands.

The Dark Messiah says, with an evil tone, to a mind-wrecked Enforcer, 'Ronnie
Valthalas, do you wish to give a part of your soul, assuming that you have one,
to Cara Ivy Soverign, and in doing so be bound in marriage to her for life

A mind-wrecked Enforcer says to The Dark Messiah, 'I do.'

The Dark Messiah says, grinning evilly, to a mind-wrecked Enforcer, 'Have you a
token of this?'

Drakkon gives a small pillow to a mind-wrecked Enforcer.

A mind-wrecked Enforcer gets a shimmering ring from a small pillow.

A mind-wrecked Enforcer twirls a shimmering ring on the tip of his finger and
expertly catches it in the air.
A mind-wrecked Enforcer says to The Dark Messiah, 'Yup.'
A mind-wrecked Enforcer peers intently at a shimmering ring.

The Dark Messiah says, grinning evilly, to a mind-wrecked Enforcer, 'Then give
her the ring to show it.'

A mind-wrecked Enforcer says to Cara, 'With this ring, I pledge my soul and

A mind-wrecked Enforcer smiles at Cara.

A mind-wrecked Enforcer gives a shimmering ring to Cara.

Cara wears a shimmering ring on her left ring finger.

Cara smiles at a mind-wrecked Enforcer.

A mind-wrecked Enforcer gives a small pillow to Drakkon.

The Dark Messiah says, grinning evilly, to Cara, 'Cara Ivy Soverign, do you
wish to give a part of your soul, assuming that you have one, to Ronnie
Valthalas, and in doing so be bound in marriage to him for life eternal?'

Cara says to The Dark Messiah, 'How could I not?'

'Have you a token of this?' The Dark Messiah says, with an evil tone, to Cara.

Drakkon gives a small pillow to Cara.

Cara gets a blood-stone ring, engraved "Cara, My Love Eternal" from a small

'Yup,' Cara says to The Dark Messiah.

The Dark Messiah says evilly to Cara, 'Then give him the ring to show it.'

Fuzzey smiles happily.

Cara says to a mind-wrecked Enforcer, 'With this ring, I pledge my soul and

Cara gives a blood-stone ring, engraved "Cara, My Love Eternal" to a
mind-wrecked Enforcer.

A mind-wrecked Enforcer wears a blood-stone ring, engraved "Cara, My Love
Eternal" on his left ring finger.

A mind-wrecked Enforcer flourishes grandly before Cara.

Cara smiles at a mind-wrecked Enforcer.

Cara gives a small pillow to Drakkon.

Cara thanks Drakkon heartily.

Drakkon hugs a small pillow.

The Dark Messiah says evilly, 'To make this marriage ultimately binding, we
must have a sacrifice!'

Fuzzey goes EEK! in distress.
Mugwump cowers in fear!

The Dark Messiah says, grinning evilly, 'Fuzzey, you have been chosen for

Midnight engulfs Fuzzey, but before he can scream, red lightning shoots from
the Dark Messiah's hands, making Fuzzey convulse in pain. The smell of roasting
rabbit fills the air.

Drakkon chortles with amusement.
A mind-wrecked Enforcer grins evilly.

[Info]: Fuzzey is dead --he was sacrificed to the Dark Lord for Ronnie and
Cara's wedding!

Lilian snickers softly.
Cara faints.

The corpse magically hovers among the other twelve on the altar, making a
complete circle of thirteen.

Gangrene goes EEK! in distress.

The Dark Messiah says, with an evil tone, 'Let it be, then, that the two of you
shall go forth from this day, Ronnie and Cara Valthalas, in joined service to
the Dark Lord.'

Lilian leaps into the air!
Drakkon congratulates a mind-wrecked Enforcer on a job well done.
A mind-wrecked Enforcer gulps nervously.
Drakkon congratulates Cara on a job well done.
Lilian cheers wildly!
Gangrene cheers wildly!
Gangrene cheers wildly!

Drakkon says, 'Good job!'
You cheer for him.
You cheer for her.
Lilian congratulates a mind-wrecked Enforcer on a job well done.
A moody green-haired teenager cheers wildly!
Sorrow gives a mind-wrecked Enforcer a huge bearhug - your ribs ache in
Drakkon hugs Cara.
Gangrene throws some blood pellets.
A moody green-haired teenager cheers wildly!
Drakkon hugs a mind-wrecked Enforcer.
Sorrow kisses Cara.
Cara hugs Drakkon.
Lilian congratulates Cara on a job well done.
A moody green-haired teenager hugs a mind-wrecked Enforcer.
A moody green-haired teenager hugs Cara.
Melissa Hobart starts looking for prospective bachelors.
Drakkon gives a big hug to everyone in the room.
A tanned beauty congratulates a mind-wrecked Enforcer on a job well done.
Cara hugs a moody green-haired teenager.
Lilian whispers quietly to Cara.
A tanned beauty congratulates Cara on a job well done.
Lilian gives a lace teddy to Cara.

Lord Marcel Alexander says courtly to Cara, 'As I have to leave shortly, I have
a trinket for you.'

Fuzzey would cheer but is dead.

'Just to prove that your husband's, uh, acquaintance from last night won't
bother you in the future,' Lord Marcel Alexander says courtly to Cara.
Lord Marcel Alexander gives a sharp wit to Cara.
Lord Marcel Alexander winks suggestively at a mind-wrecked Enforcer.

'And now that that is over, I suppose that we can now go to the reception,' The
Dark Messiah says, grinning evilly. 'I imagine there will be roasted rabbit.'

Melissa Hobart comforts Fuzzey.
Cara brings Fuzzey back to life.

After the consecration of Ronnie and Cara's marriage, Fuzzey is resurrected by
a benevolent action of the Light.

Legendary Times is published by the immortals of LegendMUD. Please send all
replies, additions, or corrections to our address at [email protected] for
inclusion in the next edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate
this discussion, and may object to some submissions.
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