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VOLUME FIVE, ISSUE TWENTY-THREE                             ???, 1998

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

             -               The Editor's Note               -
             -          Upcoming Calendar of Events          -

             -               Q & A on Roleplay               -

             -          Theft at Margery's Toy Stall!        -
             -            Description Changes                -
             - How Ezekiel Recieved the Book of the Prophets -
             -                Malia's Future                 -
             -                A Drop of Blood                - 
             -         What being sacrificed is like         -
             -                A prayer sent                  -
             -        WHO? -- An Interview with Aginor       -
             -                Personal Ads                   - 

___                                                                    ___
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/__|                         EDITOR'S NOTE                            |__\

Hello everyone!

This last week, we added a new crop of immortals to the immort staff.
Every six months, we open up for proposals, which are voted on by the
imm staff. More information about proposing can be found at the

Kae and Cheyla were chosen among the applicants for the Building
Department, Huginn was chosen from among the applicants for the Coding
Department, and Stile, Natalia, Chimera, and Oandlig were chosen for
the Player Relations Department. You'll be hearing more from them in
the next few weeks. I hope you'll all congratulate them and welcome
them to immorthood!

                                       Love to all,

___                                                                    ___
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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

         *(-)*(-)*(-)*(-)*(-)*(- August -)*(-)*(-)*(-)*(-)*(-)*

Monday,    August  3,  7:00 pm      - Q & A Session , OOC Auditorium
                                    Subject: Meet the New Imms!
Wednesday, August  5,  7:00 pm      - Tri-BOND Word Game by Chante'
Thursday,  August  6,  8:00 pm      - OOC Discussion Re: Rusalka's Tudor UPdate
Friday,    August  7, 11:30 pm      - Trivia by Skateboarder 
Monday,    August 10,  7:00 pm      - Q & A Session, OOC Auditorium
Sunday,    August 16,  3:00 pm      - Pirate Treasure Hunt
Monday,    August 17,  7:00 pm      - Q & A Session, OOC Auditorium
Monday,    August 24,  7:00 pm      - Q & A Session, OOC Auditorium

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/__|                             ARTICLES                             |__\

The following is the log of a Q & A session on the topic of role play.
Check events (by typing 'events') for all upcoming sessions.

Question 1: The bounds of RP

Fuzzey asked: 'Can someone accuse me of murder get everyone mad and
basically get a whole lot of people out to get me?'

Frater Tancred of Nottingham said: 'As long as it's in character for
both parties involved they can do practically everything.'

LadyAce replied: 'On the one hand, rp only works by the will of the
workers, and without mutual consent goes nowhere. On the other hand, no
one can bug you constantly, if it gets to the point of harassment, it's
against the rules.'

Ladyace added: 'What you should do is simply say, I do not wish to be
involved in the RP scenario you are putting together. Please do not
involve me.' I think if you talk to them ooc they'll understand.'

A quiet Celtic lass said: 'One major annoyance is people not knowing
when to stop.'

A chivalrous being added: 'I usually tell people I RP with that it is
just RP, and not OOC.'

Frater Tancred of Nottingham added:  'You can always resort to a
mudmail beginning with THIS IS AN OOC NOTE in nice friendly letters,'

Question 2: Player-Run Events

Tor asked: 'Can we as players set up tinyplots on event list etc?' 

LadyAce said: 'Of course! Player-run activities, so long as they are
organized with me in advance, go into the events list.' 

LadyAce added: 'Of course, they have to be open to all players, not
just those in the rp group, or whatnot.'

The Dark Messiah asked: 'If a mortal were to ask an immort if the said
mortal could run a gam like a flag hunt according to the mortals rp,
would that be ok?'

LadyAce said: 'Well, a mortal can suggest ideas for one...but can't
really run one. All the work is done by the imm.'

The Dark Messiah asked: 'What about scavenger hunts?' 

LadyAce responded: 'Well, presumably a mortal could devise a list and
announce and judge, and just tell the imm who won. The down side being
it has to be approved by me, and that means you write it up in advance
and send it to me. But then you do get prizes for the game.' 

            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
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/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

                                *   *   *

                       Theft at Margery's Toy Stall!

The Sheriff of Nottingham has reported a crime at Margery's Toy Stall,
on Thursday, August 11, Circa 1540 AD.  Margery's, long known for their
highest qualty toys and games for families, had just gotten in a new
shipment from the Swiss.  Among the collection was a small stock of pet
toys.  Upon opening the stall on Friday, August 12, Margery was shocked
to discover that one of the toys was missing!

"I was stunned!", said Margery May, owner of Margery's Toy Stall.  "I
couldn't believe it!  Not that I was robbed - with that wicked Robin
lurking around every corner, but that the only thing taken was one
toy!  We had a new one as a prototype, and were going to accept

The prototype was a long stick, with a string attached.  A bundle of
feathers is tied to the other end of the string.

"We'd intended to develop a new game:  Bad-Pole-Mitten - a combination
of Badmitten and a MayPole.  The idea was for one person to run around
with the stick in the air, while others tried to bat the feathers.",
reported Margery.  "Now I guess we'll never finish it."

The Sherrif's office reports only one clue at the scene:  a small
triangle of black cloth, possibly from an eyepatch, was discovered on
the floor.

Citizens are ordered to report any leads they might have to the local

                                *   *   *

                            Description Changes

Bethra will now appear as:

a luscious lady
A luscious lady curtsies before you gracefully, smiling enchantingly.

As I've now gotten wealthy enough I've decided to retire.
My services will no longer be available at a price.
I will still be around and I'm sure I'll be in the mood
every now and again. *wink*


Straussy will now appear as:

Sir Straussy Milano
A charming Sicilian knight is here, smirking at you.

                                *   *   *

                 How Ezekiel recieved the Book of Iscariot 

As Ezekiel sat in his study that fateful afternoon, he could tell
something was brewing. It had been only days since he had been
installed as Guildmaster of the Iscariots, yet his first order of duty,
to rebuild the clan, was a colossal one indeed. He had barely let the
ink dry on the proclamation that the Iscariots were again opening their
doors when the Prophets called to him in unison.

"Ezekiel," they said in a booming voice, "climb the mountain
Kiliminjaro for there is something of grave importance you must receive
there." Not being one to quibble with the words of the Prophets,
Ezekiel hurried from his study and made his way to the imposing
mountain on the Serengeti plane.

No sooner had he reached the base of the mountain did he realize that
something special was in store for him once he reached the summit, even
though he could not see clearly for a thick blanket of clouds covered
the peak. Quickly chanting under his breath, his feet floated off the
ground and the clandestine prophet moved his way up the side of the
giant rock. 

He moved up the mountain with rapid speed, knowing that each second
slower he went was another second it would be before he could know what
the Prophets had in store for him. Soon, he had breached the cloud
cover and was now engulfed in the thick mass of white and gray.  It
didn't concern him. All he could think of was reaching the summit and
discovering what the Prophets had decided for his immediate future. 

He was disappointed to find nothing special when he reached the top.
The land was barren, no more than he would expect considering the
extensive winds and ravaging weather the mountaintop suffered.
However, the blandness would not remain long as soon the entire
mountain was encased within a bright white light that seemed to have no
source and no ending. 

The light disseminated all around Ezekiel and he struggled to find his
balance within the blinding whiteness.  However, that would not be the
end of the of the onslaught of nature thrown at the newly enshrined
head of the Iscariots. 

"Why are you doing this?" Ezekiel cried out, his face whipped by the
sand the wind carried with it.

A booming cry of "Silence" echoed among the hilltops and immediately
all was calm around the lone believer. He floated comfortably inside a
small vortex, propped up by the swirling winds.

"We have brought you here for a reason," boomed a now singular voice.
"The brotherhood has failed to maintain the relationship with the
Prophets as we have indicated should be done. You, Ezekiel, are now in
charge of the clan. It will be your job to return your group to the
values we instruct."

"But," stammered Ezekiel, "have we not always gone forth to teach the
world of your commandments?"

"No," boomed the voice. "You have brought differences within the
Prophets when none existed. We do not believe different things, mortal.
We are agreed upon all we decide. It is your weakness that you
capitulated to others beliefs of us. We know you are the last remaining
believer and we will not let you fail to rebuild the clan in our mould."

"How?" said Ezekiel.  "How do I convince others of what you have told
me I must do?"

"We will instruct more specifically when the time comes," said the
voice. "However, for now, you will take this and you will you read from
it to all who will listen. It is the Book of Iscariot, our sacred text,
and the base on which you will live your life." And at the moment the
voice became hushed, Ezekiel could again not believe his eyes.

From inside the whiteness emerged a figure, not
human, whose aura fluctuated at the edges. It spoke in a familiar voice
and Ezekiel immediately recognized it: Sharpe, founder of the

"Brother," said Sharpe, "it is time for you to take the mantle I died
defending. Take this book and read to all that will listen. Make it
your life, your soul, your very existence. Give it to no one and let no
one see the sacred pages. They are for the leader of the Iscariots
only, and as long as that is you, you shall be the only one to read its

Ezekiel took the Book of Iscariot from Sharpe and felt the power that
he had so long searched for flow through his veins. He had many steps
to take before joining the Prophets, but Ezekiel was on his way.

"Go," said Sharpe. "Take this and rebuild my
brotherhood. Make them powerful again. Show the world that you speak
for the Prophets.  Do only as we say. You must explain yourself to no
one. Go, and may the Prophets be with you." 

Ezekiel was placed quietly on the ground and tucked the book in his
satchel and prepared to make his way down the mountain when Sharpe
called from behind. "Be careful," Sharpe called. "Many will want to
know the words written on the pages of the most sacred text. It is your
job to share them, but not to give them to anyone. Go, Ezekiel, and
triumph our words."

And soon all was as silent as before. The blinding light was gone and
the wind was quiet.  Ezekiel made his way down the mountain, energized
like never before since he was cast off from heaven, determined to make
his way back to his rightful place among the Prophets.

                                *   *   *

                              The Future...

As I slept, she came to me, whispering words of the future. 'I've other
things for you to do now, my daughter,' she whispered. And while I
tried, I could not open my eyes to glance upon this Goddess next to me.
Yet the vision of her I was able to see still. 'What is it you ask of
me?' I questioned curiously, in my thoughts alone, and she read each.

'Your time of fighting is done. You will seek another enlightenment in
the future. May it guide you always. I will be with you, my daughter.'
And the darkness returned.

I jumped to my feet, as soon as able, peering about for even the
smallest glance, but she was gone. Her words echo in my mind still.
With this, I leave my sisters, searching for that which my Goddess has
asked of me. I bid them all well, as I know they do the same for me.
Perhaps, in the future our paths will cross, and we will fight beside
each other again.

                                *   *   *

                             A drop of blood....

The world today is growing darker. The winds of time are becoming
blackened by the Dark Lord's growing strength. Recently, I was in an
inn in the walled city of tara, speaking with the stubborn rabbit
Fuzzey, attempting yet again to persuade him to the Dark, where he
belongs.  Bryony then gave me an idea; using a dagger sized more like a
needle, I stabbed Fuzzey in the leg, took some blood, and carefully
placed it in a vial, which of course I then marked as containing
Fuzzey's blood.

Of course, this explanation leaves a looming question: what can I do
with Fuzzey's blood? All I am willing to say is that I am a master of
genetic alteration and engineering, and can do amazing things with just
a bit of blood.

          	     I warn you; the Last Day is nigh.   
Signed,                                              ______\___
Aginor Chuain Shadowmage                             _______ \
The Dark Messiah                                      /    |___\____
Grand Master of the Dark Enforcers                   /    -|     \

                                *   *   *

                      What being sacrificed is like

In the past weeks i have been accused of sacrificing a small child to
that infernal dark lord.I would never do such a thing because i have
been sacrificed quite a few times.Now id like to share some of those
experiences with you as proof that i would not , and could not do

#1: I was in tara (level 1) and went into the forest-i stumbled upon a 
huge tree and , being curious , went inside. There was an old man there 
who appeared to be quite sad and crying. I went up to him, tugged on his 
big green robe , and asked him what was wrong. As soon as he noticed 
what i was he grabbed me by the back and put some strange powder on my 
nose- i blacked out instantly. When i awoke i was on a red altar , 
aurrounded by people in green robes - the old man was also there and 
chanting something.All of a sudden he lifted a quite large golden sickle 
and held it up to my little throat and continued his chanting-i was 
scared out of my wits. I tried to move but couldnt - the old man rose 
the sickle up high in the air and the sound of a fleshy chop was the 
last i heard. For some strange and miaculous reason i appeared in an inn 
after that ritual.

#2Im at Cara's wedding and everything is perfect.The rings had just been 
exchanged when Aginor suddenly proclaimed:'To make this marriage 
ultimately binding, wemust have a sacrifice!' I ran around frantically 
and squeeled in fear as i heard this for i knew what was coming.'Fuzzey, 
you have been chosen for this.'proclaimed aginor.Midnight Black swirled 
around me and i rose from the ground-i tried to scream but before i 
could red lighting stroke me.When i awoke it was after the ceremony-Cara 
told me the light had awoken me and i was quite thankful.

There are other times i have been sacrificed but i dont want to give my 
enemies any ideas-i simply want to say that i did not sacrifice a baby 
and would never do so. If you doubt me go through such a ritual and see 
if you could be able to do something as wretched as sacrifice.

Fuzzey the Bunny

                                *   *   *

                              A prayer sent

I do not know what to do anymore, Lord. As if the sudden disappearances
of Wynter were not enough, my poor grandmother has fallen silent.

Last week we were speaking of my newfound skill, in surgery, when
Jen-Jen came to speak with us. 

Her first question was what turned my poor Grandma Denstra mute.

"Denstra! Cousin!" She said from a distance before reaching us. After a
short embrace she spoke again, "How is your fiancee, Emrys, dear?" Not a
minute later grandma was on the ground, crying. Her sobs were quiet, as
she tried to contain herself--after some help she returned to her feet
and opened her, now glazed over, eyes. "I am sorry cousin. Is it that
bad?" Jen-Jen asked. Yet no words came from my grandma's mouth. That is
when I spoke.

"Grandma has had a hard time dealing with the disappearance of her
fiancee," I explained, "she seems to break down whenever we speak of
her." I embraced my grandma and tried to get words from her, but it was
no use. My Grandma Denstra was too shaken. In her trance-like state,
words would not form.

I parted with Jen-Jen and took my grandmother to the nearest inn, the
Silver Branch. I put her to bed with hope that when she would next wake
her joyous vocal cords would spring open in song. This was an empty
dream, though. I knew then, as I do now, that the only hope is through

Dear God, please send Emrys back soon. I do not know what to do without
the sound of my grandmother's voice. Thank you, Lord. Amen.


                                *   *   *

          __            __  _     _   _______    _____
          \ \    /\    / / | |   | | |  ___  |  / __  \
           \ \  /  \  / /  | |___| | | |   | |  \_\ \ |
            \ \/ /\ \/ /   |  ___  | | |   | |      / /
             \  /  \  /    | |   | | | |___| |     /_/ 
              \/    \/     |_|   |_| |_______|     __
               by CLeo of the Circle of Angels      

Hello Legenders!  This week, I've risked my soul and asked Aginor to 
answer some questions...  I hope you stay put for the interview...
He reminded me that people who didn't finished reading this would
somehow pay...

Name: Aginor Chuain Shadowmage
Occupation: Grand Master of the Dark Enforcers, and the Dark Messiah

Q - How long have you been a GM?
A - Hmm...  Come to think of it, I don't recall well.  I'd say a few
    months, with a two-week break in between.

Q - How did you became a GM?  What made you take a decision?
A - The Dark Lord told me that I must go out and re-organize the
    forces of evil; at that time, not a great long time after the
    Anti-Paladins had died, there was a need for His presence in the
    world.  Ronnie came to me then, wishing to serve the Dark Lord,
    and from there the Dark Enforcers became reality.

Q - What animal would you say reflects your personality?
A - I would say the raven, black as night, flourishing off the death 
    and carnage of severed life-threads.

Q - If you could build your dream house, what would it look like?
A - Lightning, constantly flaring into a lake of blood outside a house
    built of annealed obsidian and rotting blackwood, festering
    corpses decorating the lawn of deadened grass and flowers.  Or
    more of a mansion, highly gothic.  And somehow, constantly on
    fire without ever being destroyed at all.

Q - What do you absolutely do not beleive in?
A - Quite obviously, I do not believe in the fact that the pitiful
    Light-blind wretches will ever see proof of their God and escape
    their destiny with the Dark Lord.

Q - What is your favorite meal?
A - I don't have a specific favorite meal...  Sometimes I like a nice,
    bloody slab of Englishman steak tartar...  Occasionally, 
    Australian cuisine.  Generally, though, I like humans of any
    ethnic background; i'm equal opportunity.

Q - Tell us a bit about yourself...  What do you like?  What do you
A - Actually, it is quite simple.  Anybody so devoted to the Dark Lord
    could like nothing beyond his presence, therefore, I like nothing
    but the Dark Lord's favor and power.  As for what I dislike...I
    dislike fools who think the Light will prevail, morons who think
    they can betray their oaths to the Shadow, and people who forget
    to put the little plastic thingy on bread bags after taking a

Q - If I could grant you a wish, what would it be?
A - The power to change what I can, the inability to accept what I
    can't, and the incapacity to tell the difference...  Oh, and the
    eternal reign of my Dark Lord and Master.

Q - What would you consider a good offrand for the Dark Lord?
A - Generally, for unbelievers, their pledge of life and soul,
    For one such as me, the continuing service to Him and being loyal
    to the pledge of life and soul.  Kiling a few traitors and
    unbelievers, or rabbits, doesn't hurt.

Q - A few last words to tell to our audience?
A - I would like to leave the readers with the Enforcers' motto
    "Bhuuesco Umbra, Hatanoceo Praya Navita, Cruensseasrjit,
    Geropayati Lokemundux!"  Remember that the day of his return draws
    ever closer... Remember that soon, the Dark Lord will descend 
    upon you!


That concludes another edition of "WHO?".  I would like to remind you 
that most of the people interviewed were picked randomly.  

I am open to interviewing people on requests as long as there is a good 
reason (example: the person is a known, is a GM, old legend player... 
the person achieved something really awesome/great... or any other good 
valuable reason).  I do give myself the right to decline requests if be 
needed.  But I doubt I will decline any. 

Do not forget that you may send in some questions that you would like me 
to ask my victims.

Until next time...  May luck be on your path for ever everyone!


                                *   *   *

                              Personal Ads:
White male Vampire, looking for charming mistress. Appreciation of the 
darker arts, moonlit walks, and bloodshed a plus. Shapely figure 
preferred, and no deformities. Applicants please submit a picture to:
R. Valthalas,
Daham Road, Romainia
Apt 2, 124566
Single Templar, looking for friend. Healthy intrest in helping others a 
must. Christian faith only, must be orthodox. Also, im willing to share 
my abilities for those in need of help. Apply to:
St. Joeseph Convent
Rm #4, 198832
Scruffy rogue seeks Female Companion. Intrests: Long baths, sunbeams, 
and hunting small prey. Moonlight singing a plus! K9 lovers need not 
apply. Applicants send mail to:
Greebo D. Kat
Richard the Innkeeper's windowsill
124343, West Sherwood
All who wish ads for the next column, send your application to: Ronnie 
Valthalas. All apps will be edited for appropriate content

Legendary Times is published by the immortals of LegendMUD. Please send all
replies, additions, or corrections to our address at [email protected] for
inclusion in the next edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate
this discussion, and may object to some submissions.
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