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VOLUME FIVE, ISSUE TWENTY-FOUR                             August 9th, 1998

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

             -               The Editor's Note               -
             -          Upcoming Calendar of Events          -

             -        Announcing: Maritime Theme Week        -  
             -         Attention Kenny Game Players!         -
             -      Meet the New Imms: A Multi-Week Series   -
             -              Help: Harassment                 -
             -             Joule's Latest Game!              -

             -              Murder In Sherwood!              -
             -            Freedom for Crowe's Soul?          -   
             -               A Guiding Crystal               - 
             -     The Tragic Death of Greebo GrowlTiger     - 
             - WhiteRose's Name, and A Little About Her Life -
             -      Khamul Obtains a Powerful New Weapon     -
             -        Who? An Interview with Ezekiel         -
             - Blood and Death in the Ranks of the Vampires  -

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                         EDITOR'S NOTE                            |__\

Hello everyone!

The last few weeks have been busy ones for the immortal staff, and
that, as always, means change for players. We've added new imms to help
achieve our goals, new areas for you to explore, and new commands for
you to enjoy. The coders have been hard at work improving the code,
fixing bugs, and preparing to plunge into the oft-mentioned skill

Times of change can be frustrating for all of us. Sometimes we're
anxious for things to be fixed, or promised changes to go in, other
times we wish that things would just stop changing for a while, and
sometimes we wish things could be the way they were at some time past.
But change is also very exciting, rewarding, and challenging. It brings
new opportunities for every kind of player, whether they've been around
for four years or four days. In order for the mud to continue to offer
the best we can bring you, we must constantly improve it.

In the coming months, I hope you'll continue to support us with your
comments and patience.

                                       Love to all,

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

[All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

        *(-)*(-)*(-)*(-)*(-)*(- August -)*(-)*(-)*(-)*(-)*(-)*(-)

Monday,    August 10,  7:00 pm   - Q & A Session, OOC Auditorium
Saturday,  August 15, 11:00 am   - Trivia by Fatale
**August 16 to August 22 is 'Maritime' Theme Week in the PR Dept**
Sunday,    August 16,  3:00 pm   - Pirate Treasure Hunt!
Monday,    August 17,  7:00 pm   - Q & A Session
                                   **New Player Orientation**
Monday,    August 24,  7:00 pm   - Q & A Session, OOC Auditorium

Saturday,  August 29,  or...
Sunday,    August 30, (no time yet) - LegendMUD full offsite backup

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                     Announcing: Maritime Theme Week!

As you can see in the events list, next week should be packed with a
variety of games and activities centered around the sea. We'll have a
pirate treasure hunt, a pearl hunt, and a casino game, plus lots more!
The summer is slowly winding to a close for many of us, but not before
LegendMUD takes a trip to the beach!

                                (*) (*) (*)

                        Attention Kenny Game Players!

I would like to extend my apologies to all participants in the Kenny
Game who didn't get an rp string if they wanted one. I had phone
problems that started on last Friday and once they were resolved I lost
my ability to access my isp (no idea why, but it's fixed now). I will
extend the time limit to August 14th. Anyone who participated in the
game is eligible for one string. Feel free to ask me when you see me on.
Once again, my apologies to all.


                                (*) (*) (*)

                           Meet the new immortals!


Stile's RL name is Anders Wennerstrom**, and he's a chemical
engineering student in the University town of Lund, located in the
south of Sweden.  He was born in 1973, and in 1981 was fortunate to go
with his parents to live in Princeton, NJ, for a year. 

There he made a couple of friends, learned about RPGs, and fed corn
drops to the squirrels on campus.  During that year, he also traveled
extensively, and got the opportunity to watch alligators in the
Okeefenokee swamp park, see the Grand Canyon, and try to sneak into the
casinos in Las Vegas.  

Stile graduated from the Swedish version of high school in '92 and
promptly proceeded to the university, where he tried his hand at
sociology.  Realizing he was too sick of school he dropped out, and
decided to bum around for a while.

This lasted 6 months, until he went to Germany to delve deeper into
German grammar.  There he met a future president of the United States
(you will all be hearing from him in the future) and decided genetics
was kinda cool, which is why he embarked on a chemical engineering
program when he got home. The last 5 years he's been studying, and
although he should have had his MSc by now, it'll last him a while


Kae is a medieval history nut with a penchant for military history in
specific and curiosity enough to kill a dozen cats. Working at home,
she's a graphical designer who doesn't get to design much, and hobby
writer still unpublished at 27 years. Kae arrived in the virtual world
of LegendMUD in December '96, placing her among the younger of the new
roost of immortals, and will begin working for real on Malta of the
Knights of St John, 1615 AD, as soon as she gets her bearings (and her
ferrets reveal where they've hidden her notebook).

                                (*) (*) (*)

The following is a reminder from your friendly neighborhood admin
department, highlighting an important help file.

                           ___                ___
                           \  |--------------|  /
                           /__|  HARASSMENT  |__\

In the area of harassment, we are concerned primarily with two topics:
language used over public channels (general harassment) and harassment of
particular persons or groups (specific harassment).


LegendMUD has had players ranging from the age of seven on up. Therefore,
we strictly enforce the following restrictions on language:

* No sexually explicit or strong cursing language on public channels. This
  includes CHAT, INFO, AUCTION, clan channels, and on public boards. Upon
  occasion a chat conference that has the tag [adult] may be created by an
  immortal, and [adult] conferences may make use of stronger language.
  [Adult] conferences must be explicitly joined by the individual, and
  hence listening to one implies acceptance of the language there.

* Said language is also not permissible in private communication--for
  example in mudmail, using the TELL command, or on clan boards--if it is
  unwelcome or someone hearing or receiving said language has asked you to

* Said language is also not permissible as part of a character name or
  title, or in illusions.

                           SPECIFIC HARASSMENT

* Derogatory comments directed at the player operating a character are
  outside the bounds of LegendMUD and therefore have no place here. Real
  life threats are not only unwelcome on LegendMUD, they are illegal in
  real life.

* A pattern of extreme rudeness toward a specific character or player that
  is judged to exist outside the framework of the game and roleplay will
  not be tolerated. If harassment persists, we will go so far as to contact
  the systems administrator at your site and request that punitive action
  be taken, such as restricting access to our port, Internet service, or
  even that school disciplinary or criminal charges be filed.

* Likewise, a pattern of aggressiveness that has the above characteristics
  will not be tolerated, particularly if the aggressor carries it across
  multiple characters. OOC harassment masquerading as IC roleplaying is

* Using unwanted and intimate socials on another character may be
  harassment. If he or she asks you to stop, then stop. In other
  circumstances, use your good judgment and remember that there is a
  person behind the character in the game.

* 'Spamming,' or the practice of sending repeated strings of text, is not
  allowed. Spamming a particular individual in tells will be considered
  harassment as will spamming over public channels.

* Racist or sexual slurs or slurs against any group are not any more
  permissible than the personal attacks forbidden above. Sexual harassment,
  including unwanted advances, is also not tolerated, including in names,
  titles, on public channels, in illusions, etc.

* Asking players repeatedly for help--spellword locations, equipment stats,
  skill advice, etc.--may be considered harassment in certain cases.

* In general, if a player asks you to leave him or her alone, you would be
  advised to comply.

See HELP RULES for basic guidelines and a list of related help files.

                                (*) (*) (*)

                             Joule's Latest Game!

'You don't look like an Imm.'
'Wow, you're wearing mortal equipment!'
'Why don't you have everything strung like the other Imms do?'

	These are the some of the things Joule hears frequently.  On a
Mud which encourages the use of strings to enhance a character's
personality, one would think that the Immorts would have their
'outfits'.  But not so with Joule.  I've offered to string stuff for
her, but she's never really been sure what her 'look' should be.

	However, now it seems the time has finally come for Joule to
get decked out.  And in her typical fashion, she's making a game of
it.  What follows is what she gave me for posting in the LT.


Hi everybody! Time for a new game! I desperately need new clothes.
Starting at 12:01am sys time Aug 9, and running until Aug 17 5pm sys
time I will be taking suggestions from the players for the strings that
will make up my attire for at least 30 days. During the week of play you
can feel free to ask me to let you have a look at me and to talk with me
if you wish to learn about who Joule is, if it will help you with your

One suggestion per character will be allowed. Not all wear slots need
be filled, but the more complete a look the better. Since I will be
wearing the winning strings for at least 30 days, I have sole say as to
who the grand prize winner will be (based, of course, on the ideas
presented). In addition there will be prizes awarded to 1st, 2nd, and
3rd places. 

These 3 places will be decided upon by a panel of three PR Imms:
Rusalka, Satsu, and myself. The prizes will be a multi-color string for
Grand Prize; a single-color string for 1st place; a non-color string
for 2nd place; and either a token or a color adding coupon (players
choice) for 3rd. Remember I am giving you permission to bug me if you
see me on, however I would like to ask that you be patient as I may be
being spammed. I will respond to everyone who asks me.

Hope this one's as much fun as the last.


                                (*) (*) (*)

            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

                                (*) (*) (*)

                            Murder In Sherwood!

It is a beautiful day in the land of Sherwood. Bluebirds chirping,
bunnies hoping, and good Will O' Green collecting. A country maid
strides by and she notices some flowers. She bends over to pick them,
when suddenly, out of the bushes rushes a small Arabic man. He pounds
the maid to death. When it is over, the man bends over, and sticks his
finger in a large bludgeon. He puts the finger to his lips, tasting the

'Bah! She has been around,' Muhammad mumbles, his eyes averted.

'Do not worry, young Muhammad, patience is the key. You will find blood
worthy enough to cast your spell, and become even more powerful,' a
voice from the bushes is heard. It is hard to distinguish if the voice
is male or female, for each word flows together, as the voice is

'My patience is wearing thin, and I need the blood pure of sin to
complete my spell. I never thought finding it would be such a hard
task.' Muhammad mumbles, as he slips back into the bush.


Muhammad and the figure in the bush sit and wait. They wait for the
perfect victim. They wait for the blood pure of sin. They wait, and
grow wary of it.

                                (*) (*) (*)

                             A Guiding Crystal

One of my earliest memories was sitting at my grandmother's knee
watching and learning as she cast her spells, weaving her magic
throughout our lives.  I was always fascinated by her shimmering
crystal ball.  I would look deep into the center while she manipulated
it, watching the swirling lines of power shift and undulate like a
living thing.

This is how I grew up, under the tutelage of my kind, gentle
grandmother.  After a time, of course, I decided it was time to leave,
time to make my name known in this world, after all, grandmothers can
only teach us so much...

I traveled a long way indeed, seeing wondrous and oftimes frightening
things, dabbling in the magics of other denizens of our world, learning
and sharing as I went.  When one day, all of a sudden, a vision came to
me in a bright flash of light.  My grandmother stood before me, much as
I've always remembered her, her lovely smooth face shining as she
looked at me, her soft white hair pulled neatly back.

She held her arms out to me and then she faded from view.  This vision,
while in itself seemed like nothing, left an unsettling feeling inside
me as if something momentous had happened and I had missed it.  I
dropped everything I had been doing and headed straight while in itself
seemed like nothing, left an unsettling feeling inside me as if
something momentous had happened and I had missed it.  I dropped
everything I had been doing and headed straight back to my beloved

Upon arriving home I found that my suspicions were correct.  My dear,
sweet grandmother lay on her bed, ghastly pale, with candles
surrounding her, the dark recesses of the room filled with restless
waiting spirits,  At first, I feared that I was too late, she lay so
still, so quiet.  But then, I saw her chest rise, ever so slightly, and
I ran to her side and took her hand in mine.

When she felt my touch she opened her beautiful grey eyes and looked at
me.  "Ah," she said, I see you got my summons.  I was afraid I was too
weak, too tired." and she smiled gently at me.  "My dearest
granddaughter," she said, "It is time.  I have been in this realm for
too long and I must continue my journey now."

At this, I thought to protest, but then I looked at her and saw that
she was correct. and I bowed my head so that she wouldn't see the tears
shimmering in my eyes.  And I said, "This is the fate of all mankind,
grandmother.  Soon, I will join you and we will follow our path
together once again."

At this she gave a dry chuckle and said "Not too soon, my darling.
You have much work yet to do.  Which brings me to the reason I summoned
you, other than wanting to see you one last time."

Suddenly, she raised her hand and her crystal ball flew from its stand
next to the bed to her and hovered above her.  She reached up and
placed the tips of her fingers gently on the shimmering surface of the
crystal and told me to do the same.  The moment I touched the crystal
currents of power rushed through me, transfixing me, searing me,
overwhelming my mind for a moment and when my mind cleared I looked
down and my beloved grandmother was gone.  Not a trace of her

Oddly, I did not feel the sorrow I had felt earlier, I felt a peaceful
calm descend on me and I heard the barest whisper say, "Follow your
heart, the crystal will guide you."

And I was alone.

                                (*) (*) (*)

                       Freedom for Crowe's Soul?

   Along the battlements of the Dann castle walked a pair, disturbed
only by the day's buffeting wind. The young man was tall and thick, and
swathed in dark-hued garments which had begun to show their first
tatters already. He walked with his hands clasped behind his back. The
woman, a deal older, walked gracefully by his side with an expression
mixed of present joy and faraway sadness. She was still beautiful, but
her hair, many shades lighter blonde than the young man's, had
succumbed to a few wisps of gray. It was she who broke the long silence

   'Did you find him?'

   It took some moments before he was able to give the answer he knew
she already expected, but finally he lowered his head and stated, 'He
is dead.'

   Her own head fell slowly, and another brief silence was followed by
her reply. 'Oh.'

   'I am sorry, mother.'

   She laughed. It was forced and unnatural, and it startled him
somewhat. 'Are you?'

   He said, 'Aye, mother, I am. I know it causes ye pain, and for that
I am truly sorry.'

   'But,' she said, 'I'll bet that you're not too sorry he's gone.' He
raised his head and stared at the sky beyond. After a moment of
contemplation he replied, 'I am uncertain.'

   Still walking, she turned to look at him. 'You're not kidding? Now
that's a switch. Before your uncle sent you away you would've cursed
his name and run away angry.  Why the sudden change?'

   'I don't know,' he sighed. 'I have spent my entire life hating him,
and I've always thought of him as a vile and dishonorable man. But now
that I've traveled in his realm and asked others who knew him, they
provide a different picture. Both friend and foe respected him and have
fond memories of him. They believe as ye do: that he was flawed, but
good. They liked him.'

   'Like who?' He chuckled. 'Well, of course there's Tempus.' 

   'He's still around?' She giggled. 'Wow, I would never have thought
you'd see him. How is he?'

   The young man said, smiling, 'He is fine. He asked after ye, and
asked me to wish ye well. We get on well, although when the subject
turned to my father, we nearly came to blows.'

   Laughing, she replied, 'I can see where saying nasty things about
him might upset Tempus.'

   'Well, 'twas he who convinced me to join him in the effort to free
my father's spirit.'

   The woman stopped walking suddenly and turned to face him. 'His
spirit? You mean, his soul is trapped somewhere?'

   'Aye,' he said, stopping also. 'A man named Marcel Alexander holds
it captive. He claims that my father stays with him willingly, but I do
not believe him, and Sir Tempus and I seek to free him.'

   She seemed confused. 'And you're doing this willingly?' He said,

   'Mayhap I know not the entire story of my father and what sort of
man he was. I am willing to at least allow him to rest peacefully.'

   'Dear, I'm proud of you!' beamed the lady. 'You really are growing
up, aren't you. And I think you're doing the right thing. I do love
your father and I want to know he's safe. How are you going to do it?'

   'Marcel has offered a challenge,' said the young man.  'Tempus and I
must complete three tasks to prove our virtue as Knights, and if we do
he has promised to release my father. We have completed one, but the
other two rely on circumstance, and I am still awaiting the chance to
fulfill them as well. Worry not, mother, we shall succeed.'

   She smiled and said, 'I know you will, dear.' She spread her arms
and the two hugged each other warmly.  Then she added, 'You're strong
and you've got courage.  And that makes you more like your father than
you realize.'

   'Me, like my father.' He pondered this a moment. 'I am still not
entirely certain that would be a good thing.'

   She touched his face compassionately with her delicate hand and told
him, 'One day, my son, you will be sure.'

   As they turned and took shelter from the wind inside a castle gate,
the sun escaped from behind the clouds, turned the castle's spires to
brilliant gold, and shined benevolently upon them both.

                                (*) (*) (*)

                    The Tragic Death of Greebo Growltiger

   His sole eye glowing with excitement, Greebo strode through the streets 
of Aquae Sulis.  He'd never seen such splendor!  The town had been closed 
to foreigners since time forgotten, but now, with new leadership in place, 
finally he was free to roam the forbidden streets.  (Naturally, Greebo 
wanted desperately to get into any place that was closed to him.)

   Having been thankfully restored to his natural shape, for the time being 
at least, he leapt over walls and crawled through tunnels, exploring every 
nook and cranny.  Oh! but there was such wonderful pleasures for a cat 
here!  Lovely sheep to chase, chickens to eat, children to hide from!  He 
was in heaven.

   Several hours of exploring brought him to a deliciously warm, steamy 
area.  The ever surprising humans had built a building around a hot lake of 
some sort, and were wearing odd robes and enjoying wafts of steam.  While 
Greebo was naturally adverse to water, there was a room that was very dry 
and ooh, very warm.  It was easy to ignore the odd little human in the 
corner shoveling some black rocks into a fire and drift off to sleep.

   Suddenly, and without warning, a pair of tiny hands wrapped around him! 
 He scrambled to get free, but relaxed a bit when he realized that it was 
only one of the children playing at being grown-up he'd seen in a big bowl 
shaped room earlier.

   "Ar!  I've caught a monster!  Foul demon, you shall burn for your 
sins!", the lad, dressed in a funny outfit and wearing an eyepatch, 
exclaimed.  Greebo made a good show of scrambling for freedom, glaring 
balefully with his one eye.  Then, suddenly, his discomfort turned to 
outright panic.  One of the other children had opened the grating covering 
the fire!

   "Throw it in!  Throw it in!" the children chanted!  Without hesitation, 
the miniature pirate tossed Greebo into the heart of the fire, while the 
other children slammed the grate shut behind him!

   Unable to escape, Greebo wailed in pain!  Then, without warning, and as 
often happened in situations a normal cats shape was unequipped to deal 
with, Greebo changed.  In the blink of a whisper, the wail became a deep 
throated scream of abject terror and fury as Greebo's shape became human! 
 The children screamed and ran, leaving Greebo to his fiery fate!  The 
flames crackled and burned, turning to ash what little clothing there was 
protecting the tortured shape.  As he shouted and screamed, banging against 
the walls, he saw his beloved cat-toy fishing rod disintegrating before his 

   Mercifully, he passed out.

   For a long time, there was nothing.  Then, as if in a dream, he heard 
his Nanny's voice!  "Esme!  Over here, I've found him!  Turn that valve and 
drain the baths, and then grab that other bucket and help me douse the 
fire!"  Then a loud hissing, and a blessed cool splash washed over him, 
followed by the sense of hands grabbing at him.  And then the dreams came 
again...   ..."Gytha, I'm not sure that we can save him!"... ..."None of 
that from you, Esmerelda Weatherwax!  'Twas YOUR idea to shape him as a 
human, and he's not been right since.  You'll not shake your responsibility 
now!"...  ..."Gythia Ogg, how dare you!  I'll show you how a Ramtops Witch 
handles her *responsibilities*!"...

   Again, nothing - for a long time and forever, nothing.  And then, he 
opened his eye.

   He was tucked in a corner in a sandy street, weak as a kitten.  Around 
him, desert sands blew, and strange men in long robes and turbans walked 
back and forth.  He felt different, very different.  He knew that he'd lost 
a life - that was clear.  But he'd never felt so alive!  So...sensitive to 
the world around him - and that's a surprising sensation to a cat!  Granny 
must have really poured herself into her work.  Good old Nanny Ogg and 

   For several weeks, he avoided the outside world, making a makeshift home 
in a strange apartment of a dark man wearing robes covered with odd 
symbols.  He'd seen the man before the burning, for certain, but now, the 
man's actions seemed to make sense to him in a way he'd never imagined 
before!  Before long, Greebo was able to understand the words the strange 
man was saying!

   Finally the time came when Greebo was well enough to go out into the 
world.  When he did, he went as a changed cat.  Sparks lit his baleful 
yellow eye from behind, and fire crackled between his claws.  For all his 
gains, something had been lost, for a dark air hung around the Growltiger - 
a deep rage against the humans who burned him continued to smolder, 
threatening to explode into a bonfire of hate and fury.

                                (*) (*) (*)

           The Story of WhiteRose's Name, and A Little About Her Life

	When I was born, my mom thought I was as pretty as her favorite
flower, so she named me after that flower, Rose.  I was born in London,
in a small hospital where the overworked, tired nurse filled out the
birth certificate wrong.  My family surname was White. My mother wanted
me to be Rose White. The nurse was so tired, she filled the last name
in for the first and the first name in for the last. My mother was
appalled to see that I was officially named WhiteRose on my birth
certificate, but she did not change it. She just called me Rosie

	All through my childhood, my family called me Rosie. I really
hated that. I liked the name WhiteRose. It was pretty, feminine and it
was my favorite color of the flower i was named after. I always made
sure that I would collect roses from the garden every day for my room,
and to use in my bath, and I would make sure that the roses were
primarily (if not all) white.

	One day, when I was 16, my family called me Rosie one too many
times. I was mature for my age, and was ready to leave home I thought.
I grabbed a few things, a dagger to be sure I could protect myself, and
set off to explore the world. I came across a way to travel through
time, and found myself in the ancient world, in what I now know was the
land of Eire. Here I met another time traveler. He was tall, and
handsome and his name was Beginner. He took me under his wing and
watched out for me. I was enchanted by him, and found myself falling in
love with him. Beginner and I wed a few months after our meeting each
other.We were unable to have children, but adopted 2 sweet little

	While married to Beginner, I met a man named Zenturus. He
introduced himself, and informed me he was a vampire. I had only heard
rumors about vampires and their ways when I was a child in London. When
I made mention of that to Zenturus, he thought I was making fun of him,
and he proceeded to turn me into a vampire. I then turned around and
made my whole family vampires. I now had the complection of a white
porcelain rose. The name fit me well.

	After my transformation, I felt trapped by Beginner, and
decided to get a divorce. I set out on my own, looking for adventure
and whatever else came my way. I got adventure when a lovely lady named
Bathsheba took an interest in me. I had never been in love with a woman
before, but when she gave me a glowing, preserved white rose, i fell in
love. Unfortunately, she was not around long, for she traveled much
with her clan of Prophet followers, and I never saw her again.

	I then met up with a woman, a lovely woman named Natalia. By
this time, I was feeling old and decrepit. She made me feel young
again. She, even before becoming a vampire, had the skin the color of a
white rose petal, and she always seemed to be carrying roses. I gave
her my most prized possession, a white rose, with 1 red petal, and then
I gave her my heart. We were married in Paris, in front of the Opera
house said to be haunted by a Phantom.

	After marrying Natalia, I had many items specially made for me
to let others know of my love for white roses, and the fact that it is
my name. I wear a green silk gown, with hand embroidered white roses on
it. I also wear a matching green velvet cloak. I carry a white rose at
all times, in one place or another.

	My love for roses started with my mother, but my name just
happened to be a fluke. But I do say I must thank that tired nurse, for
if she had not made that mistake, I would now be Rose White, not

                                (*) (*) (*)

                      Khamul Obtains a Powerful New Weapon

 ...Over the Gladden Fields rode the Nazgul, the terrible servants
of the Dark Lord. Leading this group on an errand was Khamul,
Lieutenant of the Nazgul. Galloping along as they were on their
darkest errand, they took little notice of the remains of a battle
as their horses trampled over the bloodied bodies.

   At last they came to the very spot they had been seeking: the
edge of the Anduin. For upon these very banks it was told to them
that the great Isildur had been slain and with him the Ring lost.
Frantically they searched as they could, e'en tho' the blight of
blindness be on them.

   For time they searched and yet to no avail. However, upon the
ground, a sword of great worth was found, broken into many shards
by some unknown means. Taking these Khamul set out with them with a
dark purpose in mind: to inflict pain and suffering upon those whom
would not submit their will to the Dark Lord.

   Yes and to this day, he continues to spread peril and evil by
using the rusted shards from a broken blade. You have been warned.

                                (*) (*) (*)

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               by CLeo of the Circle of Angels      

Hello Legenders!  This week, a clandestine prophet is the one I have
chosen for the interview.  Some strange and interesting things has
happend.  And they also changed his life...

Name: Ezekiel
Occupation: Guildmaster of the Iscariots, servant of the Prophets

Q - Why did you chose this path, becoming a Guildmaster?
A - When I first joined the Iscariots, I found that each of the members 
followed their own path to their own "Prophet".  As the clan began to 
disband and members retired, I found the power I felt from the Prophets 
increase inside me.  I came to the conclusion that there could not be 
this fragmentation of the Iscariots any longer.  This is when the 
Prophets called to me and revealed that they act as one, not in many 
different ways. When I found out that I was the last true believer, I 
took it upon myself to lead the clan toward realizing its 
goal of becoming one with the Prophets, or becoming Prophets ourselves. 
I chose to lead for the sake of the others.

Q - During your life as a prophet, what was the strangest phenomenon you 
have encountered?
A - Well, first of all, I'm no longer a Prophet. I think this is the 
most common misconception about our clan. I was once a Prophet, but I 
was kicked out of heaven for overstepping my bounds, becoming too full 
of myself.  I was given the opportunity to return should I prove myself 
worthy as a mortal again. I have pledged my life to serving the Prophets 
again and to do what is their will. Anyhow, I would think the most 
amazing phenomenon I have ever experienced was when the Prophets came 
together to give me the Book of Iscariot not long ago.  I saw, and 
heard, brother Sharpe, the founder of our clan, following the words of 
the Prophets and doing as they command.  

Q - What is it that you enjoy the most about life today?
A - Following the words of the Prophets and doing as they command.  It 
allows me the opportunity to do different things. I'm not required to 
act the same way in each situation because the Prophets may not demand 
that.  I live not by a script or a code, I live by the faith that the 
Prophets will guide me to ultimate truth and therefore, I do as they say.

Q - To which animal would you compare your inner self to?
A - This might sound weird, but an elephant.  I never
forget anything and I like to think of myself as someone who sees things 
through to the end and is incredibly dependable.  If I say I will do it, 
it will be done.

Q - What is your favorite meal?
A - Kosher roast beef sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mustard with a 
pickle on the side.

Q - What do you think of Nathaniel Ingersoll, the innkeeper?
A - Nathaniel Ingersoll?  I have not had much dealings with him. My
brothers and I have been considered fanatical before, but that man and 
his cohorts take the cake in their obsession with witches.

Q - If I could grant you a wish, what would it be?
A - To allow me to join the Prophets in that closed circle in heaven and 
for everyone on earth to understand the true power they behold.

Q - A few last words for our audience?
A - My words of advice would be to always follow the true path.  You 
must decide for yourself what is true and what is false, however, there 
is something special to be felt when you put your faith in the Prophets.


That concludes another edition of "WHO?".  I would like to remind you 
that most of the people interviewed were picked randomly.  

I am open to interviewing people on requests as long as there is a good 
reason (example: the person is a known, is a GM, old legend player... 
the person achieved something really awesome/great... or any other 
valuable reason).  I do give myself the right to decline requests if be 
needed.  But I doubt I will decline any. 

Do not forget that you may send in some questions that you would like me 
to ask my victims.

Until next time...  May luck be on your path for ever everyone!


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                  Blood and Death in the Ranks of the Vampires

A chill wind blows across the empty streets, full moon high in the
air.  Tipped stalls, doors left open, cart tracks still fresh in the
summer mud indicate a hasty evacuation. The residents obviously left in
great fear of their lives, and possibly with good reason.

Sounds of boots crunching the soft dirt are the only signs to indicate
any life left in the town. Outlined in the pale light of the moon, a
dark figure strides towards a darkened building with a large steeple,
most likely the church. His face hidden by the brim of a cap, it is
unknown what his purpose tonight could be.

As he reaches the fence enclosing the church graveyard, he sweeps his
cloak back and jumps the fence. Moving in, we see he has confronted
another man, one with a tall, slim frame, and a hollow looking bald
head. Dressed as perhaps a nobleman, his clothes are rich, but with
taste. One wonders what he is doing in a graveyard at this time of

The silence in the air is heavy as the two evaluate one another.
Finally, the arrival says, 'I have done what you asked, and the tokens
are yours.' Laying out a small blanket, upon which were a silver tube,
a scrap of torn paper, and a bit of uneaten cookie.

The nobleman replied, 'Very well, but will you not consider what your
giving up, undeserving as you are for a second chance. You've been a
faithful son for years Ronnie, and why give your immortality for a mere

'I have too long been blinded by my curse'

'What curse?' said the nobleman, 'Everything you could want has been

'Except true love and kindness', Ronnie replied

'Then it is your choice, let it be done,' the nobleman said, with a
slight hand gesture.

The nobleman drew his hands around in vague motions, chanting slightly
under his breath. Suddenly, there was a peal of thunder across the sky,
a flash of lightning, and a scream of agony as Ronnie started to pour
gouts of blood from every pore in his body. Rivulets of dark, light,
and positively black blood flowing from his body to the ground, the
pain bringing him to a kneeling, and then finally a collapsed

The nobleman stood laughing over the fallen man on the ground, gloating
over this moment. Laughingly he danced and capered in the blood soaked
soil, and over the still bleeding figure. 'You wanted your escape, and
now its yours. Maybe the survival rate isn't too good, but you never

Suddenly, the world goes black. Light fails to exist anywhere in the
room, even the light of the moon extinguishes. Lamps set on nearby
posts puff out with little more than a whisper. As sudden as the
darkness came, it is replaced by a blood-red light, bathing the faces
of the shocked pair. With a voice as black as rot, filled with the cold
horror of a razor blade slicing an eye, the sound of maggots on rotten
pork, the sound of the death crys of the innocent, intones menace upon
the scene. 

'Ronnie Valthalas, you have forsaken your post, for humanity. Now that
you have your truths, regain your stance or die and be tormented by my

Nodding weakly, the figure on the ground staggers for support on a 
tombstone. 'But how?' he asks in a weak defeated voice. 'Ive been 
drained of what I need to live, and cannot exist much longer'.

'Find it within yourself, and relive' once more the voice intones.

Staggering to his feet, Ronnie stumbles over to the gibbering nobleman, 
quickly grabbing him by the throat, panting with weakness. With feral 
savagery, he rips and feeds from the throat, actively killing his own 
father, the accursed Caine.

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