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VOLUME FIVE, ISSUE TWENTY-FIVE                            August 16th, 1998

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

             -               The Editor's Note               -
             -          Upcoming Calendar of Events          -

             -        Announcing: Maritime Theme Week        -  
             -            Current Trivia Standings           -
             -      Meet the New Imms: A Multi-Week Series   -

             -                  A New Birth                  -
             -    A note from the desk of Amadio Alvarado    -  
             -              A Traitor is Slain!              -
             -           An Offer You Can't Refuse           -
             -       A Strange Visit to Margery's Stall      -

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                         EDITOR'S NOTE                            |__\

Hello everyone!

As the summer winds to a close (at least for those of us in the
Northern Hemisphere), I am eagerly anticipating the resumption of
classes. Although I won't be attending any classes myself, fall always
means that many of our players will return from their summer breaks,
and the number of new players will increase. 

This influx of new players carries with it a great deal of potential --
the potential for new friends, new ideas, and new energy, as well as
the potential for tension between new and old players. To keep this
tension to a minimum, try to remember what it was like to be new here.
If someone is asking a lot of questions on chat, consider stopping in
at their hometown to drop off your own version of a welcome basket. A
few pieces of eq, a few spells cast, even just some gold, can really
make someone's day. 

Sometimes it can feel a little 'dangerous' to help someone -- if you
help them now, will they constantly demand help later? Remember that
the way you help them may be the way they insist on being helped, over
and over. Encourage self-sufficiency, for example by explaining how to
do something rather than doing it for them, and social skills, for
example by talking to them and using different interaction commands
(socials, talk, say, etc). The first few players they meet here may
very well be their role models for the future -- they're likely to do
unto others as you did unto them.

If you're feeling pestered, feel free to call on the imm staff to talk
with the person.  Sometimes a new player will need more time than you
have to offer, but don't forget that any offer will be appreciated, and
probably remembered for a long time.

                                       Love to all,

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

[All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

        *(-)*(-)*(-)*(-)*(-)*(- August -)*(-)*(-)*(-)*(-)*(-)*(-)

**August 16 to August 22 is 'Maritime' Theme Week in the PR Dept**
Sunday,    August 16,  3:00 pm   - Pirate Treasure Hunt!
Monday,    August 17,  7:00 pm   - Q & A Session
                                   **New Player Orientation**
Saturday,  August 22,  2:00 pm   - Maritime Casino Game
Monday,    August 24,  7:00 pm   - Q & A Session, OOC Auditorium
Saturday,  August 29,  or...
Sunday,    August 30, (no time yet) - LegendMUD full offsite backup

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                     Announcing: Maritime Theme Week!

As you can see in the events list, next week should be packed with a
variety of games and activities centered around the sea. We'll have a
pirate treasure hunt, a pearl hunt, and a casino game, plus lots more!
The summer is slowly winding to a close for many of us, but not before
LegendMUD takes a trip to the beach!

                                (*) (*) (*)

                             Meet the New Imms!            


Chimera has played Legend for nearly all the time that it's been up,
and fondly remembers all the oldbie things to remember.  IRL, he is a
DJ at a local nightclub 3 nights a week, decided not to go to college
right out of high school because he was sick of being educated, and is
trying his hand at filmwriting.  When he finally does end up in
college, he'll be double majoring in english/film theory

Until that point, he's keeping himself busy with surfing and mixing
CDs, painting, writing a screenplay and messing about on boats and in


The following is the log from the 'Meet the New Imms' Q & A session held
a while back.

Some Quick Intros:

Chimera says greedily, 'Ok, IRL, I'm Bill Mass, I live in Hawaii, I've
been playing Legend for way too long, (about 4 years now) and work at a
nightclub as a DJ instead of going to college.'

'I'm Guy, I live in Ann Arbor MI and work as a Unix Sysadmin,' Huginn
says.  'I've played here about 4 years.  some of you may remember me
from that time, if so then you've got a great memory!'

Kae says, 'I'm Birgitte, I live in Denmark, I've played almost two years, and I
work as a graphical designer.'

Chimera remembers Kae being a new new newbie here!

Natalia says curiously, 'Hi, I'm Nat, rl i live in a small town in New
Brunswick, Canada, and I've been playing Legend for um, at least 4 years now.'

'I'm Anders, I'm a chemical engineering student from Sweden, and I've been
playing here about a year and a half,' Stile says.

'Chimera, Natalia, and Stile are in PR, and Kae is in building,' you say. 'Do
you have any questions for them?'

New Areas:

Greebo says, with a hint of mischief, 'I was wondering what the new builders
have in mind for new areas?'

'Right... I'm working on Malta under the Knights of St John in 1615 - and I
know Cheyla is going to be working on Alaska,' Kae says.

Chimera says greedily, 'Gold Rush era.'

Satansbarbie gives a welcoming bunch of flowers to the new IMMs

The New Coder:

'You said there's a new coder?' Greebo says, with a hint of mischief. 'Two
parter:  One - what is your background in mud coding, and 2, what area's are
you going to be working on initially?'

'I've done some lpc .. I also work with C at work..' Huginn says.

'Do you know what areas you'll be working on, I should say? :) ,' Greebo says,
with a mischievous grin, to Huginn.

'I know how it is bringing a new coder onto a team :),' Greebo says, with a
mischievous grin, to Huginn.

'As far as coding projects go, those haven't been assigned yet.. I suspect that
to learn the ropes I am going to be doing some basic debuggin ,' Huginn says.

Ea! says, 'Probably skill trees, but that shouldn't be much of a suprise.'

PR Imm Projects:

Vandervecken says, looking self-assured, 'What exciting new PR projects will
the new PR imms be working on?'

'Assuming they end up working on what they applied for...can you guys describe
your projects?' you say.

Chimera's Project:

'I'll be running a sort of "question of the day" quiz game, to accomidate those
people who like trivia type stuff but can't stay for the whole triv session,'
Chimera says greedily.

'It'll be run off the welcome board, with extra hard questions, and give you 24
hours to answer,' Chimera says greedily.

Natalia's Project:

Natalia says, looking curious, 'I'm goign to be working on a tinyplot
centered in Industrial London.'

Stile's Project:

LadyAce says to Stile, 'You've got a myriad of large by them all, I
suppose :).'

'Ok, three sort of big'uns,' Stile says.

Stile says, '1) A version of recall, that would make it slightly, but radically

Stile says, '2) A version of the pirate treasure hunt, but more questlike.'

'And 3) a completely new game, I believe, a team sport, if I can make it work
with the current code,' Stile says.

Fuzzey says, overjoyed, 'Who makes new "special" items?'

Kae says to Fuzzey, 'Equipment additions are handled in building.'

'Every imm makes their own pet and their own treat, generally,' Charity says.

New Coupon Type:

LadyAce nonchalantly flips an add-a-color coupon.

Vandervecken says firmly, 'How's that used?'

LadyAce says, '2 ways...Add color to a strung item, or to an unstrung item.'

LadyAce adds, 'They're experimental, hafta see how they go.'

                                (*) (*) (*)

            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

                                (*) (*) (*)

                                A new birth

Deqitosv and Gwendolyn Awooga would like to announce the birth of their
baby daughter, Cenja.  She was welcomed into the world on August 15th
by both parents and a wonderfully loving famly.

                                (*) (*) (*)

A crisp, white piece of paper from the desk of Amadio Alvarado was
delivered by messenger pigeon to the offices of the Legendary Times.

        Good day. After vacationing for some time in my home in Seville,
and after much thinking, I have returned. To be brief- I have offended and
alienated a woman that I care for deeply, and I would like to make amends.
If she could see her way clear to put aside her disgust for me for a short
time, I would like the chance to talk. I believe I am a man much changed
since last we met.
        And to the rest of you-it's good to be back.

                                (*) (*) (*)

                            A Traitor is Slain!

In a crowded irish inn, the night is just dawning over the village. The 
sky limned in pale-red fire, as the sun sets. Weak light filters in from 
the one window as lamps are lit to provide customers with sight. 

Standing out like a sore-thumb, a very effeminant man leans across the 
bar, nervously checking the door. Soon a heavily cloaked man draws up 
from the stairs, and joins the other man at the bar.

"It was very sloppy of you to lose that relic" remarked the cloaked one, 
in a voice like a threatening growl.

Taking in the words, the first replied "It was NOT my fault, he had 
stolen it from me when I was defenseless, and we can only get it back 

"Worse still was your admitting to an assassination attempt."  the
cloaked one said, not listening to anyone else, "I've had my suspicions
for a long time, and thanks for confirming them."

A envelope passed between them. As the effeminant one read, his jaw hung 
open in surprise, his eyes alight in terror. His hand reaching for his 
sword, an arrow wizzes from the dark as his hand is pinned to the seat. 
A slight figure joins the cloaked man. Few last words are said as a 
dagger is placed in the stricken man's back, his belongings taken, and 
his corpse left for someone else.

The note falls to the floor, unseen as the two lead each other out. 
Simple words in black scrawl on a yellowing paper, reading only: 

The Darkness takes no prisoners
 /    |___ \___
/    -|     \

                                (*) (*) (*)

                          An Offer You Can't Refuse 

A lone boat cut through the mist near the shores of Italy.  The sun was
just beginning to set, glowing over the clouds with a reddish-purple
radiance. The clipper dropped anchor as close to the shore as possible
and let down a coracle, then with all speed left the Italian waters,
thankful that it, at least, would be safe tonight.

One man was in the coracle.  His grin was for the moment stilled, has hair was
carefully combed, and his silver saber was tied with wire into his scabbard.
When he finally reached the shore, he carefully pulled the coracle above the
high-water mark, and approached the three waiting men carefully.

All three men were dressed immaculately in black.  Danar approached the
frontmost one, elaborately kneeled and suddenly pressed his lips to the
signet ring on his hand, then stood again and grinned crookedly.
"That's what I'm supposed to do, right?" he queried.

	The man with the ring seemed tired, as if all his faith and
good humor had been burned away long ago by the endless war he waged.
"We don't mock your traditions," he chided tolerantly.  "Besides, we
have real business to discuss."

	Danar nodded in agreement, his humor giving way to malaise.
The man noted, "Come now, you knew something of this sort would
happen.  Your sister, after all, is a very impetuous girl."

	Danar slowly asked, "Then, you can...fix this?"

	The man grinned broadly, replying, "But of course.  We can fix
everything.  That, after all, is our business."  Here his grin
disappeared.  "But for a service of this magnitude, you will owe us
quite a bit.  'A life for a life,' I believe, is the code you live by?"

	Danar stared at him, unbelieving, as the meaning of his words
sank in.  "Me," he finally said, dully, "and mine."

	The grin returned, in a much more sinister fashion.  "Normally
we would not interfere in a situation of this importance, but the most
respected warrior of Italy; we simply couldn't pass that up."

	Danar tiredly said, "You might say I made you an offer you
can't refuse." The other man chuckled.  "You always did have a knack
for turning a phrase, brother," he responded.

	At this point the two rearmost men, who had remained silent and
motionless all through this, stepped forward.  They took the dashing
swashbuckler into the Port Authority building and engraved upon his
arm, in the fiery crimson, bone white and bright green that have long
been the hallmarks of Mother Italy, the words, "Morte Alla Francia
Italia Anela;" and then they left him.  But Kerven Sigrittiano stood on
the shore, watching the sun set.

	"An offer you can't refuse," he mused to himself.  "I quite
like the sound of that."

                                (*) (*) (*)

                     A Strange Visit to Margery's Stall

   Only a few short days had passed.  Margery was still somewhat upset
about the robbery in her store, but business had been booming since
news of the mysterious break-in had circulated.

   It was just past closing time, and she had locked up the doors, when
she heard the bell ring.  Looking up she saw two *very* odd looking
women smiling ... she hoped it was smiling ... at her.  Both ladies
wore very tall, pointed hats.

   "Well there, Dearie - I just need to exchange this," the younger of
the two said.  "I'm afraid its defective."  The younger lady, only in
her mid-sixties by the look of it, walked over to the counter and
placed a long burned stick on top.  The blackened remains of a string
hung from the end.

   "Exchange it...  but... that looks like...".

   "Gytha, perhaps you'ld better explain?"  The older woman smiled at
Margery with a glint in her eye.

   "Esme, you're right."  Nanny Ogg turned her attention back to
Margery.  "I'm sorry, that was very rude of me.  You see, my sweet
little kitty witty was helping you with test marketing this item,
you'll remember.  Anyway, it just can't stand up to fire, as you can
easily see, and so I've come for him to exchange it."

   The older lady winked at Margery.  "Its a durn good thing he decided
to help you with testing that out.  You'ld have had a Turrible drop in
bisnis ifen you'ld started sellin them feather-sticks like that.  Why
your reputation might have been ruined!"

   "Ruined?  Oh my... but...", Margery tried to get a grip on the
situation.  Unfortunately, on top of her emotional state, she seemed
to be growing very confused and slightly dizzy.  When the older lady
spoke, something about her suggested that not only was it probably
unwise to argue, there was no reason anyway, because she was right...

   "Anyway," Nanny Ogg continued, "when my poor darling got into that
mess with those rotten little children, it became clear to him that
this little toy was of no real value!  Oh, he'd never complain himself
- he's such a shy little kitty, but he didn't want your wonderful shop
to suffer.  Oh, look - now he'll just LOVE this!"  Nanny walked over to
a shelf which sported toy animals created from the rubber-tree plant by
an excentric craftsman.

The old man spent hours carefully softening and heating the rubber,
molding and shaping, and carefully dying the goop.  There were rumors
that there was some small amount of witchcraft behind his work, but the
toys sold nicely and were very durable.  "Here now - I think this is a
wonderful trade.  How kind of you to suggest it!  Oh my, look at the
time, we've kept you much too late!  We'll just be going now!"

   "Indeed, Gytha, we've been terribly rude," said the older woman.
Stunned, Margery watched as the younger one picked up a large rubber
toy mouse from the middle of the shelf and walk out of the store.

   "Oh my.  Well!  I never!"  Dazed and confused, her eyes wandered
about the store.  Suddenly, something clicked, as her eyes locked on
the remains of the cat-toy fishing rod that she had foolishly thought
of marketing as a new game.  "Thank goodness those nice ladies showed
me how silly my idea was!"

   Grabbing the charred remains, she tossed them in the rubbish bin and
finished closing up for the evening.  She never gave the large toy
rubber mousie a second thought.

                                (*) (*) (*)

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