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VOLUME FIVE, ISSUE TWENTY-SIX                             September 8th, 1998

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

             -               The Editor's Note               -
             -          Upcoming Calendar of Events          -

             -                 Q & A Report                  - 

             -              Fuzzey's Revelation              -
             -            A Gift from the Bunnies            -
             -          WHO? Cloe Interviews Tempus          -
             -        Stick: A Cutpurse on the Loose!        -
             - Malachite Morgan and Rictor Belmont's Wedding -
             -               A Missing Husband               -
             -            The Choice of a Traitor            -
             -         Paris After the Fall of Troy          -
             -               Silence is Golden               -
             -         A Strange Flute Changes Hands         -

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/__|                         EDITOR'S NOTE                            |__\

Hello All,

I have been hard at work planning my wedding these last few weeks, and
this has brought to mind the issue of LegendMUD weddings. Although this
information will be no news to more experienced players, some of our
new players would doubtless be interested to hear how weddings work
here at Legend.

As an initial note: For the purposes of this message, all types of
commitment ceremonies fall under the general terms 'marriage' and
'wedding' -- these options are available to all such ceremonies of
devotion, regardless of the culture, religion, or sexual preference of
those involved.

The first step is, of course, finding someone to marry. Your
in-character marriage need not include any RL feelings, in fact, most
Legend weddings are based entirely on an RP relationship.

The next step is determining how you want to operate your wedding. Some
couples choose an open, public ceremony, while others opt for something
private, with only a few friends or just the couple and officiant.
Some make a variety of announcements on the news board and/or in the
LT, while others decide to keep their decision to themeselves. Some
couples choose a short engagement, marrying within a few days of their
decision, while others wait several weeks. 

The actual ceremony also has many options. Many couples choose a
favorite location, and decorate with illusions and flowers, while
guests add in purchased food and gifts. The bridal shop in the OOC, as
well as locations throughout the game, include components to customize
the event. Players can ask an immortal, usually from the PR department,
to officiate the wedding either as themself or as a mob, or ask
another player to do the honors.

As an additional bonus, the immortal staff has traditionally offered
free wedding ring strings to the couple. This tradition operates under
a principle of trust, and we have happily found that players do not
abuse our trust.

                                       Love to all,

___                                                                    ___
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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

         [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]
        [-+-] [-+-] [-+-] [-+-] September [-+-] [-+-] [-+-] [-+-]
Saturday,  September 12, 10:00 am   - Trivia by Fatale
Monday,    September 14,  7:00 pm   - Q & A Session, OOC Auditorium
Monday,    September 21,  7:00 pm   - Q & A Session, OOC Auditorium
                                        New Player Orientation

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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

Last week, a Question and Answer session was held in the OOC by
Charity, Rusalka, Stile, and Huggin. The questions asked were in a
large variety of subjects, including area updates, channels, and

Tudor Updates

Q: Will there be more with Robin Hood?

A: Robin Hood is actually part of Sherwood, so no. But there will
hopefully be a barge on the Thames where you can meet up with Queen
Elizabeth on occasion.

Q: Will there be new mobs and items?

A: Hope so! As well as a better developed Globe Theatre area.

Egypt Update

Q: What levels will it be for? How many rooms?

A: The pyramid itself is for lvl 40+, though nothing bars entrance for
younger characters. Groups will need a wide variety of skills.  The
outside, the stuff you'll be seeing soon, covers a lot of levels.
There are vastly more moneymaking opportunities for newbies.' 'There'll
be more pyramid guards, more mobs around the pyramid, some of them agg
at night. Charity also plans to redo the whole village on the west side
of the nile. And the nile will have some 40-45 lvl mobs, lots of low
level mobs newbies can get cash for killing.

An Abbey Update?

Q: Any changes to the Abbey?

A: Charity is waiting on non-mechanized vehicle code before she can add
a medieval-era trading quest based there. Also, all the abbey items
were redone recently tho.. lots of rents changed, lots of NO_SELL flags
removed, repair/mend/tfable, etc.

Legend at a Price?

Q: Is legend ever going to be a pay site?

A: No. We have no desire to make it a pay for play mud, and it would be
illegal to do so, in sadist's opinion. Even though he basically rewrote
all the diku/merc out of the code base, the code is still based on the
diku/merc idea, and their permissions forbid monetary gain.

A Player-Killing Channel?

Q: What about a pkiller only restricted channel? It would end a lot of
complaining from both sides, pkillers complaining of non-pk'ers who
shouldn't comment, and non-pk saying they don't.

A: In the past, this question has come up, and has been rejected
because the problem isn't pk on chat; it's the relentless mud slinging
that is.  Moving pk to its "own" channel would only encourage that, in
our opinion.  In addition, it would further result in "two muds" - a pk
and non-pk mud.  In the past, we've worked to integrate pk into the mud
as a whole.  However, we have done channels for pk in the past on
request (one of them was in use for some 2-3 days), and it is possible
that the immortal staff's position on this subject could change in the

Channels and Roleplay

Q: Does an imm had the right to mark someone's rp as trash and/or spam?

A: No. As immortals, we shy away from "judging" roleplay as its an
extremely subjective matter. However, should a given exchange on chat
appear to be mere insult slinging (see above) and possibly destructive
of the kind of environment we try to foster on Legend, we do reserve
the right to ask the involved parties to move to a conference. In
addition, we do NOT allow ethinic/racial/religious/gender slurs or
obscenity on public channels.

The Ethics of Permakilling

Q: Under what circumstances are threatening a character with perma 
considered valid?

A: Legend does NOT forbid permakilling another character. Whether such
thing is considered "moral" is something that characters and pk clans
need to decide. However, there are conditions under which ALL
playerkilling is illegal. As stated in the playerkilling help file,
"Though cross-playing is considered only a breech of etiquette
normally, destructive cross-playing in pkill is not permitted and can
result in pkenabling the guilty party." In addition, permakilling
and/or permakilling threats could possibly come under the rules against
harrassment. Should you feel that you are being harassed by them,
please talk to an administrator.


Q: Why are scrolls more expensive than (player made) potions?

A: First, scrolls will become an item that players can make once skill
trees come into effect. This will probably alter the situation. Second,
builders have a list of items that need to be reevaluated for rent,
including bags, drink containers, tools, food, boats, and so forth.  We
can't promise anything, but there's a fair chance that scroll rents
will be reconsidered.

                                (*) (*) (*)

            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
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/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

                                (*) (*) (*)

                             Fuzzey's Revelation

Fuzzey the Bunny, after being stalked for so very long by the Enforcers
for his failure to admit his roots, has finally been turned. After
killing one of his kindred to prove his worth, he knelt to the altar
and did what he could to show his faith to the Dark Lord.

This is proof; Even those of stronger will can be broken and turned to
us. It shows ever more that the Dark path is the true path. It shows
that you must serve us, or die, and serve still. Let Fuzzey show you
that everybody will eventually serve us. Everybody.

Aginor Chuain Shadowmage
The Dark Messiah
Esco Domus Tuulenux
Grand Master of the Dark Enforcers

                                (*) (*) (*)

                          A Gift from the Bunnies

One day Alvis was strolling through Sherwood forest and he heard a a
call for help.  Alvis rushed to the scene to find a saxon outlaw
battling a helpless bunny.  Alvis jumped in and slew the saxon.
However it was to late, the bunny died from the wounds it sustained
from the battle.

As the bunny died, its spirit rose and went to join the great bunny
collective.  But it stopped its ascent and began hovering above Alvis's
head.  "For a long time now my people have been hunted down by humans.
Your struggle to save us has not passed unknown.  We have a gift for
you," said the spirit.

The spirit then pulled out a great shield forged by bunny magic.  Then
the spirit said, "you shall no longer be protected by the things that
men make, as a reward we are giving you our sacred shield of the
bunnies.  Please remove your shield."  Alvis then removed his shield
and threw it onto the ground.

Then the spirit handed Alvis a rabbit emblazoned shield(slightly
snarling).  "It has been blessed by all the spirits of bunnies who have
fallen over the ages, they will protect you now".  Alvis took the
shield from the spirit and wore it.  The whole forest fell silent as
they watched in awe as Alvis checked out his new shield.

Never being much for words, Alvis simply nodded to the spirit and
prepared to continue his travels when he heard and cry for help.
Another bunny was in danger and Alvis rushed out of the room in an
attempt to save it.

                                (*) (*) (*)

          __            __  _     _   _______    _____
          \ \    /\    / / | |   | | |  ___  |  / __  \
           \ \  /  \  / /  | |___| | | |   | |  \_\ \ |
            \ \/ /\ \/ /   |  ___  | | |   | |      / /
             \  /  \  /    | |   | | | |___| |     /_/ 
              \/    \/     |_|   |_| |_______|     __
               by CLeo of the Circle of Angels      

Hello Legenders!  This week, I talk with a charming young knight.  He's 
been on Legend for quite some time now.  Nearly 4 to 5 years (he forgot 
the exact date he started to play on our beloved mud.  Have fun reading!

Name:  Sir Tempus Kittredge
Occupation:  Silver Knight of Legend

Q - Why did you chose to become a knight?
A - When I first came on as a newbie, i was lost and confused.  It was a 
lady knight that helped me out and later because of her, I join the 

Q - During the years which you've been a Knight, what was one of your 
biggest challenge?
A - I think the biggest, at least to me, was dealing with the harassment 
that other pkers and clans threw at us.

Q - Is it true that, in the past, you were quite a flirt?  And still 
somewhat are?
A - Yes, I have flirted a lot in my past with many women.  But after my 
recent marriage I have changed a lot.  So I don't flirt much if at all 
any more.

Q - What kind of house would you like to build for yourself?
A - Strange you ask that, we been thinking a lot about our future house.  
I think we would want a villa type of house in a beautiful and safe 
environment for our kids :). 

Q - What is your worst dream?
A - Finding out I have a million * censored * kids running around...

Q - What do you dream of the most.
A - What I dream the most about, is retiring from the clan and spending 
the rest of my time with my wife, Elyseis and raising my children.

Q - What is your favorite meal?
A - Sushi.  I like the taste of fish.

Q - To what animal do you compare your inner self to?
A - A cow.  I'm sometimes a bit slow, but very dependable.

Q - If you could to back to any event from the past, to which event 
would you go to and why?
A - I would go back to the War with Kiera.  It was the best pking time I 
ever had...  And the mud was a lot better then too.

Q - If I could grant you a wish, what would it be?
A - I would wish for more wishes. Sorry, honestly... I would wish for 
everyone to be nice to each other and return to that... family flavor 
mud that we use to have.

Q - A few last words for our audience?
A - Play nice and get yourself a woman or man in your life.


That concludes another edition of "WHO?".  I would like to remind you 
that most of the people interviewed were picked randomly.  

I am open to interviewing people on requests as long as there is a good 
reason (example: the person is well known, is a GM, old legend player... 
the person achieved something really awesome/great... or any other 
valuable reason).  I do give myself the right to decline requests if be 
needed.  But I doubt I will decline any. 

Do not forget that you may send in some questions that you would like me 
to ask my victims.

Until next time...  May luck be on your path for ever everyone!


                                (*) (*) (*)

                       Stick: Cutpurse on the Loose!

Stick wandered the streets of Casablanca, waving his begging bowl and
now and then someone would drop a coin in it as they walked by. Most
people steered clear of him with barely stifled sounds of disgust, but
he was used to it and didn't let it bother him. He snatched a handful
of dates from a stall counter, as ever quite confident that the owner
would let him keep them once his affliction was recognized. Not many
people cared to get too close to a leper, after all. 

He sensed the man about to grab him from behind and turned around,
grinning his nearly toothless grin and letting the reek of his decay
assault the vendor's nostrils. The stallkeeper swore loudly and took a
step back, covering his mouth and nose with his sleeve, and yelling
loudly after the beggar, returned to his counter. Stick snickered
softly, and moved on, crouching down in a shaded alley to eat the
dates, washing them down with some water from the leather skin at his

The day passed, and the shadows did their circling dance, slaves to the
sun beating down fiercely over the dry square. Stick counted the day's
income and moved the coins from his pouch to an inner pocket hidden
deep beneath the rags he wore on his body. He frowned slightly, as he
had been hoping for more, and what the very few generous people had
blessed him with just wasn't enough. 

He scanned the marketplace, offering a silent thanks to the old man who
had given him the magical medallion of sight, and set off for a part of
the square that was particularly crowded. A small blade slipped into
his hand, and he fastened the begging bowl at the rope around his
waist. Walking silently, taking great care not to bump into anyone and
trying to remain unnoticed, he spotted the perfect target. His sight
was far from ideal, but he could make out shapes, and that was quite
enough for what he had in mind.

The man was fat, bordering on obese, a sure sign of a rich man, as the
poor just couldn't afford eating enough to grow that large. He seemed
to be haggling with a trader about a carpet. Stick coughed and wheezed
at a nearby woman, who after seeing him, hastily took a step back into
the rich haggler. Stick slipped around them, deftly cut off the strings
to a pouch on the distracted man's belt and walked off.

After retreating back to his alley, Stick was a bit disappointed to
find the pouch wasn't filled with money, but instead with tobacco.
Well, it seemed to be quality tobacco, and that would fetch him a
pretty penny, and the pouch itself was finely made, richly embroidered
with a pattern of leaves, and he would probably be able to sell that as
well. After chewing on a bit of tobacco for a while, Stick crawled into
a dark corner of the alley and went to sleep for a while, awaiting
nightfall when he could move more freely.

                                (*) (*) (*)

            Malachite Morgan's and Rictor Belmont's wedding

Here on a ship at Dock:

    A narrow staircase leads down into the hull of the ship. The bow of
the ship is to the north, and the stern to the south. The main mast
rises majestically above the ship.   Rictor Belmont and Malachite
stand, making their vows to each other in front of God.

    Malachite says passionately, 'Rictor Belmont, do you promise to be
my best friend, are you here until the end, can you be sure you have
been waiting for me and did you say your love is true?'

     'I've seen the storm clouds in your past, 
      but rest assured 'cause you are safe at home at last, 
      I rescued you and you rescued me.  
      And we're right where we should be 
      when we're together.   

      I know the questions in your mind 
      but go ahead and ask me one more time  
      I will, I am, I can, I have, I do.  

      No way that this is sinking sand 
      on this solid rock we'll stand forever.'

he says proudly.

    Rictor asks, 'And you, Malachite Morgan, will you
promise to be my best friend, are you here until the end,
can you be sure you have been waiting for me and did you
say your love is true?'

    Malachite responds lovingly, 

      'If there ever was a perfect night, 
       This just might be the one. 
       For telling you the way I feel 
       and just how real we've become.   

       If I never stop loving you, 
       will you never start wanting me to?
       Say you won't and that's what I'll do 
       forever with a heart so true. 

       If you'll start and end everyday, 
       forever never wanting me to go away.  
       All I'm ever gonna always do
       is never stop loving you.'

     Rictor says, 'I'll be everything in this world to you.  All that
I'll ever need is in your eyes, shinin' at me.  When you smile I can
feel, all my passion unfolding.  Your hair brushes mine and a thousand
sensations seduce me cause I do cherish you.  For the rest of my life,
you don't have to think twice.  I will love you still, from the depths
of my soul.  It's beyond my control; I've waited so long to say this to
you.  If you're asking do I love you this much, I do.'

Rictor gives Malachite an intertwined ruby and pearl wedding band. She
wears an intertwined ruby and pearl wedding band on her left ring

'In my world before you, I lived outside my emotions. I didn't know
where I was goin' till that day I found you, how you opened my life to
a new paradise in a world torn by change.  Still with all my heart,
till my dyin' day I do cherish you.   For the rest of my life, you
don't have to think twice, I will love you still from the depths of my
soul.  It's beyond my control I've waited so long to say this to you.
If you're asking do I love you this much, yes I do,' she answers.

Malachite gives an intertwined pearl and ruby wedding band to Rictor.
Rictor wears an intertwined pearl and ruby wedding band on his right
ring finger.

                                (*) (*) (*)

                             A Missing Husband

I would like to know if anyone has seen my husband (Cypher Ferrin)
lately? I haven't seen him in three months (Since my miscarrige), And I
am beginning to wonder, if even a Templar takes the words 'for better
and for worse' lightly. Either way I would like to hear about the whereabouts
of my husband, and in case I haven't heard from him by the end of this month,
I shall be looking for a lawyer.

-Firefly Dragonbane Ferrin.


                                (*) (*) (*)

                          The Choice of a Traitor

The sky was dark, clouds overhead threatening a storm ahead. Larosan 
walked through the docks of London, unknowing of what the future held for 

Without warning, a patch of the air shimmered, gathered itself to show to 
image of the Dark Messiah, already lashing out with the Power. Larosan 
stumbled to the ground in a daze, and the man cloaked in Fire and 
Darkness crushed him. Larosan ran, for the relative safety of the Jolly 
Beggar, but close behind was Aginor to destroy.

Before the Dark Messiah could land his killing blow, Larosan, badly 
injured and on the brink of death, fled from the inn to the depths of the 
Sargasso Sea. The Messiah stalked him, hunting, to finish what he had 
begun. But before Aginor could find him, the poison writhing in Larosan 
leeched away the rest of his life. Larosan was no more. On the heels of 
Larosan's death was a message from the Dark Messiah; There is a price to 
pay for treachery.

By some act of goodness, Larosan returned, and set out to retrieve his 
things. But the Dark Messiah was not yet done. Using a deft weave of 
magical prowess, the corpse of Larosan shimmered, blended until it was 
completely invisible. Larosan searched high and low, and could find 
nothing. Larosan asked others to search, and they found nothing. Finally, 
the one named Larosan gave up. Returning to the Beggar, he threw himself 
at Samuel Norton several times. Eventually, the ultimate death rolled 
over Him, and Larosan would never return. Outside, the storm broke over 

Let this be a lesson to those who would dare betray us. Let this be a 
lesson to those who would assail us. Commit a crime against us, and we 
will strike back. We are always watching.

Aginor Chuain Shadowmage
The Dark Messiah
Esco Domus Tuulenux
Grand Master of the Dark Enforcers

                                (*) (*) (*)

                        Paris after the Fall of Troy

The sun rose over the smoldering ruins of the once glorious city, its
golden rays tenderly caressing the charred bodies, almost as if trying
to wake them and bring them back to life. Almost everything that could
be, had been destroyed, and everything lay in shambles. The black smoke
of the violent fire from the night before had just recently dwindled,
and the air was still struggling to clear itself. Curiously, a large
wooden horse stood untouched in the middle of the once magnificent

A soft moan emerged from a doorway, and soon something stirred amidst
the wreckage. A figure covered in blood and soot stood up and leaned
against the scarred stone wall, gaze sweeping over what had used to be
his home.  Silent, angry tears started running down his cheeks, gently
cleaning them and revealing him to a handsome man, as he started making
his way through the fallen beams and crumbled stone.

An hour passed, and then another, as the lonely figure searched through
the ruins. No more tears wet his face, as they were long run dry from
finding companion after companion slain and burned. Yet he could not
find his wife.

By nightfall, the man gave up his search, and feeling a great need to
wash himself, he fled down to the beach and scrubbed himself furiously
in the warm waters of the Aegean. Wading back to land, his gaze fell
upon the burned-out funeral pyre of his brother and lost without
anything else to do, he went there, to pay a final homage to the great
warrior. Now the tears returned, and he wept, wept for his brother, his
wife and his children by her, his father, and in the end for all of
Troy, whose downfall he had caused.  He wept until he could weep no
more, and then he lay down where the corpse of his brother had been
placed, and went to sleep.

The sun rose over the smoldering ruins of the once glorious city, and
over the man lying in his brother's final resting place. As the rays
warmed his handsome features, he woke and sat up, rubbing the sleep
from his eyes.  He stood, and looking where he had slept, spotted the
breastplate of his fallen brother, stained by blood and covered with
soot, the metal dented from mighty blows in the great battle. He
couldn't leave it there, so he removed his own, and strapped Hector's
on in its place. Then he wandered south, up into the hills where he had
grown up tending his foster-father's cattle, and didn't look back.

                                (*) (*) (*)

                              Silence Is Golden

I was wandering in Sherwood one day when i noticed a loud thunderclap. I 
looked up at the sky and wondered-there wasn't a cloud in sight, where 
could that boom have come from? Another sound rang out and i followed it 
to see what it was, hiding in the bushes as i went. To my astonishment 
it wasn't some beast throwing rocks that was making these noises, it was 
a human. 

The human was holding some sort of stick, occasionally pointing 
it into the distance and making it shoot smoke and sound like thunder. I 
just had to know what that stick was. I came out of hiding and asked the 
human what that thing was- he stared at me dumbfoundedly and raised the 
stick towards me. At that moment i got scared, and suddenly the stick 
shot lightning at me. As soon as it hit me side i ran away as fast as i 
could and as far as i could until i reached my hole. I don't think i want 
to talk anymore- talking only gets you into trouble. So if you see me 
don't expect me to answer you in words.

Fuzzey the Bunny

                                (*) (*) (*)

                        A Strange Flute Changes Hands

A crisp night in Tara, as usual. Almost all activity has died down in 
the village as the residents each close shop, say their good nights and 
retired for the evening. The paths are empty, save for two loudly 
arguing forms. Drawing nearer, drifts of conversation come from the two. 
Each trying to get their point across loudest, several lights are turned 
on as the local blacksmith prepares to get his hammer. Quieting 
instantly, they move on.

'I never should trust you with anything' mutters one, safely away from 
the village.

The other standing up at this comment retorts, 'Oh, and I suppose you 
could have kept it safer?'

'I believe I could, I don't think I could be simply charmed out of it by 
some ponce with a charming smile'

Blushing visibly, the other quickly withdraws back into her cloak. 
Continuing on, the argument silently dissipates. At least, until a eerie 
dirge fills the night sky.

'That MUST be it!' hisses one, suddenly 'I can recognize the flute's 
music anytime'

'Then why are we wasting time?'

The two hurry off in the direction of the sound, coming upon a small 
copse near a great tree. In the middle of the clearing is a deathly 
black slab, holding up a cross-legged man busily playing a flute.

'Hey, you there, give us our flute back!' call the arrivals.
Smirking silently to himself, the flutist puts down his instrument into 
a fold in his coat, and straightens himself back into a semblance of 

'Finders keepers' he retorts in a sing-song voice.

The three stand at a silence for the longest of times, each evaluating 
the other party. From the two, a swish of a sword being drawn and a 
knife unsheathed in painfully audible in the sudden silence. Still 
smiling, humor lost, the darker one waits for the advance of the other 
two. A lunge from one is cut short as he grabs the sword-hand of the 
assailant with a crack. Defeated, he slumps to the ground with a broken 
arm and wounded pride. Upon seeing his partner's defeat, the other 
manages a parting goodbye before sprinting for whatever safety the woods 
can provide.

Still smirking to himself, the standing survivor draws over the fallen
enemy, and quickly slashes their throat. Drawing the odd green and red
flute from his coat, strains of 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' waft through
the forest.

Legendary Times is published by the immortals of LegendMUD. Please send all
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inclusion in the next edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate
this discussion, and may object to some submissions.
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