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VOLUME FIVE, ISSUE THIRTY-TWO                           November 21st, 1998

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

           -                The Editor's Note                     -
           -           Upcoming Calendar of Events                -

           -                  Did You Know?                       -
           -                 Survey Says....                      -
           -               Pkill Tourney Results                  -

           -                   Announcements                      -
           -         From the journal of an insane mage...        -
           -                The Swimming Lesson                   -
           -  An excerpt from the journal of Solange de Saint-Cyr - 
           -                Battle with a Vampire                 - 
           -                    The Rescue                        -

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/__|                         EDITOR'S NOTE                            |__\

Hello All,

I've noticed something lately -- some healers complaining that they
feel mistreated, and fighters observing that they're not sure how to
treat healers. So I thought I'd share some tips from my own experience
both as the leader of a group requiring healing, and as a healer. Last
week I gave my 'commandments' for the leader, and this week I'll give my
'commandments' about being a healer.

                      The Healer's 4 Commandments

1. Thou shalt not allow thy leader to die. 

Toss everything you've got in there to keep them alive. You can't
always predict what they -- or the mob they're fighting -- will do, but
you can be sure that the group is expecting you to put all your mana,
herbs, and talents on the line, just as they're putting all their hp,
equipment, and talents on the line.

2. Thou shalt be clear as to your intentions and needs.

Leaders can't do what you want unless you tell them. Let them know when
you need food, water, and supplies. In addition, they may not know how
much mana your skills require. Let them know when you are running low,
and what you suggest be done about it -- whether you need a breather,
an herb run, a slower fighting pace, some time to sit and meditate.

3. Thou shalt share thy knowledge. 

Just because you're a healer doesn't mean you can simply sit there and
spam in healing commands. Healers, particularly experienced ones,
should share in the decision-making of the group. Hints about strategy,
locations, and risks will help them do their job better. No one wants
to ruin themselves trying something impossible, only to be told that
you knew they'd never make it.

4. Thou shalt accept thy role within the group.

A great source of consternation to hitters are the healers who want to
jump into tough fights with low hp and minimal fighting stats.  Not
only do hitters want their healers to stay alive, they don't want to
look for healing only to find their healer deep in battle. Some healers
play dual roles within groups, for example shooting or casting spells,
while others spam back and forth between healer and fighter. Be sure to
come to an agreement with the leader about your role, then stick to

                                       Love to all,

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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

         [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

        <^><^><^><^><^><^><^> November <^><^><^><^><^><^><^>

Thursday, November 26                 Happy Thanksgiving!
           _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _        _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Thursday, December  3, 7:00 pm  - Q & A Session
Saturday, December  5, 7:00 pm  - Championship Trivia: Round 8 of 12
Thursday, December 10, 7:00 pm  - Q & A Session
Thursday, December 17, 7:00 pm  - Q & A Session
Friday,   December 25                  Merry Christmas!

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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\


  /  _  \  DID YOU KNOW: Tips and tricks and little-used features
 /__/ \  \
      /  / Did you know that you can run a game, like trivia, with 
     /  /  prizes supplied by the immortals, AND get a prize yourself? 
    __     All you have to do is prepare the game ahead of time and 
   /  \    work with LadyAce to get it scheduled. 



                              Survey Says....

In my quest of boredom to figure out what skill I should learn next, I
did a survey to see what the poulation of Legend considered to be the
most useful things here. Some answers are amusing, some are very
informative. Regadless, I wanted to share them.


*in his best Family Feud type voice* Survey says:

Blade- 'Grouping allows me to get more immersed in the game especially
to sl..'

Beldin- 'Oh, mud in general? Ummm, heh hunt...'

DDP- 'Well Nos, I like backstab skill because it offers me a surprise
attack at no risk.'

DarkWolf- 'I think the most useful skill is Hunt and the most useful spell
is Recall, because you can aways find people/kills with hunt and with
recall.. you don't need to worry about getting lost'

Fairfax-, 'I really enjoy the emotes - it takes you beyond the
limitations of the MUD code'

Fancee- 'field surgery'

Gwendolyn- 'HUNT!!!!! and its self explanatory I think'

Hawkeye- 'Sorry, no comment.'

Juggernaut- 'my hitpoints. :)'
Juggernaut- 'honestly, the most important thing is the people spam. ;)'
Juggernaut- 'I live for the people spam. seriously.'

Imp--  'I'd have to say helps me keep the forces '@-

Ib- 'Have no idea, seduce?'

Malachite- 'yea yea...give me a sec...dont spam me =P'
Malachite- 'Hunt because it gives you some idea which way is back to where
you started so you can learn an area.'

Linux- 'Kick cause I am a dex fighting type.'

Rictor- 'The most useful thing?  uhm look :)'

Satan- 'Gag, so i can ignore all these ****ers on this game.'

Shalindra- 'Um.... I likes tha ignite thingy!'
Shalindra- '*shoot flaming arrow*'

Sharra- 'For me it is kick, that is the one i use the most'

Strider- 'Um, I just got here'

T-Bone- 'The clear command because it's saved my life many times :)'

TaKSyN-, 'Hunt-cause you can flip on the autohunt switch and gives ya
an advantage in pk. As well as findin where mobs are withotu knowin the

Unix- 'Augment because I am a spiffy 100 hp druid'

Steel- 'stun skills maybe, but hunts up there'

Talon- 'i would have to say the skill kick, cause it connects the most
for me and does the most damage as i can see, well kick and elbow'

Zak- 'bash because its the only chance in the world I have in killing

Tefferi- 'chant most useful, without i can't cast spells'

Zeus- 'for this char, the strength spell since i use a sword and onlyhave 91str'
Zeus- 'as a player, my favorite is either bash or stun spell'
Zeus- 'prolly stun spell'
Zeus- 'you should do a survey for favorite eq item'

Lets see how this one works, Zeus. ;)

Daniel- 'the spells, immolate and stun :)'

Fright- 'I'd say kick'

Herra- 'hmm my favorite is the recall or maybe blind cause when your bored
there can be a lot of blind rats and mice *ponder*'

These nice people of Legend answered my survey with no knowledge that
the answer I see as being the best, as far as the most useful thing on
Legend will receive whatever prize I may get for my efforts for the
Legendary Times. My congratulations to Rictor, look is more important
than any other thing mentioned.

Thank you to all who participated.


                          Pkill Tourney Results

I would like to thank everyone that participated in the tourney, and those
that came to watch as well. We had a great turnout once again. I would
like to take a moment to also thank Ea! and LadyAce, and Chimera for their
help as well. Without them, things would have been much more difficult.

The results of the tourney are as follows:

In the featherweight division(10-29):

Christian beat Mallar in a best-of-3, Christian wins the featherweight

In the lightweight division(20-29):

Round one:
Gaidal wins over Beam, Ruby gets a bye, Warhorse beats TheCowboy, Grigor
gets a bye.
Round Two:
Gaidal beats Ruby, Grigor beats Warhorse.
Round Three:
Gaidal beats Grigor, Gaidal wins the lightweight division.

In the middleweight division(30-39):

Trinity beat Taksyn, Mugwump got a bye, Cianor wins over Wynter.
Round Two:
Trinity beat Mugwump, Cianor gets a bye.
Round Three:
Trinity beats Cianor, Trinity wins the middleweight division.

In the heavyweight division(40-50):
Asmodean gets a bye, Flea beats Danar, Zeirath wins over Arlecchino,
Barabas kills Kurik, Shalindra gets a bye, Terrizano gets a bye, Sarzec
wins over Zegron, Tiamat wins over Nomad.
round two:
Asmodean wins over Flea, Barabas beats Zeirath, Terrizano beats Shalindra,
Sarzec gets a bye.
Round Three:
Barabas beats Asmodean, Sarzec beats Terrizano.
Round Four:
Barabas wins over Sarzec
Barabas beats Rictor 2 out of 3, Barabas wins the heavyweight division.

Again, thank you to everyone that entered. I hope you all had as much
fun(and spam!) as I had. Congrats to the winners of each division!


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        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
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/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\


--Redeeming My Reputation

In regards to Gwendolyn's "warning" in the last LT, I must admit that I
was not prepared to babysit her cute child, Cenja, and foolishly
accepted the job with Chante'.  As for dipping Cenja in the well, that
was my idea.  Hey! It helped Achilles, didn't it?  Well, I suppose it
wasn't a magic well, but details, details, details!  As for the
diapers, well, I just had a bad day.  Soooorry!

However, please do not look me over when you're in need of a
babysitter, for I have completed reading "Babies for Dummies."  In
addition, I have acquired both the basic and advanced babysitting
skills, and am working to learn the expert babysitting skill.
Obviously, I am very qualified to babysit anyone's child.

Stradivari ... the old, Italian babysitter (who also makes violins).

                      From the journal of an insane mage...

From the journal of an insane mage...

   Upon travelling outside of reality and beyond I have stumbled upon
another dimension, far more pathetic than the rest.  For in this bleak
land, all that exists are the Wyrm, the Weaver and the Wyld.  For you see
it is these three entities that create our reality and know exactly what
will happen within it.  Now the Weaver and the Wyrm were of no consequence
to me, but the Wyld... I sensed a perversion in his nature that only a
Marauder could sense.  It was time that someone else took its place, and
the time had come for me!  When the Wyld finally sensed what was about to
happen, it was too late.  I had become to powerful in my journeys, and it
had become too weak in this dimension.  After long hours of battling, my
summoned minions distracting the Wyld, I casually walked up it and plunged
my hand through its gut.  Victory was mine, yet it seems that I permanently
wear a token of that fight.  For the entrails of my victim continously
twitch and pulsate on my bloodied hands.  But it is no matter, my search
continues for the creature who sentenced me to this life of wandering...
and when I find it, not even reality itself can help it hide!

- Marauder


                            A Swimming Lesson

Sitting on the grassy shores of a quiet, serene pond was relaxing
enough. A soft breeze blew across the pond, and we were well relaxed.
Chante' had been trying to convince her husband and me both to join
her in a swim, but I protested I didn't want to. When Talon stepped in
and yelped at the coldness of the water, I was further discouraged. Of
course, my real reason was my terrible fear of water. Boats I could
handle, but swimming? I couldn't do it. I'd never learned, and wasn't
gonna learn now, except that Chante' offered to teach, and how can you
say no to her? So I stripped down to my breeches and waded in. The
water was cold, but not as much as Talon had let on. 
     "It's really simple," she said, "Just paddle with your hands and
kick with your feet."
     "I can paddle fine, but if I lift up my feet, I'll sink." I
demonstrated, paddling violently as I sank like a stone to the bottom.
I stood up, soaking now, and said, "See?" Talon, who I had thought was
asleep, took an oar from his rowboat and threw it at me.
     "You're paddling wrong," he giggled at me, "you need a paddle."
     Chante' was much more gentle. She stood in front of me, and
demonstrated how to paddle with my hands, and that by staying still, I
would stay afloat. Instilled with a new confidence, I started to
float, moving about the shallow part of the pond by paddling. Of
course, Chante' swam circles around me still.
     "Now kick! You'll go faster!" Before I knew it, I was swimming!
And was starting to like it, too. I wonder that I was ever afraid, for
water is such a lovely thing, and we really belong in it, under the
twinkling stars, mildly intoxicated, enjoying ourselves.



An excerpt from the journal of Solange de Saint-Cyr - translated from the 


	Today has been the strangest day. You will recall that I have
written of the Templar, Diego de la Vega, and how he has professed a
romantic interest in me. Obviously I cannot entertain his attentions,
as m'sieu Faeliss has a prior claim, having spoken to me first. I still
cannot believe that Diego and I have been together many times, as he is
often in need of a surgeon, and yet he had said nothing previously of
his feelings for me. Yet something has happened today that changes

	Of course, when I understood that Diego had an interest in me,
and had remained silent, I assumed it was because he is a Templar -
thus a monk.  When I discovered that he is not a monk - that he was
simply not brave enough to speak to me - well, I was furious!

	He is often in the habit of fighting monsters bigger than he is
- this is how we first met. This day was no different - he was fighting
creatures that were beating him soundly, and I became extremely angry
at this, for reasons that became clear later.  At the time, I began to
ridicule him. And of course, Maman, I have such a sharp tongue when I
am angry. I should have ignored it all, but I could not. Our flaring
tempers attracted the notice of a vile beast. This one, Ronnie
something-or-other, suffers from a strange condition that makes him
more animal than man and requires him to drink blood to survive.
Apparently it is also highly contagious. He calls himself a vampire -
and is a monster in his own right.

	In my fit of temper, I said some very rash things, causing this
Ronnie to entertain a lustful interest in me. Of course this was
alarming, but not nearly so much as what happened next. While Ronnie was
making his unwelcome advances, Diego - the object of my scorn - began
to defend me. Most astonishing, however, was the fact that Faeliss, who
was with me at the time speaking of his great affection for me - he
said nothing.

	When it became clear that Ronnie would not stop harrassing me,
Diego resolved to fight him. I could not let that happen. I dashed to
Romania to intervene - telling Faeliss to wait for me in France. What I
found in Romania nearly stopped my heart. Diego was badly hurt and
looked as though he might lose. Something came over me and I launched
myself into the fight.  Diego was appalled - and I was no match for
Ronnie. Yet to save the Templar, I offered myself to the beast - though
I would have preferred death. I shudder at the memory of his fangs in
my throat. Somehow, through the grace of God we escaped him - Diego
finally managed to put a stake through the beast's black heart.

	Afterwards, both of us sorely wounded, Diego carried me to a
safe place and cared for my injuries. It was then that I realized what
he had been willing to do for me.  He forgave my insults and my anger.
Indeed, he would have died for me. More astonishing was the fact that I
would have done the same for him - that my anger was an expression of
my deep concern for him.

	And what of Faeliss - the gentle surgeon?  My heart grieves
that I must hurt him and he is not the first I have so hurt in my
ignorance. But I cannot deny these feelings for the Templar, and his
for me. I dare not call it love - it is too soon, but there is
something powerful between us - something that I have only recently
been willing to admit to myself. It is frightening, and strangely
thrilling too. I wonder if this is how you felt about Papa - and that
is why you eloped with him. I can think of no better reason to incur
Grandmother's considerable wrath.

	Oh Maman, I have rambled unforgivably - but so much has
happened that I had to share with you. May God keep you safe until we
may meet again in His Presence.

Your loving daughter.
Solange de Saint-Cyr


                           Battle with a vampire 

A stone well in the middle of a bustling village square. Peasants and 
nobles alike haggle at stalls for different goods, and the smell of 
cooking wafts in from the nearby Inn. A simply dressed hispanic quietly 
sits and broods by the well, occasionally sipping from a small cup on 
its side.

And so the scene is set.

The bustling crowds hastily draw apart to let another man through. 
Obviously someone of significance in the area, as even the slightest 
chatter dies down. In almost stark contrast to the simple man sitting by 
the well, this figure is wrapped in a rich dark blue coat, which matches 
his greasy dark blue hair. With a wave of hand, the crowd melts into 
nearby huts and bars, like rats from a sinking ship.

'I've had it with you, Templar' quotes the dark one, annoyed by 

'Well, I'm sitting so your shots might actually hurt now,' promptly
replied theHhispanic, surely confident.

Apparently, that was the wrong reply. The cloaked figure wastes no time 
in putting a solid steel boot into the hispanic's mouth with a crunch of 
breaking teeth. The Hispanic jumps to his feet, nearly falling down with 
pain. Recovering nicely, he plants a elbow into the cloaked one's 

The fight continues, blows exchanged with neither looking too worse for 
wear. Grass grows, blood flows, and the hours draw on as they exchange 

'Bah, I've got places to be' says the cloaked one, suddenly. 'Im going to 
have to end this now, Diego.'

And with that, the cloaked one's hands bleed. Odd way to kill someone,
I think. Oh, wait, talons seem to be growing as well. Sharp ones at
that.  This cant be good for Diego.

And it isnt. with a swipe, several buttons and shreds of skin disappear 
from the hispanic's chest. Another slash leaves his arm in tatters. The 
two circle each other, the taloned one playing with his victim. 
Interrupting this lovely little scene, a woman flows in to stop the 
fight by, get this, standing between them. Almost comical, isnt it?

'Diego, dont throw your life away to this scum like Ronnie!' she bursts 
out, trying to catch her breath from the journey here.

Assuming the cloaked one is named Ronnie, he replies, 'You could do to
learn your own lesson, Solange dearie.'

Diego, fighting for breath, adds 'Solange, just go. He'll kill you!'

There's an idea.

Ignoring both, Ronnie again rakes his claws across the chest of Diego,
leaving trails faintly reminiscent of a tic-tac-toe board. While intent
on the hispanic, Ronno ignored Solange, who promptly tripped him up
with a staff, and lept on his back pummeling him. With no great rush,
he regains his feet and bats her into the side of a building with a
very loud thud. Roaring with rage and pain, Diego rushes Ronnie. And he
nearly topples him, if it wernt that he was planted more firmly than
the well itself. Diego goes sprawling, while the cloaked one known as
Ron menaces over him, laughing quite loudly to himself, and for quite
awhile. Long enough, for Solange to recover, and drag Diego off into
the nearest woods. Time not wasted, he catches up quickly, and knocks
Diego flat with a kick.

'Okay, thats it' Ronnie snarled from clenched teeth 'Get ready to catch 
your head on the rebound, ive had enough'

Batting a angered Solange out of the way, he crouches over the dazed
Templar, lowering his mouth to Diego's neck. A lodu slurping is heard
as the vampire drinks from his prey, quite obviously enjoying himself.
Finishing, he bites into his own tongue with a wince, sucking a
mouthful of blood from the wound. however garbled, something sounding
like 'Time to join Hotshoe' comes from his mouth. And now, insult to
injury, he plants a very passionate soul kiss on the stricken hispanic.
That did the trick at least, as Diego regains his footing, spitting out
blood.  Rushing Ronnie, this time he manage to knock him off his feet,
grabs Solange, and makes tracks for the nearest church.

Hissing to himself, Ronnie gives chase, joined by a lovely little 
courtesan. they confront the templar and Solange in the church of 
Romainia. And it seems Diego has a card up his sleeve, as he remarks

'Fun's over, Vampire, get out'

Well, you can bet Ronnie was somewhat shocked by that.

'This is my church, on my ground' he replies, regaining his composure 
'And you, my dear Templar, are dust!'

So said he, advancing towards the Templar, talons outstretched.

Well, it wasn't a card up Diego's sleeve. More like a wooden stake. With 
a quick trip from Solange, the vampire is left defenseless for the final 
curtain to come crashing down. A great howl resonates within the church, 
as the walls get a coat of fresh blood. Its a lovely color, but 
disappointing when it drys.

With a vaguely shocked look, Ronnie stumbles off into the graveyard to 
rest his last. His breathing turns raspy, and filled with blood, as he 
moans softly and expires. Stricken with grief, the lovely little 
courtesan screams for privacy, and the Templar and Solange leave.


Later in the eve, two figures are seen moving down the street, both 
walking unsteadily.

'Err, thanks for prying that stake out, I think paralysis was startin
to set in' mutters one.

'No problem, master,' lilts the other one, with a big dopey smile found 
on those either incredibly happy or woozy. 'Just that im a little 

And off they tumble, searching for another victim. Not everyone gets off 
with death that easily, but its always far from pleasant.


                               The Rescue

   Everything was carefully packed.  He had made sure of that.
Luke wasn't about to lose his gear by accidently capsizing his
canoe this trip.  Five more minutes till sun up, and then he would
make the long journey to Ireland.
   "Help!" the cry shattered the silence of the morning.  "Somebody,
please help me!!"
   Dropping his boat roughly, Luke drew his rapier and darted off
towards the sound of the cry.  As he broke onto the main street,
Luke saw it.  A beautiful woman was being brutally assailed by
three local fishermen.  Assessing the situation, Luke rushed toward
them, waving his sword, and screaming at the top of his lungs...

   One of the fishermen panicked, dropping his weapon and fleeing
the fight.  The other two turned to face their new, more dangerous
   The young woman, finally allowed a breather, fled into a nearby
cottage to hide.

"Great," thought Luke, "I've got a bad feeling about this..."
Taking a defensive stance, he faced off against the two men, hoping
to turn their offense into an advantage.  Twice he feinted an attack,
"Great," thought Luke, "I've got a bad feeling about this..."
Taking a defensive stance, he faced off against the two men, hoping
to turn their offense into an advantage.  Twice he feinted an attack,
and on the third one, he took action.  Grabbing the local by the
neck, he slammed him headfirst into the other fisherman's oncoming
   Dropping the lifeless body, he approached the now even fight with
more of his typical gusto.  Parrying an attack from the local, he
brought his knee up and jumped, planting his knee directly in the
face of his adversary.  The man fell to the ground unconcious.
   Entering the cabin, he found the woman he rescued.  "I'm Luke
Skywalker, and I'm here to help," he told her.
   "Is it safe?" she asked.
   "Of course," He added, "I'm here."
   The woman walked outside, looked around, and took a small
token from the pocket of one of the corpses.  "This is what started
it," she explained.  "They took my good luck charm."
   Luke nodded, and looked to the west. Ireland was a long journey
by canoe, and his day had not begun on an easy path.  Such
is the life of the Jedi, he thought to himself, and off
he went.


                             Dragon Dreams

The rain hit the decks of the small craft hard as it plunged onwards
into the darkness of the immense oceans north of the sandy lands of
Egypt, the lone passanger had travelled to this far off land in search
of knowledge and experience and yet began his homeward journey

The waves crashed against the flimsy hull and the man wondered if maybe
he had taken the wrong bearings at some point earlier, all about him
was darkness and the icy cold depths of the ocean, when from seemingly
out of nowhere a wave swept his vessel up out of the water and threw it
towards a mass of land that he had not seen through the veil of night.

The light Birchwood the canoe was built from shattered against the
rocky shore it had grounded itself upon and yet miraculously the
passenger had survived.  As he struggled to his feet he noticed a
large, very muscled man peering at him through a nearby copse of

Then the familiar flash of steel being unsheathed.  Without thinking of
his own safety the still dazed passenger stepped forward onto the sandy

"I come not in anger, please stow that sword and direct me to your
local boarding house," yelled the man battling with the screaming
winds.  The man in the trees looked onward and very cautiously he
returned his sword to its sheath.

"You are among the Geatish people now friend, while you are here you
will not draw your sword or the consequences will be grave", the man
yelled as he turned and strode off into the dense bush.

What place is this? thought the passenger, Who are these Geats?

He quickly abandoned all thought for his newfound home and hurried to
catch up with his mysterious benefactor. Later in the night he found
himself resting in a warm sweet smelling mead hall accompanied by these
people of the Geats.

They were filled with tales of ancestral battle and a place they
referred to as Valhalla, as near as he could tell this was some form of
warriors heaven.  And as he slept he dreamt of huge towering men with
axes setting off for a dark cave to return with the head of a scaly

Then they were screaming as a larger variant of the head appeared above
them spewing forth fire and snarling as it screamed "There will be

With this the man awoke trembling in fear, he found as he awoke that it
was now morning and the Geats had already left the hall and the sound
of busied people could be heard from the far exit to the hall.

As he stood he remembered from his dream a crest of a one handed axe
buried in a shield.

This he had also remembered from the man he had first encountered
here.  As he ambled outside he heard the men talking about going to the
cave to finish what their predecessors had started and he knew
immediately what had happened here.

"If you go that Dragon will kill you like it killed your ancestors", he
said slowly.

The men turned towards him, pale and questioning.

"How do you know of the dragon?", their leader asked.

"I dreamt of it last night, I dreamt of your men killing the dragon's
offspring and then the Dragon seeking Vengeance."

The men whispered amongst themselves.

"Then you must come to aid us, your familiarity will be useful", smiled one
of the men.

"I do not wish to interfere with your strife", said the man in return.

The Geat quickly unsheathed his sword and said "You will help us
stranger or you will be bloodied here and now."

He pointed in the direction of a path with his sword and the bewildered
man was pushed along it for the next few hours when the forest began to
darken as they drew closer.

The mouth of the cave appeared in front of the group like a gaping maw
ready to swallow them. Smoke seeped from the caves mouth and the men
looked about themselves scared.

They walked through the caves for several hours when suddenly the floor
opened up below them and they plummeted downwards and into the lair of
the Red Dragon.

"SO YOU HAVE COME TO DIE!!!", bellowed the Dragon.

The men more foolish than brave leaped into battle striking at the
dragon with furious passion, and yet their swords merely clashed
against its scales.

The dragon's claw swept the air beside it and caught in one of the
warrior's rip cage, the ripping sound of flesh echoed through the cave
as the rended body was flung against one of the walls, every bone
shattering on impact.  And yet still the men attacked this time one of
them managed to wedge a dagger under one of the scales while each man
in turn plunged their swords into the belly of the beast.

The dragon screamed in pain and turned its head to face them its mouth
opened wide and flaming death poured forth egulfing most of the men.
Their screams could be heard from afar and their wives knew without
seeing that the men had failed in their quest.

The stranger stepped away from the fight and deeper into the cave when
suddenly a charred hand grabbed him by the ankles.

"Take this and use it", croaked the man breathing his last.

It was some kind of amulet, shining black with a single blue gem set in the

The man stroked the amulet and suddenly a blue light shone forth from the
gem and seemed to fly heavenward disintegrating age old rock as it went.

The dragon saw this and began stomping towards the light to see where it
had came from.

When from above where the light had shone through a man clad in black
leather armour descended floating on the air, he held out his hand which
was quickly snatched by the terrified stranger. There was a breif flash of
light and the stranger awoke in a familiar reception area in his homeland
of Ireland, there was however no sign of the man who had saved him.
To this day the stranger never knew his saviour...

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