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VOLUME FIVE, ISSUE THIRTY-FIVE                           January 2nd, 1999

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

          -                  The Editor's Note                       -
          -             Upcoming Calendar of Events                  -

          - Dominic's Science & Invention Grand Trivia Extravaganza! -
          -                    Survey Says....                       -
                             HAPPY NEW YEAR'S! 
          -              Winning New Year's Illusions               -
          -                     Resolutions                         -
          -                      Articles                           -

          -                  Season's Greetings                     -
          -                 Dragon Eyes : An Epic                   -
          -                  Guelah Unleashed                       -
          -             The Day the Serene Pond Froze               -
          -          The Wedding of Rubymay and Lemming             -

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/__|                         EDITOR'S NOTE                            |__\

Hello All,

The clock rolls around, the media blares with 'the best of' and
millenium-themed shows, so I'll skip the shmoltzy stuff and send you my
best wishes. I hope the coming year brings you more joy and less sorrow
than the one which has passed. 

                                       Peace & Love to all,

___                                                                    ___
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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

         [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]


Thursday,  January  7, 7:00 pm  - Q & A in the OOC Auditorium
Friday,    January  8, 9:00 pm  - Star Wars Trivia by Anakin
Thursday,  January 14, 7:00 pm  - Q & A in the OOC Auditorium
Saturday,  January 16, 7:00 pm  - Dominic's Science & Invention    
                                  Grand Trivia Extravaganza!
Thursday,  January 21, 7:00 pm  - Q & A in the OOC Auditorium

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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

           Dominic's Science & Invention Grand Trivia Extravaganza!

Dominic will run a lengthy trivia session on Saturday, January 16th, at
7:00 pm! He has worked long and hard to devise a giant list of
questions, and hopes everyone can attend.

Topic will be inventions!  Do you really know who invented what, and
when? There will be many surprises -- this game will really test your
knowledge of the ancient, medieval, and modern world of gadgetry,
ideas, and wonders.


                              Survey Says...

I did a Survey again...what kind of fighters Legend Consists of, and
here are the results.

30 people total.

       Str         |       Con           |       Dex
        7          |        1            |       12

I was suprised but the numbers. I thought there were more Str fighter
than con, but my survey proved me wrong.


___                                                                    ___
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/__|                        HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!                         |__\

              \|/   \|/                                  \|/   \|/
             --*-- --*--  Winning New Year's Illusions  --*-- --*--
              /|\   /|\                                  /|\   /|\

This year's best New Year's illusion was by FairfaxII:

    w w
  Why do I stay up so late for this? *Sigh*
  Happy New Year!!

The runner up was Ceri, with her multiple 'atmosphere' illusions, such as:

Several bottles of champagne appear and Ceri pours us all a
glass to celebrate with.  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!

You blink and try to rub your eyes furiously as the inn begins to shimmer
And slowly fades from sight leaving in it's place a crowd of people
All laughing, dancing and having a great time.  They wave you over
to share their fun and you realize that you have been invited to
the largest New Years party on earth.  You are there watching the ball
drop with all your friends mudders and irl friends alike
Come join in the fun with us, celebrating another hopefully
Happy year together.  Best wishes for the new year.  Ceri

                    \|/   \|/                 \|/   \|/
                   --*-- --*--  Resolutions  --*-- --*--
                    /|\   /|\                 /|\   /|\

This year, I requested that players send me their New Year's
Resolutions. I think that I got a rather good crop! Enjoy :)

                                 <*> <*> <*> <*>

The New Yearsh resholutionsh of McDougan

1. wheen low oon alchohool, shtop dreenking turpentine. Shtagger to the pub.
2. Shtop carrying around giftsh shae loong, like hish heavy wooven kilt I've
hed feer moonthsh. If me family cannae ushe it joosht noo, give it tae
ootheer freendsh.
3. Shtopp dreenking 6 bottlesh of whishkey a day. a sheventh should fit in
4. Think up betteer playsh on wordsh than shelling a non-colour shtring that
is actually a lute string or bow string.  People hev caught oon.

                                 <*> <*> <*> <*>

Chimera's New Year's Resolution is that if he's granted slay, he's gonna be
responsible, and only slay one person a day! *tug Dept. Heads*

                                 <*> <*> <*> <*>

Here are Lelu's resolutions for the year 1999....

1. Keep being wiiIiicked.
2. Finally get that description wrote for the LT.
3. Find out just what does make Coca-Cola so much better than everything else.
4. Finaly to figure out just what strings I want. 
5. Oh did I say to be wiiIiicked still?

Those are the top 5 things I resolve for this year. Oh yeh and I also want to
become the most powerfull person in the world.

Lelu the ever wiiIiicked

                                 <*> <*> <*> <*>

                                 Mo's Resolutions 

10. No mo uncivil posting -- except when addressing Rufus
9.  No mo overly spammy posting -- my interpretations of both words, overly
and spammy.
8.  No mo pk'ing while lagged 
7.  No mo pk'ing in the library
6.  No mo pk'ing and downloading at the same time
5.  No mo pk'ing and going ld at the same time
4.  Mo triggers to jump people while i'm afk
3.  Mo patience stalking prey
2.  Mo pkilling
1.  (Making) Mo pkers

                                 <*> <*> <*> <*>

                               Chante's Resolutions

My New Years Resolutions:

To try to call "Gwendolyn" by real name IN RL..and not Gwenny

To get past Level 46, that i have been for MONTHS!!

To try not to fall asleep at the Keyboard, while on Legend, and
have everyone wonder if iam afk, or ignoring them. -giggle-

ok, so i have a few things i need to work on....-halo-

                               <*> <*> <*> <*>

           The new years resolutions of Marcel Alexander, Esquire.

1. I will start counting the years as they go by, by a numerical
system still in use with modern civilization, and preferably
readable by more than three seclusive mystics on a mountain top
somewhere in Arimea.
2. Therefore, I shall purchase a time manager.
3. By use of this fascinating novelty of the modern era, I will
make sure to cancel all the less interesting New Years' Eve party
invitations I get for the year 1999/2000, so that in three years'
time, I will only have to go to interesting parties.
4. I will definitely ask Abigail to marry me this year. Again.
5. I will actually try to marry Abigail.
6. I will never have another cherry daiquiri in my life. Honest.

                               <*> <*> <*> <*>

                             Unix's Resolutions

My new years resolution is to finally find a last name before I get

                               <*> <*> <*> <*>

                           Alejandro's Resolutions

These are the first new year resolutions i've ever i hope
i'll manage to accomplish them.

1) I'll make an effort to be nicer and help people IC and OOC.
2) I'll give my pet hamster more love. :)
3) I'll go on my first SL run soon and not die.
4) I'll show the people close to me how much I love them...cos I don't
think I ever do and I've been too late too many times.
5) Be in NPH one day.
6) Go on my first holiday.
7) Be able to last long enough to write next year's resolutions. 

Happy New Year. :)

                                 <*> <*> <*> <*>

                   New Year's Resolutions, collected by Deicide

Juggernaut: To limit dying to once a month :)

Rictor: To quit playing legend :)

Kaitlin: To keep all my resolutions a secret... oops!

Jen-Jen: To get 50 million exp.

Someone: To give up computers and live in a cave!

another Someone: I will not kill the person pestering me for a
resolution next year.

Trample: To revive the Shotokai as a dominating Pk clan.

Jade: To give up rhubarb pie.

Cara: I will not tackle people heavier than me.

Natalia resolves to... 
   ...not to have any resolutions :P dedicate myself to the elimination of the societal menace
   known as decaffeinated coffee.

Zeus: I resolve to spread greed and insanity

Sterling: I think I will resolve to getting Juggernaut killed once a

Huginn: I resolve to fix as many bugs as possible despite the fact that
you people are benefitting from them :-)

Tempus: To force the immorts for skilltrees to come... this year.

Quercus: My resolution is not to say anything that may appear in the LT

Killer: I resolver to get on Legend more often.

Myrella says: 
   ...I don't need one, I'm already perfect. I have none, this way I
   can't break them.

Fuzzey: I resolve to find more time to play on legendmud.

Bast: I resolve to serve my loyal subjects better, but they
*MUST* stop killing the cats.

Gwalchmai: To find my lady Elidan, daughter of Caw, and ask
her forgiveness for the wrong I did her.

Ronnie resolves to: 
  ...find a blouse that doesn't show dried blood-stains.
  ... give up any women besides my wife.

Starbiter: I vowe to be meaner, ruder and kill more newbies
thanin the past.

TinyBird: I pwomise not to take candy fwom people I don't know.

Taksyn: I resolve to find Mandarb's secret mob.

Deicide resolves: 
   ...not to have sex with interns. set up an alias for 'Eblow'.

BabaYaga: To put real toes on all my kewpie dollies *drool*

Keeraya: To continue helping as many people as possible for

Uma: To be a better wife and sister.

Kae: To marry Roland, even if it means gluing him, forcing him
to _goto the altar and switch into him for his 'I do.'

Densiva: To bring death and destruction to the lands of Legend
for my master Khorne has ordered me to do so! *MUWAHAHHAHA*

Belize: To reach level 50.

Gwendolyn: I'm giving up swearing.  I tried last year but gave
up after like 3 minutes.

Dvorak: I vow to burn the photos I took of Gwendolyn in the shower

Rajnish: I am resolved to not kill the Mugger because his damage
specials hit 100% of the time on Hindus.

Doom: I resolve to come up with an rp rather than mindlessly
slaughtering mobs and collecting gear.

Bronwyn: To never get married again!

Danar: I resolve to be taller next year.

                    \|/   \|/                 \|/   \|/
                   --*-- --*--   Articles    --*-- --*--
                    /|\   /|\                 /|\   /|\


Off in the distance cheers of "happy new years" fill the air.  The
silhouettes of couples kissing and groups of people congratulating each
other for having made it through yet another year, become visible as
fireworks explode above us. I avert my eyes and stare into the dark
waters below me, wishing that I could join in the merriment and
laughter.. wishing I could drown out all my fears, worries, and dark
memories with a firebreather or two... but liquor never seemed to help
before.. so why would it help now?

Images formed in the waters below me.. visions of both past lives, and
recent events... I saw the love and excitement in my sisters eyes on
her wedding day... an old love beams with joy as I agree to let him
back into my life... faces of friends, spouses, and lovers lost from
past lives...

A few tears ran down my cheeks... I tried to regain my composure.. but
my heart ached so badly from loneliness at that moment... all I could
do is hope my beloved returned to me soon.. he was the only one that
could make all the pain & hurt disappear...

I turned my gaze back to the waters, and tried to picture my sweetie
there with me... but the waters remained dark... I sighed and was about
to stand up when an image of a dark alley appeared in the waters
below.. I saw a girl huddled in a corner... and then the vision was

The girl looked like me.... something tugged on the back of my mind...
so much of my youth had been forgotten... but I had never even thought
of it before.. perhaps there was something there? hidden all these

The sun was starting to rise as I stood up. I brushed the gravel off of
my coat and started to walk home. I had some soul searching to do...
memories to unravel...

Amecia BloodRose

            /                        \     
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

                           Season's Greetings 

And here they all go again, with their frosted cakes, seasons'
cards, dressing up and buying gifts and wrapping them in foil,
baking and cooking and stewing, and generally being sticky sweet
and charitable to each other.

Well. I'm going to go get roaring drunk in some remote banana
republic that doesn't celebrate the birth of the Adversary.

Meanwhile, enjoy your looting immensely, and may your inlaws
be quiet.

Marcel Alexander,


                           Dragon Eyes : An Epic
                                Chapter 3

Don't tell me you missed the prologue and first chapter?  Sheesh.
Email Drako at to reserve your electronic copy.

	He gazed dispassionately out of the tiny window ensconced in
the tiny wall of his tiny room.  The predawn gloom held no interest for
him.  However, the dusky morning proved to be but a poor herald for the
splendor to come.  As he sat there, placidly regarding the horizon, the
sun burst forth, an orb of molten fire, shedding light upon the
previously shadowed world.  The ball of flame ascended into the sky,
where it hung, regarding the landscape, like a huge omnipotent eye.  He
sighed, but allowed the spectacle to lift his spirits, if only

	Admitting defeat, knowing he could not escape the orbs fiery glare, he
decided to get a move on.  As was his detestable habit, he dragged his
rear from its resting place and prepared for the coming day.  He
placed his worldly possessions, some meager rations, extra bandages,
and spare cloth into his deerskin bag, donned his worn cloak, and set
out to explore the new world.

	Apparently he was the only one who found this world to be newly
created.  Every other person he met believed that they had lived their
whole life on this very same planet.  It was quite obvious to him that
this was all just some cosmic joke aimed solely at him, for the
pleasure of the gods.

	He adjourned to the mess hall for an omelet and some tea, for
surely they served tea in the morning, if not at night.
Disappointingly, he found only last nights mutton and some stale water
to break his fast.  Unsatisfied but stuffed despite, he commenced his
navigation of the town.

	He wandered for awhile, with no course in mind, but soon it
struck him that he needed new shoes.  Well, the rocks struck him, and
then he came to the conclusion that he needed new shoes.  Semantics.  A
quick 360 degree glance uncovered no trace of a store, so he hailed the
nearest citizen.  Hail, citizen. Or something to that effect.  Halloa,

	What can I do you for? said the local.  It might be of some
note that the local himself might not know where shoes could be
purchased, for he seemed to be both sore and sorely in need of
footwear, as well as other garments.  Unlike many of the townsfolk, he
seemed a seedy sort, wearing a cloak that was dark with filth and as
raggedy as, well, as raggedy as the main characters cloak.  Regarding
the stranger with no small degree of apprehension, the man proceeded.

	Well, I am in no small need of clothes.  My boots are worn
through and my cloak is quite worn.  Perhaps you know of a store
wherein I could purchase such apparel?  Quite?  Perhaps?  Apparel?  The
bumpkin seemed daunted by such high-flung words.  Obviously a man of
small education.

	He seemed the sort to make his business elsewhere.  However, to his
credit, he ably handled the question:  Actually, there is such a store
over yonder.  As he said this, he used his right arm as a compass,
directing it over the newcomers shoulder and pointing in the direction
of the supposed store.

	The action of his other hand is also of interest.  His left
hand slowly crept along the strangers cloak, searching for pockets.
Had there been anything to steal, he surely would have stolen it.
Anyway, the stranger was completely innocent and unsuspecting.  He had
yet to learn a lesson about trust in this world - dont.  Gratefully
accepting the directions, Thank you, kind sir.  May I ask your name, in
case I am in need of further assistance in the future?

Oh, quite, was the half-mocking but friendly reply.  I am known as
Fith-Fath in these parts.  And all other parts, for that matter.  Would
you mind exchanging the courtesy?  Courtesy?  His exhaustion showed.
Yes, what is your name?  he asked, slower this time, as if to imply
implications.  My name?  A pause.  More pauses follow.  It would be
imprudent to elucidate every pause, for a pause has no set length, and
therefore would surely place a bore in the middle of the story.  My
name.  Well...

                                    * * *

	The subterranean corridor was dark except for the feeble light
cast by his dwindling torch.  It was too late to turn back, his
torch would burn out before he ever saw the light of day, leaving him
blind in the maze of catacombs.  He could only hope that his intuition
was not leading him astray, as it usually did.

	An odd flicker of the torch briefly illuminated a hidden corner
that did not seem quite empty.  Since every oddity at this
depth must be unnatural, that would indicate human influence - a good
sign.  If some human was down here at one time, he must be on the right
track - or some track, at least.  As it turned out, it was just some

	The skeleton in lying prostrate in the corner was indeed of
human origin.  This was the good part.  The bad part was that the
skeleton was mangled in such a way that it must have been torn asunder
by some malevolent creature.  Glinting dully near the bones lay a small
dagger, emblemed with an intricately engraved serpent.  The hilt and
handle were both blacker than night, so much so that they were not even
detectable, reflecting no light.  The blade itself was covered with a
thin layer of dust, but that easily flew off with the slightest
whisper, leaving the blade to shine brilliantly, like new.

	He picked up the weapon, which seemed to be in perfect
condition, despite the long passing of time indicated by the rot of the
skeleton.  Weighing the dagger in his hand, he felt it to be pleasantly
light.  The dagger was a perfect fit in his palm, sweaty as it was.
The weapon seemed as though it was made for him, on which thought he
was pervaded by demonic shivers.  Not yet ready to forsake his trusty
sword for this untested weapon, but also not willing to leave it for
the next fool, should there ever be one foolish enough to come down
here, he put the dagger in his sack, and moved on.

	The corridor gradually heated up, and the walls began to
breathe.  He detected a foreboding red light emanating from around the
next bend.  Cautiously inching his way to the edge, he peered around
the corner.  His eyes immediately fixed on the most prominent detail -
a pair a infinitely deep, sky blue eyes which stared straight into his

	'Hello, human', was the resonant voice that seemed to boom
within his mind.  Involuntarily jumping back two feet, and not
so involuntarily turning and fleeing the other direction, he met the
wall.  Yes, somehow the wall had closed behind him, leaving him trapped
in the corridor.  Resigned, he dutifully turned to meet his fate,
whatever it may turn out to be.

	He boldly walked out from the corridor, stood proudly in the
light, and assessed the situation.  It was worse than he thought.  The
piercingly deep, thickly saturated, maddingly blue eyes were still
there, however, the associated body struck him dumb.  The form was that
of a monstrous red serpent, complete with glittering scales, jagged
mane, and powerful tail.  The dragon slowly moved its tail, encircling
the stranger, but leaving a five foot radius between man and monster.

'It was foolish to come down here.  Even more foolish to enter my lair
uninvited.  Thrice foolish to wake me from my slumber.  But foolish
mostly that you thought you could escape,' the emphatic voice

Knowing not reason, even defying it, he followed a sudden compulsion,
and slowly opened the sack.  The dragon, wholly unafraid, calmly
observed.  With a quick motion, the man revealed the black serpent
dagger, which gleamed and glowed in the red light.  The dragons first
reaction was to recoil, somehow recognizing the weapon.  The man
crouched in a battle stance, ready to fight the futile fight for his
life.  The mighty tail whipped with a blur, knocking the man from his
feet and creating a large gash on his unprotected left arm.  He sprung
to his feet and charged the beast, which reared it massive head and
revealed a gaping maw of barbed teeth.  The two opponents lunged at
each other, but, at the last possible moment, the man ducked, rolled,
and leaped, careening with all his force towards the upper part of the
beasts head.  He swiped his dagger valiantly.  Then all was a blur, the
dragons blood seemed to flood out upon the man like a tidal wave,
though considering the size of the beast, it was probably just a flesh
wound.  In any event, he fell to the uninviting ground and passed into

	Ages later, he awoke, just as they all do in these epics.  He
had not yet opened his eyes.  Instead he lay there, savoring the
blessed pain.  It let him know he was alive, which happened to be
valuable to him.  The dragon must be dead, he thought.  He slowly
opened his eyes, and jerked completely up, suddenly wide awake.  There
lay the monster, calmly regarding him.

	'Awake friend.'  This time the voice seemed far less harsh.
Friend?  thought the man.  This was surely not the previous
agreement.  'Yes, you are now my friend.'  Mind reading is one of those
general abilities attributed to dragons, but often overlooked as
silly.  The fact is, they are telepathic - in this saga, at least.

	'How am I your friend?' asked the man cautiously, uncertain of
the implications.  He talked aloud, certainly unacustomed to speaking
mind to mind.  It was just more comfortable to hear his own voice
through his ears.

	'Well,' the dragon replied telepathically, 'you have shared
dragon blood.  You are now part dragon.' The man vaguely remembered old
wives tales regarding such occurences, but had discredited every one of
them as absurd.  He didnt even believe in dragons until recently - very

The two conversed for long hours, meeting each other and hammering out
the ramifications of their new relationship.  The dragon, whose name
happened to be Jairiu, did most of the hammering, for he knew most
about these matters.  Near the conclusion of their locution, the dragon
asked the stranger what his name was.

This being the reverie of the man, who is actually standing in Tara
with a patient Fith-Fath - who is using the time to conduct a full body
search for valuables - it is noteworthy that he at once had a name, and
remembers telling it to the dragon.  The serpent found it
unsatisfactory by reptilian standards, so opted to change it.

	'In the name of Lankara, Mother of Dragons, I hereby pronounce
you Drako, Friend of Dragons.'  The stranger, now Drako, was overcome
by a feeling of unity, of entirety.  This new name imparted a sense of
comletion that filled an unknown gap in Drakos personality.  Drako also
found the name satisfactory by default.  From the first moment of
declaration, he could no longer remember his birth name.

	Just before Drako left the cavern, aided by the dragons
knowledge of the catacombs, he received one last treat.  The
great serpent plucked from his hoard a single blood-red dragon scale.
Dragons keep their scales, when one happens to fall off, because they
are so breathtakingly beautiful.  This particular one had a magnificent
luster.  Jairiu slowly chanted in a sinuous rasp.  The scale burst into
sudden flame, died moments later.  It was left with irridescent black
runes, which Jairiu proclaimed meant, Friend of Dragons.  A small hole
was poked through the scales supposed top by one of the dragons honed
talons, and presented to Drako on a small silver chain, also gleaned
from the hoard.

                             * * *

	'My name is Drako,' said Drako, awakening from his
preoccupation.  Fith-Fath only nodded and smiled.  Though he had
gleaned nothing of value from this stranger's pockets, he knew him to
be a possible source of future manipulation, so tried to retain
friendly relations.  'And I suppose I'd best be off to buy some
shoes.'  A wave, a tip of the hat, and Drako was off.

	In the next issue of the LT, Drako buys some shoes!  Ooooooh.  That
part of the story will probably be shorter.  The only question that
remains to be answered is this:  where is the rest of the world?

Questions,thoughts,beliefs,goals,admissions,desires?  Email Drako at



                            Guelah Unleashed

	The waves gently washed around her feet, cold as anything, and she
snapped awake. Staring all around in the darkness, despite being
nearly blinded, Guelah knew she was in a foreign place. It smelled
wrong, sounded wrong. The very air tasted wrong. Not until she rolled
her head around, stretching her neck, did Guelah realize how wrong
everything was.
	The stars were wrong.
	But why can I even see the stars, she thought. The low rumbling of
thunder was clear, if distant. It wasn't the waves, had to be thunder.
Or so she thought. When the low rumble turned into a vicious roar, she
realized her error, as well as where she must be. The beast that leapt
at her out of the darkness looked to be something like a sphinx, but
with a more beastly head. Its feline eyes glowed green in the
darkness, its breath was hot and moist as it sniffed her dismissively
and stalked away. The mysterious locals, clearly creatures of night
themselves, with skin so dark as to be invisible, called the beast
	That wasn't the issue at hand. She had obviously somehow angered the
gods, and been sent to the demon realm for punishment. Escape was not
an option, so she sought to repent. Another savage looking demon
approached in the darkness, this with horns spiraling into infinity, a
giant demon. 
	"Can't get any worse," she thought, and drew her beautiful sword of
milky crystal, delicately inscribed with the image of a blood-red
dragon. Finely balanced to her needs, the weapon was quite deadly.
Within an instant, the demon was at her feet bleeding, and she was
feasting on its giant corpse. As the phrase "hoards of daemons" echoed
through her mind, Guelah set her mind to elimination, and stalked off
into the night...


                       The Day the Serene Pond Froze
                               By Chante'

It was the middle of winter, and like our usual activity, a bunch of us
gathered at the Serene Pond, frozen or not, this pond seems to be the
place to come too for swimming, talking, laughing, playing word
association, dippin piggers, getting cozy, ice skating, whatever we
felt like doing, the pond is always the place to come to.

Well this paticular day, was one of the best ever at the pond...  There
we all were, heading for the pond to Ice Skate, when all of a sudden,
to our surprise there were a group of men, skating on OUR pond..  We
didnt know what to say, we werent sure if we should have been mad, or
delighted that these fellas came too.

We sat there a few minutes, just kinda "checkin" things out...  These
guys, some dressed in white, some dressed in red were skating like
professionals on the ice, and they were all carrying these sticks, and
try they were all trying to hit this little blask disk thingy, and hit
it into this net box thingy, at the end of the ice.

It was actually kinda entertaining., these guys were skating up and
down the ice, back and forth trying to hit this little black disk into
these nets, and it was awesome when they got a disk in the net, they
got all excited, and -high5- and they were really happy. We were just
amazed by this, and still couldnt believe this was happening at "our
pond". We were all very interested and no doubt entertained.

After a half an hour or so, they all just stopped, and gathered around,
they all had this strange looking gear, or eq, then all of a sudden,
they got all quiet, and they all seemed to -peer- over at us, all at
the same time. We were all just standing there, amazed and impressed,
but very curious.  Then some of them started walking over to us, and we
werent sure what to say or do, so we all just stood there, kinda quiet,
then Chante' l just couldnt resist, she was so curious, and had to
introduce herself..

*shaking their hands* "Hi, I am Chante', how are you?" they smiled, and
then everyone started introducing themselves to eachother.  "what were
you guys doin out there?" asked Chante', then they started to explain,
"we're playin Hockey, we are the Red Wings, a NHL Hockey team from
Detroit,"  We were all so interested and started asking all kinds of
questions, they said they were "on the road" and needed to practice, so
they found our pond, and started to practice..  again, we were just
amazed by this, the fact they were playing this really interesting
game, and playing on our pond.

After asking our questions, and talking to then for awhile, they asked
if we wanted to hang out a little bit more, and join them on the ice.
We were so excited, and jumped at the chance, well some of us did
anyway... they did have some extra eq with them, so we grabbed a stick,
and some pads, and a helmet, and there we all were, out on the ice,
playing hockey with the Red Wings!!

It was so cool, they were so nice, and very helpful, and some of them
really took an interest in showing us the game. We divided everyone
into teams, and we played a game of hockey. We were having so much fun,
shooting this black disk they call a "puck" into the nets, or goal, as
they call it, back and forth, up and down the ice...  suddenly we
scored, then they scored, it was so intense, and so much fun!! We were
having a blast, then suddenly, there i was, i got the puck, and i
skated down to the goal, and i took a swing, and i SCORED!!! I was so
shocked, and so happy, everyone -high 5- me, and cheered me, it was
soooooo cool! We did this for a good hour or so, our team ended up
winning, after all, but, we all had so much fun.

It was getting late, and they had to get back, because they had a
a game that night, at an arena. They asked we wanted to come as
their guests, as much as we were thrilled, and as tempting as it
was, we had to turn down the offer, because we all had other
things to do. Then they said that we could be their guest at any
game in the future. We were so excited, and were honored.

They started to pack all of their gear, and was getting ready to
leave, and we thanked them all for letting us join them, and for
all the fun, and they thanked us for letting them use "our pond",
and just as we were all leaving, i asked if they would mind giving
me something, that would always remind me of our AWESOME day,
they were flattered, and said of course, and that was when
Igor Larionov gave me his Hockey Stick. 

That was more then i ever expected, but i was so excited, and invited
them to come back ANYTIME, and SOON! We all had so much fun that day,
and we still gather at the pond to this day, but the pond has never
been the same since that day, "our pond" hold so many great memories
for alot of us. If you are ever in the area, or just need somewhere
special to go to, go to the pond, its a magical place.


                    The Wedding of Rubymay and Lemming

On a moonlit night
Near where pirates hide gold
Some strange wedding happenings
With rapidity did unfold...

The wonderou{S} Lemming
and sweet Rubymay
United by a Christmas Tree
Fast Afore Christmas Day...

The Official Christmas Tree of LegendMUD says, 'Gathered here today, in
this silly, dank hut, we shall celebrate the joyou{s} wedding of this
sweet druid, and this fur bearing, drooling Welshman who rather enjoys
cordless bungee jumping.'

Wolfram sings: "Here comes the bride, all undressed... err.."

Rubymay blushes as she sees Wolfram here.

Lemming peers at Wolfram, looking him up and down.

'Can you, I'good faith, take this member of the class rodentia into
your heart forever?' the Official Christmas Tree of LegendMUD says to
Rubymay.  'Will you put up with drool, fur, and the occasional 200 foot
drop in favor of pursuit of true love?'

Lemming snickers softly.

'I can, and i will,' Rubymay says to the Official Christmas Tree of LegendMUD.

Lemming looks relieved. 

Rubymay smiles at Lemming.

Wolfram gives a round of applause.

'Can you, I'good faith, take this gorgeous, albeit a bit confusing,
druid into your heart forever?' the Official Christmas Tree of
LegendMUD says to Lemming. 'Will you accept Onamatopoeia, Imperfect
Form, Past Participle or Present, Whether the Present is Tense or
Relaxed, Relaxed in a tub of Orange Jell-O?'

Lemming says, looking sincere, to the Official Christmas Tree of
LegendMUD, 'I can and I will.'

Ryjin bursts into tears.
Gwalchmai beams delightedly.
Wolfram sniffs sadly.

Rubymay gently takes Lemming's hand and holds it - isn't that sweet?

Lemming drools contentedly.

A great presence makes itsself known. Whether it's the spirit of
benevolent marriage, entropy embodied, Christmas Future, Your College
English Professor, or Just Chimera skulking in the background, is
unknown and unknowable.

It makes its presence known and speaks in a booming voice!

Nobody blinks.

Gwalchmai chuckles politely.

Rubymay raises an eyebrow inquiringly.

Wolfram says, apparently drunk, 'It's....'

'*bom bom bom*,' Lemming says.

'I find you worthy of each other,' the Official Christmas Tree of
LegendMUD says, confident in victory. 'You have said you'll accept each
other, and I plan for you to do just that. Stare deeply into your
lovers eyes. Gaze forever. Exchange your rings and be bound.'

Lemming stares deeply into Rubymay's eyes... you wonder if you're intruding.

Rubymay stares deeply into Lemming's eyes... you wonder if you're intruding.

Lemming drools contentedly.

Rubymay beams at Lemming delightedly.

Lemming gives A {S}mall gold wedding lemming from Guess Who to Rubymay.

Rubymay gives a wondrous wedding whatchamadoozer from Rubymay to Lemming.

Lemming kisses Rubymay tenderly.

Rubymay kisses Lemming passionately.

Lemming wears a wondrous wedding whatchamadoozer from Rubymay on his
right ring finger.

Rubymay wears A {S}mall gold wedding lemming from Guess Who on her
right ring finger.

Lemming throws his head back and cackles with insane glee!

Nobody cheers wildly!

Flower cheers wildly!

'By the almighty power vested in my by Ptah and Kaige, I now pronounce
you, Rodent and Wife,' the Official Christmas Tree of LegendMUD says.

Rubymay smiles happily.

Rubymay gives Lemming a warm and loving embrace, how sweet!

Lemming smiles happily.

'You may kiss the bride so thoroughly that you'd be embarassed to do it
in public at any other time,' the Official Christmas Tree of LegendMUD
whispers to Lemming.

Lemming snickers softly.

Lemming kisses Rubymay passionately.

Rubymay melts into Lemming's arms.

Lemming sticks his tongue out at everyone! =P

Rubymay kisses Lemming passionately.

Lemming waggles...

Lemming pounces on Rubymay, bowling her over.

Nobody covers his eyes with his hands.

Rubymay gives a big, wet, slurpy kiss to Lemming.

Rubymay launches herself across the room and tackles Lemming to the ground!

Wolfram congratulates Lemming on a job well done.

Lemming thanks Wolfram heartily.

{S}uperb! The Almighty Christmas Tree of Legend pronounces the
sentence:  Lemming and Rubymay, bound forever together by their wedding
lemming and whatchamadoozer, are Legends newest and happiest

[Info] Zhang-Fei: *cheer!*

[Info] Darkheart: will this last longer than the nba strike?

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