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VOLUME SIX, ISSUE TWELVE                                  March 20th, 1999

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

          -                  The Editor's Note                       -
          -             Upcoming Calendar of Events                  -

          -                 The Immortal Report                      -   
          -                    Announcements                         -
          -           The Ghosts of Another Man's Past               -
          -                  A Letter to Nadya                       -
          -               An Incident in the Crypt                   -
          -                     To Deqitosv                          -
          -    A Bargain Made in Hell (or as was, in Kleinstadt)     - 
          -                   Fatherly Advice                        -
          -           The Caper of "Where It Is" Part 1              -
          -             Who? -- CLeo interviews Ulric                -

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/__|                         EDITOR'S NOTE                            |__\

 Hello All,

 I want to thank both players and immortals for their patience during
 the troubles we've had with item ownership this week. You probably
 have not all heard the explanation, so here goes. A crash occurred
 during the update of the ownership database, corrupting it. When the
 mud came back up, items in houses, corpses, on the ground, etc. were
 no longer owned. Another crash not long after the first one, cleared
 all the unowned objects out of the game. This wiped all
 previously-owned items from the game.

 In response, the immortal staff has worked hard to reimburse
 everyone's house back to where it was before the crash, and to make
 sure that this problem never happens again.

 I know that all the crashes and bugs have been stressful -- for all of
 us. Thanks for your continuing patience and positive attitude as we
 work to correct these problems!

                                     Love to All,

___                                                                    ___
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/__|                       CALENDAR OF EVENTS                         |__\

         [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

         <-> <-> <-> <-> <-> <->  March  <-> <-> <-> <-> <-> <->

Thursday,  March 25, 7:00 pm  - Q & A in the OOC Auditorium


Thursday, April  8, 7:00 pm  - Q & A in the OOC Auditorium
Saturday, April 10, 4:00 pm  - Scavenger Hunt!
                    5:00 pm  - Semi-Annual PKill Tournament! 
Thursday, April 15, 7:00 pm  - Q & A in the OOC Auditorium


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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                            The Immortal Report 
                    (For the Week of March 10 - March 17)

     Kaige sorted bugs and typos, and various other odd jobs.


     Sandra issued a number of warnings, removed a few old warnings,
     did some pkenabling, discussed the rules, delegated out
     typo-fixing from the help files and fixed some as well. She also
     added in help files that were missing, and did descriptions,
     strings, usual online stuff.

     Chocorua did normal online stuff, talked to a few players, etc.
     Flagg fixed a warning and set a player to 1 exp so he could
     perma.  Seth warned a player for eq swapping between his
     characters, unarchived several characters, pkenabled two people,
     and made one person reconsider clanning, and did usual amount of
     restrings Zandy morted a bunch, deleted two players who weren't
     happy with their hometown, registered a description and discussed
     how to keep descriptions human with a player. LadyAce pk-enabled a
     player, told some newbies they couldn't be reimb'd because they
     were overrent at a mean crash, warned a player for eq-swapping,
     and whapped a player for locking vital mobs into a house.


     Rufus worked more on docs update and added a bunch of new
     building related code and documented the callback code.

     Charity added some new items to the abbey and egypt, and made a
     few little fixes. She also worked on reviewing Crusades.  Cheyla
     got a few acts done.  Croaker worked lots on Greece and says it's
     getting closer.  Flagg started rewriting recalltag.  Joule did
     some research on how to tie weather, housing and room acts
     together and worked some more on updating her maps with housing in
     mind. Kae worked on getting her testmud up so she can get started
     on crusades soon. Apart from that, she did some combat tweaking,
     some eq tweaking, some room decoration, and added a few rooms

     Rusalka tested more on Crusades and Pittsburgh, got her tudor
     update file to load, and fixed more bugs from the bug file in the
     running tudor files. Vannessa did a little work on her office and
     reinstalled Linux and is familiarizing herself with it so that she
     can download and install the testmud.  LadyAce redid some repop
     rates, fixed some bugs in the fortress, added in more acts here
     and there. She did a runthrough of part of the area with Ea! &
     Sandra, and has a set of fixes she's working on for it. She also
     started work on another comment sheet from Rusalka. In Klein, she
     finished double-checking the map and started in on fixing up some
     of the rooms that are missing exit descriptions etc. She also
     tracked down a bug players were reporting with mobs opening

     Sandra finished up Pittsburgh, and put it up for testing and She
     also tested Crusades a little bit and began updating some of the
     mobs in Salem, fixed some typos in viking housing, came up with an
     idea for another area, helped Kae some with her area, and helped
     Rusalka find some bugs in her area.  Kaige did some docs
     clarifications and corrections, made fixes for "gets" vs "picks
     up" in various areas, and a couple bugs in limbo.


     Ea! fixed ownership a little more, including a nasty evil crashing
     bug, changed the prompt order, added in some new building tools,
     fixed a bug where players couldn't build houses if their clan had
     more than 2 houses, fixed a crashing bug in redeem, and made it so
     the picklock skill didn't allow you to automatically lock
     everything.  He also made it so imms can demolish clan halls, made
     entrance fail on raging mobs/players, reduced the skill lag on
     dismount, added in wimpy and mood as options for people's prompt,
     and fixed some typos.

     Chocorua fixed a few typos and changed some messages that the code
     generates.  Snapper fixed the doppel bug where you could cast more
     than one, and did some restrings. Rufus added a lot of new stuff
     for builders, a 'preview' command that allows people to see
     limited things about an object they might buy (weight, rent,
     price, long descr). He also made the following bug fixes/changes:
     sprawled mobs/player w/autorush no longer rush; bleeding/poison
     will wake a person at the tick if they're sleeping; you can no
     longer draw if you have a cursed weapon wielded; split now should
     show description/name/invis status properly; sustained breath will
     now give the castor a message if they cast it on themselves (also
     works for quaffed vials); expel message changed to handle front
     door being closed; scatter no longer checks # of people in combat;
     blinding flash should now reliably set all mobs affected agg
     towards the castor; you can no longer steal items from yourself;
     wall of fire no longer sets someone walking through it agg towards
     themselves; if at wimpy 0, you no longer flee if Link Dead (wimpy
     1 will though); you can no longer tumble/dodge headbutt or shoot
     if not standing; dispel magic now removes CHARM affect; attempting
     to summon an elemental where you can't summon that particular type
     results in a mana refund.

     Sandra fixed some problems in the warning code.  Kaige added new
     stuff for builders and some new imm commands, and made the listen
     Skill will warning you of agg mobs or mobs that currently hate
     you.  She also made the following bug fixes:  you can no longer
     drink from water sources you can't see; you Can no longer
     armwrestle NONHUMANs or ANIMALs; you can no longer fill full lamps
     and waste the fuel source; status now correctly identifies affects
     as being from skills or spells.


     LadyAce did a few descs & answered desc questions, answered
     questions about crashes and immorting. She did some strings and a
     bunch of restrings She also ran trivia, a Q & A, and put out the

     Flagg officiated a wedding, registered several descs, and turned
     one down.  Joule worked some more on games for St Patty's day, and
     did a string or two.  Sandra held her monthly 'How many hours do I
     have' spamfest and gave a token to the winner and spoke with some
     pkenabled players regarding Rp and Pkill.

            /                        \     
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
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\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\



Hello all you excitement-, equipment- and experience-challenged friends!

I'd like your help in a new endeavor. I am personally starting my very
own foundation. It's completely non-profit and for everyone's benefit
on this world we call Legend.  The foundation is called "Make A List
Foundation".  The goal of the foundation is to give everyone an
opportunity to send me a list of their realistic goals for the

Let's define realistic.

No asking for 4 levels.  No asking for equipment that you can't even
rent for 4 levels.  Look at a present perspective and not a future
one.  This means that if you seek a quick way to level in order to rent
an item that you desperately need for specific stats, you can send me a
mudmail with this list.  If you require certain equipment to complete a
goal for stats that you are currently seeking, you can send me the
list. If you just want to learn more about a certain quest that you
have been stumped on or need someone to guide you through, send me the
list. If you want to just join up in a group because you are tired of
demolishing the mobs alone, send me the list.

I will tally the lists and make arrangements with you, the lister, a
time to achieve these goals. I will form groups on a regular basis to
just run and collect items. There are no monetary requirements to this
foundation.  It's strictly for everyone's benefit. If money is
obtained during a run, it will be split among all the group mates. If
extra equipment is obtained and I have a list from someone that
couldn't make it, I may keep it and give it to that person another

I know this may cut into the profits from some of these new
organizations that have formed and I apologize, but there are a few low
levels and housing challenged people that can't afford the high costs
of equipment these days. This foundation is being formed for them, but
it doesn't mean that I will not help the organizations too. If some
equipment is not spoken for and a member of one of the organizations is
grouped, they are more then welcome to sell it for themselves.

If you disagree with this foundation and wish to make suggestions of
your own, I welcome your comments and complaints. Also, if you want to
be a part of this foundation on any kind of regular basis, please let
me know that too and I will always seek you out and see if you aren't
already busy.

*Hugs to all*


                      The Ghosts of Another Man's Past

The waves crashed to the shore, around the high boots of a bearded
figure standing in the surf. His counterpart stood higher, remaining
dry. The unwitting observer watched the two pale, glowing figures as
they drew their swords and fell on one another viciously in the predawn
twilight. Only a fool would think that both could survive, watching

A soft cry distracted the observer's attention. He turned, into
the most beautiful set of eyes his own sight had sullied in his life.
The woman sat on the beach at his arm, dressed as the combatants in
the high style of Elizabethan England, glowing and pallid as they
were, too. She looked at the observer, those eyes burning with a
terrible love. To the silent observer she confessed her hideous joy.

"I love you." she said, "Forever. Why they should fight, claiming for
my honor, I do not know."

"But they do," the observer whispered. "Forever."

Both man and woman turned their eyes back on the combatants, their
swords flashing in the golden light of the breaking dawn. To the living
observer, their motions seemed slowed, strained, as if they fought
underwater. Their brief scuffle lasted but a heartbeat, and that
heartbeat stretched over eternity.

The bearded man struck, and all present knew the blow was fatal. His
victim sank to the waves, disappearing in a bloody froth upon the
beach.  As the victor watched, his face twisted into an expression of
utter horror. He thrust his magnificent blade into the sand, burying it
to its hilt, and waded into the rising tide.

Paralyzed with a horrid recognition of this foreign memory, the
observer watched the ghostly victor give his own life to the sea.
Still quaking with that fear, Mariachi again found himself lying in his
bed, drenched in a cold sweat, hoping it was a dream, but knowing he
had not slept. The ghosts of someone else's past continued to haunt the
perturbed gunslinger. He rose again to face the day, fearing to sleep,
and dreading the dawn.


My dearest Nadya,

I received your note the other day, in a battered and disheveled
envelope. I'm not quite sure how long it was in the post. I was happy
to receive some mail from my love after so long. When I read it,
however, I was completely shocked. I can't express the deep seated pain
I felt inside when I first glimpsed the words you penned. I could
nearly not believe they were yours, aside from the fact that it was
your own seal on the envelope.

However, I also find that my love, in all of its wholeness, overpowers 
the pains that were caused by what I read, something I wish not to 
repeat back to anyone again. I can not possibly live without you in my 
life, as my wife, no matter what the past has held for you.

Even with what you have done, I give to you my heart, my soul, my body, 
my entire self, forgiving you for what you have done. I also thank you 
for your honesty and frankness now in your relationship, and I am glad 
that I can still call you my own.

You and I have always been connected in an unseen, unknown manner. We 
will always be one. I love you Nadya, and I will forever.



                         An Incident in the Crypt           

The last echo of a loud shotgun blast reverberates through a dark
underground crypt, shattering the silence of the decomposing corpses
and disturbing several wisps of cobwebs. The echoes die out and are
replaced with the meaty thud of a body falling to the cold stone floor
in the center of the crypt, splattering the unfortunate person's
lifeblood over the shoes of a tall, blue haired figure in a cloak,
holding the obviously guilty shotgun, which wafts smoke from its
sawed-off barrels.

"Hrmph, I know you have a clue as to who stole our relics, Light
blinder" he spits, with a voice that carries a acidic sting in it. "And
unless I get a name, having your legs shot off will be a dream compared
to following events."

Screams soon fill the silence in the crypt, screams not meant to be 
voiced by a human throat under an normal circumstances.


To My Loving Deqitosv,

It has been a year since our commitment to each other, our pledge of 
love and honor, our marriage.  Yet, it seems like a lifetime ago we met, 
and slowly fell in love, our lives going from two separate entities, to 
one.  We seemed to be everything that a couple together should be: 
happy, blessed with a child, with a good, loving family and an unabashed 
love for each other, yet somehow we've lost part of that.  

In the past months, our lives have been on somewhat different paths, be
it different goals, different dreams or just a difference of opinion.
We've gone through the good times with laughter and joy, and we've gone
through some bad times, always with grace and our heads held high.  Our
family has changed and grown, marriages have come and gone, and
children found, only to be lost again.

Yet, through it all, we somehow managed to stay together, our love, we
believed, keeping us stronger than the rest.  My dear, I've come to
realize that love is not all it takes to keep two people together. Our
lives are taking different directions, and how long can we go on,
living as two, yet calling ourselves one? I've asked myself this
question over and over in my mind, yet i continually come to the same
conclusion - we can't. There is no doubt in my mind that you love me,
and I don't want you to ever think that my love for you is gone, but as
I stated above, it takes more than love alone for a marriage, a life,
to grow.

So, you're probably asking yourself, what is she getting at?  Well,
I've decided to take a trip, a sabbatical of sorts, to clear my head,
to gather my thoughts and to make some decisions. I've given our
daughter, Cenja, to my sister Chante' for the time being. I know that
she will be well taken care of (despite former "incidents"), living in
our family home in Ithaca, and if at any time you decide that you want
her you are more than welcome to go and get her. I only left her in
Chante''s care because I hadn't seen you in so long.

What I want more than anything is to resume our former life together,
but I'm not sure if that's possible anymore.  So many things have
changed, I feel that we might not be able to "go back".  I would hope
that you would take this time apart to think about what you want also,
I know that you haven't been happy with our situation in a long time,
and i'm doing this for you as much as for myself.  Remember the words
that you wrote to me so long ago, and remember that my love for you
will never die...

"I'll be there 'till the stars don't shine,
'till the heavens burst and the words don't rhyme,
and then when I die, you'll be on my mind 
and I'll love you, Always..."

Love always,


	                     Fatherly Advice

I was sitting in the Royal Stag, when my father sauntered in. I
jumped up, and ran over to hug him. He flashed me a smile, one he saved
only for me.

"How are you, daughter?" He asked from across the table. I frowned.

"Lonely." I replied. He chuckled. 

"Boredom is all it is. You're much too young to think of boys, and I
certainly don't approve of that halter top you're wearing!"

"When will I be able to date, daddy?" I asked, frowning from disappointment. 

"When you're older." He said, taking a sip of some beverage he had
brought with him in a blackened bottle.

"But I can't even date Dark Enforcers?" He almost choked mid-drink.
"Especially not them! I recruit them for their minds and thoughts. I
don't want them near you." He recovered.

"Then who can I date?" I (almost) whined. He returned the cap to his drink.

"Anybody but a Knight or a tree-hugger." 

"I hate them both."

"Good. Look, Aliana, you'll always be my little girl. You know I am
only doing what's best for you. You will wait until you're older to
date, when you can train them properly. You needn't be worrying about
boys yet, no." 

I grinned. "Yes daddy." 

I giggled. He tried to hold back a smile.

"I mean it, Aliana," he said. I straightened.

"Yes, Father." I replied, holding back a giggle. "As you wish."  


              A Bargain Made in Hell (or as was, in Kleinstadt)

Barabas: for those that ponder such things.. I no longer walk the path
of the Dark Enforcers..  I seek new employment.
Marcel: Going to take a stroll down the narrow road instead of the
open and wide highway to hell?
Barabas: Who cares where the road goes as long as I get to hurt
people along the way?
Marcel: Which you're rather good at, I'm told.
Barabas: I have my moments...
Barabas: Although I'm not invincible.

Marcel: Got any recommendations?
Barabas: Sure.. just a sec.. Flea, do I hurt people well?
Flea: Yup! Quite well I can assure you!
Marcel: I take it you speak from personal experience, eh, Flea?
Flea: *shudder* Yes, that I do.
Marcel: Does he leave scars?
Barabas: My quarrel with the knights was entertaining.
Flea: With the unconscious and the hurting and the ouch.
Marcel: Hmm... I like that... If I wanted someone to have a hint I
was angry with them, I'd like them in hospital at least week.

Barabas: So, you pay well, Marcel?
Marcel: Got any objections to molesting women, children, immortal
extraplanar entities?
Barabas: No children.. other than that nothing bothers me.
Marcel: I think I can safely say my economical backland is in order,
and quite warm.
O'Bedlam: Marcel, you havin' a party ?
Marcel: Hrmm... An exploitable weakness... On the other hand it'd
mean my niece would survive pulling your beard.
Marcel: A party? No. I'm contemplating hiring an extra hand now such
a capable one is available.
Barabas: Heh.
Barabas: Very well .. consider me on retainer then.. we can discuss
the exact amount later.

Marcel: Indeed. I'll need to view your past experience with torture,
blackmail and cappucino making as well.
Barabas: Bah... like I leaves many witnesses.
Marcel: No witnesses can be a recommendation as well.
Barabas: Consider me highly recommended then.
Marcel: Preferred method of liquidation?
Barabas: Preferred method of liquidating would be simple
bludgeoning... Always go with the classics.
Marcel: Hmm-hmm... Creating quite a mess I take it?
Barabas: *shrug* Sometimes.

Marcel: Allright, then. If you can stand in as an uncle to a bunch
of happy cookiemonsters, - err, kids - now and then, and you're devoted to
your - bludgeoning - I think we have an arrangement.
Barabas: Very well .. let it be known that Marcel is under my
protection... Feel free to attack him and known that I'll be coming for you.
Marcel: And I'll just go feel free to utilize my expense account.


                      THE CAPER OF WHERE IT IS (PART 1)

I am a fairly normal clued out magette, my name is Miaka Angelica
Calhoun. I have found myself becoming the Miss Inspector Clueso because
of the missing WHERE IT IS.

Seeing that this is going to be a fairly difficult task I have got the 
assistance of the past opium king Gildur. There is a many suspicious 
sorts out there for all I know you could be one!

*Kato comes leaping out of the clouds* *a scuffle begins* *punches and 
kicks are flying* and finally Miaka emerges back to discuss further her 

*pulls out a sun chair* *sits on sun chair* *sun chair collapses and
Miaka is trapped* *finally gets herself out of there* anyway, it
started with the very mysterious and quite mind boggling Chante'
character, who has guilt written all over her face. She says "look
there it is," I want anyone who has seen this mysterious "it" to give
Gildur or myself a tell.

Remember you are all GUILTY and SUSPECTS till you are crossed off my
official list. *pulls out 15 pages of list* *trips over list* *ends up
shoving paper in her pocket*

*gets her eyeglasses back out* 

Miaka, Inspector Clueso (or Cluedout as the case may be)

-=-=-=?=-  __  __  __   __  __   ______   -=-=-=-=-?-=-=-?-=-=-=?=-=-
=?=-=-=-  / / / / / /  / / / /  / __  /  -=-=?=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-?-=
-=-=?=-  / / / / / /  / /_/ /  / / / /  -=-=-=-?-=-=-=?=-=-?-=-=-=-=?
=-=-=-  / / / / / /  / __  /  / / / /  -?-=-=-=-=-?-=-=-=-=-=-=?=-=-=
-=?=-  /  \/  \/ /  / / / /  / /_/ /  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-?-
=-=-=  \________/  /_/ /_/  /_____/  -=-=?=   by CLeo of the   -=-=-=
?=-=-=                              -=?=-=-  Circle of Angels  =-?-=-

Hello Legenders!

	For you, this week, I've chosen to interview Ulric, one of our
old timers.  He's been online with us for many year and done quite a
good share of roleplaying.  After his agent finally decided to let him
talk, we've started the interview.  Here's how it went...

Name: Lord Ulric  
Occupation: High priest of the Clan Lazy

Q - 'What is the strangest dream you ever had?'
A - 'I once dreamed that Sharri and I were getting married, it scared
me so badly that I had to slaughter an entire village just to get the
dirty image out of my head.'

Q - 'What is it that attracted you to the evil side of life?'
A - 'Hmm.. I still think evil is relative.  Who is to say that what
I am doing and supporting is right, and what Sharri and Tancred is 
doing is evil and wrong?  Quite a few people would agree with me 
that we follow the true path.'

Q - 'If you could go back in time and change an event, which would
you go change and why?'
A - 'I would keep Tempus away from that brothel he visited on that
horrible fateful night I was conceived..  Woulda saved me a lot of 
trouble from being born.  Tempus is my dad by the way.  I grew to 
be the horrible adult I am due to his mistake.. gotta love fate.'

Q - 'What is your favorite meal?'
A - 'Anything my chef, Llewellyn, prepares...  Which usually 
involves dangerous narcotics.'

Q - 'What would you say is the most important thing in your life
right now?'
A - 'I would still say my reputation.  It has gotten me quite 
far and I don't have to do a whole lot because of it.  People are 
more than happy to serve me still.  It has its advantages.'

Q - 'If you would be a kitchen utensil, what would it be and why?'
A - 'I would be one of those dehydrators.  They take a perfectly 
nice normal food product and suck the life and desire out of it.  
Kinda like the Clan Lazy's training process.' 

Q - 'If you could invent something, what would it be?'
A - 'I would invent a machine that would fire projectiles at 
incredibly fast speeds, and make it incredibly easy to produce so 
everyone would have one.  It would cause a large amount of 
violence and civil unrest if everyone could have one.  Life would
be horrible and unfun.  Ahh... the future is so bright.'

Q - 'What is your personal opinion of Suger Abbot?'
A - 'Well I know he doesn't like me, I kill him frequently.  Deep 
down he's much more insidious and evil than I could ever be.  
Those church figures are spawns of evil!  Hence the Templars 
deserving a slow painful death, along with the treehuggers.'

Q - 'If I could grant you a wish, what would it be?'
A - 'I would wish for world domination and total control 
of every living soul.  Well, that's what I would have wished 
for a few years ago... now I would just wish for my youth 
back I guess.' 

Q - 'A piece of advice for our readers?'
A - 'My advice is that they should accept their horribly 
mundane lives as is, because the more heroic they think they
are, the more the gods will punish them in the end... and as
for Angesley and everyone else willing to defy the true path
your time will come to a horrible end.'

That concludes another edition of "WHO?".  I would like to remind you 
that most of the people interviewed were picked randomly.  

I am open to interviewing people on requests as long as there is a 
good reason (example: the person is well known, is a GM, is an old 
legend player, is a person who achieved something extraordinary or 
other valuable reasons).  I do give myself the right to decline 
requests if be needed, but doubt I will decline any. 

Do not forget that you may send in some questions that you would like 
me to ask my guest.  Just take a piece of paper, write them down, and
mud mail it to me.

Until next time...  May luck be on your path forever!
Legendary Times is published by the immortals of LegendMUD. Please send all
replies, additions, or corrections to our address at for
inclusion in the next edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate
this discussion, and may object to some submissions.
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