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VOLUME SIX, ISSUE FOURTEEN                                 April 3rd, 1999

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

          -                  The Editor's Note                       -
          -             Upcoming Calendar of Events                  -

          -                 The Immortal Report                      -   
          -                    PKill Tourney!                        -  
          -                   April 1 Madness                        -
          -                 March Usage Analysis                     -
          -                    Announcements                         -
          -                    PK NewsFlash!                         -  
          -                     A Good-bye                           -
          -                 The Voice of Hermes                      -
          -                   Genocide's Tale                        -
          -              Who? CLeo interviews Eileen                 - 

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                         EDITOR'S NOTE                            |__\

 Hello All,

 This week in the LT, we're premiering a new column in the "Legendites"
 section -- PKill NewsFlash! Co-authored by myself and Sandra, it's
 intended as a collection of headlines, happenings, news tidbits,
 rumors, commentary, etc.  on the wide and varied world of PK. If you
 have any news tips, please contact one of us or mudmail to Sandra --
 and remember: Explain yourself before we explain you!

                                     Love to All,

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                       CALENDAR OF EVENTS                         |__\

         [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

Thursday, April  8, 7:00 pm  - Q & A in the OOC Auditorium
Saturday, April 10, 4:00 pm  - Scavenger Hunt!
                    5:00 pm  - Semi-Annual PKill Tournament! 
Thursday, April 15, 7:00 pm  - Q & A in the OOC Auditorium

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                            The Immortal Report 

     Kaige sorted two weeks worth of bugs and typos and tried to catch
     up on a bunch of paperwork type stuff that was falling behind and
     spent a couple days working on web site access and updating mud
     list entries while taking a look at the web pages to see what
     needs done.


     Sandra punished some people for pk interference, and issued a
     number of warnings for swearing on channels.  She deleted a player
     at their request, unarchived a few people, reimbursed some people
     for a bug with ownership, again, discussed topics such as pkill,
     reimbursements, and idiotic behaviour, and added Vannessa's office
     stuff to the OOC.

     Chocorua talked to a few people about cheating, just answering
     questions and pointing to help files mostly. He also deleted some
     players at their request and did some unarchives. His week also
     included the basic "talk to other people" and some online
     "presence" time. Seth clanned three chars, unarchived several
     chars, did a restring or two, and handled several housing reimb

     Wraith says the last few weeks were fairly typical; went through
     boards, gave warnings, did a some descs, strings, restrings,
     archives, unarchives, deletions, etc. He also updated some help
     files and added others. Zandy deleted a player at his request,
     re-imbed a house for lost furniture, registered 2 descs, restrung
     3 items, and talked to a newbie about not looting other people's
     kills.  LadyAce warned someone for multi/cross play, who then
     later had her set several chars xp to 0. She also reimb'd some
     clans/individuals, investigated various cheating complaints, and
     handed out warnings for language on channels.


     Rufus spent the week handling all the RL tying up of finishing
     one job and starting another. 

     Cheyla got some work done on her area while she was out sick from
     work. She added a few more acts, bunch of exit descs, changed the
     levels on a few mobs. Croaker got Greece ready for playtesting and
     started testing Pittsburgh for Sandra. Kae was busy with RL
     stuff.  Kheldar did more work on trade.are, answered questions for
     Vannessa and asked Kaige a bunch. Rusalka worked on a fix for an
     old bug, answered player questions, and did some general review
     work on Crusades; talked to Sandra about Pittsburgh.

     Sabella says work has been crazy with a bunch of new
     responsibilities and a lot of old things to finish up, so she
     haven't got much done the last couple of weeks, but she's still
     around though. Hopefully things will get better this weekend and
     after, she says. Vannessa got her office completed and began work
     on her next project: her pet. She also did several restrings,
     handled some player questions, and had her first experience with
     testmudding on the mud machine. She finally downloaded the testmud
     into her linux partition and created the files - now she says she
     just needs to figure out how to get it to run!

     Wraith hasn't done too much in building for the last few weeks.
     He worked on his area some and come up with some more quest
     ideas.  LadyAce made some bugfixes to crusades, although not as
     much as she'd like. Sandra fixed some typos and such in Pittsburgh
     that were found in the review process and worked a little on
     France, have a few mobs and rooms done, not much else. She also
     fixed some mobs in Salem, putting them more in spec with other
     mobs in their range. Kaige fixed the barber's acts, and put in a
     directory and news board in the inn in Quebec. She also added some
     new stuff to the docs and made a couple minor fixes based.


     Ea! worked on more crash reducing, lag reducing, fixes to the new
     ownership saving methods, made some fixes to make the mud more
     cross-platform compatible, fixed bugs to mesmerize, help
     (including support for help 2.topic), and a few other things. Also
     he tried to port the mud to sparc64, but failed miserably.

     Chocorua fixed a bug with trying to append to a blank item type of
     note and removed a couple things, that were fixed, from the
     coder_to_do list. Snapper updated the winmud and did a few strings
     and restrings.

     Kaige fixed the intended limited use keys feature; expanded and
     fixed various imm commands and added features to the act code,
     made housing and ownership fixes; bugfixed write and trade.


     LadyAce talked to people about pk, crashes, etc.  She also did
     some restrings, desc, strings, ran Q & A, a game of tag, put out
     an LT.

     Natalia did lots of strings and restrings, re-imbed some housing
     items, talked with people about various mud related topics
     (including people wanting to link their web pages to ours) and
     brainstormed ideas for new prize machine items.  Spencer did a
     couple of re-strings and acted as sounding board for Joule's
     Easter game(s). Stile did the usual strings/restring, helped
     various people with housing reimbs, did some zip strings, and
     warned a player for language.  Sandra posted the pk tourney to
     events and answered questions about it.


                              PKill Tourney!

Its that time of year again! Time for the Semi-annual Pkill Tourney!
The following is everything that will be required and needed for you to
enter. You need NOT be pkenabled to enter. Just be at least level 10.

You must bring everything that you will use, though, I do have mobs
that will give out some herbs and ammo, IF that ammo is 'stock' ammo.
Bring extra, just in case.

You will NOT be able to prep your friends with vials and/or spells.  I
will tform, mend and repair after each fight, if needed.  The rest of
the rules will be given at the tourney.

Weight Classes are as follows:





The 10 level limit still applies, and I'll be pairing people
off according to that limit. Any questions can be mudmailed
to me.

Please mudmail me your entries on a normal piece of note paper(no photos)
from the character that you wish to enter. Please include the following
on your entry:

The level you are currently

Your character name

If you use a gun or bow, which do you use?(enfield, webley, longbow, etc)
What level you plan to be on April 9th

The date of the tourney will be Saturday, April 10th, at 5pm system
time(6pm eastern)

Hope to see you all there!



                             April 1 Madness

April Fool's day saw 338 different mortal characters log in and
experience all sorts of madness. Bill Gates was trying to buy the mud,
several people got mugged by the entire cast of MTV's "Real World",
Puff was back with a weird twist where the dragon would execute
anything you asked it and Barney was seen singing and bringing joy to
everyone (ok maybe that's what HE thought he was doing).

For the main King of the Hill game, everyone was placed into a special
RP clan for the day. This way everyone got a taste of the basic clan
system mechanics. Legend currently has 25 clans (16 RP clans and 9 PK
clans) out of 32 total with an average of 8 members per clan, meaning
the average clan is half filled, or only 3 members above the minimum.

Many were disappointed by the lack of a pkill free for all. Although
permadeath was not disabled, we felt people taking their own lives was
their choice, but being forcibly perma'd through multi kill would be
disruptive to the game. A few people figured out that you could get
Puff to do your dirty work for you thanks to the powerful new addition
to the acts system by Rufus and Ea! If pkill is your game, sign up for
the PK Tourney to be held on Saturday, April 10th, at 5pm system time
(6pm eastern). The tourney is open to EVERYONE over level 10 so sign up

The top 5 winners were:
     Flower      52 pledges  who wins a multi-color string coupon
     Nosferatu   29 pledges  who wins a single-color string coupon
     Chante'     14 pledges  who wins a single-color string coupon
     Orlandu      8 pledges  who wins a non-color string coupon
     Zeirath      5 pledges  who wins a non-color string coupon

Fairfax, Galahad, Ronnie, and Thyme each gathered 3 pledges.

Akriel, Anita, Dragonreborn, Tyrion, and Victoria each gathered 2 pledges.

And Asguard, Bottolf, Brendan, Cheesy_Poofs, CLeo, Jax, Jen-Jen, Maire,
Merlinn, Miaka, Morphine, MrBlack, Nevyn, Pendarric, Sisyphus, Ulric,
Warrl, and West all got someone else to pledge to them while they pledged
to another character also.

Our thanks and a pink prize token go to the following 148 people:

     Akriel, Alejandro, Aliana, Alvis, Amadio, Amecia, Anita, Antonio,
     Asguard, Ba'al, BabaYaga, Bacteria, Bao-Jian, Berzerko, Blaze,
     BobbyBoucher, Bottolf, Brendan, BroeknSpring, Calista, Cara,
     Celeste, Ceri, Chante', Cheesy_Poofs, ChrisRock, Chronic, CLeo,
     Conspiracy, Corbin, Coreius, Dakkon, Darth_Vader, DavidBeckham,
     Deadeye, Dell, Desdemona, DoctorBob, Dragonreborn, Drako, Drezz,
     Dupaq, Eileen, Faber, Fairfax, Fallen, Fenix, Flea, Flower,
     G-Angel, Galahad, Gambit, Genocide, Goldberg, Grigor, Groth,
     Guelah, Gwalchmai, Harvest, Hassan, Hitman, Imp--, Ishtar, It,
     Jacko, Jatoos, Jax, Jealousy, Jen-Jen, Judah, Killer, Kodak,
     Korvern, Krass, Lancelot, Lanfear, Latia, Leatherface, Maire,
     Malal, Mariachi, Medmen, Merde, Merlinn, Mertjai, Miaka, Minako,
     Morphine, MrBlack, Mugwump, Nereus, Nevyn, Nosferatu, Nothing,
     Ogma, Orlandu, Pendarric, Pharoah, Puck, Quercus, RastaMan,
     Rictor, Rollins, Ronnie, Rounin, Rubbish, Ruby, Saladin,
     Scruntchy, Semper, Sharri, Shino_Kage, Siachet, Sibwarra,
     Silencer, Sisyphus, Snafooz, Spam, SpinalTap, Spydr, Sterling,
     Stewart, Stone-Cold, SunBlight, Tarquin, TheCowboy, Thecrow,
     Theseus, TheThing, Thyme, Tristen, Tyrion, Ubiquity, Ulric,
     Valis, Vandervecken, Victoria, Warrl, WD, West, WhiteFeather,
     William', WindFang, Xeron, Yellehs, Zeirath, Zeus, and Zhuge

for actively participating in the King of the Hill game on April Fool's
Day. And thanks to all 338 characters who logged in for helping us stress
test some new code in the process! We averaged 31 mortals online with a
max of 48. Not bad for a day off!


                           March Usage Analysis                    
                      LegendMUD Connection Analysis
                      March 1 1999 - March 31 1999

           March Peak Mortal Players 72 (hit three separate times)
                     March Peak PK Enabled Players  20

                Pkenabled Characters represent approximately
                        22-23% of active players.

The table below shows the Average Mortal Players and Average PK Enabled
Players connected to Legend by hour of the day polled approximately on the
hour system time during the period noted above. The third table shows the
same averages as calculated by the day of the week.

               hour  0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11
               avg  46 43 37 31 27 24 22 21 22 25 30 33
               pke  11 10  8  7  5  4  4  4  4  5  6  6

               hour 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
               avg  32 34 34 44 43 44 44 48 50 53 52 50
               pke   6  7  8 10 13 13 12 13 14 13 12 11

               day   MON  TUE  WED  THU  FRI  SAT  SUN
               avg   36   38   37   36   34   40   40
               pke    8    9    8    8    7    9   10

            /                        \     
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\



Akai_Hayate has left the service of the Dark Lord, bringing upon
himself a curse of insanity. He began filling vials from the privy, and
came to think of himself as a ninja. He now appears as a hairy
Shinobi-Garbed ninja when acting and speaking. You may see him standing
about, easily identified by: High-pitched squeals center from a
disturbed, blood-splattered ninja.


I am sorry to announce that "Carmencita's Wonderful World of Druid's
Lore" is temporarily closed. I will also be semi-un-available to aid
you, as I have managed to trade my bog curse into a DT curse and found
one of those blasted spots quickly enough. I am sorry for the
inconvienece this might cause and I hope to open again soon.  If you
find yourself in need you can seek out any member of Clan Angesley and
I am sure they will be more then happy to aid you as well.

Thank you...and an even larger thank you to all those who are helping me
to re-equip, your kindness is greatly appreciated.  

Lady Carmencita Viking

                                 *  *  *

Hello, it's me Sidd, again. Just thought I'd tell you about some of my
other services as well as some important news.

New services include:

Eq getting-depending on the item, I may change 1k to 40k
CR helping-this service is free as long as it isn't really hard.

Important Message:

As many of you peoples know, the USL won't let me go to SL with me,
why?, I dunno. So, I'd like to offer them my apology, if I did anything

Will tell more next week...

Sidd -the sniper-


Experience the latest and greatest of all of Legend's many clans!
Learn how to be a suave, sophisticated Euro-snob!  Or, discover the
secrets of being a hot-blooded Latin lover!  All this and much, much
more, if you join Clan Lustful Spaniard, the only Clan run by Legend's
preeminant Lustful Spaniard, Amadio Alvarado.

Ancient secrets of Iberian sensuality can be yours!

Under the tutelage of Clan Lustful Spaniard, you will:
--unlock powers of sexual persuasion you never knew you had.
--learn how to roll your R's.
--learn how to get dumped by cold-hearted Celtic women and hardly bat
an eye!
--discover the secret of making really, really good paella.
--embrace your inner Spaniard.

When it comes time to choose a clan, remember Clan Lustful Spaniard,
for all your Lustful Spaniard needs!  (offer void in MA, VT, CO, NY,
and the US Virgin Islands.)

                                 *  *  *

Have you ever felt like going insane? Ever wanted to just beat the hell
out of the punk sitting there and whining for hours on end, but your
current clan wont let you? Feel hyper and violent? Then you're just
hearing the spirit of the Banzai talking in your ear! That's right, what
might have been diagnosed as a 'uncurable ego' or 'rampant boredom' is
just the little voice of madness speaking in your ear. But there is
hope, for there are many others just like you! Sign up in the Order of
the Banzai today and let that insanity loose. Just contact the Banzai

                        I I       I I       I I 
                        I I       I I       I I 
                        I I       I I       I I 
                       / | \     / | \     / | \   
                       \ | /     \ | /     \ | / 
                        \|/       \|/       \|/ 
                            PKILL NEWSFLASH!                
                        /|\       /|\       /|\ 
                       / | \     / | \     / | \   
                       \ | /     \ | /     \ | / 
                        I I       I I       I I
                        I I       I I       I I
                        I I       I I       I I

Some interesting things have been happening lately on the pkill front.
Rumours circulate that the OTS has begun reforming and are looking for
more members. Alexandria, a former OTS member, has been seen in the
company of the Banzai master Ronnie, and is also his fiancee!  So far,
it seems Ronnie's past is suddenly catching up as just about every past
flame has been dropping by to give their own warnings and advisories.
Will the relationship last?  Could this mean the Banzai and the OTS
will be allies? Time will tell.  In addition, the Banzai have been seen
battling the Knights on several occasions. Does the chaos have a new
voice under the bizarre Banzai banner?

The Dark Enforcers are apparently having some rather large problems
within the clan, as it was suddenly disbanded one day by Cheesy_Poofs.
Aginor was seen attempting to revive his creation, but sadly without

Also in the news, tension continues between the Hermetics and those
responsible for interrupting Larnoc's wedding. The conflict seems to be
turning personal, however, and may spread beyond simple vengeance into
pure hatred.

Have a snippet of pkill-related news for this column? Explain yourself
before we explain you! Mudmail it to Sandra, and be sure to notate that
it's for the LT!

                    {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*}

                             A Good-bye     

Years ago I came to these lands I've grown so fond of, my poetic friend
Limerick as my teacher. The words still ring in my ears as I remember
his contests with Dusty. Sharpe, my brave partner, once we ran side by
side. But now, too, you are gone. My Hermetic friend Lancorn, many
troubles came our way, yet together we made it through.  Sabella,
partner in crime, even time has pulled you other places, but our
memories are still there. Desperado, my heart was always yours.

Even in troubles I had caused you, still you stood by me. My dreams are
still filled with your face, and my heart sinks as I think of losing
you. Rare is the time I see Jolamir, my protector. Even he has moved
on. Nocturne, my dear friend, I can only hope that where you are now,
finally you are free of your curse.

I hear the voices of those calling me, and its time for me to go with
them. I bid you all luck, love and fun, as my time in these lands has
been all of that.


                    {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*}

                           The Voice of Hermes            

I am nowhere, I am everywhere, I am the one who watches. And so it came
to be I had the grace and fortune to overhear the conversation between
one who knows, one who wishes to know, and the one who grants them
knowledge. At first I was not listening, for mankind all too often
chatters too much - but when I heard that booming voice speak...

'That one', said Hermes.

'Ah yes, Ba'al', his servant Ishtar replied.

'The one with the demon's name who shows me proper respect no less,'
the god confirmed.

'I have heard he is very well-informed on hermetic matters,' Ishtar

'You may tell me now, young Ba'al, why you consider yourself worthy to
join my host of enlightened servants,' Hermes spoke mercifully.

'I have wandered through time seeking...' said Ba'al, hesitant with

'Of course, Hermes, you know I worship you in a slightly different
form,' Ishtar intersected.

'And hast thou found?' Hermes asked of the young one in his booming
voice. 'That is not the issue now, Ishtar, my beautiful one,' he added
to his faithful servant.

'I am but humbled by the majesty of the world and all its times,' Ba'al
replied meekly. 'And the glory you have described...the world brings
light to my eyes.'

'Behold, he who will open his eyes shall be shown wonders uncomparable
to those viewable only by the common fool', the god said.  'Dost thou
hold wisdom in thy heart, young Ba'al?'

'That is indeed true, Hermes,' Ishtar agreed. I'd have been surprised
if she did not.

Then, from another direction spake StrongDruid: 'And who are the common
fools, oh mighty Hermes?'

'And all I could do is but ask that I may be a servant and know and
seek that which is unknowable,' Ba'al proceeded, gaining faith.

'A man who has the eyes to see but who walks through life with his eyes
shut is the fool, little one,' Hermes replied, then continued: 'And
you, Ishtar, my enlightened one, wouldst thou vouch for the pure heart
and open mind of this young apprentice?'

'You mean like the worshippers of the dark and evil powers, Oh
mighty Hermes?' StrongDruid asked.

'A man who follows the path of darkness often fails to see, unless the
moon is with him. And Lune, like Fortune, is fickle,' explained the

'I intend to speak with him, and hope to assess that', Ishtar stated to
her lord.

'Then it shall be as you decide, my servant. You have proven your
judgement in previous cases, and I will trust your judgement in this
case as well,' Hermes concluded. 'Fare with my blessings, most favored

'I am but awestruck to have but spoken and heard your words, oh
Hermes,' Ba'al called out as the celestial entity ascended back into
the heavens whence he came.

Once more, my world was quiet.

                    {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*}

                           Genocide's Tale

In the days of those who feared the rays of that which gives the
dark world life, those who dwell underneath the soft rays of that which
only appears when the world grows shadowed, I was chosen to become a
slayer of that race, which were slowly but surely taking over the life
essence of this world. Needless to say I was their main target. Those
who knew of my profession gave me the nickname, Genocide, seeing that I
was to destroy this race. I always took care to form a defense around
me that no one or thing could approach without me knowing. It worked
until one fateful night.

That night I was ecstatic! I had just, two days earlier, gotten
married to my betrothed and had forgotten about my role as the Slayer
and had neglected to set up my defense. As I walked home I noticed that
the air had grown stale, a known indication that the creatures of the
night were around. As I walked warily I bumped into a man. He was
about six feet tall, and had raven-black hair. That didn't bother me,
what did bother me was another known indication of the creatures of the
night: his fingernails were clear as glass.

"Slayer," he said with an evil laugh, "did you let love cloud your
judgement?  Well, my friend, I will gain recognition as the one of
the night who will turn the all mighty Slayer to the dark!"

I took off and ran. But the speed that these creatures
possessed, and the thickness of the forest sealed my doom.

He was on me before I hit the ground. He sunk his teeth into my neck. I
felt the life essence flow out of my body. As I blacked out the last
thing I saw was a man driving a stake through his heart.

I awoke to the touch of soft fingers upon my face and a cold cloth
slowly going down my neck. When I awoke I beheld the most beautiful
creature ever. I struggled to sit up but she gently pushed me back.

"Please try not to get up, you are very weak. You have been bitten by a

I could not believe I had been so lackadaisical in my defense.

"No, no. I cannot become what I have been taught to kill."

Then a booming voice emanated from the hall.

"Though you were bitten, you have the choice whether or not to become
as they are. If you follow me and become my apprentice I will show you
how to be human and share yourself with the powers of the vampire!"

So for the next seven years, I studied under Crowman. He taught me how
to reverse the effects of the sun on my body. He taught me how to stave
off, though not get rid of completely, my cravings for blood. I
established my life again, knowing I could never go back to my wife. As
I went on, I grew deeper and deeper in love with my nurse, whom I had
come to know as Kindred.

One night as I sat with Crowman, he started telling me about his
practice in the dark magics. I was fascinated until he chose to confide
in me that he was to use his magic to void Kindred of his soul so that
she would never want to leave him. I grew scared, how could I let him
do something like that? I excused myself and went to my room.

As I dozed off I was suddenly woken with a start to a scream. It was

Using my enhanced speed I got to Kindred's room just in time to see
Crowman chanting the soul voiding spell. I ran into the room and caught
him on the side of the head knocking him out. I then did to Kindred the
only thing I could do to save her life, I bit her. As I did, I felt her
life's essence flowing in to me. I knew what flowed into me might save
her life one day. But I asked myself, how could I save her life if I
too was dead, which I would be if Crowman caught me. So I fled.

As I fled the castle, I dropped my wedding band. It was encrusted with
blood red rubies, with my families crest inscribed on it.  "To err is
human, to forgive is divine, if they break your heart, show them love
one last time."

I didn't had time to go back and get it. I got some clothes, and the
money I had, and left. I fled to England where I opened up a successful
business. As it got started I turned it over to some friends and faded
away for a long time.

Now as I sit here in the Tara reception almost 175 after I met my love
Kindred, writing this letter, I have found out indeed that she married
Crowman and is pregnant with child, but Crowman is no where to be
found. She has also been blinded by magic. Not that of Crowman's, but
of a greater power.

I know I have the power to cure her sight and her ails, but alas I
cannot. I want to with my whole heart, but if I try without knowing
that Crowman is dead or she divorces him in person, she will die

I wait patiently for that day I can help her.


-=-=-=?=-  __  __  __   __  __   ______   -=-=-=-=-?-=-=-?-=-=-=?=-=-
=?=-=-=-  / / / / / /  / / / /  / __  /  -=-=?=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-?-=
-=-=?=-  / / / / / /  / /_/ /  / / / /  -=-=-=-?-=-=-=?=-=-?-=-=-=-=?
=-=-=-  / / / / / /  / __  /  / / / /  -?-=-=-=-=-?-=-=-=-=-=-=?=-=-=
-=?=-  /  \/  \/ /  / / / /  / /_/ /  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-?-
=-=-=  \________/  /_/ /_/  /_____/  -=-=?=   by CLeo of the   -=-=-=
?=-=-=                              -=?=-=-  Circle of Angels  =-?-=-

Good day/evening!

     Ever heard of the name McDougan?  The family name?  Some of you 
might associate it with being drunk or other...  But this lady sure 
doesn't have the same opinion...  Enjoy the reading!

Name:  Eileen Doherty McDougan
Occupation:  Dancer for a small pub in Ireland

Q - 'How did you become a McDougan?'
A - 'I was a young teen and, Eileen Doherty.  My parents went to England 
to discuss views over the conflicts between Protestants and Catholics. 
They were killed in a bombing of a government building.  My father was 
good friends with a man called McDougan.  After my parents' death, 
McDougan adopted me as his daughter.'

Q - 'What do you think about people who says that "McDougan" is synonym 
to "drunk"?'
A - 'I think it is silly.  My father enjoys drinking, but that doesn't 
mean all McDougans do is drink!'

Q - 'If you could build yourself a dream house, what would it look 
A - 'My dream house would be a summer house by the beach, with a deck 
looking out into the ocean.  Extremely quiet and with a laid-back 

Q - 'If you could talk to someone, long gone from this life, whom would 
it be?
A - 'I wish I could talk to my mother, she was my inspiration to dance 
and she was my role-model.  We were best friends and when I was little I 
used to watch her when she was in championships and Irish Feises.'

Q - 'To what animal/plant would you compare your spirit to?'
A - 'I would have to say, I get my spirit from my mother and would best 
be compared to a cheetah.'

Q - 'What is your favorite meal?'
A - 'My Father cook Mulligan stew like no one else.  That makes my mouth 
water just talking about it.  Potato s were a big thing in my family.'

Q - 'If you could invent a word, what would it be?'
A - 'It would be O'bainfarh.  Meaning good will and long life.  Look no 
farther than you can reach and achieve.  Set you goals as far as you can 
see and set your standards as far and you have walked.'

Q - 'What do you think of Doctor Le'Cheir?'
A - 'I don't know...  Hmm...  I've never really met him.'

Q - 'If I could grant you a wish, what would it be?'
A - 'I would wish to be famous or to have money, just so I could
help those in need.'

Q - 'A piece of advice for our readers?'
A - 'Enjoy life.  Set goals for yourself and go achieve them.  When you 
are feeling down and you feel that there is no one to turn to, remember 
that God is always there for you.'

That concludes another edition of "WHO?".  I would like to remind you 
that most of the people interviewed were picked randomly.  

I am open to interviewing people on requests as long as there is a good 
reason (example: the person is well known, is a GM, is an old Legend 
player, is a person who achieved something extraordinary or other 
valuable reasons).  I do give myself the right to decline requests if be 
needed, but doubt I will decline any. 

Do not forget that you may send in some questions that you would like me 
to ask to my guest.  Just take a piece of paper, write them down, and 
mud mail it to me.

Until next time...  May luck be on your path forever!
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