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VOLUME SIX, ISSUE TWENTY                                  May 16th, 1999

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

                             NEWS AND REPORTS 
          -                The Immortal Report                       - 
          -                    How I See PK                          -
	  -                  Scared to Try                           -
          -               Family History, Part 1                     -
          -              Lady Willow's Seduction                     -
          -                  The Encounter                           -
          -          The Falling of the Angel Jonathan               -
          -             Who? CLeo interviews Amecia                  -

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                           The Immortal Report

     Kaige worked on paperwork type stuff.  She finished up a rewrite
     of will o' the green attempted to make a fair fix for the door
     problem in housing until individual builders update their doors
     for BREAK_LEVEL and PHASE_LEVEL and made a fix for the cougar in
     Aztecs as well. She also put in a couple more death infos and made
     permadeath messages display properly.


     Sandra yelled at a player about an obscene warcry, spoke with
     players about immorting. She also told a player that he'll not
     have another pkiller after he was caught with two. She reinstated
     Govan to assistant admin.

     Chocorua pkenabled 1 person, set one person to 0 xp for perma and
     playerdeleted 2 people who wanted to restart, and did basic online
     stuff while he wasn't AFK. Flagg updated websites for the ministry
     site. Seth pkenabled one char, and did heaps of restrings. He also
     did a pile of archives/unarchives. Zandy deleted one char per
     request, did 2 strings, explained the Merpir to two different
     people who wanted to know how a townsperson got into their house
     and was a general presence. LadyAce dealt with a complaint about
     an OOC multi threat, warned 2 people for xplay, caught a player in
     a multiple pk'er/xplay situation. She also handed out a bunch of
     warnings for misuse of channels.


     Rufus did some bug fixes to Ireland/sl/Irish expansion and went
     over the reports from Ladyace's review team.

     Charity did some pyramid mapping. Cheyla worked on a couple
     quests, mostly on paper; through some friendly discussion on
     housing, found some ideas that could be implemented in Alaska; and
     unarchived someone. Croaker did some playtesting in Pittsburgh,
     tried to get a sense for the relative strength of some of the mobs
     there and generally ran around looking at stuff from a player's
     perspective.  He also updated a bunch of items in Greece, and
     installed some new things in Aquae Sulis.  He also worked out a
     map and basic storylines for Hades and agreed to update Paris for
     inheritance and fix the sewers. Flagg got in the HOL update, then
     did bugfixes. He also worked on an update to Inferno and three
     more HOL replicas.

     Rusalka worked on her playtesting report for LadyAce and a new
     quest for Tudor. Vannessa finished finals on Friday and began a
     new class on Monday.  She will get back to being online and
     working on her pet this week, hopefully her area after that.
     LadyAce worked on testing Crusades and responding to tester
     comments, put in some Klein fixes to the current Klein, and worked
     on getting her Klein expansion to load.  Sandra continued to put
     fixes into Pittsburgh per the testers' notes. She also did a
     little bit of work on France, mostly fixing a format problem she
     was having with the room descriptions, continued reading through
     the Greece rooms file, and did a bit of bug fixing in Salem.


     Ea! was off in Baltimore at a conference.

     Chocorua changed ride so you can't ride yourself, made renting at
     innkeepers that hate you not work, fixed notes so an append that
     starts with a number doesn't do funky colors and made socials work
     on items ON furniture. Rufus made the housing cost display
     adjustment and installed new code.


     LadyAce did her standard duties of LT/Q & A as well as a game of
     tag & a flag hunt. She also spent a fair amount of time answering
     questions and talking to people, as well as dealing with the load
     of requests.

     Chimera answered a lot of questions about the immorting process,
     did some strings and restrings, ran question for cookies several
     times. He also worked on his conundrums.  Flagg helped with a
     trivia, played with recalltag.  Northstar strung, re-strung,
     strung zip, strung everything in her line of sight and beyond ;)
     She also helped with player squabbles, lectured, calmed,
     recommended, helped generally, aided in rp, plotted tiny plots,
     and hung out chatting with morts about anything they wanted to
     chat about. She also questioned people on what they would like to
     see change in any way with PR or PR activities including gathering
     new game ideas and other general mort input. She also archived and
     unarchived a few people too. Spencer hasn't done much because he
     hasn't spent much time mudding. He tries to get in his hour during
     lunch, but work is getting busier and will continue to be that way
     until after July 4th.

               <-> o <-> o <-> o <-> o <-> o <-> o <-> o <->

                               How I See PK

It's been near four years since I've first entered the realm of the PK-e.
Granted nobody starts off high and almighty, but I was even more incompetent
than most -- way back then, everything was based on dex, then on mind, then
on perception, and my char had none of those.  I think I started off
thinking like most people here do when they enable -- I figured as long as I
remain nice, others would do so as well.

Very true.  However, the spectrum of nicety differs rather greatly from pker
to pker.  Only among clanmates and old ic/ooc buddies can there be such
implicit trust (which is sporadically broken for jest/fun/boredom and mended
afterwards) and to most, being nice is simply leaving you alone after you
die.  But to divide the thoughts more generically, there are two levels of
thought, one that consider death as an ultimate price, and the other that
consider death as the ante for being pke.  Part of the game, nothing more,
nothing less.

The problem is, however, that most people forget the fact that they were
told of the ante before they enabled.  Each admin that enables you is
supposed to warn you of the consequences, and nothing in there does it say
that nothing will happen unless you cause it.  Rather, death is the ante,
and when somebody collects it is the only mystery, not whether.  Those that
have been enabled for a long time understand this, so they brush off deaths
aside, or simply seek to win the next round.  Those that are newly enabled
take this as a personal affront, something they did not 'deserve.'

The only way you can say you did not 'deserve' to pay the ante is if you
didn't play.  And once you enable, it's just like ante'ing up automatically
every single round until you bust.  You don't get to choose when to ante and
when not to, else we'd have pke be a player configurable option that can be
turned on and off at will.

Those that take your ante have nothing against you, and some will not even
hold it against you if you win.  There's always the next round, and more
importantly, when you gamble, you don't take people's money because you hate
them.  No mistake, you like their money, but still, you don't hold any
grudges or any extra sense of aggression to those you're collecting money from.

But as with everything else in an imperfect world, greed drives the system.
So some will be extra hungry to come after your holdings. Some might even
have an ulterior motive, but that will probably be determined by factors
other than the fact that you enabled.  I don't condone such vengeance, but I
don't mind it either -- it's one of those things I've decided to use instead
of abolish, because it suits my greed better.  However, such are rare, and
being as active as I am, I've cycled through just about every major PK clan
there is -- which again goes to show how personally the established enableds
take our dealings and receivings.

I'm not saying you should be insensitive to your chars' deaths.  Heck, I get
worked over and the first thing I plan is revenge.  No, but all I'm saying
is that people get over the misconception of such things being personal or
even 'uncalled' for.  As I understand it, you 'called' the ante by saying
yes despite to the admins' various warnings, and once in the game, it's up
for anyone to claim.

Player of


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        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
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/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

		        The Baron and the Baroness:
		               Scared to Try

	Is it peace that I seek? Is it fame that I seek? Is it adventure that 
I seek? Why have I walked the world searching for a figurine? Or am I 
searching for the part of me that I have lost? But what have I lost that I 
did not begin with? I do not know but I do care to find out what will set me 
free and let me soar.

			* * *

	It ascends into heavens every morning without complaint, without 
delay, without question giving to the world part of itself without 
reciprocation. Time and time again, it provided nourishing energy as the men 
and women walk the lands. When it rises again, the green leaves of the great 
oak trees spreads itself across the branches capturing the precious energy 
that gives it life. As the gentle breeze sweep across, ruffling the leaves 
and scaring the birds, the young man's dark brown hair attempts to escape 
from the restricting helmet. He walks alone in the forest path, sunlight 
gleaming brilliantly off his unsheathed blade; yet he walks not with a 
companion but the squirrels and birds of the trees.

	Not far ahead, a small stream cuts across the placid forest providing 
a gathering place for the surrounding creatures. Under a large tree, the 
young man picks his resting-place. Tilting his head upwards, the white cotton 
clouds are being molded and crafted into majestic shapes, objects, and 
figures by the skillful hands of the summer breeze.

	Scrunching her forehead and raising her eyebrows, Cloud Kitten looks 
at Sir West questionably and asks, 'The Baroness?'

	Realizing his mistake, but too late to recant, he continues, 'You 

	The young man holds out his hands before him and begins to use the 
air as a canvas for his story. The young lady focuses on the storyteller, 
smiling and frowning at times, as West proceeds to recount the events.

	For several days, the pair traveled together searching throughout the 
land for the lost figurine, yet the venture was fruitless.

	As if suddenly waking a soul lost in a dream world, the young man 
jumps as a gentle tap comes over his shoulders. Seeing how she had scared the 
young man, a gentle wisp of a woman fails to hide her giggling face as she 
clasps her hand to her mouth. 

	Relieved to see that he has met her before, the young man bows his 
head slightly and says with a smile, 'Ah, so we meet again milady.'

	'Konnichi wa m'lord,' says the gentle woman.

	Walking through the forest disturbing neither the birds nor the 
creatures, her graceful foot steps failed to produce a sound even as twigs 
litter the forest floor. As a few strands of her long black hair falls over 
her face, she brushes her hair back beneath the radiant sunlight as if a 
goddess has unconsciously revealed her true identity. 

	'Please, would you join me by my side?' says the young man, 'Every 
few days I would come alone, abandoning the world at the forest's edge, to 
clear my mind and lighten my spirits.'

	Picking a spot next the young man, Minako straightens out her white 
kimono and sits down. 

	Beyond the treetops, the clouds glide across the boundless blue sky 
and the birds fly carefree. As the world continues its bustling routine, time 
seems to stop a moment for the two.

               <-> o <-> o <-> o <-> o <-> o <-> o <-> o <->

                          IggyPope's bedtime stories, 
                          "Family History, part one"

"Hehe, I hear tell you kids would like ta hear about your relatives and
such, so gather round and I'll tell y'all the Family History.  You kids
are act'ally one sixteenth impling, which is a mix of elf and imp
blood, that's cause yer father married hisself a human.  That's all
fine and good, but you'll never be as good a mage as me *wink*"

"It all started with Horace, he was a fullblooded imp back a long long
while ago, he wooed himself an elfin princess, Gwendolyn she's called,
she's yer great-great- great grandmother, and she's probly still
kickin' around somewhere, that's cus them elf-types tend to live a long
time...  Well, Horace and Ol' Gwen had two kids, that'd be Ogo and
Charlie, both pow'rful strong mages like me, wily like Imps but magic
like elves.'

'Charlie died fighting the wyrm Strath a long time ago, sacrificed
hisself so that Ogo'd live and about seventeen hamlets would stand the
next day.  Ogo married a comely young imp witch by the name of Imelda,
now they didn't stick together too long, but long enough fer Imelda to
have three young'ns, Sally, Meg, and Charles, my pappy.  Aunt Sally and
Aunt Meg were some of the meanest witches I'd ever laid eyes on, so
that's why my Pappy sent me off to learn the way from them, and boy did
they teach me...'

'Anyhow, your great-Aunts died fighting a weird death-cult off in the
Iberia, they took care o' them crazies but their patron demon wa'nt to
happy 'bout that.  Seems to run in the family, killin' things fer the
side of Good, well, Charles married a pretty young thing, Stella was
her name, poor ol' mom died havin' me, so's I never knew her, that'us a
long time ago...  Dad'us so sad he shacked up with an ogress name'o
Hildena and had their kid a'fore that she up and et him, Stogie she
called him, and a meaner son of a gun I haven't ever seen. Mean as a
snake and twice as slippery my half brother, I guess it was the Imp
blood in him that's kept him from being turned to ash by me these fifty

'You ever run into Stogie you get me quick as you can, them ogres eat
their captives.  Your old granpa is one half human, one qua'ter elf and
one qua'ter imp, your granma is a half-elf, and your pappy was mostly
human with a little imp and elf, but not much.  He wasn't that good of
a mage, had a knack for fixing broken dishes but that was about it.
You kids are almost all human, with about half as much imp and elf
blood in ya, but that's not a bad thing....hehe... It's bedtime for you
kids, run along and I'll tell y'all the story of Ogo and Charlie
tomorrer night."

               <-> o <-> o <-> o <-> o <-> o <-> o <-> o <->

                           Lady Willow's Seduction

A new evil act of the Templar hypocrites!

It is with horror and sorrow in my heart I've come to hear that Lady
Willow, the sweetest woman you can imagine, no longer follows the true
and right ways of the Angesley druids. She has left us..and for what?!
Indeed, it's beyond belief and comprehension..

Poor Lady Willow has left us for the Templar hypocrites! In my heart I
feel that the reasons for that cannot be natural, and since I have some
knowledge of my one time friend, Frater Tancred's wicked and
hypocritical ways, it didn't take long to realize the truth behind
those sad happenings. May Morrigan's revenge strike the Templar
hypocrites for what they did to poor Lady Willow!

In short, the only explanation I can see for what happened - and one
confirmed to me by the Goddess in a dream - is that Lady Willow was
spiritually seduced by the Master Templar hypocrite himself, Frater
Tancred!  Not that I think physical seduction being beyond Frater
Tancred's capabilities - I believe Mrs Quickley would have quite a few
words to say about that, even if she for several reasons chooses to
remain silent - but in this case, considering the pure heart of Lady
Willow, Tancred in all his hypocrisy must have realized all such
attempts would be in vain! So he managed to dump all the Templar
superstition on the poor girl!

I know appealing to the Templars to repent their deeds would do no
good. Hypocrites as they are, how could they?! But I strongly believe
that Morrigan soon will enlighten Lady Willow again and also will
strike the Templar hypocrites with a horrible revenge! Maybe even by
revealing their dark and evil ways.

May the Goddess be with you all!

Paddy O'Leary of Angesley

               <-> o <-> o <-> o <-> o <-> o <-> o <-> o <->

                                The Encounter

The rain beat down hard on my head, dripping strands of silky black
hair into my face. This was my favorite weather: dreary, darkened,
desolate, and depressing to many happy-go-luckers who were obvious
blind to the ways of the world. I was but a child of six, and already I
knew what expected of me; perhaps it was because my father raised me so
well. He taught me the Darkness would protect and nourish me more than
any shield or man could. I respected him and adored him, and wanted to
more than anything to be everything like him. He was evil in its
greatest form.

The lightning and thunder exploded around me, as the deep red blood
dripped from my sword and made puddles in the mud.  I recalled the
day's slaughterings with wonderful glee. I had accomplished much today
by sending many innocent men and women to a mangled and brutal grave.
Father would no doubt be pleased.

Suddenly, the world gave way to darkness, and I stopped in my
steps for I could go no farther. The lightning flashed,
revealing a figure in the clouds, and the thunder boomed with increased
intensity. My eyes glittered, and I dropped to a kneel, for I knew who
it was.

"Master." I said. The thunder ebbed and swelled away, and a
voice spoke.

"Aliana, I thought I would find you here in the fields of slaughter,"
said he.

"Killing for your name and honor, my Lord." I remained in a kneel and
dared not look into his face.

"Yes. That pleases me, my daughter, as few things still do. I am here
to call you into my service, Aliana. I have realized you have in the
past betrayed me by trying to join that witches' coven, but I have
forgiven you for that."

"Thank you, Master."

"Your father is one of my most trusted servants in the way of the Dark,
and I want to see you follow and be like him and his greatness, for I
delight in rewarding my small ones, and you, a child of six, are one of
my smallest. He has showed his temporary ignorance by being part of the
Light, but has redeemed himself, like you. I am forgiving, if you are
deserving. Many are not fit to walk the ways of the Dark, which is why
they have to follow the Light. It is not by choice they do this."

"Yet they seem happy."

"Mmm. They are broken and whipped to be happy, whereas I leave
my servants well enough alone. They are blinded, by the Light."

"Why are you called a guppy?" The thunder growled loudly. 

"That is blasphemy, Aliana. Remove it from your mind!" I bowed lower.

"Forgive me, Master. I meant it not like that." The thunder lessened,
but daylight returned to the world. I frowned, stood up, and wiped off
my sword. I turned and headed for my father's castle.

               <-> o <-> o <-> o <-> o <-> o <-> o <-> o <->

                     The Falling of the Angel Jonathan

  One early morning, after listening to the sunrise, an angel set out
to do his rounds. A normal thing for this angel was to check on one of
his favored entities, but he always saved that for last -- so that he
could cherish the moment in seeing this entity. His most prized entity
went by the name of Alexandria. As he glanced down from the heavens he
noticed some disturbing sounds of argument. He saw an evil entity
taunting Alexandria and a young knight Dragonreborn. Noticing there was
a fight about to emerge, he stayed to see why exactly they were

  The young knight, wielding the Hand of God, was fighting the evil
entity, known as Leatherface. With a closer look, Jonathan found they
were fighting over their conflicting beliefs. Floating there, watching
all of this, he decided to not intervene. But then he saw the beautiful
Alexandria get hurt in the melee. She meant so much to him, he had only
one choice to protect her. He had to take that step and fall from the
heavens, to the ground as a mortal. Not taking much time to decide, he
fell to aid his love Alexandria.

  After the dust cleared he saw that Alexandria was well but that the
young knight was suffering from the ongoing battle. With no hesitation,
he jumped in to make sure that neither the knight nor Alexandria would
be hurt.

 Quickly, he died to that strong evil force, Leatherface.

 After his first mortal fatality, Jonathan's immortal corpse was strung
up and beheaded.  Leatherface took his angel's head and ran off
praising himself.

  Now as a mortal, he stands, with his wings, confused about his new
surroundings and his senses. He learned the sting of pain quickly.
Powerless in this state, he now quests for the returning of his
immortal head. Rumors have it that the Dark Lord and his followers are
displaying it as a triumph over good. Knowing this, he walks now as
mortal and seeks to someday have his revenge.

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-=?=-  /  \/  \/ /  / / / /  / /_/ /  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-?-
=-=-=  \________/  /_/ /_/  /_____/  -=-=?=   by CLeo of the   -=-=-=
?=-=-=                              -=?=-=-  Circle of Angels  =-?-=-

Hello Legenders!

Sun sun sun!  Get your sunglasses off because the summer is coming

This week, I've bumped into Amecia and she looked like she had some
interesting stuff to talk about.  Enjoy!

Name:  Amecia BloodRose
Occupation:  Surgeon/Fighter

Q - 'To what animal/plant would you compare yourself to?'
A - 'A cat i think.. *shrug* both docile and aggressive when the need for 
either occurs :)'

Q - 'What would be the best thing that could happen to you?'
A - 'Nothing really.. the best thing already happened.. being wed to
my true love Thecrow.'

Q - 'What would be the worst thing that could happen to you?'
A - 'Stumbling into a DT and losing all my strings and coupons after
having bragged so many times that i've never hit one while actually
clothed :P '

Q - 'If you could talk to anyone from the past who would it be?'
A - 'Shakespeare i think...  I always admired his work.'

Q - 'If you could have anything in the world right now, what would it be?'
A - 'Definitely have to be husband... sorry.. I'm a hopeless romantic
:) '

Q - 'If you could have a ticket to go anywhere on vacation, where
would it be?'
A - 'Ireland... it always seems to call to me.. i must have been a druid in 
a past life :) '

Q - 'What do you think of the pale king, Vlad?'
A - 'He's kind of sexy.'

Q - 'What is your favorite food?'
A - 'Anything that's *not* fish.  I'm so sick of it!  It's all I've
eaten for months :) '

Q - 'If I could grant you a wish, what would it be?'
A - 'Make the imms do more games that i can actually win.. I'm going
broke buying all these coupons :) '

Q - 'A few words of advice for our readers?'
A - 'Hrmm... if you see me standing in a middle of the ocean, check for
dt's before you move.  I seem to avoid them myself... but people around
me have walked into them after stopping to say hi :) '

That concludes another edition of "WHO?".  I would like to remind you that 
most of the people interviewed were picked randomly.

I am open to interviewing people on requests as long as there is a good
reason (example: the person is well known, is a GM, is an old legend
player, is a person who achieved something extraordinary or other
valuable reasons).
  I do give myself the right to decline requests if be needed, but
  doubt I will decline any.

Do not forget that you may send in some questions that you would like me to 
ask to my guest.  Just take a piece of paper, write them down, and mud mail 
it to me.

Until next time...  May luck be on your path forever!
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