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VOLUME SIX, ISSUE TWENTY-TWO                                May 30th, 1999

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

          -             Upcoming Calendar of Events                  -

          -                The Immortal Report                       -
          -                   Announcements                          -
          -                  PKill Newsflash!                        -
          -                    Introduction                          - 
          -                 The Awooga Corner                        -
          -             Who? - CLeo interviews LadyAce               -

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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

         [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

           <-|-> <-|-> <-|-> <-|-> June <-|-> <-|-> <-|-> <-|->

Tuesday,   June  1, 10:00 pm   - Flag Hunt!
Thursday,  June  3,  7:00 pm   - Q & A in the OOC Auditorium
Tuesday,   June  8, 10:00 pm   - Recalltag
Thursday,  June 10,  7:00 pm   - Q & A in the OOC Auditorium
Monday,    June 21               Summer Solstice
                     8:00 pm       - Midsummer's Night Casino

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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                           The Immortal Report 

     Kaige sorted bugs/typos/ideas and all sorts of stuff like that.  She
     also cleaned up her hard drive and found some old notes about ideas to
     add to areas and stuff like that.


     Sandra warned a number of people for for multiplaying, someone for
     destructive crossplay and lying to an immort, and a few other people for
     profanity on clan channels, talked with a player about immorting,
     downloaded a bunch of web stuff to get started on updating the pages,
     and spoke with LadyAce regarding all of that.

     Chocorua discussed pkill and DTs with a few players, did a couple
     pkill-enables and gave some explanation of what a mud was to some
     newbie. Govan helped a player figure out why he had no eq, talked to
     another person about a bug, pkenabled someone, and helped a player when
     he thought a quest had messed up. Seth did the usual restrings, some
     archiving, dealt with a harassment complaint, and talked with a player
     about immorting. Wraith went through boards and might have given a few
     warnings last week. He also uninvised some items in a house which had
     been made invisible without the owner's permission.


     Rufus is still busy with rl/work so there's not much to report.

     Charity spent a great deal of time wrangling with her testmud. She also
     did 2 multicolor strings this week and investigated some bugs.  Cheyla
     tweaked a couple of items and added in a few others; played with mob
     names a little, to get a bit more variety; added in a housing-related
     quest; made a couple fixes to acts; added some MORE mob acts; added a
     Forage section; started working on the quests left to add in (most are
     partially done, just a matter of finishing them!). Croaker did a little
     playtesting in Pittsburgh and started working on update for Opera.

     Kae got LadyAce's help to locate the bug that crashed her testmud before
     even generating a bug report. She then gladly proceeded to fiddle with
     room descriptions, mob acts, and quests, and consequently brought
     herself around to *another* crashing bug. Rusalka did some testing on
     Sandra's Pittsburgh area, and also answered a few player
     questions/string requests. Vannessa reasserted her presence online once
     more, asked lots of questions, but she also worked on her pet some more.
     She also helped a player decipher the Proposal docs for the Building

     Wraith finished college and he'll be working on bug fixes and
     remembering what he was working on before he was swallowed by school
     work. LadyAce worked on fixing exits in Klein expansion, added a few
     more acts to Crusades and tested a few quests here and there to make
     extra-sure they worked, fixed a few bugs and problems. She added another
     room to make a quest work better, and improved the functioning of some
     acts. She also helped Kae fix a bug in her area. Sandra did more fixes
     for Pittsburgh and looked into some new features for the area. Kaige
     fixed lots of little typos all over the place in these files:  Alhambra,
     Arabia, F/I War, Kipling, London port, Sherwood, Tortuga, and Viceroyal
     Lima. She started doing general pass updates on things that were listed
     in the builder to do file.


     Ea! worked on cutting down the size of the todo list some, mainly fixing
     lots of smallish bugs (including a few crashing ones).

     Chocorua made some bugfixes and small-ish changes, keeping players from
     renting at an inn if the innkeeper hates them, and made it so imms
     should now be able to give owned eq to anyone, if they need to.  Govan
     made the messages of phase door use the actual name of the door, not
     just 'the door'. Snapper fixed a bug where charmies could unlock any
     door (clan door, house door, normal gates etc).  Kaige fixed the
     cosmetic [1 append ] vs [2 appends] thing when you look at a board for
     the message listing; fixed the crash in the immortal "rain" command.


     LadyAce did some strings & zips & descs, explained housing to various
     players, and ran a flag hunt based on Star Wars. She noticed an increase
     in the tide of newbies this week -- greeted and aided some of them. She
     also put together the LT and explained the way the LT works with several

     Chimera did a bunch of strings and restrings, lots of general helping
     people out, talked to players a good long while about immorting (both as
     builders). He also ran conundrums, did a memorial for Shel Silverstein
     late last week. On Thursday he took over Q and A for LA, who couldn't
     show up because of a prior commitment. He also did a question for
     cookie, helped quite a few morts with minor bugs. Stile says aside from
     strings/restrings, he talked to a player a while about immorting in PR.
     He investigated a variety of bugs and problems, and helped a player run

     Northstar did lots of strings, transfers, and restrings and made much
     strung zip to help with roleplay and housing decorum as well as
     unarchiving and learning how to set of conferences. She helped plot a
     couple upcoming tinyplots, generally aided people, has been helping with
     the AZ and MI meets, instructing newbies, etc.

               {-} {-} {-} {-} {-} {-} {-} {-} {-} {-} {-} {-}

            /                        \     
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
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/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\



The Dark Alliance and the Conjurer's Guild were disbanded this week. One new
clan was created, the Equipment Getters. As of this writing, there are 19 RP
clans and 11 PK clans, which will allow the creation of two new clans, should
players choose to do so.


After taking a long vacation to spend more time with her music, Diamanda has
come to a realization of sorts, redefining what she really is:  She is a
Singer. She is The Singer.

Short - The Singer
Long - From a corner of the room, The Singer regards you coldly.

Web Pages:

Sister Becket announces her own corner of the web, located at:

                        I I       I I       I I 
                        I I       I I       I I 
                       / | \     / | \     / | \   
                       \ | /     \ | /     \ | / 
                        \|/       \|/       \|/ 
                         *  PKILL NEWSFLASH! *               

In pkill news this week, tension between the Ministry of Darkness and the
Knights of Legend continues.

Conflict at the below-25 level has been particularly brutal as of late,
leading some GMs to question whether they should even allow membership into
their clans at that level. Despite this, however, a tide of new pkenabling

Sir West and Sir Rictor announced their retirement from the Knights, and
Risca was called away from this plane, terminating her existence here at the
request of Hermes.

               {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+}

                            Sound & Fury

We are twins, brother and sister, born of an accident. A nameless
explosion of life and being is all we may consider as parentage,
created at the nexus point where the world of the living and the world
of the dead collide. The passage of yet-living bodies into the depths
of hell causes great strain on the fields of force which separate the
two worlds. For a time, an instability in that field stripped life
from those who passed through it, and that life coalesced into the twin
creatures we are today.

We made our way out of the mists, and grew up fighting side by side, in
a world wherein we did not belong. Named only by our nature, we have no
home and no roots. Together, we encompass all aspects of the human
soul, stolen from wanderers of all description. Separate, we are but a
tattered remnant of being. 

Sound is cold where I am passionate, intellectual where I am brutish,
timid where I am bold. And yet without me, my brother is defenseless,
wordless, without the sense to care for his physical needs. Were I
alone, I would be lower than an animal, lost in conflicting passions
and madness. Where I give energy, he brings direction.  Together, we
are a force which cannot be ignored.

               {-} {-} {-} {-} {-} {-} {-} {-} {-} {-} {-} {-}

                             Awooga Corner

Well, here I am again, after a little travel. I was speaking with Nadya of
the USL, and of the Awooga. She told me this story that I wish to share with
you all.

Blushing feverishly, Nadya looked at Mertjai and said 'STOP THAT!'  Mertjai
chuckled slightly as a knock at the plain wooden door to the west was heard.
An angelic Awooga woman called out: "'tis unlocked, please come in."

The door opened and Sir West, Knight of Legend, slowly stepped in, nervously
looking around. Mertjai and Nadya both curtsied to the Knight, as they both
suspect the reason for his visit. He had been courting their adopted daughter
for a while now, and there had been whispers heard that he sought her hand in

Sir West bowed deeply to both women. 'Greetings, I hope all has been well
tonight," Sir West said, a touch of nervousness in his voice.  An angelic
Awooga woman replied to Sir West, 'Good day, please have a seat.' As she
motioned to a chair in the front room of the Clan USL main hall.

Sir West replied to an angelic Awooga woman, 'Thank you," as he sat down
slowly onto a heavily carved chair, keeping his eyes on the floor for the
moment. An angelic Awooga woman smiled at him.

'Well, as I mentioned before to Mertjai, I've not found the time to visit the
two of you, and for that I apologize,' Sir West started finally.  An angelic
Awooga woman nodded solemnly, smiling slightly to herself. 'Quite all right,
schedules often conflict, especially for one of the Knighthood as yourself.'

Sir West nodded solemnly. He fidgeted impatiently in his chair, looking 
slightly flustered as he cleared his throat. He had not realized this would 
be so hard. He was a Knight of Legend, and, as such, had faced many things, 
but nothing compared to sitting in front of these two powerful women trying 
to ask for the hand of his beloved in marriage.

Sir West looked to an angelic Awooga woman; 'Well...I guess the reason for my
visit is clear.'

'The reason being that you wish to wed my adopted daughter?' An angelic 
Awooga woman spoke directly to Sir West.

The young Knight gulped then looked straight into Mertjai's eye and replied: 
'I am in love with your daughter.'

Nadya beamed brightly at Sir West, remembering all that her daughter had been
through since she and Mertjai adopted her as their own. She had lost the man
she had been promised in marriage to, when he left the world for a hopefully
better place. Nadya briefly remembered the pain that Minako had gone through
and the talks they had had over here fears of never loving again and losing
all those she loved.

An angelic Awooga woman nodded solemnly. Sir West said, 'My presence has been
short, and my deeds have been few thus far.' An angelic Awooga woman blinks
in surprise, and looked to Sir West for an explanation. Sir West chuckled
politely. 'I have little to show for but my love for her,' he clarified.

'Does my daughter love you as well?' An angelic Awooga woman asked him.  Sir
West nodded his agreement with an angelic Awooga woman.  An angelic Awooga
woman asked, 'And to wed, you wish our permission?' Sir West nodded again.
'Then you must prove yourself worthy of her hand,' an angelic Awooga woman

Sir West looked to an angelic Awooga woman; 'I am willing to do whatever is
required.' An angelic Awooga woman looked up and pondered how it was he could
prove his love and devotion to their daughter.  After a few moments she
nodded to herself and looked back to the young Knight.

'Bring me three items of varying difficulty, then you will have my
permission,' an angelic Awooga woman said. Sir west nods his agreement with
an angelic Awooga woman and asked: 'What is it that you desire?'

'The first item, is an Apache arrowhead, to hang above our door' An angelic
Awooga woman said. Sir West nodded, taking note of his task.  'The second
item,' an angelic Awooga woman said to him,  'is a pair of sturdy black
gloves, suitable to wear when I use my scalpel,'

Sir West replied, 'I have seen those two items in my travels, what is the
third?' taking notes of where he had seen them and where he must go.  An
angelic Awooga woman continued to Sir West, 'And the last item, the hardest
of them all, a shiny green serpent scale, to protect my guild from its

Sir West nodded to her. 'I shall return with the items with all haste.' An
angelic Awooga woman smiled brightly at Sir West. 'When you do, you will have
my full permission to wed my daughter. WITH her consent of course." Sir West
stood, ready to begin his quest. Nadya shook Sir West's hand vigorously,
wishing him the best of luck. He thanked Nadya, looking a little nervous.

'Then I will be off to look for the items,' Sir West replied.  With a bow he 
turned and slowly walked to the door, his brow turned into a thoughtful 
position as he tried to think of how to attain the items he sought, so that 
he could gain the hand of the Lady Minako in wedlock.

An angelic Awooga woman called after Sir West,  'Good travels good Knight!'
Sir West thanked an angelic Awooga woman heartily, waved happily as he opened
the door to the parlor and departed on his mission.  Nadya and Mertjai looked
at each other, their eyes meeting, saying a silent prayer between them in
hopes that he would succeed and that both he and Minako would find the
happiness that they had found together.

Nadya asked, "Are you sure you do not ask too much of him, my love?"

Mertjai replied, "If he wishes to wed a daughter of the Awooga, even adopted 
then he must brave the tasks to prove himself worthy of her hand.  Besides, 
these tasks are but easy compared to many I could have asked. He is lucky." 
And with a sly wink to Nadya she took her hand and slowly pulled her to her 

"Now, let's head to bed -- it has been a long day and I hope it will be a
long night as well." Mertjai gave a sly wink and pulled Nadya up the stairs
toward the living quarters within the USL clan hall.

(A few days later)

A plain door is opened from the other side. Minako walked in and sat down on
a heavily carved chair. She smiled nervously at both of her mothers. "I heard
that he was on his way back to town. I had hoped to meet him but I think I
moved too quickly."

Both Mertjai and Nadya smiled at their daughter as she tried to sit still but
instead fidgeted and stared at the floor, lost in her own world for the
moment. Soon a knock was heard, and an angelic Awooga woman called out, 'Who
is it?'

Minako's head picked up quickly as she looked to the door. Sir West loudly
called out from the corridor. 'It is Sir West again.' She called for him to
come in and Sir West entered the room, smiling happily. An angelic Awooga
woman curtseyed gracefully as Sir West bowed deeply to all in the room.

Nadya waved a welcome to Sir West as he smiled at Minako, as his eyes fell on
her sitting in the room. He stood a tad bit straighter and faced Mertjai.
'Hello there, kind Knight,' the angelic Awooga woman said to him.
Minako stood and quickly gave him a warm and loving embrace, welcoming him, 
before she sat back down beside Nadya.

Sir West cleared his throat and he began the words he had been reciting to
himself since he started his travel back after retrieving the last item.  'I
have proven my patience and waited a night seeking the first item.' He said
as he handed an angelic Awooga woman an Apache arrowhead.

An angelic Awooga woman nods solemnly. 'Very good,' an angelic Awooga woman
said to Sir West. Nadya smiled at nervous Knight, the kindness evident in her
eyes. Sir West smiled quickly at Nadya and then started:  'I have traversed
the depths of hell, seeking the second item that you desire.' An angelic
Awooga woman nodded in agreement with him as he continued.

'I fought valiantly and emerged victorious,' Sir West said as he gave a pair
of Sturdy black gloves to Mertjai.  An angelic Awooga woman smiled brightly
at Sir West.  Minako cheered loudly for Sir West as Nadya clapped
approvingly.  'That is the second item that you seek,' Sir West said as he
smiled at Mertjai. An angelic Awooga woman nodded and said:  'A pair of
gloves suitable for operating with.'

Sir West continued, 'In the waters, I met a giant sea serpent and we battled
for hours, and fortunately, he yielded to my blade.' Minako gulped nervously
but stayed quiet. 'Upon his death, he left this,' Sir West said as he handed
a shiny green serpent's scale to An angelic Awooga woman.  An angelic Awooga
woman smiled at him taking the shield and setting it down with the arrowhead
and gloves.  'That was the third item that you sought,' Sir West said as he
smiled happily.

'A shield worthy of protecting my guild,' an angelic Awooga woman said
nodding slowly. Minako cheered for Sir West, nearly bursting with joy.  With
this finished, he bowed deeply to the strong woman standing before him and
fell silent. An angelic Awooga woman looked to Sir West and started  'Upon
receiving these three items, I thank you, and I give you my full permission
to wed my daughter, Minako.'

The group exchanged enthusiastic hugs and smiles.  Sir West's face lit with
joy as he looked around the room and realized that his & Minako's dream had
been given the blessing of her mothers.  'You approve as well, mom?' Minako
said turning to Nadya.

'Of course, I knew he was quite worthy,' Nadya spoke to her daughter with a
smile.  An angelic Awooga woman giggled at Nadya and gently poked her in the
ribs.  "I did!" Nadya exclaimed looked at Mertjai.

'Please feel free to visit my humble hut in Orkney if you are ever in the 
area,' Sir West said looking between Mertjai and Nadya.
'Thank you,' an angelic Awooga woman replied to him as they exchanged yet 
another smile.

'Just between you and I', Mertjai leaned over and whispered to Sir West, 'I'm
glad she's found herself a nice Knight like yourself,' Sir West smiled warmly
at an angelic Awooga woman in thanks.  Minako cuddled up closely in an
embrace with Sir West.  'Without a second thought, I will protect her with my
life,' Sir West whispered to an angelic Awooga woman.

An angelic Awooga woman smiled at Sir West and whispered back, "You better,
or you'll answer to me." An angelic Awooga woman gave a sly wink to Sir West
to show she was joking.  Maybe!  Sir West smiled at Minako softly.  An
angelic Awooga woman went around the room giving everyone enthusiastic hugs.

Sir West bowed deeply. 'I must be going I fear, it has been a long journey
and I need some rest,' Sir West said, as weariness finally started to find
his body.

'I wish you all well, but alas I must depart now,' Sir West said with a heavy
sigh, trying to hide a slight yawn. An angelic Awooga woman smiled at Sir
West and with a nod, gave him a hug of good night. Minako gave both Mertjai
and Nadya a quick kiss and waved goodbye.

Nadya gave both a hug and a smile with a quick kiss on the cheek and a good
night for both. Sir West kissed Minako deeply and then reached down to open
the door. With a quick twist, the door opened and he and his betrothed headed
out to take the walk back to Minako's home in the sunset. 'Night Mom,' Minako
said to an angelic Awooga woman as they walked out the door, 'I love you

With that said, the door closed and their daughter was now betrothed to the
young Knight. Nadya and Mertjai looked at each other, with a smile and a nod
they too embraced and walked off to bed for the night.

-A historian of current facts.

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=?=-=-=-  / / / / / /  / / / /  / __  /  -=-=?=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-?-=
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-=?=-  /  \/  \/ /  / / / /  / /_/ /  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-?-
=-=-=  \________/  /_/ /_/  /_____/  -=-=?=   by CLeo of the   -=-=-=
?=-=-=                              -=?=-=-  Circle of Angels  =-?-=-

Hi everyone!

     Well well well!  Look what I have for you this week!  I kind of caught 
her in a corner, if I can say so *~ducks~*.

     I hope you have a good time reading!  *~looks at LadyAce and starts to 
run for cover~*

Name: LadyAce
Occupation: Head of PR, Assistant Builder

Q - 'When you first started to play LegendMUD, would you say that you could 
have seen yourself head of the PR department someday?' you say.
A - 'Heck no. I wanted to be a builder, pretty early on, but I never even 
thought about PR. When I started playing, they didn't have separate 
departments like that.'

Q - 'What was your first goal when you first started on as a player?'
A - 'My first goal was to be able to say something on chat, to be part of 
the 'group' somehow and right after that, it was to be allowed to do 
something which sounded incredible and exciting, and that was going on a 
"HOL Run" with the big people.'

Q - 'Trough out the years, as a mortal becoming an immortal, what would you 
say was your biggest challenge?'
A - 'My toughest challenge?  Feeling useful.  Wanting to feel like I 
contributed, that I could do something, anything, for the place I cared so 
much about.'

Q - 'When you became an immortal would you say that the mortals looked at 
you differently, especially your friends?'
A - 'Some did, some didn't.  I have a few old pals, whom I love to death.  A 
few people were suspicious of me at first, and it took a while for things to 
work right again.'

Q - 'What was the worst immortal poof in/out you ever had?'
A - 'Worst?  Well, I had a very hard time thinking of one, so I left it the 
default for like 6-8 months which is "arrived from a puff of smoke" or what 
not.  After that I had "is" and "was" -- but after being head PR for a 
while, I realized I needed one that 'caught attention' a little -- I got 
lost in the spam, and it caused real trouble.'

Q - 'As an immortal, what is the thing you enjoy the most?'
A - 'The players, by far.  Maybe that sounds silly, but I seriously love 
players.  They make me laugh sometimes, and cry sometimes.  But when I'm 
feeling down I can always rely on a player to cheer me up, by being cute or 
sweet or just darn cool.'

Q - 'If you could build the ultimate weapon, what would it be?'
A - 'Hmm, the ultimate weapon?  I'd say anything that cast "maturity" on the 

Q - 'Without giving out names, what is the max chars you ever had on the 
A - 'I've worked my way up to having 7, but I generally have about 4.'

Q - 'If I could grant you a wish, what would it be?'
A - 'Wow, tough one.  I'd like to know how to make this place perfect for 
everyone.  That would be incredible!'

Q - 'A few last words for our audience?'
A - 'Even though the imm staff has an "immort" flag in their names, we're 
people trying to do a job.  This is one of the most rewarding jobs on the 
planet, and we have the whole Legend community to thank for that.  Players, 
imms, and everyone who has supported us along the way.  Thanks! And I love 
you guys!'

That concludes another edition of 'WHO?'  I would like to remind you that 
most of the people interviewed were picked randomly.

I am open to interviewing people on requests as long as there is a good 
reason (example: the person is well known, is a GM, is an old legend player, 
is a person who achieved something extraordinary or other valuable reasons). 
  I do give myself the right to decline requests if be needed, but doubt I 
will decline any.

Do not forget that you may send in some questions that you would like me to 
ask to my guest.  Just take a piece of paper, write them down, and mud mail 
it to me.

Until next time...  May luck be on your path forever!
Legendary Times is published by the immortals of LegendMUD. Please send
all replies, additions, or corrections to our address at
for inclusion in the next edition. We, however, reserve the right to
moderate this discussion, and may object to some submissions.
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