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VOLUME SIX, ISSUE TWENTY-FIVE                              June 19th, 1999

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

          -             Upcoming Calendar of Events                  -

          -                The Immortal Report                       -

          -                  PKill Newsflash!                        -
          -             A Strange and Beautiful Visitor              -
          -                  The Hidden Truth                        -
          -                 A Malicious Mystery                      -
          -               West & Minako's Wedding                    -
          -         The Trial of Ronnie Valthalas, Part 2            -
          -              Who?  CLeo interviews Chante'               - 

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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

         [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

           <-|-> <-|-> <-|-> <-|-> June <-|-> <-|-> <-|-> <-|->

Monday,    June 21               Summer Solstice
                     8:00 pm       - Midsummer's Night Casino
Thursday,  June 24,  7:00 pm   - Q & A in the OOC Auditorium

                   (-) (-) (-) (-) July (-) (-) (-) (-)

Thursday,  July  1               Immortal applications due!

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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                             The Immortal Report

     Kaige sorted bugs, typos, ideas and had an extremely hectic and
     stress-filled week at home.


     Sandra spoke with a player about a pkill complaint, warned a player for
     eq swapping, gave a few verbal warnings on clan channels for giving out
     stat info, etc. She also pkenabled one person, archived characters,
     newbiebanned a site for making newbies to spam channels, registered a
     desc for Deathspawn, fixed keywords on another desc. She did a few
     restrings, reimbursed a player for a bug, ran a prize hunt type thingie,
     fixed some typos in a few help files, and updated a few others.

     Chocorua dealt with some problems, fixed a desc and did a string or
     two.  Flagg passed out a warning or two and tried to tell people to
     behave.  Wraith went through boards, enabled/deleted characters, did
     strings, etc. LadyAce investigated a harassment complaint, handed out a
     few language warnings, and did more of the 'knock it off' type stuff.


     Rufus rewrote the review process document and read through Crusades,
     commented on rooms, mobs, acts, resets and a few other things, sent
     comments to LadyAce. 

     Charity continued testing crusades, continued mapping pyramid. Cheyla is
     still working on random and fight mob acts; finishing up the quests that
     have been started (got 3 of em), and started reading through Malta for
     typos and glaring grammar problems (not too good with the subtle ones,
     so....), spent about an hour on it and read through half of the room
     descs (including extras, acts, and exit descs).

     Croaker got some legend-related stuff done while at working too much. He
     wandered around Pittsburgh a bit and sent Sandra a note about stuff he
     thought of while on the plane last weekend. Really wasn't very
     productive on Pittsburgh-related stuffs, but plans to finish up this
     week. He added whoises to Greece, added numerous new conversational acts
     and reviewed all acts in the area to make sure they're doing what he
     wants, streamlining quests and quest hints where possible.  He fixed
     some stuff suggested by Chimera, and talked Wraith into starting to read
     through some of the area file and do some playtesting type stuffs, and
     tried to talk Charity into doing some walk-around quest checking when
     she finishes Crusades.

     Flagg says the recalltag angel is now working better, and streamlined
     some acts in his areas. Kae played more with mobs' weapons to match
     their trades, gave some unfortunate naked mobs clothes, played around
     with a few missing extra descriptions, adjusted food values, added a
     group of mobs to the main cities and some more stat eq, played around
     with funky potions a lot, added more smells and room acts, and finished
     up one of the ways to solve one of the major quests. She also found a
     nifty crashing bug and recruited LadyAce's help to track it down. She
     also added a few new mobs, a few skill teachers, a number of atmosphere
     type mobs and acts.  She took another walk of Malta and Crusades with

     Rusalka adjusted all the AC for the Tudor mobs and installed the stat
     adjustments (this is also part of the mob overhaul she's doing for the
     update). She helped Chimera figure out a bug in the ride skill.  She did
     some strings and answered some questions.  Vannessa is readying her pet
     for install.  Wraith worked on bug fixes and other changes for his area
     and spent a few hours looking at Greece for Croaker.

     LadyAce made changes in Crusades according to a comments sheet from
     Rufus, looked at a few remaining comments from Kae, got a sheet of
     comments from Charity and started work on them and fixed the indenting
     in the area. She found a few problems in Pittsburgh, found & fixed a
     problem in Malta for Kae. She spent a good amount of time working up
     some quest ideas for Klein, got most of a large, variable quest worked
     out on paper with support & advice from Charity, Sandra, & Ea! and
     looked at objects and mobs there, and started adding more acts and
     descriptions. She also helped Croaker set up cvs in his account and typo
     fixed a few areas, some for aesthetic and some so the mud would load.

     Sandra added in some random acts for Pittsburgh and did some bugfixes,
     adding new things according to comments.

     Kaige restructured mobs in Beowulf, Tortuga, Lima and the market.  She
     also fixed some bugs Beowulf and Tortuga. She added disguises to the
     market in Lima, and fixed the disguises sections in F&I War.  Also in
     F&I War, she fixed yellzone numbers in the #WEATHER section, made
     fishmongers sell fish oil, made sure there was a light source for sale
     in the Quebec inn, made a tinderbox available, and made the quiet rush
     of the waterfall now echo in the room, fixed the build up of apples by
     the grooms. In Nazca, the native man only talks to humans now. The Nazca
     fishermen now wander back to the fisherman's hut at night.


     Ea! made it so the mud logs attempts to read help files that don't
     exist, finished off and committed the code for friendship management,
     fixed a few bugs in it, made it so you can't select "6" as a hometown
     and end up in NH, gave a message for weaken if it's not chanted on
     anyone, fixed a bug in redeem with clans, reviewed some of Choc's code,
     looked at Huginn's demo of non-mech vehicles (looks good), and fiddled
     with a bunch of ideas on priorities and some other things that may need

     Chocorua has 90% of the coding for the warcraft axiom done. He only
     needs to add it to the area files for testing. Other than that, he
     looked at making a whoimm type command so you can do whoimm and get just
     the imms. Huginn attended Usenix in Monterey, CA. He worked more on
     vehicles...hoping to have basics deployed for imm testing by the end of
     the week. Snapper attempted to help several people.

     Kaige changed some of the repair skills messages from send_to_chars to
     acts so they can be caught by mobs, and basically cleaned up loose ends
     that had been uncommitted so she could work on a clean copy of the


     LadyAce registered a few descs, turned down a few descs, worked with
     several people who didn't understand the desc system, helped people with
     their English, and helped people come up with good descs. She also
     talked with people about imming, running trivia games, language rules,
     their relationship with the imm staff/various imms, housing, expies,
     DTs, ran a Q & A, ran a pair of tag games, put in new prize machine
     items, did a little token raining and produced an LT. She also showed
     Northstar how to do recalltag.

     Chimera did a lot of strings and restrings, did a desc or two, did a few
     question for cookie games, made it rain a few times and generally talked
     to people and did pr work. He also tracked down an apparent multiplayer,
     issued a lot of warnings, helped explain channel and clan rules to a
     couple of clans (Dark Alliance and Rune Knights). He finished his
     proposal for the Cheyenne Great Camp area that he'd like to do; signed
     up to help Croaker test (general walkthrough, playtest and quests w/o
     hints, though probably not in that exact order), and volunteered to
     playtest and do some walkthroughs for Kae. He also talked to LadyAce
     about some acts he's going to be writing for Otto in the Klein expansion
     and brainstormed for the OOC expansion.

     Flagg ran tags and helped with trivias, even played in one, and started
     possibly putting one of his own together.  Northstar archived,
     unarchived, run 2 RecallTag games, made people guess answers to
     questions twice to earn them a token , helped with a
     trivia game, answered questions for perspective Imm's, plotted some
     heavy upcoming tinyplots, aided with planning a wedding, strung,
     restrung, answered questions, helped newbies, lent an ear to several
     players having problems.

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        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
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/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

                        I I       I I       I I 
                        I I       I I       I I 
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                        \|/       \|/       \|/ 
                         *  PKILL NEWSFLASH! *               

This week on the pk front...

Dune has re-emerged and is engaged in fights against pretty much everyone he
came in contact with.

War between the Mercs and the Ministry of Darkness continues, with a great
deal of violence, threats, deaths on both sides. The battle shows no sign of
a truce as yet.

The Dark Enforcers have begun striking out against the Hermetics in direct
response to a series of attacks on their Royal Executioner, Terror, only
days after an attempt to receive some obscure knowledge from them.  More on
this as it develops.


                        A Strange and Beautiful Visitor

I was minding my own business, fetching water for the horses, when I saw her
-- a richly-dressed foreigner, her face beautiful and yet drawn with worry.
Tara gets more than its share of foreigners, wanderers, and vagabonds, but
this visitor was different. Her exotic robes and graceful movements drew my
attention immediately. I'm just a simple groom, but I know royalty when I see

Shyly -- and more than a little enamoured -- I stepped behind a tree, to see
if I might learn more about the beautiful creature who had stepped so
elegantly into the humble city I call home. She spoke softly to the young
woman Xatreka, who sat beside the well. I did not hear all of what was said,
but I did hear the visitor introduce herself as Aisha Said, princess of

So I was correct, she was indeed royalty! But what was she doing in Tara, so
far from home? I continued to monitor their conversation. Xatreka tapped one
of her fingers on the surface of the water.  A ripple, illuminated of a
greenish light, floated to the surface and then faded away away. The princess
blinked with surprise, her eyes fixed on the well. 'You do have abilities,'
she said.

Xatreka stared at the water and suddenly it started to swirl a bit from left
to right, then from right to left. Xatreka said, 'All I can see is that you
need to bring justice.' She continued, 'If in fact the contract is
illegal...' but her voice faded away, I could not hear her.

The princess spoke again. 'I thought that might be so...the Goddess has not
been explicit, but she seems to lead me in a path towards serving as an
avatar of balance.' They continued to speak in low tones, the princess's
guarded mannerisms spreading to Xatreka, until I could hear naught but
murmurings, the soothsayer to the princess.

Then came a sentence I heard clearly, and which spread a smile across the
princess's face. Xatreka said, 'It wouldn't necessarely free him completely..
but at least he'd be himself.'

Aisha spoke anxiously now, her voice swelling with energy. 'Who is this, and
how might I gain his or her help?'

Xatreka responded, 'Let me ask the element again..' She took a rock in her
hand, stares at it and suddenly... it broke in two!

The princess looked surprised again, and watched Xatreka intently, trying to
determine what was happening. Again their voices dropped low, the princess
looking around cautiously. Soon, Aisha stepped back, nodding solemnly.  'Is
there anything I might do for you?' she said to Xatreka. 'I am indebted to
you for your advice.' The soothsayer shook her head to disagree, standing and
preparing to depart.

'Now I must go...I have journeys to travel,' Xatreka said. With polite words
and courtsies and courtesies exchanged, the two parted, leaving me to wonder
what they had been discussing, and what this contract might be, and what
manner of man's freedom might have drawn the interest of a princess, and her


                             The Hidden Truth

Before beginning this amazing story, let me introduce myself. You know me as
Nestor Loiseau, the gentle major-dome of LegendMUD. I know this body is mine
but I also know several other bodies my corrupted soul has inhabited over the
years. Don't tell me you never walked a place which you'd never entered
before but it looked so familiar to your eyes?

This is this perception of the world that leaded me into this... The scene
takes place on the barrows north of the village of Beowulf, near the caves of
the Dragon Fadhmir.

Bloodthirsty as usual, Ghandi and I were chasing around the ancient times.
The two last hours we were looking for a trail on Dominique, without any
success. The sun was already high in the sky and the thirst was starting to
occupy most of our thoughts. Ghandi pointed at a grassy hill that was
dominating the village.

'Let's camp for some hours at the top of this hill, we will see any enemy
coming, if any of them ever dare attack us,' said Ghandi with a cunning
smile. I simply agreed.

We camped under the shadow of the big ancestral sculpted stone that was
raising on the high grass, like dropped by the hand of some forgotten god.
Ghandi fell quickly asleep and I decided to peer more precisely at the
strange runes that were covering the giant rock while meditating.

The designs of the runic curves were really weird and fascinating. I had this
strange feeling that the runes or what they meant was familiar, though I had
no idea on how to read or translate them. My eyes were running more and more
quickly on the surface of the stone with excitation and knowledge hunger.

Sweat started to run down my spine as I was slowly falling into a static
trance... High in the sky, the night, the stars, the sun, the clouds, Ghandi
waking up, the whole world spinning around me in the loud sound of ancestral
drumrolls in the distance. When I realized that I had been reciting this
antique spell, the surge of the power I was unconsciously releasing
mercilessly knocked me down.

I woke up in a dark cave, without any idea of where I was. The scene was
amazing: Huge waterfalls of frozen ice were falling from the ceiling into
the lava pools that were covering the floor. I stood up, cautiously walking
step by step on the catwalk where I appeared, aiming to reach the small ledge
that was leading on an island surrounded by lava some meters ahead.  The
island was a little inferno, the temperature here was extreme with bubbling
lava all around me, I suddenly realized with fear that I was alone. I could
have panicked for hours if I wasn't intrigued of what stood at the center of
the island : an opened iron maiden. Who had the malevolence to imprison
someone, even the darkest soul here? I approached the coffin of torture and
read what was engraved on its top side :  

Here lies He who dared to challenge the Gods, the Baned One.

As I was reading this sentence over and over with a loud voice, a sudden 
laugh came from the dark shadows around me.

'So, you found me at last,' said the voice. I'm glad it's you and not someone
else, it's even easier to be freed by one's own followers.

'We, Grendels do not follow anyone,' I replied, 'We are not Anti-Paladins or
Dark Enforcers, we do not need anyone to show us a path, we just live by our
own rules and some people call that evilness.'

'Aaah, I taught you well, I'm not a God or a Messiah, but I shall bring
divine vengeance upon all that lives again on this world. I summoned you
here, to a place which once was my prison, so you can deliver this message :
I hold him as a prisoner!'

Then suddenly a corner of the cave enlightened, showing me the silhouette of
an imprisoned body into a huge stalactite. I came closer and suddenly
recognized the face of  someone  I only saw on icons,  someone  that had
disappeared for the world under dark circumstances...

'Ptah!' I gasped...

A malevolent cackle then made the whole cave shiver.

'Yes, him, I now have my vengeance, watching him suffer, the most powerful of
the Gods, under the palm of a foolish but clever man. Isn't it fascinating?
Now, fellow clanmate, go back to the known world and let them know about the


'Oh yes, let me reintroduce myself, I am Grendel Prime....'

To be continued ....


                             A Malicious Mystery

The Dark Lord's altar, claimed so long ago by the Enforcers, seemed to be
seeing the one who had taken it, and defended it, once again.  Aginor, the
Messiah of Darkness, was there earlier this week, with dread black fog
concealing everything around him and his fellow Enforcer, Slayer.  Resting
after some unknown incident, the two evil icons were discussing various
subjects of interest only to others on the evil path, when Aginor noticed a
small black stone, covered with ancient writings, at the base of the altar.
He looked at the writings, but did not know more than a single rune, one he
was familiar with in over three hundred other languages: The Dark Lord.

Not knowing what to do, Aginor asked Slayer what she might know, but Slayer
knew nothing of it.  At that time, Larnoc came into the room.  Slayer merely
grinned evilly at the new arrival, but the Dark Messiah had an idea.

"You there, knowledge boy," he said, to which Larnoc responded only, "Aye"
before attempting to magically fill a waterskin.

"I have found a rock here," the Dark Messiah said, grinning evilly, "It has
writings which are older even than me. Perhaps you might know something of

Larnoc, having finally found a place not too uncomfortable to rest (not easy,
when you are not an evil man at the Dark Lord's altar), peered at Aginor and
said, "I can try. Ancient scripts are not my area, though." Accepting the
rock from Aginor, along with being told the one rune which meant "the Dark
Lord", Larnoc peered at the stone, copying the writings into a notebook.
Handing the stone back to Aginor, Larnoc said that he could do nothing,
although perhaps another could.

Aginor sighed heavily. He knew that he had run out of options. "Actually,"
he said, "I can think of one person who might know." In a fierce undertone,
possibly not meant to be heard, he added, "Although she is not going to be
pleased to see me again."

Larnoc heard this, yet asked simply, "Who might that be?"

Aginor sighed again before saying, "My wife. Gallowglass D'Aramand. She may
very well know what it is."

"Domestic bliss has eluded you as well, I see," Larnoc said.  After
considerable discussion of the two men's wives (which included such things as
Larnoc referring to himself as hen-pecked, and Aginor responding to that
saying that he himself was not hen-pecked, but rather ripped to shreds by a
vulture), Larnoc took his leave, promising to ask the other Hermetics
whatever they could find of this thing.

What could this strange thing be? Will Aginor plea to his wife in order to
discover what it could be? Will the Hermetics be able to find some dusty
volume within their library that could unlock its secrets? If so, will they
tell Aginor what the stone really says? What could this mean to the Dark
Enforcers, the Hermetics, or even the entire world? We will write more next
week as the story develops.


                           West & Minako's Wedding

The Central Courtyard Plaza
A marble tile walkway and marble walls surround this giant enclosed courtyard
supporting a large number of large oak trees and a few willow trees along with
numerous smaller plants and shrubs. Light filters through the treetops from an
unknown source, more like the brightness of a full moon night than daylight.
[Exits: e s]
A blue rumpled piece of dirty folded paper lies here.
A pile of white silk lies crumpled on the ground.
A flower basket lies on the ground.
A statue of the Buddha rests here to the right of the path, keeping watch.
A statue of the Buddha rests here to the left of the path, keeping watch.
A waterfall tumbles down the rocks and collects in a clear pool of water.
A wooden arch, decorated with oriental artwork, is in the center of the room.
A pond splashes a perpetual flow of water for your refreshment.
A phantasmal bridge of transparent marble stretches across the pond.

The guests are assembled in rows of handsome wooden chairs. Among them, you
see many people you recognize and many you don't:  a statuesque red-head, a
gold-clad, rainbow-haired paladin, Geber, a flamboyant youth, Default,
Malachite, Groth, Linus, the Slayer of Gods, Cheesy_Poofs, a lost sea
captain, DavidBeckham, an unshaven bloke, a quiet thief, Wardley, IggyPope,
BrookLynn, Trevor, Dragonreborn, Vengeance, Sinbad, a redheaded surgeon,
Ishtar, Blackthorne, the warrior of dawn, CLeo, an angelic Awooga woman,
Huggy, West, Antilles, QuacK, and Ganymede.

Somewhat out of place, a strange creature lurks in the background. Sulfurous
and foul, a monster born of the corrupted soul of a man, Fadhmir the dragon
is here, powerful beyond all imagining.

The intended groom speaks up: 'Attention please, Sir Ganymede will do the
honors of officiating the wedding.'

'ATTENTION PLEASE!' Ganymede exclaims. 'If all of our honored guests will
please take their seats, we are about to begin.'

Ganymede calls over in the direction of the orchestra, 'Maestro! You may

The conductor waves his baton swiftly and counts from one to four at a whisper,
and the floating orchestra begins to play a soothing symphony.

You look to the middle and behold Alexandria, the maid of honor, making her
way gracefully up the aisle toward the altar, smiling brightly at the
assembled guests as she passes.

Ganymede smiles at Alexandria.  Ganymede nods to the conductor, who gives a
slight nod of his own and, with a wave to orchestra and a flourish of baton,
changes the music being played.  Knowing immediately that the bride is about
to enter, you turn in your seat to look behind you.

A hush falls over the assembled crowd as the bride enters, shimmering and
beautiful. The assembled guests beam with delight, exchanging smiles as they
look at the beautiful bride approaching.

An enormous screaming psycho places Minako's hand in West's, stepping back to
take his place.  Minako takes West's hand and smiles softly, then looks to

'Brothers, sisters and friends,' Ganymede exclaims. 'You have converged upon
this lovely spot this even to celebrate the most sacred rite known to all

'Throughout all the planes of Time and Space, nowhere is there a sacrament
more precious and joyful than that to which we are come to bear witness
tonight,' Ganymede declares.

'Har! the festival of Rum and Wenches?!?' a scruffy boucanier says.

'Our friends Sir West, until recently an honored Knight of Legend...'
Ganymede indicates, smiling at West.  An enormous screaming psycho glares
icily at a scruffy boucanier.  Ganymede adds, '...and Lady Minako, among the
most kind and gentle souls the Realm has yet seen...' The happy couple
exchange shy smiles, and a delicate blush steals across Minako's face.

Ganymede states, '...have come here because they have been bonded in
Love--that most precious of gifts given us by Nature--and wish to declare it
finally to each other and to the World by taking each other's hands in

Ganymede explains, 'The intended shall now have one hand of each bound to the
other's, in a physical bond to symbolize their spiritual and emotional one.'

Minako places her right hand over West's left one.  West takes Minako's hand.
Smiling, Ganymede takes the couple's hands, and wraps a thin cord around
them, tying them together and making sure the bond is tight but not

Ganymede turns to address the radiant couple standing proudly before him, and
says, in a voice smooth and courtly, 'My excellent friends, the Fate is truly
kind that has allowed you to find each other, and to have found warmth,
solace, and companionship therein.'

'The journey you are about to commence is not to be undertaken lightly,'
Ganymede notes. 'Although your bond of hands shall be removed, your union of
spirit must never be.'

'With the exchange of your words of intention and tokens of adoration, you both
pledge to remain true to your bond...' Ganymede declares.

' days ill and well, in health fair and poor, in assets great and small,
until the last sands have slipped out of the great Glass of Time,' Ganymede
describes. BrookLynn wipes away a tear, sniffling quietly.

'These fine folk have gathered to mark your Grand Occasion, and shall be the
witnesses to your Oath,' Ganymede indicates. 'Declare now to those assembled
your Vows to each other, that they might hear and know your Love.'

'Sai, please give now your vows to your beloved,' Ganymede says to Minako.

Minako turns to look into West's eyes.  Minako says to West, 'Since the day
we first met, you have been my friend, my support my guardian angel.'

Minako says to West, 'When I cried you wiped away my tears. When I laughed
your eyes shined with joy with me..'

'When I wanted to give up and walk the path into another world, you held onto
me and begged me to stay with you,' Minako says to West. 'To share this life
with you.'

Minako says to West, 'In all the joy, in all the sores you have been there for

'Now, before all of our friends and loved ones, I give my heart, my soul my
love to you..for now and forever,' Minako says to West. 'And I walk with you
thru life together, two hearts that beat as one.'

Ganymede says to West, 'Sai, please give now your vows to your cherished one.'

West says to Minako, 'No words can adequately describe my feelings for you.'

'However, with my heart racing and my hands growing cold, this I know for
sure:' West says to Minako. 'By looking into your eyes, I see a world of
endless wonders. By the sound of your voice, I feel alive.  And today I come
to pledge my never ending love for you.  A promise to give my life for

Minako smiles at West.  West says to Minako, 'Where ever you look, where ever
you are, I will be here to protect you from harm.'

From the side, you hear the faint sound of sobbing, and become aware that the
conductor has been overcome by the moment. The orchestra, undeterred, doesn't
miss a beat.

'You have thus exchanged your words of intention, and let all here gathered
remember them,' Ganymede declares. 'Now, 'tis time to exchange the tokens of
your adoration.'

West takes Minako's hands and slips a golden ring forged from the love of
West onto the ring finger. Minako takes West's hand and slips a golden ring
forged from the love of Minako onto his finger.

Ganymede declares, 'The tokens have passed between them, and now I ask any who
stand here now who object to the union this fine couple, to say so now, or
remain forever silent.'

Ganymede peers around the room intently.  A scruffy boucanier looks up into
the sky and ponders.  A scruffy boucanier looks as if he might have an
objection, much to the amazement of those assembled.  Deicide whaps a scruffy
boucanier across the back of the head - your ears ring in sympathy.  Ganymede
peers at a scruffy boucanier, looking him up and down.
An enormous screaming psycho glares icily at a scruffy boucanier.

'May I approach the couple?' a scruffy boucanier says to Ganymede.  Minako
blinks in surprise at a scruffy boucanier, while the guests begin to look to
their weapons with non-too-subtle threatening glances.  'The man ASKED,' the
scruffy boucanier protests.

Minako intervenes, 'Let him speak his piece..' Ganymede says, annoyed by
something, to a scruffy boucanier, 'Very well.' A scruffy boucanier
approaches the couple.  West nods his agreement with Minako.  A scruffy
boucanier ponders first West, then Minako.

A scruffy boucanier says, 'No man should be wed forever to a wench that can't
kiss.' A scruffy boucanier kisses Minako passionately.  A scruffy boucanier
looks up into the sky and ponders a moment, then says, 'Aye, she's passable.'

'No objection,' a scruffy boucanier says.  Minako blinks.  A scruffy
boucanier takes his place in the audience again, as the crowd bursts into
laughter.  Vengeance says, looking self-assured, to a scruffy boucanier,
'Right on.'

'I'll rephrase,' Ganymede says. 'Any more -serious- objections?' 'Har!' a
scruffy boucanier says.  Vengeance says, looking self-assured, 'Okay settle
down children, let Sir Ganymede continue.' 'No.. let the love birds be
joined,' Deicide says, confident to take on anything.  Alexandria hands
Minako a tissue to wipe her mouth.

'Then it is my great honor and obligation to declare you Husband and Wife,'
Ganymede exclaims. 'And it is my pleasure to ask everyone assembled to
instruct good Sir West, with much joy, to kiss his bride!' A scruffy
boucanier kisses Minako passionately.  'Whoops, he said West,' a scruffy
boucanier says.  A scruffy boucanier blushes bright red.  Deicide whaps a
scruffy boucanier across the back of the head - your ears ring in sympathy.

'Kiss her!' Elisa says, almost a whisper.  Deicide rolls around on the ground
with laughter.  A scruffy boucanier grins evilly at Deicide.. wonder what
he's thinking...  Huggy says to West, 'Kiss her already!' 'In my opinion,
lots of tongue should be used,' QuacK says.

West kisses Minako tenderly.  The crowd erupts into a chorus of cheers and
applause as Minako and West exchange a passionate kiss.  Ganymede exclaims
happily, 'May I present the happy couple, Lord West and Lady Minako!'

A storm of hands slap West on the back, congratulating him vigorously.
IggyPope collects himself, and suddenly bursts into flame!  An incredible
display of fireworks above dazzles your eyes, and you can barely tear
yourself away from the spectacular vision in the skies!  A just enforcer
says, with a subtle wink, 'LONG LIVE THE BRIDE AND GROOM!!!!' Ever the
pragmatist, Vengeance asks, 'Okay I'm starved, where's the cake?'

'Take care of her,' Deicide says, confident to take on anything, to West.
'She is a treasure.. a jewel..' Tom O'Bedlam says sadly to Minako, 'Guess I
will never get to spank ye.' Minako says to Sinbad, 'I'm so glad you could be
here.' 'CONGWAGUFATIONS WEST AND MINAKO!!!!' Groth says.  CLeo presents a
pink plastic prize token to Minako.

Calling for the group to settle down, Minako addresses West. 'I have another
gift for you m'love. Once when we shared our dreams, you spoke of retiring
and spending many a day fishing..'

Minako says to West, 'For that day, I give you this.' She turns to her new
husband, and hands him an intricately carved bamboo fishing pole.  West gasps
in astonishment, and the assembled group admires the workmanship and obvious
quality of the fishing rod.

'For you to sit on the docks for hours and we might watch the sunsets
together,' Minako says to West. 'The one yous always wanted!! Now yous can go
fishing at the docks of Quebec!!!  ,' Groth says to West.

A towering knight says, looking self-assured, to Minako, 'Good luck m'lady,
hopefully your marriage will be as fruitful as mine to the lovely Sharri.'

'As the best man, i would like to make a toast to west and Minako,' Sinbad
says.  Groth raises some fruit punch mixed with orange juice in the air ready
for a toast.

Antilles wipes away the brimming tears from his eyes, before he actually begins
to cry.


                   The Trial of Ronnie Valthalas, Part 2

The Minion of Minos says, 'Who shall speak next?'

A confident Hispanic raises his hand.

Larnoc says to a pale beauty floating in purple mists, 'You're not going to
hold this against me?'

A pale beauty floating in purple mists says tearfully to Larnoc, 'Get lost.'

A confident Hispanic sits down on the witness stand.

'I would like to speak of another side of Ronnie,' a pale beauty floating in
purple mists says, full of melancholy, to The Minion of Minos.

Minos says, 'It is this man's turn to speak. All shall be given
time to speak.' He turns to the man on the witness stand.
Minos says, 'Who are you, sir? Why do you come before us?' 

A confident Hispanic says seriously, 'Diego de la Vega, former Knight
Templar. I am here to speak against senor Ronnie. I first met el vampyre when
he was throwing slanderous attacks against one senorita Solange. In
witnessing this, I went to confront him.'

Diego continues, 'At this time, words were exchanged, I stood to defend la
senorita, and he attempted to kill me for it.'

Ronnie says, 'Objection. The monk wanted a confrontation, and I gave it to
him,' Ronnie says, declaiming dramatically.

A confident Hispanic says seriously, 'When Solange heard that we were
fighting, she came to Romania, where she too was attacked, and almost killed
by Ronnie.'

'A Monk?' Alexandria says, barely audible.  Ronnie nods his agreement with

A high-spirited druidess crosses her arms over her chest and sits back,
peering at Ronnie.

Minos says to Ronnie, 'Did you slander the lady Solange, and work to slay her
defender, and herself?' 

Ronnie says, gesturing broadly and exaggerating every word, to Minos, 'Yes.'

Minos says, 'Then your objection is pitiful. Speak on, Diego.'

A confident Hispanic says solemnly, 'We managed to escape, by running from
church to church, and in the meantime, finding a wooden stake that, in the
end, was plunged into his chest. But even then, he continued after us both.
His actions caused la senorita great emotional pain, and I fear, scarred her
for many years to come.'

The Prosecuting Demon murmurs, 'Many are they who Ronnie's cruelties have

Diego de la Vega pulls several strange implements from a bag he carries.
'This is a duplicate of the machine Ronnie attempted to use to destroy

Minos says, 'All of mankind?'

The Prosecuting Demon says, 'Do not be surprised, my lord Minos. His
cruelties have no end.'

A confident Hispanic says solemnly to The Minion of Minos, 'All of the

'I'm sorry to put you through this,' Ronnie whispers to Alexandria.
'Apologies and oaths are all I can give you. I've already given you my
undying love, and it is always yours and only yours.'

A confident Hispanic says seriously, 'He, of course, failed when I learned of
the components and constructed this one with the aid of others.'

The Prosecuting Demon says, 'All the good? Would this not include the deaths
of Alexandria, and Miaka?'

Alexandria gasps at the Prosecuting Demon.

Alexandria says, barely audible, 'What?' 

'I had complete control over the machine at all times,' Ronnie says

'It would have worked, had we not stopped him,' a confident Hispanic says

The Prosecuting Demon says to a confident Hispanic, 'Then you, sir, are a
hero.' Ronnie snorts derisively.

'No, I was not alone,' a confident Hispanic says seriously.

Ronnie says, declaiming dramatically, 'His machine ended as many lives as
mine did.' Ronnie says, declaiming dramatically, 'Although they weren't pure,
they were still living.'

Minos says, 'Ronnie, you set the Doomsday events in motion. You are to blame
for its consequences.' 

The Prosecuting Demon says to Minos, 'Do you see, Lord Minos, how this man
seeks to turn the trial away from his own guilt?'

'Am I finished, judge?' a confident Hispanic says seriously to

The Prosecuting Demon says to Minos, 'Surely, my lord, you will not let him
deceive you as he has so many others!'

Minos says, 'Thank you, Diego. You are dismissed.' A confident Hispanic bows
deeply, and returns to his seat.  

Minos says to Shino_Kage, 'Take the stand, then, and give your testimony.'

Shino_Kage sits down and rests on the witness stand.

'I can not speak on matters of good and evil,' Shino_Kage says. 'My actions
have taken that right from me. Ronnie has always been there for his friends
when they needed him. And I know that he treats his daughter better than most
men can claim. And I would never hesitate to call this man a good friend.'

Minos says, 'You may step down.' Shino_Kage sits down and rests.

'Fine then, have her,' Larnoc says to Shino_Kage.  Larnoc sighs wistfully at
Miaka, who bursts into tears..  Ronnie gently takes Miaka's hand and holds it
in his. Shino_Kage says to Larnoc, 'You have hurt her enough.'

'Dry your eyes, dear,' Ronnie says softly to a pale beauty floating in purple
mists. 'Ignore them and choose of your own will.'

Minos says, 'Sir Ganymede?'

Sir Ganymede sits down on the witness stand.  Ronnie whispers, declaiming
dramatically, to a pale beauty floating in purple mists, 'I know it's a bit
late ta ask, but why couldn't you have married a respectable boy like Shino
instead of Larnoc?'

'The various infractions of the bloodfiend Ronnie against myself and my clan
shall here go unsaid,' Sir Ganymede says. 'But of one episode in which I took
part do I wish to speak. What with one thing and another, there came a great
Feast at the castle in Nottingham, at which many were in attendance.'

'This vast meal served as the backdrop for great evils at the hands of
Ronnie,' Sir Ganymede continues. 'It was there that Robin Hood, for years an
outlaw in those parts, made an appearance. He arrived there for the hand of
his love, whom Ronnie also sought.'

'Ronnie pretended to make amends with Robin, and offered him drink,' Sir
Ganymede says. 'But the drink was poisoned, and the lady's true love sank
slowly into oblivion. It was then that Ronnie drained this lady's soul,
leaving her body a husk, and both souls forever in torment, never to have
each other.'

Minos says, 'Indeed...her soul was among the millions who spoke to me of

'And finally, Ronnie has been given a multitude of chances to reform himself,
but has failed each time, returning to his evil ways,' Sir Ganymede says.

Ronnie says dramatically, 'No questions.'

The Prosecuting Demon says, 'Crimes committed by Robin Hood notwithstanding,
he did not deserve to have his soul drained from his body, nor did the lady
Judith, who was innocent.'

A pale beauty floating in purple mists says sadly, 'I have to speak of a side
unheard in this courtroom.'

'My father and mother fell from the heavens and the evil purple mists got me
and were planning much pain and torture for me to inflict on others,' Miaka
says. 'As you might imagine this was a awful place but there was one hero of
the mists and that was a man named Sir Ronnie.'

She continues, 'He arranged and bartered losing his soul in the trade for me
freedom, and upon my release he became a man who fought for good.  I found
him when I was in search for me family whom I didn't know but I found Ronnie.
And he remembered me mother, a beautiful woman, but for her sake and mine he
didna tell who she was. And he took me on as being me father, doubts and
all. He showed more love than any biological father ever could.'

Minos says, 'It seems he is not wholly an agent of cruelty.'

A pale beauty floating in purple mists says tearfully to Minos, 'And
protected me from harm, he is a changed man, he has a shadow of his good name
of what the mists made him to be but do not ever think he wasna a good man.'

'And as for what me husband Larnoc said,' a pale beauty floating in purple
mists says tearfully to Minos. 'My husband is just as evil in the ways of

Ronnie kicks the legs out from Ganymede's chair.

Minos says, 'He may show affection for you, m'lady, but his heart is not

A pale beauty floating in purple mists says, full of melancholy, 'Yes but
Larnoc was biased towards Ronnie, he talked about him in the most degrading
terms to me all of the time.'

Minos says to a pale beauty floating in purple mists, 'Thank you for your

Ronnie clears his throat.

'I've never been a saint or Saviour,' Ronnie says, declaiming dramatically.
'While I've committed many crimes and atrocities, in my life I have also
tried to strike some sort of balance.'

The Prosecuting Demon says, 'Ten million crimes? Have you balanced those?'

Ronnie continues, 'To my friends and family, I've never lied or tried to
intentionally hurt.'

'Shut up before I make it my last act to fill your head with hot lead,'
Ronnie says, gesturing broadly and exaggerating every word, to the
Prosecuting Demon.  'Although I fear a single bullet would be a hard pressed
to find that miniscule lump of brain you possess.' Ronnie stares at the
Prosecuting Demon with a severity that could silence thunder.

Minos says to the Prosecuting Demon, 'You speak out of turn. Silence.'
The Prosecuting Demon winces visibly.

Minos says, 'Ronnie, I would question you on one final point.' We have heard
a great deal of your atrocities, as well as some signs of reform. And we have
heard some hint that that reform may not be so great as others claim.  Is it
your testimony that your heart is reformed, that you repent the ten million
crimes you have committed?

Ronnie says, in a soft tone, 'I repent my life deeply, for it has pained the
one I love most a great deal.'

Minos says, 'Great have been your crimes, and thus great must be your
repentance. No mortal man has committed sins as grave as yours.  Nor have the
undead been so pervasive in their evil, as you have been.'

He continues, 'As you are now, you are incapable of sufficient repentance to
atone for these crimes. You could not do enough, ever, to balance the evil
you have done.'

Minos says, 'By all rights, you belong in hell eternally. And yet, you have
shown a great deal of ingenuity in your evil. In hell, those talents would be
wasted. Creative screams only go so far.'

Minos says to Ronnie, 'If I put you in hell, you will never atone for these

Ronnie says, perplexed, to Minos, 'Then how am I to atone?'

Minos says to Ronnie, 'You will make amends, but not as you are.' 

Ronnie says, looking confused, to Minos, 'Then what am I to become?'

Minos says, 'The laws of Heaven demand atonement, the laws of Hell demand
punishment. To satisfy both, you must make a mission of atonement, which will
be determined in a later council. It will burn the evil from your heart, if
you are strong enough to bear the pain.'

Ronnie says, voice hopeful, 'And if my punishment is to be served outside of

Minos nods, and says, 'To prepare you for your quest to set your soul in
balance, you will be given a place in the ranks of Demons.'

Minos says, 'Let all the dead and the living hear my words, and be at peace.
When your quest is completed, your fate will be decided.'

The Prosecuting Demon scowls.

Minos bangs his scepter down upon his desk.

Minos says, 'Dismissed.'

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Hello everyone,

     For you this week, Chante' McIntyre.  She was nice and courteous during 
the interview.  I hope that you enjoy the reading!

Name: Chante' McIntyre
Occupation: Healer

Q - 'What is your favorite hobby?'
A - 'I love to sing, and chat, and watch the Hockey game, oh, and sip on my 

Q - 'What would you say is most important to you?'
A - 'My family, and my friends, and my Hockey stick, my Jersey, and my 

Q - 'If you would have to invent a new word, what would it be?'
A - 'Ooh, I have already invented one, it's "Mahakana" meaning BIG.'

Q - 'If you could meet anyone from the past, who would it be?'
A - 'My mother, she died when me and Gwen were little, and I miss her.'

Q - 'What would you compare your personality to?'
A - 'Hmm, gosh, probably a sweet little angel, full of innocence...*halo*'

Q - 'If you could change something in the world today, what would it be?'
A - 'I would like the Druids/Druidess' to get more respect, and people 
appreciate them more,' Chante' says.

Q - 'What do you think of the hounds in the Lands of the Shadow?'
A - 'Well, I don't go there often, but when I do, I just stay as far away 
from them as possible.'

Q - 'What is your most desired dream for the future?'
A - 'To live a long life, and not get old *shudder*, to be happy and loved, 
and maybe one day have a family of my own.'

Q - 'If I could grant you a wish, what would it be?'
A - 'Ooh, a lifetime supply of margaritas would be great!'

Q - 'A few words of advice for our readers?'
A - 'I always liked these sayings: It's nice to be important, but it's more 
important to be nice, and don't try to find the one you can live with, look 
for the one you can't live without.  Oh, and *HUG A DRUID*'
That concludes another edition of 'WHO?'  I would like to remind you that 
most of the people interviewed were picked randomly.

I am open to interviewing people on requests as long as there is a good 
reason (example: the person is well known, is a GM, is an old legend player, 
is a person who achieved something extraordinary or other valuable reasons). 
  I do give myself the right to decline requests if be needed, but doubt I 
will decline any.

Do not forget that you may send in some questions that you would like me to 
ask to my guest.  Just take a piece of paper, write them down, and mud mail 
it to me.

Until next time...  May luck be on your path forever!
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