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VOLUME SIX, ISSUE TWENTY-SIX                               June 26th, 1999

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

          -             Upcoming Calendar of Events                  -

          -                The Immortal Report                       -
          -                   Did You Know?                          -
          -              PKill Advice from Nestor                    -
          -                  Andara Responds                         -

          -                   Announcements                          -
          -                  PKill Newsflash!                        -
          -          The Tale of LeChuck & Guybrush, Part 2          - 
          -               Heart and Soul Destroyed                   - 
          -            The battle of Becket and Ronnie               -
          -            Who? -  CLeo interviews Chimera               -   

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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

         [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

                   (-) (-) (-) (-) July (-) (-) (-) (-)

Thursday,  July  1               Immortal applications due!

___                                                                    ___
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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                             The Immortal Report

     Kaige sorted bugs, typos, ideas and assorted other stuff while Ptah was
     out of town for the weekend and dealt with two sick children.


     Sandra limited a player for a week, did a few descriptions, updated some
     help files and added in some new keywords for others, punished someone
     for harassment, warned various people for profanity on channels, and did
     a couple of restrings.

     Chocorua dealt with two harassment issues and did a couple restrings.
     Flagg was sick all week. Seth did a couple of archives and two
     restrings. He hopes the net problems of his part of the world are over
     so he'll be able to do some work. Wraith went through boards, gave some
     warnings, etc.


     Rufus tried fixing the mud a couple times while it was hung, not sure
     what's going on. He also talked to a few people about proposing and
     started looking at Crusade's objects. 

     Charity sent a few more comments to LA about crusades, didn't get to
     write trial object acts this weekend. She also suggested a new game and
     got a generally good response. Cheyla spent another 2 hours finishing a
     preliminary proof-read of Malta for spelling typos and major grammar
     problems. In Alaska, she added in a few more mob acts and made sure they
     were working as desired, pondered possible endings for a quest that is
     mostly coded into the area, but haven't added any acts in for either of
     them,and started working on help files for the area. Had Chocorua string
     some zip for her for a player's rp thing and told a couple players that
     she couldn't do strings, only restrings.

     Croaker playtested Pittsburgh (essentially finished basic review - will
     do final review when appropriate). He also fixed / altered numerous
     things from Chimera/Sandra/Wraith suggestions in Greece and wrote all 50
     rooms for Hades! Flagg was sick all week.

     Kae gave a medium warning for repeated swearing and cursing on chat. In
     Malta, she gave a lot of mobs more clothes, fixed a HUGE bunch of typos
     Cheyla found, added in mobs responses to keywords, and other atmospheric
     acts. She worked on housing, hunted down bugs, and added more mobs.
     Kheldar did some work for Kaige's new object act code and talked over
     some of his ideas with various people. Also answered a few housing
     questions to a mort. Rusalka checked a couple things on Pittsburgh,
     answered some player questions about renting, material types, and
     casino, talked to Kaige about object acts.

     Wraith spent a small amount of time looking at his area and a few hours
     each reviewing Croaker's area files.  LadyAce tweaked Crusades, based on
     Charity & Kae's comments and started work on a large daemon to solve a
     logic problem with access to the area.  She also fixed a bug in John
     Chapman's teaching acts, set up mailing lists for Malta & Alaska for Kae
     & Cheyla to use, bugfixed Malta a few times, committed it, and joined
     the tester list for it. She also did some pr'ish building, prize machine
     & casino daemon most notably.

     Sandra worked lots on Pittsburgh: she fixed two bugs in the ballgame,
     some more typos and acts, added in some alternate descriptions for
     rooms, changed some fight acts on the mobs, and added other assorted
     acts. She also did a walk through on Greece and sent some comments to
     Croaker on that. Next week: more on testing Greece, and fix up whatever
     stuff her testers send. Kaige fiddled a bit in london port.


     Ea! worked on fixing a bunch of bugs, read over Choc's warcraft axiom
     changes, worked on the planning stages of get*obj rewrite.

     Chocorua finished the code and committed the WARCRAFT axiom and added a
     Hometown line into playerfiles. Snapper is moving to inactive for a
     while.  Kaige made some imm-only fixes and got preliminary run at
     objacts working, including lots of commands and features.


     LadyAce did some descs, zips, restrings & strings, answered questions,
     helped with a tinyplot, produced an LT & did a Q & A. 

     Chimera did some strings and restrings and raining, talked to players
     about player-run games. He also looked at LA's plan for ooc, bugged a
     bunch of things for Croaker which he fixed (found them a few weeks ago
     actually, forgot to put it in.) Ran a buglotto and idea/typolotto once,
     and generally thought about area work and stuff. Tried to analyze what
     the mud needed as far as mobs and looked at some eq possibilities as
     well. Flagg was sick all week.


   _____       DID YOU KNOW     ...why is it that when you drop furniture
  /  _  \      that you buy, you can't pick it up again. Large pieces of
 /__/ \  \     furniture meant to furnish player housing are made so that
      /  /     you can carry them to your house or clanhall, and then
     /  /      once you drop the item, it becomes a permanent part of
    /__/       your building. This prevents people from stealing or
    __         rearranging your furniture. If you drop them prematurely,
   /  \        you will be unable to move the furniture until you get
   \__/        assistance from an immortal.


                           PKill Advice from Nestor

Pk tips for people new to pkill or pkers-wannabes :

Hey ! This is Nestor again...I have noticed many people complaining about
high levels being too hard to get, and many of my friends asking me tips
about pkill. I am not a super pkill machine like Agni or Dune (*poke Dune*)
but I was enough on the pkill scene (yes this player was the GM of 5 major
clans of Legend :P) to give good advice to new pkillers not to give up.

Here is my top 5:

Pkill is 40% Skill and 60% of Luck. With skill I mean how wisely you built
your char, how wisely you behave (do you regen by sleeping in the Royal Stag
?) and how you use your knowledge of the game (fighting near Barney, not
bashing stunned people, etc..). These skills are very easy to obtain after
some months of playing and mostly you fail in pkill because of this 60% luck

Pick up your fights. Duels are boring and they are a nonsense especially if
you roleplay an evil dude like 80% of the current pkenabled people. Choose
your prey, evaluate him (is he a challenge for you ? Do you judge you can
beat him ?). Most of the people that leave pkill are disgusted of being
jumped while they were trying to live under a rock until they hit 50 (and
when they are L50, they run for 50millions and unclan :P). Honestly, if you
know you deserve to be jumped, you wont be mad at all if you are.

Never listen to unclanned people, never. Unclanned people can't understand 
what pkill is, and how fun it is. Else they would have enabled. So, please, 
ignore their pitiful advice on how pkill sucks, or how they are offended 
when a guy is multied.
(Note : by unclanned I mean people with no pkiller chars, that never tried 
pkill but hate it, or that tried it, died a couple times to Agni or Ghandi 
then decided that pkill sucks.)

Multi and Loot DON'T suck. Multi is the only way for the community of players
to get rid of a undesired character, so it's more than useful. Most of the
people...err 99% of the people that are multied deserved it. So, there is no
reason why you'd have to comfort them, whine at the multier, etc.. When a guy
is multied, be sure not to roam around the battlefield and avoid any
misunderstood situation. Looting can be great if done in a RP way and if the
item looted is easily recoverable.. remember Lori stealing the OTS Harp?
Egami stealing Kahn's wooden chair? Looting is pk only, no wonders some
people cant understand it. (One item looted is enough though, else its boring).

You DON'T suck at pkill. Every pkiller dies one time or another. Running
every time you are jumped is a big mistake, fight back ! Use your stunning
special, cross fingers, enjoy the heartbeating and hand shivering after a
good brawl... no mob will ever bring you this. If you die more than a lot,
try to analyze your characters virtues and flaws, pick up an advantage and
build a strategy with it. Every char type can win a fight versus another char
type...there's no char-to-be. Some people like str and damage, some like tanking,
but all their chances are equal.

Tip : If your link is not that good, try to build a tank...cuz if you have a
sniper or low con dude, it would take you some more rounds to flee/hit back.
I'd advise most of the Europeans that do not have a cable modem to be a tank
or someone you wouldn't like to tank.

Good Hunting !


Note : Most of the pkers here are very cool dudes... Some have a huge ego but
that's fun most of the time. OOC, most of the pkillers are nice and friendly
and can answer your questions. Nothing is more childish than believing that
you have to hate a player if your character hates his character. Just don't
make SOME people mad at you (example : [Chat] Nestor :  Hey Dusk, Do you have
the guts to multi me you dolt ?)


                              Andara Responds

4 years ago: I created my first character and I tried to get to know
LegendMUD. With lots of playing I found my way... into several deaths.  I did
not care about that, but all of you who know that very old system, know what
dying at level 6 meant.

I did not count my characters but one day I made a good friend.
A cheerful Irishman strolling through the world. He taught me a lot of 
things. And only because of his help I finally managed to survive and to 
reach level 50 after a lot of work.

As I said I was not very good at speaking English, which caused me to have
problems with the quests. Most of the quest mobs emoted or said stuff I was
not able to understand. BUT I WANTED TO DO QUESTS.  Do you know that
feeling:  You are level 40 - 50 and have up to 5 whois-flags, while
lv-20-characters of your friends have 20 flags at least ?

Here is my answer to Cyanide's Top 10... which hurt me because I think
you attacked me personally

10. You did not need to load a font to your computer, the site looked good
even without using the stonecross-font.

9. Most of the quests work like described. I nearly tried all of them
successfully. Most of them I got from a good friend. I am sorry for some
little typos.

8. I am sorry that there are people who show their egotistical behaviour to
everybody. In our so-called 'LegendMUD-family' there shouldn't be a place for
egotistical people. Ok, I never found that whole family. I only met a few
people seeming to be part of it.

7. Imagine: I am new to LMUD. I read the newbie-guide. I am well experienced
with other muds.  What do you think will I be able to do in LMUD ?  Answer:
Not much. LMUD is very different to usual Muds. Sure, that is why LMUD is the
best mud I ever played (i tried a lot while lmud was down). But without
knowledge you are lost on LegendMud. I agree that most players don't have
problems with their newbies but: are they real newbies ? I guess 80 - 90 % of
Legend's newbies are new chars of oldbies.

6. I agree if you claim that newbies can be a pain if they spam the chat
channel asking for stuff or skills. And they already do that without even
knowing to find a place 2 - 3 rooms away from them. In fact, I hate those
newbies.  Umm... err... I just remember myself being a newbie a few years
ago and what do you think did i do being a real newbie?  Yeah, i spammed the
chat-channel.  Today newbies spam: 'Can anyone help me getting xyz-eq' but
without the basic knowledge i chatted: 
           - 'can anyone tell me how and where to get SKILL A?'
	   - 'can anyone lead me to the teacher of SKILL A?'
after spamming extremely i finally found a leader till:
	   - 'can anyone tell me why i can't learn SKILL A?' 
           - 'can anyone tell me what stuff to use to get the
	     stats for SKILL A?' 
           - 'can anyone tell me where to find that stuff ?' 
           - 'can anyone get me that stuff?
finally I got the stuff to spam:
	   - 'can anyone lead me to the teacher of SKILL A?'

5. It seems you don't like imms correcting bugs in game stuff, because you
would not anymore be able to leech the advantage of it?  So you should know
that's the reason why imms correct things. I am happy to help them with my
page, in case they really use my page to do that.

4. It was my idea to insert 'sponsored by DERT'. I thought it would be a nice
idea and i asked Malthus and Sharri what they think about putting 'sponsored
by DERT' to the site. It seems they misunderstood me although i thought that
I did speak in understandable English. Because of not understanding what I
said, they agreed and so I added the string to the site. No one else of DERT
is responsible to this fault except me. My char Fuma, that was member of DERT
also left the clan for the trouble i caused.

3. I am sorry about that. But if that mob has more money then a usual mob and
if that mob is worth to kill for the money, I think its it's.

2. I makes me sad to hear that my informations caused several people's
deaths.  Please remember what i have written somewhere on the site: Whenever
you are using info of the site, be sure to have asked some experienced people
if you are able to.

1. Like always mentioned on my site: You all are welcome to send me
update-info for the site.

            /                        \     
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\



As you may know, Trample has recently become a mercenary for hire, and with
this new job of his, he has taken on a new image in hopes that it may help
him in his adventures.  Being the trouble maker that he is, it may seem to
fit him extremely well. The new image when you see him lounging around his
favorite "hood" as he calls it, will be something to the effect of the cocky
young gang member looking for someone to hurt. Of course when he's placing
hid bloody carving knife in your back, at that point he will be the truly
fitting egotistical mercenary.

 - * -  - * -  - * -  - * -

As I assume once more the responsibilities of a High priest of the
Enlightened, so I must assume a more respectable visage. I must take up the
weapons of the civilized: A sharp tongue and a quick wit, and instead be
violent in my relaxing time instead of business. And so I will appear to you

A cunning linguist stands here mesmerizing you with his sharp tongue.
and as 
a cultured cultist



Hooray for Shine, who achieved 100 million experience this week!

A Note of Thanks:

I just want to publicly thank the imms for the wonderful casino game that was
run. It was fun!

Xerox Eaglebane



I would like to announce my commercial poulticing services:

Any time I am online, I'd be selling +100 hp poultices to non pkenabled.

The prices:

              Not preserved    Preserved once     Preserved twice

Up to lv 25         0.5k               1k              1.5k

Above lv 25           1k               2k                3k

I am not entirely happy about having to charge for healing poultices, but the
upkeep costs on my shop give me little choice.

Best of greetings!


                        I I       I I       I I 
                        I I       I I       I I 
                       / | \     / | \     / | \   
                       \ | /     \ | /     \ | / 
                        \|/       \|/       \|/ 
                         *  PKILL NEWSFLASH! *               

This week on the pk front...

Because of an attempt to kill Roam after he got out from the Disciples
hideout, Grendel Nestor got jumped by Aginor, Slayer and Roam around Tara as
a measure of fair payback. Nestor managed to dodge the main blows and ran to
his Hall in Ithaca. As Nestor was healing, Aginor managed mysteriously to
pick the Grendel hall doors and led his pack of Dark Enforcers into the
place. Blinded, stunned and shot from outside, Nestor managed to open a
secret door and fled near the deadly blow.

Drakkon and Dragonreborn departed from the PK front this week via


                    The Tale of LeChuck & Guybrush, Part 2

Previously in The tale of LeChuck and Now! Guybrush :

It was the year that in his everlasting pursuit of LeChuck Guybrush found
himself at the reception of the governor of The Large Island In The Middle
where he met his love, the lovely, voluptuous Elaine only to be refused by
her. That night was the very same night when LeChuck decided to pay the
governor a visit. Whilst thrashing the governor he caught a glimpse of
sensuous Elaine and as all villains do he kidnapped her. There and then
decided Guybrush to put his foot down. He took his jacket off, got him self a
hat and a whip and finally he took out THE ROOT-BEER !!!


Very soon Guybrush found out that being a hero wasn't at all cool and
especially comfortable. First there were the ever persistent mosquitos
buzzing and whizzing around his skimpy sweat covered body, then that whip
just kept getting into his feet and at last the thirst, and him with the root
beer in his hand, wanting a sip but NO! It was his weapon now and no
respectable hero, which he ain't but that's another story, under no
circumstances looses his weapon, but drinking it would be unheard of.

His search progressed very slowly, trying to keep up with the fast fleet of
LeChuck by hitchhiking. It wasn't prolly a best way to do it but it was the
only way. First clue got him overboard. Seeing a glimpse of a purple
brassiere near the Dead Man Reef, he instinctively and without much thought
jumped overboard and got stranded on the beforementioned reef until the
current swept him, two days later, in the unknown direction. He managed to
keep afloat solely by his will power, enduring enormous thirst. A French
vessel picked him up a day later, a beer bottle clutched in his hand. He
quickly recuperated only to be thrown overboard for a second time this time
by the crew. When he tried to take over the ship in order to follow LeChuck
he was mercilessly caught and was even considered lucky, since they needed
someone to clean the ship from the bottom, the underhauling was the trendy
way of doing it.

This foolish act got him stranded in Cuba somewhere where he was forced to
catch fish for a whole two months in order to repay local fisherman for
rescuing him. He was almost wed to the mayor's daughter, but managed, after a
lot of pantomime and bad Spanish, to get himself out of the predicament.
Catching a traders ship of Phillip-Morissey's The Smoke Thing Ind. he again
headed southwards guided by some rumours among Cuban fisherman who got lost
at the sea that some menacing ships were sighted around Turtle Island.

LeChuck never planned this. The constant nagging, scratching and yelling of
Elaine, sometimes he wondered if he had made a mistake but after a quick
glance over her curves he decided for the 515th time, NO! Yet there were some
reports that a bold and very persistent hero was out to free her, the
anonymity of him was that what made LeChuck wonder sometimes ...

Elaine also hadn't planned to be kidnapped, but being gorgeous she took it as
a professional hazard and decided to play the offended beauty in ivory tower
routine. What bothered her the most was that being immortal of sorts, LeChuck
never had a need for such frivolous things as a bathroom or a shower so it
was up to her the keep up the immaculate looks which are only available in
specialized shops, but found one more thing to strive to. It wasn't that she
was too self-conscious and proud, only she was now a captive of the greatest
pirate in history and she had a duty to represent all of the captive beauties
currently captive to the best of her capabilities. Something about that
strong, powerful posture of LeChuck made her wonder, but there was also that
twit of a so-called pirate that was hitting on her prior to her predicament.
She often wondered, what was he doing?

Being on a ship carrying some 40 tons of tobacco, Guybrush found out that it
was hard not to smoke, so he added one more thing to his overgrown collection
of skills. The trip, with a smoke in his hand, turned to be a quite nice
experience, sailing thru the picturesque Caribbean Sea to the point that he
almost forgot about pirates, battles and such minorities, yet he had quite a
few pleasant moments, standing on the deck smoke in his hand a clear blue
sky, thinking about Elaine. He knew of what was LeChuck capable and that
thought never leaved his mind, but LeChuck even a zombie, in some things was
as human as the other guy, and that and that alone was enough to ensure the
well-being of Elaine. In the same-like manner passed a week, when there was
that dreaded "SHIP AHOY!" that made all the previous things sound like a
fairy tale. He knew very well that they traveled well out of the normal
shipping lanes and the sight of a ship this far from the traffic meant only
one thing, trouble and he never got fond of it.

The group of three ships were approaching them at a rather high speed in a
standard arrow pattern with the intent to out-flank them. This gave Guybrush
hope since it revealed their intention to capture the ship and not sinking it
merely for trespassing. Guybrush got up, his rapier ready, squinting to get
the clearer view of the situation, prepared for the worst, known if it would
come to that he's stand no chance at all. The captains mom didn't raise no
fool either, he promptly and without much ado surrendered for he was to heavy
to outrun them. Not wanting to be caught he disguised to the best of his
knowledge into a simple peasant awaiting what will come. The pirates quickly
took over a ship, Guybrush recognized them as something of a bodyguards of
LeChuck, hearing that the tobacco was needed for the imminent wedding, of
whom he didn't hear but he imagined the worst ... Was it that his Elaine
would be wed to the greatest pirate of all time, thus escaping him?

A wedding? Not a bad idea even if I hadn't thought of it myself ...  thought
LeChuck. I saw how she looks at me sometimes. I bet that if I dress up a bit,
wash and use a deodorant that I might have a chance. And what about that
wedding. I'll throw the biggest and the richest wedding ever in the New
World, impressing Elaine to the point that she WILL be mine.

Hearing of the capture of ship carrying a brand of his favorite tobacco, "The
Columbo", LeChuck marched off to the balcony to oversee the docking.  There
were many crates brought out, some rich folk and lot of peasants. For a
moment, not knowing was it a reflection or a shift of wind, he thought he saw
a tall figure, somewhat noble, amongst the crowd, but when he looked again
there was nothing there, just a mass of slaves to be.

Does he really think that I'll marry him? pondered Elaine strolling nervously
up and down her bedroom. Although there is something about him, there is no
way in hell that I'll become a pirate queen, no way. Suddenly a mass of
sounds disrupted her thoughts as the captured ships were sailed in for the
unloading. She went to her balcony and from the safety of her room saw the
treasures LeChuck had ordered brought in for their, his, wedding.  She saw
tons and tons of luxuries and a mass of people and a stranger? Who was that?

He was disguised as a peasant but there was something about him that gave
away a trace of nobility and spunk, yet he swiftly blended in as soon as she
stepped out to the balcony for a better view. No, it couldn't have been him
for he was too messed up to have her followed her, and by the way there's no
way Guybrush would consider her ever again after that brush off she gave him
at the ball. Turning away to get back in a massive figure of LeChuck startled
her, pausing a second giving him a quick look over. Hmm, there could be
something there but yet No and NO! she will not become a prisoner to the no
matter how great pirate in the world, no matter the benefits, no matter the
wealth and no matter the black muscled slaves ...  hmmm ... NO! for the last
time. She went back in, sat on the bed and tried to figure out how will she
get out of this one.

What is Elaine doing out? I thought she was busy pouting to be interested in
our wedding preparations. LeChuck quickly trailed her line of sight and
traced it to the place where he saw or haven't saw anything. It made him feel
uncomfortable and just for the sake of it he will later order more frequent
sentry roster.

As the captured people were brought out, Guybrush almost made a fatal
mistake, forgetting that he was a peasant now he almost blew his cover. Yet
he saw Elaine high above which made his heart tingle and gave him the
assurance she was OK. Also he caught eye of LeChuck for the second time in
his life, deepening the hatred for him he swore that he'll have his revenge.
Managing to slip out of the mass which was herded off to the dungeons, he
settled in an alley and decided to wait for nightfall. For the last time he
checked for his root-beer, and gripping his rapier, he fell asleep.


                           Heart and Soul Destroyed

When I was a young man, I met a playful young lady who caught my eye and
attention with her friendly and flirtatious mannerisms.  At the time, I was
interested but unaware, still a youngster in the eyes of Legend.  I asked her
to accompany me on an adventure, exploring new areas of the world and she
agreed. It all seemed so confusing to a big dumb orange guy like me, but we
found ourselves in the time of industry and the country of Paris.  She began
to pine for her husband as we passed the beach where they were married, and I
attempted to console her, inquiring as to his whereabouts and her feelings
about the future.

As we traveled through the lands of Paris we encountered many strange
people, tempting us to kill them (which we did) and eventually found
ourselves Center Stage of the Opera House. It was there that my heart began
to melt. This playful young lady was transformed somehow to a beautiful young
woman, lonely and in need of a man to love her, and I was drawn deeper into
my attraction to her.  We had a special time there that day and I expressed
me desire to become more than friends.  Alas, Chante' was still married to
Talon and they had not communicated in some time, so it appeared that my love
would go unrequited, at least for a while.

Time has passed now, I have grown a bit, and been hardened by my many battles
with other players, particularly Craven, the baddest, most difficult opponent
I have faced to date. Which brings me to my battered soul. I fight with
honor, I fight with courage, I attempt to aid my fellow man (and woman)
whenever possible, often at much risk to myself. It was thus that I pledged
to become a Knight of Legend. But alas, it seems Sir DragonReborn came to
the conclusion that The Knights were not for me. Pity, for it was during my
squirehood that once-friends became enemies, and a target was placed on my

I have died many times as of late, each time returning in reincarnation to
continue my quest and pine for the playful young lady.  I have hit multiple
death traps and yet again, returned, attempting to pick up the pieces of my
soul, left scattered across the Legend universe. One can only spread their
soul so thin, and I fear mine has reached its breaking point. The hour of my
PermaDeath may be near, friends.

My soul battered and scattered, my heart longing for a married woman, I have
sought out a soul mate, flirting with not only many women but danger in the
process. I once offered protection and comfort to a woman promised to
another, while we were in a dangerous land on a quest, only to be threatened
by a friend of her betrothed to watch carefully the path I tread. I have
found those interested in giving me their attention, but alas (my new
favorite word, I AM a big dumb orange guy after all) my heart still pines for
the playful young lady. And now it seems, she has been granted a divorce, and
my actions, much in the public eye, have caused her to be unaware of my true
feelings. For this divorce I was not made aware of, and it seems another has
gained the favor of her attention.

So there we have it folks, my heart has been broken, for the one I desire is
once again, out of my grasp, and her new love has declared himself my mortal
enemy, where once he and I had been friends, or at least friendly
adversaries. *SIGH*

I write this all as an account, in the event that I meet an untimely demise
that prevents me from ever sharing this with any of you, one on one or in a
public venue. For you see, I fear such an event is not too far off, and I see
it approaching on the horizon. There is much much more I would tell you all,
but this seemed to be the weight I carry the most heavily now.  Perhaps some
of you will not even get this far in your reading. Perhaps most will be
disinterested, I have certainly not been sought for an interview, and if this
comes as an unwelcome intrusion or, heaven forbid, an annoyance, for that I
apologize in advance. I have been a bit testy and unpredictable of late, and
again, I apologize. If you have read this far, thank you and I must count you
among my truest friends. Peace to all and never ever hesitate to contact me
should you need my aid, friend or foe.

Most sincerely (and a bit deeper than usual)


                       The battle of Becket and Ronnie
                 Narrated by the Greatest One Himself, Ronnie

Ahhh, finally, found her. Pesky little Templar, I've been waiting for when I
could finally finish the task of prying her off the mortal coil. All those
little peasant preachers in the St Denis, practice for the masterpiece I'm
ready to carve into her with my razor. Heh.

There, running through the forest. Little Becket, spreading her Templar lies
as usual. She won't get away into her house this time, of course not. Just to
let her know, I throw her into the door frame hard enough to shake the walls
of that glorified shack. That got her attention, and I suppose now isn't the
time for little pleasantries. It's time to get down to the cutting.

She sees my razor, and is properly scared. Always scared, like some little
rats in habits and robes, these Templars. Time to get to work...

Ouch, didn't see that one coming from such a little vermin like her. Its
almost cute to see her try to be angry and use the razor she just took from
me. I might as well let her have what fun she can, but we all know she won't
have the guts to do any actual cutting. Argh, dammit, wrong for once I
suppose. That's a nasty little cut she just left on my cheek, but nothing I
can't heal. Time to stop playing though, so I grab her by the hair and drag
her off. Too many people out on the road who might have some kind of foolish
idea of bravery.

Fade to the townhouse. Home sweet hellhole. Let's see her twist away a bullet 
and use it against me. Heh. I suppose I'll start by blowing off her 

Hrmm, missed. Must be the stress of healing that damned cut. Where does she
think she is running to? Only thing to hide behind is the rack on my next
room, so how much longer does she expect to live? Ow, dammit! She better quit
throwing my little devices at me, those are expensive to replace. On three
I'm charging, enough of this. 1, 2, 3... heheh, like a wrecking ball hitting
a sack of feathers. Right through the new doors I put in to the courtyard.

Enough gunplay, the bullets must be defective. They all threw off a bit too
far to either side this time. Cutting time, always my favorite anyway.
Parry, parry, thrust thrust. She doesn't quite like that broken nose I had to
give her before she let go of my razor. Nervy little one today. Time to end

Ooohhhhh, slipped on the blood. This is almost funny in a way. Ooof, she is a
bit heavy to be jumping around, although if my face wasn't still hurting like
hell, I might show her why you don't jump on psychotic demons with a
dangerously rampant libido. I just can't resist giving her a peck on the
cheek before slamming my fist into her rib cage, though.

Hrmm, did I drop the razor again? I must have, she is looking to continue on
my cheek again. None of that now. Get an arm up and none of that happens.


When did she get so fast?! Cripes, she just laid a line across my forehead! 
What does she think she is doing?! She's slicing my face to ruin! WITH MY 
OWN RAZOR! What is she doing with that little bottle of water?!

IT BURNS!! Owwww, it burns!!

Will she just go away and stop, please...

My face hurts, she is standing around shrieking about being possessed. I
don't have time to deal with this, I need to start patching up. Up and over
the gate, I've had enough of this Templar strumpet. I can already feel the
blood flow stopping, and thats a relief I suppose. Wash off the dried blood
with some regular water from my pool, and its all good.

Ripply reflection, but it will do. I could have sworn I looked like I was
covered in a bunch of spaghetti. Hrmm, should check the bathroom mirror for
any cuts I missed.

Oh dear.. this.. this can't be happening. The scars... that little Templar
scarred me! What did she splash on me, acid?! I'm going to KILL her for this!
Slowly, piece by piece, no lucky accidents next time.

Pull yourself together, think carefully. There's still blood on the razor, 
some of it hers. Hrmm, the ideas are plentiful. This might not be so bad 
after all.


        /                                                            \
       /    __  __  __   __  __   ______    WHY?          WHERE?     /
      /    / / / / / /  / / / /  / __  /          WHEN?             /
     /    / / / / / /  / /_/ /  / / / /  WHAT?           WITH?     /
    /    / / / / / /  / __  /  / / / /                            /
   /    /  \/  \/ /  / / / /  / /_/ /   We've got the answers!   /
  /     \________/  /_/ /_/  /_____/                            /
/                                     - by the angel CLeo -   /

Hello everyone! :)

     This week, a new person interviewed and a new banner!

     A lot of o your know him.  He has been on LegendMUD for quite a lot of 
time.  What a fearless fighter he was back then!

     I hope you have a good time reading!  See ya!

Full name: Chimera Surfrider
Occupation: Full PR Immortal and ooc renovator

Q - 'When you first started to play here, long ago, did you ever thought you 
would become an immortal?'
A - 'Nope.  I really didn't.  I didn't really even aspire to it until
I'd played here for almost 4 years.'

Q - 'Through out the years, as a player, what would you say was one of the 
worst things you ever did?'
A - 'I never did anything bad as a player, honest!'

Q - 'What would the ultimate mob would look like if you built it?'
A - 'Hum... I can't tell you that.  You'll just have to wait until my area 
goes in. *shameless plug*.'

Q - 'What is your favorite meal?'
A - 'Hmm... I like all you can eat Mongolian Barbecue.  I also really like 
the Teriyaki Beef plate lunches at L&L Drive Inn back in Hawaii.'

Q - 'If you could have anything in the world right now, what would it be?'
A - 'That'd be a tie between perfect financial security, and my computer 
that is still sitting in Hawaii.'

Q - 'What's the best dream you ever had?'
A - 'One time I dreamed about Spike Lee doing a Never-ending Story type
movie.  I vividly recall being the main character in it, trying to revive
'the funk', and meeting the Basket Shooting Monks of the Hoop-Lah Monastery.
I think I challenged Brother Shaquille the Accurate to a free throw contest
or something.'

Q - 'What was the worst dream you ever had?'
A - 'The Generic Recurring Horror Movie dream, which generally ends up with 
me either surrounded by frothing zombies, chainsaw freaks, or IRS Agents.'

Q - 'If you could change one thing in your life right now, what would it 
A - 'I'd have a job.'

Q - 'If I could grant you a wish, what would it be?'.'
A - 'I'd put another 20 or so hours in the day that would be completely 
optional.  Everyone could choose whether or not they wanted the extra hours. 
With that time, I think that I could probably accomplish everything I want 
to do. Or at least get some sleep.'

Q - 'A few words for our readers?'
A - 'Try to remember that you're not the only players here, and that if you 
have respect for people, they'll respect for you.  And if you don't want to 
have respect for people, that's fine.  But don't go out of your way to 
insult them or anything like that.  That's the first step to a better MUD.'
That concludes another edition of "Who?"  I would like to remind you that 
most of the people interviewed were picked randomly.

I am open to interviewing people on requests as long as there is a good 
reason (example: the person is well known, is a GM, is an old legend player, 
is a person who achieved something extraordinary or other valuable reasons). 
  I do give myself the right to decline requests if be needed, but doubt I 
will decline any.

Do not forget that you may send in some questions that you would like me to 
ask to my guest.  Just take a piece of paper, write them down, and mud mail 
it to me.

Until next time...  May luck be on your path forever!
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