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VOLUME SIX, ISSUE TWENTY-EIGHT                             July 11th, 1999

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

          -             Upcoming Calendar of Events                  -

          -                 The Immortal Report                      -
          -            Send Me Your Character Pages!                 -      
          -                   Did You Know?                          -

          -                   Announcements                          -
          -                  PKill Newsflash!                        -
          -                Fires in the Darkness                     -
          -                   A Rising Storm                         -
          -                 The Awooga Corner                        -
          -            Who? - CLeo Interviews Cara                   -

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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

         [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

                   (-) (-) (-) (-) July (-) (-) (-) (-)

Tuesday,   July 13,  8:30 pm             Legend Trivia with West
Tuesday,   July 14,  8:30 pm             Legend Trivia with West
Thursday,  July 15,  7:00 pm             Q & A in OOC Auditorium
                     8:30 pm             Legend Trivia with West
Monday,    July 19,  8:00 pm             Discussion on Tudor Update 
Thursday,  July 22,  7:00 pm             Q & A in OOC Auditorium
Thursday,  July 29,  7:00 pm             Q & A in OOC Auditorium

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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                           The Immortal Report 

For the weeks of the 28th of June and the 5th of July

     Kaige sorted bugs, typos, ideas, discussed xp scale problems with the
     dept. heads. Rufus is working on a modifier for mob xp based on that
     particular mob's characteristics. Also discussed Huginn's xp bonus idea
     for mobs that assist each other against players.  Ordered a new
     P3-450mhz machine with lots of memory and hard drive space that should
     arrive by the 16th at the latest. Many thanks to LadyAce and Ea! for
     making this possible.


     Sandra archive locked several players and caught several cheaters.  She
     also warned various people for language on channels, answered questions,
     and did a few restrings/strings. She started working on revising the ooc
     office complex, helped LadyAce out with her casino game for a bit. She
     fixed a few helpfiles during the Q&A, and read/voted on proposals.

     Chocorua did basic online things, and talked to a few people, wrote help
     file for whoimm and put it in. This past week, he read proposals and
     votes.  Dominic primarily just overwatched the mud in between insane
     moments of study time. LadyAce told several people they were overrent,
     and did the normal knock-it-off stuff, issued a few verbals for game
     info on channels. Kaige warned three people and turned down an appeal.


     Rufus did some work on a new mob/xp spec (more on this in the coming
     days) and more review of LA's area, though not done yet.  Spent about an
     hour looking at objects and another hour or so to go. 

     Charity did mostly online stuff, sent logs to admin about a few players
     who were skating the line, repeatedly told players that the cyclops cave
     isn't broken, answered a bunch of garden variety questions and did
     strings/restrings. Updated her testmud and areas but hasn't had a
     chance to look at the Crusades update yet.

     Cheyla read over the comments from Kae and changed most of them, worked
     more on her help files and added a couple more mob acts in. She did a
     few restrings, unarchived people, talked to players about imm pets, and
     overall just answered the few questions that came her way. This past
     week she read through the proposals and voted on most of them (rest to
     come this week). Croaker read through proposals and did final review on

     Kae played around more with dressing mobs as befit their professions and
     tweaking little atmospherical things, thought about quests a lot, added
     a few more small atmosphere items, tweaked rent on multiple items,.
     added a wide range of housing facilities, chiefly secondary rooms to
     existing house options, added a small mob and a little quest to go with

     Rusalka went to ALA in New Orleans the previous week. This past week she
     answered some on-line questions, discussed Shakespeare area stuff with
     Chimera, read over and commented on the builder proposals; discussed
     proposals in general with fellow staffers, tested Pittsburgh and
     discussed it with Sandra.

     LadyAce poked at Crusades based on comments from Kae and Charity.  She
     started work on a large Klein quest and did more reading.  Sandra found
     and fixed a few bugs here and there in Pittsburgh, and a bunch of typos
     and such from Croaker's review. Kaige fixed bugs and improved acts in
     Bengal, Sherwood, Arabia, Aztecs, Beowulf, and Frisco.


     Ea! fixed a bunch of smallish bugs and started working a little bit on
     currencies, did a new version of the laugh social, fixed a bug with
     afkinfo and muzzle/limit, worked more on getting currencies working with
     bags, and read imm apps.

     Chocorua added whoimm as a command and also looked over code for
     hometown and axiom additions before it went in for real. He also did
     some investigating into fixes but haven't tackled anything.  He started
     work on portion command to chop food up.  Huginn did a few minor
     restrings, spoke with a player about a pkill counter idea which could be
     fun for those that pkill but hard to implement due to multis, etc.
     Snapper updated the winmud, found an error in the new phasedoor code and
     recoded it (maybe to tough now), and did a restring.

     Kaige worked on the code for slot stringing, fixed some bugs in the clan
     system, improved the functioning of the titlescreen, changed armslore to
     tell what type of weapon is being examined,
     piercing/bladed/blunt/non-proficiency, and added a new turn social:
     mostly so you can turn knobs and dials. She also worked more on object
     acts, testing object commands and getting objects to trigger on messages
     from the code.


     LadyAce ran a (spammy!) casino game, got lots of help from
     Ea/Sandra/Tad/others. She also greeted newbies, talked to players about
     warnings/rules/imming/desc changes, did strings/restrings/descs, ran Q &
     A's, supported player-run games, ran a game of tag, helped out some RP
     with mob switches etc., and debugged crashes, problems, bugs. She put
     together an LT both weeks, and got Natalia going on character pages, got
     Chimera going on OOC expansion, looked over Sandra's work on the ooc
     expansion, worked up a new project for Dominic & Northstar, and talked
     with various PR staffers about their projects, and read proposals.

     Chimera did a bunch of strings and restrings, some descs, talked to a
     few newbies about the mud... they didn't last unfortunately.  He gave
     out a bunch of warnings, talked to some people about their imm proposals
     and was generally surprised at how many people said they were going to
     propose. He's been working on NEWooc.are a lot, got the ooc area pretty
     much walkable, solicited ideas for new items and nightclub names. He
     also worked on some acts for Otto in Klein (though they're not much past
     the 'thought about the acts' stage; just wrote down rough sketches of
     what they need to do) for LA's expansion. He mapped out Cheyenne a
     little, looked through imm proposals, tore up the ones he objected to,
     defended the ones he didn't. He also talked with Rus about Shakespeare
     area stuff, still trying to work out details about that, even though
     it's a few months off yet... got a new computer and was offline a few
     days, didn't do much PR stuff this week (few strings and a
     tree/shrubbery/garden related flaghunt, that's really it.).

     Dominic got pestered for his 'doll', arranged for easier transition of
     leadership in a clan. He also did multiple strings on request, and
     discussed a new project with LadyAce.

              {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+}

                    SEND ME YOUR CHARACTER PAGES!!!

Do you have a character page?  Does your clan have one?  Want to get your
message out to the mud community at large? The answer, my friend, is right
here in front of you!

I want your URLs -- and by sending them in you'll be eligible for funtastic

The URL links will be posted to the welcome board and given a month to be
voted on.  Results will be tabulated monthly and prizes awarded.  Votes
should be sent via mudmail to me.

Links to other pages are allowed, as are outside interests and subjects, as
long as there is a significant LegendMUD component to the page.  I don't want
to see any cheat pages or links to them- any pages that contain such links
will be ineligible to participate.

Have fun with it, check out what your friends, enemies, neighbors and fellow
citizens of LegendMUD are up to.

Good luck and hope to hear from you soon!



   _____       DID YOU KNOW     ...more that more detail is better when
  /  _  \      reporting bugs, typos, and ideas?
 /__/ \  \
      /  /     Please try to be as detailed as possible when you use
     /  /      these commands, especially the BUG command. The room you
    /__/       are in when you make the report and your name are part of
    __         the log and you don't need to add those into your message.
   /  \
   \__/                    Some Helpful Report Examples

   _____       [20927] PlayerA: when you keep on typing
  /  _  \              keep on meditating instead of a message that says
 /__/ \  \             'You are already meditating.'
      /  /
     /  /      This one lets the coders know exactly what skill and what
    /__/       the player thinks is wrong with it, instead of just
    __         saying, "meditate is messed up."
   /  \
   \__/        [14479] PlayerB: the servants are getting mixed up, they
                       tell me to follow them when i've already followed
                       and am at palace, and now I'm asking boat,
   _____               guesting, gift, every variation thereof, and they
  /  _  \              just tell me to ask them return
 /__/ \  \     [14479] PlayerB: doh correction, the servant gave me a
      /  /             boat, but never told me he was giving it to me
     /  /
    /__/       Here the builder trace through the servant's acts and
    __         know what steps the player has already taken and why they
   /  \        think the mob is not reacting in the expected manner. The
   \__/        second report lets the builder know that it wasn't so much
               a problem with the act not working in the expected manner,
               but the act didn't let the player KNOW that the act had
   _____       worked and all that is needed is a message to show that.
  /  _  \
 /__/ \  \     Likewise, typo reports like "there's a typo here" aren't
      /  /     as helpful as one that says "The 3rd word on the last line
     /  /      of this room description should be its not it's."
    __                 Some Not So Helpful Report Examples
   /  \
   \__/        [20412] PlayerC: Phlegyas is broken... or on strike
               [11683] PlayerD: the screech owl is broken again *cry*
               [20729] PlayerE: the raven sucks.. he's broken
   _____       [ 9636] PlayerF: Hey Flagg! Fix Dagney's Tiger =p
  /  _  \
 /__/ \  \     In these three examples, more information on "What isn't
      /  /     the mob doing that you think he should be?" or "What is
     /  /      the mob doing that they shouldn't be?" As they are, these
    /__/       examples will send the builder to look at the mob's acts
    __         and they will likely glance through them and say, "Nope,
   /  \        looks right to me." and mark it as not being a bug. The
   \__/        last one could result in some very unpleasant revisions.

               [11683] PlayerG: Laurana's title is buggy
   _____       [20905] PlayerH: report spell's broke
  /  _  \      [10723] PlayerI: trading items at shopkeeps
 /__/ \  \
      /  /     These three examples deal with code bugs that don't
     /  /      provide enough information as to what's wrong. What did
    /__/       Laurana's title look like? If she's changed it by the time
    __         a coder can catch up to her, the bug can't be fixed. How
   /  \        did the report spell not act as expected? If you can't
   \__/        describe it easily on the bug channel, copy the results
               onto a note and mudmail it to Ea! so it can be fixed. In
               the last example, What about "trading items at shopkeeps"?
   _____       Is it broken? Is it doing something it shouldn't or is it
  /  _  \      not doing something it should? Again, not enough info
 /__/ \  \     to tell what the player thinks the problem is. Bug reports
      /  /     like this last one, may result in changes or fixes that
     /  /      the player didn't intend or expect and lead them to say
    /__/       the coders have now messed up trading now.
   /  \        So please try to give as much information as you can so
   \__/        those everyday little annoyances as well as the larger
               problems so the immortals can more effectively fix them.


            /                        \     
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\



Robyn has had a change of heart, discovering a strange truth about her past
-- and her destiny. As a consequence, she has turned her energies away from a
life of thievery. She now appears as:

a nimble maiden
A silver-haired maiden is here, reluctantly anticipating the coming conflict.

                        I I       I I       I I 
                        I I       I I       I I 
                       / | \     / | \     / | \   
                       \ | /     \ | /     \ | / 
                        \|/       \|/       \|/ 
                         *  PKILL NEWSFLASH! *               

There are mercenaries, and then there are mercenary-killers. Trample belongs
to the former category, and Sterling to the latter. These two were seen in
battle on several occasions, with Sterling as the victor. One particular
incident had Trample shooting at the hapless Zaba, who was trapped in the bog
and could do nothing but stand and wait for the arrows to finish him.
Sterling attempted to come to Zaba's rescue, but a blinding arrow crashed
would-be rescuer into the rescue-ee, and Zaba died quickly. Sterling avenged
the act swiftly, and Trample died a few yards from where Zaba had fallen.

Mercenaries and MoD continue their war en masse. Randei, Pharoah and others
have been fighting with Default, Gaidal, Tybalt, and Xeron. The Grendels
Infidel and Dusk have also jumped into the picture, once again, battling the
MoD as well. Gaidal has been attacking various knights, including Semper and
Roam, and Trample was seen taunting and fighting Xerox.

Words were exchanged between the GM of the DE, Aginor, and the GM of the
Mercs, Rictor, which resulted in a fight but no loss of life, this time.
Along with various squabbles with members of the Hermetics, the Enforcers
seem to be quite busy as of late.

              {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+}

                        Fires in the Darkness

The princess stepped out into the dusky half-light of the garden, her gaze
steady. 'It is time,' Aisha said solemnly to the dark-haired gentleman who
stood there waiting. Sterling sighed and nodded, adjusting his hat in
characteristic fashion, trying to seem normal.

'Where will we do this?' he asked. She did not appear to hear him. 'You must
leave your mortal possessions behind,' she said. Quietly, he agreed,
arranging his clothes and various accessories on the gray stone bench. He
held a single candle in one hand, to ward away a few of the shadows which
were beginning to fall across his face. But no light could cure the shadows
which fell across his heart, except the faint aura of kindness which never
left her face, not even now.

She nodded, satisfied. 'Come with me, then. She (and here, Aisha nodded to a
darkly-clad woman who seemed to fade into the darkening of the growing
evening) shall supervise, and insure that all things are done correctly.' He
nodded, and agreed again. She smiled slightly, ironically, when he shivered
in the evening air. 'Enjoy the wind upon your still-cool flesh,' she said.

He followed her, out of the farmhouse, through the village, and across the
water to a place they knew well. Here, in a forest glade among the
honeysuckle, Aisha had celebrated the rite of spring -- with him in
attendance. It was all in accordance with her religion, a strange paganism
which Sterling did not understand, and which she had scarcely explained.

When they came to the place, Aisha handed him a set of shackles, and
instructed that he put them on. Her dark shadow-companion smirked, a cruel
and cold gleam in her eyes. Sterling stood quietly, as the women prepared the

Aisha unloaded the heavy horse-drawn sledge, tethering the animals beyond
sight of the glade. She arranged the pile of wood as if making some sort of
bed -- a rough rectangular shape. Then, she carefully covered the rough wood
with a large variety of plants, until the bower looked almost inviting, and
the air filled with the pungent smell of herbs. The scent mixed with the
forest flowers into an almost intoxicating fragrance.

Aisha seemed to turn her attention inward, muttering to herself. 'Spirit of
sky, spirit of earth...Bless this place, and make it holy. All the powers of
life and birth, be joined here. All the powers of death and destruction, be
joined here.' The forest was listening now, the animals in their burrows and
nests and the spirits of the ancient trees. The sighing wind grew suddenly
still, awaiting her next syllable.

Aisha spoke, her words of power shattering the anticipant silence like the
crashing of a wave against the cliffs. 'Place the victim upon the wood.' It
was a demand. The glade fell silent. Sterling knelt beside the appointed
place, and arranged himself upon it as best he could. He caught a glimpse of
Aisha in the moonlight, and then turned away. Her face was almost terrifying
to behold now, her eyes flashing, her movements muscular and rapid.

She raised a stone above her head, and placed it to the north of the glade.
'Stone of the north, guard us from the darkness.' She took out a series of
three more stones, arranging each to one corner of the area. 'Stone of the
south, guard us from the light. Stone of the west, bring us the fire of
sunset. Stone of the east, bring us the fire of sunrise.'

Atop each stone, the witch placed a copper medallion, each one embossed with
a sinister shape, a coiled serpent, ready to strike. She spoke again.  'Among
the serpents and the thieves was this man cast. We will see him as he was,
before those times, before those days.'

She turned her eyes to the sky. Her clear voice fell almost to a whisper now.
'Goddess, you know my mind, and my heart. Grant me strength. Your purpose be

Aisha turned to the shadowy woman who stood behind her, entrusting her with
the weapon she carried at all times, a silver scimitar inlaid with sapphires.
The princess said solemnly, 'his blood must not be spilled.' Her gaze
returned to the man who lay before her.

'Do it,' he said.

'Is the order fulfilled?' Aisha intoned, her words a ritual more than an
inquiry. 'Is our circle complete?' The voice behind her spoke.  'It is.'

Aisha withdrew again, into herself, summoning the powers she knew she held.
The forces of nature awakened at her words, as responsive as flesh beneath
fingertips, certain of the power they held, certain of the control she had
over them. Her graceful form turned wholly towards destruction now, and the
ground began to tremble.

The sky and earth seemed to split simultaneously, and fire rained down from
above and bubbled up from below. The fiery storm boiled with anger and
threatened to rage out of control, as the figure on the wood struggled to
stay silent, to stay motionless, and above all, not to look at her. Not now.
He was strong, and certain. He would have what he wanted, whatever the cost.
The muscles in his face rippled with effort. Sterling closed his eyes. A
horrible scream echoed through the forest.

Flesh is fragile, soft. Under sacrificial flame, flesh blackens quickly,
melting greedily into the earth, scarring and coating the red-pale bones and
then rushing away.

It was over quickly enough. If anyone had gazed upon a clock they would have
seen only a few moments pass, a few breaths, and a few heartbeats. Then a
final breath, and a final heartbeat.

She spoke, her voice echoing across the land. 'It is done. May the Goddess be
pleased.' Strength seemed to leave her now, her body shuddering with the
strain, her breathing ragged, tears streaming down her cheeks. Composure
returned suddenly. The tears evaporated from her face, which hardened rapidly
with resolution. 'It is done,' she repeated. The voice behind her agreed.
'That it is.'

'Now we must see what my efforts have wrought,' she said. She looked at the
glade, and the embers of the fire. She evaluated the remains dispassionately.
'This body is quite ruined. I hope his return will grant him another.'

'If it is the will,' the other voice said soberly.

Aisha lifted the lifeless assemblage of bones and blackened skin up onto her
shoulders, and bore it back with her, through the woods, across the water,
and into the village. She lowered the remains into the grass, arranging them
gently, and knelt.

'It is a matter of time, now,' she said. Her companion departed, and she was
left along in the quiet. She watched as the smoldering remains collapsed to
ash, their outline faintly black in the garden grass.

She drew a figurine from her velvet satchel, and sat it in the grass amid the
ash. She passed her hand over it, a wry smile crossing her face as she
remembered his words when she did this last. 'Neat trick,' he'd said, when
her ceremonial fire had grown and blazed beneath her fingertips, that warm
spring evening. Heat from the blaze drew her from her reverie, and she moved
back from the bonfire as it grew to match her height.

She watched it a while, and then began to sprinkle water on the flames, which
responded to her as if they knew her, and which flickered down into nothing
more than damp wood. 'As the eternal fire rekindles in this place, so too may
he who was slain, rise from ash, and live again,' she said. 'The phoenix
reborn, I pull him back from the brink, back from the darkness, to live and
breathe. Living man, flesh and bone, blood and tears.'

She waited, silent, patient. A flicker of flame, pale blue, began to lick its
way along the damp wood. 'Rise fire, and bring him back to me,' she said. 'He
who was slain.' A figure stepped out of the rising fire, and fell to the

'Can you hear me, darling?' she said, taking his hand in her own. Only
silence responded.

She nodded to the lifeless form, and said, 'I will wait for you.' She pressed
her lips to his, kissing him for what felt like the very first time. Hours
passed, and she repeated her chants, calling him back. Calling him home.  As
the dawn broke, Sterling blinked his eyes, opening them slowly.

Her voice was a mixture of kindness and sadness now. 'I love you,' she said.
'Don't try to speak just yet. Rest a while in my arms.' She ran her fingers
through his hair, and he tried to smile in response. 'Where...where...are
we?' he whispered.

'You are safe,' she said quietly. 'None can harm you here. We are in the
garden. Rest.'

His voice was hoarse, straining out of his throat despite her protests.
' got...the information?'

'Yes...far more than I needed,' she said.

              {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+}

                              A Rising Storm

A heavily-shadowed figure stands on the balcony of the gallery of an upscale
townhouse, centered in the middle of what was once a respectable English town
-- the town now being the center of depravity, excess, and perversion.  The
figure walks back towards the stairs to the rest of the house, revealing her
as a tall, attractive woman with dark blue hair.

The formerly clear night sky clouds over suddenly, the comforting rays of
moonlight being choked by the roiling black clouds which ripple with sparks
of blood red light. A voice rings throughout the gallery, commanding and
powerful, yet also cold.  "Ronnie," the voice intones, "The time has come.
The world is to be prepared for my arrival."

The woman stops, looking around for the source of the voice. Hanging in the
air where there was nothing before, a cracked mirror fills with the image of
a valley, the grass stained the color of rust with spilled blood from the
multitude of bodies. The scene shifts, showing ruined towns and burning
towers, foreboding castles and fortifications flying the banner of the Dark
Lord -- a mailed fist clenching a trident.

"My lord," Ronnie gasps, "are you sure the time is right? We are still
somewhat lacking in actual control."

The air charges with an electrical impatience as the voice responds in the
same cold, powerful voice, "The time is now, what is not ours is to be taken.
Those who do not yield to be destroyed. The world is to be given to me, and I
demand it soon."

Ronnie nods slightly, the ghosts of a grin stretching at her lips, and walks
to the mirror, taking it in her hands, delighting at the images of conquest
and death it displays. "Yes," she coos, the grin threatening to cut her head
in half with its width, "let the end begin, and let the Light finally die."
Cackling madly now, the sound of the tortured insane, she walks down the
stairs.  "No one will stop the Darkness now," she says, before exiting
completely from the gallery.

              {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+} {+}

                               Awooga Corner

Today as I walked through a peaceful rose garden, I met with a woman who I'd
not seen before. She introduced herself to me as Desdemona, and told me that
she had something I might find interesting. She then passed me this paper
from her personal diary, something I find fitting for my corner dedicated to
knowledge of the Awooga, and their friends.

June 21-
It is hard to think how far I have come. When I met up again with Deqitosv 
the memories of the past came back in a flood.

When I think back to why I left this place, I sometimes wish that I had
stayed. I recall when I first met my mentor, Deqitosv, in the muddled streets
of Tara. I was merely eighteen at the time. I do not know how old he was, I
believe he was quite the bit older than my years. Oddly enough, he has aged
much, but quite well, since I saw him last.

I met him at the well, I bumped into him and he said his apologies, I mumbled
mine in return. He was so tall that I was intimidated. He laughed at my
blushing and awkwardness. He asked me questions I did not know the answer
to.  I had no profession, no family, no friends and no money. I was a
nonentity.  He took pity on me, which further embarrassed me. I still have
the first piece of gold he gave me, one piece of many. He told me to buy what
I needed with it, but I could not part with the kindness of this coin,
although I did use some of it to purchase clothing and food. I was so
unaccustomed to attention of any sort, or kindness; I normally stole what I
needed and ran before I was caught. I ran away from him too, too embarrassed
to continue speaking to him. He followed me and offered more help, I gave in
to his kindness. Over time he introduced me to his friends and family, taught
me how to be a druidess. I do love being a druidess.

We traveled together as I healed him, earning my keep and money for the
necessary herbs. I recall seeing him happy with his family, a new daughter
given to him, and his wife. I felt an absence of family in myself, and left
in search of answers, or perhaps in search of questions. I wanted to find my

As I wandered in search of my family, I found a man, Mikhail, my uncle. He
told me of my family, of my grandparent's struggle as farmers, my parent's
faithfulness to the communist government, and how they died for such a
fruitless campaign. I can not believe I was so faithful for so long as well.
No longer am I, no longer will I follow the paths of madmen. My uncle went
farther into our history, and told me I was the last left in the family,
aside from him. He died that night, leaving me alone in this world, wandering
without knowing what to do, or where to go.

Now I have returned, and met up with him again, he does not hold a grudge for
my leaving, for this I am grateful. Instead he has again led me to my
destiny; he has helped me gain admittance to the clan Angesley. I still
follow the path of the druid, but this time not as a pupil, but a master of
the arts. I can only hope that I can rebuild the friendship that I had
believed lost, and to be a credit to my mentor.

         /                                                            \
        /    __  __  __   __  __   ______    WHY?          WHERE?     /
       /    / / / / / /  / / / /  / __  /          WHEN?             /
      /    / / / / / /  / /_/ /  / / / /  WHAT?           WITH?     /
     /    / / / / / /  / __  /  / / / /                            /
    /    /  \/  \/ /  / / / /  / /_/ /   We've got the answers!   /
   /     \________/  /_/ /_/  /_____/                            /
  /                                     - by the angel CLeo -   /

Hello Legenders!

     For you this week, I've interviewed Cara.  She seemed more than happy 
to do the interview!

     Have fun reading!

Name: Cara Ivy Sovereign
Occupation: Mortal Woman of the Circle of Angels, High Princess of Terris, 
and former Guildmistress

Q - 'What is the most dangerous situation you've ever been into?'
A - 'I once mud wrestled with Chante'! That's not too dangerous, but if you 
know how hard that girl body slams!!!'

Q - 'What would you say is the best dream you ever had?'
A - 'The dream that I hit level 10.  :P '

Q - 'What would you say represents your soul the best?'
A - 'The weather. Changes from day to day. My soul really affects my 
personality, so that is a good description. Sometimes it's dreary and 
sometimes it's sunny.'

Q - 'If you could have the house of your dreams, what would it look like?'
A - 'Oh, wow! It would be a blue-marble castle, with French doors and 
balconies. Inside it would have the constant smell of freesia, and I would 
rule on a gold and sapphire throne. Everything that could be colored would 
be blue.'

Q - 'What do you think of Richard the innkeeper?'
A - 'Oh, he's a nice man. He's very overpriced though. I don't have a lot of 
money, and he makes it costly to keep my stomach full. He's not pushy, 
either. *Mutters about Mistress Quickley*.'

Q - 'If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?'
A - 'Probably Dreamland. :) I venture in and out of the sea of waking 
dreams, and I hold my dreams very close to me.'

Q - 'If you could go back in time and take back something you've done/said, 
what would it be?'
A - 'I really don't know... Maybe turning my back on becoming the Shadow 
Goddess. But I love my life, and wouldn't change anything really.'

Q - 'What is your favorite meal?'
A - 'Filet mignon. It's one of the few meat things I'll touch.'

Q - 'If I could grant you a wish, what would it be?'
A - 'To have my children Xander and Sulis, who were killed as babies, still 

Q - 'A few words of advice for our readers?'
A - 'Ahhh, an old quote, but totally a good one: Stand for something, or 
you'll fall for anything.'
That concludes another edition of "Who?"  I would like to remind you that 
most of the people interviewed were picked randomly.

I am open to interviewing people on requests as long as there is a good 
reason (example: the person is well known, is a GM, is an old legend player, 
is a person who achieved something extraordinary or other valuable reasons). 
  I do give myself the right to decline requests if be needed, but doubt I 
will decline any.

Do not forget that you may send in some questions that you would like me to 
ask to my guest.  Just take a piece of paper, write them down, and mud mail 
it to me.

Until next time...  May luck be on your path forever!
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