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VOLUME SIX, ISSUE THIRTY-ONE                              August 1st, 1999

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

          -             Upcoming Calendar of Events                  -

                              NEWS & REPORTS
          -                  LegendMeet Update                       - 
          -                 Upcoming PK Tourney                      -
          -                  The Legend Index                        - 
          -                      Ask Rufus                           -
          -                      Q & A Log                           -
          -                    Did You Know?                         -
          -              Fire at Ptah & Kaige's House                -

          -                    Announcements                         -
          -                   The Hidden Candle                      -
          -             The Tale of Lujan, Episode 1                 -    
          -          The Book of Evil Mage Tricks, Ch. 42            -
          -              The Assault Against Agrabah                 -
          -             A Page from Bethra's Journal                 -  
          -             Who? - CLeo Interviews Rhonda                -

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

         [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

                  <--*--< <--*--< August >--*--> >--*-->

Monday,   August  2,  7:00 pm             Trivia! with Danar
Thursday, August  5,  7:00 pm             Q & A in OOC Auditorium
Thursday, August 12,  7:00 pm             Q & A in OOC Auditorium
Saturday, August 14,  3:00 pm             2 on 2 Pkill Tourney 
Thursday, August 19,  7:00 pm             Q & A in OOC Auditorium
Friday, August 20th-August 22nd           LegendMeet in Detroit, Mich.
                                          See news board for details

___                                                                    ___
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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                             LegendMeet Update

Well, here we are, less than a month til our Legend Meet....  I have posted
several posts on the news boards with information regarding the Legend Meet.
I have practically begged for your confirmations and information that is very
important that i have...

Here is your final chance, as posted on the board previously, yours and 
my deadline is Saturday, Aug 7th, I NEED to have as much information as 
possible, I did post some important questions on the board, that will be 
very helpful to know all the answers too. As of now, i have posted 
pretty much ALL of the confirmations that i have received, as well as 
shirt orders. 

For shirt orders, I made a separate posting, and request regarding the shirt
orders, please see the news board, or contact me if you have any questions
regarding shirts, or the Meet.  I have really tried to stay as organized as
possible, and coming up with ideas of what to do, and where to stay, and who's
rooming with who, and who needs to be picked up, and when, and where, but its
very hard when you don't know for sure how many are coming...these questions
are very very important!

I will NOT be responsible for anyone's reservations, or arrangements after 
Monday, Aug 9th!!! This Meet can only have a great turn-out IF everyone 
would just co-operate. Thank you to all of you, who have given me the info 
I needed, you can count on being picked up, and having a room, and shirt, 
(if ordered) or whatever else you may need.

Again, the Legend Meet in Michigan, is the weekend of Aug 20-22, and some are
arriving on the 19th and thats fine. If you have any question, please contact
me, via mudmail, or email @ [email protected], or look for me on
Legend!  Thanks again for your time...

                    Truly, Chante'

                    -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-

                        Upcoming PK Tourney                     

On, Saturday, August 14th (less than two weeks from now!), LadyAce will be
running a 2-on-2 Pkill Tournament. The Divisions will be as follows:

  10-19 Featherweight
  20-29 Lightweight
  30-39 Middleweight
  40-50 Heavyweight

Both members of the team must fall within the listed division.

As far as vials & herbs go -- you will have a "fresh copy" of the items 
you bring with you, before each fight. If you originally had two filmys and a 
bubly, you'll get the same items before your next fight. Playerfiles will be 
copied over at midnight on Friday, so all registration must be done by then in 
order to be participate.

                    -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-
                         The Legend Index

       housing rooms purchased since housing was installed: 577
                         number of shops: 186
                         number of banks:  35
                  average clan bank balance: 516033
           average total mob-carried gold in the game: 301662

                    -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-

                            Ask Rufus

I'm starting a new LT column, 'Ask Rufus.' If you have any questions,
game-related or otherwise, you can e-mail or mud-mail me. I will choose 1-3
questions a week (depending on the length of the answers) and pulish them in
the LT. Names will remain anonymous (if you'd like, you can use pseudonyms like
'Lost in the Agrabah Desert' or whatever).

On content, I won't be answering specific questions (like where to find
certain objects or spellwords, or what stats things have, etc) but I'll try
to answer just about anything that comes my way, to the space limitations I'm
given in the LT.

Again, either mudmail me, or mail me at [email protected]


                    -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-

                            Q & A Log

Q: Etheric Archer cast levels

A quiet, reserved nobleman asks: 'How is the cast level on Etheric Archer
going to be calculated?'

LadyAce says: 'Same as all the other spells. We're putting in a spiffy new
thing to help the oldbies tho.

A quiet, reserved nobleman says: 'So level 50 people will have a cast level
of 1?'

LadyAce says: 'They will to begin with, yes. Rufus coded a neat new thing,
spellbooks. And when you study a spellbook, your cast level gets better. So
that's how we'll help those lev 50s.'

CLeo asks: 'How will those books be aquired?... quest, purchase.. killing?...
or basically all sorts of ways?'

LadyAce says: 'Yes, it will depend on the builder -- but that's for when they
go in. We don't know for sure that the spellbooks are ready for prime time,
but study is already in. Right now there's just going to be the one book.

A quiet, reserved nobleman asks: 'Spell specific or can you nominate a spell,
or is it every spell you know?'

LadyAce says: 'It's spell-specific.'

A quiet, reserved nobleman says: 'Does he default to the masters target, and
can he attack multiple targets in a large fight?'

LadyAce says: 'He defaults to the master's targer.'

Q: New Imms

Valkyrie says: 'Umm just wondering are we gonna see any new immorts this

LadyAce says: 'Imm app deadline was July 1. We haven't announced results

  /  _  \                         DID YOU KNOW... 
 /__/ \  \                       -----------------
      /  /            -Tips, tricks and little used features-          
     /  /  
    __         ...that there is a command called "options"?  It is a 
   /  \        mud command which allows you to review several of your
   \__/        personal character settings.

   _____       By typing OPTION at your prompt, you will get a list
  /  _  \      of settings that are affecting your character.                   
 /__/ \  \                  
      /  /     Some of these settings are: Color, Screenlength, Prompt
     /  /      Banners, EchoCommand, Hide Whois, and a lot more.
    __         If you wish to change any of these settings you can 
   /  \        consult the CONFIG command.  Most of the options listed
   \__/        under the Options menu are modified with CONFIG,
               although some like Screenlength are set just by typing
   _____       where number is the number of lines you want to see on your
  /  _  \      screen before you see a "Press return" message.           
 /__/ \  \
      /  /     If you have any questions, please consult the multiple         
     /  /      helpfiles available for you. In particular, try 
    /__/       help options and help config.
   /  \        


                       Fire at Ptah & Kaige's Houe

Just wanted to let you know that Kaige (and Ptah too, not that you ever see
him these days) will be absent from the mud for an indeterminate amount of
time. There was a kitchen fire in their house that has left the house
uninhabitable. The humans in the family are fine. The dogs (Mika, Gabe, and
Spot) all perished from smoke inhalation and the heat.

There has been a flood of local assistance, and right now we can't think of
anything we need. Please don't feel obliged to send anything beyond good
wishes.  We're managing. We don't, however, have any way to log onto the mud
from the temporary housing we're in.


            /                        \     
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\


Journal Entry:

    On this eve of an unusually warm July, my dear wife Minako gave birth to
our first child. It was a joyous moment for us all as Nadya, my mother in law
and a member of the USL, delivered our son. Together, we have named him
Satoshi. His giggles and smiles brought a delight to all of our hearts. Yet
minutes will pass like seconds, hours pass like minutes, days pass like
hours, months pass like days, and years pass like months. We will cherish
this day for tomorrow it may seem as though he's ready to set out on his



This week included the creation of two new RP clans -- the Illuminati and The
Caravan Traders. For more information, look at the information the clan has
made available by typing "clans illuminati" or "clans traders."

                       {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*}

                          The Hidden Candle

The night was dark, with muffled screams issuing from the nearby druid's
compound. A slight figure, a wooden staff in one hand and the reins of a
pale brown gelding in the other moved in the shadows, light feet silently
leading the horse between the trees. A thick layer of dust coated her dark
grey cloak, just in from the road. 

She disappeared behind a wall of thick brush, then reappeared without the
horse. Staff firmly grasped in both hands, she moved silently, eyes
constantly darting beneath a deep hood.

A small hut revealed itself from behind some trees. Walking in, she sat
down and immediately put pen to paper. Minutes later, a few rolled-up
pieces of parchment were wax-sealed, in code and magically warded should
they fall in the wrong hands. Picking them up, she walked out.

Soon pigeons began flying in different directions. She leaned against a
tree and watched the pigeons fade into the night.There was so much to do,
and so little time. If only no-one had seen her ride in... she might as
well wish that pigs could fly. Klein must not fall. She shook her head. Her
thoughts were jumbled... sleep. She needed sleep. With luck, the information
she needed would come in over the next week. What she would do with it
however... she shivered. The danger had yet to begin.

                       {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*}

                     The Tale of Lujan, EPISODE 1.

Born an heir to the code and its protection Lujan son of Rashnad has come of
age. I was his tutor for many years, teaching him the how to fight his
enemies, heal his friends even to hold the gun his Father had held before
him. As I was in his company most of my waking hours I know his secrets, This
is my Journal, here are held all the secrets of the code and its protector.

The code is a time honored way by which the Trinar family have lived their
lives, in simple terms there are four rules :

   Never spit in front of women.
   Never lie to save your skin.
   Never cower from a fight, unless you risk your friends lives as well as your
      own, (this rule also covers never start a fight you cannot win.)
   Every day try to help at least one person.

By these rules the Trinar family have lived through many turnings of the
great wheel. There are some minor laws that a sworn family member may chose
to obey or not, but he can never ignore the laws he has made for himself.

Lujan chose to travel as a youth while he learned and I will write here what
occurred on his very first journey: we had spent the morning packing
provisions, water, spare boots and other necessities for an expedition. We
set sail just before noon. The wind carried us safely to a small island off
the coast of Africa where we set up camp and prepared to explore.

For almost five hours we followed almost unused trails and eventualy Lujan
stopped dead in his tracks, saying: 'Something is amiss, listen.' I listened
intently and announced, 'I hear nothing,'  because in truth all I could here
was my own wheezing breath and the thump of heart after such a long trek.

'That is my point exactly, not three minutes ago I could barely hear myself
think for the chirps of birds, but now silence,' stated Lujan, his face a
blank mask of concentration straining to hear the slightest whisper of a
noise, when all of a sudden they world swam before my eyes and felt my legs
go weak, collapsing to the ground I heard no more.

By the time I awoke Lujan was pacing in front of my sleeping mat, 'uh Lujan,
how did we get here.' I asked still half asleep with a killer pain in my
neck. 'you were hit in the neck by a dart which made you fall asleep, whoever
shot at you missed me, but I heard the dart fly by my ear, so I dropped to
ground as you had done.'  He loked at me, seeking my approval, I motioned for
him to continue. 

'After that some men came out of hiding and bound us, then carried us here, I
was just informed before you awoke that the lady ruler of this island does
not like trespassers and orders would usually stand to kill on sight.' He
stopped pacing and looked at me again, all his information spent. From what I
gathered I reckoned that perhaps the hoped to question us, or maybe, god
forbid, torture us, but whatever it was, it would have to wait on the whims
of the ruler of this island whoever she was.

Marador - tutor and adviser to the Trinar family.

                       {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*}

                 The Book of Evil Mage Tricks, Ch. 42

"Where's that shrunken excuse for a mage at?" howled an enraged voice, echoes
blasting through the marble corridors so loudly that the harem girls clutched
their ears in agony.  A somewhat less loud voice answered, "He's on the walls
with Gorgo and Ted, drinking and taking pot-shots at the forces of Darkness.
Want me to get him?"

A moment of silence ensued, the harsher voice seemingly in thought.  "Yeah,
tell him I want to see him, and send Urtho up there, Ted and that pantywaist
Gorgo can't aim to save their scrawny hides." "Right away sir." answered the
other voice, followed by the quick pitter- patter of quiet footsteps.

"Ohhkay, thiss time we aoll go at wonse..." Three robed figures, one of which
clutched a nearly-empty bottle of rum stood rather unsteadily on the thick
stone wall surrounding the city of Agrabah.

"Onne..Twoo, THHREE!"

With a fantastic boom, a fireball the size of an elephant roared across the
hot sands and in seconds met it's target, a shuffling zombie sent out for
reconnaissance.  Moments later only a pathetic pile of smoldering ashes and
bits of burnt metal remained, quite close to ten or so similar piles.

A raucous burst of laughter ensued as the three mages rolled around on the
dusty stone parapet, guffawing hysterically.

Someone nearby cleared his throat.  The smallest of the three looked up at
the visitor, a huge grin still cracked on his wrinkled face.

"Whaddyoo want, Rot-o?" the old mage asked in a stately voice contrasting
perfectly with his present condition, just before bursting into a fresh round
of laughter with his fellows.

The new arrival raised an eyebrow but continued unphased.  "The boss sent me
up here to relieve you and put Urtho on.  He wants to see you, so I suggest
you get down there, as you know how impatient he gets." The wizened old mage
lifted his arm and held it out to seemingly empty space.

"Gihme a hand Urt ol' boy, these bones getting old you know." With a smirk
and a laugh, an equally old mage popped into reality and helped the downed
imp back to his feet.  "Nhow Urt, you gottta gettum 'fore they get too farr,
'else they'll get cockhy..Ohkay?" The newly arrived Urtho nodded silently and
snatched the bottle of rum from Iggy's hands as the old mage staggered off
the side of the wall, dropping like a stone into the inner gate.

Soundlessly he floated into the Magician's laboratory.  "Goddamn it you
little punk!" A dark-robed figure seated at a large mahogany desk waved his
arm and the old imp landed with a shuddering thump on the stone floor.  Iggy
slowly regained his feet, rubbing his now bruised backside.  "Whadyee go an'
do that fer, doncha got no resspect for yer elders?" The Magician glared at
the imp.

"You know damn well I'm by far your elder, Iggy.  Now quit fooling around and
let's get down to business."  With that the Magician laid out a gigantic map
on the table, obviously a map of the known world.

"I've been getting reports of a contingent of warriors of the Dark marauding
most of the world.  Now I care piss all for the rest of the planet, but when
they start eyeing Agrabah, well, that's when I get antsy.  For the past six
months I've been preparing for an all out assault that I'm sure will happen
within the next three weeks, and I'd like to be prepared.  Frankly I'd like
to be overprepared. I'd like to be the certain victor, when this battle is to
be referred to in the future I'd like the name "Phyrrus" to be omitted
entirely.  I'd like there to be an all-out slaughter in our favor, a
massacre, a disaster for the dark, I want the victory to be so complete that
no one in their right OR wrong mind would even THINK about attacking Agrabah
for a thousand years."

The aged imp winked slyly at the Magician.

"I gotcha boss."

"Like I said, I've been preparing.  Go to the royal armory, the back room.
You'll find everything you'll be needing there.  Now GO!" With that the
magician slammed his hand on the desk and the imp promptly went flying up the
stairs and out of the room, much to his surprise.

With bones creaking the Imp slipped into the armory unseen, slapping the
royal Armorer on the back of his bald head as he passed unnoticed.  The
sweaty swordsmith shouted out in anger, but when he turned and saw who it was
he held his tongue for fear of certain death.  Grinning slightly, Iggy made
his way to the thick iron door that held passage to the back room.  The imp
chanted a few words under his breath and passed through the door as if he
were a ghost, much to the dismay of the armorer, who began swearing under his

Once inside, the imp beheld the Magician's preparations and his grin cracked

The walls of the magically expanded room were lined with weapons.  Not just
your ordinary everyday weapons, the arms of giants, swords nearly eight feet
long and eight inches thick, axes with blades that rivaled the Guillotines
of Paris, spiked maces with balls larger than the head of oxen.  Alongside
them were racks of armor obviously made for those that would wield such arms,
thick steel breastplates, mail leggings, hideously spiked gauntlets, it was
all there.

A small line of drool slid down Iggy's chin as he pondered the possibilities
in the room that stretched nearly a half of a mile in length, and a quarter
of a mile in width, racks of these enormous weapons of war filling the room
with the scent of well-crafted dwarven steel.

Cracking his knuckles, he got to work.

                       {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*}

                     The Assault Against Agrabah

Rising along with a strong waft of decay, the sun struggled up the unusually
dark clouds over the desert and its child, the city of Agrabah. Breaking
through the clouds valiantly, small rays of light played upon the sharp edges
of swords and arrows, and the flat plates of heavy armor adorning the
thousands of troops massed around the perimeter of the great city.

The silence was startling for such a large number of troops. But then, a
great deal of them were dead. Rows upon rows of rotted and decayed skeletons,
zombies, ghouls, and worse watched the city. Even for their silence, hate and
pure murder baked off of them in waves more scorching than the desert air.

Noises of the breathing and bleeding troops soon began to fill the air.
Waking from rough pallets, archers and riflemen took up their positions.
Soon following the noises of waking, the noises of gunfire proceeded as unwary
gate guards were shot from the encampment.

Walking briskly, a large fellow in dead black armor made his way to the
center of the camp, where a large tent stood. He gave a quick nod to the two
ghoul sentinels and pushed open the flaps, entering the tent.

Inside sitting in a large leather chair with his feet resting on the paper
strewn marble desk, the infamous Ronnie Valthalas gave the armored man a

"Let's get to business, Cecil" he said "What's the news?"

"So far, the planes are ready to come on through, but the wrench jockeys are
still trying to fit the tanks for sand travel."

"Not bad. How are things looking right now among the infantry?"

"Pretty good, the men caught a group of spies trying to sneak in and had a
grand time tearing them apart for roasting last night."

"And you didn't get me?"

"I thought it might have been rude to interrupt you and the princess. By the 
way, is the hostage still alive?"

Smirking a little, Ronnie replied, "Yeah, but I'm not sure she will want to go 
back even if the ransom is met."

"Heh. So, what's the plan for today?"

Looking through some of the papers, Ronnie picks up a large, unfolded map
from the mess. With a smile, he begins to drone on about the plans.
"Alright, from here...."

                       {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*}

A page torn from Bethra's journal reads....

Well, since I found I was pregnant I've been debating weather or not to tell
the father. Another issue I've been facing is whether or not I'm sure who the
father is, but that's another thing entirely. Anyway, I was with Ronnie
earlier today, just hanging out, and I decided I'd tell him about being
pregnant. Well, he freaked out a little at first - since I've asked him
before why he keeps on marrying those women and he's told me it was because
of them getting pregnant. I laughed at him for a bit and reassured him I was
not about to marry him or anyone else for that matter.

I never intend to marry anyone in any case, but I've got to have a little
help with the child, I know that. (Maybe I could extort some from Mym or
Ronnie). So when he asked whose it was I said I wasn't quite sure yet. No
need to waste a perfectly good opportunity is my motto. Well, aside from
having as much fun as possible.

About the child though, I'll be keeping it, whatever the case. Oh, another
thought, if I say its Ronnie's he might take good care of it, he's not a bad
father from what I've seen. I've got to remember to ask who all his children
are so I can check up on that.

         /                                                            \
        /    __  __  __   __  __   ______    WHY?          WHERE?     /
       /    / / / / / /  / / / /  / __  /          WHEN?             /
      /    / / / / / /  / /_/ /  / / / /  WHAT?           WITH?     /
     /    / / / / / /  / __  /  / / / /                            /
    /    /  \/  \/ /  / / / /  / /_/ /   We've got the answers!   /
   /     \________/  /_/ /_/  /_____/                            /
  /                                     - By the angel CLeo -   /

Hello Legenders!

The other day I was taking a walk along the rose gardens and I noticed that a
girl was helping a perfect stranger, without asking for dues.  She healed the
poor man and gave him some advice on life...  So I've decided to interview
her. I hope you enjoy the reading!

Name: Rhonda Star
Occupation: Love Doctor and Surgeon

Q - 'What motivated you to become a doctor?'
A - 'Well love... And I saw my charts. It was in the stars!'

Q - 'To what animal or plant would you compare your soul to?'
A - 'Well being a flower child, alive in the 60's, I would have to say
the flower plant thing... *forgot how to spell it*'

Q - 'What is one of your worst nightmares?'
A - 'I'm in a room, with all the smoke I can ever dream of, I have my
lava lamp pumping vibes and my groovy music is singing, I go to light up
and I have no light, and the door is locked.'

Q - 'What is one of your best dreams?'
A - 'My best dream involves me becoming the first woman president and
making peace the number one bill on congresses mind!'

Q - 'If you could go back in time and change an event what would it be?'
A - 'I would go back in time and rescue John Lennon from the "gun baby."' 

Q - 'What is your favorite meal?'
A - 'Chinese food -- chicken balls, chicken fried rice and garlic spare
ribs, with crispy Won Tons :)'

Q - 'If you could go in the future and bring something back with you,
what would it be?'
A - 'Elvis :) by that time, someone will surely have found a way to
bring him back from the dead for real :)'

Q - 'What would you say irritates you the most?'
A - 'I would have to say that senseless killing bothers me the most.'

Q - 'If I could grant you a wish, what would it be?'
A - 'That a bloody mess would never happen again when I go to heal
people, I don't like blood much :)'

Q - 'A few words of advice for our readers?'
A - 'Trust, love and admire one another, because even the lowly child,
could someday be king of the world, *Peace out*.'

That concludes another edition of "Who?"  I would like to remind you
that most of the people interviewed were picked randomly.

I am open to interviewing people on requests as long as there is a good
reason (example: the person is well known, is a GM, is an old legend
player, is a person who achieved something extraordinary or other
valuable reasons).

I do give myself the right to decline requests if be needed, but doubt I
will decline any.

Do not forget that you may send in some questions that you would like me
to ask to my guest.  Just take a piece of paper, write them down, and
mud mail it to me.

Until next time...  May luck be on your path forever!
Legendary Times is published by the immortals of LegendMUD. Please send
all replies, additions, or corrections to our address at [email protected]
for inclusion in the next edition. We, however, reserve the right to
moderate this discussion, and may object to some submissions.
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