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VOLUME SIX, ISSUE THIRTY-THREE                           August 15th, 1999

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

          -             Upcoming Calendar of Events                  -

                               NEWS & REPORTS
          -                 The Immortal Report                      -
          -                  PK Tourney Results                      -
          -       Catch Someone Being Good, and Tell the World       -

          -                   Announcements                          -
          -                    Dear Diary                            -
          -        Sydney Alexander -- An Autobiography              -  
          -          Forsaken Souls: The Elven Menace                -
          -                    Holy Writ                             - 
          -            The Tale of Lujan, Episode 2                  -   

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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

         [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

                  <--*--< <--*--< August >--*--> >--*-->

Thursday, August 19,     7:00 pm             Q & A in OOC Auditorium
Friday, August 20th-August 22nd           LegendMeet in Detroit, Mich.
                                          See news board for details
Thursday, August 26,     7:00 pm             Q & A in OOC Auditorium

            -<*>- -<*>- -<*>- -<*September*>- -<*>- -<*>- -<*>-
Thursday, September  2,  7:00 pm             Q & A in OOC Auditorium
Thursday, September  9,  7:00 pm             Q & A in OOC Auditorium

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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                            The Immortal Report


Sandra sorted the bugs/typo/idea files and sent them where. She gave a few
warnings for profanity, pkenabled a few people, did the general online stuff,
descs/restrings/strings. She also ran the Q&A for LadyAce.

Chocorua is still dealing with his new machine, getting set up, etc.  Wraith
went through boards, enabled characters, etc.


Rufus discussed various issues and looked at some generalized acts for mobs.

Joule & Spencer changed the map of their area, Trans-Pecos Texas, so that
people will have places to build housing. Kae spent this week chiefly fixing
things that testmudders have pointed out. LadyAce did mob stuff this week for
Klein. Charity did some bug/typo fixing in various areas. Rusalka continued
to be RL very busy, but will hopefully have more time soon. Sandra worked on
Silk Road, tested Greece, and did some planning for an update to Pittsburgh.
Vannessa had a busy RL week, but should be more free soon. Wraith worked on a
new set of mob, adding acts. Cheyla did the usual
strings/restrings/unarchives, answered a couple of player questions - mostly
housing related, and helped a player figure out some problems with a quest.
She got Alaska loading and did more work on quests as she gets closer and
closer to putting it into testing.


Ea did the normal code update type stuff.

Rufus did a couple bug fixes, made some builder-related code additions, and
added the 'unload' command.


LadyAce was busy RL, but did some online stuff, and put together an LT.

Chimera did a bunch of strings, restrings and descs this week. Joule had
some computer problems, but had time to do some online work, strings, talking
with players, etc.

                       -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-

                         Pkill Tournament Report!

This pkill tournament was a 2-on-2, run in the opera house. In the
Featherweights, RangerElf & Sasha first beat Sandman (who had no partner) and
then won two of three battles against JesseJames & Morgan. In the
Lightweights, Godefroi & Laurence won two of three battles against Neo &
Sephiroth. The Middleweights were sparse, with Smertrios & Teutates
overpowering Sterling in two straight matches.

In the Heavyweights, Alejandro & Blackthorne beat Cecil & Infidel, Craven &
Barabas beat Rictor & Sarzec, and Zeirath & Authority beat Ton & Lethal. The
three winners then proceeded to round-robin, wherein Zeirath & Authority, and
Craven & Barabas, beat Alejandro & Blackthorne. The two winning pairs faced
off, and Craven & Barabas won two straight matches against Zeirath &
Authority, to take the championship!

This tournament showcased a variety of interesting tactics and some dramatic
upsets, and wound up with the standard free-for-all bloodbath. Thanks to all
the participants for their great attitudes -- I had a great time, and I hope
you all did too.


                       -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-

             Catch Someone Being Good, and Tell the World

This week...Yemaga reports catching Kaizen and Danar being good!

I would like to thank Kaizen and Danar. I got stuck in the bog, poisoned, at
23 HP, and out of mana after several failed attempts at recall. (I'd gone in
there to rescue some jerk who thought it would be fun to play some warped and
cruel practical joke, and who didn't need the rescue I'd been willing to risk
my neck to offer).

I then asked for help on chat, figuring I probably wouldn't get it. Was I

Kaizen was there within the tick to recall me, and Danar also sent me a tell
at the same time, asking if I required assistance.

Thanks Kaizen and Danar for remind me that not everyone here is a total idiot
like the player who was crying wolf.


            /                        \     
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
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/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\


Minako has reached 100 million experience!

 - * - * - * - * -

Weel, noo. Ye McDougans oot there best be writing me, or I weel kick ye i'
the kilt, aye?

-McDougan (Thalgenael)


The Dark Enforcers were disbanded and reformed this week. Clan Pokemon
disbanded altogether. We currently have 20 RP clans and 10 PK clans, leaving
2 slots available for new clans to be formed.

                       {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*}

Dear Diary,

I finally summoned the Dark Lord, and things are great! Everyone I pass bows
and all but kisses my feet if I ask, and those who don't are usually killed.
The last few rebels of the Light are in hiding and are too weak to do
anything anyway. Everything is perfect, and I don't have to worry about pesky
vampire hunters or such anymore. I can just snatch women off the street when
I want, and if they turn up pregnant against my desire, I just send them off
to the torture camps.

I've been given New Sodom, Sherwood, and Norway for my own. I miss being in
charge of territory, there's such a great sense of belonging in it all. I
think I'll rename Sherwood as Ronnieville, and Norway as Ronnieland. They
both have such a good sound to them..

Well, I need to go and rip some information out of Richard. Until next time 

Ronnie Valthalas

                       {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*}

                 Sydney Alexander -- An autobiography (Part 1)

This is a biography for Sydney Alexander, Lord of Suffolk, and general
adventurer. I was born on a snowy day on January 15, 1810 in Suffolk,
England. I have always been one to get into trouble......must be an
inheritance from my brother, Lord Marcel. As a young boy, I never really saw
my brother much, although the town I was in spoke of him frequently.  All the
ladies in the town longed for his yearly visit, although I have
only seen him once on such visits. 

Living in the lap of luxury is the proper phrase for my childhood. Servants
and maids served my every need and want; also I caught on a lot of their
gossip when they came in my room for the daily cleaning. There were rumors
going around that my elder brother was a devil, a hell-beast. He was born not
of this world, and that our mother had a relationship with a member of the
nether planes. Other servants talked of him as an ethereal being, descended
from the heavens, to do right in this loathsome world of greed and violence.

Anyway, while listening to gossip about my older brother and receiving a
formal education by means of a local professor, I lived my earlier years
gracefully...nothing really exciting happened, until I realized I was 20
years old, and expected to move out of the house and marry a fair lady from a
neighboring town. A strange sensation came to me, as if to tell me that I
should not marry yet. I wasn't sure how it told me, whether in feeling or
words, but I knew it would spell doom if I married now. 

Shrugging this off as mere nervousness, I met a wonderful maiden from London.
She was extremely beautiful and witty.  We met and struck up a pleasant
conversation, and soon I found that she had all my interests...foods, people,
carnivals...she was perfect...though something oddly strange was wrong with
her. Although she was bright and cheery, whenever I looked into her eyes, I
saw a cold, dark soul lurking in her body.

Never really having experience with women, I thought of it as a "love at
first sight" type of thing.  Finally, my brother Marcel arrived in Suffolk at
an unusual time. I was delighted -- I hadn't seen him in years -- and I
rushed off to meet him to tell him about my newfound love.  As we sat down
and chatted, his face contorted into a sly, amused look as I told him about
Isabella Valois, the woman I was engaged to.

'What? What?' I demanded.

'I have some bad news for you, kid. Isabella's not exactly what she pretends
to be. She's really nice if you like them scaly and have a notion of ending
up in Hell sometime, but really, kid, she's not your style.' Seeing the
horrified look on my face, Marcel snickered softly.

Hearing this, I collapsed on the floor, knocked out cold.  Swirling effigies
bounced in my head as I slept. Pictures of Isabella...her lovely face...being
slowly torn apart by invisible shadows revealing a twisted,muscular face
underneath.  It was so horrific, I opened my mouth to scream. Waking up and
screaming in my room, I made a fool of myself.  Marcel was sitting calmly in
a hard oak chair across from my bed, with a small candle lit in his hands.

'A pleasant sleep, I presume?' he said, leaning over in his chair.  Shaking
my head, I blinked several times to ensure the horrid nightmare was cleared
from my head.  I was sweating nervously.  I opened my mouth to speak, but
Marcel raised his hand to silence me.  'Shhh. Your life is in danger. I'm
going to take you away from here.' I stared at him, befuddled.

'My place is in this town, to marry and become a prosperous merchant,' I

Marcel shook his head.  'No, I believe a greater power will decide your
fate.' Leaning over again, he whispered, 'The reason why the demon Isabella
approached you with such zeal is because you were born with a special gift.
A smaller version of the gift I have, but you are a mortal with it, which
interests the Dark forces of Hell. You must come with me, across the world, to
continuously travel so that no one may land their hold on you.'  

I sat up, my mind spinning. My dreams, goals, and family were fading from my
head as my mind raced with fear and confusion.  'We must hence tonight before
the demoness finds her way out of the proverbial closet I locked her up in,'
said Marcel, closing the door behind him.

'What gift?' I thought.  Pacing in my room back and forth, I pondered the
situation. Again, the nightmare overcame me again, the swirling colors, with
Isabella's face being torn apart revealing her true one underneath. The
gruesome nightmare was even more intense than before.

Marcel and I left the town my horseback. With sadness in my heart, I looked
behind me at the town in which I grew up, one last time. I knew that
returning there would raise questions and endanger my life.  En route to the
ferryman, I asked Marcel the one question that was bothering me.  Turning
suddenly to him, I asked, 'What were you talking about when you said I had a

Raising an eyebrow, he replied, 'This may become a shock for you, but it is
true and you are of age to know what your abilities are. You are one of few
born with magical skills.' Stopping my horse for a moment, I looked at him
hard. 'Magic? I scoffed. Like pulling a rabbit out of a hat?'

Marcel shook his head and chuckled. 'No,'s more like chanting arcane
words to activate energies in the air and world around us. Each combination
of words calls upon the energies of certain aspect of the earth. However, I
expect you to only use your powers in defense only. Never use them to hurt
others.' He seemed oddly amused at saying that, as if it was a somewhat
foreign concept to him. Several months of wandering with my brother made me
weary of travel, and I decided to settle in a city in Europe called

Relaxing one night in a bar called "Der Phoenix", a dark robed man was
peering at me from the shadows.  As he looked at me, his eyes seemed to gleam
with yellow. Beckoning me with a gnarled finger, the mysterious man spoke in
a strange accent to me, buying me liquor, and discussing who I am and where I
came from. I found that this man was no peasant. It was Roark, an archmage
who had the ability to travel through time. Adorned in a dark cloak and
amulets, he certainly looked like a man of magical origin.

Slipping away my room several times at night to meet this magi in his chamber
was no trouble, and the forbidden secrets and spells that he taught me I felt
have saved my life more than once. Fire, water, air, earth.......long hours
in his study was worth it as I clearly understood the magical energies
flowing through the air and manipulating them with no problems.

Of course, Roark was no gentleman. He barked and scolded me for every single
error, every mispronunciation of the magical words.  He even whapped me
across the head when I made a small mistake with the fluid motions of
spellcasting. What was worse, Roark and my brother obviously didn't get
along.   As soon as I introduced my new friend to Marcel, they immediately
recognized each other from some unsung battle in the past and met each other
with stares and sneers.

Marcel, executing his trademark snicker, glanced at Roark and laughed at his
mere appearance. Roark bristled with anger but seemed to restrain himself
since I was standing in between them, listening in to their bickering with
amusement. They were like rusticated Doric columns and brand new concrete --
they just didn't mix very well.

Sitting in my room, I pondered what to do with my life at this point. Change
occurred too quickly, and I couldn't tag along with Marcel for the rest of my
life. Roark was also a big mistake to journey with, for I learned from
Marcel that he had been a member of the fearsome Grendels, and might still
be. Confused, I slipped away once more to the streets of Klein.....

                       {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*}

Forsaken Souls: The Elven Menace
Scene: The Dark One's Alter

The cloaked form held up a gloved hand and awaited for something to happen.
The cowl covered the face, the gloves covering unusually long and slender
hands, the rough spun tunic and cotton pants hid the gender of the figure.

A slight breeze began to blow across the wooded glen before a small alter.
The figure pulled out a small black stone with ancient writings on it from a
backpack.  The wind slowly began to pick up again.

"Aiel eish lunitar ganish Channi Callandora," the figure said with a muffled
voice.  The stone began to glow with a strange light, then to a crackling
black flame.  The figure set the stone upon the altar.

The wind began to blow into a fierce gale, blowing the figure's cowl off,
revealing a grey skinned elf with strangely green eyes.  Elvish ears twitched
at the sound of the crackling flame.

Black flame changed to a cool blue and grew into the form of a man.  "You 
have called upon me, Elf?"

"I have, Father of Darkness," the Elf replied.  "I have come to my 

"The great Gallowglass Alexandria Rael syn-Dara sus-el'Sadia, Everliving
Queen of Telosia, has reached a decision?"  The flames about His form
flickered with amusement.

"I have. My soul for my children and husband back," Gallowglass said.  She
kneeled before the form.

"That wasn't all that was asked, Elf.  You soul, country, and any future
children from this point on for your husband and your children.  Now who were
they again?" He asked, as though in thought.

Gallowglass sighed.  "You should know who they are."

"Re-educate me, Elf," He said rather coyly.

"My husband Aginor and my children: Drianna, Daimon, Saliera, Kell, Jeffrey,
Gregory, Gwendolyn, Augustus, Britannia, Austan, Correllon, and Rillifane,
Father of Lies."  She bowed her head, trying to hide the tears.

"Your armies shall work well for my Avatar, Elf Queen."  There was a silence
that seemed to last aeons.  "Are you certain you wish to do this, Dark

"Yes," Gallowglass said meekly.  "I have tried several times to end my
misery, yet I know the source: the loss of my family.  Blood kin is hard to
live without, my Lord."

The Dark One nodded. "You forsook Darkness for the Light long ago, how can
you forsake the Light for the Dark once more?"

"Did I ever really leave the Dark, my Lord?" Gallowglass asked.  The
newly-bandaged slice over her throat was making talking difficult.

"True enough, Dark Mistress, true enough," the Dark One admitted.  "You have
proven yourself time and again.  This time will be permanent.  Your soul will
be mine until you are reborn."

"Do it then!" Gallowglass hissed.  The wind picked up to hurricane strength
and it was dry, like the desert.  Lightning crackled in the sky.

"As you have spoken, your soul is now mine.  You have Forsaken the Light for
Darkness."  The flamed figure grabbed Gallowglass by her throat and picked
her up from the ground.

Gallowglass fought for air, but her opened mouth gasped nothing.  The flamed
figure reached His hand into her chest and cackled, surrounding Gallowglass
with that cool blue flame.  He pulled his hand out and held a green spark.
Dropping Gallowglass to the ground, the Dark One cackled again, His laughter
resonated throughout the glen.

Black blood came to Gallowglass' lips as she lay curled in a wretched ball at
His feet.  She gasped for breath and felt immense pain where her soul once

"Now for my part."  The lightning lashed out from the sky, hitting a nearby
oak, toppling it and sending it toward Gallowglass' curled body. . .

                       {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*}

                               Holy Writ

I, Lord Danar Sigrittiano, have SEEN the LIGHT!  While sitting around outside
the Lazy Cottage (ws of Will) rooting to regenerate, I noticed a few shards
of ancient-seeming pottery scattered about the grounds.  Naturally, like any
smart person would do, I completely ignored them.  The very next day, through
a series of amazing coincidences and ridiculous luck which I will not relate
here (mainly because I haven't made it up yet) I came into the possession of
many fragments of papyrus dating back to the ultimate founding of clan Lazy
itself.  Examining these bits of paper, I have been able to make out the
following writings, which I here relate.

Read ye, sedentarian, of the truths of Laziness itself.  Or don't, for that
in truth sounds like work.


On the first day, God procrastinated.  He did sayeth, "I have many days till
the world must be complete...why must I work on the first of them?"  And so
He did no work, but lazed around.  And He saw that it was good.

On the second day, God did create a long list of those things which were for
him TO DO.  And verily, He did find many tiny imperfections in this list, and
fix every one of them, several times.  And in this manner He avoided doing
any real work.  And He saw that it was good.

On the third day, God was on vacation.  And He saw that it was good.

On the fourth day, God claimed that he was sick.  In truth, He had but a
slight cough, but He exaggerated it immensely, and exclaimed, "Verily, dost
thou wish Me to work Myself even unto death?"  And so He took the day off.
And He saw that it was good.

On the fifth day, God said, "Let there be beer."  And forsooth, He did put
the biggest effort into it that had ever been seen (although granted, it was
the fifth day, and not a lot had been going on the last four days).  And He
looked upon it, and saw that it was good.

On the sixth day, God did drinketh profusely of the beer.  And in truth, He
did become plastered, and verily, his three sheets, they WERE to the wind.
And He then DID pass out on His couch.  And were He still able to see, He
would have seen that it was good.

On the seventh day, God had a hangover.  And so he rested.

THE SEVEN COMMANDMENTS (ten sounds like a lot)

I.  Thou shalt put no other things before Beer.  Beer shall be your foremost
and your all.  The only thing that you may place before Beer is another
alcoholic beverage, and that you needs must confess to the Guildmaster and
ask for forgiveness.  Vodka is okay.  Scotch, all right.  Champagne is
pushing it.  Wine coolers are right out.

II.  Thou shalt take no unnecessary activity.

III.  Breathing, eating, drinking, and sometimes sleeping are the only
necessary activities.

IV.  When I say drinking, that means beer, or other acceptable substances -
see the First Commandment.

V.  Thou shalt use forage.  Or create object.  These are the most important
spells, as they prevent needless activity in the search for meaningful
activities like eating.

VI.  Thou shalt not do boring stuff like trans quests unless they lie between
you and necessary activity.

VII.  Thou shalt be lazy in thought, lazy in word, lazy in deed, lazy
in...oh, never mind.

The New Testament will follow, should I happen to find any more

                       {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*}

                    The Tale of Lujan, Episode 2

    We had spent all that day in our cell, pestered by flies and thoughts of
what was to become of us. Just before sunset a guard came and told us to
stand and make ready as we were to have a trial, we got the impression trials
were not the norm here from the guards impatience.

    When the moon had risen we knelt before her, the ruling lady of this
Island, she looked no more than twenty with brown hair, bright green eyes and
a stern mouth. One of her advisers told us we were charged with trespassing
and were to make our own defense. I whispered to Lujan that I would do the
speaking as he was as yet not a great debater. As things turned out it was
not so bad, we were found guilty and made slaves, but at least we were still

    Lujan and myself were given mats in a low shed to sleep on, and we shared
our quarters with twenty other slaves. For the next month or so we worked
hard, tilling fields in the mornings, doing lighter work during the midday
sun and tending livestock during the evenings. It would not have been a bad
life at all, had we been free men, and the land our own. However, after a
month of slavery we were once again called before the ruler, who we had
learned was named Lady Razile.

    Once again her adviser was the one who spoke with us, from the other
slaves we had gathered that she was too high classed to speak with slaves or
criminals. He told us that we had worked well and as we posed no threat we
would be allowed to stay on the Island or go home. Lujan was delighted at the
prospect of going home, however I reminded him that he had chosen to travel
and travel we must do until he had learned considerably more about the world
than he already knew. So we chose to stay on the Island, for the time being.

Marador - tutor and adviser to the Trinar family.

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